steampunk cpr redoux

1.60 a gallon methanol

~1 per gallon glycerin,d.aWw&cad=rja

covering cost per gallon or “cheap” fuel glycerin/ol mixed with methanol to achieve burning of glycerin/ol  produccing free glycerin/ol from used fryer oil is possible but become upwards of 50/50 to burn successfully. or, expect more glycerin than the burnable materal more often than not.

average cost of a 50kw generator  alone is possible in the 2.5k range and thus an atomizing burner and purifying equipment is about the same thus a dollar a gallon in transportation and thus ultimately the first year is a wash to run and the second through service break even is another 3 years or to run or thus with 5 more years possible with proper maintainance and luck it is possible to make about 50% off grid prices if one can do all this weighted first supply and mainatainance plus equipment to burn basic recycled materieal … for “free”  which in denver/xcel energy is 130 a month electricity/6people 2 a/c 2 big tvs electric reange  lights or and 3 grow lights in cycles … or 65 a month again off with 1/4th your paying out cost paid back in for fair market value back.  or ten years effort to gain 50% ultimately off with daily maintainance and heavier weekly chores and monthly high loss preventaives and yearly overhaul loss of half week.  or,

what a hell of a lot of work slogging about for “free”



happy reading.

I’m reading Richard Mckenna’s  “The Sand Pebbles” and also Garrison Keillor’s “Lake Wobegon Days” to do something a bit like rekinddling  a love for a story again.   There is something to be said of both books where a transformation within the characters occurs, and to be at that place, that moment and wanting to ride out the rest of that story to follow is something of…if not a treat which it isn’t always, it is at least moving.  What is the magic that can up and disappear as a fart in the hot tub or linger on like the best glass of wine?

The Sand Pebbles seeeks to recount in fiction the exploits of a man serving in the twenties overseas in china along with the tails of that area’s time moving towards a red revolution far later yes, but until then, the hopes not yet dead that it might goa more glorious way.  within this backdrop is the life of a sailor who up until this point moves forever away from ship to ship to find a home where he can be alone thus asleep in his soul only to , and trust me if you cant guess about the easily telegraphable awaking to purpose that is a’comin’ you just don’t want to know about stories or them lofty maybe points of how perhaps ben nevis is the lowest highest peak as moxy fruvous sung of.  It isn’t surprising to spoil the book not further by telling you it is in the perfect anwe of the best of Chinese Literature where it just isn’t going to go as one might disney expect.  do I already know this, yes.  have I cheated and read excerpts ruining key facets of the tale? yes.  Will I stomach the rest of the book like so much are we there yet length and weight of words?…we’ll see.  the best stories are worth repeating even when we know the answer.

Garrison keillor was worth the ninety-nine cents at the Goodwill.  I know I’m going to hell as I didn’t pick up this book where the author would directly benefit from the sale.  I also feel chagrined knowing goodwill is a for profit thrift store so while they may help those in need, the do so at a first profit of their own needs and thus I’m not really benefiting someone of moral deservedness nor uplifting the notions of anything remotely theological.  but that is the joy of reading Garrison Keillor! I can muse upon what I know knowing the imperfections of the reality and also imagine again and forever the magic.  Magic of what can be.  Within the tale is a young man on his way to a life… I was originally led to believe that Garrison waited til after his family were grown to embark on a personal mission of stardom so to speak in radio.  Bubkiss, I forget there is a lie we want to believe in entertainment.  and I am shocked I fell for it! 😉  I’m not surprised that the distrust of higher learning seperates a person from much of the life that was before not so much in what we do but how we put forth our energies and also our ability to process what does and doesn’t arrive.  I’m the same person for instance I always have been since nearly white haired three beaming in hair color alone to the world what a sunshiney place this is yay… okay so 35 some years later I’m far more depressed about what really happened than I’d like to admit yet hey, I’m still here 😀  I still can beam like sunshine …I just happen to know a LOT more words.  now back to mr keillor, the book really does cover the set up of a dream or idyll which for him was minnesotan, mine was of another town…however much further from god.  the bliss so far is how well the punishment of poetry and bad jokes so dryly delivered I really have to remind myself often to a studdering jolt.  wait a minute! this is fiction.  the experience isn’t but there is more than a little tinsel ribbon of bullshit to these words. 

all the magic health moment was unfortunately short-lived as I have needed far more sleep lately again the feeling dinner snuck up on me is also there.  I will of course get some more peanuts and pray and then after them damn potiions and powders again boo. 

I have all the stuff for a  ” RE CON” stew as in beef jerky, peppered of course, dried minced garlic as fresh as damn that 6 a small bottle cost…I know I know I only need fifty cents or so’s worth but still ding ding ding ouch, and a bag of black fungus or mushrooms….dried.    I should get after it but I’m like tired as you note above.

I would like to tell you I enjoyed my breakfast of tea and lemon meringue pie.  I need to get to the tea 😉  I’ll let you know bugger that there is no more room for pie as in processing ooomph internally I like the notion of tea and pie 😀  I mean that I like it  a lot.

it’s officially hot to me out as in the sun is a hammer and I the anvil.  talk about feeling way too used too fast going out even if it’s magic spring coming summer.

I originally started to say these things so I could adorn a few lines of poetry, but now? not prose ribboning poetry but poetry peppering prose… let time has come to season.


Books of shade and whispers

tell me of what could and should be

now to squint from the sun.


time said remember when

my years just pages further in

only it ends the same


well, it’s officially the twenty-eighth of May and my year anniversary lists upon the third of june….or less than a week away.  I’m pretty much one year into working again after five years no such real luck.  I’m ten years in nearly to this diagnosis diabetes and thus around 16x lbs it’s safe to say that I’ve left fifty pounds elsewhere and they aint coming back.  I still like to read and stay inside but picked up smoking cigarettes so I get a shot at sunlight 😉 – now that’s a bad habit….haha sunlight of course!  I’m currently reminded that in this life I am blind enough not so that I’ll be critical of others which I would be if I could just see 😉  but that there’s just enough salvation within the blu…my perceptions outward and those of others looking my way 😀  I don’t really have to do anything and thus I’ll happily note it’s near enough afternoon and I’ve a fine cold beer I can get to with the book readin. 

the latest thing is I hear I should have more outward confidence.  please understand I have a fairly solid internal core as in I’m not a stranger to struggling to get the me out there and the mine back from the world… but blind I may be yet it’s the sharpest whisper that says I’m not in any hurry to be a testicular asshole about coonfience displayed as such a word is also mistaken easily for arrogance and further confidence is best not dropped on the toes like a big heavy safe.  I would like now to wink and just say I’m well aware of how full of shit others are and keep getting more enlightened all the time 😀  happy reading.


potential blind independance.

such is a device that by a measured method can fill insulin syringes.  why?  the point is one can do it accurately without sight…not large print, NO SIGHT.  it clicks dosages drawn. I haven’t any experience with this product but I’d like you to know it’s rather frustrating to need mega device gear to live Blind yet it is possible to be independent.

I was reading my second gf in life’s blog on the subject of such needs if it makes any sense why I’d go looking when I don’t use such products to a large degree.  I am not totally blind; I am Legally blind.  however, I do care about the how the devil can I read a syringe for vital medication when I couldn’t see?  I was also reminded of…play your kenny rogers now…. twenty years ago when I was the insensitive jerk who couldn’t save her from a fall at a combined grad party… icicles for half the month!  I may not have won that one  as in the lifetime romance but it’s nice to be reminded even of some of the bummer moments as in 20 some years later I understand I hope better what was asked after silently I didn’t offer.  now of course duh, I look over the life path and it wouldn’t have worked ever for 10 years or more. if at all. so I’m pleased more that I had my nice experiences which I’m not kissing nor telling.  I thus, bet! you really want to know 😉


steampunk cpr.

sand castle.

I still can’t believe it’s not 30’s architecture.

WATCH out quartz has a new use that isn’t so electronic.

am I in space or….

am I a touch stuck into historical fantantasy?

nah, ceramic coating or that of sand is a real thing

taking this history into  maybe a new age

powered by french fries…  😀

MAYBE looking less hearse-like and maybe purdy.

I do spend some time every day idling up trivia and or just being trivial.  this does lead to knowing a touch more things to oddly associate with the next thing.  that said, lets us think of the very weight of a puffy cloud…something of a whisper to touch us who have touched enough of them in the hills or the whallop that a cloud can deliver be it shockingly or swirlingly and just the normal rain coming our way by the deluges way.  think to of a sand castle perhaps made on some beach some where.  now lets get like technical.

sand which many ores must be crushed down to so as to process them into metals.  it’s not a large leap of linguistics.

clouds are water duh but a vapor just as steam is  of course steam to a large temperature is invisible to us unless condesing yet somehow we can still imagine steam as a puffy cloud.

now space science is fun in that it gives us neat things with less lofty applications than a trip to the moon but more like a nip across town to see his or her “moon”   but it is rather neat that we don’t make the same things …well yes we do…just a different way.  we all know nothing is really new under the sun so proverbs go be you biblical or not.  we still like going places and how to get there is either the easy way or the hard way and no one likes the hard way in droves that is.  so,

imagine how heat and noise are reduced from damagin levels some so as to save us expense.  such is what is seen in coating technology and it isn’t that difficult to filter cooking oil so as to burn such as a fuel it really is not just to crisp up some potatoes for us.  is it possible for you to conceive of a moment where we can admit it’s possible but also that it’s rather expensive to get a

 silly but possible for your steampunk zombie appocalypse.


see also

cyclone engine … steam

dcf -400 oil strainer for a way to remind those of you ex wendy’s employees of cleaning the fry grease which is the same as woo hoo free fuel or at least cheap.

if you’d like to know about bio diesle



revised NUTS/a good dead christian

okay, I thought I made sense yet was bland about the news.  the news is nuts as in crazy is good for me.  coupling that with i am what I eat…lets talk about whats in the stuff….NUTS.  we all need things like zinc magnesium iron iodine…aka “minerals”  just the same way we don’t need arsenic aluminium, uranium.  But without key things, or conversally not being able to process certain things we lack.  manganese is not magnesium however it sure does sound familiar and it is found withing fruits salts and …NUTS.  so crazy as in nuts are useful to me.

of course so is something as oddly simple as not thinking about things…thus not stressing about them.  but proactively consuming crazy by the handful sure is a lot more ….fun.

I approach and likely on the 10th of October  or it’s also possible that it was the 21rst that in 2004f I was told I’m finally Diabetic.  I left with no blood sugar meter being told that would be checked next time in no new drugs, just bad news.  now diabetes runs in type one form on my maternal grandmother’s side and type two all over my father’s side as does alcohol misuse from both sides and cigarette misuse, craziness and here and there a lil genetic skip a generation blindness…a novel anuerism of the aorta in fifties got repaired for dad and zapped my aunt.  that amonst other thrills.    but here is some interesting things you might have noticed allllll along as maybe they were signs.  I can run.  being that I didn’t smoke well past 18 at 20 years old plus 3 month of mid march 1995… yet in summer of 1992 my blood pressure rose… the only thing I had prior to that was the then rage chromium piconilate  hey I was around 210 then and I wanted thinness which equates directly to sexiness so we’re told even if we all know it’s not necessarily true.  the other thrills were I live by rocky flat nuclear arsenal – producer of the big boom boom on the candle in the sky for our love….radiation even in low  low low amounts adds up over time one sign being lack of thyroid productions… it true that I was in a hell hole of radiactive poison?  probably not despite the patheticness of materials handling at this now gone place cleaned up and thus available for residential homes 😀 never a business distric it must be radiation waste land or garbage dump land for homes 😀    Iwill point out that by known indentification I have through father’s service in nam agent orange exposure and appear to those who “know” to be an agent orange baby in the classic sense.  I also know that a lifetime of noticing that when I get a lot of sun I’m tired…very exhausted tired… I don’t always get burnt but I was a fair haired sort of the overly reflective of the sun skin tones it took well into my teens to get a farmer tan .  now, I’ve had psoriasis since about 9 and used to have half inch nearly blond long eyelasheshes-but this big old morning goop since birth which doesn’t seem to be aided by sugar…which took car of those eyelashes as I didn’t  do as most would just wait with a shower or soaking to ease that to open my eyes without plucking my eyelashes out.  now vitamine d is a classic nothing fradical new concept in psoriasis otherwise it was coal tar and steroid cream and mineral oil too…vitamine d is supposedly from us in the sun and living in colorado I have a lot of sun sometimes more than sunny states…yet I lack vitamine d.  or maybe not being a big anything manganese consumer I might not have somehow had the keys to produce what I needed.  anyways none of my health indicators came when I smoked or drank.  I spent all of school pretty much sad as lack of thyroid hormane sure isn’t helpful but leads to that…and  does so by you being sad first thern finding the reason. 😉    now at x pounds which as a male I couldn’t lose either til diabetes… the bp rose long before caffeine and cigarettes as coffee turned my stomac a lot…now I like it but it doesn’t turn my stomach as often…fat- I did manage ONCE in life to get a cat-calling and or wolf whistle out of one person..that was the summer I ate my own cooking ….shhhhhh it. I cook better now…. but I did manage to get grease on the ceiling after trying to par boil then bread and fry chicken… lotsa f ups in process 😀   now again those are the signs, low d skin issues…eye goop all of life because we humans run on sugar- but there is something haywire in my metabolism I swear, depression from low thyroid and weight gain during puberty to really add flavor to one’s rest of life and self – image 😀 not being able to really run as in I’ll without food be spitting out  stringed spit it’s not  a pain barrier or lack of shape, I really do not do well with anarobic exercise …walk me all day but run me nowhere.    now I never could see well but there were times 2 hours a day at most never consistant either  that I could see 20/180 which means I could read most of the chalk board not all most and wow that helped me…but as usual service lines for blind are 20/200 and how can I “see” and be blind?  effectively I fought that issue with the doctor’s doctor of the area in eye careand opinion because frankly the line is blurry to haha about it but I am and I mean effectively all through school was and am blind.  now this means curiously I sit close to watch tv and always have a speaker next to the tv for everyone else’s volume in the back row…. so did I mention stone deafness runs in the familh and it shouldn’t be any surprise that I have hearing loss by 20 from general loud living?   now  all of this said/…. segway time

craziness is blaming cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption on my health issues well in progress prior to nasty diagnosises.  I thus wasn’t ever told that the same enzyme indicating drink consumption as a medication problem of tolerance got me more looks and wagged expressions from doctors/health professionals because I said I had a drink my numbers showed it was more like a case every day….nope still haven’t ever managed that.    this irked me, sure  cigarettes don’t help either but amphetamines and adhd mean to be together so my thoughts don’t read like this… 😉  but we all know smoking is just supposed to be cool and of all things not cool nowadays…. sheeesh.

social pressure is odd for me as I grew up jehovah’s witness whereby I automatically am “no part of this world” as like any eye’crossed christian I smile in the bliss of jesus peddling the word and him to the world just to make sure hermit or not the only time you’d see me is not pledging allegiance which really does go over like a fart in churchf eveb wgeb U dudb;t grow up all pro troops because nam was not popular.  took til the gulf war to make war and soldiering a thrill again.   now again social pressure, I didn’t like DARE which sought to keep kids off drugs and  do so in my town by taking that government money sexy like to say don’t drink and drug kiddos but thus use positive peer pressure to do so… I smelled that fish in sixth grade and said I have about enough problems being socially remote that the last thing I want to be is a negative voice in other’s decisions atop peddling jesus in a church where I’m seperate from the world but also them as in I never had friend’s my age church or not… my lass following me through school passed me my only note saying not I love yous but you’re a shithead…figures. glad to be informed 😀

now you’ve just toured my kind of crazy and a lot of indicators of what I have and when I got it and such the run on sentence or thought potential.  I thus know about the difference of sunshine causing natural d to be made and nothing but our own natural stuffs is ever less than effective or was it the not thinking about health paradoxically improving it or the peanuts… you know, I don’t know.  I don’t think in a logical pattern and grew up that way…not picking on the jw’s which for all their faults they did give me the best education in public speaking upon touchy matters and what to expect for a reaction…yet to soldier on through it as I “believe”  I believed all right about not being in that faith and yet mom didn’t think that was allowed til she quit so 14-17 was rather rough having to be out in church on many fronts… good thing though because modern diabetes drugs are made from blood extracted factors  to produce insulin artificially which to my simple logic is taking blood a real no no to being a jw.  I would be dead 8 years ago without the insulin without exception.  as I extered hospital at 478mg/dL having lost 30 pounds and was sleeping 16 hours a day for 3 weeks straight….it took 24 hours of staight insulin to correct that. which was a different nap ;l) but call me nuts as I would rather be here and all kinds of not everyone’s notion of cool or acceptable than a good dead chritian.



I was noticing my sugar was 136 mg/dL which is about at the highest point it’s to be after food intake.  I haven’t taken insulin very often this month.  I did eat a pound of peanuts no salt roasted….aparently the more I just not do things with any direct reason for them I seem to be winning good luck. 

I celebrated the above with a bag of pistachios. 😀

the trying of new things to me went a little off the rails lol as lol that’s a bit much and I kid you not I’ve an acid reducer and I mean uric acid not stomach acid and it was all storts of sore stiff joints for me today… oh and yeah, it didn’t work well enjoying all that fine food and beverages. 

I’m noticing a lot of luck coming my way lately and its nice but I’m I guess in opposites mode I am not seeking people and thus lol so here they come 🙂  that and the nuts makes this time nuts.  improving health thank you peanuts…it might not be all that surprising that peanuts contain manganese not magnesium manganese pinkish salt and this led to a weird one


one sedative similar to what st johns wort produces  is in lotus root, and of all things green beans… I have always loved green beans.


the following is rhapsody! …play your dan seigel right now… about some joint I hit and happily blew a grip on dinner.

I haven’t hit a restaurant in a long while where I didn’t know all the menu listings if not worse some notion of how I can make it and probably have at home better.  I had little choice to stop here as it was about to rain buckets and was gearing up as I stepped.  I stayed for more than a beer.  if fact I returned in the rain to read it’s sign… what got me to stop?

Kirin Ichibon.

Japanese beer.  I haven’t had that one.  I also remember snubbing it last waltz through the area infavor of not even my own favorite which I couldn’t read if it took plastic or not and thus ended up at taco bell….talk about yummy but 😉 not exactly the experience I was aiming for.  beer.  ro0 clams in my pocket and my next paycheck.  now I usuallly can do better than this even in today’s high priced times… but I specifically sat to things I had never ordered precisely.  why not if going broke. haha not enjoy the otting.

I got the chicken satays 3 bucks happy hour price.

a kirin ichibon beer of course 😉 not exactly sweet nor roasty somewhere in between I have no direct european/domestic analogue in mind for it. 4

saigon beer vietnam…hcm vietnam too.  it literally tastes like a st pauli girl my least favorite ever beer in the known josh universe but it didn’t have the same crips grain tooth tone to it which would have made me angry as then I couldn’t drink it. 4

pork fried pot stickers… I’ve had the chicken ones often but never remember ordering a pork one.  the dipping sauce tasted almost exactly like italian dressing and a la choy or foreign soy sauce anddespite how that sound it was sweet and absolutely  work to not lift a condiment for a suck down to my mouth as I know better about the sodium of those things 😀 5

here is where I blew the budget entirely.. I ordered a i cant remember it’s name saki.  it was a nigori. from oregon and “pearl” and absolutely unfinishably strong at 300ml @ 18%abv or? 5 beers in a row. don’t argue the math the shit’s strong and tasty…served in an ice filled bucket like champagne.12

a change brand beer which is like grolsch only darker grassier 4

and a final round of pinapple cream cheese wontons ~3-5 I cant remember…guess why.

now ordinarily I’d not spend 2 peoples dinner on one person ever but I got through nothing I’ve officially every ordered.  it was all sounding and later not disappointing in tasting good. and yeah I’was about to say the damn same thing all over again.  it gets 4 stars on yelp with an empty place it still wasn’t snappy service not rude or ignorative just not snappy.  I was moved from a place reserved for those awaiting dine away food which I couldn’t see at a glance the change of seating asked after but I will point out that it wasn’t again rude just meant to locate me about the only customer to within sight of the door…something I always notice in seating moves and about the only reason I’ll allow one outside of my guests need a different comfort.  I didn’t eaxactly wait long wishing for service either which means they didn’t robotically patrol but watched me for signs with is not a bad second best in service…but again not exactly snappy as in you know I could not mind but another might thing how rude I want something and cant see a soul in the place.  the food was outstanding in that I enjoyed everything I got whether I would get said ever again in this life I don’t know but odds are I have a place to drag dates to impress at..and this place thuroughly warrants that.  by dates I mean the kind where you want to be nice to them not just screw them them dates… so you are serious about them and the choice of experience.  this place gets four stars on yelp and another place 4/5 and it’s fair to say in this picky world of prices and places it delivers at the very least on that  you can trust me and a number of locals upon that.

now something really funny, go to work to a tornado warning and our guest speaker thank the lord was this time the very lady I’d want to talk to or be seen leading discussions with 😉  I still would rather not be seen asking relevant questions.  it’s risky. 😀  I bought a bight of stuff at the booze shack then the lil middle schooler asked where does it says I cant drink on the buss as in gatorade! I said see that he looked someone kindly pointed above us both the same but closer sign for emphassis in pictures no food no drink and my funny was after a drunken debauch of dinner see the yellow above that?  that ‘s the sign for the “loud” people 😉  momma laughed.  I proceed to take two steps off the buss and miss the curb and fall.  sore hip sooooorer pride 😉  I talked to all my couped up residents on the drill time thank god it was a drill one wanted me so much I almsot fell over as he grabbed my hand 😀  his health improves :D. 


absinth ordinaire

straughnahans’s whiskey

woodchuck amber apple cider

emergency beer


watch out I don’t start talking fancy with glasses of unidentified lighter fluid. 😀


the below section is some of how I gather information and even to a degree in what order to fuel my imagination not just with the airy dreams of adventure but likely enough shots of joe and or reality.  I didn’t fuuly picture each and every adventure I choose to pursue or thought of and also am not in the mood to share the scratch-dreaft of the favorite share person’s point of view. but lets highlight the few thing I did think of:

frankenmuth michigan the perpetual christmas town in a lively bavarian theme 😉 I swear on a stack of bibles I never saw a single thing christmas when I went.  I swear!  a favorite bloggr of mine mr. markowitz of cassie o’mally mystery writing “fame” *keep your day job* did up a nice visit in his blog –  but the point here is not the christmas but the is there any reality or spirit to the aped amusements and similarity in foods perhaps too from the real bavaria or a recreation?

scenery abound so be it a alpine picnic with vistas that cant be beat or uber-modern people watching in an urbane sophistication of the cities and or even yokkle town is worth a look.

beer history is bavaria.  I wouldn’t mind hitting the beer museum followed by the ettal area etaller brewing place for the real bennediktiner hefeweissen as well.

would you laugh as I went in deliberate searchese of danish in Austria?  afterall, it’s most likely a austrian baker that was disfavoured by wars of that time that made them.  would you nibble at your struedlle over flavored coffees with me that previously I only got from some powder mix?  Of course their be sausages!  I LIKE sausages and will smack the first jerk that makes a gay joke/reference. 😀

I know this sounds odd but the olypic area is worth a visit for the haunting of a time I never was about for.I wouldn’t mind catching some of that echo be it of that moment in history  when I was first coming around eventually.  I also look forward to some of the historic architectures of gothic churches or perhaps a palace where the room could glow with the dancing and high romance of a dress up past.


I wouldn’t miss the chance to enjoy a movie or two.  the criterion collect’s the night train to munich which remind me of a book I want for a gift the night train to the stars  which why germany reminds me of japan is odd 😉 I wasn’t thinking ww2 at the time… but that along with the movie the great escape are a couple of movies I’d like to breathe with the feel of similar location… similar exploding sights.


I would of course like to enjoy whether  i see a differnt senssibility about me not the same annoying whomp that can feel like america.. big car/truck walmart country dinner feed bag go home and sleep it off til you cant fight the vehicle no more and dream only of a couch on wheels .


of course I would love a german chocolate cake or even a black forest cake next to a cuckoo clock because I’m cuckoo to eat so much sugar and cuckoo in general.


I would think that the same vibrance of energies would exist between age points youth pel mel into some future and others just wanting the nearest bench for some smiles and peace… but, the point isn’t that I expect these things but that they actually are real both in some stereotypical tourist trap fashions but also genuine….and far more than some cliche I’ve been sipping.  I suppose the only bummer to me is the fear of lack of commication.  fancy a german place / area speaking foreign? 😀


well you can look or not look as it pleases you, the material is rather a bit more complex than the above thoughts, I just felt like saving it as why not?  it costs about as much as I’d smoke in a year.  a sobering thought.


the major points of this lil story feature or hub or destine here in the above links;_ylt=A0LEVizkgH1Ta0QAIDsPxQt.?p=munich++by+train&fr=sfp&fr2=piv-web&hspart=ddc&hsimp=yhs-linuxmint&type=__alt__ddc_linuxmint_com

a basic image search for train travel from munich – which achieve both the beer ouuting and a further adventure into innsbrook austria.

the basic set of the food thrills;_ylt=AwrTcX71gX1TgJUAlp.JzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTIzZDdhbnB2BHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1nBG9pZAM1ZmRhOWVlYmI3ZDNmZTQ4MDNkZWY0YWM2M2Y4ZWJkZARncG9zAzM2BGl0A2Jpbmc-?

long link but if it works it’s a simple image search for a provinces listed with chities! map of austria so the character of the information and locations can better be known as I just don’t/didn’t

basic search bringing up specific info cusinewise to innsbrook a tyrolian province city

general foods’ international coffees is a taste of the world but what the hell were the flavors? 😀 cinnamon is that to be expected of the major coffee point of this part of the europe :_ cafe vienna.


Metaphysical bunk.

Metaphysical bunk.

Warning:  The follow material isn’t either reverently put nor standard Judeo-Christian “teachings-” thusPlease start gearing up how I’m going to toast with warm beer for eternity the best in life.

The secret is a bit of metaphysical thinking that is popular with a distinct set of folks who are largely sick of being less in their lives thinking there is indeed an ancient secret to life and riches.  it’s ;not as simple as you want a life better have riches bahar har har.  it discusses something fundamental about the supposed laws of abudance..  it’s in a sense “spiritual” thus my initial warning ;that this isn’t something the “church” is going to not have something to say.

one of the concepts of life is we are to visualize and actualize what we want and it’ll come true…. but that is in a simplistic way the hammer on the nail dead or not of it’s point.  you ever hear how we’re to throw our troubles on the lord….well I have but we should also come to the lord in thanksgiving.  what we soweth we shall also reap.  three damn fine lines about how judeo-christian beliefs cover the same notions of aiding us in our life’s journey.  now, here’s a thing.  if I pray about what I aint got, I’m not just visualizing it I am also actionably talking about it.  this situation is negative as in a lack and it is also thee most powerful thing on my mind.  thus if I pray about what I ain’t got, I am directly putting action towards negativity and I’m likely to achieve just what I probably tell myself I don’t want…something “bad.”  now depending on your beliefs, this is a mind blower of a point – have you ever heard a public prayer about so and so needing a little extra gifts of the lord’s blessings in their lives ue hard times or illness or death?  think about this, it is a public prayer of visualizing the person and their lack and generously telling you the smart to avoid like the plague that bummer person…. and makes any good preacher look the kindly one for thinking about you.  but in a way it’s publically setting you back with actualized negativity. because all I heard of that prayer is helllllp and avoid avoid and a face to put it to,.    conversely, I could not pray about my trouble just do what it says throw them…onto the lord or whatever…throw quit them.  and then thank the lord incessantly for all the good I got calling just that more joy into my life.  no worries as the australians are fond of saying.  thus if ever I mention a actual sin or anything at all ever negative I actualize it and draw it closer to me…which now has the “evil eye” upon it or me as might be more familiar to jewish culture…. do not say it aloud.  do not tempt it to you.  do not ever in your life focus upon whatever bothers you that may be negative as it will surely be happy to arrive in droves.

now, obviously I’ve mentioned judeo christian beliefs in the context of positive thinking as displayed in  a pop culture piece.  I have just called faith to me and hopefully a powerful reminder of what simple words mean in a context of superstition…. so because I’m happy and wish to remain so I ask you to laugh at me, I knew I’d be pinching to get out of debt these few months.  I knowingly thus said p[inch and debt and that’s what’s arrived 😉 so laugh as the secret is just that a reminder our words count not for their meaning as we mean them but the power we weild them with as freely allowed to return back to us.  and,  cheers, it’s smirnoff black this evening a malt beverage…beer….that has other natural flavors and is thus sweet and clear and tasty.  I work tomorrow and thus such improves my bottom line and twice as it’s directly helpful in aiding personal needs of my person whom sees to it with her grace I improve myself.  it comes at a price as in I’m finally ready to start my rock cleaning project and get more money making choices hahahahahaha. 😀  good for me.  who likes yardwork anyways.


I have some chocolate mint to try and tend some and multiply I like it a lot.    I just took a big punch of my resources and will make movement towards this pay check pushing forward in my plans for being ahead as it costs me means to acheive it as in not just waiting but weilding.  I’m laughing  more as in not ready to quit in disgrace or give up.  I have use and fight left to put forth….and quite a lot of damn it that’s a load of bunk things to say but first hmn your stevie wonder superstition.  when you believe in things you dont understand you suffer.  superstition across the land.


a sleepless kind of crazy

here it is time to face another work “week” for me

here it is one am me wide awake after a short nap to face all day of it.

  here I sit not with a quart of beer or whiskey.

  here I sit with a bottle of vegetable juice extra hot.


-I did also like the red plum jam on the buttered toast. there!

toasting in the bathroom doorway above that cat drinking from the sink there too

I sat on the dog there.

just a lil of his paws mind as he hogs all the couch over there


here I am send me…is a biblical line, “we’ve got a tank of gas half a pack of cigarettes it’s dark out and we’re wearing sunglassess….hit it.”- is a line from the blues brothers to me roll with how you is. iver tgere is an old line for the war effort of ww1 and also a lil saying for little footstampers  for when they’d like to say things like what are you stupid? it’s right there. so I’m toasted, not by booze mind you just bread.  I feeling juicy…but the v8 I just emptied.  slightly annoyed and yet available for parts of this wee early session of the whole damn day coming.