Aboard the train….

A fun bit of hand pan and because I’m a heathen, and it looks like an upturned wok….

Cantonese clams in black bean sauce.

Memories of long ago 11 something years ago with a gimp foot thanks to plantar fasciitis all aboard a bus with cane to the Pacific Northwest I went.

I studied enough legalities to try clamming. I bought a netted bag after three days not being able to walk.

I reveled in the Rainier beer passenger side slurped from Astoria Oregon corkscrew bridge.. similar exist in the smokey mountains on your way to Gatlinburg from North Carolina… And my chance Pacific ocean wading wooey cold! Before meandering through Washington state back home.

In fairness, I thuroughly adored the b minus beer according to beer snobs…. Laurelwood’s free range red. I admit it hurt seeing all the joy get a b minus was a punch in the gut. Just as all that excitement to clam only to grocery get as a last resort…ugh.. knowing my town isn’t yet open nor has my covid cash infusion shown processing and sent or soon. But knowing that all too soon it’s out and about time where joy may be the appetizers sublimated poetics of my dreams. Disappointment possible ;). But any of you not twenty might have a bit more grace to still choose excitement and hope ;). And fuck ’em I still like my b minus rubyglass gold of a free range red.
Beer advocate score May differ 8 years ish or so… But it is not Wisconsin beer, it just didn’t get the nod.


Chasing Mmm

Now claiming origins is tricky as there’s passionate lies involved. But we can have our salt handy to take these claims with a grain of salt. That said, let’s proceed.

Los Angeles: 1908/1918
French DIP
Thinly sliced beef served often with aujus on FRENCH bread.

Chicago: early 1900’s
Italian hot beef
Thinly sliced …seasoned… Beef on ITALIAN bread often dipped in the aujus then served.

Or. Same idea, differing production/local ingredients.

So, who makes this in a covid-19 era of I can get it for not $15 a sandwich delivered less than fully warm and worse twice the cost? YIKES!

Arby’s offers often 2/$6 French dip as a market fresh sandwich. They put a cheese on and the au jus is like a full sodium salt lick of soup from a tin. Drive through only. (Thus Uber eats delivery 5-6 per any order and it’ll arrive tepid not hot.)–nqTEbDHM

Jimanos possibly possible the counter via phone will take a Togo order 10 a sandwich but no great but curb side or alley eatery action. Hot beef, but not a side. And a more arduous a bus trip in person. Damn fine sandwich mmm but ugh getting hold of it and also cost.

Home made either
Roast 8-10 few hours and I don’t have a mess of bones and stock bits for fresh stock/aujus. I can’t slice it like an Arby’s or deli joint… But I can consider an electric knife and manage a French dip sorta.
Shredded beef hoagies

Slow Cooker Italian Shredded Beef Hoagie Sandwiches

Shredded beef
Or if you can’t see the differences in presenting pretty vs. shredded stringy…and a sink of your big dishes and cookware….five to six hours…

Workable electric knife…. You know the turkey knife you can’t ever find as it’s used once a year? Ugh… Tool costs but dang it home bliss and or luxury!

Anyways over the years the fight between hassled fast food missions and or store trips tools and never on sale exploration? Oi. I mean how many 30$ ten otherwise sandwiches I’ve chased! Or other food projects.

Anyone smart would possibly hint that others gladly await to serve me maybe hot food…there is good service out there!.

Chasing mmmm…. Heheh


Conspiracy Rings

Am radio waves radiate the bill gates led covid conspiracy of the millennium he or his companies will profit from despicably letting doom out worldwide….
That links a direct article debunking conspiracy!! Well not really…it just challenges facts! Who breaths joy when it’s not some conspiracy?
Such links to candied pickled zucchini. Anyone…pickle?
A light article saying it’s not really an accident whom we pick….

So I’m 175 cm, 62kg, 135 iq’d blue-eyed blonde haired… Heh.. oh doppelganger?? As you see fun food and the breath that is fooey on much of anything on tv past the weather which like wrestling is half baked information anyways… Ahhh.



Eat me!

MacDonald’s style French Fries

(Post 1990 that is – vegetable be oil)((previous research is the MacDonald’s also includes. Beef tallow… It’s important anyone instantly see MacDonald’s is not vegetarian…just safe treyfe and or close enough…. smash Burger uses fried chicken skin as a seasoning in their offers burgers… Same things ng but…
Copycat MacDonald’s hot mustard BLOG/video. It gives a sourcing tip on mustards so it’s a rewarding attempt!

If you ask me there just is a thrill in a box of MacDonald’s fries with hot mustard fresh from the window or counter …. Don’t wait! Rubber fries suck!…well fresh from fryer they’re too hot to touch…wait a tiny bit…

MacDonald’s-like chicken nuggets.,ss:115&prmd=sinv&sxsrf=ALeKk02yL8JuTBaIPcgd7PBEYBSTz8woAQ:1587280970710&prds=num:1,of:1,epd:378105719979080955,paur:ClkAsKraXw4mT6zQiWiuo4zRCdPMthqaC25eZSwCBTzslFGs-GW4NJskgNA9FTqBER3MM3g3awVAMhvGY9czHYadxzjIRQaPYiKG5rF5MkUVZxfKdaSFOi5v3xIZAFPVH71KyKWcvT6bsrBn6LnIT3u4Um3Drw,prmr:1,cs:1
Fryer that’s affordable

While this is gettable… It’s also just hit up Mickey D’s 😉

I’m Leary of those ninja bullets… I total destroyed one as they’re not water sealed… (Nugget video).

I know this is odd but the justification of a fryer is zucchini fries with marinara as I’m not Mr stick/log guy. I don’t like the disappointed feeling Carl’s Jr gives with their chips and ranch…I’m not very keen on ranch anything. Yet if you’re smart, you know that justifying and doing are two things… Lol you know not enough Zucchini fries will be made or eaten to ever justify this…total yummy I want gimme situation.

But the bullet. Well I’d get a food processor and it’s justification isn’t chicken mincing for nuggets…it’s ground shrimp for party crackers and making the dough up fast for another fryer chopper combo, sesame balls… A sweetened oniony been dip/paste filling wrapped in sweetened dough rolled on sesame seeds and puffed yummy in deeeep (grow a fat butt) oil.

But no midnight I’m snacky hopes bear the truth unless I know if eat it. I like those things! A whole lifetime so far. Knowing I can’t get it fresh unless I walk to the lot, phone an Uber eats order in or call a cab…ugh… Life when they shut the public down! Eat me.




Etheree explained

7…. Stars, pine, sky, wind, chill.

10. . Write about 2 opposites using an Etheree and a Reverse Etheree



Of the dawn

Fringed by black pines

Shadow fingers wind

chill, a hug, grasping hold

Stars twinkling out with tea steam

Promise, like the cold, pervasive

God’s laughter as the reverse is true

And the pine fringed Dawn sky still brightens on.


Another puff of smoke signals more time

Some universal angle has moved

Such is imagined -, yes made up

for some the sun stops hiding

Other thoughts distractive

And purpose’ time comes

And darkening

Fringed by pine

Wind’s chill