Promises, promises updated

Libby shooters

Talenti I raspberry cheesecake ice cream/gelato
Simply raspberry canned filling
Hazelnut extract
Raspberry extract
Dr Watkins Walmart- extracts
Half and half of store bran origin
Trivia or sugar sugar
Honey maid graham crackers

That’s what I got
I know. Something’s coming 😉
(Yeah yeah, sing the 80s “promises, promises” song)

Happy thanksgiving American style – food is coming. I was told to desert. Oops dessert! 😉

Awaiting oven..

Raspberry cheesecake shooters await cream and ice cream

Because I nearly fell off the couch blurry…

Please understand I am not this spread this my uncle’s home and I graced to contribute the green bean casserole next to turkey left and the shooter dessert and limited prep cleaning. But note it’s a thoughtful layout easy to get after :).
My dessert try was fun but wow what a crappy glass choice! The spoon has to fit! You use the utensils backwards 😉 but even still next cream hides levels and pretties I suffer twice now not making up some.

In my opinion
Nothing in this world beats mashed potatoes and gravy
2nd yummy
I actually had a hard time but my gbc wins there
Third the ambrosia fruit salad with dinner
There is two dressings. Corn above mashed tater and to its left white bread scratch here.
I liked neither over each other this year
The sweet yam marshmallow thing blurry photo is way way yum
Poppyseed bake from shelf package rolls okay but not of a wow variety just expedient
Turkey was to me moist enough I enjoyed it and I’ve a rightful horror of it after a few years in nursing home spheres 😉 ( I love your food cooks in case you read me I really do I just lost turkey love 😉 yeah yeah I’m so going to burn! But still ma’am cook made wicked pickles fried and directed my special hot chocolate championed my efforts of interest mr cook was a grand soul who also tried my stuff more always an ear fired mrs me haha the day I dropped a plate heh. But tween them I kept alive cooking in a time I rarely did and thus oh well, sue me, I didn’t like the turkey 🙂 ). ( this includes how to make food prep to handling to efficientcy and speed – I can’t begin to mimicking but the spirit of their skill – like don’t touch food use your utensils. It may not be your usual but covering pitchers is important for freshness. It’s a goodly trick not one day but a life of cooking. It’s not how brilliant but pro you are consistent and timely is very much food. Yes I can cut an apple but a coring quartering tool is butter faster and the result dependable. Thus you can root with people for their success and serve with consistent pride well they can 😉 I do hobbling and have my fun 🙂 I hope you like the difference a real cook is a treasure and a warrior if they take it seriously a warrior not a soldier such is a different profession! A warrior to be on the game or soon unemployed!)


Pics cont.

Fancy? It is stil powdered cocoa mix! 😉 bananas foster hot cocoa! But powderchoc syrup flavored cream and water to heat beauty.
Wing night- Nestor on fry station ( I.e. No I helped but wasn’t principal) allowing us tiger sauced
Rooster sauced crystals sauced coming and I baked the maple wings

Frypil versions: peanut oil 1-3 gallon of which I must filter shortly with on hand eq.
It takes ridiculously long to me! 15 minutes or more! Eek! But I got to learn how much yuck sunk and how it must be transferred then pot boiled immediately but wow!
It is but butter with store sauces tossed in to pan toss as I didn’t have enough coating bowls. Very simple wash. I would remark it is almost better to have a crock to have warm wings then toss as needed. These go cold nearly immediately .

2 happy guys actually got out stages by house ma’am cooking lighter chicken veg rice. So in essence Lost! The battle of appetite;). Oh cry cry cry! I waddled to bed.

The inbetweeners… was one bar entertainment on the tele.
I hope that’s accurate
The other bunch discussed bitcoin investment and one as I listen this morning sure drank the scotch koolaide… but as both ain’t up? 😉 isn’t the next protege.

Otherwise not pictured is the tales grocery getting – of man older soul of house’ date so pissed he talked only of his fancy truck. (Previously working within law – she attracts nice quality folk still just not that go…)

( hint, try not to be big turd in self absorbed life? – 😉 )

‘Tween beach and laundry

Purple soup #2
Stock is two celery hearts, two onions and later green onion staulks. Corn starch water. Due to filtration waste the gallon of water became 40oz. And the purple being a smaller head purple cabbage. (Salt adjusting taste)

Yummy bits extra large shrimp 12oz frozen peeled deveined tail on! Shrimp.
Rainbows carrots or orange yellow and purple. Green pepper green onion later. Purple onion. Rice vinegar in lieu of no capers.

Garlic toast.


Next up:
More black bean soup


With coffee freshly brewing of course!


Stuffed peppers staged. Chicken mince with smoked paprika and jasmine rice. Tomorrow- stuff bake eat

For tonight: asparagus roll ups.

Mesquite turkey ( G V )



Atop a tortilla. Roll up and BUttered baked – sea level 16 minutes 350f

( hostel – Tampa, not
My kitchen )

Live! From Off-Center

yellow cab tampa
Worked as a search for me! Now I have an Iberia fellow here at hostel as well.

Food: sundries. Walmart.

31.xx a night (airbnb/hostelworld booking.)

I got basics
Mini muffin pan – meatballs / mini quiches and muffins
A strainer for oil pack tuna/ making better bean soup.

Muffin mix banana nut double choc.
Fish breaded filets (fish tacos)
Turkey bacon (invited )
Chicken lunch meat (tonight for asparagus rollip)
Swiss though not my favorite they didn’t have havarti and pepperjack gets old.

Tomorrow sace mini cans one for stuffed peppers the other for calzone
Cream cheese for calzone / omelette Mac cheese
Mac cheese

Pause to cook:
Smoked paprika with a dash of all salt / paprikaed salt… chicken burger.

Jasmine rice –
This is rubbed then fills tomorrow becomes stuffed pepper when I’m back – so dippy slow cooks real food.

Corn starch
Curry powder
Smoked papricka

Jasmine rice

Ziplock gallon
Tubs x 4 lidded 2cup square ziplock storage

Black beans

Onion- purple
Trip color baby carrot ( not. A deal)
Tomatoes – Roma
Lettuce romaine heart
Red potato 3 ( stuffed likely Swiss )
Spring onion
Purple cabbage. Purple soup plus later purple pepper jack cheesed pasta.)
Green pepper stuffed plus omelette fix

Shrimp extra large peeled tail on deveined
(Purple soup with true color carrot spring onion corn starched broth filtered)

Paper towel

Taco soft flour
Asparagus frozen (prep faster right)
Half and half
Coconut decaf coffee ground

Garlic bread

Chicken split breasts (chicken filling -paprika)

Now this lot cost 140 which is 119.xx plus 20 cab it home here. This means a drink two it is 140/141 ish.

I can’t promise you you’ll love hostel/ shared living
But I can tell you there is 950 a month 11-9-17 cost is a major city Nola -quisby is the same… you

Hart around public transport 2 each way most times – they require a pay card for discounts (medical Age). Thus. 36 a day.

Is this it? No. Sometimes. You can work schedule checked 4 hrs a day pay your way via working … not garuntees folks. But this minus income is a stay. Thus. It is. Possible people and timing dependent… to swing a life from zilch.
Now to crumble my browning mince finish and wash pan the prep asparagus bake it as roll up s. 9-10 late but! My day.