by island firelight

here is another work night

due yesterday by first light

someone skipped your turn

someone left you burned

well, walk in at first light

laugh at that office closed tight

and your plans curtailed

all your plans derailed

all they need, is one – that bag to hold

here’s a dimension for you, the bold!

The rum is there for you
whether yours is darkest night
whether yours is colored light.
the keys await thee with  life
yes, to the  bar fly
try a slice of key lime pie
the rum is there for you.

laugh at yesterday’s strangeness,

the cold joke – those rat-races

was it you or the bank that went bust?

was it you or the bank that went bust?

the Judge gave away your shelter

and all the bills on your shoulder

just a bit out there is that bight

yes, key living – by island firelight

push the boat from the pier – shove

all you need is to give this life the shove.

The rum is there for you
whether yours is darkest night
whether yours is colored light.
the keys await thee with life
yes, to the bar, fly
try a slice of key lime pie
the rum is there for you.
The rum is there for you
whether yours is darkest night
whether yours is colored light.
the keys await thee with  life
yes, to the  bar fly
try a slice of key lime pie
the rum is there for you.

life by island firelight.

for #FictionFridays – I’ll be away at some festival 🙂 so I’m EARLY
from the original tune, “I will be there for you/Somewhere in the night” Michael W. Smith

I don’t advocate someone think booze be it on an island is any kind of life!  I do like how the watercooler talk everywhere is it’d be better some beach some where which is of course a different tune.  the best jokes of all is that a bight sounds like a bite as in to eat when it’s the shape of a coastline, sweetened condensed milk as we know the product is from new york state prior to the end of the american civil war and yet pretty much is a quintessential of what we know of island living…fine but it really comes from about the furthest spot from an island in the middle of the asian steppe.  this like every bit of reasearch is pretty much useless to me as I chose a soundbite  that disallows me to cover the information learned  typical 🙂  my song model was so badly misspelled i literally was missing half the song after vetting the words to the beat… so yep it’s this half that may have had some redeeming information that is lost to form…but don’t you worry, it’s not like i’ll be crying over spilt milk 😀  Yes, it isn’t an accident the ambiguity of a christian song perhaps about a lover as most secular people can interpret it which is why the artist had considerable success with it at the time or that of the lord is there for one and likely to be a bit more healthy than something out of a bottle or can :D.. personal oppinion, that.


sailing away

once upon a yesteryear we’d boxes

cobble together of boards perhaps pine

you made lists others filled those lists just right

maybe the boxes became a toy oh boy!

now-a-days the bags become a cheap house

but laura ingalls marks the times-old, new

yet again here’s a number of lines that do nicely to make the pentameter yet fail to leave going anywhere soon

it is hard to discuss a key be it a cay or thus island made by sedimentiments deposited over largely a reef’s body which thus can support something like grass and smaller trees likely a mangrove swamp and or a more tastey tillia tomentosa species or 30 which produce characteristically tangier fruits yet like the blessings of their place are only of so much of a lasting fruit so as to be but a gift for those who live the life….of an islander.  condensed milk appears to ccome online in our lives as of the late civil war wherein it was a ration for those serving in the north andd while I’ve watched ages of civil war material I’m unaware of it’s mention because like the lasting moments of the war it heralded times far in the future such as world war 1 versus the pride of romance of the ending of napoleonic tacticc of line ’em up and mow ’em down….everyone well dressed to impress or be pierced.  condensed milk is synonymous NOW with sweetened condensed milk where slowly the water is removed replaced in this process by sugar and if left unexposed to the elements will last and last and last  thus heralding us into a modern age of shipping our best around the world.  it is odd that the elements of modern bleeding edge practices of fair trade have their beginning with Borden which with their eagle brand sold the new world of condensed milk- carnation tarnation came later and set up on the other side of the country’s coast.  what’s interesting to m e isn’t that this invention is new because as usual it isn’t but a tarter staple… the tartars being something worth conjuring up ghenghis  khan and thus doughnuts from the steps and all manner meat pies… but why it didn’t sweep the world far sooner is the obviousness of science, their version didn’t LAST near long enough…our’s does.  but what a caloric bomb it is! 1300 a can with half your day’s’s intake of protein and 2/3’s your fat….and calorically for someone doing a light bit of soldiering, about half your day’s calories.  so is born the donought and sweetened coffee and ending your day with a big ol hunk of PIE… so here to it seems the old world is streamlined for the diet that was my grandparents  and yet in my world 55 units of insulin to correct for in that itty bitty can… 55. or 2x the dose i was began at when i showed issues with sugar sensitivity and pill/diet based control failed me.  i suppose I could work like a hero of greece’s golden ages and get myself to needing and using 2600 calories a day but i get 1600 thereabouts and thats about my lifestyle on average if i’m good.

I finally have more of a theme to go upon now after musing over whiats impossible to easily include in in an ode to the writing prompt which is key or keys with bonus points for utilizing light or dark and or portals and time.  I note these bonus points were jokingly offerred trade in value for spankings which amuses more than one person.  i have again an idea and if it pans out yay, then i make my fiction friday entry after all.  it’s my best of parody abusing the rhyme somewhere in the night – michael w. smith to be portal throughout time… as you see i have a few images perhaps to utilize .  I feel it fair to laugh as the high holy of civilization is really a touch of a joke as while people surely were amazed at the new ease of utilizing a stable product tas sweetened condensed milk, it isn’t without it’s other swords of abuses on trade value which is of? rum of course which was a legal ration until 1972 within the british navy having to be removed as rum is incapatible with modern necessities of reflex and rum dulls those light or dark 😉 and lasts a length of time incompatible with war readiness happening anytime causse demands…sorry sleep isn’t a priority so no sleeping it off 😀  well let’s me look up the lyric moden to abuse for my purposes into an ode of the island when it couldn’t have come further away within the grassy oceans of asia’s interior.

and the opening picture is of sail boats of produce stuffing and cheese in a pretty way.  sometimes all one needs is food.


notes from the fictional underground.

Key / cay  the preverbial desert island

lime wood as basswood, heart shaped leave, citrus generally associated with tropical partially withing

*Tillia tomentosa toss / easy ass rhyme  toss your heart within

&& darfur lime whoopie shit by the way, same thing with the small ass key lime yet i actually adore limes above lemons…call me british.

sweetened condensed milk is going to have to enter this discussion anyways so  why skip the obvious miracle in a can  I always wondered if burt wolf was LYING when he said that one little slice of that european cake was 5000 calories which seems extreme considering most of us are allowed half that a day not let alone for a bit of decadence of after dinner treats.  yes, burt wolf memory good luck for fucking me to find something I heard twenty years ago… but it wasn’t til I saw the calories in a can of condensed / sweetened milk i could begin to to not raise an eyebrow.i’ve made many a jello pudding with sweetened condensed milk and lord is it a caloric weight! but it is fast and easy!  whistles ka-boom! caloric bomb.

hurrican belt; Carribean.  I don’t know how important this is, but I know Aruba is not part of it as in outside of itt.  aruba is a dutch posession so my chance of getting Groslch my all time favorite fucking beer improve, yet stale grolsch is gross…skunkwater, pure and simple.

sid eyer’s pirates covers the geography in an interactive way with his game from mostly micro pose! Pirate’s be it silver gold or the sid meir’s pirates.  pirates gold last allowed a fine laughable line more adult where you could spend a pleasant evening with a bar maid… now you can not.  bastards.  but the battle sequences engine always suffered heavily by being kluncky no matter the edition.  yet no other game would immerse you in a feeling of history of the carribean than this one period.  I think one of my reletive I never met wrote a scholarly treatis upon the carribean as well.  the family name is seyfarth which isn’t exactly an uncommon name in germanic areas so while i’d relate, it wouldn’t be closely…. no chance of long lost uncles inheritances to be sure.

ham fisted i may be, but i’m not without a little research and never yeally have been 😛



I’m curious whether i’ll  bother to spell check edit and revise anything past a cursory schlock-job of deigning to capitolize a few sentences.  i don’t know.  maybe..  i rarely feel compelled to demonstrate that I learned anything from others.

Fiction fridays seems to ask about keys/key with points for spanking if one really wants redemption by going all out to utilize light and dark and or portals and time.  I know this is a far stretch for anyone to expect of me but i just listened to bertie higgins key largo long enough time has not elapsed to erase it from my head so…key/keys  when duh, there just in a key lime pie coming fictionally and light and dark is ooo hard…RUM perhaps?? with a pie to be pied and pie-eyed?  portals and time  strikes an odd note but i have read enough kurt vonnegut to imagine evolution gone backwards after a fine trip to the pretty isles the earth has.  and yet I’m more likely to lyric lather…oops rather than write.  so fictionally sing-songy pie and all in the guise of a bad drinking ode?   perhaps.  I have to work tomorrow and I have a poetry outting friday evening and a  mandatory meeting…andlikely a workday although oddly not many want to actually clue me. in with whats going on… maybe i need to stop listening to marving gaye at earth splitting decibles?  well did I just derail from the whole reason we use paragraphs again?….probably.

posty note for meeee. and something punctuated for you….


Genesis Continuing Education

Discontinueing the old way is a halmark of our progressing society.  this link following covers how the world i grew in must give way legally to the new.,2817,2428279,00.asp

it would also seem another solution I remember from it has been 20 years ago is also no longer an option, the halogen torcierre lamp with fully dimmable rheostat switch which allows seemless mood lighting or the whole ceiling lit up for a bright room .  this isn’t to say i can not pay extra for vintage equipment and find and hord replacement bulbs.

so what’s the latest and greatest in getting the room lit?  LED’s    what follows is a video which shows what’s possible but not how to achieve it.  and a listing of ONE offering which is  with science 1/3 as much as a premium step up in the old days.


LED Vintage Light Bulb – ST18 Shape – Edison Style Antique Bulb with Filament LED

Product Code: ST18D-x8DF
Stock: In Stock
700 lm
Available LED Colors
 Warm White  Ultra Warm White 
Comparable Wattage
40~45 Watts, 70~75 Watts
Total Power Consumption(Max)
8 Watts
Bulb Type
Beam Angle
 360 degree 
Base Type
90~145 VAC
LED Quantity
8 LEDs
LED Type
COB (chip-on-board)
Dimmable old-fashioned style LED replacement bulb for traditional medium screw base lamps with the traditional exposed filament appearance for decorative illumination. This bulb is the perfect vintage reproduction touch for antique fixtures, vintage wall sconces, traditional lamps, and older wall lanterns. Also brings a traditional design to a newer fixture in bistro lights, large tents, decorative wedding lights, decorative light strands, commercial light strings, chandeliers, ornamental fixtures, and any fixture where exposed antique filament bulbs create an elegant appearance. Light output comparable up to 70~75 Watt incandescent bulbs. Consumes 7.7 Watts of power using Linear COB (Multiple-chips-on-board) LEDs to imitate thin filament wire. Available in Warm White and Ultra Warm White with 360° beam pattern.
ug, i’m tired after reading this!  tired as i now have to remember a bulb plug in type and obtain multiple fixtures and how i obtained compatible tech too.  but remember this is a point of science now lol
an old halogen was upwards of 300 watts so lets check what lumens it gave if I can;_ylt=A0LEVjNq3bNVXZcA2nYnnIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTEzNjdzc3M0BGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMyBHZ0aWQDRkZVSUMwXzEEc2VjA3Ny?qid=20080525205417AA5O7xB&p=halogen%20bulb%20lumens   –  this offers a general guide to expectations so 4200 lumens is what i’d need which would be six sockets of the led buld I list and thus two lamps to do the old one that was an admitted fire risk’s job  as these things are hard to find with a dimmer  and with three or four  sockets to drve, um i’m looking at legitimately getting to pay double plus 20% to get what i want which is about right money loses half it’s vlaue every 20 years and prices do go up.
but one example of multi socketed lamps
yes, what i want is possible but still there is no actual dimmer remote or otherwise and thus lol it’s amusing to want a simple lamp damn it and spend frustratingly dull hours seeing the latest and greatest in go faster burn bright…liars, stripes.  but let there be light is the genesis joke and now genesis requires a new paradigm’s education  so here you go… try to find a god damned light bulb!…. and it’s all about how to make a 50 cents a bulb turn into pages of endless death boredom on why their seventeen dollars a bulb is so cute!   hmph.  is where i found the fancy bulb and the demo vid was from them but another 30 minutes of searching.

one, two.

I got here pretty much following two threats, stanley clark who did an appearance on letterman which lead to how anton fig was up to what? which led to a zilgian moment and then to china crashes.  convoluted perhaps but true.

now this ben white guy has a nice enough sound that reminds me of some dire straights collided in an irish pub.

yes, oh dear, be afraid of the bass.  okay the bass harmonica.



invisible hands

touch in ways so obvious

moisture, please, moisture

There exists this rainbow, this cornucopia of colors, all of which are saline.  Each an all colors from innocent white which burns the colour caution to a less refined white that most festively burns caution to reds sometimes a speckle of green.  Then there is the pink which goes to the most beautiful purple under the flame yet energizes one like nothing else can.  There is blue salts which are just about the prettiest blue too under  the fire’s light they create but such can only make us blue as in stone cold dead as it’s poison true.  There is brown salt earthy and zesty, red salt fruity and vinegared sharped.  There is green salt that comes usually in spears, mince or slices but sometimes even un-chopped, yes whole.  Without these nothing ever tastes exciting and yet just you wait while waterlogged to pass the scales forlorn of the glug of water you weigh more with.  Just you wait to hear how you’re on your way to making yourself into a modern day mummy.  and yet no words however true take away the desire for a spiced living of life.  It is a lonely meal without the rainbows saline to dance the tastes acrossed one’s tongue.  It’s unfair the oceans about are but poison as there’s such a thing as too much of a good thing becomes harmful.  but imagine with me the fiction of a day where I took in the correct for me amount of sodium, the watch mineral within salts be they table salt or something far flung into some book of witchcraft most processed modern.  Yeah, the fiction I can live within a sodium intake restriction…hmph.

Potassium salt…bitter bitter.  Magnesium salt- I usually  don’t mind but even I get Leary of that bag of sunflower seeds or some bottled waters that literally are like licking a lane-way in winter…that kills the trees stone dead yet is just fine for me? condiments abound as  of any color save blues which aren’t so healthy to take internally sometimes so just in case you watch for the funnies – the smurf come from a Dutchman saying salt…apparently it’s smurf-tastic 😉 yet copper salts are largely toxic to humans but quite great for making pressure treated lumber which will last one a longer spell.  Yet again imagine the day one can find a solution to the how to live within the correct intake of sodium… for it is to me a fiction.  Yes, doc, you wouldn’t believe this salt-free tasty dish I just made that is all the rage of the range!

But the tree of life was cut down salted and banded in a hoop of iron.  The reality of even the myth of the bible says to be mindful salt is required to live sure, but it’s so easy for the same sword to smite one dead.

a cheater’s version of #fictionfridays.


wherein I try to stylishly whine

screw style here’s cheap planck de gutter water spritzers.

alright, I went on a mission to obtain the best damned value in dining pleasure and chose a pizza wine bar joint that’s just crawling with customers and so much so a simple carryout took 30 minutes when pizza’s take’s 17 at most to make or 2 rounds deep in orders.   i arrive home with flaming hot lap-itits it’s so fresh and’ it’s crawling with onions, i guess I’m on my own food mission, the other voice was don’t make a damned mess of my kitchen!  rodney dangerfield comes to mind… here really does.

i arrive to to work and the first words out of my over arching supervisor were, i didn’t expect to see you.  I point out i soooo didn’t want to haul in today and expesshhhially 😉 especially if you think i can not spell… didn’t want that remark.  i mean i sit in meetings and i’m told we’ve the people to justify your hours here’s a third day and i beg off one week so i can enjoy my days off and arrive to hear they didn’t expect me??  good thing as the worst possible news arrived in that I lose my one weekend day off and move for 2 months to friday saturday sunday schedule with half pace/pay days or it could not possibly  e any professionally worse than half time all weekends and holidays  forever i know better. and whatever i do i have one month to make it work which means as money is worth half as much it’ll be two literal slogs to get through with 4 laugh at me… days of slog and toil holiday weekends and not hope ever of remission til the husband gets a job with different than saturdays and sfridays off. 😉  … however, as you’ve laughed, there is a bright maybe coming, I asked after computerizing our paper trail so i can contribute knowing as i’ve wrote a fuck ton of them for schooling excel sheets that do just this, automate/computerize record keeping…I said in reality it saves them from hassle of time with neater paperwork  which is offsite securely availale  😉 and yet to me is enlargable on click demand accessible where I can actually again do my actual job which is until it hits paper it didn’t happen.  so, while I’ve 60 days in county lock up punishment for my sins with a schedule all gravy and rip rate for me, 😀 I have a job and bless the world for my shot at MY goals happening.

back to pizza and vodka tonics.  lets hope i can keep this one in the glass or down my gob not oops all over me trying to open a door with a drink in my hand…yes! i do feel like a goober!


The DubbYou is Where.

Michigan militia – Moxy Fruvous

guess he’d rather be in Colorado – John Denver

Oklahoma – OST Oklahoma

Do you have any songs from / or about from where you’re from.

what about about places you want an extended stay?

Key Largo – Bertie Higgins

(While I’m most likely to hit florida at a different spot, it’s a tune i like versus easin the seat back with Van halen in Panama.

Riba Un Sero – Datapanic ft. niro.

there is a beautiful place – sorry, artist info is beyond me. it’s a tune off

but ;0 here’s a picture


As it rots

BB gunning by twilight

and crash bang boom drums tonight

another hopeful movies

the rug of routine is pulled just right

I failed to tidy so I’m told

so I’ve all my hours back – financial gold



I woke this morning to a nightmare that my hand was being repeatedly being taken by mouth and bitten.  I don’t often see pictures in my dreams only enough of whatever is necessary to convey a story of feelings. disappoints me to it’s offerings of meaning save it’s definitely something to do with “biting the hand that feeds you and general distrust of who I’m generally nice to – I’ll buy that much.  I then awoke after the hour to fall asleep again to my hip being sore as i’ve changed wearing only one shoe and generally walked a little less lately than the 43 miles one week just to make it to work and money then was thin only to become thinner.  I awoke tooke a hot bath for hours and managed to haul myself into work seeing my only call was to who is that number?  whatever I’ll be in at 2…  no inservice today also yet again no checks which is why andwhile this is a thus entire waste of a trip?? it was a good thing to go in to hear the intern left a mess of my desk and i caught the greif for it  it’s also a good thing I am allotted 12 hours a week during low census and 16 in middle ground census which we’re returning to, it was 12 hours as my previous boss was salaried and thus made sure I worked 2 x 4 hour days so the room was there always for me to cover her whim days off.  currently my latest one is hourly so I may return to 3 days a week at 5 hour days here shortly.    other interpretations of hand biters are possibly diabetic neuropathy, or another pal who quit work as they were robbing him as he failed one week too many to make the rent of his space then didn’t like the larceny of the workaround that which meant to get out from under that vicious circle he’d work however many months free to catch up with good fortunes….he quit.  he always needs a few bucks.  without fail if I see him more than once a pay cycles i lose half a check in sundry entertaining.  we all need a break and to get away from it all.  perhaps additionally I can say I see clearly i exist in one’s world only to annoy her boyfriend into being more romantic.    no explaination of contact fits better than that.  there is no returns unless cleverly it’s what can I get out of me that sap…s.tring mouse toy string.  the kitty is bored.  we all know how the mouse fairs.    and before you neglect a key detail, of despite myself i make progress on my goals and obtain bits of luck as you read above but only when it arrives as a punch in the face behind a whole lot of lies/misdirected assumptions.  I still survive myself.    for instance its time to note that I’ve purchased my na beer and even though it’s more costly than real beer, it is one night of no booze and proves something comforting – I may no longer have a reason to put the beers down but I still don’t have to forget I dont have to pick them up.  late night calories diminish thus fasting sugars  with all my meds are nearly normal versus elevated.  it really is a no brainer, I don’t have to spend every night the same.  but nothing fought for comes without the whole world fighti g against me and yet i still manage forward – susperstitioius because all my meds aren’t at full levels that takes weeks   but there it is, and here it rots, the notions of a fine escape from my job as they cant pay me enough yet here comes my hours in a week as the new admissions actually ink the papers of course and 5 months strangulation is nearing its end.. here it rots that it’s easy – the world’s against me!  when it’s more like i’m against myself leading with forever 2 left feet.  here it rots that it’s never going to happen as it does and or likely will.  hand of course the only thing i have to do is be patient amidst the effort/attitude that it will come.  my bonds lay here and rot  and as they rot it turns out the attitude under them coloured the world harder to help me out.