History’s Beat

now, this is likely a LONG video to watch for something long out of current use – I’m listing it first as it is a keystone as in complete system of communications.  capable of both voice and data over the same “line”

this machine was NOT the standard  or hottest in the army vid of 1963 Army – but it does illustrate a specific speed/ beat of history.    you should be able to in pause – slide over to the relevant speeds used 60.75.100 WPM

this is obviously at least 1989 now, 26 years after the army and? just before the World Wide Web… not the Internet which hahaha AL GORE created if you remember the 2000 US presidential election 😉  – – but the point here is 150 baud on a typewriter..  I came into this world 1200 baud modem, 300 baud modem in 1987… please understand that speeds are theoretical potentials – here’s another example of something current to the 80’s….

I list this to have you hear radioteletype…  and to me it’s amazingly coincidentally similar or reminiscent of the alert tone for bad weather on the tv or radio…


now the point isn’t to watch all of this second for second.  it is to list demonstrated facts of speeds/sounds.  so let’s tour what captures my interest of History’s Beats:

please note in the Army vid, it discusses FM and AM Radio.  to my recollections and experiences, great city FM was 100,000 watts of “Love” and lasted 30-50 miles ish before being somewhat unusable… now AM as I saw and have to take second hand could send with a thunderbolt amplifyer…old tube type amp a Keyed signal on am upwards of 5000 watts all the way around the world….however it you went under a bridge or lightening struck, no signal 😀  FM was brilliant and clear but far far more power intensive. – – so, voice / data ala 60’s  100 give or take unless it was radio teletype and this would mean something perhaps closer to 3x-5x WPM  maybe, come on, I have only so much tech info and the army was never in the habit of sharing secrets 😀 😉  but  3/4 truck, a lot of equipment and I would be hard pressed if I couldn’t many many x’s myself beat that on a telephone with data in the car now.

nowspeed, the sheer sound of 60 WPM is?  a damn good legal secretary.  a job still paying upwards of 2x an hour or enough to keep a home in a divorce but unlikely never have money to buy into a home…more money in higher cost areas and less in less of course – but still a benchmark – – most could hit 75 so that’s when looks didn’t matter but wsork done did.  I by comparison was trying like the devil to get my tested skills of 25 WPM in typing classes up to the 35 WPM range so I had job opportunities- interestingly enough obviously I managed and managed for a brief moment to get a 11/hr job f/t with a 3rd party callcenter for an internet provider then- it wasn’t the best money ever because by these references of time change – 90 8/hr Safeway, local grocery chain job…min wage just over 3/hr house sold for 60k now 95 11/hr min wage 4.x house same 60k house? 105k  literally it seems to me overnight life doubled in cost except the pay. 😀  however remember that commodore computer decoding radio teletype vid?

commodore 64 utilized petscii a specific type of charater encoding system and in 95 was made redundant to compuserve- which early in 96 when their router for everyone anywhere to sign onto fails during their video superbowl add of are you sick of aol’s busy signal?…compuserve you didn’t get a busy signal and it was n’t slow you flat out couldn’t get ON for 2 days hahahaha aol bought them out I was on a gallup pol project then to that fancy 11 an hour tech support job which kicked me off as that company used unix systems which make in networked situations all changes globally to all machines I needed magnification and it would apply to everyone…what they offered as compromise wasn’t enough I was booted out. next was another company just nationally scandalized on television to work for I would have but now the magnification system I had been bought been asked about all this and that- took five minutes to install.  five. they got it to me the day late and refused to let me have a fighting chance to catch up… I wasn’t able to wake the next day but it only saved me from a miserable experience that couldn’t last long…  but remember the commodore?  the purposefully made it redundant- now lets be fair the commodore could read text online very easily even early flunks for templates of pages – but it couldn’t do unicode or something technically and everything was ramping up again it was made redundant but I remember that day as I do 21 years now later when? wow they made a lot of fancy pictures but there is far less actual content…but we’ve got the “look” now woo hoo, that songs outdated as hell roxette the look.


but the fun here is change- okay I can not tactically do the same things i used to and am/ teletype wow, not a lot of info can be sent that way!  but look at the text on a phone sometime and realize at best it’s medium speed morse code fast – and everyone wants a text when you get there so they choose or not to leave.  text well my friend- I know well 50% of the time if you need me to text you when i’m there YOU”RE not coming. but such isn’t zero and thus we try. plus it keeps talk too muches like me from just that – I’d need a day to imput this off a phone keypad!

but isn’t it neat how benchmarks are what they are a little detail as in that machine is worldwide fast and 1850 new 1963 teletype, corvette 3500  even in todays’ times you can catch the notion of cost.  a secretary can’t get this amount of information on paper around the world  even if she could outdo early machines but by 63 you might have began to stop seeing steam trains, jfk of course by year’s end and thus buh bye camelot, the brits were set to invade our music- the pill was 3 years into public aproval for use so it ws becoming known you could get laid without getting love!  25 years? doubled in speed, 25 years more I’m lucky I could even find a historic clip to share…oh and costs are 10x what they were and taxes previously unmentioned? rose 50% too reference 1964 federal income tax to 2014 tax the last year I could file by paper at all… yes you must eFile  think how shocking that is to someone barely used to getting shown up by a machine that one cant even write it down anymore you must computer.


Sea Cruise.

3 19 51 56 46 55 55 32 76 65 84 46 32 32 45 49 48 52 46 56 49 32 76 79 78 46 32 32 65 68 86 89 78 84 85 82 79 85 83 46 13  3 – code. – lat/long. conversion of  address minus some precision 😛


now if i were really in the mood for super spy, we’d be talking about lemon juice as invisible ink right about now… problem there is all my pictures say it is easier to heat it to make it visible again… um, who wants to inspire their next drew barrymore? *firestarter so, because I took college and it came with the hey go out and find NEAT 😀 I tried and I have? a slightly safer alternative which is of course NOT CHEAPER

there you can see that this passes under UV lighting…or intended sunlight… and becomes a previously hidden color!  this I have not ever seen outside of age restritrive check stamping  at clubs or events.


but this is about a SEA CRUISE 😉 so let’s cruise out in make believe secret adventuring via?

a quicky grab of  a viking long ship?  well a ship anyways.  work with me a bucket ‘ll do.  from where i am to what is possibly cool.

for a mild point of science, quartz, yes the fancy white landscape rock is SiO4…or a silicate, and Icelandic Spar is Calcium Carbonate…. however , the point of adventures isn’t the brand name gucci rocks but FUN. so if one has the magic rock… work with me, I used to think the Dukes Of Hazzard was elegant drama… I can hack only so much now 😀  likely we can have a sea cruise yet. 😀


Destination? sea monster attack – or if your prissiness is into csi accuracy, Orka Attack which of course isn’t likely as Killer Whales aint after us as menu options – but Shark don’t so much mind :D…makes it all the more rewarding when lunch is shark bits…aka fish sticks 😉 ever notice how the fillets always looked like teeth? at least when i was growing up?  power of suggestion people 😀  after the sea monster attack and as i already found America 😛  how about

yeah a lil island all your own… this requires  shave ices of course 😀 a snow cone.

eat that island! or just dream of the biggest sugar rush goin! 😉

3 19 72 65 80 80 89 32 65 68 86 69 78 84 85 82 69 83 33 32 13 3


365 Q 3.31 Seekin’

what ARE you seeking? –  I sought a horrorscope, I got a horror.  it said i can expect to piss away a year waiting with no otherwise sign of luck or progress til it changes in? september? where i can WORK to show progress then… or what a horror show of what a fine future awaiting to unfurle…. hmph.

okay, in reality I sought tabouleh at the whole paycheck – I was rewarded by them having some but it was difficult to find me a box as? they just did a reset so my product existed elsewhere.


365 Q 3.30

today was a complete…. 😀  I went to the mall.  I went around parkinglots  mall or outlet with the pooch who was rather excited 😀 yay for him.  I went to the food court and got a drink and even a swipe a card vending machine use..that was a firt on the credit card vending machine thing.  I went and got bamboozled for dinner as yet again…rolled into the  EW place.  I Enjoyed writing a complaint/concern to that effect- for once it so easy to track my concern and facts even if the incident is hearsay…even down to the video frowns confirming something off. 😀  well maybe.


today was a complete..blessing as in it was an “experience” okay not all of them pleasant, but not lifethreateningly awful.  and maybe, woo hoo! we’ll see, coupon to a place I hate going to! 😉 just imagine a taste of the sarcasm.


one handed texting cont.

Morse code isn’t a “signal” persay… it varys in speed thus is nonstandardized – next the charaters are?  varying lengths.  as is then this would be trialsome to utilize for one to consider a methodology of using the historic to usher back in the modern… the idea of using one hand to type/text messages on a “celluar phone safer than viewing the phone not the road and taking both hands away from proper operation of a vehicle- we all know only the driver whom is busy is the opinion anyone wants. 😉  however with the exception of the airforce morse code is defunct no longer being monitored for by the coast gaurd and otherwise required in any way legally such as previously required for an amateur radio operator’s license – all this is per USA usage.    boy scouts still offers the badge for those whom make the requirement of proficiently sending and recieving  at 5 words per minute speeds… obviously too slow to send a meaningful text, however at least the delivery can be standardized   into signals of -‘s and 1’s or in a methodology utilizing the idea if not the alphabet.  the hardship is to not charge something that needs changing to be useful again.  thus hopefully there is a simplified code such as unicode or ascii types which would swiftly do the same thing at least for geeks wanting to utilize a  novelty that is as useful as anything else.

braille also fails in this regaurd  to a degree as it’s methodoligy reuires stil one hand oand thus 2 characters with some method of tick and tock to indicate a character in progress of being inputed and with 11– contraction standard and non standard is…quite a steep learning curve and a lot to ask of someone for a novelty of semi safe multi tasking. – which is of course not safe at all in operation of a motor vehicle so even I’d legalese you with demanding  a yes I understand i can not text and drive safely 😉 thus wholy defeating the sale point of any such system ;).


so, morse is closer but it’s actual code cant  – converting to something in use as in html/ascii coding that would be both robust but not impossible hard to learn nor non standard so much it wouldn bar use .


for instance eight dots is a prosign for error. most numbers and punctuation vital in this modern world are five characters either dot/dash and letters can vary between numbers of dots and dashes it seems upon scanning.. I admit I’m not experting just note taking.  this 3,57,8 etc swhatever junk is useless as would using a five characture signal to make ONE single character… slow even grade one braille doubles the a through i /j to be that with a number character.  thus trying to combine the best of morse code and braille and perhaps the recognized as much as possible unified standard codings out there would make this idea code across the computering languages…not just english.  I am not seeking to reinvent the wheel here.  just make a fast enough methodology I can use anyone can use to send a damn text that we’re leaving or there at the expected meeting place so friends oh crap i’m going they’re there or whoops missed them ;)…sorry dropped my 148th phone in the toilet on purpose not really lying again. or I wouldn’t choose til you committed and then decided against it, needed to brush my hair. 😉


no one wants a voice taglet, just a few words where and confirmation you’re there.


365 Q3.29 Inside the box.

What was in my Post box today?  absolutely nothin.  sing your included in Jackie Chan movies… WAR…good god y’all, what it get you? Absolutely Nothing.

happy Easter.


365 Q 3. 24 – 28

Why? – Why ask why, Drink Bud Dry (r)   – I really don’t know but in all fairness, this isn’t all that concerning.

If i could read One person’s mind today, whose would it be? – Mine? less confusion trying to sort out anothers 😉

What was the easiest thing i did today? – I suppose this is challenging as philosophic traps go as simply waking for the day was about the easiest thing i did…thankfully many functions of life are somewhat automatic.

Did i think of Someone today?  – yes!  I sent area specific reminders for later travels to one to hopefully have new things to hear about in common, I researched som on a project thus thinking of ME, I tried to ease some of the current computery issues for mom, more to do there tomorrow but progress! 😀  I wrote my favorite nearly daily internet pal after having a fine outting yesterday that led to an early nap which meant i missed a moment yesterday  aw shucks.  I thought of a person i’ve not heard from in ages as I walked an old mall where i got to meet up with her for that first time…kinda odd malls, they aren’t the same anymore…bit tired of a concept…

Did i work hard today?  no, not especially.  I would rather avoid some mismeanings here but often I wonder if hard or exertive toiling is a bad thing to mean not invigorating but draining.  I don’t want to say I worked “smart” either in some disney joke of taking suspenders and making a belt drive coal shoveller to a steamboat race where the other side sacre blew it.  I don’t wish to think Idid anything but live.  not even so much achieve/d either just lived.  this isn’t to say I’m not old enough to mistake specific piles of achievements for actual work when such really is somewhat meaningless philosophically most often… doing ONE thing well might matter now or then again 21 things done might be that magic… each day has it’s notions.

I have me a lil project to occupy my mind of how I might make up a one handed transcription device/ system for to text via phone as such is irritating currently and  I want to think on it.  puzzle it a better way maybe.  to this end, barnes and noble had no book on braille.. not in braille, on braille.  obviously i have an array of sources extra to check and did.  having 1100 important contractions/abbreviations to utilize within the basic 3 grades of Braille is cool but that’s a LOT of learning to text a simple hey we’re x place at this x time I’m wearing blue.  I’m also sure that standard codes arent five finger easy so…. I’ll like end up working the long way round to find something “easy”  easy can be hard work!  – I also looked up the notions of language learning… maybe.  dunno.  but anyways.  there is much to know and fun to find out even if I don’t think I’ve the right path this shiny instant.    the reason i say this is obvious enough, I had a LOT of actual difficulty when i tried learning the grade one braille halfway through the basic alphabet….suddenly thinking like I’ll learn 3 grades of it swiftly is worth noting prior experience warning me otherwise… also while knowledge is good, simplistic systems have to be both fast AND easy.  learning 100 things isn’t beyond many but 1100 would represent a comprehensive year’s type of class to gain the knowledge then the proficient speed utilizing it in graduating steps to a specific purpose which texting a beer buddy on the fly wouldn’t be worth a year’s hell nor pay any bills…yet to push to be a court stenographer? well yeah that’d pay bills but I’m somewhat deafer these days… an example of this is I got the mailing info for our now serving army guy… one of the lines was “echo Company” of which I heard xo company and wrote precisely that/including repeating it back.  I do not hear as well 😉  yeah haha. the kisses and hugs company…the Army suddenly got all softie.  and while hexadecimal entry is good, I’ll need a facings 4 digit  two digits make a character code that is robust enough to encompass basics of asii representations, yet not 500 steps long to learn or some such… simple and easy for effective and worth perhaps someone buying MY bobble yet others perhaps choosing the far easier speech to text available with increasing accuracy these days…one must be care to be clever and usefull.  but 100 characters in a minute which one handed is fairly speedy,  it’s 35wpm or so, not fast by any stretch of the imagination…. yet, when conventions say text so i can skip a wasted 3 minutes talking/hassles?  such would be cool. perhaps worth 9 bucks discounted or 13 full price and should I walmart mass win, perhaps a few million in my pocket.   but such gets ahead of the work, to find a system simple and easy then make the works then  hopefully leave proof of viability  so instead of woo big edison inventions…nope just a swift hey buy me and a infomercial.  a few fancy pays for me and money for all.    well to nfb i return and also to bed I’m thoughts out.


Word Abuse *WHITE OUT! White Out!


How do you use a comma?

Tell me just where it goes.

Does it go between independent clauses, hunh hunh?

And, we all know spelling counts, you know.


Goodness knows, I’m easy to read ‘n’ easier on the eyes and stuff

Easy ’nuff to read through Jack Daniels and stuff

What ya think, Teacher Mama, are you buying this excuse?


Do I write like my pants are around my ankles?

Could you tell me; do you have the heart?

Would you damn my teacher’s professions,

because I English like I’ve got to fart.


Should I just period it before I start?

End it – before I mismark?

Before I mis-type with no clues?


Ooo oo way too convenient, here ‘s you another splat

Eff them educative Rules.


I believe in English Abuse, (White Out!) and all manners words misused. (White Out!)

What what? concise and or clear? (White Out!)

I’ll drip syllables (White Out!)  high on dictionary love (White Out!)

Or just stream-of-consciousness, (White Out!) SPEW

Pretend I’ve a clue? (White Out!)

Do I read like you need a beer? (White Out!)

Oo (White Out!) if you tell me, I may cuss (White Out!)


I mean every word, all true!

Even if my syntax is of Xanadu

Am I genius, or sniffin’ glue?

Whoops, mis-typed that!

Or perhaps, I’ve just no clue.


Whoops, mis-typed that!

Or perhaps, I’ve just no clue.

(White Out, White Out.)





the wisdom of a sale… 365 q 3.22/23

where do I think the greatest wisdom comes from…. alas, I wasn’t on the thoreau’s discourse on civil disobedience or higher spiritualism… the only wisdom I got was that twing that said buy 2, save 50% *on the second! shoes.  tannish walking  and “cognac” colored penny loafers. my save % card was shut down so i could supposedly get another I got the warning of impending card but no card figures. 😉  heheheh drat. 34 x 2 with tax wasn’t too too.

who is my hero?  probably a bunch of malcontents and or rogues. 😀


out of the bun

I was previously unaware that samsa was just one language point to the wider known samosa.  however, sometimes things just don’t look anything like themselves….  yes for whatever reason food came to mind and trying to think of something “new.”  I mean I do have that bottle of tamarind soda ….as if I were in the mood for sweet and sour NOTHING *fry bread and vegetables similar to the sweet and sour chicken pork beef shrimp etc chinese-american stuff but alll vegetarian… but i did that already.  so, randomly yammering food – the finer points of meatloaf choke and puke…so disagree..sloppy joes which so sound good…to fancy soup night…then i got stuff investigating Little Russia, aka Brighton Beach NY.


the picture listed the names wrong so I ended up reviewing all the dises as I literally do not recognize everything going.  but i was thinking Pelmeni’s and i got manti, samsa aka samosa and funchoza…yes apparently the Koreans run food in Little Russia 😉   manti means dumpling, funchoza is korean noodle salad but scarily had a chinz supplies thing where they cheated the ingredients and otherwise had high content of inappropriate minerals…bunk noodles… but this a rare time I happen to LIKE them noodles…glass noodles – I was alway told they were sai-fun noodle or came white cooked clear.  and I remember early into cooking I tried duplicating a mongolian hotpot with lamb , them noodles some carrots, green onion and broth straight from that grugal gourmet.  it was the only time so far i wasn’t hit or miss with lamb.  I’m very very hit or miss with lamb – however before my Irish pal passed, he raved on and on about how all over his travels, we had better beef in colorado but no one touched ireland for lamb…however around here we’d more likely get you to chomp a buffalo which wasn’t menu many places initially now try not to find a burger joint with no buffalo burge…not fast food mind you burger joints the land of the over priced burgers.  but suffice it to say I’m not thinking meaty. – nyc budget joint in Little Russia/ Brighton Beach just outside NYC… imagine being able to get lunch at prices not scare your grand children High.  Elza Fancy Food is tsupposedly this kind of place and as I age, I get less and less certain I’ll be toolin around St Petersburg chasing the midnight sun, but lucky I can maybe manage another NYC thing…but this time none of that white castle disappointment but maybe some of those places you hear about.


andways mole is a Mexican sauce – holy mole is better than blasphemy but only just and manti mole might be a combination of monte carlo and holy mole and manti.  I can’t remember if they said in this or another listing if they offered Pumkin manti…which got me thinking mole not because mole is sweet but it’s oddly savory and sweet which can work.  and thus i began thinking of making something pumkiny which I’ve had pumkin ravioli proper and i’ve had that chocolate mole which is toasty, chocolatey a dab spicy and savory toned by virtue of the other liquids and spices…..but making it more of a chocolate with pumpkin pie spices array and thus demanding it look savory but be nearly sweet/desserty. then I thought screw pumpkin a butternut squash one and corresponding red pepper onion medlied ones mole but blonder and still savory too.  then I was thinking toss that why not weird shit no one’s doing…  Florence fennel returns now and again for fancified dining.. it’s almost a celery feeling veg but it’s way huge sweet but can handle a savory tone too.  and drown it in a lemon sauce and then dallop the sour cream or yogurt on.

visions of packing a makeshift dumpling  tent places appeared and were rejected for all the bull pucky of prove it on paper/fees first then try to get permission then if you’re lucky you can have a good time… hassle plus that’s a flat out pain to lug a tent of any kind a couple of coolers and cooking aparatus worth using not using to cause forrect fires.


ah well, I avoid getting to sleep because I honestly meant to be places today.    but, i found the one I met at the bar outting and was rather surpised it must be a slow night to yammer with me… now now people can be actually pretty and also far different than expectations too but I’m not particularly outdoorsey- not to say I never get about in them, I’m not all that outdoorsie…but whatever, i said hello again adding a fb friend and we’ll see if our paths somehow cross again.  moab’s out as in unless you need all the worst travel music ever…I’m in heaven…others use other H words. ;)I rally don’t think bicycle knowing it’s such a hassel to own one and i can not ride is so so many more situations than before etc  I don’t drive so walkabouts is about all I ever was energetic enough for and there is a pretty place or two, I might not be shit out of luck 😀  but thinking of outtings brings me to associate them lol so hence that paragraph.

anyways, be it the nyc transit of chasing the line towards Pelmenis or the more bunkish turdsville of errand running to return books and rnew my I.d. so perhaps then i can renew my passport and sometime before summer’s out use the dang thing.   maybe try and not think what has never sounded romantic or even fun just that urge to do something take a walk and make it somehow…just taking a walk and not a walk down the sunsets of the rest of our lives meaningful/clingy sounding?  who knows.  it seems as if i’m supposed to turn into the life of some party…I thought it odd when i figured out i was. the party as activities….I never remember holidays seemingly or other’s birthdays…shh about it being always on and having birthday alarms all over the place 😉  but, in completely the  right spirit, here I sit trying to think of what to do with my moment out

whether it’ll be the long drawn out blade of b.s. line mouldering at the gov office followed by the homeless shakedown for smokes at the library only to be too damned tired to get excited about  geeks who drink beer trivia at the irish joint at 8…suspiciously stranding me to needing a cab home or both ways actually….. I mean can you just hear the clock tick tock right about now LAUGHING at me saying the time ticks as I sit like a lump of shit whining to no one but my own eyes about the potential for tomorrow?  sad.  but sad makes me think of food and as it’s military monday at the froyo.. that’s an idea.  I’ve a serious hankering for zuchini chips…there is a carl’s jr. available closest thing to a hardees which this place dont get…or remember them burger chef.  I don’t feel like trying to cozy up to some 40 something and try to sneak into costco or waste money on a membership – they can not make my eyeglasses, their computer stuff is not a significant savings and I just can not see 2.50 a hot dog soda combo set of trips 100 more times this year….but larceny does interest me and i might just sneak into places of membership without one here soon.