Sis was on breakfast this morning and her dismay upon it wasnt good ingredients but that it failed to coalesce in tastes harmonizing. As you can senses quickly, I was already viewing harmonics but as video game to 80’s heaven in sounds. there are just blips to make up the times and it’s fun to have a little livingroom action to see how some coffee or beer putzing around was…. the times.

Yanni : :ive at the Acropolis; Keys To Imagination…that quintessential 80’s synth harmonica….

the “dx7” his openerr here is that kenny loggins’ highway to the danger zone. but i’m quitting before this is a weepy airwolf theme and bad television parrades.

I’m neither of French cultures or able to speak or understtand past a word or two yet much of popularity is dubbed as this would be sparktakus and the sun beneath the sea from the french le mondes englouti. it’s here for synth harmonica. how fast that came and left music.

here representing a non synthesized harmonica is that ae of harmonica in the song….dion warwicke with friends in that’s what friends are for….stevie wonder on the harmonica a real one. surely you can see or hear the difference?

it’s rather not too long before the internet can become the internet and we stream our way to hhistories from music made to some twerp programming it which is kinda like your favorite kiddo tinking a tonking on a toy piano the music. yet such is how it can be, just like a perfect breakfast utilizing leftovers and here I am risking only tea as cough cough til I feel not the weeknd’s I feel it coming…feat, daft punk… oh no… I feel mine coming up.

as it’simpressive to music was made can happily see it’s chirpy this sounds, but very in depth. hang out in toto land from africa toa variety of instructables on how their’s too came. and beware of feelings of movements heh or you can see what happens in the 80’s or any time chosen…I mean i don’t care to in my block furniture wood ala 80’s yackfu all over the place with a gevalia in a mug any more chair it with some fine angolan cafe. ucky feeling or whatever…..perhaps this stroll is ucky too 😀 than I feel like mozambique african watchman

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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in a way, I’m b boom pressed to a device blah. but even this much is neat for it’s moment. knowing this and a bottle of the good stuff and what have you done to your hair!? is a chucnk of life. and more precisely how such was chosen to be afforded. blah blooomummed it”s just magics destroyed, as in that’s sx sound from sound generator

Sadly I was informed by Josh’s sister that he passed away yesterday at 4:00. …. It seems very surreal. I sat and had a good cry. So sad. I’ve known Josh through the internet since Xanga days. We had many conversations through the years. He was understanding, quirky and fun. He always seemed to try to cheer me. He will be missed. …. 😥💜🙏🏻✌🏻

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