Click-itty Caput

Let’s not play ‘What-is-that-smell’ as I’ve already won with dog puked foot traffic ways for me. here is a simple link dump of thoughts and researching gone aput for a moment as i find more shiny thoughts.

I’m next to a rearranged hest as a tea stand/alter without the fancy tea kettle plugged in. it’s rather fun to have thought of such a concept yet it appear without my help as this. of course I’m reminded of a previous time like pauly shore in “son in law” where he saves the movie having flunked at but having more knowledge of many things… but coffee can not be held for service in the city of woodland park colorado as it’s altitude is too high to allow corporate standard of 180F as written for in this case Denny’s Restaraunts. water here in low pressure times boil closer to 190 F and we don’t want bubbling coffee! the point here isn’t science but that moment in life when you face an impossibility. in this case, legitimate requests for variance would be required but like many things in life, it’s a lot of work to argue a fairness and request a vaiance. I’m in process thanks to my uncle to pursue one of my own. I get to reference this time of all times hearing of this. but the current tea alter….I’m onto how magnetic induction boils water.

I’m hiding out in a way to allow a more this house without me to have company. I’m not feeling shunned. but not very social on purpose! over my tea, I can chuckle I’m to practice the very things I complain against the gods about…disconnection.

stupid slush poetry

I’m in limbo ’cause that bimbo cancelled our future.

I’m not feeling like name-calling so that rhyme is caput but hee hee limbo bimbo as a rhyme….I could conjure the oran juice jone’s the rain…for some eighties kick rocks lyrics. or worse! conjure some RAP when I again just don’t quite fit such truths.

the relationship of water boiling to altitude and temperatures is useful in calculating the temperature and thus time to cook beans on Mars.

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By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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