A Wider World

What follows is a little of how my eye’s delight simply seeing a wideer world. I can not with expertise reccommend as I know too little0I am sorry! aso, I can not guardsafe say obviously name changed to protect the guilty people for sharing in this world where we also have nay0sayers and or enemeis…. but should I bring sorrow, I am sorry as here I only spread my delight of neat things of our hands.

a baku azerbaijan carpet retailer.

a fun story of wine which I like yet from an area decidedly not pro wine.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “A Wider World”

as with all things, I am a product of environment. wet=hether this be the devilish usa or devil rum or this case wine, my evil to some wishing joy I share beliefs, etc, I’m not here to say soldier on the anniversary of world war one ending. nor am I here to say freedom without a braincell to stay safe. I am here for that i found sunshine yellow joy in this and the usual I am tardy updating my site and despite careful typing I got a lot of booger errors anyways…drate I still cant win typing and I practice. it takes no effort to see the joke I find joy a bit opposite in life as in I show carpet the enemy of rred wine as they like to meet in a stain ever so epic…. but yellow you saw and now red too but how I open is the blue of sadness that a simple joy can literally be the the bluest sorrows for the wrong ears to make blues of others. and all of those colors combine in print realities to make every single color we have! in this life. yeah, yeah, it’s magenta yellow and cyan in reality but this kindergardenten simplification isn’t the biggest sin going.
red green show, canadian prodcasting with s and s productions has a 2002 new years special currently available on youtube. naughty mike the criminal character says of kissing another’s wife…naughty indeed, MIKE! how to celebrate hahaha. and why that’s going to touch is simple, sometimes our celebration is another’s sin… in the above case fictional character criminal mike sure would run afoul of society smooching another’s now wine and rugs?
the wine and the rugs are bother of watching silk road, an nhk productions of and kitaro scored tv show of nineteen seventy nine and nineteen eighty documentary upon the silk road with the bleeding edge of discovery of that time now fourty years old! very late in the show it covers a bit of the mountains into either india or westward to persia proper and or rome at an end. though islam as a religion seeks one’s best in abstention of alcohol, wine begin in persian. and who has not had the joy of hearing seeing feeling a persian rug? of course one thinks castles to afford the cost of those or display them but oddly many set them down in tents so this world is again wider.
but such is my thoughts how mixed of colours to make blacknessness I’m sure so I even have heard to some.

e. touches I am glad. it’s well worth it to me to be atop of how one keeps the vibrancy of life so colorful. it’s a high risk as you can sort of sadly suspect. next, it’s a wider world where once upon atime a camel caravan hauls the persian carpet from say kurdistan or aerbaijan to elsewhere and as a village practically must support this product, atop which, it’s not made in a day a but a few months cost of a village across a few months is no mean fete to think upon, it’s well worrh viewing such products as treasure not trinket. and nowadays we are a wider world of doing business from . yetthe cost isn’t much different, this is still a village to support a product thing. hand knotted rugs are wow. such may not last just like twenty rays obviously wont find a quick support in iran iraq given yet how you like me i hope hope to breathe in our higher capacity to keep hopes brights even if a fewaren’t kosher or how the colored threads of our lives and such intertwine in this big world it seems and yet sometimes so very very small.
……….views prevalent there.our couch to far away spotsme we must

at present no aam but theres joy enough its tacitly possible. wine wies==se as turkey day seems weird for current restrictions, I may buy a magnum of reising. or a joyful jug…hug….chabis.

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