the fun with names

i’ve read as much as i can stand to – meaning i’m a skipper-arounders .  I’ve exhasusted my piles

arizona: wagons west volume 2x somthing… dana fuller ross

-I read about the least of this book as after 501- years with the series it has a repetitive tone no matter whivh volume it is.  I like how it’s somewhat accurate to the kind of names one may have heard and how far flung they became but yet it’s still something of a possibilitie to catch a familiar thread.  I liked independance wagons west  which i believe is book two and where i started like always never in sequence.  however five or ten in it became repetitive and now it oo what’s the bad man trying to get which holt is it this time ever so honorable holt —which reminds me now to puke remembering school when what was it a rheinholdt that published so many of my textbooks so the same then too.

frans kafka

amerika = i laugh as just like jules verne in his 20,000 leagues under the sea, this book is loosely based against all that could be discovered from afar on what was known.    I find it accurate in that someone can and easily will cheat the generousity of others to latch onto any gravy train.  I laughed at the theater of oklahoma where it was so uch like the army where who cares what you want what did you do before how high did you pass which studies where .  it was like so much of beaurocracy today.  even if this was yet another book where favor can be LOST on the judgement of others saving themselves matters not who.

the castle – another long long explaination about the valuation of where one stands in life…. it isn’t very rational.    it’s oppinion it’s whose who caring about you….but unlike the opinion i was told to expect which is a story of alienation from life i found it still possible to see why some just are fortunate and are quick to cultivate the friends appropriate to their wanted way of living andwont let go when they’ve suffered a change for the worse…and it’s almost singularly impossible to change a reputation by one’s self.

frog music – emma donnaue – this is a naughty enough book set mostly in sanfranscisco circa 1876 september.  it’s about lusty love. a little lesbian action as well as what you might have found as a watcher of porn long long ago  but again of love versus ambitions and attitudes toss in a murder and as thus it’s a who-done-it laugh when just like the cliche the butler did it or in this case close 😉  and you’ve the4=9 song the daring young man on the flying trapeze from england yet the whole crue is french and that song is? from the depression era more or less in popularity..but argue all you like.  in fact this book has some anger about the justice we hide seemingly  yet always reveal of ourselves?  in a way the book is so thuroughly modern and paced so that the setting is but theater to the story.. a bit of a lie.  just as korea was mash the tv show lasting not three years as the real war did but eleven hit seasons on television displaying more of an attitude contemporary to vitetnam and social politics of the day like leaving a bar because you need a drink only to return when you want a drink and but in the books this one the others- the colours of the characters contain a truth and archetyping yet it’s attitude that drives them to radiate as they do – officials in 1920 and before era books are selfabsorbed and often hostile – this book is no different.  but i suppose where this book breaks is a more modern notion that we live our l ives and then “settle down” repectably…everyone covering up one lie or another.

the last book here is jorge luis borges’ book of illusions – which covers so much of what we popularly retell over and over.  as if stealing from a recipe book. 😉  it bored me fairly quickly excepting what a mandrake was which is covered in the bible of all places where leah  bargains for a night of sex with Jacob from Rachel…rachel wanting the mandrakes and having the popular spot with their shared husband.  but even in the bible its about something concrete or nevermind love how many sons?  who’s the husband?  STATIS.  and thus i’ve completed the last books of the type to cover status as a thing.. perse

or have i  the guy who helped make imax everest ed biesters climbing everest  times recounts a life studied to be a veternarian who loved the outdoors and climbing…fell into his passion for climbing giving up the course he studied for upon completing school.  as a guy who obviously could climb and thus drag you to the tops of mountains, he was status and showed how nearly all his friends were shallow but passionate and sometimes unwise but true to themselves because climbing a mountain to it’s top is only climbing halway… you still have to get down hopefully safely.  but imagine 15 breaths to a step, i walk nearly 2 steps to a breath for pace.  it’s those little details that offer a little window into how people condition and achieve what magic they can-  so in a way  status is a touch illusiary… for climbing everest was just as dangerous the first time as the last time and just as hard  never mind the 7 times it’s often luck of a way that we get up these challenges or social heights or height heights at all.  that’s with all the hard work  imagine if we didn’t try…nope cant climb without efforts ;)D


A Line

Arise to your level

sheltering encouraging LIFE

Prize the voices echoed.

the line forms deliberately jangling the western mind as it is built upon itself.  forever it seems seperating one side from another oreven carefully placing itself into being the guardian of what’s to come.  material upon material laboured into place yet asking in a voiceless way to be…not just the evil enemy of living free and unencumbered but begging one to understand it is a friend really wishing to stand sentry over all that’s to be.    a wall is a line in simplest forms and it seeks of it’self nothing but to provide within what it is…a line – be that of times when one side sees the day’s shadows to the cackling voices of a party one side of it enjoying it’s gift of standing before the mean sun  or the otherside with it’s retorts the other side of the day’s shadows allowing those present the chance at glee.  a line between when one can enjoy the best times- save noon when neither find much protection  either side of that line.  Ask me if a breakfast of bloody maries over herb chicken and capers  lemony would offend you any less than summer’s squash and it’s garden conspirators grilled to a kebab as delight to make a wand to direct the life’s music that line sent of it’s evening shadows divine?

fiction is something imagined perhaps or perhaps not plausible but still imagined now with me take the lime as a wash of white about the clay bricks  packed together and dried with a capstone of fired bricks of salmone topping the avenues of squirrels taunting dog from above – skitter and twittered laughter of haha on you…BARK!   Imagine a young boy set to the bucket brigades of rewashing this line it’s color innocence versus dusty and dingy and how he whines in spirit of such a despicable thing it is to be clean or being unable to abandon himself better to play.  imagine the ironwork be-cushioned as who wants to grill their bottom in what happens when sun sings all day to the metal furniture ready to grill your bottom away.  imagine a carafe of jewels ice perhaps dilluting lemonade, grapefruit, seltzer and wine.  Imagine now it is by far not an obstruction this line we might say is a wall but it is a blessing to make more what is.

a wall has to it permanence yet interestingly it’s far less permanant than that of the scenery it is a line across or through.  funny that.  look around for the lines you see be they stone wooden lines linked within steel and the occassional weed laughing at how it used the fence to break the line of the weed whacking machine to keep most of it alive.  look around you that you’ve many lines and each of them talks to the possibilities of your lives.  four perhaps together allow secrets to be explored without so much care.  two make up a feeling of a chute funneling inward whatever comes.  and imagine the cliche if these walls could talk – oh what would they say?  I bet they say that tragedy and it’s twin joyful glee visited often with thee.  another line left out the wind and rain or perhaps snow and cold or with help some summer sizzles.  yet think how often you think of a wall as an obstruction versus just that of a line.

#fictionFridays – wall, obviously I’m still poetic and in no mood to make up characters and salacious sex stories or how evil caught it’s hold and the torment’s rained.  so  imagine a wall… but call it a line.  I bet you most have defined so many of your times.    if you see mine whitewashed with salmon roads for squirrels to skitter about, drink within it’s shades be it morning or evening… then score one for me  but i’m aiming to win you think with a laugh that walls are better called lines as they’ve been maligned as obstructions.


I’ve gas.

I fell over a chair and gave a fresh from the oven pizza pie away.


I did MINE :D  **

when investigating odd products this came up  five years ago, today i saw and bought their ginger ale.

Specialty Salt

I hope it’s comparing to alderwood smoked sea salt- which it may or may not be but i’m assured some serious chicken alll winter long in any even.

or, I stopped into a place called cost plus world market today.  SCORE!

obviously, if my day ended there at the market, that’s be cool in of itself but next was dinner

taco house, previously a specific taco joint in littleton on the corner of the library turn off is also not open either both…remodeling or out entirely…so i missed the turn to the good chinese place and the buffet was pretty much packed so I skipped that too and ended up with a more not even close to entirely veggie meal of hurraches asado with plenty of creamy habenero sauce devil’s orange.  *not asada as in grilled meat but asado as they termed it a potato verde sauce and some bits of beef…over a cornmeal cake with bean spread.

I stopped out for a beer so I could have one and the first two were?  closed.  crappo.  so i ended up with 3 for 10 bucks gallo pick and mix varieties wine.  I got pinot noir, red moscato for mom and sauvignon blanc.

i suppose the drawback occured which was i managed for the second time to be late to work…odd I had a ride then it disappeared and… bugger then the taxi didn’t pick my call til 25 minutes later… mc late to work – yes i called prior to actualy being late.

I have my card mock ups at work to be inspected so I can get information fact checked and before printing the cards onfancy papers cover my legal obligations so as to not break that trust.  it is afterall, THE LAW.   shoot I’m late to the neighbor guys crap crap crap!  enjoy your day?



someone who is nice got me going on everyone should pay politics.  I deleted most any reference to the thoughts I had.  the world is full of enough abundance that it matters not one way or another ultimately how the current issues get decided.  shake shack is 66 locations into 1.3 billion in sales whipping it’s competitive similar establishments with the OMG priced burger as they cant compete with macdonald’s type pricing mac donalds made 7.4 billion ish but, they’ve 3500 locations world-wide.  just as a lot of places have a choice to serve a select group at elevated costs versus a more walmart type masses on the chap type approach.  or, if you think there’s no opportunity in the world at large, you’d likely be full of crap.  and also there just isn’t ONE right way but proof the opposite way works just as well if not better by ratio.  as to the wider issue of non-profits need to stop skipping the law of taxes – make ’em all pay it really doesn’t much matter even if i’ll admit i’m leary of the initial results of attempting such as that’s a long wait to see who replaces them and how the new social order comes online and who skips away scott free anyways….but i’ll truly say it’s likely to be the saddest day and year for the world when charity is taxed thus removing any incentive to contribute to the community.  but again, as i say it can work as there really is plenty of reason it can – one way…sing your Blondie now… or another.

demand god pay, it only makes foodbanks go away.

demand the end of free non-profit lunch, and just see if anyone pays out as much

the difference often in the taxes is only the ceo’s paycheck cheat.

in a way, i’ve heard this and that somehow here is going to be a retaking back or ground made up in the disparity of rich versus poor… but i promise you the cost are only to raise accordingly at the door.

why do i even bother, it’s only fear i’d lose everything and society would take a big giant leap backwards leaving me disenfranchised.  yet you’d think i’d be in favor of more change as then there’d be more money in the coffers.. this is one time i don’t think the gov needs MORE money only to finance another war against anything i believe.

if you’d like, title 42 explains a LOT of who’s getting what and it’s not just vets.

social security just as a tax form from the us irs will show you in a heartbeat the difference of what special interest like me the blind begin to get

white cane laws are state to state and largely have been repealed in favor of no longer sponsoring special inter only legislation.

a simple top 50 best charities will show you that none would survive the cost to the cause ratio of paying taxes

one of the first laws helping the blind nationally in america is the randolph – sheppard act of 1936 giving preference to the blind to operate food stand on federal property  thus it’s a new deal program and thus a raw deal program according to m odern conservative politics.

there is incentive out there for the blind/diabled and vet if you care to read  i’ve never ONCE gotten a job on merit if any plae took this incentive which all have.  I signed the forms to it.  excuse me if you take away the incentives what makes you think I have a damn prayer of competing for work disabled?    that’d sure be FAIR…not.

but in truth it doesn’t much matter how this all works out i soil my hopes worrying.  all i have to do is foolishly believe somehow I’ll be lucky – i am not supported in any way to feel entitled to be a full memer of society… which is exactly the linkage issue i’d have with removing all, getting those who’d help to have no money due to taxation and no special law when traditionally nearly 3/4 blind people are unemployed even with this help of nearly 80 years.  but balance this against the no support of any position of mine socially and you see why I’m never likely to chase politics as the ultimate outcome is i offend when i can least afford to be offensive I won’t win yours or anone’s support  but must hope against obvious tidings that it’ll just have to work out.

between mom and reading the most rabid of politicians  against anything empowering me michelle bachmann/tea partiers of the ultra conservative politics which still is damned popular, I finally got a laugh.  so what.  just as one voice shouldn’t matter against a million against it so much no matter the argument, such it is to me as a member of a special group without hope of political voice except sneaky links to other larger groups.    but balance this against who’d have coffee with an asshole. so, heh politics mc foooey for now.


moments now and then

The porch bench mocks me

in high pitched squeals as if

I were up to procreative good.

weren’t, we?  weren’t, we?  werennn’t wee?

funny thing was that I was

it, of course, was there

sweat pants are the best lingerie

to retrieve his arrow

turtle slunk onward on

whilst a fox and chicken played

BADminton? oh delicious

he was found out OH NO!

it’s just a cartoon

I haven’t proof i was caught.

the bad guys roll up in a vw van

out comes the hoods and the tunes

enemy dj spun the wrong tunes

the doctor has been shot full of bad vibes

so back winds the camera’s future

here we take two, three -fired now- more

without me the movie was made

such it is with… friends

I had only one job to do

play along with the right songs

I liked everything WRONG

the movies are memories

and even fired from the wheels

I was there  for skate or die

who was it or so they sang

was what the walkperson clanged

the camera was out for blood

pity that time caught his momma

as then it was ketchup plastic cries

not the sadness of time’s flies

and NO was the word for us and dolls.

I walk into a cubicle

I’d spend much of my times there

but at first it’s as if free

it’s my birthday again

count this the third job landed on the day

I can’t say i feared interviews

shoe-in or shut right outs

what do you say to your heroes then

as for that moment they’re there now

Hi i remember his dad said

lol, I might have thought of that

but it never occurred to me then

just do your job and be nice

the magic wore out soon enough.

what were you doing when

what song was hot

which jobs  came

which one left with a shot

when did it surprise you as real

when were you the one to squeal

what are your moments now or then?

#fictionfridays – life changes…  I don’t know if we called it skate or die – I really was the dude to plug in the amp and cd player and spin the hot skatable tunes… i think you can liken my choices to patsy cline  instead of pantera…but i don’t remember what evil i perpetrated.  back to the future does indeed have a scene where the lybians are coming with machine guns after the doc…  a fox and a chicken play badminton – disney’s robinhood. 😉  the who is it is better known as who can it be now – men at work my then was 1983 summer a tad late in that they were still cool but time was marching…walkperson avoid sony walkman the then hot tape player radio of a portable nature…i believe it’s james best who played roscoe p. coltrane in the tv sitcom the dukes of hazzard and i did indeed meet him at an auto show before the show went off the air .  barbie soroit house murders was the home movie where we literally were forbidden to play with his sister’s dolls by his FATHER but i remember him more as the last mention was of his loss of his mother.  I do still have the swinging bench from my parents home in 87 when i was after a peek in her pants…it does squeak but whether it talks is a subject for you to debate upon how much of what new medications I should be on.  that should help cover enough of what the hell am i talking about… but not too much.


Presenting a smile.

mr. Sun was long in the tooth when I awoke.

JUST IN TIME to miss the meeting…oops

Motivation found me just as it threatens to rain

and i must travel down the lane once again.

I’m not sure i traveled anywhere significant today.

I still see the image of truth haunting

wouldn’t it be ever so little amusement to find out I’m gaslit

the advice is I CAN do it! make 70 – 140 all the time

yet i start out at 110 and pop is 240 for it’s time

what is only fifteen calories a meal? – Celery!

I’ve still to get to the library and a few errand more

just simple baby steps really badda bing badda boom

yet mr sun laughs at me saying time’s ticking

I bet I’ll befouly mooded by the time it’s just one more  straw

and I just a camel… and I just a camel.

Successes stack up as  it still seems possible

I paid well and managed rather sweetly

I have example for my mission impossible diet

I consider this as I travel the lists of what I want

it’s like little lights saying I’ve won the prize.

I wish i could say this is fiction

alas it’s just so smacks of reality

but goals are always a fiction

and successes only for the past

but i smile at the present.

#fictionfriday – Travel as i interpret it.



S’mores, as a metaphor

a nibble  lies CHOMP! bite delight

warmth, comfort. chocolate.

how do you pack to travel on to a somewhere new?

oddly enough it begins with what old desire float up into my mind

whereever i go, there I am. the cliche prfound

but how do you pack to travel somewhere new….

Packing for an adventure is always fun.  I soon must procure and pack my life to move toward a new place.  the hot tub was drained and filled and christened with wine while one soakeed inside and out.  i know obviously i want some arbitrarily little things aplenty and sure as usual must budget – lol.  i know I can manage but how well/long?  I know i can finally return to finish a project or two.

how much will reality  allow?  how many midnight makis.  I currently know how to make two whole kinds and just began to reaccquaint myself with what’s out there.  travel with me through a rainbow of of scents, a forrest of textures a landscape of colors or the adventure that is returning to the business of making sure i explore every adventure i can as sushi diets could be healthy 😀  will the wonderland of this warmth of possibility help against the bitterness of an extra month each end of the cold part of the year?

I know enough to make sure i get another blanket and winter gear and a thermos as i face the need to keep my lessoening circulation to extremities not allowing me to slog it out and fight it won anymore.  I worry I’m city soft.    but who wouldn’t want to try anyways to make that statement i can make it, damn it.  I don’t mean against the “odds” I mean reality has a challenge and it’s worth noting the risks worth respecting.  will i get out to conversate even though i’m curmudgeonly and or antisocial sometimes too.  even if my experiences dead end so often, will i renew like i can to the joy i can just as easily have too whilst avoid killing myself off too early being inattentive….  I don’t know but i’m not waking up 41 to not having moved and my ship still there in sight but not into port.

I know enough magic happens differently even if i don’t have public transit, most commute so a dash of cash might persuade them to benefit/profit from my need to get somewhere too.  i rememberchickenfooting up a hill in skis and that I haven’t forgotten there is a need of exercise but also fun.  I know enough about little tools that while rarely used are actually worth having when there just isn’t another thing like the joy of a good tool.  I suppose the best bet going is to have check  the financial prospectous and remember like any good maxim of traveling to pack half as much and take twice as much money.

so as travel goes  the only problem i have with this is that it hasn’t happened yet, but for the planning each detail in it’s time.


painting it up, momentous

Upon pink paper it said thank you.  A change of address is about a month away.

“I don’t have to accept this, you know.”   – Amin’s quote

Now let’s list some more 😀

visit talking book library to sort them covered / sign ins for easier online access

make sure to note all my scripts are updated for long term switching, plus ask about whether i need to seek blood draws to alter/lower viscosity of blood as I’ll be higher up and bp wont enjoy that 😀

be uber glad I have just enough of a shot to see november  two years ago 1600 down and whether i can zero out all of that in the face of one speedbump of having to refresh my meddications prior to finding new prescription insuurance. happy dance if this works

realize I’m damned luckky.

invent a needfuls of town type living where I have the gourmet at hand everyday yet I move to where it’s miles away.  I’m thinking cheese sprinkle which rarely if ever I’ve used but i just know it’s quintessial I have that magic for popcorn or some fancy sautee veg….orfor making cheese sauce for french fries.  Smoked salt because it’s magic with pork chops.  pink pepper corns as they’re useful for strawberries and orwine making, a good good glug of oil as I like not wondering how I’ll manage without it and then never go cook.  saffron, because it just can be that magic  gourmet thing.

drink list.  I don’t have enough tea so i look forward to ordering some as a prize for the mail.  jhowever I do neeed to remember to have all my tea ball action as I doubt I can so easily find this stuff up there.  pappy’s sasafra  and some cold brew teas as while i can soda pop slurp ’em down,- i should attempt to enjoy varieties i can afford.  chocolate sauces for choc milk, malted milk powder because it adds 😀  it adds.  and one or two chai or warm tea options for that hoity toity of teaing to tea up the looks.  yes, odd that you didn’t see beer?  while I’m surely allowed perhaps  later so I’m not moving simply to drink each day.

needfuls list

I’m damn sure not forgetting crackers!  not much more annoying than bare soup.  I’m sure I have to just set a realistic junk budget.

miscelanious list

i intend to sushi at least once perhaps twice so I can midnight maki – this means it’s time to ain a new set of mats and a few rounds of  how this is made  rice wine/and some other fermented thing for the sugaring/glaze of the rice a few tins of instnat heaven as I happen to like say a  spicy  tuna.  soy sauce.  I’m tempted to get another gallon.  proper rice and black sesame oil and seeds along with a tub of sambel oelek – the unsweetened version of siracha.  I want a grill grove pan for vegetables when you know it’s winter out but you want a grilled this or that.  an emergency wine corker beer topper tool.  make sure to bring funnels and strainers!  I think it’s also time to get those corn on the cob pegg ends  and if possible a ziplock type  piping tool tip set.  proper wide metal soup spoons.

these all aid in making book night happen or something else  fun :).


trend FOO. 

Red rooster is a chicken fast food chain in Australia.  I’ve never been – but like we’ve the mcdonald’s mystic of yesteryear here and whatever is ragin now – which by the way is likely  if there ipo of 112 million usd with just over 60 locations  yet an outstanding redraw of profits soon thereafter list this place as current trending GOD of food… if you go who?  I understand.  I’m not really up on trends anyways 😉  or am I?  but the point is red rooster a foreign chain is doing well with things as simple as a pineapple fritter and a potato bake?  for the love of god a casserole on sale at a fast food place?????  i’m impressed!… I mean a casserole on sale at a  fast food chain that ISNT mac/cheese.  and the first ass the mentions spanikopia and renzio’s needs a good spanking!!  why would i care about pineapple fritters ?  It’s trendy and  not generally available either… case in point!

it’s not very surprising that something that is “fast” to YOU is actually slow cooked goodness.  yes, from a fast food place offering a potato casserole.    bbq if not in actuallity but a sort of labor of love spirit is what youth bring back… they reject the lobster thermidore as is pretentious when they want upscale casual…. or just flat out something no one else can manage as it would simply fall apart on them… trust me the bastard batter in the foodnetwork recipe is well tested for it’s mystic of the long waitt, proven  there was a reason the frugal gourmet may have been my cooking hero but wasn’t foolish enough not to hire a chef throughout the national series… one just cant meet the schedules without a pro.  one cant avoid the hate mail but one can cut down on it giving reliable advice.

I’m sure you too can start looking around andseeing that crockpot heaven coming back.  slow cooked shredded this shredded that fall apart goodness here there and everywhere like all over my shirt and my belly! 😀

how do you see the newworld in food trends?