Hold On

Held. That situation where I am not the slave of my stovetop.i can linger.

Chef john on beurr blanc

Because! Tacos have a filling kept at temperature (140f of 212f boiling) so it’s chances of spoiling are nearest zero. But I’m not thinking chicken beef or pork fillings…. Fish.

What’s a fish filling but a broiled crumble? Well that’s gonna dry out being held.
So fish is butter served. Why not a sauce? Thinned perhaps. In a way it’s never going to present as a filet in glorious sauce… So hearing beurr blanc breaks as it chills… So? I need wet without sodden water taste.
Yes, between 2010 and now fish tacos exist on this menu but what got it remembered was cod tostadas… Guess what’s no longer featured? Like move from Colorado and my green chili Verde Colorado is like a dream! Ack.

Anyways. Tuck overly thin edges of filet to make as uniform thus not burnt up fish. Broil. It’s said 4-6 very close to heat (4 inches not in the fire thus on fire) I undercooked enough things to suggest you cautiously allow a touch more time…. Check. Not translucent, flakes, but not burnt to heavens dry!
A demo cod tostada. I liked the sprouts topped Christmas cod tostada too but that’s like nacho bites perfect hors d’oeuvre… You know, not offering dinner but prepared for those who don’t snub the party for dinner.

The sketch here is, a small crock to hold fish topping/filling in thin butter sauce so it just glistens warmly on a swift station of garnish. Thus help thyself but at a bit of leisure.

This is generic sounding so stupid drink names to the rescue so the party theme is supported. I’m thinking candy a favorite at Halloween…

Heh so not being thematic today. Cherry sours with lighter fish fare? Hold on, I might be generic. If you mention that pb&j white lightning? Um, more halloweeny but yuck. (if you don’t know)

(Inflated, ice-fill buffet for garnish.)
(Dippers! Small! Crock pots 20oz would be 10 tostadas one or two is a modest party at 2 oz a serving calculation which is 3-4 small portion filets or a “batch” if you toaster oven broil as it’s just easier using a small gadget than a big production oven for a snack.)


Saturday morning cartoons?

Up early – date outcome was a stood up. Recycled time was a chicken schwarma wrap at zaytoon grill with fries. Great taste small sized Greek burrito (spiced yogurt marinated chicken chunk grilled and wrapped in a tortilla not folded in pita typical with lettuce and tomato in a bit of dressing – as it’s grilled it is drier than a typical sandwich expectation but still very tastey. Fries – just get extra crispy okay? ;). And a steak and shake shake of it’s been eons since I’ve had a fudge versus choc syrup so that feeling you’ve chocolate dipped strawberry shake was acheived and also yummy. The cup of chili at steak and shake please note it rained allllllllll day, was? Mustard didn’t help… Remembered it mismatched slightly as chilidog topping…. And just crackers no cheese or chopped or grilled onions…. Just is like you’re 10th favorite chili going feeling not bad but just not jump up good and it’s odd to have to ask after typical chili topping like cheese and onions so realistically that’s an expectation not met. That location then had a big chat on are you frying onions or grilling them… Note that the gateway mall steak and shake would expect you to know you want cheese and GRILLED onions for your otherwise tenth favorite chili ever. Fried to them means durkey french fries onions like for classic Thanksgiving green bean casserole topping. Please note that this is where you can get a hamburger fries and water at a sit down place with service for 3.56 plus tip. You will be able to spend 8 with tip which is cheaper than typical sit down cafes/restaurants where it’s 15 versus this obvious fast food place…yet with service… Basically still a value nicety.

The circular beach to downtown bus overheated at seventh shutting down the motor. I got on at ninth to go to third. Hahahahaha it cooled down and restarted turning off an infernal buzzer.

Bus to home went by as I was the corner before that stop.

But yum was found.

Now by reference – I had no choice of “a” purchase as I’m not near a convenience store fore a candy bar and duh Mr diabetic should avoid candy. But I did not need an 8.55 crap fries tastey small sandwich on cold day thus requiring second meal. I could and low budget emergency funds have waited at the coffee window 2 dollar coffee warmth and necessary fluid to revamp after actually tough today dialysis (60.6kg mark from hospital 60.0 and left record light at 59.2kg which with high b p all treatment including nap required to lower it I left unable to nonstop walk so i literally by evidence am dehydratable and have issues with stamina and nausea as I drop to I enter dialysis at 60.0 not leave it seemingly the goal with forever attention and liquid restrictions to be little if nothing fluids removed stable just filter that blood. I mean Wednesday 61.6 to 59.4 was a Suns anvil down to the grocery where by frozen foods I was rushing to vomit remember no food til this point and 6 hours treatment/travel dehydrated and hungry too…heheheh. do you need an ambulance (I need officer on day as the cleaner figured I made a double mess or something gotta love our put upon public corporate faces! Customers are quite inconvenient! So is money. 😉

Now I suppose I’ve til normal hours to get shopping and sort my laundry needs having gone cash requiring a walk to the close coin op laundry versus no coin imput here at apartment complex.

I run high b p so am off on med intake. I run high phosphorus also crap intake of it’s binder med. But also likely have to kill my grocery snack cheese intake and cereal….with milk/nuts milks also high phosphorus food. However 6.5 from 8.4 on sugar a1c hemoglobin. Or good versus you’ll see my med intake oops soon enough ugh the battles. Neither sugar number is particularly good 5.7-6.1 is the hoped mark here now or lower if your Uber dicaplined. But knowing I’d not taken insulin a year prior to the new doctor seeing all my bloodwork didn’t drop me into dialysis til I couldn’t walk well on strong BP meds didn’t write a script for insulin but it came in hospital. The bill for that stay is just one more rent bill….

Coffee? Hey easy on the sugar!!!! Hee hee.

I suppose…. I should note for my! Notes that my hemoglobin rate has risen from 8 to higher 10’s which more accurately reflects difficulty walking with stamina not higher blood pressure which was the noted information prior. So erroneously having elevated higher BP a free pass to smoke cigarettes… As it not a water and a puff after dialysis … But remember we all try to feel “well” and dialysis has been tough on many an occassion to have a pooped after feeling and a many blocks not too many but tough enough travel home. Info. It’s interesting getting it alll.


A sandlot shadow plays
As sun sends shade west – I run east
Sounds gone. Voices remain.

(Emerald Elementary School, Broomfield Colorado as it isn’t the same now. It was a sandlot 😉 those colorful monkey bars kinda were just metal maybe a dash of rust and look like the first grader’s bars moved. The wavys were kindergarten side. The left grass not grass and this more of third grade area. The wall is the memory altered beyond easy recognition as I seriously had to circle the map twice to catch the architectural remains. But I remember falling off a different monkey bar knocking the wind out. Get one of the most “endearing” knicknames and kicking that idiot oh believe me, nice me got madder . I got to take that the sounds gone voice remains along with me. Now the scene is a blurry smile. It took the ratio of size to feel more empowered than not at all but that kinda melted with health later (I was jazzed I had lost and kept lost 20 of I guess 60 I don’t need pounds oh I’m over ninety less when I leave appointment one. But such are memories and pictures. By kicking, this dumb but I was young too, I had granite bones and that sorta Lawrence of Arabia lighting corporal Hartley’s cigarette then burning it til it extinguishes in his fingers… I dated the idiot to shin me and he tried and howled around as I helped and granite shines and that idiot howling made me smile in a cheap stout feeling of power. The other scenes largely didn’t. You know it’s okay now? It’s okay I had wanted and got only negatives to flow. One thing found was a bestie and the first I fried that egg. Explorations sometimes are nice too. I’m glad I got some good memories.)


Resolve! (It’s a fine carpet cleaner)

I got a budgetary break! To now suss out my month. A lil planning jag encountered the typical you can not ever quite plan snack attack so ack store visits get lovely when budget is surpassed yet the balance says impending doom. But I’m on hook for seperatist duty which is second floating priority two facilities use. Let’s see how well I do as otherwise it’s no this that and the otherthings when like nutrition is important and junk.

The “Meetup” confirmed yet phone info not traded so in actuality it doesn’t appear a date til that point with Meetup meaning just that at a festival so it still don’t appear untoward. But I’ve stood the logical spots forever to miss folks thus proving my logic is at least not the only one. A phone is coming or ack some step up it’s a date it isn’t.

Now to Dillinger my own account. Get up my usual bs’s on the cheap though

If you noticed, that can mean all those things one hopes of yums as I have practice not just ideas.
I’ve had the fish tempura – a piece of fried/baked(fried) fish in the sushi…it’s okay good. I’ve more success this as a fish taco (yes budget say tortillas possible). Whereby the fish filet many of us get from frozen foods is baked as per usual but not with a can of stewed spinach and instant mash as we die in the 80’s but in a warm tortilla dash of ranch (vile but mayo fails and tatar sauce worse! So ranch get a least offender and onion lettuce up! (Fold hold and consume) I’m due to retry bulk eats for fast grab lunches so beef and rice- a simple mince or ground beef browned and crumbled to mix with rice – pepper and can of diced tomatoes an option but so too is plain even if that directly haunts up the 80’s pumpkin…. You’d think I’d propose stuffed peppers but that keeps upping the budget it’s gotta make it including a nicety over would you just know it???? A BBQ weekend 3rd before a Payday ahhhh thanks calendar!! Otherwise some loose meat sandwiches easy cheap enough. Shake n bake BBQ chicken so you understand that’s more than enough ideas but now sushi tuna sandwiches fruit cheese I’m okay add oatmeal eggs and egg cheese is there. Poached on toast mmm. Soup as it’s time to get to making soup season possible just not overboard as it’s like hot summer yet. The point isn’t I can…. The point is I can get my voice and needs addressed. That leaves this a chance at crumbles but still a chances. And a chance at directions I can have and afford. Not just now but room to grow choices and sacrifices not pitch in.

Resolve. It’s a fine carpet cleaner erasing the crime of those usual ways… The pet stains the garden in the house etc. The things that obviously didn’t go right to plan.


Rollin’ with my 43 bean joe

Rollin’ in my 5 point oh… Vanilla ice, ice ice baby. Fourty three bean “Joe” is Nestle Australian coffee in case one needs references… I’m not drinking import coffee in that sense… Oddly I’m even after my namesake finishing my almond coffee although not with almond syrup from new Jerusalem market south east Denver, but Dr Watkins almond extract some fake sweetener and cashew milk sweet that way and shaken foaming.

Tuna creations ginger sesame as a sushi roll sucks and I’ve two more packets. I’m going to have to American through with sandwiches and or crackers it’s that bad a taste jangle.

Another month sorting the limits of new living trying for me and eek how will it work or?? I’ve a date Friday. Tatertots and I’m curious if I can go and or how grocery and travel sorts out.

Tater tot throwdown…Alfred whittard park next to saint Petersburg fl’ Dali museum free admission bus for me and free parking at Publix supermarket for driver’s not sure Dali museum space is available. It’s through the food truck association so duh throw down your 7 dollars for 4 dollar overpriced even here sides. Event is six to eleven with a chance at sunset sitting with a warm snack.


As Planned

It drippy warm.
I’m lunched – a homemade spicy tuna maki roll of packet tuna, green hot sauce (fridge cleared bye bye my stuff seen or hidden gently) soy and stir that mayo. Just enough Ric cooker rice more gently vinegarred.
I’ve to walk (drippy warm still) to pay target revolving card after a phone call to pay Bank credit line. Roughly an hour with laundry switchings tween . The last substantial bill cycle and duh monthly awareness of means left as play time is over. The next cycles can’t play as much as I’ve other futures to invest. In. I can’t help but know I should cheer yet feel it’s been atom bombed of the drive to care.

But asside from that worry legit or otherwise, all is as planned.

Coming soon cream of asparagus soup. Salmon cream cheese maki. More of the same which with time is speed and bankable reputation as it’s worked.

Typing proficiency is the next few weeks and with luck the documents for fighting a job up. I hope it’s not months.

Then I suppose it’s only a short time left tween cycles of credit repayment issues and perhaps time luck’s like housing help applied for a month ago and dialysis began then too to show what improvements I’m to have as with all of this work up a future thin means with what’s available.

I’m hoping it’s not a year fighting the lower lines luck up to suddenly be fabulous!!! Having pinched along that way but suddenly free as I’m suddenly not broke. No not a lucky but not unlucky. That’d piss me off. Life better not be what last paycheck worth


Yes! Gevalia

Which nature’s art are you?
“Yipe!” Lil puppy “yiplllllle” nope, bird.
Pre dawn quizes sat through.

(Over k cup Costa Rican coffee, the ground precursor – a former life love late highschool mail-order good coffee with a free machine sitting on my frantic lawn chair with fat cushion because someone is a boney butt and it’s uncomfy without fat but cushions on a cobbled plywood platform to overcome the step down porch screened in by 8 feet screens small pretty folding table and small trash bucket thank thee targets. Thank thee too as an oft complaint is i smell living I a smokes inside home I smoke but outside. The spots unfinished but comfy you know that look in an instant as the second chair is a metal chair like at church talk about ecclectlic clash as decorating goes!… And that wheeple wheeple in the whoosh of a sliding glass door top back drilled Cuckoo for the pin extra security lock. All this considering cheapass oatmeal the 4oz setting on the water only from coffee maker perfect! For two packets (fat butt sized) oatmeal which you know just invited healthy but tastes so damned good and is so easy that you know as I do it can not be much health and wellness use. It’s dialysis as I don’t have bloodwork drawn no paper to get elsewhere so detail in the morning is reschedule doctor. It’s think well over history how much stupid project work at home means often and the big money dreams that took 3 months to buy a half bottle of something slightly fancy -zirbenz (Austrian stone pine …red…. Liqueur ) which broke my budget then and sucked so was one of those experiences that was as delightful as a mouthful of turpentine straight no chaser. And that I slowly begin that scrape forward secure I can but worried I have enough time of others to manage and everywhere this adventure a slow down a delay even dialysis is a delay 4 hours only after hooked up never faster than 23 minutes from my inside chair plus unhooking after same. 3 days a week slow your life’s roll not-so young anymore sonny! Those type of blurrier thoughts you see just waft in and out of meaning…. The coffee is that good. Damn it, there’s that itch again.)


“Rib Tacos”
Look at that pictured! Even if this one not the similar components is likely more likely

Bing Crosby – White Christmas
Is the tune
Now to be
Zing! Costs me’s – Rib Tacos
Lyrics originally

I’m scheming up Rib Tacos
Something I ain’t yet made
Cures hungers arose with belly’s full proposed
Prays for the picnic with enough shade

I’m scheming up Rib Tacos
As I conjure each and every bite
Cures hungers with belly’s full proposed
Prays for that picnic with enough shade

I’m scheming up Rib Tacos
Choosing what in my baskets goes
Spanish the slaw short ribs and all
A sacrifice to Summer to make gods glow.

I’m scheming up Rib Tacos
As I conjure each and every bite
Cures hungers with belly’s full proposed
Prays for that picnic with enough shade

Just imagine each and every bite
And boogie to ac before the ants are in sight

Perch or plop for picnic rib tacos-
You know you want those rib tacos-
Eat as if you can’t stop —
Alot of rib tacos–
Yes, eat with me some rib tacos.


I as you likely too know rib meat has an oilier taste and if not slow cooked can be impossibly tough… So it’s a long slow roast. Perhaps a searing and toss in oven? Or a pot liquored preboil …. Be I’m leaning toward the first way. I know tacos are seasoned so I’m not afraid !! I’m likely to ape a steak taco taco Bell with that tang that says Italian dressing. Perhaps not ruining ribs with bottle funk muck but delighting somehow that way.

Coming shopping tomorrow? Or better yet Saturday for the get up?



Beef ribs – in wine vinegrette/wine//liquid smoke

Inspect for yourself that tender is here the bones come clean.

Rib street tacos with slaw and a chaw of rice.

Fairly vinegry. Fairly crispy. With that foam of rib meat. Enjoy. Now back to wine.
10.64 (6.99 /lbs ribs or about 700g)
1.99 coleslaw kit
3.99/2 for $6 dressings this one needed red wine vinegrette
One yellow bell pepper /3.99
Corn tortillas pack /1.19 (must be easing out stock never so lucky)
Rice a Roni /beef with can of unused diced tomatoes 1.19 and 1.69
A price of foil to cover pan (3 for roll of foil)
20.32 for box of wine one 8 oz of 3000 ml portion plus get chef tittled.)