Conspiracy Rings

Am radio waves radiate the bill gates led covid conspiracy of the millennium he or his companies will profit from despicably letting doom out worldwide….
That links a direct article debunking conspiracy!! Well not really…it just challenges facts! Who breaths joy when it’s not some conspiracy?
Such links to candied pickled zucchini. Anyone…pickle?
A light article saying it’s not really an accident whom we pick….

So I’m 175 cm, 62kg, 135 iq’d blue-eyed blonde haired… Heh.. oh doppelganger?? As you see fun food and the breath that is fooey on much of anything on tv past the weather which like wrestling is half baked information anyways… Ahhh.


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

5 replies on “Conspiracy Rings”

Hee hee. Getting to hear the international folk in social networks kindly point out what they hint is metaphoric puppy stain from my country’s leadership is just gonna add to that. Scrappy So! Puppy power!!😝. Yeah less than wrestling… Saturday morning cartoons.

Weird. The easiest place to get “curing” salt is sportsman’s Warehouse. 1.7 mi. Away. 7 bucks. Look it up as a food institution and it’s 15-25. Calcium chloride is 7 but I forget where….also 3x if from a sounds foodie place. Visited the dollar store as they were to have red hots candy for a dollar…they didn’t but a bit of hygiene and other itemry rounds out having food for the finish of the month. 89 cent bread covers the last loaf so I’ve sammich or toast fuel. Knowing I can use the salts on hand or get quickie things semi reasonable? Weird….but cool.

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