Fart-salad Sandwiches Against Deadly Plague.


Nothing is short of doctor’s advice… Or, please do not read this as a TRUE cure for plague…it may not be – consider the sourcing given!!! It is meant in fun and aside from flatulence, what harm can come of the joy of what-if? (Whiff)

This article covers how covid-19 may be slowed and or combatted by – ace inhibitors… ACE Inhibitors are available in cheap prescription blood pressure medication, and for my anti-occidental (western) medicine folk…meat and eggs and corns….wheats…

Thus my joke..if eggs contain ace-inhibitors and! Such is good at preventing and combatting part of the nastiness getting covid-19,. This is an egg salad sandwich… As anyone ever eating an egg sandwich knows that flatulence is going to follow… Wooooo ey fart salad sandwiches! To avoid plague!
Eggs contain ace inhibitors…



Tacos. Steak soft taco.

Brown and shred roast (boil apart) garnish.

It took 12:03 to 5:04



Just as with scent, the blog beforehand, sound. You are to hear the mory around you. Your life.

Or ghosts.

Understand that before Thomas Edison got his lightbulb…record player…nearly the telephone…damn that bell guy.. then later Gary bell sold chili dogs and kept the sauce as taco sauce!! Taco Bell! Anyways there was gas lights. You light you car! Headlights. It took til the magneto…not our modern no alternator…magneto. Thus cars to 1950’s and early sixties were 6 volt systems not today’s 12 volts… You “flicked” your Bic. Listen to the pumping sound. It’s highly flammable obviously electricity is safer. But living at night when you got home from the grind…

Notice how we make less boring yet lose the street car sounds entirely… The air pump for the brakes and the clunky of that brake and the clunky it’s so loud of the simple switching to run it. For shitty jazzy music. Whoopy.

Because I’m luckier, here’s a video where they highlight those sounds more. You tell me which immersed your interests… Jazzy tour or clattering clunking screeching reality.

Thus, the notice is what it sounded of.

A ride.




Just as you can spray for birds at the golf course near a rice paddy… Methylanthranilate is used it is base chemistry the aroma of and base taste as tastes are chemical markers salt, hot,cold,acid,base, umami, ish but more that plus an aroma…. Aromas as chemicals are often “esters” or an acid hitting an alcohol… And this usually naturally derived because it’s cheaper than fake to make methylanthranilate makes birds hate the golf course yet the rice nearby is? Fancy! Jasmine rice sells as a premium! Nutty with a beautiful aroma. Bet you wished ddt or similar anti pest juice was the same nice trick but it eggs with ecological hormone balances so nay to that.!.

Kansas not Concord newhampshire is more likely to grow those purple grapes known as Concord grapes. This is Mogan David Passover wine type grapes to wine. And unlike the scariest television I saw in my life! Action music for hole digging in Kansas! Eeeek. Talk about right on formula but scary in product! It was a show about meteorites…Kansas gets more of them on this planet Earth than anyplace… And is growing more cheap dollar jelly than anywhere…but wine sells for 10 a bottle. It’s going to $8 as economy shows that’s holding more sales… But 1 dollar a jam versus eight for a wine? Kansas wants to be your wine country!!! Elderberry, jalepenos are those blends as variety is that spice of life…and yes you’ll just be surprised where farming is going! Oklahoma grows crap tobacco and sesame seeds which supply our tahini for the craze that it hummus in every store and still keep the Chinese aisle in sesame oil and all our china sauces… This helps your Minnesota and north Dakota sell those dried beans more profitable…garbanzo with tahini is Hummus! So if one pound of beans is 1.69 most places and hummus is 2 for five on special? More money! And why sell $2 oil when you can sell fresh arugala at fancy prices for the health Cuckoo folks for – I adored my century egg with arugala garnish of my ramen bar tour of the st. Petersburg Florida downtown “Locale” market with a Reed’s double ginger beer for 2 bucks and a ramen bar is 15! (Century egg… Come on! Organic everything! ARUGALA!. Come on! ) Hearing the every February downtown grand prix race as I slurped ramen and wicked fizz ginger beer with cane sugar! On a porch in plush seating and shaaaaadddde! But arugala is the base of the cheapest home fry oil, canola. Watch how canola is damned for not being g eat yet arugala is magic! Healthy-wise???

I’m looking up the himiway ebike. I can’t peddle the hills as I lost 100 lbs historic to known values and keep 90-95lbs lost off for a decade or more now. You just won’t have as much muscles for anything! Yet I’m 3 miles I can less often walk. There are side streets with lights to safer cross… I can not physically see 1/2 a house before a sign to read thus you know that I see the shapes in daylight to avoid cars! But I’m too close now so it’s spooky always emergency stop thus restarting on hills ugh. Biking… I can’t really open road or trail either!!! They’re crazy round here! Zoom! Awaits shockwave of sounds to catch up as they pass!!! But in limited ways I can semi safely achieve a grocery to a movie theatre area with bulk grocery a sports store and coat warehouse and basic home appliance joint. That’s the main hub. Obviously twenty minutes to dialysis via a side street is just a minute or so faster! Than and oo biking in air! Ahhh. Than crappy bus. So not just fun but practical use. Can you understand the scent of no cash yet and or roadrash? Hahaha… helmet, body armor. Etc hello sports place! But that I can with backpack hit my five to eight gold panning places legal and producing so others say! I have found pyrite flake only with my eyes! But who cares Riverside nap and picnic is joy. So you see my wheels of the mind turn. $1500 ish delivered.

I’m trying to change what I can’t…but I can work around little things. This means I return to things utterly changed forever. I mean I know hours of basic recipes processes home foods! Hours! I even still cook with lesser abilities now some of them! I can make a spicy tuna sushi roll. Pretty toastadas, a passing home hamburger fully fixed as in dragged through the garden…fish tacos… Many a street taco… I mean I’m very limited with n energies and yet I still can! One handed and blind as I already was manage magic! At least to me. But how to make it one handed which eliminates much of the pretty to foods…I do not yet have a mandolin which is very dangerous yet far more even pretty slicing… Remember to investigate but safety, atop efficacy. I smell thus a scent of a different world now.

I know some ucks..but joy of possible is returning. Random awe of the world is returning. Money isn’t piling in my bank account… Damn it.



Protein of veggies
Curiosity why. Tamales.

Weird… But she h ( spinach) with green olives is nice. I like bacon yet we’re talking. Veggies…. Sun-dried tomatoes. I’m not overly keen on mushrooms. I guess I’m overdue trying tempeh again.

But do you marry the tastes in your head? This begins as raisin beef tamales… But I’m ever curious after veg only…or close.

(Again, what you see in action is crappo typing…but this is entire done one handed and sometimes my nose… From a dialysis treatment in progress…I gotta waste time entertained too!)


Surprise Fail?

The closest largest booze shack returned zero results on
Creme de noyaux….almond cream booze…it makes a fabulous pink gin and a wicked cherry Pepsi.

Surprise fail!

However, they sell Mr. Boston brand amaretto 1L for $7.99.

The only o m g
And I mean o m g cheap
Is Genesee beer. From Morgan’s liquor on Evans / downing. At $15 a 30 rack 12oz cans.

So you understand, neither big booze shack and this place are very convenient to me or it’d take by bus 5 hours or more past my energy. To achieve. But o j finishes the offer of a lunchbox beer cocktail or ‘man Mimosa’. 1 shot amaretto, 4-6 oz oj, beer to fizz.

But, I guess the point is…wow… Times do change. Eff pink Gina and hello weird crap as if I’m never evvvvver guilty.


Dumb word flicks/tricks

Wouldn’t it figure, it’s just gas?

What to do awaiting monies anew? I tanked making round one of meatballs… Finally bit by the energies vs. timing morass. Even though it was tooo much, man did I enjoy the baked big hamburger-rama of last Thursday. The other massive mind weedle was watching uncle post a peach cobbler on his social media and another of my be socialites posted mulberry bread pudding. Neither is going to dish up pretty but oh man that just makes it easier to cook them! Or if meatballs is toooo much, here we go down! The rabbithole of skills to as little efforts possible.

I shan’t today be to Lane’s orchard for Jarred peaches ala fancy orchard so, it’s a can of fruit from the store. One. Simple. But if a gamble I can russle ice cream up. Plus if can carry the box of Mac cheese singles easily enough maybe the crackers and a half gal milk…I consider this as I’ve bought countless muffin mixes burning up one in a frypan as I’d not bake it. I literally though just mostly look for a quicky…usually a burger or a sweet. So thus this here words.



I got a tolerable dark coffee. I e it got a half centimeter ring not a hairline… It’s blueberry tea with coffee…thus a dash acidic. With nice berry aromas.

Lately I got a problem making Satan’s liquid onyx coffee…I can’t.

I title this one “Burnt”. As coffee beans are roasted so is some tissane ingredients (chicory). Are roasted. Sugar is outright turned into soot for soda color. Much of our liquors aren’t aged like we imagine in old time barrels anymore…but barrel chipped up and steel tanks…with that caramel….sugar…burnt sugar… Color. I smoke the cigarettes too so I also enjoy….if you will… Burning things…often…how stinky of me!

Malts as in sprouted grains are roasted. Burnt.

I’m thinking on my burnt bits for pot liquor on my hoped for ribs this memorial day weekend. Pot…water…par… or not quite completely to plated cooked boiled ribs. Beef broth mainly to have “salt” negro Modelo beer… because I have boiled my ribs then grilled them with the beer and drank a few for ingredients quality checking of course… And I’ve also tried the guineas stout and guineas with more coffee which I enjoyed far less success with.

Internet by votes sayeth. A: you do NOT have to par boil ribs for great fall off the bone tender ribs. B: those who choose parboiling tend to simmer theirs 15-20 minutes in salted water for BABY BACK (pork) ribs – oh boy howdy if you ever ever get to, Steamboat Springs Coloradois in the near area of one helll of a great meat source, middlepark meat packing co. of Kremling Colorado and I have never ever ever had a better rack of ribs period. But I’m cooking beef back ribs. Best I can see is 45 minutes gets enough of the collagen softening to finish on a grill. As I like any dumbass in charge control the recipe and none of us but the rogues dare make anything with stripped down few igredients…most of us try our own witch’s brew…of magic of only us…often getting only a few votes yay for only us as weird isn’t appreciated… Well, Worcestershire sauce, beer, broth and my weird, red pepper dressing. Red pepper with beer offers the sweets with a bit of vegetable or malt/Tang to take away the salty boring of a broth. No, the oil in the dressing isn’t required but the vinegar there with a boil will …lol… Gently! Further tenderize/marinate the stuff… Laugh as that’s so dilute in a gallon of boiling liquid hahaha but it will… Bet me…. Or be aware of the lies! About magic ingredients right now. Beer is good but 7 beers for the pot isn’t the 12 coming and those leftover are my yay…beer!…broth so it’s not all gross boiled watered down and the salt that’s in broth!!! I needn’t worry over adding much. Worcestershire sauce because I don’t feel like finding kitchen bouquet, a gravy browning sauce with turnip. To magic so weird no one will eat and even if it’s good that doesn’t take away the weird… But never forget turnips way add fragrances…mmm. Turnips the taste alone? Nope. But that’s the idea with that usual hopefully half in the bag face tasting my weird witch waters before the beauties bubble about in it. The excitement of hope.


Just right like a dark esb like Negra Modelo which is joy…and the cooks won’t complain it’s Negra Modelo but most cook talk beer nowadays is Wisconsin stuff. But I like ambers too I so remember 1992 or just before it enjoying a pre-national production of Killian’s Irish red….ahhhhh. Heaven. Stuff is watery now. ;). We covered guineas and no I’m not Hunt ng Murphy’s down this time just to be brand specific that way. I’ve only a place carrying typical commercial big company beers to collect from this time about. How to be different with the very same shit you get!! Bahaha. (Red pepper dressing) catching on? What b s recipe generation is. But such fun.

What are your burnts?


Edit: Sugar Magic, Well, Sorta…

Just as honey is of bees and while it will dehydrate, it doesn’t spoil.

Yet in the process, there is? Wax 3 honeys is 1 wax. Just as three sugars makes 1 honey. But house of wax is the next association.

But today’s wonderment is sugar magic. Now adding sugar”” to wax makes it crackle kinda like a fire should. – sungel fuel for those indoor non vented fireplace “candles”.

Sugar magic continues with again, stuff I do not know…just wonder at… Not just crackles or acid bubbles and soot (sulphuric acid in sugar bursts sugar into bubbling soot water)

I feel stupid and contagious… Nirvana. Lest you wonder the joys also floating about my flickers… Yes, in the midst of brainbox stuff, inadequacy…heh. But to continue,. Yes dig the sugar spoon in for that sweetness! Light from sugar.

Two enzymes get biochemming up light.
It’s the same thing despite colors – fireflies and shrooms.



The notation info seems to be
(Luciferin, plus ATP plus O2
The light emitting enzyme plus a bio-fuel – atp adenosine tri phosphate and oxygen gas.

Seems to convert to luciferase with mg magnesium into

Oxy-luciferin PPi pyroPHOSPHORIC ACID, AMP adenosine mono phosphate CO2 or carbon dioxide gas.

This is not entire gibberish as I’m dimly aware of a sugar cycle. Or the not so simple way organisms burn sugars. Which is not gas, air, spark…vroom.)

Still moaning for sympathy. Knee’s sore as I incurred a splat on the way home yesterday. The second bag of ice is melting on this moaning. It helps. Of course, it doesn’t make it go all the way away …just less owie…less swelling…then you move. Moan. Cuss!

Still works ng on melting ice….

Yayyyy. Comfy sorta spot!.

As I’m trying to point out, my concentration is toasty…. I have to move to supper and icing.

Pork Adobada

Pork roast
Chili (ground; mild)
Garlic (fresh)

Boil apart after browning off. Refresh chili every so often as one checks roast stays under water.. this is going to be a few hours.

Icing is a face plant into wall and sidewalk as it was too much to walk 15 minutes slow to bus via grocery… As I can’t remember the toe hold up, I had to have fainted.


Herein, it’s Fernandez brand chili rojo. A definitive brand and product to ask after. Or precisely the very same pork and fundamental main spice for that awesome! Pork chili Colorado 4ado, rojo apparently Spanish alters with whose talking in which time… Rojo is red. Colorado is well known for red rocks. Here’s an example

Between ft Collins via Livermore Colorado to Laramie Wyoming was a some fog and my long ago Greyhound boundind for me to Portland Oregon/Vancouver Washington. This fog which I didn’t photo, is my vision of the magic of Scotland UK to which I haven’t been. It’s purdy

Red rocks ampitheater
Best show ever and one I was dying to see was Rodrigo y Gabriela, here is some guitar duo dynamite.

(Metallica cover, Orion)

Now, dinner
Simple warm soft tacos with classic American not Mexican garnishment. As predicted, it’s gone. But oi to get them to their plates.

(The final step is shredding/pulling pork then with aeasured as sodium intake counts – reheated from fridge or freezer with that sauce you boiled it in, refry warm if not grilled like flattops breakfast potato…your filling and immediately serve.)

Pickled carrot, onion n, jalepenos is a slightly more authentic even in Mexico method of garnish not a cheap 60’s American salad!!! But be fair to yourself or me myself, this is how I learned Mexican food so I’ll forever taco bell mine or drown it in green chili Verde… Like the Colorado I came to know.



/4.5 or a highly rated buck a scoop chinese place….closed during covid’s duration.

order counters so that only drive-through only? we all know you cant walk a drivor similar. dooor dash etc.

I was an hour plus off target …the stove clock was wrong. drag. but freedom. I wasn’t able to think it was a few texts indicating power out. hahaha. the rum was smoooooth. Idid not fail to notice there was a moment til a few potty breaks sorted the ughs and the slows.
I got absolutely zero achieved and ahhhhhhhhhhhh