I made fish en pappillotte again and some donated green beans came about.

I won my first game of shuffleboard! League we won’t make finals but 😉 we suuuurrrre can spoil! 😁.

I changed my phone passcode as someone needed borrow it then wanted to continue that… no? I can’t remember passcodes endlessly. Yet there went the connection with a pal and that touchy too… aww if I’m right but harsh aw I have some current issues seemingly ignored or abandoned. Thus aww but I do me proud to actively try even if I suck at how. It’s not too tough and it’s worth more than peace lost to try.

I’m roped into cooking dinner tonight. I have squash chicken mushrooms onions cilantro tomato onion sundries Alfredo, fettuccine butter and a modest array of vinegars if not saucing typically and feta.

I hope I’m not left when only I want to try and it’s not easy. I may have to laugh though and I bet only I’ll see why.


That’s that

My love’s window stares
Hoping admiring and
Ne’er bells after stairs

I bought my next projects tools myself my money and unsure is the vibe.

I went to lunch dumped like a wet fucking chump with a personal raincloud – I came home about the same. Love. Lunch contrived to be indigestion complimentarily


Day on

Toilet seat replacement
This duh means clean it too!

Dim sum day off to ‘Dunny’ do-up day on 😉 face up into the sky to face down in a toilet.

(No, the replacement wasn’t 40 turns in/out or a hex over tab type but a fit collar over screws not tab replacement and no I haven’t ever done this diy before)


Day off

A dim sum sun down
Sees steamed then fried dumplings sauces
Even a rainbow

(Walk is west of north blvd on Indiana or specifically pictured

Not keto but close @


22 day

Diet Coke
Pizza slice 1/6

Snickers x2 1030/1
Pizza slice 1/4

Beer x1 about 5:30-630

Waters x3 on day crate of waters sized 12oz ish
Bit foggy still on day
Up 4 20a from 10 previous
Nap 1:30 -2 woken

Today 7/3 7-440a
Diet Coke as too early to coffee and I’m not arguing and recleaning that machine

I need today to dispose of 3 avocado so mid day salsa and chips shall enter my life