first, don’t quite expect me to edit this well in the spell check sense. it Isn’t Christmas yet.

I’ve my interests. they are passing whims like anyones or more lasting. however, some interests I’ve already the investments of materials.
I own two two, 2×3 ft mirrors for instance one mine the other supposedly saved for a pal for how cool it was for us to try the larger format projects of painted mirrors. they currently are borrowed in some grow cabinent.

I own a large again 2×3 sketch pad for art. I got it a few years ago now? oops. I had it so i could sketch in form/measure architectual ideas.

now if you’ve not noticed by my grammar, this is impishly only representational, not what I’ve in mind.

as Art is a function of life as a product produced mostly as a measured proof of motor skills for what I do, 😉 I’m onto any and all ways to help myself, and you thought I was altruistic?? to get said involvement with interesting activities.

for instance, I wanted to do domino art. all you have to do is move dominoes into some shape or structure. sure, *I* did the basics of standing up the many dominoes as the initials of who was present to get motion into this activity and that might have been the only salvation of what otherwise was not my best effort 😉 but

but! if you can give it a whack? isn’t it fun to see the dominoes fall?

so, something as simple as traced hands? finger painting, sponge painting, colored pencil colouring or that of crayons or markers often gets me into explaining how one can imagine… I get so many blank stares. thus I had purchased now my second book to help with things.

they are:
bible fun,ppr_max:15&tbm=shop&q=bible+fun+prek&sa=X&ei=CRkrVI6yHMWlyAS93oDoAg&ved=0CA4QvSs
sorry exact product not spotted but it’s likely still at walmart it’s a pre-k

doodleicious – tracey hare

now despite how it sounds, you’d be very not shocked I’m sure of how big a barrier the blank stare is, it’s not easily smiled away, and it isn’t cheerily sorted out right instant yet if its actually arduous to resolve it wont be, simplicity! so I look forward to this book which as you see is roughly cool for 3 up and thats useful right now.

also keep in mind that something as simple as beding a pipecleaner is quite the undertaking. no, I haven’t finished repairing the pipecleaner flag but I’m still saving it. I thought I was something when I had the formation down to a jig using a toilet tissue tube to bend the pipe cleaners til I forgot that there is such a thing as IDIOT proofing and notiticed instantly it had to be secured at the base and coordinating legs and arms is sometimes too much to ask. but! all participated that wished to.

Pipe Cleaner Flag

again not my activity but without pictures so much of life is meaningless to most so I sense being blind 😉

this is perhaps why I want such a thing as a splash wall even though I’m due to move from this side of the home in not too long even leaving it better than given is an important bit of my pride lately. of course I want it not freshly painted but fundamentally updated improved but who has that kind of money and time?…surely not all of us.

as you can see, looks but also function are important to me. I like things to bring a smile and thankfully have suffered enough musical education to know enough persistance to do the grunt junk long enough for a result.

what you can also see and I’ve comments for is “hard facts” and lol ooo do the comments come 😀 but as I hope to have and I knew I did minus the hard copy as fancy how hard it is to remember 3 weeks of information let alone 3 months! of exactly why I have a1c’s that have then some proof of something that can be altered, as docs cant alter whether you get ill but they c can harp on intakes.

in now what you have as editing, you can sorta see something for yourself of my why’s through my hows… I doubt anyone but me can avoid going what? WHEN WHEEEERRRRE?

to the hot minute I’ve had 1 and 1/4 hotdogs dog looked pitifully interested and I wasn’t. 3 diet sodas. I’ve had a 3 hour nap as I got up at 8 without cause to. I have one emergency call to make on a bill and that’s hopefully the extent of my day… I’ve brushed the toilet of it’s worship…not from booze but the other ends. how bloody exciting 🙂

more program collection and then vetting woo hoo. 😉


:) aftermath.

I neglected to attach a card to my lil offering, a nifty lil pumpkiin of the season. 😀 that makes for a delicious day spent figuring out it had to be who was it? 😀 yes, I did do that. kinda slick timing as I managed a booboo about being a moment late which isn’t an often occurance that doesn’t of course somehow excuse out from being work related. I need my meds sunday and got them on late lunch….I was 8 minutes late into a scheduled time and believe me It wasn’t intentional nor cool I just don’t aim to do that…but having an i’m sorry gift there already… kinda slick 😀 heheheh

monday food intake before I forget
3 wine early am weeee!
wake to visit mom’s taco bell was slated for breakfast, toastada ala dolar menu and burrito supreme
1/3 udi’s pepperoni pizza gluten free
3 toasts one with turkey on toasted, two with toasted and mayo
3 hotdogs simply toaster ovened
2 beers 3 wines for evening
and one 8 oz worth over 3 sparkling soda watered and iced in champagne flute juice spritzers
peach mango ala target where the clum at the pharmacy refused to open box me a few syringes as she didn’t want to find me in her system not thee system…which I’m most certainly in…not keen on that target 😀 king soopers across the street did it with 3 people in line ahead of me in less time than it took me to ask at target with no one there.

I tried to set up for a showing of my little margie the fifties tv offering but wouldn’t it figure I hadn’t the exact cords and lol bought what should have been the right one when I a needed two but b the tv there didn’t accept that type of connection and laptop isn’t loud enough with all this new fangled safety levels to be heard over people who want to talk with this in the background about memories!
poor mom again had the ghoul that it internal things being slow and those are, once in a while dhcp switches addresses points for the internet and it takes ex period of time to reset… no internet and all it would have been should she have known is a reset the equipment and then it’d be better behaved… but when I got there it logged online automatically 😀 ghouls of electronics. :D(my best guess as I too was up at one am and it didn’t wanna work the turd across town same service and 😀 )
I went shopping on the way home at my town’s target not mom’s and of all the bloody things, I got vegetarian razor meals
masala chick peas and rice
vegetarian stuffed shells which actually is offputting labeling to me but it’s manicotti florentine and that to ME sounds better advertizing than the other
pot pies,
a meatloaf freezer thing
sweet italian sausage and required buns this time
a half gallong of milk as I didn’t finish the last half gallon. but who’d touch 2 week expired milk?
lunchmeat turkey

doodleicious by tracey hare – dare ya to google search it.
and a mp3 playere where I couldn’t spot one and almost despaired of having to ask that awful question, do you guys still sell those old fashioned mp3 players?

now I know I’ve a lot of prep stuff. I do. I’m even posessed with a round of soups likely my lunches at work. but 😀 consider one thing, you can see that I’m not in the habit of cooking and I’m not going to be in it with not a damn thing in the house to make so I figure that I might as well learn to cook and eat at home then worry about cooking cooking.

I thought the doodleicious book was neat as it’s all girl pink….that didn’t sound right… but it offers pages where much of the scene is there but little whole for one to put their imagination into it onto the page. this is a picture concept versus me explaining it this imagination crap. I look forward to it providing a spark of more interest than I currently have.

so, I got shot at a fine month of neat things. let’s see the numberss improve. I hope to erroniously interpret them into being an hour lunch perk for me just in time not to be fully able to use it DEAD of winter :D… there’s always books 😀


Swan Supper.

food intake was
a couple of coffee’s black
6 diet pops which have a sodium notation but otherwise calorie free
one four am glass O wine mmm if I didn’t note that already
lunch portions mixed veg and mashed potato and gravy with 2 negligable bites turkey that was all I could manage
2 oz cheese slices
3 small grabs 3/4 c best polite to reality guesses chex mix
4 oz dip
2 tblspoons frontera chipotle sala
3 oz chips either way toal to over guess 4 butter club type cracker, 5 multigrain round type cracker
4 whole candy corn or maybe 20 calories sugar there. maybe.

didn’t win at scratch lottery and mom’s 11.5/6 gallon tank took 12.5 gallons to fill not lucky 😀 there anyways nor in hurry to return!

one of the gang found and restored to functional /clean a 70’s80’s era pachinko game. I cant figure out the fundamentally supposedly simple workings after 3 different examples diagramed so feel silly and have a foggy idea about a forrest for the trees simpler version sorta of clockwork traps and specificallly changable games with of course different odds. maybe that’d be neat. but in general pachinko is today’s neat lookup.

if I noted the wine, oo la la I’m having one

if not boo, it’s nearing bed time either way.

I feel I had a somewhat successfull work week with a few boogers of worthy note one being huge and ‘ll get a holler for deservedly. I’m on target for a new month to gain some data about the hunt to try and be after a new angle of life the one I create versus the cards dealt me…where if it’s dead end so the hell what? perks are free if one realizes the game of extorting a compliment not given that if perk is gained so is the pseudo affirmation otherwise they’re just buzzrds after a carcass nothing unual about workplace feelings 😀 but I’m hoping to collect data to file for a nothing personal to me or my desires method of seeking what I want as they deterine what may suit me 🙂 but in reality is just a good business idea of consideration…I want an hour lunch, I’m fairly sure this alters my schedule in ways that can be shown by patterns to elevate a weekend person’s obtaining the best of the day possible. you and I both know it’s to get a shot at a breath of freedom as I can not drive I cant go anywhere nor really get much done me worthy,…oh sure it’s ample but it’s actually somewhat if provably ill suited to my day and shedule of how to serve others best 😀 famous last words thinking I know how to serve others best. but that’s where numbers come in useful.

to mom’s is planned for more program vetting.

the sydney swans LOST to the whoever hawks in what was my worst installment of an AFL australian football league grand final or, swan supper.


gathering lint of successful sweaters.
this is Omar the wizzard of persia. I’ve vetted it is safe enough as secular entertainment for MY purposes and group. but I want it handy as

I get to include more things this month I’m interested in.

I’ve no use for the adventures of johnny dollar insurance investigator. save one of my adult reader might like it but as a group thing no chance. the right way to handle michigan is with applejack? *sound of bottle being decorked* um 😀 but no 😀 in the public playlist.

selections here have yet to be vetted, but there’s potential, considering I wiki there’s 1600 some episodes available of the 5000 made… a great tv show is 52 to sydicate properly, a greatly successful show is like the near 200 of startrek tng, red green show did 300 some. but something of format should be considered 5000 by fifteen minute episodes? far easier to produce, 30 minute television video or an hour? much more of a struggle but not just because of ideas.
a website of the old look of one sponsor of the show, horlicks malted milk, yes, it exists in 2010’s but it brings up food. any of you farties remember malted milks? surprisingly, they’re not impossible to find but they’re sure rare. and thus 😀 considering health and safety I have another hope this old timey stuff catches on as what better way to be back in the day than malted milks and radio? my connections about the world say wendy’s australia may sell an actual malted.. jim’s burger haven of denver go to 88 and pearl! and remember places may offer them but few mmenu point promte them.;-harriet-upholstering-ep-2
because this was first radio, ozzie and harriet.

other programss are early tv and this one that doesn’t seem likel to woo a lady audience, ” the cisco kid” for those of you who don’t know how to read complicated gobbligook url language here’s also a lesson to you might see this to you’re own uses 🙂
http:// = what to do tith the follow chere this goes mainlyly not specifically
shows/ I’m on the seventh page of 140 listing into this as I start out deep
the-cisco-kid/ the show title if you knew how they wrote all the titles you could interchange this for other titles/episodes
watch/dangerous-shoemaker-95989/ the actual instance point and episode again without knowing thier ordering and titleing letter for letter, knowing how to change computery goop is nice to know but not useful… but, remember because that is useful and maybe you’ll like to see stuff you’ve never heard of but by popular songs reference/allusion.

war- “the cisco kid”

if it wasn’t for this song, I’d never have clicked the show.

and again, I haven’t any big hope for a punchm up passing muster with lady approved television for from the old times. but as you see, I’ve at least 140 shows with episodes to watch. and a cute commercial for chef pepperjack? gotta look that up to be offkey again or mail to hmn who thinks food like me… I know 😉 and santa’s watched the rise from good to bad 😀
yes new and old ads are worth investigation I know it sucks having to wait 5 years through them as most of the time we don’t want that junk. but still. I thought the above during the cisco kid was funny a video game about cooking that wasn’t boring old burgertime?

speaking of food,
dietary intake as I’m trying to note the real stuff not the guesses
I had 4 cookies and cream hershey’s kisses and 1/4 serving of the brach’s caramel machiatto candy corn
one whole beer yesterday that’s progress!
burgerking sausage and cheese and I like their snap of texture sausage.
taco bell bean burrito as I had to cruise home during lunch for the meds which I still forgot to take. there just isn’t the feeling of time for them/me I work on that.
I had 3 slices of toast after the nap with mayonaiise which oddly I like 😀 and 6 halls cherry which to me is the best candy almost ever! I’m werid I like weird spicey things

thus for record I haven’t had meds past d vitamins a candy, since thursday 7:19 is pm round one and 7:30 ish round insulin pm.

as you might imagine I felt lousy from waking but oddly the saving grace wasn’t more starving which by the way I suspect is why I got diabetes anyways skipping things til there wasn’t anything left to skip but a lil bit of me. but yeah busy as I was late back 8 minutes into activity and ouch bad, I did have a great amount of activity in but live and die by timing and paperwork, I’m still 20& better than the place penalized by state review but still ouch. and I rushed! crap crp crap. like that wont be something mentioned

well to the diet pepsis. no, I didn’t make 1500 calories yesterday. but I ate. sausage/cheese 260 cal
190 burrito
salt wise oh god just at the fast foods, 1800mg irritating as taco bell used to be a tad high salt but relatively healthy! now remember I fact check

Click to access MenuNutritionInformation_November2012.pdf

as my fitnesspal was fucking wrong. it’s 330 calories for the sausage and cheese and 750mg not 0 mg sodium. they list 250 which is for the ham version of the muffin sandwich.and as I say 0mg sodium.
but as I say 520, 200 in candy 120 beer 400 toast with mayo 1240 being fairly quick about math and lets not talk fat calories as I don’t count those. I didn’t make calories or salt but I lessened the damage of highly sugary bombs here and there. and I knew this minus the look but its nice to remind me that I should keep after the 1600mg sodium a day thing. that I do not remember off my head nutritionwise 😉


so much for laundry and beer…sheesh

time gets away from me when I’m just trying to amble this and that way. I went out of my usual travel cycle to fix a problem I knew how to fix for ages, it’s just not a fix for my time. I fooded it up. Ithought I didn’t need to tip as well as I did but glad I did. I’m home and my major moment needfuls aren’t touched.

I need to laundry so I’ll be about as brief as i can here.
I didn’t get my beer for home and lounge swilling suds
I hit two places I liked, landau arms- highland’s ranch and mckinner’s pizza littleton
I paid my target card over the balance owed as in paid off entirely plus.

I didn’t spot shoes at target, they offered 7 total styles
I got cod tostadas happy hour offer, cup of soup and a swithwicks courtesy of landau arms where I asked for m little table in the corner. oo I forget the beer and handful of cornnuts..
I got an apricot dry dock and pierogies at mckinner’s
I missed a LOT of busses and now to rush in a load so folks can sleep and pell mell to kmart to get them paid down. I have soups for next month as I expect to prove a point in action that 1pm is late and most are just konching out for after lunch naps so I ordered my schedule to offer later afternoon formal visits…this means rush to work or lose a half hour leaving earlier, and no lunch whereas I can! do dinner but who’d stay often for THAT?
now laundry

oh and if you’d like I’ve black box malbec.


finked links

yes yes, I’m telling on them…links 😀

I went out again on my 2nd major about the town outting to try to catch up with one who ended up having a better evening offer of a job interview and time at an old time arcade. the other had emergency kid sitting duty. so my trip home was an hour and some getting “stood up” at a bar by both sexes 😀 bahaha. now before you chime in with sympathy awssss, I did enjoy my evening anyways. I remembered the new route of the old up that way bus and that if I didn’t have to visit the little boy’s room so emergency bad I could have taken a bus practically door to door! they’ve double the restaurants up there or nearly. so if I felt like not being where I said I’d be, I could have laughed loudly that I’m close, I got detoured to hooters. I still like the name but not one single thing I’ve ever gotten there. if I wasn’t late twice, I’d have had the chance to kabob station
which by the time I got there I was ten minutes behind schedule or nearly so felt bad and showed up swiftly only to be stood up the second time as I knew ring ring after I said I cant hear on the bus that the ring ring was I’m somewhere else.

now, I got my meds in late and was good boy having a light dinner snack as on the way I had the only option in sight dairy queen a purchase restroom option…so I got a lemon slushy…oo good but oo sugar
I walked at sunset to my rendezvous with no one.

now laugh i started this post with something on wine. that was my grab out the door/that side of town. turns out its really tasty if it isn’t dead cold though cloyingly sweet. still like it and suggest ice and pre chilling and 6 bucks too.

so I saw the new big town bus station oh lord was that confusing! I got lost in there and getting to my train. it’s weird that they back in the passenger amtrak trains but I saw that and am very glad I didn’t try jumping platforms down onto the tracks as…that was not looking like it was every bit six feet down and yet it was just not quite right enough that I didn’t try as that might have been owie.

Isense a different town again down there. it isn’t the same and yet I don’t know quite why.

I think that feeling is that it has significantly changed everywhere once home or stomping grounds.

I look to have most of my schedule. I also was surprised to get in the hunt for employee of the months…only to instantly hear a complaint….which is WHY I don’t want to be employee of the month only to court being fired 😀 I was right though 🙂 i’d be screwed if my real date came off as it’s 80 a night plus tax or I’d have no i’d be one beer and pretzle out fast food pleas and a chase to a hotel room if I did even that much so in a way yay I got more than nothing 🙂

don’t worry breakfast by appology lol remember I’d have a check cashed at back open 😀

a day late and a dollar short if my night would have came off.

so, here I am finishing my glass of plum wine, two cans of beer a soda and a half with that dairy queen anda macdonalds mcchicken and value fries followed by lunch of arby’s french dip small potato cakes and no cal drink I like the lipton green tea cal. I might have another month’s kudos next month we’ll see but if so I’ll have my new schedule proven whether splitting my one on 1’s is necessary to accomodate more folks which for some strange reason 😀 is important to show I care enough to fight out a try. and lol yes just as my calories intake missing only the slice of sourdough is the day but so is my lil spirit, yes annoy if I’d gotten the folks to show just as it was to not have them show 😀 lol but not really I had a nice private moment

oh and google voice dropped my rate in half for the only person I call on a rate. that was sooo nice.
i have to share the other links which are repeats to a degree. – 20’s 30’s music and odd recordings I have an activity with luck of course or pending approval to do songs from their real time. pending approval this is for old time radio – as I’m disallowed popcorn, I’m hoping I can sneak in some crackers and cheese for nurses approval – they’re only 100 calories.
old time tv- is a snarl but I think I can find sometthing that way as it was my most delighted in activity.


out of three

pond rings ripple out
in bigger rings but less matters
as its less than new.

I know who you can blame for the thought but perhaps they’d not like such credit.

here it is wednesday of the wok most social and explorative to me 8 am. I being up just before six. I still haven’t mustered myself fully. I’m on caffeinated beverage number #2. I will say that albeit fridge chilled and thus beyond boring, there is still magic none the same in a slice of sourdough. diet pepsi as with any can is convenient and I admit I’m a can-a-holic. not persay an alcoholic, but I sure do have a problem with convenience. I did muster the oomph to make freshly ground coffee…yes, surprise! I cleaned my grinder and ground the coffee and wiped it again ready to be looked at upon next use to be cleaned again… because of course I cant see like you can nor think straight in the mornings or at all tasks anyways so I have to care and it takes longer and is more arduous for me. but as I say, it’s 8:05am during the most social time of my week of weeks and as you might guess by tone, I’m not yet motivated.

today I shall make use of that copper heart pan to maybe make hear shaped popcorn treats ala boozed again jello jolly rancher watermelon with that booze up of more watermelon flavor to counter the corn takeaway of watermelon pucker. you ought instantly remind me to have fire supression on hand as alcohol burns and I intend to do just that, heat it sufficiently. this minus calls to the fire department of brother about tragedy is my hope and it requires me to venture to the store and clean not one but 3 spaces then disinfect my working area. this is to say I am sure main house kitchen which has a metal range hood meaning less danger if things get exciting cooking 😀 has to have a wash down and disinfection. before that I must by this new habit cycle attend first to my own space needing a tidy and thus of course clean up after myself for the third space attended. I know you don’t care per say or this is overstating the obvious, but I can’t seem to do things out of order anymore. I have me this new problem called growing old that means I must do it a certain way or its wrong past salvation always.

thus if I can be out at one of the nine hour’s two buses, I can collect my bus pass, tickets for bus as los what a surprise I’ve fallen short and must plan ahead to scrimp twice if I want to succeed. collect my favorite nuclear corn as I don’t want to wash even one more pot/lid. and both jellos and then across the lot at the booze shack watermelon pucker. right now I’m considering food color as I don’t mind the jello approah but I want orange but not specifically that tang orange flavor…so I might have to adjust a lemon to being orange. I wont have time to buy the black food color unless by magic walmart actually decides to be useful which if I hit the first of the nines can be done and get that walk in and mosey over to the …why must I kings oh yeah bus pass/tickets too. and thus I c an lounge some on home coming.

it’s now 8:25 and I lost my flow. again. my coffees almost icey. I’m half stoned off caffein again for the umpteenth time this year and it really isn’t help motivate me. I guess I can sum this up with that I know I have issues. I know I only need put the energy to them I complain I’m out of to like exercise in the physical world get more oomph by oomphing. or, shut up and do it! Sorry if you made it this far.. or shame on you for thinking I’d be nice and orderly to summarize in a concluding paragraph.


I meant to chatter about apples.

memorey is fickle and mine is no different in that I forget conveniently and edit when I like 😀 but
last evening let’s say
a half rack of saucey ribs the saucy being sugary bbq, one slice of pizza 4 beers and pretty much a nap as surprise that’s too much, there was a 1/4 of a hoagie roll as made to be garlic bread I mean the bottom ate , not toasty so not much and left it conveniently to be bbite nabbed by house brown dog as white geronimo dog don’t dig not meat things
I know in there I also had to have had about 50 calories worth of altoids. and for now I cant remember anything more coloric.

the evening before was 2 beers and I may point out that’s over a far longer period but the numbers of damnation are all anyone wants to read and snap judge so, 😀 this also mean a small pizza half veronese which was herby and or gross. the herb left mom thinking it salty when it wasn’t it was just that hot smack of too much herb. this was with water and later two sausages of the standard italian hot bulk pack kingsoopers kind in sauce for spaghetti I missed. I’m sure I should count the other 3 beers before the night was done too and the standard sized lunch where in I skipped the entire meat offering so a side of broc and mashed potatoes with a butterscotch puddin. this means now we go to my only good night after I mention the two creamered cinnomon coffees at the visited home and one half hot choc and another half hazelnut coffee mix at work

saturday I made it into another lunch at work with a single hazelnut mixer it was later to absolutely no more tha 2 beers as you might remember I had plenty celebrating the downfall of scottish independance the evening prior…saturday hurt more than usual. I think I got taco bell for the way home. which would have been a tostado, another one with that lava whatever sauce and a burrito supreme. a half glas of mango tea green which wasn’t so good. I know I walked from 8 blocks south to 22 blocks south which is about 2 miles or double my usual day’s effort I think I had the spicake for lunch too…. don’t show mr d that ma’am b made a better spiced up 😉 and i seriously lament the switch I consider at work to dinner there versus lunch as 😀 I can’t seem to resolve a timing thing otherwise but it’s like giving your pal one in the neck to switch from his fine food to anothers.

I’m not absolutely sure, but I’m fairly sure this all adds up to about 1800 calories a day, the reason is that more than this is a longer nap. this also means that the pizza and ribs were not surprisingly 3 hours nap worthy, and thus had to be over 70 grams carbs which hit like bricks when they comoe… even the half slice this morning not kidding half a slice remains of what is a stuffed or doubled not double doubled crusts 12 in pie cut for six portions or 3 starving boys/men or isx gals watching their figure…a little anyways. it’s just I know that over 30 grams at a shot carbs I nap, 60 some with a lunch is 2 hours and more is just more. this is not scientific but this is precisely how I monitor whats going on. you might now note by numbers i court AA. yes I actually like beer other things wine less so as it hits harder and yes I lament a pie and ribs at 51 bucks as the ribs went to two people me and roommate pal and I’ve half a pie left I cant say I adore. it’s just like making a corned beef roast and having someone pick the last of the corned beef out and voila the vegetation just rots. 😉 I don’t ordinarily mind jimanos but that was NOT the pie to buy, spinach vegetarian minus the onions…should have added bacon. at the very least but they don’t put enough spinach on./in.

2.10 tax , 2/.35 delivery 10 for a full slab of ribs so more than on male could eat them, and a pie just at 20.35 is then discounted brought it all to 42.62 but the pie was in the 30 minutes to fourty zone and thus I was first delivered to straight out of the oven, so 31 was the final it’d have been less if I’d cash on hand but sometimes we dont and thus ccard tips are always claimed as they’ve paper the government sees so it 39% off ccard tips ala government hence cash is king. something about it not being earned income but a taxable thing at the yummy rate. but again as I said pay well you get good service. and all said and done, this about all I remember of my weekend to now in food. later this is useful because all my doc wants to do is drop the booze and smokes to give the meds more room physiologically to work better longer… I of course take this with a lifetime of before i drank being asked if I was drinking every time I hit the clinic for diabetes med/check so I’m like why should I quit living to take a yucky pill that for the best of science stil randoml as all diseases can deprive you of the only good cheat you carefully saved for only for the numbers to say suspiciously timed no you cant TODAY tomorrow when there’s not party or gathrering sure…tomorrow never comes as it’s only a later today.

so for about the heaviest consumption of alcohol over a week I’ve had in ages about the usual intake of food but not quite the right types timed, a bummer choice it half turns out , a fine chance at new things /places and you’ll likely note I actually don’t cook much if at all anymore lately. hence the popcorn thing I mean I’m not far away from able to do that 😀 I’ve just had no space to my own forever and less time to be my own forever at the outcome that it’s just more convenitent for me to watch my diet out than in. that’s what having nonstop guests 11 of 12 months in my space has done, I wait like we all for work to be that break we all know is coming but when 😉 only to devote more to it than it deserves for the favor, the come home to no space too hot cramped no time to production up dinner… wake up and go back to work half dead tired because parties never happen on an other night but when I’m due in the next day…random sickness work through that, random sugar illness just when If I’m ill I might as well fire myself as unreliable.. I cant tell you how many times sugar bites me this is odd because nowadays people think sugar equals booz yet calorically speaking booze is far nicer well beer is wine’s mean. spiritus are flat out cruel but guess which is more and more expensive..sprits cheap, wine often a bargain over beer and beer often thee most expensive and most swiftly sucked down.

otherwise beer’d be cheaper than wine at the lower end of offerings but again its just hey thanks for the beer.

so back to the apples thing, I suposeI’ll try to make me some blued ones. yes transparent on purpose so the reds would purple and the greens with blue would be a nice french coloured blue.

but moreso to mock jackie blue that seventies song..with snow white.

ooo oo apples blue
snow’s stepmom cookin up somethin new
just one nibbl bite
and its sleep til true prince kisses you.

yes, I’m back to feeling a tad malevalent 😀 naughty me. and now for another diet pepsi, as you can imagine my week of intake must be paid for somehow with..less naughty room 😀 but I want something! just oddly not more beer at present

the word is that I can get jello into the candy for the apples but it’s a real candy coat of sugar candy with jello then more for flavor than other things

How to Make Candy Apples Any Color!!

that’s pretty apple land and the discussings of how to do it right all make marha proud.


spilt wine.

what? yet more protein?
don’t I drink enough good beer?
he hee nutrition.

indepenance, NO!
no I wont pay your damn bills
so much for freedom.

a lunchbx liqueur
licorice black and O>J>
spin in now some beer.

I laughed when I found out it was theargentine wine I bought that bought it in the laneway home when my bag broke…usual deal bend to pick something up drop 2 more things and traffick is speeding my way 😀 but laugh will ya? the joke is so obvious

don’t cry for me argentina!



this is yoyomax 12 on rainbow foods: rainbow popcorn balls. Iof course want pink and red, as october is breast cancer awareness month. and I want orange and black for the halloween theme at the end of it all.

I looked up jello popcorn balls and you’ll be surprised at the way many like varying it with honey sugar or corn syrup butter and such but, I chose not a recipe but a video as the outcome and the hell of seeing something go wrong is displayed and how to correct for said.

I’m curious as how Id get black anything jello so I suppose it’s time to pull up a food coloring mixing chart as again this was covered in the video, vibrancy is key,… it might need a pepup.
no bueno, I’m not making cookies… 😀 or frosting the popcorn!
a far simpler chart but again not frosting…
mcCormick as is usual to the rescue. if you don’t know my love for McCormick, then you’ve never taken the time to make use of the gloriousness that is their Montreal Chicken seasoning and reasonable sizes of general household needfuls through the years. but in this case I need color so cake color will do. and as you’ll note, I didn’t get a “black” color so… just because I love McCormick I type in my need of black food color and..
generally available at walmart online. cheap as all get out too.

I can lemon up the yellows and rum raisen up the orange/black I can watermellon/chery the red/pink stuff.I even should still have a fancy ass heart tin for to form things besides eat your heart out cancer or even the regular eat your heart out pretty girl 😀 is a fine enough haha if caught.
it’s really a way pink thing so 😀 yay
but now to cherry lime jello,
this is just in case I feel the urge to not be brand name about it all 😉 excepting McCormicks 😀

this now allows you to consider with me how to make black and orange pumpkin but as popcorn balls and popcorn hearts red and pink pretty.

note lack or orange boo.
cellophane tinted


this allows me to colour black nuts for orange poppcorn balls and even swap in flavors that aren’t fruit typicial but a different array!