this begins a bit of links on different high tech thermal and wear coating systems.  I know you probably don’t necessarily think this means more than guilding some junk, but I’d like to point out that it saves weight and expands longevity and cuts down signficantly in extensive usage of expensive materials some too.

here is a another threaded with 200 some more.

now, I doubt you’re thinking you’ll sit through this and geek out…. so i ask you to scan if you like at your pace and consider things like gel coated fiberglass… why? fiberglass is kinda cheap so if you see that beautiful green emeraldy coating about 3rd video in… you might begin to recognize the boat that is 4-% more scratch resistant and has a paint that’s 20% more likely to last in awesome shape that one more year so you can make more money selling say your boat you never use.  i doubt you’re wondering how to get a locomotive powerplant’s crankshaft to last 30% longer through overhaul cycles!

get in and go products that are almost impossible for the common guy to repair as technology marches on is a consequence of this variety of processes perhaps but, it’s nice you get in and go longer than ever.  craftmanship can still exist actually too… it’s quality built in or an average with savings allowed for BOTH manufacturer and consumer…. not build it like a tank and hope it lasts, build it consistantly and offer generous customer service / warranties and thus honour more of the idea than ever before as now one can… okay there is no point in building it so it outlasts even your later offerings…but a consumer can hope.

for instance with maintainance, old diesels might go a million miles…  consider a detroit deisel 2-53

this is a laughabbly funny sight… detroit deisel was gm deiself…. so to see a gm powerplant in a ford is amusing.  I ask you to listen to this sound you whom lived longer than 20 years know from…. yesteryear.    i give you a quieter machine first now for a far louder array of bigger motors… same ilk… why?  you may have seen the detroit deisels in the around town ttractor trailers like “roadway”  or older tractors.  but once your ears stop ringing consider some stuff….

this last is so you can get alllllll nostalgic for machinery with that last one 😀


70 h.p. or less for that first truck? wow.

but i also get to share a bit of math magic sorta…

Click to access 3sa353.pdf

or that above detailed listing of peak h.p. and torque…. but now

one difference

or if one was peak the other continuous… 30% less as well ….hmn,  and given aaplications…hmn…

all of a sudden weight for a say 353 cetroit deisel at around 1100lbs for a hundred hp


1100 lbs for 100 hp vs. 835 lbs for 300 hp  even if longevity is factored times move on… it’s no surprise the sounds of yesteryear are in yesteryear.

now i know I’m being square about it all… reminding one of asthetics. like how with a wrench roadside a man could cuss his way across the country… versus now one needs such higher sspecifications and specialized tools that it just isn’t the same and that big loss in independance is one point of how a robert persig can write a chord strummed in many’s hearts yet one just can not do exactly the same and time has indeed moved on.

it is why i can in theory know quite a lot but be so ill equipped to maybe just do it as it never is so simple.  such thinking only begets ME the trap of  if you didn’t make a production of it and all the things possible to go wrong dealt with…why bother starting it only begets failure.  or the robbery of time efficiency or whatever that elusive awe is in how others do things to cheers and most of us are happy to finish the race at all.  maybe i’m square here.  but i know today is better. but complexity itself isn’t better it’s more to go wrong.  higher cost.  less compeitant or available service, too.  answer me this too, who the hell ever collected an 80’s pressword stand?  who oo!s and ahs over solid wood elegance/permanance?  presswood is eviromentally responsible half the weight and 20% stronger under most conditions… or better yet it never will replace the desirability of of old world style.square.  square. square.



it’s about  a steam train.  it’s rather amusing to see plate after plate become one.  it’s also neat to see craftmanships.

it’s not new, it’s the glass top range of today…. it is more efficient with iron and useless with anything else non-magnetic that is.

I was reading the magazines today and today’s was ironware cooking you know those old time as in pioneer era cast iron pans? well aside from turning green beans grey, they do offer up food.  they’re fun in a way and also a spiritual link as they’re often the very same as what might have been extant in laura ingall’s wilder or similar forevers ago times.

weird is scratch living as in you want some ironware?  mine/process/smelt/cast your pan. go to that garden supply and get corn and grow it dry it grind it and now make  that meal into a meal.  nuts as it requires a lifetime of issues like how to insure for osha regulations a mine experience that is fast enough to be a “day”… obviously processes have to be streamlined to make a production tour as i don’t think iron takes zero minutes to heat from cold to molten and also cool down to package an item and yet  what the hell, it fun to get something  hand made by my hands so why not remember it’s not an everyday but it’s real money and thus somewhere there is interest providing insurance and safety is occuring.  please don’t pour molten iron on my shoes mrs. kent……

this list some steam cars including one worth remembering in lore, the Baker Steam Bar of which no extant vehicles currently exist… but

it’s fun to think denver could have been detroit.  obviously I’m happy detroit remained detroit because denver didn’t go detroit and i lived a lot more in denver 😀

again, the thoughts or circles in my mind are neat with cheap.  sure neat and expensive like space is also cool.  but neat and cheap I can do.

I like that he lights the headlamps in this leisurely tour of old tech… yes, gas lighting.

in other circles I’ve seen a lot of ghost movies.  i.e.  some runer guy who didn’t win/place in the munich olympics, steve jobs i.e. I’m not god I’m steven or some haha. I’m also remindeddemanding i somehow be a different someone really just is silliness,… okay, i didn’t get any money made or empire gaurd-safed tonight….it was fun and my day off.


holed up in the bunker

Netflix is spinning Anthony Bourdain’s parts unknown and it’s time to ? New Mexico.  I get traveled out even in my silly arm-chairing adeventures.  I fall in love again with what strikes a chord of connection.  I can make quite a lot of things – I haven’t took the time to do a bunker list in ages so what the heck might consider doing that here in a moment, but while I was out pretending to matter, I’m sure i do and did by the way, but blue followed me for long enough to not have had a say… so sometimes it is just nice to see a spark I’ve created and see another spark coloured similarly to my experiences.

Detroit via parts unknow, anthony bourdain.  okay he went to duly’s not enough of lafayettes…or the detroit legend of a chili cheese dog known as a coney.  Ididn’t care much for them growing up.  I wasn’t amazed with foods as much as you might think. I simply wanted something that tasted good.  I considered then a chili anything sloppy as all hell.  I still want to howl if you even for one hot second think chili belongs anywhere near a “nacho.”  but, step away from the truths at ten and remember them golden at 40 perhaps like i do…cough cough, dust dust…getting older by the second…  step away from the times in your life and examine the truths.  I’m rather sure empiracally til 95 or 21 I thought the best thing in the whole god damned world was a footlong hotdog.  no, not because this answer has been the same since lol no, my typical answer to the best dinner ever period is a corned beef dinner, I wouldn’t know if it was cooked in beer or not for the longest time but believe beer makes it better and more often than not can tell NOW if you try and slip one past me….that answer has not changed in twenty years ish because i dream of corned beef still- you mention the carnegie deli in nyc -which I’ve not gone to and i want to drool.  yet how the hell hard is it to put a hunk of beef into brine and some gun powder so it stays pink…yes, folks, those “nitrates” make meat stay pink…and like many forms of sodium are digestable thus bioavailable sodium thus the label doesn’t say salt but sodium content… this is what the label means…and good luck finding a commercially available meat product of the snack variety without sodium in a nitrate, a mono sodium glutamate….or a salt… that sells well enough you can purchase it from a prepackaged situation.  jerky is nigh on impossible to find without msg.  hot dogs can be found nitrate free but i’ll be fair, I don’t adore the celery extractive nitrate free ones… but the point here is connections… the detroit coney “” is  a chili-cheese dog.  but how many times in your life did you connect with life when you couldn’t find it anymore?  you had to redo it?  I was born at Providence Hospital now in southfield perhaps always that way 40 and some ago..I list the address within Detroit, MI as my first home…by the truth that is about as racist as life gets, I have a birthright to authenticity that is a Detroit Coney Island.  I learned to make the Looseburgers first and the only difference is skip the burger and add the dog.  I am by lifestyle and even numbering a colorado numbered social security wise person.  Yet!  I can not tell you the thrill of anything finer than a roast beef sandwich courtesy of grandmom’s kitchen…. I can not tell you the thrill of being old enough to actually remember a tall 12 ozz glass bottle and in this case, VERNORS.  funny, you might think i’d remember the other perfectly fine grandmom who made homemade sauerkraut in her basement and a wealth of southern fried fine life in one’s plate… but I do not recall a single bite.  I remember orange juice in a frozen goblet of a red wine glass that had a half inch of frozen juice about the edge yet a heart so sweet…the hearts is  fractional distilation by example if it was an alcoholic beverage but what better way to make simple bargain juice from concentrate come alive.  what better way is there to come alive in detroit town usa than to brown a pan of mince…okay, hamburger and i prefer chuck…make the chunks not too small and then simmer a cup of beef broth dry within this.  top with a perfectly your kind of chili over this meat which no longer tastes like hamburger but almost roast beef and top with cheese and or onions.  I personally believe if you cook to not crisp you’ve wasted the pan time…I like my ground beef nearly! burnt.  I think undercooks meat tastes fucking rancid and want to puke because you cant cook or do not know what food’s supposed to taste like otherwise.  I am a seperatist nearly in that i can just as easily mix not top  MIX anything and cant stand to do so… top mine please with chili let me discover what i’m eating layer by layer . of course it all goes to the same place and whatnot 😛 but nothing turns me off more than looking at pre digested pre stirred pre enjoyment ruined everything.. yuck,. i like my fruit on the bottom and no, I am fully aware that it’s a spoonful of dang near jelly… I know i know. don’t pre stir.  don’t mix it to death. let me enjoy my humble things!  andof course i’d look a ripe fool if i went out of my way to buy orange juice concentrated now…but I am okay with being a fool to remember while I’m a live that it wasn’t better now then…it missed the love of firsts shared that last all our lives.  can you buy a can of hormel and a package of hotdogs and some cheapass white buns risking that gluten bellyache and poach a packet of beef boullion from a ramen noodle package or bum a wryler’s from your cute neighbor?… sure.  will it require tums?  prob ably.  will it be the same as the 7-22 experience complete with the angry squirts of hopefully hot chili over a rollergrilled hotdog on a premium bun with a dash of angry squirt cheese and some onions?  Go to Hell.  Does some 7-11’s still offer the oscar meyer brand footlong hotdog? sure.  do i want a sonic footlong chili cheese dog?  Fuck Off. and for the record i do not adore Texas Toast anything if it is texas it’s WRONG. yet even I being from colorado my whole waking life have a serious issue returning to michigan for a burrito and fries?  or you NUTS?  but, such is my notions on right and wrong…my notions of connection… but ask me to buy anything other than texas toast for french toast or better yet stuffed french toast and?  Hypocrite.

(Just the same said is also true of your strange whack traditions where’ you’re from… embrace them!)

okay, at this rate, I’ll lose my fingers trying to write out a list of what I can cook so….


italian: I have still never made a tomato sauce.  never you mind that i can jazz up any other tomato sauce. i still haven’t made one.  damn it.

I can make a vairety of meatballs

meatballs mean I can make a meat loaf and or hamburger patties too.  I can add sausages and any manner of ingredient to a sauce.. so in truth the varieties are very high of things vaguely italian here.  yet the basics are simple enough and thus I’ve two basic recipes for meatballs, one being stock boiled and the others…not.

I can make basic breads so i can in fact make bread sticks and loaves so i can split a loaf and both buter and garlic it and even melt cheese upon it.  I have your appetizer from the 80’s.  i don’t care as much for foccacia bread.

I can make bread as said so I can in fact roll some out to top with things and call it a pizza.  I can make that fold over and become a calzone or if it’s a hotdog as with what we started with, lol… I call it pigs in a blanket….just like school lunch….but that’s not particularly italian now is it?

I can fry a chicken breast or other pieces in oil that i burst open a teabag into the oil to smoke smoke smoke and end up with something that is in a later pot minus the oil add creamy alfredo…voila tea-smoked chicken alfredo.  alfredo is a spiced white sauce otherwise thickened milk or a bechamel…a basic of
FRENCH techniques… whatever.  i can make a bechamel… this leads us to southern breakfasts.

I can make a lot of soups but Minestrone isn’t one I’ve tried to make even if it’s about my favorite.

I’ve made lasagna crimping the edges with a filling thus making ravioli.

that is the extent of my italian skills even if pecan sandies/mexican wedding cookies, and biscottis are similar and italian sodas aren’t very italian afterall…nor is much of anything above.. it’s far too americanized.

yet to list each variation would lead me to hundreds of recipes. if not thousands.

Ican make refried beans yet I laugh as i cant compete with the price of a can of them already made in the store because bulk beans are really not cheap enough in any amount of bulk I can get rid of.  I like black beans red beans and thirdplace pinto..  beans as a spread are about 10 different meals I think taco/toastada, burrito, sopes, guerachas, huvos rancheros,dips,spreads…mmm.5 x 3 and wow i’m 15 recipes in.  same beans. 😉  I dislike mung and anazi’s.

I can boil with spices beef pork and chicken so I’ve a few thousand more recipes going for your beans or not.

I’ve made burritos, tacos, toastadas, enchiladas,frito pie which is closer to enchiladas, tamales, taco salad, nachos to die for flautas, chimichangas.

nope, not pazole, nope not a proper spannish style rice…mixes here do not count….remember the above authentic? you got it or you don’t and I’m not Mexicano.  thanks detroit…a fucking specialty everyelse doesn’t understand as more grand than a damned sloppy fast food hotdog… thanks.

I mean when you get into being me now and I haven’t gone anywhere else and have been sloppy about how i present what i can manage and I’m never without a variation for life now just here.  no day ever has to be the same….. yet I can bake and roast, i can add cooking processes to eachother. I can manage my way around the world.  and i can make a good big damn pile of it wow too.

but enough for me as you see none of this quite seems to connect.  i reconnect if you will.  i learn to live brand new…afterall i never grew up in Detroit so wee! i’m a Detroit EXPERT….I’m safely ensconced up here in the Colorado Mountains.  it’s raining. I’ve a jug of red wine.  it’s not sweet enough which means I’ve Detroit tastes at least… and i’ve cranked the firebox allllll evening.  i want a cigarette.


back underground

there are very few wows  in life after a time as they come mixed with… (captain obvious) with….not-so-wow’s  a splash of black vinegar with a splash of soy over a pan-seared tuna filet had that wow…the tuna was the not so wow but nnnh. it still amuses me I found a storehouse of wow.. easy dipping sauce.


notes from above ground

surprisingly, it’s a bonus to be interested in helping and otherwise able to memorize everything.  it would appear that I as a front-line soul making sure your carts are appropriately wrangled so i can tell you that to find a cone coffee filter or small basket filters you don’t do the coffee aisle but the housewares’ coffee maker aisle at the rear west of my store….if you like muffins and think cup foilies or paper is part of them, you’ll find that at the east rear of my store in party supplies across from dog food.  similar to a candybar and and a new set of shoelaces requiring asking for location assistance and requiring 40 minutes shopping, please don’t believe we’re unfriendly/un helpful – we’ll gladly assist you in exceeding your shopping expectations….oh and it’s probably hairsplitting but recommending others be fired even with cause is harassment even if they are determined to have violated the very policy you complain of…. you aren’t the judge, at least until you’re the judge and even then proceedures!  I can memorize, I’m deisiring to be friendly.  I am now part of your solution for a efficient pleasant experience.


Savings (I don’t believe it’s a ’06 but more like a ’12 but so you’ve a bit on expectation of taste as close to the remembered label I selected

Vintage Notes
This wine is from United States, California region. A medium-bodied red wine with a smooth well-rounded finish. Hints of black cherry fruit add depth and richness to a taste that can be enjoyed day after day with good food and friends. Because of its hearty robust character Carlo Rossi Burgundy pairs well with a variety of dishes especially grilled or oven roasted meats. Spicy dishes from South of the Border or rich red pasta sauces.Winemakers Notes NON-VARIETAL RED BLEND Wine

the argentine wine is not home so um, forgot which i selection it is exactly likely a la rioja area gem…. ahh wine. I’m being saved from it but lol it’ll get here


notes from the underground

Quarter pound meatballs.

2 lbs ground chuck

1/2 package sargento pizza blend

4 slices toasted rye bread ( pumpernickle) ground to crumbs

2 eggs

muffin tin standard sized, makes 8 shiny light metal 375f preheated oven 40 minutes as this oven is 20 degrees cold or something.

making a patty with a thumbprint well to fold over cheese helpes. all were rolled outside in bread crumbs – this also helps.

results.  first. nothing can beat the joy of trying something done well and yet new. second, I’m not against rye I may do up this again. third, the cheese oozed so I may have to use frozen cubes versus shred cheese for next adventures – dont get me wrong I still had a cheesed center, just not a gooey pocket.

taste-wise i had failed to cover these in foil so the oven is in self-cleaning ode now, you may wish to note this and correct said for yourself!  lol back to taste yes the pizza blend with cheddar was tasty but literally tasted pizza-esque not chef boyardee esque so add rye and note I didn’t add salt or pepper either as I get to watch this religiously… I’m not against them and they are good but they did fail to wow me the maker.  their principal attraction is size and spiced wise the tomato basil classico sauce not the cabernet marinara I bought but that didn’t make it home boo. was what i had.  it didn’t wow me.  I will merlot the sauce nexst time.

happy adventures, i’ve a bowl of huge meatballs… or I’ve got the biggest balls of ’em all… sing that ac/dc!


bright idea

I saw the genesis for me of this idea reviewing alton brown’s show on netflix –

great balls of meat, pay-per-view

online text plus picture – recipe

a different picture using standard size muffin tin.

a different recipe which is essentially a muffin calzone… but that’s not the first eyebrow raising idea… it’s that it said string cheese and i thought they meant inside the meatball… so, what the hell why not try it?  reason is that it allows for stretching the meat and I remember something about string cheese… it comes in twist mozzerella WITH cheddar… cheddar makes the quintessential chef boyardee taste of American Italian…. a big hunk of cheese while containing calories isn’t eat so, heh there’s a chance of TWO huge meatballs per plate mmm.

recipe lightbulb meatballs with cheese. *obviously not for some religiously observing.

because I had to find the above recipe, I had to trip over another that two that also are neat…


I’ve humpday s’ghetti to dream after

except I’ve tri-color penne

perhaps a fancy romaine salad

or if you’ll skip the porkchop


Wery Vint’tresting #3

Beer and Wine time.  The 14 x 9 wine rack’s STILL empty here.  Beer still beckons in its own right, too.  Remember I still have this overcast hint of clouds saying i can’t really drink here and that the house current interest is Diet…so I doubt anything of these thoughts will even remotely materialize…and frankly, it’s better if the diet succeeds as it’ll result in life changing decisions perhaps that might move move not to the written in the stars destiny thing persay but at least blown wherever the winds of fortune blow.  (sis boyfriend considers losing weight in which to make a life dream of militaryservice come true if he can make weight/fitness… this likely means the reality of mariage not for white-wedding love but reality of paperwork to include her in this likely movement about the globe that is service . this means I likely wont go with and I just moved here.  dont worry 30 something pounds isn’t either impossible to lose nor will it happen this month but more likely into the new year.  don’t worry about the cringe part of other people’s hopes but hope with me too my little plans move along too so this is a good thing versus an irritation 😉 )


I resist the temptation to move ahead into more and more of the world of tastes that is beer educdation such with the no real bar at home means I just am left $4-$32 a beer at the Circle R gastro pub as it’s the goto in beer not unlike the old chicago in cities/subburbs more chain-like.  I can consider gathering a chot at ONE round of beer brewing at home.  consider lol as right now the other main room is puppy power and this one a storage unit type that’d have to be heated to keep temp for brewing.  cornelius kegs or the keg size for small home batch brewing is what it is as I know I dislike uncleared beer i.e. with live yeast in the bottles and i cant maintain the energy to risk a beer tragedy of the bottles bursting clean up and try try again.  but it sure does interest me to make a repeatable not in personal gas vented but a batch remade closely to continued yummy.  but, a bucket is 30 a fermentation lock is a buck  the beer cleaner is 3, the tubing is 4, the keg used is 100, the tank to pressurize it with bubble filled is about 40 with the tap the actual kit or grain bill/yeast/hops is 40-70 the pop to sparge the wort which is to say convert it’s starches some back to simpler sugars that brew is 40 ish but here I may borrow sundry cleaning systems are about another 20-30 or don’t get out the calculator and add it up and think bye bye paycheck – just note it aint free and it’d suck if the house dreams listed came true mid brew.  or it’s be silly to just yet start a beer education card at the beer joint when I’m NOT ready to be free with my intake still.  I still haven’t managed not one day of course one is possible but I want two days minus alcohol intake and thus closer to a proven record of more than half the week alcohol free versus a day off here or there.  yes, it is rough when one hasn’t anything better to do than drink then wants to be different as it just is easy to change but it isn’t certain overnight – certainty takes time.

but wine now.  why not work on that wine rack?  i don’t like wine alone as i don’t want the whole bottle.  most wines are literally better if they do NOT age.  andyet what fun it’d be to see progress on that rack. 126 wines worth of choice ora solid year with sunday gathering wine and the occassional one just because.  that’s quite a rack. it means at around 8 a bottle which if purchased in bulk at discount meaning the tax is comped one can not expect to fill this for much less than about a grand which is a quarter of good paychecks not a week!  and oo baby would it blow seriously to see it filled and wave buh bye to it via life changes.

reds, whites, sparklings, dessert, specialty and fortified wines comprise the bulk of wines I know to classify.  some reds actually can be made as whites if the skins of the grape never touch the wine.  some wines are not picked fresh but raisened for a stronger wine – I’ve had an ice wine as they tend to be called and they’re interesting too.whites are wimp-water by taste often yet hangover fuel city. I never remembered to try a dessert wine persay. I have had and like fortified wine if you mean amontillado sherry, but I havent done port….and technically amaretto is not a liqeur but similar to sherry/port…. I think.  lets face it too, $8 a bottle is choice but not storing wine but table stuff that the sweet of it turns sour gross soon enough. so 14 is closer to storing class wines… so fill that rack now and its more like a years savings on what I make.  so again note the very reality  then lets dream anyways!


in general i like sweeter and bright bold wines so I naturally avoid merlots- which often are spicier – woodier and most often if any good dryer…but not always, there is sweet merlots – this however is only MY impression of the spectrum of offerings.  I thus like a good pinot noir and cabernets… chianti is often beyond my budget as last place i saw them was like 30 a glass.

I like the silky smooth Tikal brand La Patriota wine from argentina.  it’s dang good.  i will forever remember droppin one on the way home as my bag broke right in the middle of crossing a fairly busy generally road at night…think oh I just bet the bottle  that broke was the argentine wine so I can laugh forever as murphy’s law says the bottle that breaks is the most expensive and sing to me dont cry for me argentina…. yep, turned out to be true.  later i gave one of my previous work’s chef’s a bottle and? 2 days later he didn’t work there anymore 😉 why? one just doesn’t always go home and swill a bottle of wine first thing…he invited his lover over the next night and kaboom was the result in perhaps more ways than one.  reds can also offer up a MEAN hangover 😀  later I gave the promoted up cook/lead one and called it big girl wine as she liked sweeter onees… but as i knew she lived with another work nurse, it was a metered with that info in mind gift… to see if both enjoyed a truely higher offering – it surprised me none that it was enjoyed but not a smash hit.  say nothing of my own wows of cracking into an exceptional wine experience  good from beginning to end with the saddness of the last drops… be aware this is what i mean by prizes in a collection.


two come to mind fast

Columbia Crest two Vines – Gewurztraminer which has reviews here  prices vary – I’ve never seen it here under 12 (denver metro)

and a newer surprise,

St Kathryn’s Golden Pear Wine.. yeah yeah, not a White wine but a desserty offering whatever, your mind classifies as it does… so does mine!

if ever one thinks sherry..

Sherry types

I’ll never forget learning amontilado was a wine when I read poe then came of age and read a label i could afford and it was? my first memorable sherry experience, Osbourne Amontillado. mmm. nutty and mmm.

poe story

well, I may buy a box of Optici Sangria January and risk expulsion from the house as I know the Diet is likely lifestyle switch… or remain sane but if I keep WINING…pun, I’ll miss dinner.  Cheers!


Wery Vint’tresting #2

in the previous blog-offering, I leave out how I wouldn’t mind some premium pinnacles of booze and their look/presentaion to try.   If I was in form within my stream of consciousness, I’d now discuss beer/wine – but nah.  Another facet of my world is fighting to make paid up so i can travel.  Let us pause on beer/wine for travel.

Who wouldn’t want love / friendship and a delicious chase of joyous sex?  I can’t count upon the love friendship/sex thing but, I can pick fun places to consider.  The latest is how to visit that chase and chase up something fun.  obviously, “romance” is within the adventuring not being whomp, here lets have unpassionate for you or anyone congress.  that’s about as romantic as a headcold.  why not instead adventure?
Derby, Wa, Australia.

This town sits upon the King Sound and has atide that is uniquely large in that it’s 11.8 meters from low tide to high tide orwell over 30 feet different which means wow can water come in! 30 feet can mean many hundreds of feet in linear distance between high tide and low.

This town was once upon the pioneer trail of early aviation as a hub of service from Perth to this town.  I’m rather sure some notions of old fashioned movies of the way back when ought be fun.

another point of interest is this smaller town’s annual festival of the boab.

you just imagine a nice summertime to me here in the northern lattitudes thinking of summer fun with winter approaching what amusement intantly this’d be.  also in the interest of lattitude as this town is not far from or within the tropics, even though the seasons are opposite the weather expects to be warm….blissfully warm. not firecracker hot.  not bad for a bit of music underr the stars?

perhaps a trip to jail?  the above picture is with people and probably doesnt display correctly… but this tree is JAIL.  it’s rather amusing.  it drops nuts that are wickedly high in vitamin C…but aw shucks, such are hard to gather if one is bunged up in jail inside the trunk!  hopefully someone at the music fests cover’s ac/dc ‘s jailbreak 😀

boab tree nuts nutrition is about 3:35 into this episode below… I’m sorry while this is within the Kimberly Country, it isn’t “Derby” exactly.

but imagine not the exactness of this reality lesson above.. but a more fairy tale type of beach with pot of oncoming seafood at sunset….

contrast this to something local?×272/hidden-island-buccaneer-archipelago.jpg/image_preview

a lil blues seems oddly appropriate for a bit of the what once was….    perhaps innappropriate for straight whiskey swillin’ and clams over sunset?  I mean, think back to that whiskey thing part of the last blog and dream Australia with me… Lark Whiskey

click if you aint lyin’ that you’re  of age.

“Fantastic whiskey”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed October 21, 2014

I always try and return to lark when I’m in Hobart. Their spirits are fantastic to taste always with something different available.
The added benefit is the 100 or so scotches from around the world that you can also work your way through. If you wanted a whiskey bar this is for you.

so tasmania… the tasmania devil from acme cartoons… the devil of a lil whiskey… hmn… I think it just doesn’t quite catch the ambience of old piano.. you?  you don’t think abit of the straight up.. well, perhaps something more in keeping with a lark into history with or without the actual lark whiskey… perhaps an Aviation?
the purple is Creme de Violets…  yes, yes.  I can think THIS and Clams, You?
yes, a fine fancy cocktail from a different age with some elegantly presented stuffed clams?
driving off into that for a 25 hour return journey to perth town after a few days festivalling sure wouldn’t be the normal piss around town overpaying for bullshit drab sights everyone already saw…  i guess in a way i demonstrqte i felt i grew up in a small town… nevermind it’s a city/county now and never was small with 50k people to this town’s 4500.  well anyways. enjoy a warm notion of what’s still neat out there.  and soon enough, duh, I’ll wax beer and wine.