Aboard the train….

A fun bit of hand pan and because I’m a heathen, and it looks like an upturned wok….

Cantonese clams in black bean sauce.

Memories of long ago 11 something years ago with a gimp foot thanks to plantar fasciitis all aboard a bus with cane to the Pacific Northwest I went.

I studied enough legalities to try clamming. I bought a netted bag after three days not being able to walk.

I reveled in the Rainier beer passenger side slurped from Astoria Oregon corkscrew bridge.. similar exist in the smokey mountains on your way to Gatlinburg from North Carolina… And my chance Pacific ocean wading wooey cold! Before meandering through Washington state back home.

In fairness, I thuroughly adored the b minus beer according to beer snobs…. Laurelwood’s free range red. I admit it hurt seeing all the joy get a b minus was a punch in the gut. Just as all that excitement to clam only to grocery get as a last resort…ugh.. knowing my town isn’t yet open nor has my covid cash infusion shown processing and sent or soon. But knowing that all too soon it’s out and about time where joy may be the appetizers sublimated poetics of my dreams. Disappointment possible ;). But any of you not twenty might have a bit more grace to still choose excitement and hope ;). And fuck ’em I still like my b minus rubyglass gold of a free range red.
Beer advocate score May differ 8 years ish or so… But it is not Wisconsin beer, it just didn’t get the nod.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

15 replies on “Aboard the train….”
4.4 but least likely to have what I want or accommodate
I also remember here as a fourty something pig-out of serious foodie proportions… Likely last to open as it’s closest to a downtown.

4.2 further trip but most likely to accommodate
Because here I got to hear my favorite of the time, chicken in black bean sauce was actually authentic to my server of the heritage ‘. Growing up…his least favorite lol even in his fourties he still hasn’t made his childhood gone golden yet. But even notwithstanding the place does requests per then menu remembered and mine was a curiously fading offering in our buffet or nada demotion of the best in “Chinese Stylings”.

I can’t hit up the best I ever had in mussels – a local then asian joint by the bubble bank…it’s long since the new home of a Mexican restaurant, El teppuhuan.

Nor can I find online my favorite into Denver/downtown “heavens gate”… apparently memories –

In case you’re gonna metro Denver and need real good now joints

Beach bum stuff heheheh a crock-ery mug all warm with butter sauce and quite a mess of clams with a sparkling greens reds fire of driftwood…and a whollllllllle tub of wine

Cold b grade beer is a lawn chair on a warm day relaxing with perhaps some on ice. Even if Harrison Ford is scary saying it – ice is civilization! -the mosquito coast

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