What, what?!

I’m looking up nutrition values on I really should! Offer my nice folk what *I* can of a treat to eat I can bake still shimmmy-shake up my oven.

Cream cheese chicken enchiladas

That’s last time’s

The words nutrition are:

65/2 as I never get consistent ones on the tortillas (4.5 inch/11 cm white corn next time? Yellow corn )

110 diced chicken…yes the word is from frozen section bagged

290* cream cheese 3 oz.  Are you kidding me?  Eeesh the calories!! K I’m using 1 oz for two 46 Cal’s but wow.  Yikesy-poo that’s caloric stuff

20 enchilada sauce

155 Munster cheese 2 oz

Possibly olives again (25 Cal’s)

450 / 510  Cal’s a serving (cheese varies widely! In compositions.). 1300! Sodium or so 1600 is my day and we didn’t cook with salt. 1/2 of day on protein cheese! Mmmmmmmm. 19 carbs – the little carb-bomb that actually isn’t horrendous…save for salt.


How to adjust down sodium

Havarti has 2/3 sodium

Enchilada sauce can be whizzed up low/no sodium that gets us 900 on sodium which is about half a day or at least room for another meal.




Dreamtimestarmanjones on bingo

I also exist on as My biggest project in recent pre-xmas efforts is to develop not trivia in the you need out research me guessie-guess history trivia but lookie lookie what happens through the numbers of when ! Little kibbles of history.  As bingo.

Right now it’s Springfield and greater Illinois.

1957 Bunn the coffee maker company for commercial food service comes about.  Many of us know that joy a hot fresh pot.  Because of Springfield Illinois….ñow creston Iowa.  Bunn also makes the tubing for your hillbilly woodburning stove heated hot tub… It’s amazing where coffee takes us.


But right now it’s manufacture.  Some thing come and go sad life is that way but

No use crying over spilt milk

Yep Springfield Illinois seems to be a Mecca in vintage turn of the 1900’s milk bottles!


Is the ceramics did of searching… This is ohio not on the Wabash railroad but the place for your tour of America in fine bone china…. Whoops, we didn’t rival England’s royal Dalton or Wedgewood.  But such is how you seek info big interests.  They come and go


Another is sugar beets.  Loveland Colorado…shoot, not Springfield Illinois!!  Hahaha. The area tried big sugar and flunked.  But they grow anything for a buck… Turns out 1870 wasn’t the 1888 of success.  Michigan got the big sugar beet sugar stuff.


But such is life big ideas don’t work for all times.  And thus I look into that, what came and went.





Gadet odessy. “goo”

idiocies electronic. Ahhh.

Such as a backyard mini drive-in theater by by hilly tech woodburning hot tub.

Has ttobe roofed for my area but that requires thought winds yearly hit 85+ plus mph gusts.  That means


Metal studs with simplistic yet cheap rugged construction.allowing stone face one side and barn wood the other.  Greencrete (shower/wet drywall) simple lights and gadget charge electrical (a solar panel be nice 1000 watts is 90 bucks so it’s conceivable inverter battery etc can 300 ish.). Cisterns and mini pumps adjust power available few hundred each. Thus you can quicky shower dress after a romp in man cave and all is french able or if I’m dough lite I can build in stages.

Ah gadget idiocy.

Propane fridge. Smetà 3.5



Shooting Star
It’s worthy this Valentine’s Day that it reference from the beginning – dreams and wishes from the heavens. Here is a bit on meteorites.. one from the sky that didn’t bring the big cash… But it did for others…

Just as my morning joke to offer joy is said to be just hurtful and offensive… We’ll struck! Firstly shhh… Not all bad news is and stranger tidings have landed thn that of a hoped for sentiment to go the other way than that of hoped.

Floating in my mind is the same smile and whimsey to greet the day. Today is still geologic and that too with an eye to the heavens.

Ray lunch – deep breakfast, album – celestial sodapop. A fine song for you to entertain.





Bottle graphic

Imagine the bubbles in a bottle a fizzy thing… Of doodles arts things. Pouring pop! In a glass.

Or how I’m shooting stars of celestial brightwork… Or just shot.

I did talk pre coffee…. Oooo sin! That usually ends up death defying.

But such is the opening brightness (shooting star; kotoko from please teacher )


Candy Dish
Black cherry tisane
Black tea (DECAFF)

Brown sugar
🥥 coconut milk

Brewing ala coffee maker 3 bc; 8 t way too much sugar and c/milk offers a moment I remember the magic

Aztec chocolate bitters
Which would surely add!

Cheers to your vd.

(Cs Fruit tea sampler, 2.99 on special – Kroger; 100 ct decaff black tea 4.99 – Kroger; 2.19 light brown cane cane sugar – Kroger; 2.99 Pacific coconut milk sprouts market on special (plus cheeeeeese) last time I bought chocolate bitters was abc spirits of St Pete Florida March of 2018… 8 bucks ) finding a little virgin drink that is out of the ordinary? Ahh.


Details and unintended consequences through choices.

Cyclone mark v Steam engine. Company in troubles 2016/17 as I’m hitting Florida 2017… Not dead, nor am I but the dream alters. The dream alters

Consider under the blue picture the size of the engine compared to people. That like tucking a V8 into a little cj6 Jeep or ac cobra or mgb midget! It’s possible. But there’s a reason I not more common it’s a tight fit. And has drawbacks. Like 6-8 mpg? Nothing is wrong with the power…it is the efficiency.

Mark ii pelendine steàm.
Doble e
Heritage MGB rebody

Or real neat way to kinda plop in a steam engine into a cute white convertible… Hamburger s yummy cruising… It’s time off it’s a few bucks fuel and food and yet good as a time as that is funny how it’s 20k or 400 the very same 400 I never in Florida had free. Ias kids names others for life (Hogan knows best boy racer has wreck drunk driving racing…. Troubles.) As I show in town to a church where boy racing from school runs over a mother and stroller baby! (2018 Tampa). It was clear the boy wouldnt do the fullest time due to political shielding….same as Hogan boy wouldn’t fully pay for his actions… Just as haha I just didn’t meet more than my needs…. Florida. Or dreams don’t all come.

But here’s a bit of fun.

Something will come just love for what was will remain. Abundance in an instant will be. Even if the dream as is seems ruined impossible ashes gone damn you’d yes just a dash of ire. I did my bit ….what bit?…. What love/what support? You know he said she said shit. Bs dreams and silly fantasy versus real life… Why believe in lies bring the truth oh you need ex…ex is exactly what I’ll be….that haha?

Believe. Things LL be.

Maybe never as previously dreamed. Maybe I’m right even! Maybe yada.

It’s not dead it’s even fun. It’s just a function of making it possible. Just like the other hopes and dreams. It’s okay you wouldn’t believe or I’m an ass hoping unfairly.

Anyone for a plate of baked steamed clams?

I lived in Florida my purpose to independantly move toward my together forever dreams. I left with little but I had family. I chose not to overly rely on that. Great choices really – I did better coming in relying on nada. Risking the piss away credit max out to leave in haste flunking? Awwwww. Not every risk pans.

To Kno again family good. To lose crap who likes that feeling?. To feel I put out my all good. To know in a way? I’m empowered more now. Hopeless though it it seems still months later unfair cheated…. The junk?

Now understand I think steam is neat. Steam car! House of dirt nothing riches made…but not as a starwars trash house but a nice house! Square. Western. Fancy foods I can make. You can see my joys my struggles and it makes better sense that I chose or unintented consequences of choice. I didn’t intend to

Suck down a glass of tasteless grit to hope to not hear my heart keep me up. To be months again coming IF my latest second round comes debt relief the overpriced loan to end negotiated settlement. Paid in full ending the high cost to fail after you. My dream. Upset you could but yet again didn’t. Bless you.

Maybe the next shot shows I don’t care and magically can. By maybe I don’t mean to be a dream came true…. Just fun as i was even with you. A friend as I wished of you. Someone believing back. You did im sure. I still wear or carry your helps. Yet my beef was real fancy how simple life is that success. I’m currently shown is surmount my need of I by ACHEIVE it and giving it nit wanting help yours or your belief leading giving not getting…. The role.

I’ll likely get there. Thanks again for what still awhile feels like darkness…it’s light. It’s truth. No one needs to gamble belief. Be string enjoy it all maybe it’ll come for me.

The bitterness will dissolve. I’ll still eat salads. Unfair I don’t want what’s given. I meanly did as I said. Left expectation unfairly present me when what’s one more ego? Yet if I’m to lose anger and blame? Bless you. And all the happiness.

(I suppose i feel I need say it, the anger the Barb’s aren’t to to hurt you… They’re there to ensure the wall against the disappointment the wall is mine and so it’s clear that’s then my opinion of then and the Never again is then welcome as it was then… Not that you’re unwelcome or wished evil as you aren’t. Sure 5herell be a moment I wish to bed you and or outdo. But it won’t change then or now or futures. Sure! Ill be the better part of this year making new. Sure! There’ll be a hollow come the wins surely coming as the dream was you and any new dream will be a replacement substitute versus you. And you won’t likely be there my complaint all along to care but even if you were you won’t by actions. Or recovery is far enough along. Cheers. Watch if you still troll. Call if you want. Thanks for yesterday.)


Definitive DURN-it.

I read Amy Tan’s “The Bonesetter’s Daughter” yonks ago. (Most famous for “the joy luck club – and to younger folk … millennials….. As writer creater of “saqwua, the Chinese cat”) I dread of ‘peen tong’ and the sesame ball- a beanpaste in sweet dough fried doughnut coated in sesame seed. DURN-it! I never even can find ‘peen tong!’

Shhh. I cook just enough to investigate similarities peen tong is a brown sugar ‘candy’ thus oo hard find another! But even I’m not immune to the word ‘authentic’. I’m still looking.

Peen tong might be HAW FLAKES a similar brown sugar Todo.

Peen tong might be
Wong tong – gee, ‘dumpling’ as in wonton?
Piang tang

What’s fun is this latest listing of words and close equivalency of meaning…

If you can enlarge enough, piang tang seems to mean to offer neato no trouble real fast.

I include a second page on ranking as i can likely use the markings later for first rank!

Anyone notice 1-9th ranking but China invents everything….nope Arabs the zero?

It takes a LOT of desert to find zero.

Haw flakes… Are Hawthorne berry candy. Or, for 15 years I get to be wrong-a-roo! Thanks, everychanging Wikipedia!

Anyways I’m not heartbroken not every whisper is Right.

I also read that tinnitus (ear ringing) CAN be cured with hawthorn berry tea. Go figure it’s two years lost where but here is a list of traumatic brain injury herbs in case you want the ringing to stop and you don’t believe Valium will help and you don’t want anti depressent pills for nothing.

Or, enjoy cussing or silver line the ooooo stinky I was WRONG.

Now you can see non narcotic/dope-it-ignored… Hope.
Embral but Florida find your brain base to make this effective…
(Stroke relief/recovery)

Or you can see niacin, to blueberries for brain relief between the stuff and so now 8 years results weird medical help still not approved.

It his useful not always being right… ;).


Armchair Tourisim

Castaway Seashells: 2019 10g Pure Silver SCALLOP Coin
That’s a new…not cost effective, but neat! Castaway seashell Fijian “silver dollar” actually silver requiring but I didn’t investigate if I ended up! With 10g silver in my hypothetical armchair tourist here coin. Kitco spot price Ag 2/06/20 is 17.71 a Troy ounce USD… Or .57 a gram. So 30 bucks for… 5.70 in silver which has a stated worth of 46 cents general Google search Fiji to usd currency exchange (forex). I mean I’m all cool about neat. I bought a very rare at that moment 30 pistachio’s in chocolate bar for a hoped-for but lost love… I’ll buy neat…. I’m betting so will you.

K my I live where I’m far more likely to find gold. My areas are higher in quartz ores. This doesn’t mean no silver. But at 1/10 the price of gold silver? If one can understand real work if not do it…I’m armchairing enjoying life here I don’t have experience in move the 20 cubic feet of ore of a quartz type which is a ton or there abouts ore thus how most calculate or talk about ore value yet without a volume just given, such makes little sense. But if one can’t understand the hardship of moving rock…mining.. this is where it’s drill and blast slog and toil. Then the processing!!! But silver is here not because gold isn’t more prevelent but because gold is harder to process and if you can’t make money in silver…. Don’t bother. Works work. But as frustrating as it could get clubbing rocks? In winter….in water… All day to get simple but double cost supplies…hating camping and weather… Welllll if you can joy in silver which a lump half a softball worth ish is three pounds and thus ~40 Troy ounce or 17.71 x 40 or 708.40? That’s light money a week maybe but it’s a handfull? 😆

Realistically the next vid shows real tools and tricks but not location if me be save generally. This is fun… I think of one difference that is a not torch kiln …

Solar panels to acheive 17kw is 18 x 18 ft if! Right type efficiency.

Not an easy your about ammout of power but ooo spa city spa in camp!

Jaw crusher

Snake oil exists and that’s murderous to sledge hammering ore to one inch rock? To use that murderous again tool? Don’t be received. Mining sucks. It’s not easy peasy even with dynamite…excepting if you court death or injury or not màking money too.

Jaw crushers are bigger automatic too

But now a video where you can see ore to ingot.

You’ll be able to make sure to have flux but don’t be dumb buy flux and smart folk know why you do. You aren’t hiding long your operations or intent.
Check table, processing, dust control, money!! But if camping and hard labor are your thing? Dwarves paradises await thee.

You might get some gold…

But even in mostly silver that box is a grand which isn’t shabby! One old gold coin can lol be $50k!!

But if you pounce on in
Pushing the Polaris onward
Humping the civilization
Yes a Jacuzzi.
Yes a yurt not no some sissy tent but mobile.

But more so than anything…
Yes, portable if porta-potty looking… Shower!

Yes dreams of her capet Burns and louged up grapes for the outdoor but civilized conquering hero…yeah yeah, puke… but at least theres less stench friends, hot tub with beer and a warm enough yet actually medically appropriate level of sleep support possible.?. Camping? Hahaha what a sissy in an RV atop mt. Everest offering the real hero a doughnut as I enjoy my lawn chair. Jerkwad I can be!

Want a Meade? A fine mallomel? We are talking my mining..atop mountains in feeling is meades?

It’s only a year salary in gear but you be comfortable pissing her off you camp so well but lose money! Toys! God help you if you mention guns. Sure it’s cozy comfy but MONEY! And better you show it not just paid, used, returned investment but a profit! That’s a long thick line of ore my friend.
Yes aerogarden tomatoes… Maybe you can arugala and eggplant and cherry pepper… Basically unlike most
Unlike most Yahoo camping! Hotdog action…. Why not?
A Chicago dog in them there hills.

Not gold digging but send up some rock to heaven for the paydirt life requires…

You can rhymes with toucan
Paradise states of mind thought lived
But exotic joys no?


Your Take
Picture puzzle in fruit leather.

Idea, simple he’s two in a week or so… It cant be huge nor does he brighten but with super throws over big people heads or food. He’ll not really remember on his own a good while yet. Hi about a picture card of fruit rollup/fruit leather?
Daddy’s team. The L logo would be orange/blueberry
Thematic of day and limited text h b d

Mechanics of art. Fruit rollup mosaic ‘candy’ to waxpaper.



grape jelly meatballs.
Sis’ father in law

Sliders. Roast Pork with your choice in sauces.
Sis hubs

What are some of your smiles on your day? Or stolen ideas