gooaallllll! 2.5

I’ve opened the box of Branded’s  rebrandable sample sauce HOT… let me tell ya one drop hurts still… eek.  and see the real bulk risk to actually dig deep to make the best price points possible in a place where this is asking a whole lot of the folks to want into a 7-10 dollar  bottle.  but, it’s less of a dead idea/dream now.  back to finding gallons of water and sketching labels in youidraw. 😀

I posted on the current me facebook a spiritual stroll where it began with the notion that just because i didn’t get lucky with friend’s visiting doesn’t mean i can’t go my own self!  so I did.  I had a fancy coffee with breakfast.  I got a fried egg which is a good start but it wasn’t over medium but fried over easy.  turkey link sausage which with a clump of pepper still is turkey sausage …hopefully in future they offer turkey bacon 😉  hihnt. oatmeal versus grits or hashbrowns, english muffin versus toast or pancake.  .  the fancy coffee was a dark choc hazelnut flavored affair.  it was quite good.   I hummed in my mind some Disney… Just around the River bend… and then walked it.

I asked after my script requirements and got one of them but not all four/five of them  so I will have to return if they arrive this week or wait til tuesday and then deal with that another day.  I did however pick up my current half order of this portion of the month’s pill deliveries.  insulin and another arrive mid month.

it was amazing how fast it took to see what i was talking about and how doable it was.  the impressed somewhats instantly thought of another with having also said similarly about that idea.  lol  wait for me first! 😉

I can’t taste the or smell the scotch in the one sauce but it sure is flames/lava.  so  that’s amusing. 🙂


what awaits this week is

more label creation as i have reason to get movin’ on it if i want MY chances.

print my trip paperwork for flight and shuttles to and from here to atlanta… so i can return home to not spiritual stroll as was today but see mom and anyone i can cram into a day.

I have to make it to h.r. to see at least once! if i can’t fight it to make progress towards store associate versus laborer.  I am not sure this is any pay hike but it is cash handling and a minor bit of paperwork responsibility – please note i didn’t get to keep pizza hut so i can’t really be wholly after food here either but, I can return in particdial measure to practicing big boy things like ac tual business choices however small and documented results behind decisions. 😉    maybe.  we’ll see, I have about 100 vids or 10 hours worth of stuff to achieve yet.  not to mention practice as i just ain’t as fast as i used to be.  my six month probation ends in early may.  I would hope this means i have given myself every chance to have a chance at a raise …unlikely as i kept a higher paygrade entering this job than it started… and slowly begin being a big more accountable as is counting too .

I have to check on scripts coming and or not and see if the lil tools get back better in place…or if I wait to hand carry a script personally….either way that’s in works./progress.

I have to 😉 want to make a check up chat with the old boss with new stories finally to share and keep up.

I have 11 more deliveries to go, some should start showing tomorrow and thursday. but by monday.

I have a roster of neglected pals to chatter with too.

it’s not quite that new beginning feeling but hopefully a reenergization. – I’m “warned” about being wary of new beginnings lest they sour ;D

or tick=ity tick off the lists they go .  or, such should round out this second week even if not all full time like I had originally written down but it changed lol, but certainly crammed.

tje mptatopm pm cpmstamt;u sjoftomg [roprotoes [pomt tp s[orotia;otu wotjom wamder;istset adroft?  as you can see for yourself, I went to breakfast to a try a new place all by myself, a stroll to explore even to simply hear windchimes and check for litter in the poorer neighborhoold on the far side of this “town”  – I have the guts to face opening up my mouth to say publically smoking cessation I need help if i’m after it but it’s mostly for the same not normal reasons people do things but my reasons as in how can i try dangerous things requiring monitoring and cleaner intake when i don’t have good documented monitoring or disciplines in place? -it is still gambling even then but MAYBE worth it.  heck.  maybe april see me mid month going out to sell products developing now.  we’ll have to have you see.


smoking cessation saw me a regular smoker third week of march 22 years ago but not even starting til saturday or it only took less than two weeks from nothing to forever ago a habitual offender.  so if I make that adjustment, wish me luck, I am on schedule to even be?  timely about it in a way… but again, it’s more so to address a different medical issue with a dietary intake risk which duh, I should remember i tell myself to be careful with risk or I get burnt.


3rd week mainly needs more of the same with one planned erranding or another to make trials occur, fourth wk is to tally results and directions next plan 2nd oomph month and fifth week or end of this month march 😀 be under way.

long term goals are property for housebuilding or some form of MY place new to stay to make appear.  I can technically afford real travel so i have to get paperwork to do that again.

spiritual improvements hoped and worked for are a continued desensitization of responding defensively as if I own the “failure” or discord/issues   but also improve confidences behind decisions attempted…i.e. center.

constantlhy shifting priorities affecting and effecting this above are:

in a rogue moment to save something on shipping i ended up instantly being able to do much of what i thought months away overnight….obviously this adjusts thinking.

I highly doubt my intended spiritual need is cash even though i still desperately want on occasion large piles… so if ay of the little business ideas turn out to be neat and sell? good! it’s likely not a life consuming needed avenue but a nice thing to occur for me- I’m largely more interested in being seen and meeting people than being afraid of lack of money.  this is problematic in that this idea set costs money and can be derailed by me or others wanting a cash making avenue MORE and working it better and faster than I do/can.  so mild hope I work at this before making it too easy for competition is hoped for and then be a little bit set to take my own chances better.

I do hope i get time to test explore not do or die explore thus build correctly with proof so others can see the little correct steps taken to believe in the bigger ideas/notions.

and. while I’d like to house and explore explore too, i also alternatingly desperately want place and plan or a life to build… so any… I might wish to change directions.  this i hope comes with a better foundation to build from  not just be whimsically unhelpful to my own causes.


it’s night night time after  this pause brought to you by the need to visit tat PLACE…don’t ask questions… just don’t 🙂

Croce-ed Time? (in a bottle)

Seventies FEVER!  Jim Croce’s Time in a Bottle…. if you youtube.

Amnesia lane again for IamPeaceNow 😉

Where does Time go? 😉

all right, it just goes… blink and you’ll remember with a sigh, perhaps.

NOW!  Well you already read i aim at projects to avoid dying of boredom and being set adrift in time.  you may read my blogs on gooaaaaallll or Mondane Monday Offerings 😉 thanks to the interesting folk who conjur notions to follow.

Last Week. I began Holiday coverage ‘s extra hours

Lat month I was juuuuuust about to finish my first month working again here in Georgia-Land.

Last Quarter – 3 months  I looked forward to my first day on the first assignment / job here!….splat 😉


Last Trimester – I just got first hard word that the dream of spring was dying.  I still hurt, I still am  “there” but it’s a solo there lol. – the lights are off and the dust collects.

Last 7 month’s? Just arrived across the country here! to the promise!

last year:

I was a week away from this adventure gaining steam as it was time for the new army man here  not me by the way, to head out to basic., the dog was pregnant for the third time and now we lived in an apartment… this lead to adventure 😉


Last two years ago I just got my hours MANGLED at work after setting out to a fancy night at a charity function for which i had to actually own a suit.  you see the result of the effort but you probably have zero clue like i didn’t either that less than sixty days later I would be facing my chance to be the head of that department  at 40 no less!  and oh how temporary it was! 😉

4 years ago I was asked if i wanted work.  I did.  I seriously had  months more to wait but, I began ferrociously to put out the whole day proof i could at least smile at the end of it and actually survive it – it was my first lasting job in 11 years 14 if you don’t count summer camp seasons as lasting.

6 years ago I seriously couldn’t predict that I was weeks…a blink! from  my worst heart ache of all time.  I know it’s sad to have to phrase the joy the soul was as a misery0 but I am still left to think on the soul as a relevance forever etched into me.  just a few thousand messages traded, a number of calls and…ahhhhh…then uh? (Frogjt/ alarm!) then oh diety’s NO! *ooooooooo!!!)


8 years ago I was ramping up to chase another long since shuffled off the mortal coil…I still remember the lol! of being served my dinner back recast as chicken greens in a meyer lemon which had the very distinct tone of mesquite smoked chicken i had just bbq’d up the evening before… of all the cheek- it came with a price tag!  or, sadly my offer was returned with a bill?  REALLY … the lass died of hinted anorexia and literally was a sack of skin and bones but still hope was there even if my offer?  not taken.

(I went to church even…. bahahaha)

ten years ago I was about to spring break.  I was visiting the ex of 7  or so before and hoping after another in town….a quick look at my last call made was to that person i never got to speak to nor heard from…again…  any one have a wee guess what just happened?…who?.. I honestly left with the hope she’d changed.  I literally would have married her the next year but… just as that was the hope came the trip, who knows ya know?  happiness….and I want to go take all the cdash of this trip to drive across  the country to see my ex, you know that guy we never saw when we had you over and drove across the state to pizza in apodunkville?  good pizza, mushroom, simple simon’s pizza, haskell ok.  well his ex/widow if you call gf’s that, had his child after he patently DUMPED her again 😉  and she wants to moon over the child and the lost love.  I said no.  I had no choice as my tickets were booked to go there but i caught the next trip out, and  if you read up a bit further to heartache? I asked to meet her but found out surprisingly she lied about the city she was actually in and she didn’t want to meet me for coffee as it was too far…. I uh cant drive and was on that bus for sixteen hours thanks… 2 hours and you cant help me out i’m like THAT close!?  i mean what the heck,  ah well, you’d have thought i’d have paid attention but i didn’t.

12 years ago was the BEST date of 2005.  bare none considering i had like two? 😀 but I got the just recently shot me down to come along on a date which by the way?  pattern then that has changed thank god of no dates til break up!  lol.  anyways i made it to a friend’s to be about for breakfast and then drive back metros  2 hours and then about 2 more to the tea factory tour / group date followed by the meade  place for jelly legs lol andagain that portion was a group tour and I can not tell you how delightful an aged blackberry meade is without glowing still.  if you spot a bottle  http://www.redstonemeadery 2004’s blackberry reserve.”  i mean no hope it’s about or anything…time moves on but like wow.  celestial seasonings is a well known internationally avaialabe tea place  too she probably still has to think of me as that pear white tea is. that good.


14 lucky years ago i was deeeep int he misery of suspended from  and unemployed getting to take a different one i honestly wanted out butttt? I just don’t think it was quite her thing to pet the cockroach.  but I still remember that face 😀  lol.  I mean the bug.  it was nature night at the library and a oh god get rid of me what the heck here’s a modest stipend!

16 years ago i was just into living for 3 weeks on route sixty six.  the later marry-able one lasted that long.  it was a fight every day.  it was a power struggle i swore to entrap me or jail me.  and went so well i didn’t know how well I had done by myself to make certain my tax returns arrived to get me the hell out of there…  i even was allowed to buy the guy she really wanted beer never my own, no beer in the house.  cool it, i was twenty something too once lol… the same guy who put a meth lab under my bathroom vanity.  nooooo, he didn’t manage to land in jail las it would turn out noooooo never could see that coming nor she falling out of contact with her best friend his later ex…permanant live in gal pal ….hmn. wonder why?  chance to step in line?  nope. jail.


18 years ago  I was MONTHS away from my last major job in customer service telephony work and the longest job #2 i ever had.   I was just meeting my second assignment of volunteerism at this place because i ran into not surviving a tbi patient actually getting riled up upset…it didn’t lead to harm of either of us but i was …not there anymore poof!  so began the romance never fruitful of the radiologist 😀

21 years ago  anyone thinking ridiculous priced great scotch yet? – lol I was just in training being asked from behind in a class I can’t miss if I could see something and i glance over and say no.  I was apparently nullifying the major hours spent making a global change to an entire companywide system just for me to see the screen and was being effing rude.  i had to make an appointment to appologize and still lost the job assignment and work for a month. ultimately never working on the floor for them again leaving in June.

22 years ago i didn’t technically smoke believe it or not.  I’m twenty and in then a few weeks i would til now.. thanks a lot cherry skoal.

tenty five years ago I wasn’t out of highschool.  I am about bitterly despondant at that moment as i’ve had a thyroid issue that tends to help with the blues 😉  and seriously had no earthly idea i was about to be finding my prize second gal pal and neglecting to be fatally dramatic 😉   I’m glad but you might wish i wrote less!

30 years ago.. I hadn’t nailed the first gal pal as I started early in life heh, lucky me. I really have been surprised I have been utterly unable to find her via any records whatever since.   yes, there is a forever.  I have always had a problem with forever.      thirty five years ago I learned how to tie my shoes. thirty nine years ago yes i can remember 3. mom said as i got in the car at preschool there would be no more christmas.  I had no idea what christmas was.

forgive a few blanks of years or amnesia lane would really be tragic and longer but 😉 ye can catch a glimpse.

Mundane Monday Offering

Post’s Origination.

Picture first appeared.


take the outlining branches  with the blanker center spacings of the orchard here… it almost creates a horse looking over the picture.  or taki just the interior again / center of the tres and how they seem to outline the clouds.  or take the gernal overcast day this actually is and…follow me from what is actually beauty still but towards adventure!


now, it’s a photo-negative and alllll errie! 🙂  much of what we see is just perspective’s tease.  as what we expect is far more manipulative than ever imagined often.  if I took a hazy glance at this i’d almost thing of the tree just outlinning the  terrain not being…trees.  but such is just mundane photoediting. 😉  you have to see this to know never does a cloudy day go by without me remembering the joy of color-flip photography’s possibilities opposite of what’s seen.




2nd week begins Goaalllllll


airline tickets out and home on the whirlwind return home.

confirmed booked tickets to take shuttle across state to this flight  and home now. with luck the location is my job.  simple dimple i end my day and sit down to await a shuttle 😉 just bring overnight bag JOSH.


got after meter check and no the pharmacy lost my paper script in December and didn’t last week contact doctor for new script either so I did note this with pharmacist and set aside meter choice and await tuesday collection with new paper script  or wait for script with appoint a week from that tuesday from one of them.  i have emergency strips for now I want a fancy one that transfers information to easier computer info/forms.

I ordered my glasses without much family imput  so borrowed the kindly ladies at the walmart vision center to repeat their opinions with me.  my mom’s oppinion was uncommitted to choice, my favorite leaving on new adventures suggested find one that fits my face….shh on how that sounds edited to a soundbite but again it offers no real opinion.  the house serving soul saw the choices after ordering and liked the most expensive offering least desirable to me 😉    but lol thanks anyways 🙂  and I had to add a fall back on utility only in black plastic in case the actual offerings chosen aren’t manufacturable.

so my cheapest escape is 222 my likely most expensive 2nd choice is 360 and my first choice is 300.  potential differences are coatings which are anti scratch and anti glare and often one of these is not compatible with the other.  neither is free but the way to order and charge these things is unclear so I may get them gratis. … or….not.  either way i’m getting the best shot at glasses this year from a  Walmart store?  weird i never have before, they never could in my time/areas.  hopefully Indiana come’s through.


I finished the week of work at the big schedule but died at the end of it not literally but sugar bombed and thus was tired at the end not spry so all the effort in a way is wasted for the uncertainty I can easily do more  boo.  but I did make it at least.  i have two more days today and tomorrow to extra it some and am leaving swiftly to that lol gotta get

but doc, for blood lets see what d gre to and the other issues stayed at and if i gained weight.

we’ll see 🙂


it’s end of weekish. it’s time to assess goals  and progress to and or away from them.

I have:

not finished drawing sketch one in any form of hot sauce labels however, i have in progress wasys to beging moost carefully approaching choices within  the framework and challenge of marketing something rich in choices already.  it is NOT a bad idea nor i some horrendous failure to see a touch of risk higher than predicted to venture outward this way.  I have began outlining a third offering idea so i may flow swiftly through a choice  rich NEW! array of offers MINE .  I have ordered the sample six with room to reorder favorites and try for sauce offer four and five and leave it as a handful.

I wont be seeing my hoped to soul due to life directions for some time.  this means i am free to enjoy the duration of projects truly free to be my own joy.  also with luck to share in a shared hoy of differing paths.    this also destroys the shared exploartion of licorice game creation coming this month as it’s not a shared project again. only a shot at a solo likely pursuit.  i still like the notion of pursuing it as a tading card of a game space within a version of Juenogo de la Oca…shortered to OCA!  this means i will have to place an order for a version of that game i’ve never actually seen 😉 and discover it for myself 😀 and friends close 😀  i suspect i’ll do that with my erand day Tuesday

errand days saturday and tuesdays, my work days off.  I need after a new glucometer tomorrow finish  my budget and arrange the tuesday  next running the “checks” to them as i wont see the bank  for cash if I can not use a debit card to do these things.  I need to place my oder for new glasses so i can have a new me coming in Spring!  and shop some for buckling down away from exploring gas station pricing/foods not just because of cost – hopefully there’s savings! lol but more so, it’s time to move forward further in the dietary goals of better workarounding for maximising my health more or none of these ‘dreams” stands any iota of fulfillment! 😉

work goals directly.  i have nice people to work with but also the newness of not knowing how best to deal with their divergant from mine approaches and theirs by seniorities above mine!  I will look to ease this with time or time and a chat 😉  I had in mind to push to learn the cashier’s position for the sake of relevant cash handling currently and alcohol sales certification as that will return again soon enough.  however, i run into a wrinkle of the online at home my time unpaid approach being nearly wholely blocked and the options around this equally challenging!  it’s 2.5 hours plus the effort to actual do the learning to visit h.r. walking.  that’s a tall order out of my day.  it’s also challenging to find time at work to do the same with or without support as the place is in operations thus busy.  so it is clean this isn’t on hold but soon will be as i exhaust my training availabilities currently and swiftly.  it is the most likely thing also to shift in priorities with less of a real need of it especially when this training isn’t upwards in pay or eases my duties…it adds to them at best and isn’t an improvement in pay.  so, I hope i don’t forget that while it seems hopeless rarely is sought capabilities improved truly a waste of effort or time.


Diet.  more specifically trying a rice diet to more accurately show sugar and other data to better choices more consistantly in food… it’s not required i seem to be finding the work arounds to my issues of gas from incorrect combinations of what i’m dietarily restricted to consume.  atop this it is obvious pre bloodwork my vitamind d level roase as i crash on 32 units insulin a day with a script for intake at fifty five units.  I flat out don’t need near that much.  I can see the floor through my thighs as well so i lost weight and must find it! anybody? extra pound please?  i’m type a negative blood i’ll take what ya got! 😀 😉  this means even with meter the focus shifts away from the grandios to just a little tweak here or there to a need.  however with bloodwork coming it’ll be interesting to mark and or improve the vitamind d level to a proper level and perhaps have licked need of insulin for a good while again.   the hope is to improve/regain health however it’s just at golden to keep stable not slowly failing.


so: you have my spirual goals as is the pursuits new.


now the enduring pursuits.  I can and shall be able to aim for being debt free before summer.  to do this means scrimping but not religiously so!  this wont mean instant travel or house but it is one step to eat more.  it is a smaller array of steps actually as it’s not one payment towards this.  or the maybe savings after it. however i must also balance a lot in this time too of freedom to enrich my days for ME.


this means i juggle to quit smoking as i approach  my 22 year anniversary of said this 3rd week of the month.  but I’m down to one this moment and still not sure i wish to wholly this fact secondd… but to correct for a n adult lifetime of onsetting diabetes and the pills to less it’s grip and general age i am nearly impotent. yes you read that.  it’s highly common and frustrating especial dead smack in the middle of wanting a love affair oh snarls and tribulations!  but, to see if some otc apoaches can aid means no smoking so you know i LIVE through the approach to different outcomes pardon the pun too.  it is no gauruntee i’ll succeed  in a true drop of bigh otherwise b.p. but lol wouldn’t it behoove me to try after “control” not desperate demands and grabs for control ..cntrol secure radiating outwardly forth.

couple with outright learning to want for myself to then allow freer delight from others to accept or not my offers as delights them or not is the biggest challenge.  others are to be less defensive at fails as they’ve not personal typically just occurances.  I know I need little to nothing to occure so what pressure?  there isn’t any need of pressure!  but if i don’t move I’m a technically togethers must see a paycheck and reliable hope or lack of said to choose from and for them selves wat on.

I’m off so 😀 I’ll get to that 😉  i likely survived spelling people to day/week off vacation like a villain! so 😉 light er work for me.

RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #138 Secret&Burn

a dancing foot itch

burns to tap out it’s secret

or just scratch me, PLEASE!

The picture:

Clip Art – Happy Foot Character. Fotosearch – Search Clipart, Illustration Posters, Drawings


If you wish to play along….

My eye-turner inspiration to play along…

RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #138 Secret&Burn





Im getting glasses.  if you want to wade through the selections and minutie…

but The HOPE is this comes out about 1/2 or so off…. tuesday is the appointment for the eyedoc.,


“Lindt Creation Pistachio Dark chocolate” aka, dark chocolate pistachio excellence bar

Shipment Total:

this is because it was 5.00 plust  the rest shipping from about the globe. heh. now?  (shh and wanh I got what i wanted afterall it’s currently unavailable still lol- but there is an alternate) ((also unavailable))  ((((lol)))


but i sneak in my spots as in I want specific things and the universe saves room for me… 😉  think on how much more special i am to get the last avilable or something at their price not MINEE? 😉  it’s worth trying…