Bitch In Bed.

as hopeas I remember it, it used to not be so smooth yet smooth I’m reminded that so often, the usa gets differing from everywhere tastes. that smbitter possible in teas is toned way way down no matter how you find the tea. take southern style sweet tea. as product goes, it’s often an orange pekoe black tea brewed fairly strong with a bit too much sugar of the oft white crystalized normal table sugar kind. this once nearly black as sin brew is poured over ice andoh it’s so nice! normally, sweet tea is a bit of relief of the incessant heat and humidity of the south…south usa…where in a sip you can see but only yourself under a deep patch of shade from a fairly old tree. now, normally, this is not a style of colorado where it can get hot like it’s not right now in this semi arid locale. shade is a different animal out hereooth is a hallmark of this land’s ta. but believe you me. yes do. you’ll soon feel the lands you visit or call home paint in you the pictures home. I drank more sweet tea in my time living in georgia usastes in tea. the fully interesting titling goe. I kept it up even though it wasn’t the same not wrong just not the same in my time in florida usa which while geographically south of georgia is just not the same south. now while this is fine, my tea now is not sweetened. I have just a smooth not bitter overly breweds, how prova Irish Breakfast tea of twinnings london blend. in my breath time with an irish fiddler nut company, I got the riot act of how twinnings of London is English how would they be Irish? he prefered to toss his co brand as it wasn’t tax to the English state but “Ireland” and while he identified with Ireland as an American, the actual of Ireland soul I met in his earthly journey as he chose america for his adult adventuring not south africa, he too did not go ga ga about my high holy yummy twinnings, largely preferring coffee….but if he did tea, he’d get pg tips. pg tips tastes more like his stuff from home if not was a brnd of home. my oppinion of pg tips is its just fine as tea goes surely but wow is it bitter.i how tea gets processed is obviously on my mind from tea dust on the. orthe pretty flower bits or fruit chunks dried mixed together in fancy pa to illustrate, st dalfour brand tea uses fannings. not dust. it of course matters in how it ends up tasting. however i happen to like other brands more so. and yet I remind you some of the curiousness of tea and it’s places… as one might swill gallons of iced tea in america, it’s not the same everywhere else worldwide…so much so that you can tell an irishman from home may still take his or hers warm but enough time watered down in america can see the same soul ask his iced…small little detail painting a native son gone bush or wild.

I’m hungry. I guess I should go fix that after a restroom break. a lovely lovely day of many of those. I crept slightly higher on levels measured phosphorous. I was eight and now eight point four. only double of where I should be.nts tea offerings loose.baggied up as such dust makes a fast brew I skipped a month of my phone service to again have a month. yes, it’s kinda like a cup of tea knowing it’s a dash less desired than coffee as a beverage usa yet i like it. it’s still not done this sort out promises obut theres delights still on a budget. as most make a big ole pot of than it 😉 one must try life forward. upward and onward as is said. cheap Ibering how such a phrase is too long to fit as the early computer sallowed names length so the companion of then had up and on and a milislight feeling of a raspberry tongue stuck out at me explaining how up and on meant the same even if she knew that said of sex positiones preferred and thus hint I could dry up and grow up….and after a long time in food service had to have her coffee not tea at ng remem am. is teone hundred eight degrees as so oft she’d be responsible for offfering said for sale….or I would literally brew a pot and then stick it in the microwbut you must understand again location here was at ten thousand feet elevation and while i couldn’t make the exact one hundred eighty drees coffee just close as physics at altitude interfered. I guess you can see my tea leaves are memories sometimes…..avea.more expensive to coffee and thus it’s wed of adventures taken. ing cup of tea factory floor n to Bewley’scative! let me just Blue Blue Blue Blue it up about something as simple a pooch came to keep me company….and just so happens to be dictionary and anatomically a girly pooch.

the tea, yes, salvaged from the deep!…wateerbowl, not ocean…. didn’t get brewed in its baggies so I get a cup.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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