Sis was on breakfast this morning and her dismay upon it wasnt good ingredients but that it failed to coalesce in tastes harmonizing. As you can senses quickly, I was already viewing harmonics but as video game to 80’s heaven in sounds. there are just blips to make up the times and it’s fun to have a little livingroom action to see how some coffee or beer putzing around was…. the times.

Yanni : :ive at the Acropolis; Keys To Imagination…that quintessential 80’s synth harmonica….

the “dx7” his openerr here is that kenny loggins’ highway to the danger zone. but i’m quitting before this is a weepy airwolf theme and bad television parrades.

I’m neither of French cultures or able to speak or understtand past a word or two yet much of popularity is dubbed as this would be sparktakus and the sun beneath the sea from the french le mondes englouti. it’s here for synth harmonica. how fast that came and left music.

here representing a non synthesized harmonica is that ae of harmonica in the song….dion warwicke with friends in that’s what friends are for….stevie wonder on the harmonica a real one. surely you can see or hear the difference?

it’s rather not too long before the internet can become the internet and we stream our way to hhistories from music made to some twerp programming it which is kinda like your favorite kiddo tinking a tonking on a toy piano the music. yet such is how it can be, just like a perfect breakfast utilizing leftovers and here I am risking only tea as cough cough til I feel not the weeknd’s I feel it coming…feat, daft punk… oh no… I feel mine coming up.

as it’simpressive to music was made can happily see it’s chirpy this sounds, but very in depth. hang out in toto land from africa toa variety of instructables on how their’s too came. and beware of feelings of movements heh or you can see what happens in the 80’s or any time chosen…I mean i don’t care to in my block furniture wood ala 80’s yackfu all over the place with a gevalia in a mug any more chair it with some fine angolan cafe. ucky feeling or whatever…..perhaps this stroll is ucky too 😀 than I feel like mozambique african watchman


PJ Chaos I haven’t any good ideas

Such is an attention keeping almost blessings for little nephew. I’m feeling roguish and foul and or sarcastic. I am a product of my times too! so. roll your eyes if I get in some licks, but remember I’m rather grateful for the entertainment as youngster would drive me absolutely crazy otherwise…but I’m no, not enamored of the stuff often 😀

Pj Masks’ Catboy, Owlet and Gecko along with their friends save the day with teamwork and some rah rah rah every few minutes saving me well mom I’m male and relatively useless in reality even if I care with young one… I mean I can offer myself a few precious minutes free for mom and dad while my fortunes sort out. not entirely useless but shh on that ego thing. you may seek out more information via it’s opening website link. but now to some of how I affect my naughty. grumpy old miusa mining rushes and etc are roughly 1850-1885yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyner era character, Utah Phillips of a bygone age and certainly not after age of Aquarius 2 years with his constant nearly television or he’d be a little less heavenly occupied once in a while for 30 seconds maybe.

USA mining rushes or the old west in a way is roughly 1850-1885 within the settling “west” of which oft is more the midwest USA but places like Dawson Yukon California etc will crop up…

I know what owls leave… Pellets of bones

marty stouffer, “Wild America”

I’ve lived in Florida with the little mini cricket sized gecko lizzards things that I had to chase the cat from or the blight would eat it and die. lizzard bits everywhere and a moaning kitty….

and we’re gonna be treated to an incessant seizure of the moments and the day’s all saved…

otter water.

cat boy? pj masks? owl pellets and lizzard bits are you trying to make me an ice cream?


A Wider World

What follows is a little of how my eye’s delight simply seeing a wideer world. I can not with expertise reccommend as I know too little0I am sorry! aso, I can not guardsafe say obviously name changed to protect the guilty people for sharing in this world where we also have nay0sayers and or enemeis…. but should I bring sorrow, I am sorry as here I only spread my delight of neat things of our hands.

a baku azerbaijan carpet retailer.

a fun story of wine which I like yet from an area decidedly not pro wine.


Click-itty Caput

Let’s not play ‘What-is-that-smell’ as I’ve already won with dog puked foot traffic ways for me. here is a simple link dump of thoughts and researching gone aput for a moment as i find more shiny thoughts.

I’m next to a rearranged hest as a tea stand/alter without the fancy tea kettle plugged in. it’s rather fun to have thought of such a concept yet it appear without my help as this. of course I’m reminded of a previous time like pauly shore in “son in law” where he saves the movie having flunked at but having more knowledge of many things… but coffee can not be held for service in the city of woodland park colorado as it’s altitude is too high to allow corporate standard of 180F as written for in this case Denny’s Restaraunts. water here in low pressure times boil closer to 190 F and we don’t want bubbling coffee! the point here isn’t science but that moment in life when you face an impossibility. in this case, legitimate requests for variance would be required but like many things in life, it’s a lot of work to argue a fairness and request a vaiance. I’m in process thanks to my uncle to pursue one of my own. I get to reference this time of all times hearing of this. but the current tea alter….I’m onto how magnetic induction boils water.

I’m hiding out in a way to allow a more this house without me to have company. I’m not feeling shunned. but not very social on purpose! over my tea, I can chuckle I’m to practice the very things I complain against the gods about…disconnection.

stupid slush poetry

I’m in limbo ’cause that bimbo cancelled our future.

I’m not feeling like name-calling so that rhyme is caput but hee hee limbo bimbo as a rhyme….I could conjure the oran juice jone’s the rain…for some eighties kick rocks lyrics. or worse! conjure some RAP when I again just don’t quite fit such truths.

the relationship of water boiling to altitude and temperatures is useful in calculating the temperature and thus time to cook beans on Mars.

Your membership includes:


Bitch In Bed.

as hopeas I remember it, it used to not be so smooth yet smooth I’m reminded that so often, the usa gets differing from everywhere tastes. that smbitter possible in teas is toned way way down no matter how you find the tea. take southern style sweet tea. as product goes, it’s often an orange pekoe black tea brewed fairly strong with a bit too much sugar of the oft white crystalized normal table sugar kind. this once nearly black as sin brew is poured over ice andoh it’s so nice! normally, sweet tea is a bit of relief of the incessant heat and humidity of the south…south usa…where in a sip you can see but only yourself under a deep patch of shade from a fairly old tree. now, normally, this is not a style of colorado where it can get hot like it’s not right now in this semi arid locale. shade is a different animal out hereooth is a hallmark of this land’s ta. but believe you me. yes do. you’ll soon feel the lands you visit or call home paint in you the pictures home. I drank more sweet tea in my time living in georgia usastes in tea. the fully interesting titling goe. I kept it up even though it wasn’t the same not wrong just not the same in my time in florida usa which while geographically south of georgia is just not the same south. now while this is fine, my tea now is not sweetened. I have just a smooth not bitter overly breweds, how prova Irish Breakfast tea of twinnings london blend. in my breath time with an irish fiddler nut company, I got the riot act of how twinnings of London is English how would they be Irish? he prefered to toss his co brand as it wasn’t tax to the English state but “Ireland” and while he identified with Ireland as an American, the actual of Ireland soul I met in his earthly journey as he chose america for his adult adventuring not south africa, he too did not go ga ga about my high holy yummy twinnings, largely preferring coffee….but if he did tea, he’d get pg tips. pg tips tastes more like his stuff from home if not was a brnd of home. my oppinion of pg tips is its just fine as tea goes surely but wow is it bitter.i how tea gets processed is obviously on my mind from tea dust on the. orthe pretty flower bits or fruit chunks dried mixed together in fancy pa to illustrate, st dalfour brand tea uses fannings. not dust. it of course matters in how it ends up tasting. however i happen to like other brands more so. and yet I remind you some of the curiousness of tea and it’s places… as one might swill gallons of iced tea in america, it’s not the same everywhere else worldwide…so much so that you can tell an irishman from home may still take his or hers warm but enough time watered down in america can see the same soul ask his iced…small little detail painting a native son gone bush or wild.

I’m hungry. I guess I should go fix that after a restroom break. a lovely lovely day of many of those. I crept slightly higher on levels measured phosphorous. I was eight and now eight point four. only double of where I should be.nts tea offerings loose.baggied up as such dust makes a fast brew I skipped a month of my phone service to again have a month. yes, it’s kinda like a cup of tea knowing it’s a dash less desired than coffee as a beverage usa yet i like it. it’s still not done this sort out promises obut theres delights still on a budget. as most make a big ole pot of than it 😉 one must try life forward. upward and onward as is said. cheap Ibering how such a phrase is too long to fit as the early computer sallowed names length so the companion of then had up and on and a milislight feeling of a raspberry tongue stuck out at me explaining how up and on meant the same even if she knew that said of sex positiones preferred and thus hint I could dry up and grow up….and after a long time in food service had to have her coffee not tea at ng remem am. is teone hundred eight degrees as so oft she’d be responsible for offfering said for sale….or I would literally brew a pot and then stick it in the microwbut you must understand again location here was at ten thousand feet elevation and while i couldn’t make the exact one hundred eighty drees coffee just close as physics at altitude interfered. I guess you can see my tea leaves are memories sometimes…..avea.more expensive to coffee and thus it’s wed of adventures taken. ing cup of tea factory floor n to Bewley’scative! let me just Blue Blue Blue Blue it up about something as simple a pooch came to keep me company….and just so happens to be dictionary and anatomically a girly pooch.

the tea, yes, salvaged from the deep!…wateerbowl, not ocean…. didn’t get brewed in its baggies so I get a cup.


Under doggin’ and boggin’

it dusted snow in south east metro edge Denber about 3 weeks ago and thus heralding the coming white. I’m sometimes so dry i cant breath well. I was shifted dialysis centers due to a burst pipe even though my conspiracy radio soul insisted it was cause I heard my next over treating as well soul had had a positive coid testing…which while true, it was over two weeks previous and in a hospital not releasing said soul til they had positives go to negatives and all our best protocols.. by missing a treatment as a second reschedule occured and wouldn’t it just figure it’s after a beer a thon which is 12 oz is 355 ml for the rest of the world and annd my intake was 18 ozs give or take…or i very much can look to the world i was hung over and brown bottle flu ing…oooo what a good boy! even at 28 oz intake I didn’t get a buzz and I’m about 145 pounds or sixty five kilograms small boy these days. thus you can see I was bogging for plopples not apples of high repututation.!. now by undoggin title I went and watched a movie on my current shortlist. joseph king of dreams. the songs jangled some to me even if I allowed show tune itis of saying the same thing as the last given dialogue in a now drawn out song! and it felt at all times like a bad church play. I mean the show not the story. yet by underdogging sttandards, I’ll be very fair and say I was still moved even by a biblical myth tale and had a dash of fun contemplating the tale’s import of forgiving others…in that I’m feeling all churched up.



Got my monthly mainstay tea, Twinnings irish breakfast – a smooth Assam..n. and plop it goes just uncelaphaned into the 3 gallon full dog water bowl. Thankfully try winnings waxy paper wraps it’s bags!


Xmas Assured

I don’t understand the bank info entirely but I may have just saved another xmas moving from my last place here.

it is instantly eaten with current obligations of those making my days.

I do not care as what joy it is to say thank you in actions for those who arehelping me towards the hope that is my future.

coffee of a kind that might not suck for my current home…my two homes back home coffee one like specific and a heritage underlined in some fine film for the other.

drink in with the eyes

consume my thank you and belch,

Sink within smiles


Arranging Loads,on%20the%20higher%20loaded%20bottom

it is recommended that a structural engineer assist you with any brick project higher than nine feet tall so that it doesn’t crumble back upon you. and it is about one foot or one third a meter thick of a wall, again double check with the smart guys…. as it’s typically law anyways….to to support 11 meters high black but for a itty spot on his chest and of course grey muzzle beard of a great dane. comfort is sorta ruined except it’s the first time in years he’s stayed more than thirty seconds. there’s more real eastate to expllore heh. taco bell

i’ve a little today to race after the bell if I want. they removed my favorite from the menu the cheap dollar spicy totada which was beans red sauce chiptle sauce and lettuce cheese andd diced tomato … I don’t adore chipotle sauce sauce often didn’t ask get it with mine. this differs in weights from the regularand thus costs double but the regular just had red sauce beans lettuce and cheese no tomato…. I’m seeing green sauce is coming which to me with “mexican” is like white wine with a porterhouse steak….it can be done. I’m just the wrong wine drinker to do it! but it’s not the same.. so. since I’m sinful I’m thinking buritto supreme which is about snack sized anymore… beans red sauce ground beef soour cream and lettuce. and I’m thinking this new covid menu says…why not beans green sauce add steak lettuce and sour cream? if an option add guac. . or whatever avacado sauce they got. yes, I’ll not die if it’s avacado ranch although I’m no fan of rancy really.

november is here. thanksgiving the american kind comes. and next month more numbers for me. no change no word no nada seems to have twinkling lights of fortunes for me. paperwork has begun to adjust my current ride so my home may pursue other lives than my schedules. past friends wish to remain memories. but time passes as does the hell of sorting chasing the pst. pest naw past yeah. and thus my divinations gaslightling of its but a hand held again to laughter renewal etc seems a bit of a gaslighting. I wasn’t about for the thirty eight movie of said story theme notion but it still crops up in popular culture today. helping another believe something skewed….if not altogether untrue. but the response to that is taco bell just as it was the height of delight that moonlit night. tostada or 35 feet ish the highests we can diy with help by law hint code….a structure in residential areas..11 meters it. such also is with fire brick about a fifty decibel sound isolation or taking a siren at one hundred fourteen decibels racing to the emergency doughnuts or accidents… to fifty five decidebels or that of quiet speaking volume. and i’m not even here to chatter about bricks or blocks but taco bell.

I’ve a bedwarmer. a one sixty po


Am I Not Merciful?

My heart defends

each I Love YOU said

Haiku sorta?

My Heart ____ Defends (5,7,5)

My heart still defends

my lips ‘I-love-you’s’ ….voiced? spent?…

(optional picture association for the art!)

My heart still stands by

my lip’s, “I-Love-You’s” gifted

Thine darkness can’t rend

After a bit too much of my thoughts, not so much the arts, here is at least a quality attempt at something more than wind-bagging without any real art or whatever back 🙂