please bear what one cam

as one bears thrice what one can’t

life has a pricelist.

heh. I think it’s far to say I’m not retaining the privilage of adult beverages at home.  I’m free to make my life my own concern and make sharing mine a joy to hear of butthere is noeasy path tothis happiness.  I’m not without luck or hope with the notion of a traded bit of work for dollars but the opening moves really challenge me.    I’m reading as i cant seem to spot a computer about as mine’s still not up yet… interestingly enough, much of my reading rings of justice and spirituality.

larry mcmurtry’s roads is the latest favorite spot near my dedicated path through the big town library as it is suspiciously similar to the anniversary refollow of robert persig’s zen and the aret of motorcycle maintainnance by some mark fellow  larry M is responsible for Lonesome Dove which many including me only saw as a epic miniseries on tv.  I went from duluth to dalas in my time reading what I could later enough of a puff provided me with a little stroll onward down to laredo.  the is a beautiful swatj of changing america here.

I finished kitchen confidential by anthony bordain which to me is a precursor to meeting his fame within a cook’s tour.   I cant seem to fail to understand that as he puts it, success in a minor measure is lucky too – but there is no slouching to chase this luck and it’s miserably difficult til its a cake walk.  he represents what a blessing can be to me.  of course I eat up the ideas and likely am too lazy to practice the actual advice of how to improve what I know like he seems to what i aint got.  for instance sure i will practice sauce fanciness soon enough but plating will never be a skill of mine nor intricately observable skills…not without the death of authenticity like using tools…no, not an extension like a knife in a hand I mean a safe mandolin…contradiction to anyone who knows what potential woulds these tools conjur or create!I

‘wonder what this next week’s offering of myself are? so do I.  I lead out hoping for a touch of respect interest and walked away a director not good enough to dishwash.  of course this isn’t true and I have a shot at my luck!! lol  but to see what I was praised for unprized is demoralizing to say the least, excust me the rare moments I am inevitably human.  I know the thing I dreaded the most moving here the improvement in transportation challenges is more vital here and now than when it occured to me choosing to move, no car, no job.  no good at hitchiking as it’s far more fun to honk and whiz past than see the truth i can but barely hold a safe life?  no it’s not 6 miles I could walk but 20?plus a nip off the bus rides in big town?  that’s my reality as is the real truth if i want a job I’ll likely work only weekends and holidays again with a cab fare part time or is it even worth the effort? likely not  but no use crying or crawling back!  I came to enjoy the winter.

my first cooking things are a box of macoroni cheese which the prepack sauce refused to spread correctly.  my second thing was a roast of pork siliar to the book recipe I wished to explore which  is salvagable but I actually can be careful of chinese rice wine… it also isn’t instant yum nor is I I already know I’m not a hoisin sauce fan – so big surprise the roast pork in rice wine and sauced is edible but lol no where near my favorite! the last in lucky threes is brown rice which was rice cookered with about 2 parts water to one of rice…it was crunchy! wee!  and salty too.  or, laugh a little with me on this battlefield.  no one has time for frowns when they can chase smiles.  whatever I can not bear today will be paid in interests later…so Hello.  how am I? FABULOUS!



two steps, two left feet.

dancing with answers honest

did I again fall

I love interviews!  I do poorly with putting me forward honestly.  I am legally blind thus I mustt seem limited and I am in that it’s harder for me to deal with loss prevention.  I am legally blindd and thus by obviousness I’m disallowed to drive and thus have to work reliable transportation sound great.  I’m told people haven’t time for even this many words.    so, why not a few more?

what does an activities assistant do?  I’m responsible for my calendar. I run myy activities and deal with my residents, volunteers and once or twice had call to train incoming employees….in a limited way.  I’m asked why I didn’t make director.  I can’t think of any answer past that there are some political considerations that make this a poor fit.  the longer reason is simply this, I do not physically know a lt of people thus have fewer ways to make instant activities/volunteers fall into place magically or otherwise.  I am thus not creating the answers and executing them….am am thus an assistant.  I happen to be well liked but I am an assistant by performance.I’m not sure that the answer I give doesn’t sound like foulness is in play when there isn’t any.  I can’t think of a better swift way to explain myself than this though.  in one sense I am DAMN good.  In another I simply am what I am.

I wasn’t asked about my solid transportation past my hours available.  I ask after a specific set of them based souly on my garunteed piggybacking upon others responsible for their job and unlikelly to fail as they’ve years proof and the keys to the store itself.  however I can only say I am blind and do not drive thus I’m available via others who run a nearby shop.  not work…run.  I hope that’s clear.

thus, enjoy with me the pins and needles of hope that I’ve a tad bit of a chance.  I’m not taken to lying thus I know I must honestly sound like I shoot myself practically down….or at least I percieve again that I may.  I’d like my  10 maybe hour shift as heh, I’d like to maximize my time having to come in early and be stuck all day till the close of the other’s shift.  30 or close hours at nearly what I made at my last gig would be tastey.  while I’m not recently in retail, I do like gadgets some PD  more than this I’m capable of helping people within work and publically too.  but let’s take a ticket to real street, I want my shot at a tasty pay check.  mmmmm.      hope with me I am not my own enemy!



yes. i have a few pictures

yes i cant yet find all my cords

Farmer’s Market, OctoberWest, kiwi curries sunset happyhour via the gondola up the ski mountain bear meat chili rellenos. and blackberry gins mark the weekend up here where i did indeed take off from the morning adventure today as I felt all fuddy duddy about wanting to get the stuff from the basement garage to my room or the kitchen.  I walked by a bagillion girls/ladies/women whichever yet the only person who said hello was someone behind me on the way to the men’s room so pardon me if that get’s the ignore.

my first official thing cooked was a box of macoroni cheese.  I have a pretty shirt and clean pair of pants left to walk to the only place i can think of to attempt a job with one  or two backups just so I don’t complain.

the best thing at the beer fest/west thing wasn’t even beer but redstone meadery  they had a black berry something inexpensiver and hoppy wheat something both being tasty and my delight of the place.  the best beer at the beer fest/west was blue spuce ‘s pa which was rather wimpy by anyone’s pa standards but it is the only beer I went back to try again 😉  chocolate shake by a boulder company something  but it’s chocolate shake chocolate porter was worth a mention  butcherknife also had aheiffeweissen that was not roasty like benediktiner’s but again worth a mention.  no one impressed me with their cider.  no one impressed me memorably with their red.  I chose to avoid the food as nothing struck me worth the sugar no no it’d have to be after 15 four oz. samples bbeer…. i could have tried well over a hundred different beers if I’d liked to try.  I rather wimped out.

I was all ready to make dinner as sis’ boyfriend had a bike accident  which I insufficiently awwed as I knew they all were supposed to rent bicycles and while painful bike wrecks aren’t often too horrid….but he meant he had a motorcycle wreck….poor fellow!  I was offering boring but doable looseburger/meat sandwiches on onion buns.  I again assumed they didn’t go shopping for all required for tonight’s plan after a bike wreck/fall… wrong so all pitched in to make the bear meat chili rellenos happen – lightly beer battered crisply fried with sauce and beans .  new glarus beers or your favorite.  lol sometimes you know you just didn’t pop up with the right idea… this was evidenced twice as I didn’t win cards against humanity…. I was ass place…. no no, do not worry.  I will survive and likely have to listen to some gloria gayner too.

I note that I got on facebook after days away really and it was amusing to see 8 notifications and one message…. not from my favorite/s either.  it’s like I am the wow that’s just gonna have to sit here by the fire because it’s all warm and cozy… and i walked by seriously 1000’s of people and only got one hello on the way to the men’s room?  sheeeeit.

laugh with me as well as mr biked under let us drive him and his wheelchair about on steamboat’s mountain….dirt paths as it’s not the season obviously… I was only interested that I didn’t get voted worst driver although 😉 if you’d like statistics… I had to have been as I hit more things and whatnot than anyone… however, I didn’t leave and don’t leave people the impression I’m not in control 😉  helpful impression me thinks.  however  I’m quite sure wheelchair skills are memorable to most.

well, on my way to see if I can get some dough goin, I’ll change my address, I suppose.

ps. I suppose I should note that the fire first of the year is still toasty warm and yet I’m not in front of a drinky poo…boo. but it seriously is cold already as in one standard walmart /target/kmart quilt spread is JUST NOT ENOUGH to beat the chill…. but snug under my choice of 4 other blankets leaves me pleased I owned some. yay..


more procurement

I went out.  I had about the best beer this year or ever.  Anderson Valley ‘s boont Amber.  yum I bought the following to:

white peppercorns

four corners peppercorns *pink tallicherry/black white and green

alderwood smoked sea salt/fine

organic  saffron *ouch at 15.70 a gram  Marijuana which I dislike is cheaper as hash!

cheddar cheese powder


coriander seeds

curry leaves / dried

I have a shot at lemon rice courtesy of the tastes Indian, i have the basic Mexican spices as understood in America, i have the magic secret ingredient of pork chops in olive oil/butter, I have yummy popcorn :D, I have peppers enough for salad and chinese cookery.

so you can see shadows 😉 of what’s to come.


Procure and Pack

I went to the metaphysical fair and shopping  before and after.  I got another round of aura pictures me and mom that is  and unlike last time where it seemed my heart was ripped out, it seems as if I am stable 😉  I hit the chinese place without the recipe book and I later laugh if i picked wrongly and walmart on the way home for available itemry not requiring order to the store.

Chinese shopping because i had to remember it see how well.

black vinegar – it say black vinegar on the bottle check.

fish sauce – it says such on the SMALL BOTTLE  I have had that before a little can be too much!

oyster sauce – oyster sauce

plum sauce – plum sauce

had rice wine vinegar at home

dark soy – dark soy

soy sauce – my favorite silver swan soy/ phillipines.

sesame oil

black bean paste

hot black bean paste

um, I’m not sure i got these pegged as i got sauces instead

I strayed getting some chinese bbq sauce and pineapple syrup  I know I dislike chinese five spice powder already but lol i’m cooking with the notion to complete a recipe not immediately match my own tastes.  I also got bobas which i know i don’t like either but not intensely disliking either Tapioca always reminded me of my own boogers tasted better.  yeah yeah tmi ew.  but green tea which is a tad bland for me and also procured milk and bobas is one of the drinks in the back and thus the pineapple syrup so it tastes worth having 😉

I also got not on the list black rice as they had a small pack about a pound’s worth  black rice is inky almost tasting and mega gourmet seafood special but I was hoping they had the red cargo rice in the same small pack as i like that as a mix with mostly white for a seafoody as in not inky this time but shrimpy taste.  I also got both black and white sesame seeds as the black is mega magic with rice and tuna for sushi/that taste.

i failed to spot fermented soy bean themselves as in dried- this isn’t surprising as i see poorly and speak not a lick of foreign.  I also failed to get a non cooking version of chinese rose wine as i got rice wine which is murin  I don’t know I’ll likely drop a drop of rose oil in it or something – I’m not above cheating 😀


I got

2 teaballs and own a huge boquette garne one or a ball big enough to literall make 5 gallons of loose leaf tea.  already

6 cheap pairs of corn holders  I wanted the fancy ones but i wasn’t buying two sets for 12  over what i did spend

penny matches but of course they had no f-ing multipac k lighters on display for MY way out so total failure at the walmart per usual.

barman’s friend on the cheap

2.5 gallon ziplocks as you just go ahead and try to find them when you need them in a small town go on.

a decent zipper gallon bag of ziplocks box

cleaning gloves as every once in a while you need them and not having them is a week or two for me to get out  so

aura wise i am more closed than ever  as in sick of the bullshit but as i said….stable. 😉  oddly i work right now finding lyrics to copy paste so that i have my return to work in october plus a completely free day also for another already set to print.  it takes about 2 hours to get 20 songs with credible writers info and hopefully accurate lyrics lol.  i’ve two discs so i’ll be four hours in and it’d take 4 hours more combined to print collate and make a booklet of somekind.  or I am not doing it all but i’ll laugh if they chintz out so I’m doing all the work as it has music and we’ve 3 not one singers there now so 😉 perhaps they’ll understand MUSIC is what moves this bunch as a group, not m lame-o to them bingo.     the idea is that they’ve area tunes for 1.5 hours! of major party action! per disc! woot!  and thus a completely new bit of freshness whereas otherwise it’s sstaler than soggy croutons with what we have.

back to beer.


End To Begin Again

I actually finished all I promised and can be cajoulled into this month.  I am free.  Of course i’ve a pile of project next to me as i do a beer.  Of çourse this project is a tad odious and doesn’t pay.  Of course I have books littering every place I’ve been in the house.  Of course i have dreams to get after.  Of course i left early only to have all that early not be enough and end up at home under accomplished.  But, there is redemption in a step in line of heaven to shine even away to improve where I can lives others left in a cell to rot in a rut of routine.  But there is nothing quite like knowing I finally do NOT have to again and thus i have permission to WANT to.  But there always less magic within reality than there is any dream, yet one must try to make what few can come completely true.

this is the one book I’m absorbing at the moment – interestingly it covers a few neat things like the excellence of cooking versus just the ordinary – refer to early parts on bouncy shrimp and how to tenderize meats which both cover rookie mistakes that are avoidable.  refere overall to the classics generally available with a bit of variation as to things like orange chicken which is flat out NOTHING like what I see commonly and she knows this – it’s deliberate.  but egg rolls to chickenwings and dim sum to soups to standard dishes you too can Chinese it up!  i point out there is a compression of ingredient and a simplification of the importance of texture while the larger explainations are just not discussed.  While the tastes can come alive in what can be achieved by a lesser cook of skills/tools/timing-time… culturally speaking not much of the magic is actuall discussed much so far.  However, i’d be proud if i could by rote make all presented, I also look forward to trying.

Dream set/ goal set

Ihaven’t good controls lately hence i’m moving onward to dreams of beauty before i cant.  I’m no longer capable in the normal ways of get up and tour my bag of pills/bobbles and just get on with the day – I’ve had weeks of two step living after my pills and potions and zero luck sleeping til 3 hours before I’m due somewhere up and getting it all together.  the dream is simple as is the goals slow and plodding, i’d like to see a 7 versus a 12 on an a1c twice in a row before this time next year. the goal set is simple.  I cant live like here.  I cant eat what i can not correct for which means as much as ** think i know about nutrition, I know not enough to wing it but have to plan more and be far simpler.  i also don’t cook anymore  what a damn shame!  i haven’t forgotten how  I dont think I’m faster but slower lol but who cares it’s possible to readapt life to my hopes.  if pills take an hour then i have to use that pills of the day thing and make my week up in advance as i just flat out haven’t the time anymore in daily thought/practice.  while anyone who knows chinese knows it’s often quite sugary or thus not exactly the best for those with sugar control as rice is flat out a high glycemic index food for a start…get over it- not everything has to be drowned in a syrup gravy!  and oddly enough a steady diet of lighter seasoned foods and RICE is controllable and overall does drop my sugars as here’s a haha, while it is sugary and heavy enough hitting?  the old joke of burp an hour later and you can have a nother meal’s room…well not with sugar control but the notion isn’t wrong it just means it’s overall lighter in calories…that much ultimately helps.

of course another side issue with food is beverages.  while i don’t have to quit drinking adult beverages, like anything caloric I do have to watch better what i get…. it’s becoming clear i cant binge as much.  be this beer or food .  aw boo.  but i don’t drink enough of my favorite coffee or teas.  I know this is odd to quit a job to get serious about a coffee habit but lol, enjoy the joke.

I am about to move to where i can cross the town in what would be my ordinary beer walk.  this means that as it’s got weather and temperature concerns i best make sure i devize some exercise routines. ew.  i don’t like this notion at all. so i have to have again a non-monetary reason to enjo wanting to…

or in short some ask me what i intend to do as i move.  I move because i’m not thriving much anymore but rutted in routines that keep pushing me out of the equation.  i know it’s not for lack of kindness at work i leave that I’m sad to the point to have invented a move to leave, but that Idon’t get to achieve there and anything me is so low priorit and highly effort/time intensive to resolve, I’m just convinced now I haven’t another year to wait for it to be better only to have another come in on their watch and change it all demoting me yet again like always…of course this is mostly a fear but it isn’t with fairly solid proof and waning patience watching each step fall into place or out of step.  I really don’t think lol subject to proof again lol i have to work as my basics are covered, i work because I’m apparently hoping to prove i care enough to try to honour myself and others to make the most of what i have.  of course after years of a little extra money lets just see if i forgot how to make due and schedule?

no, I don’t need to have you play metallica’s to live is to die or watch red dwarf’s the end episode which begins series one.  it’s simple enough for you to see, I expect to read, cook and write and hopefully get a lil spending money job while soaking up the scenery in my hopefully budget friendly paradise in the high hills.  as to what i want. that’s a slippery question. in that much of what i want i cant have and if i even get it I end up dissatisfied… but as to what i’ve chosen and enjoy I have a little shot to argue with some dreams and goals perhaps worth fighting after…perhaps nto.  I’m late for a beer, please excuse.


the neverending last day

Imagine a moment where all it took was a simple phone call in progress to change the better part of five years.  In this sense, the fiction here is not that it didn’t actually occur, but it still seems a dream.  This phone call was to some suzy who’d metamorphose into some donna then a mirror and azriel.   wait long enough and faces tend to blur but the sameness doesn’t.  I had then no reason to challenge this phone call although it was against my wishes – I didn’t WANT to go volunteer somewhere for another year to get some turn of prize that wasn’t mine but the luck extended my way for only anther’s sake.  I also vehemently hate the embarrassment of challenging others to be a fool as they didn’t listen to MY wishes which were..what were they anyways?  I took up the truth that within activities, I call a amusing game of bingo and did this for nearly not one year but two.  I was asked to work as in get paid for this IF i’d achieve x, y and z.  Most of my preliminary questions were seemingly unfair in that was I able to recognize a face from 20 paces….no, I can not effectively see such a distance….I can see movement and jump to it though….it took awhile but that answer saved this position.  I never had luck gaining employment on my own excepting temporary positions anyone gets unless someone else flat out vouchsafed me….so much for pride of merit, I’ve never known that creature as my champion.  yet I am told I beat out 22 other applicants for my silly job.  I managed being late 3 times in 2 some years and never missed a day.  I’m told I achieved nothing save that reputation which outdid any assistant in recent memory.  Yet each new boss or change of the company guard has meant without fail a diminishment of my duties.  again, merit was never seen in my company at first impression.  I endured all the b.s. that this or that while not my fault was my fault or at least responsibility – what was I going to do about it?  I endured all the cubtle chicanery taking me from 6.5 hours a day all weekends and all holidays to 4.5 hours across 3 days once in a while a great moon i got a holiday off like easter never memorial day or something and all my non working days i was on call so if i took advantage of my day off to do anything i had to obtain permission….which was always treated like a formal request for time off….  I watched 60 some people in this 30 plus room place come and go…the customers that is.  I’ve seen i cant remember how many different faces of staff change. maybe about the same nearly twice as many as we employ come and go.  and for all of this a few facts remain – in my line of work there isn’t often any movement or raises as one is as good the day they start as the day they leave.  I thus know by inference I am nothing more than a babysitter for whoever is sick of looking at so and so today….or that blessed five minutes which is really fifteen to get something done yet not actually leave so and so unguarded-a violation of set safety requirements.  I have all the room I want to make any fuss I’d like yet I am of less value than the housekeeping staff as i clean up no poop or shine not one impression.  yet i i am 25 something grand richer for having been there and with any luck by the payment of 2  month’s cycle’s bills perhaps in less debt than when i started with 5 times the credit extended.  I still cant help but think of this as a simple rookie mistake of not fighting or what I wanted all along – a job I achieve on merit and execute as i please.  I know the smarter of you will point out i did far better with I got than i give credit for and i leave with recognition of achievement and many who do not wish to see the back of me.  I surely did with what i got.  but is it always to be a fiction despite the evidence that I’m a hassle rather than a credit?   one thing is for certain, it’s become a series of weeks now of the never ending last day there with still more to go.

#FictionFridays – a rookie mistake.


little niceties

interestingly, to me,  I find a lot of what i want available at walmart and oddly no where else.  I tend to avoiid walmart as I’m a horrendous snob.  tea-ball check sushi mat, check.  smooth touch can opener and an electric model as well check check. wide flatware soup spoons …sorta check as it came up via sponsored links….however 30 for 12 spoons seems a tad retarded….  you know what i mean – the wide wide soup spoons foyou used to see at chinese sit-down places before the went to the horrendouse mini shovel porcelain ones I don’t like.  cake decorating bag solutions and a handy handy brush for those hard to clean items not just the cake bag… you know like nipple brushes for bottles which wheen you go looking for them you can not ever find?? affordable electric range element replacemet.  check check and check if you’re counting.  areasonably priced  waiter’s corkscrew for when you can not ever find  such an item.    check.  penny matches. check. bulk purchaseable lighters of the cigarette kind…check  a variety of silicone tools so that cooking is scratchless and yet i melt /burn for less things.  i mean at this point  about the only thing i can think of left is a sillicone single serve salad dressing shaker… and if walmart had that, shoot score…. if not, bed bath and beond does.  glass with proper lid for soup/freezer storage again available at the walmart, are the ver handy itty sized jelly jars which make auxilery drinks glasses of the adult kind… I mean dang.

my direct supervior quit work yesterday as in friday mid-day.  I doubt i’ll get a reason about the why that sums that up to eliminate curiousities.  I am set to work today sunday monday and tuesday the sixth seventh and eighth as my last days with one odd hold out day in october the 5th to prove on paper i completed the rules of 2 years of work quarts…as they calculate information a bit differently.  I’m trying to decide how nice to be to the remaining department head in that it isn’t my fault the other gal my direct supervisor left…but how much if any will it improve my image to helicopt to the rescue ?  fundamentally i leave as I know/suspect I’ll just be a day older and spent and have been forever there.  the reasons i might feel this way are each and all incoming social workers have always altered my work/duties/schedule and not for the better but in a way that has me reprove repeatedly I’m useful and competant at all….now the latest is the department head as my area has moved under that one’s control in which to have a grander scope of it not being activities but resident care services…just one more boss lol.  couple that with i’m likely to have reason if i did all of my duties to need patient information – I’m scooted away from the charts and last time managed to be given the wrong information altogether via whatever snafu.  you’d say this isn’t much of any big deal and it isn’t but birthdays are expected to be observed…kinda even at the most basic level need fairly sensitive information that as you can see I’m not encouraged or trusted to utilize.  paperwork is always going to be a difficulty in that i can not see well and yet time is important and so is documentation- i currently handwrite all mine knowing only the selected and necessary bits are used  nand not credited as my work.  so, knowing the things that ultimately get me paid in the current situation are not to be my responsibility…normally fine – less hassle and work but remember if I don’t do the money bits, I don’t get to be the trusted competant person- this leaves me not just to feel but be a dead end job holder.  so, while i don’t blame or even bat an eyelash to say this stuff- you have some insight into why i see the preverbial writing of dead end job and no further development coming – remember if i cant get a birthday, how can i be trusted to pass judgement on employing others?  I’m very much capable of managing my twelve charges and leading 150 people…but here i’m a distrusted and or coddled chump  my primary value is i show up…on the weekends.  or,would youlaugh with me about perceptions?  i mean no kidding jail is jail and if i do my job wrong I get the priviledge to attend it… it probably is a blessing I feel blocked… the last time i fought like hell to run a register after a verified proven job of cash handling over a million dollars-i literally was  measured by the checks  by side inches processed….but i was denied to run a cash register at the 7-11  think it’s unfair what i have to prove to work?  well, it wasn’t personal of mean to the disabled, it was the lady retired 3 months later after being 140,000  dollars out of kilter with her inventory and months of hundres missing in cash issues….I wonder sometimes as all of life returns as a circle… if my current head bashing to be proven good and yet denied it seems the steps to better or more if i’m not being protected from b.s  if so, thanks for the niceties, universe 🙂


keeping up the fiction

it’s Friday the fourth

Graduation came and went

uh,, now what?…now what?

distance equals  the of geometry multiplied out across arithmetic.  That rather un-amusing when time really doesn’t exist and the geometry is only a relative observation based against where one observes the situation.  Metaphysical notions really do have a way of being powerful but whether they are powerfully amusing  or powerfully annoying does tend to be yet another ratio of how much coffee one has had or how strongy one has spiked that said coffee….at the present moment I long for the omega or was it alpha too in the ealy version of the sign we’ve Occident ally come to know as Infinity. None of this crap is feeding my belly and none of it’s solving one iota of anything valuable to the issues before me.

I’m neither broke nor am I rich.  this could possibly be more neutral sounding or seeming in life but it’s not  neutral, it’s damned annoying.  i neither have the excuse of poverty nor do I have the means to slide out from underneath the latest schemes aiming to pin the bill as if it were a tail upon me the donkey.  I am well aware of the knife-edge of what starts small grows   to that of a steep mountain – should i care to play ostrich  I also know that to keep being angled, I’m only ending up   making that same said doughnut in a round not this time to indicate the fullness of time or the power of god but only that of a tired me ran around in a big zero of accomplishments  some circles are all too common and all too vicious.  but how can I change the bounce of angles from down to up?  how can i turn the circle of sound back into  even  a wave of fortunes rocking one to sleep as the world comes and goes?

Voluntary taxes?  Gambling.  why yes, I’ll just march up the street and fork out some lettuce for my paint shaving to reveal whether I’m king of my mountain or lighter for the effort now walking by the mega home before the open space i just paid for to make them rich beyond the dreams of avarice.  the trouble with gambling is it’s really only any fun if you win.  and its worse still in that it’s only fun if you win and hardly anyone else does…..ahhh the odds. luck be a lady.  if that isn’t a reference of import about attitudes, you’re not really listening… maybe you’re gambling also i have a point

vicious circles are not unlike the music of the 80’s wherein a little bit, a hook, was re looped with a slick new set of words and voila, we’ve brand new music?  nope, we may have the most dope lyric which only turn dopey later as they’re rather like that of a novel on toilet paper- don’t really care how good it is, it really sees ONE use…yet i haven’t seen any tp that didn’t have some kind of gross notion to it of saying it’s  not partially recycled  post consumer content…that’s rather disturbing if you think about it.  yes 80’s music and a bathroom runaway reference..  shameful of me.  misleading too.  I am sure everyone knows but doesn’t want to say it out loud that blissful relief of a trip to the can or before the kids laugh at you listening to the way it was ahhhhhh.  vicious circles  they keep returning and eating alive all the time to only end the same… how to avoid a vicious circle is to not fall into one… i guess i can no longer by any music but upon a thumb drive as i cant keep  away from the circles  be they cd’s  oooo maybe a tape rollin up the reels or even the hard drive spinning it’s platters or ooo ooo vinyl records!  nope, i can only avoid the vicious circles by being thoroughly square  in the use of a thumbdrive…until it hits my set of keys and then round and round we go again 😉

I’ve another fiction before i go off to contemplate reality…. I should go pay my bills now.  I really do have a life to lead.  I think i be spherical in obtaining a scoop of Chinese food which really is 3 circles luckily multiplied together to  obtain become  a scoop.  or will i investigate the full stomach with a circle become cylinder of something hamburger or perhaps arby’s?    if i keep sitting here I’m just going to keep up the fiction.

#FictionFriday – Distance.