Tale told

Glasses fixed and gauruntee is for a year this town not 3 weeks without glasses. Duh expensive but far less impossible than flying cross country blind.

Despite irritation at the 50-70% off the $25.xx jacket still while nice enough is not that dopamine rush of wow score! But more like exactly what it was to cost all along.


Taco Bell was a dollar more at the mall food court which rather also tarnished the value.  Tarnished not ruined.


For you see thats the magic of chasing needfuls and the result- it was 23x.xx glasses 183 plus warranty and tax for what listed 178 online presuming no tax no gauruntee at least with ease! And the shipping is never ever free/fast.  Yes I could mail these home as I bought them in mid December they’re under purchase warranty but! The frames not 178/183 but 277 and what if they just happened not to have a set handy? A few days holiday season everyone bails for theirs  delays weather/production etc 3 week’s and? Somewhere after xmas I’m back in business seeing.  This isn’t optimistic logic but each day I’m minus eyewear is a day I can’t travel well or do much so boogers.


Heres another thing spendy i like

Chicken tikka masala which is 5 a box all day long about anywhere.


i don’t know if I can duplicate the ease of microwave magic but

Chicken Tikka Masala

that seems the highest rated and carefully documented offer going.


of course I like it yet one uncle outright disdains chicken.  So it’s unlikely I get to stock a freezer full of trash food and likely need a freezer too!  But I can make my heaven !!



im not quite sure I remembered good first world manners.  I left out knowing I might catch up with a friend as I was finally going that way.  Turns out the last minute nap was my earlier to home.  I know this is strange but frustrating or not one in my life areas might catch up monthly with others as it’s a major major thing to make plans and then look forward to plans or not break them as I flat out have my own life.  Thank you very much! ;). I forget this and I’m sure I owe a lot of people apologies as that’s just pushy not kindly.


that said

i believe this tale has a tailed soul do for a shower warm up as of course the hot tub is out of order and the cable out too.



Hacker code cracker

Big Mac Sauce Copycat Recipe

2-Ingredient Homemade Sauerkraut [Recipe]

As the secret dressing isn’t secret and pre prepped from otherwise ludicrously impossible season grown everything then everything required dried… it’s okay to consider a run to the store 😉


oddly enough I know I saw the sauerkraut crock at my paternal grandmothers but I can’t remember the smell.



Brine a corned beef

consider the store stuff but freshly prepared angle


semi home made


What remains

Oh grr and gah! Get
Up the line of lips smiling
Yet more can be moving

I wonder at the sheer joy it was three layers and a stomp to a Big Mac- ordinarily about the least desired offer in fast food. The fries damned crisp and hot. So hot in fact I sat like 3 about to piss dad off by eating only my fries ignoring dinner in favor of dessert! Diet Coke splash of sprite …. mmmm. Skittles yellow ‘bright side’ the new flavor to me. Ahh the thoughts in action of a breath indicative of lower sugars control oh surprise! My teeth hurt after just a nibble of no no. Oh sure I walked two hours ish so even at turtle I can say I burn 600-700 calories or could just afford my prized outings. It was quiet through the projects yet I had company. The owner keeps reverting to me supposedly leaving the first? It’s xmas (with luck) and with luck this is a right forward but it just surprise unraveled! I still mean the goal the point that I came for a future here it is no surprise I skip the blackness that for now it seems a shambles to which can actually be my fault! But look up. Russian dressing atop a cheeseburger on a warm bun. I am right that the smile exists and I made for mine. I know I spur hearing all this whatever planning stuff it seems block me/mine out but I’m here. So are the smiles. It seems to me others test beyond fate proving me right all along. I may move along in a spirit of done well I control my influence and my choices only and I’m not taking the worst. I may just court the best. Or I’m a fool.


Oh the weather outside is frightful but inside it’s delightful and there’s no where to go let it snow let it snow let it snow

I’m a Napoleon all in mad narcissistic love with what I’ll have done. It’s of course bullshit Tom foolery and yet again bills comes life is due. I’m impatient and likely rude

There’s a lot worth saying if it’s not the end to hear it.

There’s many lines in a desert of sand and they ever create the art of life. And the desert has soaked up more blood than you can imagine…Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

In a way though it’s good because if I am not to gain the ability to communicate up a world from words to alive? Then fine- I’m a lousy writer afterall swashbuckling with my bic!

It may just also not matter. Or I may be ever so close just that one breath more! We can make it!



the crazy so says

im blocked followed and so robbed!

the red wine eases


i reached my limit

i should cheer in the rum drinks

but  I ‘m like legit

i’m Dreaming my life away pedestalling the wrong joy clay

when I should suck more chlorine

and fuck my own loser heart so boring

ah how the words they hint away



This requires that curing salt
( via their link through )
The spices I can acquire at in my upcoming again town st Pete fl USA and a brisket at a grocery.

This means I may get a mounted slicing guide as its magic getting this thin for sandwiches!

Crockpot chili beans soups etc
I just had a tasty 15 bean hambone brand beans soup with some ham mmmmm. I recently made a real bean chili leaving only a meat only variation left. I thus have enough ammo to make a Sonoran hot dog amping my game courtesy of a traveling lass through this place I too and nearly through .
Hotdogs of repute 6, buns 3 chili 6 garnish condiments at 10 more as such are wicked to get cheaper.

I have not baked bread in an eon so I’m keen to take on gnocchi and potato type things and remake some homespun potato pancakes

Trick, see if I can’t stage breakfast goodies in a toaster oven thus stretch out 4 people breakfasts timed for all eat at once.
Ryo smokes as I must consider economy as if wish to hate again depending on firm wasteful fun budget lost to a ridiculous life I can in fact be master of. Hint I want more dough and don’t expect it so duh spend less!

Continue December into January with insurance gotten- gain new doctor if I don’t see moving back to Tampa with school (March 21) finish eligibility of services via finishing voc/rehab intake.

Drift towards the adventure versus force the wrong one


PfSH the sure nonsense!

… placeholder for ugh how I’m swamped this second…


Silvered or alive?
Power remains quite the same?
Shelved and placed aside

Jealousy is no
I want or need so
Yet I stare at the prize
A connection easily realized
And revenge’s dish served cold

I listen to the saw wail through wood. I drink my last of the coffee tepid. I saw for an instant the prize of understanding as it went into the same patterns poof.!.

I collected my things. I placed them closer to a new life. And wonder why being right costs are so high. As if I must be atop a mountain before my view is shared.

I say truthful things hotly meant. I mirror the sentiments I feel present. One is suffering to connect when it’s easy it’s not hard just choice little simple ones! Oops no no no! Let’s latch to only fears and not joy. It is so much easier seemingly to stand and demand omnipotent understood and delivered on compliance. I’m here for the good stuff thanks and what!?!?!? Goodbye? It’s just perception and I’ve just not the time?

It’s funny but just as I see the steel breastplate armor I also see the workings of the wellspring pumping underneath. I can face the steel sharp no.’s because they say truly. Yet the acid of …of no to the no seems to drive my life.

It’s easy to run into a wall but so much more glorious to see deftly around them. Of course it’s a risk I can’t but courage is damning the torpedo bubbling to help one to it.

It’s as if I read only of fears as I to have a few yet instead of enjoining the battle to joy it was but a barrel breaking the soul sprung forth to a wasted heaven. Just a sad moment. Just another toast to wet the ground. Yet I see it’s just a sorta sandwich of joy shared away cleared.

Anyways it’s also too much to keep clashing like titans of a mythic time. Simple things lead in a line but to where oh hell no im not so blind! Because there’s a bill unpaid. Fine rest while it’s worked but the death is only the sleep versus a life awakened. It’s only a wall to be remembered when it’s better a garden picnic in the shade of fears lived beyond.



there are words to make ideas of hinted at notions



Like a circle, ellipses are part of a natural world.  They offer something of a truth not so circle of life or death! Feeling. But expansive!  Problem might be they are egg shaped and thus some ideas might be…. rotten! … rotten eggs how fart at the natural hot springs smells like a nasty fart.


elipse serves a purpose of allowing truer motion thus is perfectly circular but just as perfect a system.


but I’m thinking … right on schedule… house


most lots are thin as in not square but a long thing far longer than wide.  I want something that allows me height so I must have length as I think out of the box as jokes go telegraphing… the access ramp to a second story is but 1 inch to 12 inches x to y x being height or depth and y length.  There are stop/rest breaks required but in principle this is the needed notion.


How on fits in with what one might get.


so far fighting tooth and nail is not the way and oddly I saw the prize I wanted connection in a simple nap I dreamed long before I came.  It’s no surprise planets align but when a function of effort and timing. Too much wrecks the motions equilibrium lost..  but so too can one collide which is a disaster I e crossing paths.  Oh well that addendum makes note sense but is without explanation.



gravity draws me to drift in my lanes.  It seems like bad luck just as I asked for the prize but in reality I got me a cosmic wink


Wide 45×67 deep is

half a square or side by side 45’s is 90 by 67 there are set rules of structures to meet codes for set backs… bit


but I have an elipse or a half of an idea going

both literally and in a tied way emotionally to events unrelated.





no to watch what comes.


perhaps I am as I know I am right but impatient thus apain  – but so be it I’m not after just any path  or any celestial thing


Trying sense

you ever felt the avoidance vibe?

oh later! Shhh! (Later doesn’t come but an argument always an easy blame game too if why are you! Freaking out god I’m tired! Shut the :::: up!




choice and approach intersect.


all the caring in the world is not enough if the block is asked removed and remains.


smile with me

because it’s ok!

this is a truth that’s sticky

its easy to lose at 20 years before say my dad sought help with troubling times that eased quickly from ugly times as a Young’s adult at war.  I didn’t serve yet even I can carry that similarity of troubles hard to shed we are similar often in family.

But hoping we come across as ease and trust is tough stuff!

Enduring the vengeance of others troubles is as knife!


hug  just the same as it is to stare back saying don’t you abuse my caring to make magic miracles happen then dump me gone if I’m not a fix instead choose to say um no cure! You I’ll hang about to hug.

or don’t but remember it’s just a choice but the love is not.  Caring is not easy as it’s work to make sure I stuff off the blame or resistance to let another see it’s ok!  I’m here I’m not evil even if I have other annoying attributes


Oh oh!

It’s oh god! Thirty
As the sirens distant wail
To emergencies

The scales lever
Swings toward all equaled
That gravity worth

I heard I’d so fit in
detail asks me ask if that’s sin
Because you seem to want out
Happier to skip that route
And my answer here quieted

Well changes grip me
Maybe I’m timely
I know I forward
But king or as turd?
I sense love coming

I wonder why I fit a lawsuit I never took that forever is a destiny. I lost out on what was a house paid in full and to have thus cash forever back whatever hope I promised. (Agent orange class action paid to claimants upwards of 60k in the early eighties I was long determined fully disabled so gaining that full award is not unheard of thinking yet it was chosen we’d not participate after vetting to be qualified) I know it sounds harsh to feel s lifetime if letdown because I needed that little bit more how rude! I know what it is to slide into the toilet if ingratitude that socio-economically I had to survive this go down the ladder down. I know each time promise comes it’s where is the betrayal too? And to know such is my fault or a responsibility.

Yet I’m to believe or nothing but the above comes to me. Fight each joy forward hoping. Sure in my soul shining out that joy as I control is coming. Such is the vision executed to a masterful plan.

Oh And it’s oh god thirty
For this philosophical flirting
Over just day likely waiting
To see intuition Harry carried
God must want me see something.


The curtains

i can wax poetic or oddly on a theatrical curtain and how heavy material alters a soundscape.  I can talk metaphoric death!  Or reveal here that the metaphor I’m on is boring American  Texas chili red.  Yes.  Chili.  A chili cheese fries o a quintessential chili covered hot dog.  Chili.  Not Nuevo what make pronounce and pay dearly for trendy what’s it slop.  Chili.

i know it’s paprika garlic and beans and or meats.  Chili.

i put many a pot full of these things together for anything but chili.


now I have made chili and?  It’s paprika garlic beans this time with sausage and?  Chili.

i do intend as with all questions answered to question again if I can’t manage this as a no bean chili thus truly allowing the chili cheese fries and or hotdogs of true indigestion.  But that I’ve the “taste” makes me happy.

other stuff also makes me wonder what I see.  Like a work/life incident here where it took a month was it nearly? To sort out why the owner knew to bedevil one of us.  Well I got my answer as awoke missing the full incident.


i also sense blood in my waters and I a piranha. But vagueness prohibits me to say … Heheheh