Green Lighted

Joy is the daylight

beacon shining on promise

that happiness right


i would post a rambler through Kansas and still might because I was and am intrigued to have the fun options new! If known thus old of what I should and shouldn’t include.


i made salad trying to ‘boat’ with romaine… and as I’m out of my heaven, blue cheese dressing, I made a spicy Thai type dressing.


I didn’t love it… the dressing…. the peanuts driwned out and now aromatic ting save bland oil… Ug.  But it sure pleased the guinea pig that got the pictures plate! :). Remember joshy, it’s okay to accept your effort not that Rembrandt notion or bar you’ve somehow in mind!  It was perfectly executed why waste the salad chance and a fun different take on dressings than the typical it’s fairly pretty for dying produce… 🙂


i was on the tour kansas notion because because I missed putting cheese to this which would so clash with peanuts lol and the spicy note would better have been served not with red pepper flake and smoked paprika but a proper pepper jelly or better still, a hot sauce.


anyways kansas is flat and that is that… but take a quick link tour to see notions fact checked.




florida (…blue humor notice…)


in seripus food realities- thinning Pb with a dash of sweet heat I did wonder about jalapeño wine as vinegar now!

I do like their mead too.


With at least four pepper type jellies!!

now im making green chili


i hope it becomes tasty Colorado remembered because 😉 eff kansas if you comparing it to righteousness Colorado 😉

hee hee



there is no picture because I’m constrained not to destroy the food or remember my phone while cooking can actually be be charged… 😉

It was every fail going! 😉 I didn’t purée my peppers so later I had to strain up all the chunks separate most of the meat cubes most not all.  Same with the potato cubes…  then mash the pot bits which gave the texture I remember.  I couldn’t get anything newer than expired April 2017 canned tomatoes so had to get a small can of tomato paste with roasted garlic.  I made the roux of flour and the vegetable oil and on too hot a flame so I got the red I wanted… angry ambered! … green chili. Red performs like darker rouxs barely thickening unlike lighter rouxs …  thus I don’t have gel goop green chili but a rich reddish stain of indigestion!  It’s hot.  I like it.

And I froze some.

its sad lol but joyous to keep limping into the finish line of the monthly choices but 🙂  ismile still each step forward or back 😁🙃🤣

The right ways are to roux first or early in the cooking process. When burning the chilies to the desk in and or Dede’s not just burn whack off the stems and toss in… or at least purée! If so… tomato paste isn’t diced tomatoes but it’s there and that couldn’t be helped the check oops every can expired… or in short – lazy josh gets hotter green chili 😉 and or the hot Latin spirit shows if the cook was angry the chili gets hotter as one misses steps vital to moderating heat ;). Just in case you wanted to know this maybe truth 😉


just like duh chili Colorado or  green chili does come more from New Mexico than Colorado even if the expensiveness of green chili is seen in Colorado.  It’s okay to make fun of the other states because rah rah rah on yours but do so knowing that there is merit and joy all over? Eh?  So you’re just being olde world backwards socially not actually ignorantly mean


Hump-D or dump-T?

On being stronger

Ooo gently now – do not crush

Carrying further

(a picture of  ‘egg drop containers’ a sciences thing purposefully shown with with an eye towards having the winning answers 😉  nullifying triumph in a way as  authentic discovery becomes more esoterically about a different aspect of the soul )

(Because I’m odd, a concrete canoe picture this time of a Wisconsinian effort which just feels like it shows something of efforts 😉 design 😁  and to me why they produce so much beer – ideas like this!  – even if it’s really not a bad effort  nor just wisconsinian but a very oft held asce challenge for engineering students   I think my club year ours sank so 😉 shhhhh)




AE1318AB-077A-487A-A816-4FF445DA86B2This is steelbach’s smoked tomato soup.

This is any old recipe for the similar soup:

thus one discards the toasts part and one has a soup.


now purée means um, and strained?  Um?… any old can of tomato soup is that creamier condensed yummy but lacks the oils and etc.


(Condensed tomato soup 69 cents over priced at publix grocery )

(McCormick organic smoked paprika.  There was nothing cheaper or smaller)

(Diced real tomato- flashed about the pot with a bit of salt then paprika’d then souped no water then two oz heavy cream then stirred and bowled over lotsa crackers! 😀 )


the result is precisely just enough smokey and obviously some fuzzy from cream it lacks any oil as I had none handy to sauté the tomatoes…

that result is mmm









Home Page


is this mall of food seems cool right great eats and decor?  Not a menu anywhere familiar and or easy to see to read and thus having to ask heads!  If you have to ask the answer is you can’t afford it or no!


Please note it is different with attentive! Folk like I can’t see so I ask if I may be seated I’m at the mall side the wrong side and walking me there without a scene or needing to ask save may I help… that’s like nice

what is notnice?  Seeing I read less than an inch from a page and asking dexiteme turning pages if I need help?  Ugh.

why? Because I’m not keen to appear helpless blind.  Like anyone or many anyway I must be cost conscious yet not appear worried over cost!

so why steelbach when it foreign frightening and likely annoyingly not my normal inexpensive eateries?

You can see the menu and what I selected from it.  I easily could have bought hundreds of dollars wines or an affordable glass.  Weird as I was sherry was on order – if you’re not hip to why it’s a line – “is it normal to offer them a sherry to watch you sniff it?… no it’s not!” (Red dwarf, bbc-grant naylor) that is the smoked tomato soup with a Rueben

The wine: as is my habit, NEVER be afraid to order thee wrong! Wine!! Sherry has with this fino an aromatics note that is very similar and complimentary to pickled cabbage (sauerkraut). So while white wine with beef??? Wrong!!!!!  White wine with tomatoes??? Heads!! Wrong!!!  But is it?  The acid component is highlighted for a delighted eater.

this is another example of looks

The place by dress when you can and will pay double of fast foods cost and the same road from my hostel 12 blocks to the location so the directions are not hard!

3109 n ola ave is grams place hostel and

1909 n ola ave is armiture works for steelbachs or a variety of choices

this is 2 blocks from the main road and 2 more blocks from interstate 275 with a waterworks water park also close by armiture works

hart the bus system two usd per bus unless special

hostel is 10 minutes from Tampa airport

its walking distances downtown along a river walk but remember it’s floeida often hot and nearly always humid.



The Witch of November

it’s october and I’m not in windy weather or in the great Lakes regions either.

It is a line in ‘the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald ‘ by Gordon Lightfoot   And in in this my world of esoteric usages of things is to hint at in hyperbolic fashions the winds of change….a scorpion s tune.  It’s okay it’s just music here ;). Musical allusion.


im up visiting family  in a town /area I lived in last year just getting ready to move away from a year ago!  I have a new cuteness of a nephew – the old play company of the dogs are still hilarious! You too might have to push a cantankerous horse of a dog off the couch!  But even in a smaller town set, there is stuff to do and see.

so here’s a slice and or stir of that


I know I got a 4 and a 5 buying a quart of 5.  I think I got the 12 as well – buck a sample max three  some offerings are a touch pricier but ‘craft’ beer is.

I got me a raspberry/dark chocolate latte ‘raspberry beret if you will remember your prince tunes…

I liked the eggroll guy as a photo op but I got more excited about some…. oh crap can’t spoil the surprise 😉 of a couple other venders  – such is official contact info best I can determine if one wants to peddle their wares on the ‘circuit ‘ 😉


zip line the river or visit your family & friends!



Shades and blinds

Wherein I make many tries and delete them jokes about flatulent situations after bean soup.

when you didn’t know you were French- bean soup and poof! You’re the lost montgolfier brother of the first hot air balloons

Anyways – the first of October was cleaning the blinds  and a pot of black bean soup.

the fruit strainer  made it silkier. (As did the blender whirled about a third of the beans and liquid)

1t salt

1 t ground cumin

2Tblspns curry

1 15 oz can diced tomatoes

1 gal water

1 pound black beans

at sealevel 2:10 simmering- strained in a big bowl with colander the beans reserving 2/3 the whole beauties. Yuck! More dishes. But pot washed  now two bowls and a colander with spoons and both a strainer and a blender!!! But! Straining out about a cup’s worth of bean shell? Glorious! Silken smooooooth.  At this point I added my cumin and oops I forgot you add the curry in stages! 1/2 up front then halfway another 1/3 and 40 minutes or less from done adjust if desired… I did!

12 wash cloth rags plus 2 tea towel ones too was the 1.5 inch wide and thick thick slats blinds.  Sure I could take them down hose them and never again see them hang again or methodically wipe them  clean in smelly oil soap water. Along with two a/c units and all the trim … baseboards yada it just takes all afternoon to pot beans and get methodical.  Then explosive….