An Instant Ecstasy

I’ve been out ick! Of both tea and coffees of my own for a week. Sure, one my brothers pals brought some, yet come-on! As I got brother’s last pot AND left a dish as I did t know when he was back, and! The ground coffee is for auto drips and I’ve no make your own gizmo for sis’ donated keurig – I figured I’d make my generous gent a cup for his kindness and let my brother to it. So after the restraint I’m left a shot at instant joe. I grew up when you only got stuff flavored with molasses. I got an instant ecstacy this stuff wasn’t so yuckied.

ive to move one bed and deliver by carload one round of goodies and then the me catsitting a 4 1/2 day’s stint’s worth of stuff to that dwelling. Time has come to adventure’s forward.

still going through this set of articles on the phisophic styles of Chinese cuisine. By name rather than having tried it, tea smoke duck reminds me as I took that idea to be my tea smoked chicken alfredo. I know I’ve no then smoker so I emptied a tea bag into hot oil and burnt it a little “browning off” chicken part. This minus some oil not drained off is jar of alfredo tea bits and all yellowing the stuff to indicate that earthy light tea scent s now creamy. It may not NOW be exotic and probably isn’t RIGHT, bit it sure is enjoyableness to not have a jar of the usual. But a gentle deeper delving I go into more Chinese.


Tea Time

I’m having furniture moved likely tomorrow. I had coffee but, not my machine’s kind show up yesterday. My cupboards for options dwindle here. Duh, it’s both time to move, and time swiftly soon for tea!

Such is arabia of finland brand china pattern green thistle from 1955-1970 above via North Carolina’s This is thee most comprehensive place china I’ve ever found for historic info and actual goods! Ever.

No thought tea is complete without remembering Grandmom little hanging shelf with the tea cups turning out that mom’s brother sent back on his further east to asian locals travels.

Now my favorites tea are a long list welllll past my budget or even liquid restrictions diet! But what follows are some I just have to have or affordably try for!

link here is the hard to find affordably persimmon black tea.
I really prefer but no longer can find, roland’s 2.5 oz. Tea tins of same said teaso $15 ish wish shipping yikes!

other ideas

Twinnings lapsang su chong

Celestial seasonings true blueberry, bing cherry berry, sweet coconut thai chai, passionate peach, maybe a chamomile, if I’m lucky english toffee tea. – if you can’t tell, I’m hoping to hit up another tea your there as it’s $2 a box if you let the outting be an outting in a seperated costs thing. thus lol ooo! Talk about SAVINGS! (I didn’t mind that fancy breakfast joint last time but I’d HOPE lunch is possible and my hope is Ting’s Place

(lafayette even if it’s louisville, Colorado. Heh early memories Colorado is lafayette where Mr Chavez had his barbershop, was 303 Colorado area code, but 666 how devilish!! Most of the town numbers!) Ting’s, if you done in which could be sketchy, offered fresh and damn hot! Chinese mustard not the yuck packets why bother mustard. Mmmm. Curry chicken mmmmmm.

also stopping in for a taste test at

Redstone Meadery, Boulder CO

probably also

Great Harvest bread Co.

And if it’s not oooooo weather, Scott Carpenter Park

(those metal disks are an echo! Thing and in my day’s heh as I grew up visiting once in a while from 3 yrs old on includes that rocket!)

323 and all’s well

St louis pork ribs bake in a basic on hand rub of… sweet n smokey (salt free) ((I know it’s in a classic mccormick brands bottle)) and salt. 285°F four hours versus 350°F 2.5hrs. Largely just pretending my craps better with that extra slow deliberateness… But maybe maybe mine are tender enough to eat. We’ll see.

coffee appeared like a magic half sink more of dishes hee hee but I’ve joe! Yay! (Thanks so and so but also good guy upstairs)

none of this is as eye catching as the Volvo barge. I know you’d go hunh? And James Taylor is finally echoing more often in the change in roommates. (One roommate liked 70’s classic Rock the other james taylor one was more open living in w that he changed residences I get softer but there james… And for reasons excitement “cars” research Perkins and you’ll get there. I mean swapping a wimp-tastic tractor motor for a gas gauge zzler you’ll get a.n amazing 40 or more fuel economy… But be lucky to get to highway speeds.. . Turbos help. And yes raw torque like diesels have, but gas less so, can chirp tires. And thus if it’s simple enough cheap enough and available… Much can recycle to new use. It however isn’t like it was we repaired everything life of our great grandparents we now toss and walmart… It’s no joke that it’s cheaper to MacDonald’s buck burger than cook. But stuff is recycled still… A busted tractor can be in a broke down truck 2 years more life complete with highschool fool burnouts!))

Broiled 20 10 heat off knife is portions crusts crisps as seen not par boiled nor marinated thus the salt isn’t quite restaurant (no issue, I personally can not have that level of sodium anyways but I know “good” and nnnh! ) Overall pleased as I never have before quick tossed ribs in nor dry rubbed them.


The crows, trickster gods

Caw-cussed my entire walk

Aww good aw aw, awwww

here its two I probably should check the cats food levels even if he’s started a dash early with the I’m starving growls. Typical to my period it was 3:30 am but he was always early a m lippy. The dog has fresh cool water and shortly both scounger eaters will have abundance. Dog was cute snout snout trying to roll more blanket about him. I forgot the coffee was pause and serve so not seeing the caraf I put any vessel in and hung? Only a slurp? Yes, ding ding, you have to push that pause button up to release the magic!

I’ve a scheduled meander after a cart so I may attend a collection of a box not far but too much for my current abilities to slog it and my usual aides will not be gaurunteed back to hope up a ride. I had to reorder my treatment too it figures some times that stuff can clash badly timewise and even worse when you don’t drive. -8/9 opening and 1 close and I’ve 825 to bus for 9:06 arrival to 9:40 treatment 2:10 out or lol you’d think I’d miss a valuable treatment to sort an errand.. but I’m lucky in that treatment when needed altered to 420 to allow me to errand.

I had a shock of expected versus reality of my forward plans and I’m a bit sad I forget a milasecond to be grateful in all I may have. It isn’t the plan but we don’t always get what we want. Why is the plan sooo important?

case in point, no one this minute has milk. I know I normally black coffee til there is no option then where’s the cream? But there was swiss miss hot choc powder which is chocolate creamer of a sort! Heh. So ding, ding had good coffee still to finish. Petted the critters stuck counting on me, recognoitered there food and dogs water…cat is a brat and expects a dripping faucet. I guess it’s 2:30 I can refresh cat food. I can’t just wake in an hour to feed his highness on his schedule. Which is wake when I want you anyways.

i shall meander on my preparatory errand after a snooze.


Exploring Advice
A retread on the hot & sour chinese soup but with a different purpose….

I know this is a huge shock! I don’t know every ingredient not recognize if I’ve had them or explore so perfectly in direction following I get it first go. However, I do like to goose my luck! I ask tasting ideas similarities or what to shop for… And even picture after picture to maybe not screw up.

I e I’ve made swedish pancakes straight out of a potato and both flour & milk salt an oil for frying enough to try them straight out of Astrid Lindgren’s “Pippi Longstocking” book. For awhile I could find them very rarely in 1990’s 2000’s Denver Colorado out dining. Mmmm if I did but ooo complain as they always came with bacon and applesauce…. I don’t hate bacon but prefer sausage patty. Anyways. Read. I didn’t find them unlike a cross between a hash browns and a pancake.

James fennimore Cooper’s leather stocking tales mentions lapsang sou chong tea. Which I check hooty sources and even my erudite professors in my tours in higher education which…well some of you think I’m smart, but mcflunk I did in higher ed. Value meal combo style! Anyways in a third tale, timeline 1827 height of sheik to times teas there it is yet twenty before it wasn’t a whisper at the london teahouses. Case in point but different product is I’m just old enough to have came up before ranch was the number one salad dressing. I vividly remember Broomfield colorado old Safeway shopping store down from the junques saloon across from a Broomfield drug with its wine section…a time of 3.2% alcohol enforced… Now groceries sell beer and wines again but eek when I find 20%rum and rub my shins where she kicked me! Because I was sarcastic as I asked for help after she said it was her store! And had to find it myself blind. But lovely memories came or half strength rum. Anyways they demolished that area revitalized it with a target store that also long gone. Anyways times come and go and James fennimore soon was James pratt’s “a tea lovers treasury.” And ten years after the book this
Tea store of Boston massachusetts usa which in my before gevalia coffee became stores everywhere boring it was mail order no it’s the gamble your store has it or you pay double plus shipping to amazon it. Dang it! Bet you still get excited amazon shopping and delivery. I always loved the mail. Be anyways I got my smoked tea. I had hear hukwa from the more experienced heh. I still prefer my lap tea as my less amused friends called it.

Day lilly. Sorry don’t know smell or taste. From ingredients in wuxi styled hot & sour soup video. This site I’m mad at as I had to forego another time in my life trying Johnny walker blue label scotch because I just had to buy something weirder. This time it wasn’t absinthe it wasn’t zirbenze as it was yellow chartreuse at O M G! A bottle priced (10% income level spirits purchases get noted) and wouldn’t it figure I had my try and it bleep bleep sucked bleeep bleep site!!!! Next and the fatality for my ire set was the booze pudding that by their directions didn’t set when I went out of my way with previous success exploring but relied is n them for a foolproof neat-o that was boozy milkshake runny not pudding…..bleeep! Bleep bleep site! But be careful to test your words understaning as it matters and people can count on you but it is just a recipe not everyone will come out and not every bit of advice works for YOU you might just be universally cursed and or suck at life! Smooches! Anyways. Don’t you love how all the bleeping hint I get to molest others bellies is woody? Earthy? Thanks again spruce eats! (I mean it the thanks sincerely also, I can’t say I don’t take it with a grain of salt)

And while this youtube is fun, I’m suffering foreign things swimming in my head and the last hunt just like this one and heh life circles I’m even moving back in with my sis thinking Chinese haha I had bought a Chinese box of harder find ingredients last time and fell in love with my luck as I found black vinegar and tasted it identify ably ever since! Now it’s shaoxing wine and two vids the wine! And a grocery your

I bring this up because Murin. Or I’ve made sushi rice. Irritating the flavors of this or that thing expected when lordy! A splash of apple cider vinegar with sugar would’ve done! I very much try to get approximates hence like you I get steamed if I try very hard and all I’m doing is juggling box jellyfish of changing if not easily lethal opinion.

Yet I expect you to learn fast that sherry is NOT soy sauce. However it’s meant to sub for the shaoxing wine sherry and it can!

And my hot and sour will have carrots damn it. That’s authentic to ME!


Wood ear mushroom dried, reconstitute
Shitaki mushroom dried reconstitute
Day lillie’s dry reconstitute
Sweet potato noodle dry reconstitute
Fat wonton ‘noodle’

1.25 pounds beef shank for stock
1″ ginger
1 Star anise
1 Bay leaf
Shezuan peppercorn
Shaoxing wine
(Water to cover, soak first meat an hour)

Scallion bundle/s

After 2 hours philadelphia elevation as Colorado differs, dice tender shank meat, remove spices from stock.

Ingredients continue.
Potato/corn starch slurry
Light soy
Dark soy
White pepper
Black vinegar
Probably sugar
Sesame oil

Fried dough puffs

Julienne reconstitute veg/noodle. What showed as a double side by side eggroll sized dumpling sheet I cut after folding to long fat noodle. Portion ingredients, stock then add seasoning then slurry thicken as to your tastes finish with sesame oil garnish with dough bits

I’ll rewatch that obvious ly.!. But not bad for first memory

I can make a decent cream, cheese, typical canadian bacon but fried roast ham can do, leek and potato soup. Yes with mozzarella garlic and mozz melts as string city so you’ll be blending and seiving this to be creamy not crappy. Fitzgerald’s casino, since renamed saratoga. Blackhawk, CO. (Usa)

Although it’d be neat to tomato a sauce or soup, semi homemade is fine,. Smoked tomato red pepper soup. It not impossible to roast pepper and soup it pureed then blend some “campbell’s” with a smoked paprika.
Heard much on it got it at steelbachs in tampa fl It’s no longer offered unfortunately, but it’s a nice upscale place

then just paprika partied with campbell’s 😉

I’m considering as fourth and fifths soups
Homespun gumbo
Seafood gumbo, st charles tavern, Nola
Not a can of campbell’s….tasted the rux

Split pea w/ham & bacon (I can’t tell you how exquisite attending “soup for the soul” was alas, it’s mega shine up $100 a ticket then to go… It’s a hooty fundraiser! But I don’t think you understand soup nazi level soups til you get here and maybe one or two places aren’t on as in supporting…. But ooooo! Serious appetizer, serious soup! radio station web-ad

Lobster bisque was the bestest soup I got in Florida travels ending a year ago

Not sure I’ll borscht but that’s fun for watching “October Sky” the movie…. I’m not sure I’ve victems or a pressure cooker.


Rum Rum Away A Memory

i never could find 90% rubbing alcohol so I had to use 40% Rum. I soaked my lenses all day and went to drink that off and BLICK!! All the garlic I steamed into my face cooking was in the mix! I will toothpaste in a bit hoping I get a bit less cloudy lenses but don’t expect much …. But I have less memorable one way anyways lenses now! Now to reinstall them soon hoping I don’t snap the uninsured frames or my teeth.

i was supposed to discover a seminal something according to my horoscope. Garlic infused booze…. Hmn outside of homemade vodka based bloody Marys…. Hmn. And I know that sounds gross garlic booze but oddly some help make flavor you just can’t duplicate.otherwise.

i made a cobbler. It did well even if all I had was honey. And worse, I didn’t get peaches in syrup but juices… So I really had to hope I got my liquid balance close thus I had crusty all right atop hot peaches or it came out!

First peach cobbler in ages! Gold medal ap flour is wheatier than some so I was doing okay finding out I’ve not a grain of sugar ACK!

I sit with sip left non garlic rum running away the last of my cherished days not in dialysis 😉 not buckets and go ahead and think even if dialysis is mean, it will remove a hangover, such is it’s job! Don’t think it’s a free for all!

prior day muffins

Oranging the rummy raisins

Chug mem’ries nothin’


Rabbit Hole Pierogi

a nice idea to contain flour messes!

The weirdest offered recipe is now the big mac pierogi…everything bigac in a dumpling.

Even if the Mac sauce is French dressing dang it!

pasta machine as trust me the boxed mess is cool but I’ll likely not manage rolling then -$10-35 depending on used or new and where for cheapskating

Discovering I’m aware of many a filling thus this list hunt got annoying for not thrilling. Heh


Golden Yolks Yesterday

“…and all the eggs you can steal.”

im reminded of another on old recipe cookbooks and that gem of a line which is 2.

pierogi filling ideas

whatsa difference tween ravioli and pierogi? Eggs in the wrapping dough… But be careful not all pasta has egg! Which is why we don’t have as much food trivia due to less soundbite ethnic or regional truths…. Don’t feel like we on earth are that doesn’t fferent from each other!!

I’m really thinking gnocchi….what a slavic sinner!

Potatoes and someone me really fast is gonna just mention vodka 😉 and that seminal scene in the great escape with Steve macqueen where the Americans made potato liquor and the tunnels got discovered… whoops!!

Anyways. Not a blintzes m moment that! But dang fine movie!

now cool as Steve macqueen is, I like other war movies…

Like james clavell’s king rat

but im spudding! Yes that’s big potato farts ew go away for me! Not a sweet n sour or whatever entree but dumplings… Pan fried dumplings. Kinda link kung pao panda!

Anyways. I’m dreaming dumplings. I very much believe in them as to have many times ordered.

But will you chef john them?



Be not surprised it’s over reisling
I’m whistling over the keys clicklings
I would say I kiss you goodbye but each memory is hello
As of course my afternoon gets mellow
I’m told beware I’m not my obsticles greasings

I dreamt many times of how you’d return
Oh sure I can talk instead of burn
But integrity! I said!
It’d be for you instead
And you’d think I’d have learned

Dumb is the same expecting change
Holiday under the gunnery range
As if you’re not already chosen
Don’t mean you’ve to remain frozen
But the dog of our days has mange

Call when you think I’m not the asshole
Maybe your diet will allow casserole
Shit, maybe I can afford a salad
Give up it all again for your valid
We’ll escape to boat drinks & posole