Returning to fate faced with yellowing
Burning with hope’s lust of greed’s, “please! Just be.”
Yearning as a fool blindly reaching forth.
Besmearched by plague’s doubt – toddling still forward.

‘I love you’ banners bash eyes knowing more
Sighs, “son, I, um, lord? Like you something sore.
But listen up well- hell, just understand.
Shut down these your dreams screams – to be a man.

I can’t be but me. Please stand up alive
Cry out on our love. Come with truth, not lies.”

( from google search: maybe



I can insert here some Carly simon’ ‘it’s coming around again’ then make a truly crude moment of lower… humor in a birth control device joke.

I can also just as easily drip like that sink station you can’t get a plumber out after TIL – yes kitchen manager you couullllld pay double rate or just ride the ice in your soul because it’s a business and you’ve dealt with far worse longer… I could drip my hopes and dreams out to sodden up a double load of towels. I. Love. You. Drip. Drip. Drip. God! I’ll go mad. Drip drip drip……drip.

You know my glasses most likely are here. I’m due to see 20-150 corrected left and 20-180 right- left right being eyes. It’s been 6 weeks 7 really since they fell and broke just at the lowest I could financially be seemingly. I’m blind via the other set and even these too ( yes you see I’ll be able to see above! The stated lines of legal acuity… wise up! I never told you my overall field of vision!! It’s just as shitty. Yes. I cussed. I really do wonder though what amazing more I have. Pragmatically I can’t waste the money to find out I’m too impatient to wait Monday as you know they’ll be a package outside my pobox thus I can’t collect but within government hours. I can’t waste money and time impatiently yet you might know I want them and my Aladdin theme (a whole new world, Disney). I could have edited this too patiently to underscore my steely soul.

yep Zz top ‘cheap sunglasses’ and that’s with my groceries ( damn it – with great vitamin d and pill intake I still take a beating with insulin uptake. — yes, the cynacle of you should laugh and laugh that I lose weight a woman’s dream as I sit here brag-a-moaning oh yeah really is me!)

Punk inspired finger gesture to the world. Here I come!…. Monday

Joke is my weight is in farenheit the reading you’d like to see your streamline holding. Just right and ready for them customers! Ready and unpaid is bad! Not ready is bad. 😉


Ba-bump! In your night

via Fear

Shameless promotion continues in being nice to those who are same said my way. Come on! Get your 13 on.



Pretty Paradox Fox
Grinning as it trots eyes night bright
Accept hope can fail


On this day

I awake.from ‘the big sleep’ ( Raymond chandler) to the beer time forgot (meaning it quit being cold.) the next book in is Barbara Kingsolver ‘s ‘the poisonwood Bible’ where momma marches her orchestra of souls through spider webs conducted aside. I’m only 69 and 19 years off of current to then! Just as one story ends another begins noting that curiousness called ‘catch a tiger by the tail’ what would you expect but to hear a roar? This is that notion. This is to be the the impossible. To be be more than what’s possible.

In real life I sat in the sun laughing my fool head off – march 15th 2007; the hottest ice story aboves date. I had just meditated up me a notion! I do much the same musings now of how my dreams now might be…. Aqaba – by the land (Lawrence of Arabia; 1962? Peter o’toole based upon the Shaw ((actual lawrence of Arabia s book ‘the seven pillars of wisdom’ being the base material and not very interesting)). Then in aught seven i hoped to score and I had the planned sham confidence! Just as 11 later (7-11 convenient craps numbering of the dice cast luck or junk food nacho heaven! – yes cheese!) I feel myself on the edges called forever. I laugh as I muse now I swear I hold the truth and it makes me laugh my fool head off. Did I gain? Oddly yeah. It went according to plan and yet the plan the meaning – everything changed.


Weather forecast

Go, Good Boy, chin up
Forward through many dawns
Past yesterday’s rains

Echo thunder soon won’t scare
Lightning memory shan’t sear


Millstones and white elephants

Catchy marketing be it for a laugh and for a nice beverage and small peppy perk … okay two! Mail.

As you see the first book I play after years not utilizing the machinery is? The big sleep – Raymond chandler offering us Phillip Marlowe private investigator. (Movie has Humphrey bogart, Gerald mother my favorite of the radio drama actors – or like yeah this stuff is ww2 aged)

I enjoyed the jam topped cookies ( while not! Hammentashen, they are shortbread cookies topped with jam or close enough to understand the look/taste of technicality of Product, methods). An der yeah good Mango Melange tea.

You just would be laughing if your day began as mine did!

Bag holding double bottle of wine has hole – you know the sound!

But heheh here I am! Books bumps bummers and blisses too.

Stick-it Memo
Transcend seem to respond to belief the previous word. Sublimate and overcome are words to go with this in my mind – I didn’t have time for this epiphany so to return to it- these wiki note define wordspictures the use it has

curiously how Harry Potter conjures maybe.

I missed doctors appointment and four busses – I’m not sure this is bad

Commas-you word-alien (boy George/culture club karma chameleon) hook line for parody



Good morning!

Its already…

heh timing is a beautiful thing. I call Friday to a valid offer and call again Monday to an invalid one.  Scheduled choo choo rolls me to different new.

I enjoyed the walk – pretty area with park and semi convenient travel even a Sunday holiday offer!


if one moderns some offers a little of the 30 years ago grocery store pin board local ads.  I note this is fast ie Friday to Monday stuffs gone!  Strike fast or awwwwwww. Smell it gone if you must wait too.  Rather a spiritual lesson in more than housing respects.

Now laugh as astrology got it right- you will lose but some of value will remain.  I walked a nice area I now know but the reason for it has fled. The value of the putting isn’t lost-  smiling and dressing nicer is a hello around there.  Good maybe to know.  A pretty picnicable park by a good grocery? Even holiday travel? Good to know.  Ducks – for the Love of goodness! Too.





Onion and pear

Pork chops with a chambord reduction

Okay so I did get the edge of overdone! But I flipped the precisely and only one in 45 minutes Cooking time. This mean you could still eat it as it was soft and tender and the sauce came out too!




Work, Boy, work? Don’t fall!
No, you’re not listening at all
Not even praying, please, oh please?
Nor some sense of ease.
It is hope, Man, nurture and call.

Will the dream now pan out?
Alive in its idealism?
Don’t know, yet I’m about.