History’s Beat

now, this is likely a LONG video to watch for something long out of current use – I’m listing it first as it is a keystone as in complete system of communications.  capable of both voice and data over the same “line”

this machine was NOT the standard  or hottest in the army vid of 1963 Army – but it does illustrate a specific speed/ beat of history.    you should be able to in pause – slide over to the relevant speeds used 60.75.100 WPM

this is obviously at least 1989 now, 26 years after the army and? just before the World Wide Web… not the Internet which hahaha AL GORE created if you remember the 2000 US presidential election 😉  – – but the point here is 150 baud on a typewriter..  I came into this world 1200 baud modem, 300 baud modem in 1987… please understand that speeds are theoretical potentials – here’s another example of something current to the 80’s….

I list this to have you hear radioteletype…  and to me it’s amazingly coincidentally similar or reminiscent of the alert tone for bad weather on the tv or radio…


now the point isn’t to watch all of this second for second.  it is to list demonstrated facts of speeds/sounds.  so let’s tour what captures my interest of History’s Beats:

please note in the Army vid, it discusses FM and AM Radio.  to my recollections and experiences, great city FM was 100,000 watts of “Love” and lasted 30-50 miles ish before being somewhat unusable… now AM as I saw and have to take second hand could send with a thunderbolt amplifyer…old tube type amp a Keyed signal on am upwards of 5000 watts all the way around the world….however it you went under a bridge or lightening struck, no signal 😀  FM was brilliant and clear but far far more power intensive. – – so, voice / data ala 60’s  100 give or take unless it was radio teletype and this would mean something perhaps closer to 3x-5x WPM  maybe, come on, I have only so much tech info and the army was never in the habit of sharing secrets 😀 😉  but  3/4 truck, a lot of equipment and I would be hard pressed if I couldn’t many many x’s myself beat that on a telephone with data in the car now.

nowspeed, the sheer sound of 60 WPM is?  a damn good legal secretary.  a job still paying upwards of 2x an hour or enough to keep a home in a divorce but unlikely never have money to buy into a home…more money in higher cost areas and less in less of course – but still a benchmark – – most could hit 75 so that’s when looks didn’t matter but wsork done did.  I by comparison was trying like the devil to get my tested skills of 25 WPM in typing classes up to the 35 WPM range so I had job opportunities- interestingly enough obviously I managed and managed for a brief moment to get a 11/hr job f/t with a 3rd party callcenter for an internet provider then- it wasn’t the best money ever because by these references of time change – 90 8/hr Safeway, local grocery chain job…min wage just over 3/hr house sold for 60k now 95 11/hr min wage 4.x house same 60k house? 105k  literally it seems to me overnight life doubled in cost except the pay. 😀  however remember that commodore computer decoding radio teletype vid?

commodore 64 utilized petscii a specific type of charater encoding system and in 95 was made redundant to compuserve- which early in 96 when their router for everyone anywhere to sign onto fails during their video superbowl add of are you sick of aol’s busy signal?…compuserve you didn’t get a busy signal and it was n’t slow you flat out couldn’t get ON for 2 days hahahaha aol bought them out I was on a gallup pol project then to that fancy 11 an hour tech support job which kicked me off as that company used unix systems which make in networked situations all changes globally to all machines I needed magnification and it would apply to everyone…what they offered as compromise wasn’t enough I was booted out. next was another company just nationally scandalized on television to work for I would have but now the magnification system I had been bought been asked about all this and that- took five minutes to install.  five. they got it to me the day late and refused to let me have a fighting chance to catch up… I wasn’t able to wake the next day but it only saved me from a miserable experience that couldn’t last long…  but remember the commodore?  the purposefully made it redundant- now lets be fair the commodore could read text online very easily even early flunks for templates of pages – but it couldn’t do unicode or something technically and everything was ramping up again it was made redundant but I remember that day as I do 21 years now later when? wow they made a lot of fancy pictures but there is far less actual content…but we’ve got the “look” now woo hoo, that songs outdated as hell roxette the look.


but the fun here is change- okay I can not tactically do the same things i used to and am/ teletype wow, not a lot of info can be sent that way!  but look at the text on a phone sometime and realize at best it’s medium speed morse code fast – and everyone wants a text when you get there so they choose or not to leave.  text well my friend- I know well 50% of the time if you need me to text you when i’m there YOU”RE not coming. but such isn’t zero and thus we try. plus it keeps talk too muches like me from just that – I’d need a day to imput this off a phone keypad!

but isn’t it neat how benchmarks are what they are a little detail as in that machine is worldwide fast and 1850 new 1963 teletype, corvette 3500  even in todays’ times you can catch the notion of cost.  a secretary can’t get this amount of information on paper around the world  even if she could outdo early machines but by 63 you might have began to stop seeing steam trains, jfk of course by year’s end and thus buh bye camelot, the brits were set to invade our music- the pill was 3 years into public aproval for use so it ws becoming known you could get laid without getting love!  25 years? doubled in speed, 25 years more I’m lucky I could even find a historic clip to share…oh and costs are 10x what they were and taxes previously unmentioned? rose 50% too reference 1964 federal income tax to 2014 tax the last year I could file by paper at all… yes you must eFile  think how shocking that is to someone barely used to getting shown up by a machine that one cant even write it down anymore you must computer.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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