it all starts with a city. I choose for this mythic adventure, Toronto. You needn’t like a damn thing on the listings nor do you have to consider such in any order, but remember, POETRY of place is perhaps worth a thought. I’d not mind a stroll by the waterfront…sure it might require a gallon of coffee but…such is available…or maybe I would like to shine some more with the elegant outting…subdued and refined…I wonder if I can still soup without a sound? There is of course no need to mention a museum or three – just tour the web some with me and see if I snuck in romance… I will note you must remember your caboose is charcoal as there is air hockey and I’m annoyingly good for a blind guy.

Woodlot Restaurant
WHAT I FOUND TOURING…LITTLE ITALY? sounds more frenchified to me the french onion soup with a wood burning kitchen? it offers reservations so;) I think theres a weee chance this might be fine dining.

William Ashley China
and fine bone china.. who could resist the tour down momma’s echo lane of we just cant have nice things? some of that waterford crystal is simply scruptuous.

The Official Mirvish Website | Tickets to the Best Theatre in Toronto
I liked the notion of “Arcadia”

the pariso cafe didn’t want to link but it’s there and why would I travel with any coffee nut and NOT consider a coffee joint?
Menu | Parisco Cafe

The Tea Room
Just think of the poetry of it all.

Sweet Snow Shave Ice
perhaps a shave ice?

Shuffle board Toronto
there is also weather permitting, miniture golf.


awww lookie lookie at more you can care less about.

I had to hit walmart. it was a timing thing and also they had what I wanted. I know, how weird to find a walmart useful.

28 cent cup of noodle ramens x 4
Borden Brand slice cheese appearing like pepperjack 2.48?
some offbrand small pack corn tortillas – 1.68
diet squirt 2 Liter, 1.00
naturipe red raspberries small carton, 2.48
‘rocco romain lettuce 1.58
9.88 w tax.

now contrary to my usual disdain for walmart, I’ve always appreciated they sell penny matches which to me are cool and impossible otherwise to find. I know I didn’t get any this time but I did and do like the enriched noodle product of ramens which are a mild source of b vitamins…

the point here is. the goods. for you see, I have a chicken breast with rib meat, this makes about a brownie pan’s worth of enchiladas, obviously I’m going with pepperjack cheese topping and a side of somekind of rice-a-roni type rice and spicey green beans/likely onions. this allow 6 meals which is my dinner and a lunch later.
next, the lettuce combines with the tomato i have or can still salvage, cheese shreds just enough and sour cream whoopee! to make the refried beans and red enchilada sauce left make fine tostada action. this again is meals.
I work all weekend so one meal is covered and that tired out come home is what’s left soups.
now, Of course I can bomb my target or even kmart cards and flood my house with food 22 months with every goodie. but, I really do have to clean the fridge. I cant continue to have the beatles approach of let it be. I know that stings come what do I do monday or tuesday, but go shopping but, it’s past time.
of course you could live your whole life not needing to know this why… but just imagine for a minute the value of cheap tasty options like toastadas that I’m hard pressed to find for 1.75 a piece when in reality you’ve 20 for under ten dollars which feed 7. I’m not keen on enchiladas as a rule or to be fairer, I never ever go out of my way to order them at a restaurant but I do adore all the fine home meals with them featured. I have some lentils so I’ll be alright I have rice so I’ll be alright. but with any extra oomph effort my house is one step closer to done which means cleaned everything all functional, dishwasher now, new paint shined floor comfortable television and couch and ample stylish storage. I mean the only magic left is the need of a microwave and this place is…finished…. just in time to move FUCK. but again, I lament living here as it SEEMS good, but this place is about useless to live in… no microwave, pain in the ass dishwasher but praise be i have one, difficult plug access. no fucking lighting of any use… the only thing going is that it’s small enough that bombed and I deaathly ill can still clean it in 6 days of a few minutes here or there so long as the dog does NOT enter.

I still feel like an asshole voting mainly republican. I seriously believe that this is thee worst election ever and they keep going downhill of YOU CALL THIS CHOICE? We don’t have to discuss your beliefs and god be praised if you happen to believe the opposite of me… I just am leary of divisions, republicanism is fiscally responsible but thee winner for social neaderthalism… case in point facism NAZIs keep going right and someone not only is castigated out blamed for all evil but likely sot dead and buried in a mass grave…republicanism is pretty much the devil if you actually care about human life and have the balls to care in cash. so for me to feel it’s my best option is on par with smiling at the devil…usually some hypocritical asshole in a pulpit having 3 affairs with men chanting monogamy. but again, praise be if you happen to disagree entirely.


draft-y opinion…

Forget it poisons are here to stay and Science delays in saving the day as your health their profit hurts?
Because through all of time someone wants to steal away your faith if only by tainting away your divine?

Its Bacon to treyfe your faith away ha ha
Bacon to treyfe your soul astray ho ho hee hee ha ha
within sinful cities with anguish and crime and I’ll be saddened to feel
the damning words of some white coated man
Saying my life is ebbing away

Now we must shop and shop yes shop where reputation says you’ll be healthier here til the banrupcy total appears, CRIPES! but no gmo’s from local souls its all organic cold-pressed or gluten and hormone free grassfed or some unpronouncable seed with nothing BAD?

Or Bacon to treyfe your soul astray oink oink
Insectoid color swiping your god away squeal squeal
amidst thunderous warnings from your friendly thank you for your fivers folk burgeoning you with guilt of souls blood spilt
Baconing My dear god away

now your goose is cooked, shortened days all journaled-LOOK! and jump for glee if you lived to see all friends deceased WHEE! well just you wait as you’ll hear the laugh of fate as you’re sooner to them pearly gates YOU PUTZ

it’s certified more expensive hee hee
yep, more bottom line linings ha ha sucker hee hee
and you say it took your eye bee ess away and you’ve never ever felt better in all of your life before today
yet who’s been sold a bill of goods by hoods (your MO-NEY)
so Enjoy the dream of their bigger profits scheme as you’ll pay now to keep your god your way hoo-ray
or Bacon bringeth the acid reducers my way -ouch Squeal.

Hello Home worth whatever bank you’ve chose Health a word now to make wealth not but trickle but seriously flow. yet billions live with less than us and longer with less fuss from white coated folk or those to shackle you with guilt’s yoke
fear, no thanks.

Bacon up my plumbing cement me dead ker splat
yet only sugar rises with low fat, imagine that.
Doctor Doctor still they die off just like the rest of us flies despite arrogance of opinions to the skies and fees to make you cry
orht em guilt perveyors of damnation and despise. why why?

And They’re coming to take me away Ha Ha
They’re coming to take me away ho ho he he ha ha
To the loony bin with all you can eat perscription drugs like thorizine, and lithium, and electric shock and insulin
They’re coming to take me away Ha Ha

Read more: Lard – They’re Coming To Take Me Away Lyrics | MetroLyrics

I’ll look over this eventually, but, this is the FIRST draft of trying to bring sanity back 😉



I wonder if I’ll get the chance to see some or any really of the magic that is armchair traveling now of the net. I was looking up jixi China

I know this seems common, but I still try to count the coal cars as them trains go by on my way to work. typical now is 127 from 119 early summer. It seems as if this area of China still uses steam locos as why waste…it works.

of course I happen to be watching a wild west movie. this helps in the romance department. it’s Shanghai Noon.- jackie chan/owen wilson. it is a rarity but this is a film I saw in a theater. it didn’t do particularly well but I enjoyed it. its rather a prize I found it of all places…on youtube.

while this isn’t exciting in it of itself, I cleaned the sink. retouched the commode too. it’s rinsed thrice as my cat refuses to drink water from a dish as a kitten he grew up in an apartment with leaky faucets so he just refuses stale water. but as you can imagine I start I hope 😉 to reup this house for the power of living simply slick. I would like to have it at 10 minutes to not an embassment.

I am surprised always by who and why.. I managed to get another surprise comment..well not too surprising but I didn’t start out to impress anyone. I worry about compliments and forever it seems tr y to learn to accept them with more grace…I’m just suspicious 😀

I need to post my votes. I may not. I feel a complete ass for what/who I picked. but
I still think it valueable to have a gmo labeling and not wait for federal intervention. I think it serves to drive up the chances of farmers markets and a new feeling that unc sam gives a shit about us…at least in motions gone through insincerities.
I don’t like the notion of downtown denver gambling – but in a limited way the creeps coming, I just vote against the panacea of sin being some kind of instant salvation. I’ve been to inwdsor, detroit and a variety of towns here in colorado high country I just don’t see it being all that. however, I was about when they wanted the measure as it was JOBS. I just remember that notion that nothing comes without something and from the beginning it was odd it was impossible to get a casino which was non smoking ,now all of them are save ONE there’s alway one… that caters to a not old enough to drink crowd.

the majority of the rest is red. I feel like a heathen for voting republican. always have because it sounds so right. it just seedy. I feel more let down by conservatives than liberals as liberal already are going to hell just they’r a hell of a lot more tollerant along the way. it amused me to no end to hear so many anti gays came up with meth filled gay sex scandals. gooooo pulpit… but that’s just my take yet ultimately I cant stop this embarassment I’m like voting for Nixon or something because I do actually believe it’s not the ime for freewheeling government spending. people are soo cheap and lazy that a one penny difference in tax can send them across town or well the other way. to keep an eye on the local hopes less spending to discourage chasing our trade away with taxes… I think largely this time sin of sins, conservative politics seems the way to go….this has the shit effect of bringing with it the howl of intollerance a christian hallmark…but, if I must voice an oppinion again, I like this it offers the best chance at a living for most and hopefully not too much bullshit. I will laugh if I file it and I turn out to be so hugely righ my folk win and it turns out we all lose. but such is my old fashioned this vote views. it’s time for some steam punk government.



the old thyme on the stove led to past thymed mussels. I have began today’s religous blasphemy with microwaved bacon. I have also done evil by putting hand dish soap into the automatic dishwasher so as the sink can be actually clear and the dishes actually done. beer: full sail amber for breakfast. oh I even turned the furnace on for actual comfort…okay I pay for that so I put on clothes first 😉
I’ve sputtered putting this up having many eons of previous pages deleted. but I suppose this says what needs said now.


toolin around

I went to arby’s and remembered a weird thing that while not exact, Arby’s ArBQ sauce was similar to Lloyd’s bbq sauce. I just went to look that up for trial comparing and? I’m only 8 years out of date.

while it’s not highly interesting to YOU perhaps, I tooke a tour from work to pay bills. I managed my change to pay the phone correctly and target slightly ahead up this leave under 45 remaining on it’s balance again paid in full for next cycle. the phone was worth the stop as well in that I’m on the NEW network not the old hence at $25 for a DUMB phone, I needn’t expect too much hassle when they switch official to someone else. I still like the Super at Arby’s but I regret when they switched from finely shaved lettuce to the simpler spring of dark burger topper lettuce.

I resisted the urge to buy lottery tickets. I guess on that front I’m happy and even on the buy beer instead front I bought things I wanted so as it’s not deadly impossible redo expensive to add to my stash extending the bliss it still somehow feels like I’m a turncoat, I’m better off not drinking no matter the lottery loss or gain – can’t win if you don’t play but in reality one isn’t ever likely to actually WIN. also speaking of turncoatery, I filled in my ballot but must get postage to mail it…errand, ug…. I feel a huge turncoat as I’m conservative by testing yet must if I am interested in self interest vote liberal as all my life stems from liberal backed politic program or aid/tax dogery. but largely most of what I want politically is conservative with key exceptions. I stop at wholesale social screwoverings like lack of birth control or ew otherwise, casino interests in the heart of town saying it’s for the kids, forgetting I deserve in tooth regulation law to know where my food comes from and it’s handled risafely… I mean I don’t mind SME let the buyer beware but not wholesale please take my money I’m just here to be laughed at. but cheap management a hallmark of conservative pride even if both business folk of all politic want efficiency and profit. seems often best as does status quo incumbancy unless for some huge reason someone dowsn’t want their job. but it just feels like I’m such a turncoat in that I want some wedge against ultimate power but I seem to be voicig the wrong yays. but then again, I have a feeling I want money and to best aide me gain a pile of more oportunity, I need to know the right folk and that to a degree means literally mimmicking what they want to hear. I know this may make my ethical heart blead but being incompetant often is the way to promotion or cushy work…I also still really really like beer.I only blew ten percent of my check on myself.


in the drink again!

which of my love affairs the live body I’ve seen thrice this year remembering me only at bar close? or my married to another half a world away wonderbar?

computer crashed with dvd in so it wants to load from dvd first i’m not sure how to eject the disc safely.

but in better news i saw a careplan at work or how we one of 35 careplans actually get paid.  I may be beginning to learn my actual job.  I’ve beer. and one down of my five major monthly errands paid 🙂



I have to remind myself that I do actually do things. It rarely seems relevant at the time or anywhere near some lackluster seeming payout. so, here expands what I do and know.

for reasons memory obvious, I’m trivia. no, of course, I’m NOT trivial. But it’s worth it to me to note 2001 camp I’ve 40 some or more and bingo. I’m rotten enough to ask if anyone wants any specific numbers as, duh, I’m the guy to talk to as I pull them…then say smart aleckally things like, TOUGH, you get what I call. NO FAVORITISM. eyyyyyeee twenty five two five under the ai, matey…it’s a fine road as many of you used it to get here. I mean it isn’t hard to imagine something like this removing 4 people from an hour’s boredome in the room with the charges ro become ten years later, the start of my volunteering once again for a bit over 2 years to obtain employment calling? Bingo! My good people. complete soon enough with seventy five associated numbers or so.

it’s easy enough to associate numbers

but where history gets fun is, 1910 sees 95% of homebirths not hospital ones – not one single western nation with Women’s Sufferage enacted into law, the average wage might amount to 200 – 400 a year but housing prices are difficult to find… 1850’s era “Walden: Life in the woods” henry david thoreau offers in economy chapter that a 10×20 recycled shack was just over $28 which even in today’s market is about the same price for a nice prefab one of commensurate value and as h.d. squatted on Emerson, Ralph Waldo’s land we can skip the land lot cost. no one was on the poles either or, north or south. voice radio didn’t exist, what beer can, what pack of Camels? what refrigerator, what gas or electric range for most? what dishwasher outside a hotel, what airplane, what e = mc squared, largely who’d seen a car let alone driven one? bathrubs? yes they had been heard of but who had one? fast food bahahahaha. Hollywood? hunh? 94% of people Didn’t graduate highschool. 10-12mph if there was a road was about the speed limit….please note that means 5 minutes a mile john paul jones in 1912 ran the mile at 4:14 or faster than any car was allowed to drive….however, I’d hate to have to be a beat feet cop having to run down the offender 😉 and all of this before the refigerator…. all before a world war, all before the mighty titanic sunk first voyage out 😉 the panama canal wasn’t yet here.


Things To Make You Go, “Hmn…”

it’s nearing two o’clock on a pay day prior…I’ve got priors 😀 and while it’s not the end of the world, I’m going to miss this one… I’m reasonably pleased it isn’t mandatory. the last two days have been, hulu plus my way. star hummin’ some Stxx, “I’ll take those, Long nights, Impossibles odds, Keeping my eye to the keyhole. if it takes all that to be who i am, I’m gonna be a blue collar man.”

I’m through a large portion of what i missed of NO RESERVATIONS and amazingly I popped right into the heart of what was usable for me in “a Cook’s Tour.” I went seriously old school bringing up “The Frugal Gourmet”

my haha to you is I think my mind plays tricks on me. I remember many things but also see things almost for the first time as it would be fair to say I went and picked an episode of the Fruge that I hadn’t seen – or at least fully…it wasn’t rare that I’d oscilate back to watching the Hippy Painter – Bob Ross even if I didn’t take to the paints with my love of the happy little accidents. I’m serious though, I knew he bungled a word or two that Jeff Smith, But geez three out of four? and he really was a lummux when trying to offer legitimate crdit to his production chef Craig. but that wasn’t exactly what I mean by the viewing past I unfortunately can see why the back patting and almost false sounding praise would cause suit to be filed for sexual harassment…but again, I am not on that I’m on the something doesn’t jive with my timeline in what I knew when.

I even looked up Mexico One Plate at a Time. I am shocked to see that it lists no start date and thus empiric evidence suggest it hits 2006 which seriously doesn’t jive with when I was serving up the first adobada that I learned the confidance to try from that specific episode of Rick Bayless’ show so mentioned. because certain guests wouldn’t have been there as roommates and perhaps neither even would I have even lived there. It’s odd to think of some of the seinal events and see something of a problem with timelining points saying I couldn’t have done it two years before the show even aired!

for instance here’s things I used in cooking show Ideas
Mock Stock – Frugal Gourmet – I make a majority of my meatballs simmered first in stock then blackened some as there is no fry after a bubbling with ground beef simmered typically in chicken stock, sometimes chicken and pork and unlike the frug, I do this with boulion – I know I’m going to heck. I never made mock turtle soup…I’m hard pressed even to show you that episode of how mock stocks were given to mimick ingredients then hard to find.

wine, what kind of wine you cook with? Justin Wilson repeated many shows of his – you cook with wine you’ll drink. hint avoid that salted stuff called cooking wine. most recipes call for about one cup or one generous glass of wine. as much of the liquid is expected to evaporate why waste drowning something in wine when water will suffice.

while I don’t know everything mexican from strictly chef Rick Bayless, I wouldn’t have attempted the key tastes without his show on how to achieve that quintessential texture tastes LIKE mexico. this means I’m shocked I haven’t moled but lol I’ll get there. adobada was the signature taste to bring mexican alive for me so in a roast went and simmered in tangy chili water – which again little sub shows did the point out that you take the chilies and water and blend in blender and this over garlic seared meat is that magic simmer all til it just falls apart…other wiebsites and youtubes taught me to make the tacobell like filling which led to the understanding of modern foodsafety where food holds but only so long at x temperatures or you have to have water in the meat fillings as otherwise half the operational life of the fillling is dry as dust who wants cardboard meal? but until this magic moment I hadn’t done it. I knew by then how to make beans from scratch fairly well but never duplicated the taste of the restaurants and that’s okay I’m not exactly afraid to admit I’m not a grand cook just capable. I knew how to make taco meat via seasoning packs and also almost how to mix my own spices – I never knew about that water part for the holding which requires a thickener or who wants wet meat ?

little shows like good eats with alton brown explain something most cooks didn’t that is to say the science of food. after all, alton brown comes to us via bill nye the science guy’s production…Alton like rachel ray aren’t cooks persay but personalities. for instance, the stew textures and stock broth tastes require something of a long long time to break down those specific things in the meat connections and the bones themselves so one gets that toothiness…also beans and potato rice etc don’t exactly absorb water the way you might think they are forcibly cooked only from steam pressure hence you can really wreck a rice trying to cook it wrong and end up only with moosh. beans remain hard until enough steam enter them rehydrates and cooks them through – this is why soaking doesn’t change the cooking time significantly but is damned important if for no other reason than your previous generations did it so should you! but yes, it does serve more of a purpose than tradition it, soaking dried beans often overnight, truly makes a difference in the uniformity of your product… it however might take off two minutes of actual cooking time over two hours which is why I say it is of use but careful about stressing how much. it also is embarassing to me to have figured out via alton and connecting the dots how we have pinkish meats which are/ nitrated often. nitrates are sodium containing checial in this case sodium nitrate/ite etc. gun powder cantoins a potassium nitrate and all who bit off gun powder charges premeasured thus tasting a lot of nitrate per battle in the american civil war complained of not being male like up to that special task we like to think about…but if a corned beef remains pink because of the preservative its interesting why we insist on that look excepting I’ve seen many day old dried aged beef and it’s fine cooked but rather less than appetizing raw.

so, there is just a little about my gorging on general nostalgia…and now to mirror a sentiment so country… ” I thank daddy for the whoopin Momma for the cookin’ I thank the bank for the money and I thank God for YOU.” I am just saying that is a little slice of who to blame when I go spouting something food. yes, I learned this stuff by recipes and here’s something it took burt wolf who also showed the notepad as if he a master was still a student, to get it in my head that yes we compete to goad ourselves to our best or simply get the business to stay alive but ultimately the only loser in a food battle is the person who didn’t eat. there is no real winning or losing just arbitrary tastes that change so often you’d be surprised what is and isn’t the best you’ve ever had.

dishes that while stolen are mine
zucchini au gratin – originally swiped from the isle of capri’s casiono buffet.
maple chicken wings – from pbs and probably only mine cause I say so 😉 I can say I altered the recipe I remember hearing.

things that are mine
sweet heat kebabs marinade – essentially a cranberry hot pepper teriyaki
tequila orange arinade – long since to the world at large but not when I discover that it is also a teriyaki but fairly good with fish.
chocolate cardomum spice cake
sweet and sour NOTHING – a fine fry bread with chinese syle vegetables in a tangy tamarind sauce

I cant remember who to blame but
sweet onion red bean dip. I know it is mine by the ingredients chosen but I know also it didn’t “invent” it I just cant remember where it came from in2004ish. I can’t stand the japanese mung like but red beans it’s supposed to be made of and thus I use american small red beans and brown sugar instead of turbinado and the sweetest onion I can afford at the time with is a HUGE spanish yellow often even if vidalias and wala walas are signature yum.

it is somewhat irksome to see ev3n 20 years nearly from when I could say i could cook til now I can’t llay claim to pride in more things food but lol these still sell….or shall I say interest folk.


repackaging and returning

I’ve had a twin return of more work to allow a long weekend for supervisor.  it serves the purpose to make me laugh that one was telling her coordinator to write herself up for not being the example shiny of the workplace policies…I mentioned how sneeky they let me be as if I were to be in troubles like that, it’s interesting that the punishment falls upon the building and my supervisor far harder than upon me as she’d have either a day without activities and no good exxcuse like I was very ill or have to work my days…the galssaid I was naughty to fully understand that.  I also got to hear what is the upcoming shindigs.  or in a different way, I got to plug in a tad more.  I crowned this as a high achievement of sophistication of upending a side salad by accident into the center of the plate….ooops.  I may have redemption in that I run activities on my days as the latest repackaging of one of our activities is previously bean bag toss – a fine measure of coordinated motor skills – as the all new, bean bag shuffleboard.

I went to the reopened east european deli for unpronouncable products and russian roulette variety choclates.  I got what appears to be a naugat pie  not unlike a moonpie.  I got some small hazelnut somethings too.  mmm.  I got a jar of young walnut preserves anda seasoning packet for either stuffed cabbage leaves or bell peppers…  I thought it said stbell peppers stuffed with cabbage but read best i could and saw I was mistaken.  I couldn’t affard the fancier tea as I didn’t have the feeling I’d like to make that complicated sequence of banking calls to afford it and hadn’t the cash on me but mmmmmm. wicked good offerings.  I didn’t spot pelmeni which was a shame as that is the literal reason i wanted to go there.  while coffee offerings were cheaper and so was the smaller teas, I couldn’t settle for just anything.  I also nearly got some butter as in what? imported butter, but i just didn’t feel the urge to do so yet funny butter at the domestic but premium prices is not particularlycheaper all less than a dollar with similar weights. but here this is in links

конфеты konfety

while I cant spot exactly either i got, it’s fun to show you what I mean by russian roulette with chocolates 😀

while my label differs slightly, this is about the exact thing I got.

zergut’s (Germany) young walnut preserves.

i swear I was looking at a cherry/currants one and thinki the blue’s the prettiest

please understant i don’t speak russian or any language past Americanized English so when confronted with foreign, I do my best to search for the specific names/spellings online

this is how i dealt with having to produce script in cyrillic

I fixed mom’s paper jam and thus have not wasted all her gas to shuffle me 🙂  I hope.  I very narly was late to work as I woke to needing to be at work at ten am and do not drive it’s 8 miles away and my clock said 9:32  I was to work at 10:05am   so, all of my learned skills of trying to be what others count on and do it despite critical drawbacks of disabilities..meant I walked to the atm got cash and called a cab second day in a go.  Ouch as I lose over half of what I make that day from taxes and cab fare, but please understand that it wasn’t the sky is falling end of the world why bother depression I’m blanked… I simply tried to get something to change my breath and my best at hair attention blurry-eyed.  I’m done with my month’s dietary intake i believe.  I know enough to sort out the trip.

I’m ten years into being a diabetic.  I’m not controlled as in 6.3 or below a1c tests 2 or more in a row.  I’m also not without some notion of trying to keep myself going.  I can despite concern if you actually read my dietary intakes maintain about 1700 calories a day fairly consistantly and only gain weight when I’m more than good 6 days or more insulin consistantly or I maintain about 158 vs the 178 I’m fairly close to attaining….I hope.    I’ve no evidence I’m trained enough to be employably valuable elsewhere but I’ certain to gain a checkcycle of november 3rd/5th so I’m 18 months in reliable.  I’m beginning to find new ways to get excited about cooking again and not just dream but achieve…this more than anything may see me give up a 1 bedroom apartment seperated from the main house I live in to have all my damn pans and pots tools!  kinda hard to cook without them!    I hope you get the idea that I’m passionate enough or returning to passions that I have much to be thankful for and work after.

music therapy lady said she had something on her shirt and I said I cant see it so she said get closer and I said decorum 😉  I mean I should behave…she said she might not…  I am fairly sure I’ve complained about that not occuring for me and there it occurs when and from the least expected sources and I’m a big fuddy duddy.  hhmph.  😉