Like A Record, Baby

Yesterday I had this vision of my next shot at being impressive for the folks at the kitchen where i work.  I am thinking of stuffed peppers in a different way.  I am thinking a combination of both taboulleh stuffeds and chicken shawarma stuffed mini peppers in a casserole. this can if not artfully be arranged can at least be colorfully arraged.  I have yet to make this as I a: need to go shopping and b: I generally like to find a recipe when trying to duplicate something with a name.

     Iam stunned, firstly its not that easy fo far to find a recipe for chicken shawarma… and i mean that outside foodnetwork blah blah blah.  but I did investigate the ubiquitos trivia i’m about to learn of if I break down and visit wikipedia.  shawarma and gyros – obviously two different dishes are still of a similar style and also meaning of their names but as I say the recipe is different….shawarma and gyros mean “to turn”   Does anyone feal an oldies reference coming on?

The Byrds – Turn turn turn?

well back to the idea as I have mine and others theirs.  I can duplicate the machinery unless I wish to be foolish with my means… so my general methodology of the gyro is to make a good meat loaf and with a plate and foil shave the meat and keep it warm in the oven as I prep out the rest of my ingredients thus allowing that crust to deepen somewhat before it’s a sandwich.

I have seen where most skip making what is quintessientially a meatloaf by just thinly slicing grilled meats that are spiced.  I’m sorry but I cant imagine calling something that doesn’t at least try to pay homage to both recipe and while modifying techniques still makes adish credibally close.

but this said now to continue my quest for a shawarma recipe then a tabloulleh one which I got a weird idea  from a friend who said they make theres in belgium/france with couscous???  weird but bulgar wheat and durham wheat? wheat and wheat? similar! 😀  so i keep this all in mind so in essene I can get yellow and orange mini pepper or perhaps red jalepenos if inexpensive enough and then for the center some cherry type peppers   to make a flower center. this means all that is required is to tongs out dinner serve with either a dinner salad orsome appetizer and if I’m on it, that might actually be zucchini fritters or fries.

does this spin YOU right round baby right round like a record baby?


slept on it. *strong language.

over on the not dead yet xanga me, I posted about my moment up and down yesterday.  Of course some are absolutely my own fault and then again this isn’t all bad… I did enjoy the chocolate iced doughnut 😀


this reminds me to make that asside.  I am diabetic thus love everything remotely questionable with food choices… I mean i can have anything i want if I watch the portions….and we’re not talking see food dieting? 😛  but as i hit the doughnut case… and i love chocolate iced raised not cake doughnuts about more than any other doughnut .  what is your favorite inexpensive line doughnut?  I’m fond of cherry turnovers and apple fritters for the honker class doughnuts – so what is yours?


back to habving slept on it.


I got approved for a high interest line of credit with sears / kmart via citi bank.  I applied over a second rrefrigerator acquisition and was approved for it woo hoo.  sorta.  I immediately went to the sears optical site and placed a query over them making my fairly honkin’ huge glasses….the lady had my legal script in message said yes then after i was all excited called back with the not happenin. ug!  


but what it the point here is i have need of everything to safe tools for me as i can not operate a chain saw safely and i have many things often nee3ding demolishing like unwated beds furniture and wood fence sections and over sized logs for the fire box….  reciprocating saw is far safer for me less sighted to operate.  they just are.  more expensive on blades and general maintainance but such is a tradeoff not to smack myself in the face with a highspeed chain malfunction.

I need a second refrigerator as i live with four people and this is mine! issues aren’t resolving so sharring isn’t happening so  like I’m not subdividing one fridge for four people it wont work.  it isn’t working.  that’s sussed out with a fridge line courtesy of a kindly soul whom i shant embarass with further information about him.


I can’t breath or live upstairs in summer.heat and have an aenemic 500btu a/c unit that’s 3 years old or wait probably six my how time flies but it’s just not enough.  I could up that


I want. a proper sized tv i can carry myself again no none of this 300 pounder shit for free  shit.  shit I can physically use. that’s worth dusting.


I of course want everthing cooking related to a functioning pressure cooker to gadgetry like a keurig coffee maker.  I want it bad!  


i need a shed but by the time you suss out how much storage space i’m in need of with 5 adults and my budget of five cheap adults you’d realize?


sure i can get a lot at high interest everyone else can use BT me at my expense.  damn it 😀  hence I’ve slept on it.  I will see about collecting a frustratingly expensive  up front fridge versus a sleeker  new thing on credit because cost now versus later is still how much! what? are you joking cant afford it!.  I must get glasses and leave room for an insulin pump installed at my expense because lets face it. I need to see to keep a job and what’s the point of having all this bills to buy other people shit me first.  ultimately I am my own responsibility and  yada irritating  cussity cuss I have little business to buy what doesn’t aid me first and foremost.  how annoying i want everything 😀


my bed is rather annoyingly miraculous that way 😉