Grease and Smoke,ss:44&prmd=isvn&prds=num:1,of:1,epd:9618045683475815129,paur:ClkAsKraX1xt3esrT1VbWRH3hNS-6zc1ri1LMM7Fc4XIl9xwAQcL6DV1TwVmZIyhyqvrmigaRE3DNvMFKiIWJjULNXJ6sDe25MldPQHKyo6ASBe-PKZ6XktEBxIZAFPVH73tRgihbbI5FcdHc4uKmCghhI1zMw,prmr:1,pid:9618045683475815129,cs:1

Click above to see some clucking chicken.

(Teabella, station house, St. Petersburg FL.)

As of this sitdown no they didn’t have any yixing but they did have Lapseng tsu Chong!

Blocks fat (grease) absorbsion thus unlike most diarrhea type teas this can be pleasant without making life lonely on the ‘throne.’

(Careful not to forget we only get so much help! But a bit is nice)

I might give that matcha lemonade one a go another tea time 🙂
Oh WiFi is free.


By that much!

The following is half a year’s dough for laying down. I myself qualify so very nearly that dang it! I’m a smoker and even quitting while possible just violates a rule if my core- I’m not ultimately changing for anyone! I know I can bathe and dress differently but that’s dress up ! I know better than sadly to expect a true change unless that just miraculously happens — why? Every married fried now most on seconds and thirds etc (Note I get precisely zilch no one just my actual luck). I have seen the I’ll hope they change and immutably the precise opposite occurs if they’re fat and sloppy the win received of marriage validates the giving up trying to catch anyone or worry over those boogers about us… fatter sloppier they became. Or whatever part of themselves at odds with their partner.

I core know this hurts deeply watching helping my joys end. Nothing lasts forever as change is that only constant. But how we proceed is important. I felt I worked invested in the joy of my obviously I’m a fool alone others asked complained fought to be held better all of which? Pushed me away I was but a momentary what If argh! Maybe I was even an asshole! I’m surely not all that and a bag of everyone’s favorite crisps. But needless to say the point

I didn’t quit smoking when it’s price rose. I’m not keen on asthma or bronchitis so alter intake if I’m so gifted heheh but overalls I smoke all 175,000 of them and I’m rather cool being me even if it’d be cooler I’m sure if I quit. Never forget that’s why the majority start – to be cool. Bahahaha if the could see further down life’s road! Just as losing friends of a romantic sort sure smarts but if we aren’t to be then the moments are enjoyed but only were moments (yeah yeah but if so and so only tried bleep! Nope. I tried and the choice was given out in good faith even if I wanted a different outcome.

Same is true about cessation of intakes! We all know we’re not going to get cart blanch to smoke drink etc around youngsters so we don’t! Watch how a simple glass causes misery sometimes! But that said we aren’t changing us just waiting ! All of us know some life must wait! But to truly say I quit forever would be unfair in that I like my vices! I mean I quit for a nesr dry year but funny how I purposely said I just wasn’t not that I had quit I disliked the lie! I caught it anyways! Bahahaha. But did I? Yes actually as if we are expected unfairly of x things that’s personal freedom! To not have this is a sadness from an American pov. This doesn’t mean ignore responsibility. Just that within rules we can choose. One is freedom however limited the other a prisoner thing. This is ideologic. There is nothing wrong with being a good member of family within a community doing our life part for the people either. I just use different ways and means.

But boo to be so close yet so far!


Skittles ‘n’ beer

The five banking relating and two of three government relating address updates are done with today’s edition of switching talking book library (not the third government duty that’s my voting whatever junk). Leaving only tomorrow to cover the beginning of redoing my insurances.

I could do it now but there isn’t enough coffee and although that isn’t my exact issue, it’s close enough to say without a page on it.

Division of blind services followed up upon. So not much past a week elapses tween this process 🙂

It’s moments like this of a lifetime of big voting that I remember some joys. Like abita’s Hazelnut brown ale or pyramid’s apricot or the ungodly delightful Samuel smith’s raspberry or apricot or chocolate oatmeal stout…. or renegade’s hammer and sickle a Russian imperial stout or the paradox’s raspberry sour – that’s fancying- joys otherwise are moosehead, negro modelo, and that bucket of ice with the asshole (autocorrect ain’t nice) asahi superdry. Benediktiner heffeweissen.

Yes I’m thinking of sandwiches with yummy cheese and a gently saladed crunch. I’m idling through ‘ken burns america’ on Thomas Jefferson curious over why he who is our expression liberty wasn’t free enough to fully express it (was a slave owner yet remember that once obtained it was via a debt it never ever was a simple thing nor economically easy to throw away years of income on ideals only – yet such is a paltry thing to excuse of liberty ;).

I think wine like st julian winery Michigan for blue heron a white. Stone hill winery of Missouri for a Catawba for spicier fare. And what I’d like in what I can afford of Pinot noir. Perhaps nota nighthawk is it? Why that alters sandwiches to some other fare classy. Classier anyways. I mean technically I’m not past can of Campbell chicken noodle and too lazy to beer.

But life is skittles and life is beer – Tom Lehrer from his poisoning pigeons in the park tube. A tune to say spring is here


Numbers racket

I was listening to a commercial: rocket mortgage by quicken loans … touting savings on high dollar renovation of the home via a second mortgage versus high interest credit cards use.

5500 is what I was promised in 2017 towards a close. Otherwise low down payment and decent rate versus credit. 5500

It’s up to you how much to blow on renovation… if it’s nothing untoward you can see for yourself that cards very much have a place!

But utilizing a calculator brings us to the reality of cost benefit. In an example of 21% ape card with minimum of 3% calculated minimum payment which god help you if you don’t yet understand you’ll remain in debt forever so use more than minimum or you never seem to attack principal 4% is my chosen which gives 148 or 12.x years repayment and generates 35xx.xx dollars interest atop 5k spent.

I’m not sad nor anything but a wisp ready now to pop a joke

It’s about marriage and mortgage not rent and relationships!!! (Hint, 5 k is decorate an apartment money chump!). Bahahaha.

Now stop thinking I underbus my currently not packing mortgage money hahaha self! Anything worth having is worth effort toward and with patience and dedication can be achieved.

Because it is not a joke that many are not in it for more hardships – Even girls don’t respect the bulge up front but the one in the back (sex versus wallet if you don’t get the joke). And it’s not stupid or unfair it’s real life to know to trust a powerful forward in confidence not wishes maybe someday.

If you buy this you ignore the myriads of broke but always involved folk . Hint to see the world is to understand it’s not a numbers racket.


Lighting Up


Tritium tube good for about 20 years. Radiation is low power/energy beta or electron emissions

(In case you like me say who cares til I can myself buy it!),ss:44&prmd=isnv&prds=num:1,of:1,epd:6709544694089902318,paur:ClkAsKraX_GQ-Dc9Tr3UTHRpGE6GwupskO84Bnkt_SIM16DwSflgHGy_xpeqgkEcda1cRF5qKqVd287QSRxzWykKzh2CSkYdKdIpA4eHk5G4pb222rpL-QR_SxIZAFPVH72UNRC62VpooRyWzaIoYbt3wIIUwA,prmr:1,pid:6709544694089902318,cs:1


Wire, solder, altoids can, that 9 volt style lead. This stuff can be found at ones leisure, the point is that the workings can be had easily enough.

What interests me isn’t that this glows and becomes electricity but that it’s not a heat derived but nuclear emission derived thing.

What’s far more interesting is luciferase achieving this. Diamond encased carbon 14 batteries achieving this and obtaining not possible but usable power (safely)

That intrigues but in a steps to genius way, possible first then graduated safely improved more.
Bio- light via algae

Luciferase in watercress

Forestry ‘shroom-y vid as I came to know the ‘light bearer’ Lucifer… Lucifer-ase is a protein sounding word… and nowadays much is learned attaching luciferase to genes so it’s tracked through experiments as the results pardon the pun do light up 😉



Another 30 (200 of an expected 360) pages of paperwork towards services to a plan already hopelessly altered from six months ago when I started it. But follow through! Inches! Of paperwork! I’m intook now properly for the second major state service provider to have resources toward work and school. What is next is a vetting process of visiting a low vision specialist for a doctors prescription for adaptive needs to what a blind soul might need . This will be utilized to develop yet another plan toward potential needs. The goal alters from schooling which I’ve to redo at a different school after high care was taken to find the one I wanted yet right on time a wrench of housing affordability minus additional if minor employ to afford it never materialized this – the alteration is, seeking employment first as I need more options and if then attempt at a differing school the original plan. Or if I’m able to, find assistance into a better paying gig and thus dash the plan outright. The sadness is I’ve interest in the plan! It served a core dream – but no cash hinders the dream far more.

As you can see, the picture lists the place behind what is a bigger apartment complex backside of a multi-unit industrial complex… it a disability nightmare to find of no sidewalks continuous, signs opposite side of the street if lucky and a well visible to drivers not walkers sign once you’re there but not until. Of course it drizzled there and back – ahahahaha.

Lunch was subway by convenience. It wasn’t bad but not a grand deal nor mega tasty anymore… the cashier had a shirt saying ‘this is your wrap’. I asked if that meant she gave free hugs? She said if she was in the mood. ;). 😄. Spicy ital on Italian with lettuce tomato onion green pepper olive and pickles with pepper and vinegar. Drink/chips 9.94 which is 2 more than I remember but that’s 2 years ago prices in Colorado

Pinot Grigio delights the cup. It’s acceptable.


Living The Dream

Despite that lil bit of sarcasm, living the Dream, this is a dream! I actually liked the order of cheese fries. I skipped bowling. They only had seizure-inducing neon blinding ski ball um no thanks. The highest score I saw was 122 which means if you think I can’t I could easily be in there hunting victory or a Turkey.

Today is the day after and I woke to that didn’t stay down. And slept the day gone. And the funny part is I didn’t adult it up all day I think I had one before going bowling vodka shot in a seltzer somewhere about two and later a doctored wine well after nine. I mean if you ever thought I go overboard that’s crazy. A basket of cheeses fries tween some rarer fried bits. Oo overdoing it with starmanjones

Throw your eighties goat horn sign! Parrrrr ty


Where it is

New image grocery – French quarter; nola.

Reason: po’ boy
Result, it’s weird that it’s less than two years from a swing about the south and yet I have impossible difficulties ugh! Reading a map to say thee was only the option to go left and it was one or two blocks north of the red line turn on canal and only a six block walk. Thus no chance it was the Seminole central grocery and yet while I can easily trace the trolly and count blocks it’s just a shade faded the memory no longer vibrant. Jusssssst a ghost going boo as you walk to a conglomerate of goodness knows who (‘twas unsettling even if this bunch wasn’t bothersome)

It’s weird walking into places and out with golden treasure . Mine was dressed as in yes tuxedo and bow tie 😉 no I mean with lettuce tomato and mayo.

Today unlike this two nearly ago I was at a wedding and that one morning baked goods came courtesy of cafe Mozart

Today was that Deja bu. I finally returned. It was to a chocolate croissant. One to go and a coffee.

It was funny in that this is the second near morning feeling of a coffee and sweet as it was Deja by (cafe) yesterday.

Anyways: see if you want in on it..


Pot kettle potshots
Trump: wth is going on in Chicago?

It’s funny that a white guy gets arrested for wearing a mask to rob a bank and this is a video pushing it to national attention as its hateful of blacks as the disguise
Personally, injustice is everywhere. But I would prefer not a national call not to a new mega problem but a variety of strategies to join a solution! in progress

That said watch that 15k folk read this soul he is very much real. Where’s the time honored crooks tell on themselves or crime doesn’t pay or statistics proving despite struggle, there is! Hope ? Not now it’s a felony to protect your rights to record police… or all that’s wrong.

Tell me something right

Tell me a rough neighborhood celebrates a volunteer group 25 years in keeping hope alive in their area… simply there to Get you safely home.

If these folk called for coats wouldn’t you consider donating? 19 is it photographed folk making your life better! Not more fear

If a white bank robber is arrested for impersonating a black person wouldn’t you laugh that otherwise he’d have gotten away but someone told? Why is it some far fetched conspiracy to keep a people down. Versus a celebration of justice another crook goes to chat with the judge for a long time out.

I’m not against #metoo. Speak for yourself and your rights! I’m not against a watchdog of justice ! Show the abuses! But gee, it’s star studded out there. I would like to see one less chief and proof of organization to activism. Where’s the workers ?

But such is? A pot kettle potshot as I’m suggesting back . Not showing a kaleidoscope of choices to engage you just an example.

Why not walk Chicago to drop the gun crime a shooting an hour to less! Show how The next crook gets laughed at before the crime because it’s just not cool to wear masks without purpose. I mean I live elsewhere and am blind so I might not actually be of much help in that exact battle. But instead of a call of how unfair and we should come together, show me that together I can support. Tell me how 15thousand is poverty wages in a year so laugh the loser criminal caught that not only is it Maury to take but it’s sad you still didn’t make enough to support one adult for a year. Show me more of action. Without a bill! But it’s a reality there’ll be a call for support.


That bites.
(A-shark can bite with upwards 4,000 psi force)

Comparison –

Remember that that is high divide by five and you are more likely stopping That but yeah good luck stopping 15000 psi it takes a bit of that aluminum oxynitrate stuff two inches nearly!

The point isn’t shark bite but that such is the new reason for this mesh armor which was our space suits the first ones! And like all people then knew so very delicate in reality despite the strength.

Yes a bra company made space take shape!