wanna say it’s yum?

lol I got a 49 minute call into priceline customer service for my two minute questions…I do not think I won the lottery with the free airfair but at least I have a confirmed booking and the payment snarl seems just a different system than I’m used to.  Thus, I’m going to Florida to meet quite the array of peoples and get to see pretty much the entire gulf coast of it and also a chance to set foot both in the gulf and the atlantic.  Lol,  yes, laughs out loud, I’m not seemingly on the menus…as in I’m not up to cook….this is odd considering all the nice yums I always here and now that I’m coming by….lets go out.

I was on the last beer break before disassembling my bed and disposing of it when the dog howls company.  great doorbell!  I showed my poor unready home to a perspective tenant.  I was surprised the adds were posted when I hadn’t cleaned both rooms yet. more surprised the tenant seemed to be both female and barely legal…we must be offering dirt cheap rates. but lol I can show and let it be exactly what it is. here’s where we’re at and going and then the general chitchat of what do you do.  my bed turns out to be exactly what I said it was – broken past repair.  thus I did my good deed of the day with this showing showing how IKEA isn’t very durable for the inexpensive offerings *considering it broke before set up and then someone tipped it on end then I set it down and it broke a week later…or it never physically was moved room to room.  big lots it’s lasted many years and 7 moves…better for your money.

so, here is my chance to tell you I hate slogging by myself mattresses up stairs.  oh wanh poor me. and down I go to the former dungeon to disassemble a busted bed to see it  dis posed of past the bottom part perfect for my shelves.  

I look to have no difficulty renting my rooms out for december thus one less financial strain on me and I get to go holiday with that knowledge.  I have to get cooking in about an hour for pork tacos again…wanna say it’s yum?


gobbling my dots…here comes the ghosts.

a new thing is to not list wattage – bastards!

kitchenaid – ktrp18kdal07 yes I can and have to remember that information long enough to get from a fridge inspection to a computer aI looked this up 3-5 time nd now for a short enough time I’ll remember it the next day or so and then it’ll disappear.  this is the extent of my short term memory and many show it is fairly robust. or in essence nonsense 12 character gobbly I can remember much of an afternoon. 

I forget the toshiba tv model likely because I found nothing I wanted on it… a service manual is not a picture of the imputs I can read thus assemble interconnected electronics swiftly by touch.  this is by reference to the above.  I did however get double engage device button and power button  105  so from the multifunction remote…but the imput? nope.24 to operate the tv’s power volume and channelsa useful code perhaps but not necessarily the one I wanted. without an imput switcher most modern electronics fail to work together.

I did find a countertop ice machine in a pretty cocacola colored array of branding.

this allows me the thrill at least of party ice.  but now I have space shortage and plug issues  back again for my house.  I looked up a simple 14 x 16 shelf… 14 x24 was as close as I can get unless I want unmountable shelving or wire bottle shelves whooppee useless. a proper one door 2 space shelf/cabinet is possible but I can not get a price on that and it requires pretty much special order and qualified installation.  make that pay me gesture.


this and another 16×16 box with diaganol dowel rod to support coats albeit 3-5 is where I’m left with fucking easy sounding projects that require ackward trips all over town  or more tools than I own  to garuntee what, the job’s cheap and complete of which I cant garuntee.  it infuriates me to be so close and yet so uselss about handymanning.


tomorrow is my last day in which before the end of the month to have all my furniture and belongings moved or sawn down and bagged for trash.  funny I’m left disposing correctly of my stuff everyone so far has left me with trash or unwanted shite.  I think I still care too much in life and it hampers me.


I filed my medication much if not all is 90 day supply orders while I didn’t waste the day, 😉  you would have seen me upset absorbing the hell to get all of that straightened out and yet find out king soopers doesn’t offer the 25 per transfered script and wouldn’t even file the transfers for the dollar gas because this is a medi- whatever. insurance government.  why this isn’t a useless step is I dont have to fill the orders but I ca now transfer current scripts somewhere where there is 25 per script transfer coupons and services.  fucking assholes kingsoopers.


I have an authorization for myflights out on the first and home on the 6tth but the money isn’t out nor is a line of it pending.  I’m pissed if something kaka happens to try and cost me money or my ability to go. like oops will cancel that and say you’re beyond advanced purchase or it’ll clear oops day oafter your trip no refunds..  it worries me.  I also

look back above and wonder if I’ll get my 90 med supplies or as usual have an insurance snarl  about that.  I may even have the most irritating of all possibilities occur wherein to get anything done I may have to truly rob peter to pay paul like get my glasses now and be shacked with the whole 4 months debt versus the easily and swiftly recognoitered 2 becomes one due to timing.  I really hope this doesn’t try to happen.  I don’t get any more days off so late only costs me and eats away all my time ….and means.  this pacman is being chased by patterned ghosts.


news and views from around the worl

I’m well read and now forced by my choice to be 😉  I read the paper whereas in earlier life pasts the comics? hmph…nope.  While I have very real expectations behind why I bother, the magic is whether I have made it news.  Here is how the paper is odered and the hour progresses.

I live in denver Colorado roughly so if you think I’m reading the wall street journal or the New York Times…unlikely.  Its important that its the sunday paper too.  For the advertising push is Sunday.  I read the specials of the week.  I also want the many additional sections.  

having heard once that alan greenspan might predict economy by something like dry cleaning revenue increases or bolt manufacturing stocks rose indicated more free money in the economy or auto manufacture was gearing up thus there might be soon is important.  but while this is true I’m more concerned with prices. if one fails to connect to costs, one fails to connect to life.

for instace pork chops were 13 cents in 1900 and 39 cents in 1918…. remember the swine flu of 1919? h1n1 virus? well, expensive as pork was it held massive industrial growth and thus oops later.  nowadays november is pork sales galore 100 years later and? is 2 dollars a pound with wages not 25 cents a hour for 39 cent chops but 7 something an hour for 2 dollars a pound.  think now….or nap… thius means food changes all the time.  pork chops are most often seen on a breakfast menu.  I rarely see them sell over dinner/;unch.  but tacos adobada for a little chili powder make a steam bath of chunks for fast prep burritos/tacos.  2.5 oz. pork chunk is adobada tacos with lime salad garnish blah blah or sometimes 3-5 bucks for an 8-11 plate. food changes. those chased pennies count.

or xbox is 500 another 250… those numbers mean a lot. ones cool the other is lame.  one is all internet at 30 more a month plus internet 25-75 a month the other has 35-80 games.  the new world is pushing for subscriptions and less detritous of phyiscal articles the other old is real games..salable objects.  this may mean the whole world to a grand kid.

My favorite article so far was reading the new tough legislated or proposed restrictions on oil/gas for methane release.  I said plaintively that yes gross as this is methane is farts.  thus biologic creatures produce far more of it than oil/gas… oh ere’s a surprise@ they’re not sure of the impact on methane legislation…. of course they’re not because it is just the same as legislating pollution control on automobiles the 5th leading not first or second producer of pollution when a coal fired electricity plant is number one…look up ladies and gentleman….that light is the yuck brown you see in the skies.  and thus regulating a small change in a pollution problem on the fifth leading polluter is a tad better than nothing but look at the fight for that nothing?  it matters the whole world.

lets move now to alternative fuel cars.  believe it or not there always was them things.  nowadays it’s all about hybrids or electric cars.  we started out with steam and electric cars.  but reading the line that now the foothold of manufacture is there people are buying them but not to save the earth…case in point the impalla hybrid by gm is being cancelled because it offers nothing more than the same gas usage as it’s non hybrid version and less power.  but ladies and gentleman is there any doubt that people are only out to save a buck nevermind this altruistic crap about the enviroment?  remember the push for small diesels of the later seventies? when the gas hike/lines came?  same thing.  now that there is finally money to be made and saved people are making the push for a greener tomorrow.  but before I leave cars and pollution  think now about the single largest polluter …an electric power plant fired by coal…. do electric cars truly not pollute?  

various articles on death and floods or disasters.  I don’t really read them except and without exception to say, you think it’s a tragedy but in truth it’s proof positive more work is coming…people desperate for something and until this tragedy heard nothing and no work.  do not think for a minute people are being reinforced to love thy neighbor as themselves…they rubber neck at the accidents, drive the speedlimit or 20 under to not pass a cop and risk a ticket and only buy cool cars supposedly to save money.  bus and rail systems  by example save money in exchange for time it’s 13-17 minutes from my home by automobile yet 55- 65 minutes by bus and remember I do not drive thus I’m a pioneer of saving the enviroment??  bah.  but I am pleased I have places to go.

most people read the paper, ladies and gentleman, to cry over the bad news always in it, but what sells is oppurtunity.  oppurtunity to be validated better than another and know that more work is coming as we’re needed to put out this fire or mop up that flood.  and remember the young men and now women serving in harm’s way… the respect earned from that lasts a lifetime. because they did as they were told and did it well.


morality?  think now churches some for and some against prochoice fine but yet no one seems to have much of a problem with donating sperm to lesbian couples after children.  to me the only thing important being said is children are a punishment to the parents and a joy to grandparents  get to your priviliage of living…duty.    most care only after the fact not all the way around and only for how much can be made from this.


50 years ago

as it’s still just barely the 22nd of november, here’s what happened courtesy of a trivia nut in fifty years.


jfk was lost today fifty years ago. many of you remember but not many stories came from my residents of the memory,. two were in junior high and send home one head nurse and one resident, one was in chyenne and the other walking…

because where were you stories don’t get me stories which is a shame,

civil rights legislation was a year away meaning you could depending on area still see whites only signs.

the drive through fast food window wasn’t invented as dave thomas was still working for the coloniel.

ranch dressing didn’t exist

neiether did vcrs for tv stations or home use

records were the order of the day

taxes were 4% cheaper

the minimum wage largely didn’t apply to fast food or convenience store workers but it was 1.20/hr ish.

the quarter coins were REAL silver and thus worth a pretty penny

18 year old just got their vote and still could drink sunday 3.2% beer.

dominos and pizza hut either didn’t yet exist or were in infancy so you didn’t have a nationwide tradition of pizza night friday night

tacobell barely existed but we hated cuba and thus nationwide your chances of taco =- ing were shit zero

drive in movies existed as did automats and cafeterias  they largely do not now

the superbowl didn’t exist so this fantasy with football church? new.


if you lived in the denver metro area:

the sixteenth streeth mall wasn’t here bill macnichols areana and mile high were close to each other and neither exist in original form or at all

we were 11 years from the americans with disabilities act and actual demonstrations to put lifts on the busses so you didn’t see fat lazy  moms riding with a posse of brats  shame


in other wider news you didn’t see remote controls and thus had to find a sucker

tv largely was both black and white and didn’t run 24 hours a day- remember those national anthems? and the test patterns?


johnny carson was new to the tonight show


walt disney was still alive and epcot didn’t exist nor the rest of walt disney world.  you’ll note 1-1 dalmations was the latter of the movies he had interest in and lawrence of arabia was a departing memory to the screen.


the last of big band with louis armstrong  what a wonderful world topping the charts was a year ago.  it was thus all rock and roll now


the first woman went into space but i doubt you care because she was russian and we hated the soviets.

venus was just found out to be f-ing hot still yess as in melt tin or something, corrosive and crushingly squeezing…. anyone want to make a joke about femenine romance?  it’s your funeral.


the mustang didn’t exist to the car buying market thus NO muscle car craze.


ken keasey hadn’t boarded “the bus”


coke WAS it.  no pepsi is.

anyone alive learned that it was better in a tall 12 oz glass bottle.  cold.  and it was made with real sugar 

as corn syrup wasn’t industrially available…well used in soda manufacture… and or popular.


the buffalo wing , monday night football didn’t exist.


vonnegut wrote short stories still mostly – dune wasn’t here by frank herbert. most of your seminal life hadn’t been put to paper.


the only video game action wasn’t video but pinball.



I wasn’t here.


walls the color stark.

I’ve had my empty

all I ever wanted, grasped

do you hear laughter?


I saw truth in a snapshot

I chase the ghost hope

it could happen to me

as doubt’s ink drips a fat blot.


I heard all I mattered

believe me it isn’t nothing

but a #3 reschedules upon sobriety

a #1 always and every day until society

and I remain a #2

I heard all I matter

and believe me, it isn’t nothing

yet again comes giving more

which means there’ll be less

at least I improve at being an asshole.

I suspect how much I matter

and believe my ego! its bloated

yet the simple pin of deflation is I care

often this blinds me to opportunities right there

of the courage to create a new paradigm.

I still indeed matter

there isn’t a choice without drawback

there is not one single moment truth hinting what if

how else could *I* fight without what if

so I fight for that more?’

a picture to be a thousand words more.


lukewarm links matteo style

this is a link to my saved links page organizer from 5 years ago.

a silent film of the keystone cops or ww1 era COLORADO

want a prickly pear margarita?  a source still valid for said prickly pears.

a grainmill also useful for home made sausages… I own a vitamix and do not make sausage so…

so I was at least aware of how things changed in equipment from ten years before in aromatic diffusors.

this indicates I was able to use this service in 2010, black coffee press.

I’m thinking this entry is entirely punkysleek’s fault

oh god, I went here? ()fun gmae))

block ‘n’ roll no longer exists 

nor does – a mean ass fortune cookie

instant petrified wood DIY

talking book library colorado, as I am legally blind I can and do get books on “tape” which is more likely now to be a usb artridge

apparently someone suggested or more likely dropped a name I was clueless about.

USA civil war grey paper on gunpowder manufacture.

a sub sitge when we all had multiple identies.  ambreia of xanga

this is a DEAD link to gylcocides, plant sugars with a cyanide or similar inclusion.  funny you can fucking spill US state secrets  but you cant arsenic and old lace.  hphf.

oh no, I don’t cook.  not at all

they used to be good for 18 dollar buy 3 cigarettes from Moldavia. no it’s #30 ish and not really any fucky reasonable deal really to bother with remaindered smokes at full price essentially.

I don’t recognize all the bullshit out there…this helped…maybe I forget.

girlie pal now dead and gone wanted in.

I once wrote a blog on how to cook beans on mars.  this likely helped with actual facts

if it takes 2.5 hours at mile plus a lil in colrado it takes 8 plus hours on mars by the way

the stupid refer to the manual  copyprotection hell of MicroPose games of the early nineteen-nineties

I still get mail from them but this link is dead…chicago’s love is murder writing conference as doah’sdeer was going and I had hoped to also.

dead link but I was investigating story places and frederictown is  one of them.  lively yearly culinary interest and fucking damn fine finmaple syrup.

a useful dice generator

coffee ritual

write your shit ancient egyptian style! hieroglyph tran  only kellsbells would have a vulture and a noose in it.slator.

lady felons flick out their bic pens…. prison poetry!

 not included are a variety of now useless xanga pages to people or my posts gone by.




healthy as can be; yet, caution,

photo from horizonherbs.
I was just curious as I’ve sold dietary supplements for years and thus I’m so used to some kind of cleverly worded might be extra healthy claims. The link to webmd list moderate interaction depressing the effectiveness of such drugs that effect the immune system like powerful steroids like prednisone or specific immuno-suppressants meant for folks fighting immune diseases. essentially this product is a competitor to that of such treatments for Asthma to Rheumatoid Arthritis to AIDS or Fibromyalgia.


pieces falling into ….pleaces?

fifty oh four that’s what it costs and here’s what that :

4lbs pork roast.sirloin vaccuum wrapped

lbs chicken split breasts which is 3 piecesw

1 lbs fancy name hamburger which is 80/20 

1 packet hot taco seasoning

1 packet knorr vegetable soup mix

1 pappy’s sassafras liquid concentrate for 1 gallon

1 pound unsalted butter

2lbs sour cream

2lb block pepperjack cheese

2 lbs roma tomatoes.

2 pack of 12 flour soft shell flour tortillas for tacos

1 box ten stand and stuff taco shells crunchy.

1 bag 9oz discount sourcream and cheddar wavy chips.

1 3oz prepared chili seasoning. mild.

3 cans tuna oil

1 half loaf pumpernickel/swirl rye.


3 snickers 



now I have lttuce mayonaise cheese tostada shells beans spread hot sauce or in short more than one meal besides which and lots ofthus easycupboard pouching.

I don’t have milk and potatoes lunch meat and such.

or in short there is technically 6,4,6,4 – 6 6 easily 10 days one portion food in my larders. or more than enough to last into next check.

I know this is painstakingly dul information but,

I have the properly seasoned adobada pork tacos, crunchy typical tacos, bean tostadas, chicken tacos, tuna noodle casserole tuna salad sandwiches, roasted pork sandwiches,  effs with tomato/cheese, purple pepperjack pasta which you’ve not heard of from me in 7 years, 

if I milk it I’ll likely p andham up some scxalloped potatoes, mushroom and thus canibalized my green beans for homemade green bean casserole.  this as i expect to be stuck on my “own” fo turkey day is carryable to find a place that’ll have me.   or big pig out on the good stuff. 

this leaves me not a cent to go out thursday as is planned, which e resolvable, but I’m thinking fuck no as I wish to mirthday week.  and be paid close if not in full prior to the month’s opener – minus of course the hope it doesn’t come to it split of another two not one portions rent…but I’m just planning on not being surprised. and not having to be let down.

this gives the shot to owe only one source at low double be a month ahead versus behind on every bill I have…. orr be a month ahead of last year.  woot.




the myth of the phoenix bird is that it rises from the ashes of the death of the old reborn in the new.  consider how slang from ages reflects this – yo of the eighties for hello or hey you…not not much different than greetings of how bible books occasionally begin.  of course, leaving markings was a hobo jungle thing of the 1930’s and that became spray painted graffiti of our now.  gladiators of ancient rome share a kinship of modern sports champions of today too.  But I’m on the foodie thoughts so I’m thinking of old styles with timess ingredients becoming the the scene of our brave new world.

I live in a world where everyone knows hot dogs are the cheap soul’s sausage joy.  I’m disgusted entering mustards last stand and paying $4-$5 dollars for a simple hot dog.  I’m well aware of my public school youth and its pigs-in-a-blanket, which is a hot dog baked into its bun of bread dough.  I’m fairly sure the death of un-stylishness of something sounding old fails to convey the exciting new…never mind the hope we can “bring it back” nostalgic junk. let’s us set about turning the humble old reborn anew.

first, pigs in the blankets are again just simple bread dough with a hot dog in its middle rolled up to fully encase the meaty center and baked done.  the hot dog can be cheapest mix-a-match meat or upgraded to all this or that gourmet lips and assholes.  the bread needn’t be all-purpose flour boring or some similar white bread flour either.  we cant however forget that once “reborn” this dish must be clearly recognizable as a pig in the blanket.


this is not bad but not what I have in mind… mummies or properly “” dressed muslim girl.  but I must leave some idea up of what I’m rrambling about.

a bagel is bread dough boiled then baked to leave a truly chewy textured bread.  some say it is better from New York city with the right water and salt.  some say Montreal Quebec Canada has it sweeter boiling their bread in honey water.  and a prezle is also similar to a bagel only of a far more christian presentation of not one god of the bagel-alpha and omega beginning and end circle…to be a holes, three for the father-son-holy ghost, thing.  but the point is the way to get chewy and soft by boiling then baking. now the shape is important too as I must have a cigar-esque encasement  and this is difficult with old fashioned pans.  the solutions to shape is silicone pans where the circularity is ensured at nearly every sandwich shop by the silicone shaped pan.{keyword}&gclid=CO-pyOvR3oCFaUWMgodzyEAHQ

the above lin andk isn’t silly or silicone but a shaped aluminum pan but the idea remains the same – if the shape is consistant we have neat food that is also tasty.

these two options are closer to what I can afford and have in mind.

but ultimately I probably have to conside a custom made pan as II’m not keen on the flat bottom of the last two options or even the first but I do not need the size of the subway sandwich or other custom fresh baked roll shops type pan as I don’t want to source bologna sized lunch/snack. but the joy is that a  is mostly round and on a pan of the flatness…. hmn I may not need a fancy pan afterall.


pretzle or bagel?  I think bagel is better as I’ve never had any non white pretzel… oky now bagel has the white or the simple with a crust/chewiness or multi grain option.  


what kind of center  I think I like the turkey do and or all beef franks/s and the bison and or all beef dogs.


how sized? I’m thinking some 1/4 pound sized dog not because I want to over feed myself as I don’t but I need the puff to be able to hold fixings and that is hard with 2 oz sized franks.



and voila, it’s already done, 3-4 years dead as ideas go.  ever feel the joy that is drowned kittens in a bucket?  this is the example of a still birth idea.