Eat me!

MacDonald’s style French Fries

(Post 1990 that is – vegetable be oil)((previous research is the MacDonald’s also includes. Beef tallow… It’s important anyone instantly see MacDonald’s is not vegetarian…just safe treyfe and or close enough…. smash Burger uses fried chicken skin as a seasoning in their offers burgers… Same things ng but…
Copycat MacDonald’s hot mustard BLOG/video. It gives a sourcing tip on mustards so it’s a rewarding attempt!

If you ask me there just is a thrill in a box of MacDonald’s fries with hot mustard fresh from the window or counter …. Don’t wait! Rubber fries suck!…well fresh from fryer they’re too hot to touch…wait a tiny bit…

MacDonald’s-like chicken nuggets.,ss:115&prmd=sinv&sxsrf=ALeKk02yL8JuTBaIPcgd7PBEYBSTz8woAQ:1587280970710&prds=num:1,of:1,epd:378105719979080955,paur:ClkAsKraXw4mT6zQiWiuo4zRCdPMthqaC25eZSwCBTzslFGs-GW4NJskgNA9FTqBER3MM3g3awVAMhvGY9czHYadxzjIRQaPYiKG5rF5MkUVZxfKdaSFOi5v3xIZAFPVH71KyKWcvT6bsrBn6LnIT3u4Um3Drw,prmr:1,cs:1
Fryer that’s affordable

While this is gettable… It’s also just hit up Mickey D’s 😉

I’m Leary of those ninja bullets… I total destroyed one as they’re not water sealed… (Nugget video).

I know this is odd but the justification of a fryer is zucchini fries with marinara as I’m not Mr stick/log guy. I don’t like the disappointed feeling Carl’s Jr gives with their chips and ranch…I’m not very keen on ranch anything. Yet if you’re smart, you know that justifying and doing are two things… Lol you know not enough Zucchini fries will be made or eaten to ever justify this…total yummy I want gimme situation.

But the bullet. Well I’d get a food processor and it’s justification isn’t chicken mincing for nuggets…it’s ground shrimp for party crackers and making the dough up fast for another fryer chopper combo, sesame balls… A sweetened oniony been dip/paste filling wrapped in sweetened dough rolled on sesame seeds and puffed yummy in deeeep (grow a fat butt) oil.

But no midnight I’m snacky hopes bear the truth unless I know if eat it. I like those things! A whole lifetime so far. Knowing I can’t get it fresh unless I walk to the lot, phone an Uber eats order in or call a cab…ugh… Life when they shut the public down! Eat me.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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