4am thinking

I was whined awake at 2am.  I am still up.  I am stand stooping a computer…. bored silly.  I have the oven as I apparently failed to fight the lack of microwave issue all this time here.  I can’t quite see the map with distances so as to get a better idea what I move to. however it’s obviously not a close thing to either base’s end / town beginning or to the px/commissary.  how far is annoyingly unavailable.  or at least this hot second.  so, with the oven on, I think dreamily of what will be.  this new upcoming life wherein I might get to expletive-ly blank blank cook again  obviously INSTANTLY rethinking 4am bull pucky.  I ain’t blowing 1800 on a tray sealer and and a garage I likely don’t have for a few cases of film and trays.  bleep that!  obviously i failed correctly to quit thinking because it it is 4am well nealry 5 now… this is the perfect time to be bleeping cray cray crazy.   30 x 250 – 7500 containers.  a minor superfund waste depot of plastic!

in other words, it’s fairly toothy to get a pr sealer  and it’s LOT of trays /etc. to get.  however


lunch on the go? 30  x 3 people is 90   so 4 boxes of 30 stated such is a collective type talk. 5 families can easily decimate the stocks   what a party of peeps that is.  bring out your crocks!  bring out your crocks.    printer would have to have a box die cutter and everyone would have to fold boxes    a few stripes glue…. last strip for insertion closure.  spend a day saving money  with2-3 meals/sides brought.  diet to your heavly extra weight anyways and watch the money saved spent elsewhere unsaved really but 😀  think of that ddream that is savings anyways.  quick and easy actual home cookin’



3k saved is 85 cents overhead.  why arbitrary  85 cents?  it’s a specific cost of roughly half what it’d cos to make seal print  glue box the stuff and minimal electricity.  double that to replace the machine and stocks  for the sustainable consideration.  file waranties and remember mac cheese is 3 boxes/trays a pound ish for fatty boy meals and 4 for a pound generous and 5 per pound diet ready.    or it’s 1.85 a tray.  considering this is minor saving and can be massaged further with bulk buying etc.  there is a quality quarter’s saving tto be had.  with brutal time eaten away work.  but 1000 quarters is 250 or a weekend a year / overnight that is  trip .



not worth it so much with mac cheese.  but I’m cooking chicken tikka masala and that’s 4 bucks a box cut that to three buck and thats now like a3 year investment for fun a minor defraying with other use that adds up to 2 holidays a year quality conservative yankee thinking if not yankee pot roast too.  and that halmark bliss of making something that isn’t half wasted because being put up  it is correctly to the lazy later usage.


I still think I’m thinking crazy.  toothy idea costwise .  but at least my dinner for breakfast is nearly done. 😀


Wednesday Weeds

I’m up for my bag of weeds.  weeding woo hoo 😛  prior to this was the mens morning circle across the street for some sreeching most of us out of tune and some words religious.  one must be loud and proud…pity about the out of tune.  It’s a fairly simple thing, I stay I contribute.  I did more than I set out and support got up so that more is done than I’d ever do on my own :P_  the news is of interesting woes.  one had some paper troubles as did another – one hoping his legal issues well both face some.. one trying to be on track and the other had saved to make easier his and was robbed with  a drunken visit.  I know both face the concept that they didn’t do whatever for themselves yet they tried and “circumstances” interviene.  I find that an interesting thing to see when I have tried to work so I don’t face … just that… being told I didn’t try as I sit here happy i did.  odd.  but the import isn’t lost on me.  try anyways not always will things go to hoyle….expecting ease after effrorts to court just that.  ease.  the point I suppose of the legal is only that it really really counts as it would and does for me that I have efforts and it means something to me to get a bit further down independance road… yet it MAY not go to Hoyle and then what?  one foot infront of another anyways.


Idid get to try thatcher’s cider the supposed grail ‘s contents of English cider.  along with a sheppy’s single varietal and then promptly got picked on for being mr festival.  what do i mean I don’t have a bit of a buzz on an 8 oz consumption?  mr festival.  ha ha ha ha ha.  as you can see for yourself, the Blessing isn’t a punch in the eeth but the encoragement to not consume at all  i.e. a taste maybe but to just not consume alcoholic beverages.  to not expect 2 days of work current to be magic salvation, to soberly expect the joy of life sure, but tobe conscious it might be struggles to overcome too whipped with a sense of joy not woe.  turns out the holy grail of thatcher’s is only that it’s not available without international bringing backers so heh, turns out it sucks.  I waited and hoped for?  something not quite the dream come true.  heard of others efforts turned suddenly soured despite real world effort that is painted as effectively no effort at all…yet such only mean more efforts still with a smile.  yes, this means too to be aware I may enjoy the concept beer forever but probably should continue to remember soberly it’s becoming not worth the taste.  which funny funny the latest catch on tv was henry winkler, william shatner, goerge foreman and a younger host tour the world in “better late than never along with terry bradshaw.  they were eating dinner in japan and enjoyed asking after a taste they didn’t recognize only to be told they were eating deirt.  you know how it SOUNDS but I’ll just bet it was magic dirt for the taste 🙂


with that in mind, the expression of being told youre eating dirt,  I am reminded thatI must also bolster to meet adventure with not just hope but expectation and yet ability to yeild to it not being as imagined.  yes, i even thus have attended church in preparation to meet the bible belt where spirituality spoken of isn’t CHURCH and I am likely expected to be of one  and yet try try try not to misunderstand I may find it hyupocracy central to may way of living thinking about being nice in spirit and action yet some may….well fall short in different but unlike mine all too well known ways and yet unlike me may gain acceptance for being themselves and I not for being entirely ODD.


bad line of the moment… to be a real pain in the pickle I’m going to move again too… to an I haven’t seen you in ages! the Latin man about peed himself laughing.  coporately approved NAUGHTY talk. 😉   now to go about the joy of life trying to deliberately sucker some sucker into marmited toast… marmite is english for vegemite a yeasty extract whatever that is just chock full of b vitamins!  but probably as even yet still I don’t know, tastes like puke or beef steak dependending on what of it you need…if it’s like any b vitamin experience set I’ve ever had.  but heh.  plotting the foodie hoodwinks 😀  I must be evil or at least impish.  I may weed some more just avoiding the rain.


Denver Dwindles

DD cup breast references whee!

anyways today was go get paid part one simple check / call or web check midday for the first job i worked.

what follows is?  blissful explorativeness.  I walked somewhere I never do and probably shouldn’t have either out and about.  Sante Fe St from louisiana ave to alameda avenue and alameda up  a few block to the train station to get down town.  bliss.  why?  because santa fe is a highway in it’s own right and there are no sidewalks suspiciously on purpose 😀  and it’s a high speed interchange to interstate 26.  yes, i jay walked the two lane highway onramp  and hogged my own lane…okay under construction  and jay walked a few more on and off ramps too.  bliss.  thuroughly illegal and if they’d have know i couldn’t see atop that heartattack.  for those having one, santa fe has a few lights that almost completely  empty the interchange points of traffic so contrary to popular belief I was NOT seeing cars at all while crossing because if i did I couldn’t cross as I already know after 40mph i  see it?  I can’t go.  I can’t walk fast enough.


I visited the japanese market after passing the greyhound bus station without being asked for a cigarette in fact i visited down town without the denver tax.    I have this moment here  to access whether i wish to pack a bottle of absinthe .  I live in a newer less booze friendly lifestyle and such with others too.  I don’t particularly want absinthe it’s not that all that.  it’s just strong and weird.


I am glad of the lapseng su chong tea/ twinnings brand, kasugai and others gummy candies excellence. a hot sesame chili oil for ONE type siz which is perfect for ramen noodle action, a lil tin of roasted eel and of course i can’t tell which is which looking variety pack ramen… the ramuni of the strawberry variety didn’t survive the trip 😉


well, to get after a beer if I’m going to. and get home    I sense I’ll know tomorrow the mechanics logistics of when i’m moving the house awaits approval.


Moon day marks.

Monday not x, marks the spotd  I am to find out a home has been seleected and how to get it.  this will precipitate the “move”  I notice sis isn’t visiting so i guess i jumped in line.  I’ve visited the neighbors here at the old house and a buddy all about town.  I got that crucial mark of I can still walk off the street and get work  but I should go get paid for it 😉


so monday has the early alarm set so i could in theory work tomorrow.  I believe it when i’m paid from/home from it.  I did all my week’s laundry so i’m freshly repacked.   I’ve hit the important explorative place food for tea as it was on sale which i’m becoming to detest as such means lesser quality… but I got a vietnamese loose leaf jasmine tea and an oolong in bags tea.  i’m after the oolong now which has a slight grass town yet is good.  the jasmine tea almost smelt like carpet powder tube exploded in the house yet the next morning made a very good tea with a real hint of jasmine blossom and thus jasmine scent as in that unmistakable grape soda scent.    yes, obviously i intentially get side tracked.  what a lousy structure of writing save to make that point wooorrk nope tea.


I thus if failing to get sent out expect to be paid and will likely hit up the mountain town casino for lunch… and depending on how filling it is, will sedriously try after something odd for dinner.  I would hope for oddly this moment not something chinesey overpowering but something simple like sweet and sour something or other…. this means buck a scoop action@


no dedicated restaurant makes a good hotdog as in there is the following and it was four dollars not well spent.  but hold for link.  highly rated hot diggity dog!  I’m sorry my reason for complaint of unwowed is simple, i visited Detroit.  if you visit lafayette’s coney island you might think this kind of stuff just ain’t it.  thus i have a preference. it ain’t mustardy. 😀


I watched the conner v. diaz fight with an admitted bunch of stoners and seriously dug the home made zucchini  bread.  I brought wine spritzers for myself.  oh well maybe a chicken will occur.  wined up.


I suppose this means it all comes down to wether i leave correctly tomorrow with the literal hope I’m not picked for work so i can putz about more  just saying. I made an efforrt 😀 lol.  there is a point to this because it’s reverse psyco.logy.  I expect being slightly annoyed to be picked helps get me picked 😀  I wou’d like to approach what it cost me to get out.  a phone, lunch equipment lunch product etc travel  what happens when it fails time wise etc or truly defray costs which will return again when i move to a new locale.  if not I’m not against taking not the bus to a gambling town i can’t afford that crap especially wanting to gamble so i expect i’ll sneak up to the old old old homestead and hit up the hardest choice going for ME  VS.    I’m reminded that they’re about to celebrate 30 in the old hometown  buenos… i suppose it translates as good times!  but they were too.  I remember mr spanish song singer jim beaming his self under the table at the bday party for my brother’s 21.  jerk was uphill from me and wet the floor so i wore that too.  the next day was a journey to the blackhawk as it was just about to break ground on casino building.  we had to see it before “john denvered it  ”  “tore down a few mountains to bring in a couple more.  more people, more scars across the land.”  colorado rocky mountain high.


but kt’s is seriously a nice sammich and I like the hotter than typical sissy corporate hot sauce too.


but in reality I would travel louisville/lafayette for either or, ting’s place, a perrennial favorite chinese or the sweet tomato which is NOT sweet tomatoes the chain but a independant italian place mmm mmm good.  orf revel not in any of that but the specific memory highschool of walking down to papa franks where we had to sit across from the school administration playing hookey.  i liked the sweet sausage sandwich.  reading a menu of how the owner got his start catering for senator gary hart.  the sauce is old old old school watery like you know it’s scratch made from real tomatoes kinda …. simple yet good.  so is the memory.  i could just as easily hit up micro express for the inexpensive chinese lunch too …or just hop the bus from here to the newer old homestead and do up a kebab and grab a beer at about the only bar that i didn’t feel a wall flower at but for obvious reasons I’m  conflicted here.  I don’t have to quit this instant but by the same token i don’t need to be drinking either so I had me a hoorah already that’s good enough.  but i suppose it’s really time to explore!  meaning I’ll scrub some wall somewhere 😛  which is the idea actually. lol  I have  not forever here but i ‘m not leaving town tomorrow either so a bit of enterprise… hmph  monday.  i can’t trust this day.






Suc Cess ful?

Laugh with me… with ironic joy that I left the hills and thus Walmart employ to greener pastures… I obtained employment via temporary agency my first assignment?  Walmart.  Ironic.

4 days, 100+ miles and costs too, 2 distinct cities to work the edge of a third, dunny cleaner to warehouse and or stocking. with the shot if I lie well of capacity to cook (no real large employment history of said but yes duh I know HOW to) all so I might actually get a job as…a “cook”  😉  ( I did put some hot dogs on a roller grill and time them for temperature correctnesses before.  I know this sounds very easy for you to wonder how snotty sarcastic I’m being.  I’m not.  I would like both to turn out for this reason.  showing up to 2 jobs  but first it’s job number one.  I must do something horrendous.  I must report to a Karenat Walmart soon,  I had another Karen at then one in my hills, I never ONCE arrived or worked in correct uniform.  so I must as a NON employee dress to the Walmart Standard just once…more irony?  I’m 😉 not being cynacle nor sarcastic.  but just point out I hope you are saying CESS as in pool / pit you know that word.


suc Cess find me.  it’s so blessed.  it’s very amusing.



forever ago.

I learned over the years of what was and what coule be, this is a link to mobile home manufactuerers association or the “club list” of who’s who.

why here? who cares?  etc?  if you want one or own one this is likely who made it so you can get yours in better than schlock condition with tips and tricks or insurance approved methodology/practice to make….money.  One of my friends wishes to make some money selling them and as I think She’s smart as a tack,  I offer this link  buried in a page of bullshit who cares! from it.  I did/do again.

pine grove homes

silvercrest homes


they were my neato’s in that day.  silvercrest because of this model ts-2 which looke d neat then  and otherwise isn’t a ompany focus now but exist in backdoor archiving.

I know it isn’t a home in the stick build sense but it is fast and affordable with some really neat neat neat architectural workarounds to make it YOUR kind of place….maybe.  a simple pad for the shelter of the car in rain but also a balcony! sweet.

then, kitchens sell most homes and all architecture isn’t the outside but the inside to. so pingrove’s French galley wall.  no longer directly viewable from their current site.


this is the French corbeled arch, they’ve other brick or galley hearths.  I happen to like this one most or did in the day.


this is what I can reconstruct in memory in an instant plus a half hour.  I don’t know that you’d want a mobile home but if you do I know people.  and if you’d like them to professionally care that you are cared for during and after sale, this stuff might help them convince you that they care.



(travel link from roughly my mother’s building not apartment sorry, security! and now? FARE costs busses ccheap but not free.) not colorado springs mountain metro transit obviously have medicare card so that”s covered medicaid doesn’t count you must get a discount card of disability which takes a morning half day trip… or fares are more than double this, don’t forget a limited directional transfer!! either if required or taking multiple conveyances.

that’s one heck of a huge link!  it’s so i can get myself to the bussing and walking of course lol to a office-y type day labour place in my mother’s neck of the woods.  why don’t i stay put?  I’m off the apartment lease officially tomorrow it helps to physically actually be gone!! 😀  also, i didn’t spot this type of day labour elsewhere in “my”town.  and as my brother is on cooridor to contruction type manual labour, i’m hoping a whole lot of thought to this is to make the right steps on time to? get ONE whole day  hopefully 3 nearly three days worth which is designed to make me show on paper legally I make? mor than 3 times rent which is designed in many areas to be precisely  3-5 days work a month.  yes, sneaky how 2 people on ssi can not technically many places rent a simple apartment if one is following a simple 40% rent  monthly income.   sneaky that pricing to price someone legaly and fairly out of a whole lot of not really so huge nice areas as a full contributing resident.


he highlights to this area are:

I’m close to the east european deli  which is my hotspot for fancy russian chocolates…sh they’re likely made entirely in the usa.

masala usa is an all vegetarian Indian cuisine restaurant next to an Indian market/grocery doing well for at least a decade.  i look forward to trying to hit this place up more than about any place in this metro.  i like their crepes.

I really liked the paper thin dosa I got there first however last time I tried a chettinadu one.  it’s weird how seemingly exspensive it is.  seemingy.  weird how value works as it’s technically cheaper than a denny’s diner type array of many of their offerings and like many a place the portion is for this buck fifty pounder i can not finish….a vegetarian dish.

I’m also close to a mega mart called h-mart.  this isn’t as asiany as it used to be carrying many other ethnic goods than “asian”

but as you seee, this is more of a chance to travel on my own to opportunities hopefully I can turn into joys.  it’s important less to worry that this is wall to wall paychecks, sure i want cash! but i more or less want to say i’m a few dollars more than a disaility paycheck.  this may be my ticket to more independance later 🙂  or just a fun shot to see my mother and brother.


obviously i have some fun foodie or otherwise places to visit before this short period of time sees me move to ft benning with sis and her husband.  these can be:

Pino pizza; Englewood – Pizza and wine? classy!  but in reality it’s about the best salami pizza with a red pepper flake bake inside crust pie.

Rodeo 2-aka- los mesones west colfax Denver- it’s a small hole in the wall mexican place but unlike ALL of worthless for them Colorado Springs CO a metro of it’s OWN, I can’t find a explitive added Sopes!!  Johhny G’s a mexican food truck never seems to be anywhere online with location info when I can go hunt all over town to find them not there.  every other place turned out to be out of business.   so is the sopes that worth it? yep. is the pacific merchanitile a Japanese market in the heart of lodo denver for my favorite small sizes items nifty and ethnic.

The Denver Public library which is bar none fun.  why, they do geneology floor cool old real world maps not good ol google but terrain maps with precision measuring??  why?  I want some better ideas of space in a sky and cloud valume.  obviously clouds vary a lot.


and i suspect i want to see a laser show. so 😉

15 museum planetarium lists no laser shows boo!  but tween them and the imax it’s a spendy outting but a thrill.   imax and planetariumshould be like extra lol.  7 imax day time showings require museum entry as does planetarium which is 5.  …  i wonder if my one time camper still volunteers wednesdays? it’s only a 15 years later. lol.



movies with mom were “Bad Grampa” and “Star Trek 6” as i have only limited internet as the ddsl light reads red, not connected.  I was 21rst in line for my visit to comcast to get what you see before you…limited acccess via another method.  Sis made chili it was good.

you know darn well this skips the bliss that is walking sam’s club to collect a boston cut pork shoulder that i didn’t find at costco only to mention it to sis who snarls the how many times did i say we’re not buying anything til the freezer’s empty.  before you throw popcorn and boo! at this tragedy of life or the potential LOSS *delay* of puulled pork sliders revisited, consider cheering for someone with the good damned sense to manage a budget, limited space and god forbid a quality diet…. then boo and throw popcorn at the screen 😀

I’m telling you, it’s high drama perrenial excitements…. not.  but the movie and dinner were good.

you’d think I’d be dying to travel the state and suck it’s essence dry! as I’m still angling to move on along more or less permanantly.  you’d be somewhat wrong.  it isn’t like i can’t find excitements but simply I don’t feel i’m saying goodbye to living in colorado.  I highly suspect I’m to return here or there like it’s still home of a sort.  also it’s strickly quality budget sense that the first thing i want to do on moving is explore, how can I if I’m dead broke with months of recovery before i can consider excitement existing?  I have a subtle feeling I get life ass backwards.  be excited twice and even through financial crunches.  not stolidly think there is only ONE tomorrow i can afford.  I am not saying sprend broke and starve… just that abundance isn’t so paultry. 😀


I signed on to discuss the crooked aloe club.  i looked on visiting in kc and i swear the boys can’t pot up a straight aloe plant.  this is rather damned sad.  it however amuses me to no end.

so does the silly notions of marijuanna product coated paper to be a “hash” cigarette complete with a:  modern understanding that to stay less than sharp one must mix the different cannabanoids which effect how the thc hits/lasts  and b: a variety of fine if naturally derived flavors to glue the “good” stuff to the paper complete with a novel concept…a sorta filter not really just enough of a space one can hold with a finer and stop flaming hot ash burns to the mouth.  or: the bloody modern construction complete to the draw, even burn, ability to burn out if unutilized swiftly!  .  this means based against what i know… “keef” ofthe resin heads /bubble on the leaves of “dope” is “hash” but not considered exactly so based on the process imagined above which is simpler extractions of this resinous stuff that mixed with a flavored glue gets the stuff to paper then rolled with gun powder impregnations to control hol stuff burns evenly and both glue and the whatever resinous stuff is also checked to burn precisely thus to be a better/safer “” product.  dumbass name for this super stix?  ‘shish’ies  why… everyone has to have a brand.  paper? a mixtures depending on need of likely rece paper common to cigarettes with it’s trace gun powder impregnations  or combo hemp rice.  filter is not more than a cardstock spiral of hemp paper which burns less well.  thus a paper is applied in glue, dusted with the ‘stuff’ rolled or if that’s iimpractical a core is inserted into an outter wrapper/filter.    I know this seems rather odd but to be less lollipoppy instead of flavoring the glue with say methyl anthranilate for concord graper flavor for instance, specialty hops….a cousin to marijuanna anyways can lend that far out fragrances ….deunno.  never burned a hop.  i might want to rethink this some 😀


yes, as is always, i still don’t know why the mechanics of things interests me as marijuanna i avoid for “that” purpose I always end up feeling wicked blue so once i noted it always came after injestion I just avoid it.  so why considering legalities would i care to be the next phillip morris?  dunno.  interest is interest.  so, if you see rainbow ‘shish’ies you know I was read or I got kinky tinkering.

the biggest reason is the interest in how there is a massive process of spiking the tobacco taste to tobacco product and the firing it so it bursts with steam to “puff” this is dried and shaved.  this also isn’t always just virgin tobacco but old tobacco  when stuff expires reprocessed and waste cutting this stuff to get rid of it.  how stuff works did a do up on phillip morris once it’s still on youtube.  I’m amused by hot science.


and pulled pork sliders.

and calling the two buddies who cant seem to grow straight aloe… the crooked aloe club.  if only i had a t u s to make that a funny acronymn.  if only.


a heartland home

I am home.  the serving soldier for this trip is on another to his duty post. I stopped a place or two along the way.  I arrived home to the fatal toejame of half my ceiling edges blackening water damage or mold or both what else would this be?  I stole a moment and had a few stolen seamingly out from under me.

Missouri was just plain damned hot.  I live in a dry state that’s notorious by comparison mild for temperatures and. humidity but is somewhat higher up in the sky…a little closer to heaven figuratively.  what shite blasphemy!  I point out that i skip the joke temporaily of Missouri meaning to be a Freudian slip of it being MISERY instead of Missouri.  I didn’t feel like it lacked but one treasure and that was a friend of internet clicks who left us thanks to that nasty C stuff.  oh I knew.  I knew when i rolled by her town.  I just knew.  I sure did notice the heat and the mug;giness along the way too as it just bursts with grean with blond limestone outcroppings.  I know it isn’t perfect when i read of the park i am thefting a picnic spot to be in as it clearly did say private property… but I ignored the signs signs everywhere a sign blocking up the scenery and clogging up my mind.  one of the signs said the spot had a nitrates / nitrites elevation of significant note…. who of the dorks planted the hot dog tree?  thankfully it didn’t flourish but they didn’t go unnoticed trying!  *if you do no t understand this loft joke, it is that nitrates and nitrites are used in a LOT more than just hotdogs but many processed meats to principally keep them “reddish”    I also tried to steal evening time and morning time to enjoy the heat without the heat.  I did this many places in my stops in missouri despite preferring initially to flee the mosquitos – I know what they are, I just have lived where the caught a nasty disease and have been religiously sprayed out of existance in my life in colorado …not here.  not unless one wishes to bathe often in ddt.

I saw a czech egg in Wilson, KS.  it was on the way to collect a bottle of smokey hill vineyard’s pink now orangish thus likely u, o.l.d. “pink” catawba wine.  I doubt it’s better than the other’s i’ve tried.  I wanted it as it’s specifically the reason pink catawba wine was of my thoughts.  of course the label indicates it’s different thus changed, the stores or businesses associating with the company shut down or list closed online thus i suspect theres something to the stuff.  the indication was family tragedy in operations.  if so i again came too late.    why must this be pointed out to me ??  I mean universally speaking.

the czech egg was larger than I and pretty it was a few more doors down to MADE FROM SCRATCH which again of Wilson KS is a restaurant where the foods are more often made from scratch including mashed potatoes, the krytonite of superman eaters.  it took effort to leave after less than ONE plate at the buffet.  they didn’t offer today the fried chicken but they did offer fried fish, smoked ribs, and fried shrimp.  full salad bar, scratcch mashed bbq sauce and white only actually gravy.  peas and perhaps carrots.

brochures offered up OZ and wizzard of oz themed tourist trap surely, the al’s testicle? festival.  a tulip festival. a late july  “after” harvest festval too. and a pretty stone church that while nicely done was disbanded? and only the sruviving parishioners panhandlin donations to keep after it’s upkeep and the cemetary.


however nothing comes close to “la bodega” a tapas restaurant in kansas City Missouri.  that was food ecstacy.   it at HAPPY HOUR was 25 ish thereabouts per person….where much was about half off.  watch yourself.  You will eat too much bread.  You will LIKE eating too much bread.  but do see if you can part the wallet purse for the marinated mushrooms.


I know i can smoke cigarettes more often more places but it frustrated me to see the control of this is done by eliminating ashtrays or trash recepticals near buildings which leads to a LOT of litter.  I mean it’s kept after but i’d rather have option to serve my own habits without resorting to smelling either like an ashtray with a piocket of butts or litter…neither option is acceptable.


prices were higher in KS than in my area of Colorado in many cases and DIRT CHEAP in MO…as in often upwards of 30% cheaper…not including the near 50% of on base pricing which doesn’t require tax.


first watch also of Kansas City, MO was breakfast leaving.  it offers a large array of wow for breakfast.



I’m a tad behind on the routee 66’in  here was a rude- if you’re twelve.  it is planetary otherwise…. candy & fudge

lunch saw some interest additions to the cash tendered for the bill.  mexican. dinner was supposed to be sushi but directly in earshot the hostess refused to seat us til x folks/chef was free // I dont want two chefs on the floor. (we left saying that’s prescisely why)  so it was a second chance option steakhouse everyone splitting. (too much food)  hotel breakfasts. sleep inn toeka, powdered eggs, ihg candlewood inn liquid eggs ed a breakfast buffet in kansasbut ttwo months over coentrated juices.   I  surviv


the movie is the most recent “star trek beyond”  a fine family day with the 55 dollar estimated check engine light for a vacuum house due tomorrow morning.  only hiccup was a day rental mileage included