Strolling Down Amnesia Lane

I’m seeing a LOT of remembrances posts and 2 bit as I think of them retreads of time goes by.  Here’s the first song I heard exploring something…DIFFERENT.  Obviously I’m thrilled the ballads get to me more often  even the original vid too.

original song is “you can do magic” America.

you’d never believe what foul luck unforseen

mrs shampoo ’em sat other side of me

no, no magic would ever there be

yep, I saw you

I couldn’t believe it

boss sits to ruin the art

conversation falters from the start

what was that all about?

time together suddenly is a pout.

yep it was magic

a chair well chosen to stamp out me fire

tragic, so you know you’re grand at ending romantic desire.

it went darn well there were some words til you leaned oe’r our way to antagonize with a “glad you’re here”

dreams chances solid as stones evaporate away

doo, doo, doo *me in.

it’s as if 13’s tears of rain of chances cheated once again

to dream in images frozen cold

to wake me from sleep

you sat by me such was a blight as romance disappears

still cant believe it

what luck you are to cause her to disappear

yep it was magic

a chair well chosen to stamp out me fire

tragic, so you know you’re grand at ending romantic desire.

it went darn well

there was some words

til you leaned oe’r our way to antagonize with a “glad you’re here”

dreams chances solid as stones burst to clay

doo, doo, doo *me in.

couldn’t move if I thought to

nope, I wasn’t free

but I chose my seat well so my smiles on me could tell

yep it was magic a chair well chosen to stamp out me fire

tragic, so you know you’re grand at ending romantic desire.

it went darn well

there was some words til you leaned oe’r our way to antagonize with a “glad you’re here”

dreams chances solid as stones burst to clay

doo, doo, doo *me in.

You’re the one who ends romantic desires

You’re the one who ends romantic desires

You’re the one who ends romantic desires

I really am glad she did.  It wasn’t so long later the lass showed up with her live in boyfriend.  one , depending on your position can only hear so much that is actually confidential information… it wasn’t like I was warn… I laugh as to be honest that’s literally the only complaint i have of the lady that doesn’t have an I’m pleased immensely it happened.  I wanted that one.  – anyways, i failed to find the funny picture about the finnish park ranger saving metal bands on album cover tours of finnish national treasures…. it would have went with the above memory lane video. 😉

I am making chicken drumsticks that were fried off some then over seasoned  and now braise in a pot.  chicken filling.  will make taco action to make the stains on the carpet more interesting IF the neighbor’s show.  i mean, all i have is margarita mixings. essentially enough for 3 to approach kerschnickered… tequila has that reputation.

the line from random television is?

did your mom mix the wiskey in your bottle or the dog food?

memory lane..

If “boss” who HARWS the disrespectful only from me tone… anyone who reads me by now knows I may just challenge you to learn how to spell because i wont andwhat definition I’m actually using at the time.  for ME, I’m expected to utilize your name otherwise I’m purposefully ignoring you. 😉  how can one utilize names and facts when such should be gaurdsafed?  ah blogland.  I want more wine.  I miss people.



I’m still back “home” and still twiddlin’ my thumbs.  I got a good run at house chores – I’m sure you’re so excited that i can hand out depends/tm for everyone.  I don’t hate but don’t like really either the smokey bacon cheddar “worsts.” 😛  I really like the montreal steak seasoned “hot dogs”   I will confidently say that I liked actually my bota box midnigh wine as mom visited and sis said red… however despite it’s fast tanking, the malbec from vin vault got cheers.

I’d like to think I’ve a flaming hot cheeto of a romance going but, tell me if you’d agree.  I broke the lady’s ribs, poisoned her who was on a salt restricted diet, was caught not once but always being male…which isn’t always a swanky move.  and, as it’s still important a month later, spoiling the book ending still is mentioned.  add again to this that in general i’m cling wrap needy … oi.  I might as well shut up while I’m both behind and A behind.  yet it persists that i am fun or memorable.  why is this?  I highly doubt i could possibly fuck up even more, yet I’m actively working on it.


won at spades setting sis by ONE …the last ;0 i counts good… card.  it’s not worth mentioning save sis predicted i’d mention this… so i’d hate to disappoint.  I won the lottery too – shh, just a playback!


the other way

I went in search of this hellfire lava death tp case in the freezer hot sauce.  1%er, by Danny cash hotsauces as it was closer to a dog park and the dogs were going.  *we needed to hit mom’s house for a book drop and computer pickup as well…. we tweensed a macdonald’s stop to improve the fragrances on the way home… yes, even plain hamburgers with ZERO condiments was high powered hell gas from one or both.  ew.  probably shouldn’t feed them treats like that.  sh….

My store was both closed and moving.  no notice to this effect was given online that i saw so i was less than amused.  i ordered online my prize.  this has a reputation for hottness it has a name indicating rareness and thus is a dumbass gift to my hostess of those dogsitting the puppy things.  I got a tenzi game and a t-shit.  she gets wicked hot sauce.  I’m a tad cheaper than she.  shamefull i know.  however she actually does like it far hotter than i do and I mean serious weenie pants me here, can’t manage it that hot….  so with any luck i continue the fair trade in smiles.


I went full speed into a 4×4 wooden sign post from a dog at laying flat to barking play!… not nice play…but play none the same.  I lost 2 square inches of shaved skin for thinking he’d be cool…knowing someone already set the magic f-over tones of you’re gonna behave RIGHT?  *recipe for the opposite.  I had them leashed in an offleash park for MY convenience… now you know why. I have boo’s.  big old boos.  I’m not quite fifty pounds over the male, my charge, so even if i am on the case not trusting him to be cool, he easily can pull an extra step out of line.  I trusted him…fail.  I went straight into a sign post i was grateful for as I wasn’t  getting the stomped stop foot just that instant and otherwise it was too late to hold him from the other dog and you know that’s trusting one’s luck to fate. he does NOT always get on with other dogs or play nice… not fight persay but is  easily a nightmare more with worried owners than the incidents..  needless to say…wine.  ah. 😀


I can honestly say today was a breakfast in america song, take the long way home.  it was nice.  no, I am not trading my big critter in for a safer model.  I like him just fine even if I’m sad i can’t go as many places with him.  he’s excited.  we played in the water and he leaped for shear joy.  anyone 1/4 mile closer was a worry but 😉  I like the boo.  I want to beat him half to death to behave better.  I admit that.  I wont because this methodology does NOT often work.  I admit I get mad… but if there’s a way for him to behave a tad better… remember he had a broken back directly in puppy days so he’ll never have the best behaviour he couldn’t be socialized, he was hurt.  he’s happy/stupid and playful but a hand ful.  so if you think i’m a dog whisperer, I am not.  I barely can provide joy for the fellow past a pat/smile.  I’m not afraid of a contusion and I get a few.  but it saddens me that I can’t resort to things harsher as he has seizures on occasion – so I can’t amp up a shock collar.  I can’t obviously beat him like a red headed step child as that’s considered abusive. choke collars are mildly effective but as usual he escapes collars and loses them.  he’s had nothing but back to back pregnancies for a year so is overly protective.  and who wants to beat the life and joy out of a dog just so you can sit your fat ass down for a leisurely smoke?  that’s rude to both parties.    I run with him short distances as I’m fat/old/out of shape.  he can’t really easily associate with others and run free in fenced parks.  hmn.  dog whistle next.  obviously owner wont be available til after the next move or after summer…. so, such is that point.  work it or not.  there is no salvation from the choice.  it has to be made lovingly as you’d expect nothing less of me.  so… no club club xlub behave damn its.


Summer Starters

this is about the closest to the look of Lake Pueblo, near Pueblo, CO a state park.  we caught a lil spot nearer the marina  which was secluded and a tad rocky but perfect when you’ve two great danes that while loved might run amk.  they remained on lease even in the water.  big momma decided hmph to this and proceeded not to want to go in the water then be seriously pissed daddy dog splashed it up to his hearts content and was having fun then tried to start a fight on the land of course…this got her 8 6’d to the car….where she gtot busted again for being too slow to steal the leftover taco…which were their naughty treat but not yet at that time.  I can’t say i forgot entirely what a mosquito was but it’s so much rarer i see them having lived for a good 20 years now wher most munipalities spray for them to squelch lime disease potential lawsuits.  so when what? one mosquito landed on me I was like shocked they still exist.  I did come in swimming possible gear but essentially skipped this walking socks and shoes and all with the dogs into the water and that was good enough… I didn’t get the full frollick of daddy but he leaped and splashed with me too, you hold 115 lbs pound of leaping joy…it will MOVE you. 😉  at present sis didn’t upload those pics if any so boo hoo for you.


that was a fine waste of 11 dollars including the can of pringle…strawberries should have went on the top as they get waterlogged in the ice at the bottom when it melts.  but you just sit that tailgate chopping strawberries with a light breeze in that shade?  delicious.  so was the powerade lemon and the first heath bar in god knows how many years and it shouldn’t surprise you that when i arrived home it was indeed time for a lil nappy poo.  while I didn’hate it, I didn’t adore the cheesy beans and rice thing from taco of the bell. i should have got the dog’s treat potato because their meats give they horrendous gas and beans will kill you.  but this is okay.  11 bucks and a splash and a nap. ahhh.


I was overhearing the next visitors of the previous hostess and feel special.  she liked me some and not so much her current friends children grand childrean  of her brother’s  i guess broke down she helped they currently work for one of her stores to build the money to repair and relaunch their adventures.  I am surprised because apparently their sins i’d probably share  yet i get pardon.  none the same it’s like a lobo song.  me and you and a dog named blue – travelin’ and livin off the land…. they’re young broke and adventuring.      but as i said, I’m curious as I get a pardon and these lot don’t I guess i feel special.  and laugh as I got that smile to hear of if not quite in voice email sure voice no from my summer began early with the pups pal.

-actual summer’s open was spent buying and returning dvd players – i guess your supposed to double check it comes back in the original package even returning it lol, I missed double checking that detail and because i wasn’t dressed to impress or shaved and perhaps because of that marijuanna shirt I was wearing…grandmom checked that detail and in fact every detail of that story finding it didn’t match return policy lol thanks sis, toss me under the bus with a bogus return.

the adventure of bus travels continues with the real quick free spot foam whatever test from the traveling people.  they are Kirby Vaccuuum salespeople, the demonstration lasted 3.5 hours til nearly midnight – the shampooing was last.  I will be polite and honest the vacuum works as ever  fabulously.  the new gadget addons and change overs while of great engineering and construction are not simple and easy to operate for the demonstrator let alone me trying to see fo myself in lower lighting – i utilized the target debaucle to buy lightbulbs but even still, it’s a tad hard to see – so gadgetwise and a good ONE area but go over areas 2 and three for lightening stains at least was a 20% at best on the lesser treateds and 50$ of the heavily treated one… or sorry, the store rent-ajobs do better and this machine is over a grand if you want a proper warranty so um see for yourself, it doesn’t match my surroundings  however powerful as it can not deliver on the system promise in my demonstration – remember 2 dogs ground in stains HIGH traffick spot areas.  but as i said, 3.5 hours…sis invites them in and then goes to hold her dogs while I’m left to hear the schpeel.  bahahahahaha.  I am sorry to report it’s still only a vacuum to me….which 😀 is your parody by gum

billy joel’s She’s always a woman to me.

is now, kirby’s only a vacuum to me


Watch as the dirt’s lifted before your eyes

You just vacuumed you’ll look like you lie

Try our FREE dry foam spot test

yet it’s 3 hours of a wallet molest

It is so well built your no will leave you the fool

what system? it’s only a vacuum to me a tool

pay with your soul as only fools don’t invest


sorry attachments are lost  to every vacuum in being

yes it’s but a vacuum to me and one with parts

ever so close just at the wrong time

midnight vroom vrooming tjust ain’t right

I wonder if they’d have sold me during the daylight time?


I was hoping to say hours of hell

yet in morning light I was he couldn’t me sell

I’m sure i lost my soul to have not bought oh well


yes, it’s a fine vacuum but that’s all it is to me

ever so close just at the wrong time

midnight vroom vrooming just ain’t right

I wonder if they’d have sold me during the daylight time?




I know it needs doing.  I know some of how to do a lot of things.  I do not know or do not feel comfortable doing things out of “order.”

however the house is hoovered.  the pictures are from previous blog condensed into one box for a two month to three month project that will require other imput as I physically can not put the information to them and what good is a proof of a forgotten memory?  we’ll have light duty day projects as lazy worried might light a finger can not do more than a few tasks so to speak and can’t get a plan that doesn’t ire everyone else.  so now?


WINE. and a/c.  not much mind but i am not skipping out and fuck whether it’s five o’clock somewhere.  that was worse work than cleaning a house five times the size like in the previous one sittin the pups that literally took over an hour to hoover clean with light furniture movement – you know you have to or why bother hoovering, it looks undone….just because of that line and feeling of not having done if you’re ready for wine and perhaps gourmet hot dogs…bit on the cheap side today. 😉  let’s rock.


HOT dog and projects

Salt, Garlic, Spices (Including Black And Red Pepper), Sunflower Oil, Onion, Natural Flavor, And Extractives Of Paprika.

in case anyone likes having a clue what’s in their food.  of course it’s NON-Kosher so Christian it up omni or carnivores.

I like these things.   so far naught more than pan rolled crisped and bits of char.  this last round was a starter/ warm up to a chicago dog

I may never get there as I firmly believe in Ketchup.  Sinner that i am, however a variety of things don’t require it.

I awoke too late for the dog outting but couldn’t sleep through it’s bell.  thus i got up to disassemble photo albums. – we’ve finished with that of the 7 boxes of them making it possible to move the memories in one box. 2000 @ 500k to scan? is 1 to 2 gb of pictures easily puttable on a chip

not so easily put ON that chip, just that they fit.

or thus, if i ever waste my life scanning, this would be that kind of progrect.  It is made harder by mangled photos made to fit or cut    and it takes 2 -3 minutes per one of two rounds scanning photos and it is NOT made easier by batching as to the size mismatching never quite allowing a fast multiples photo batch easily cut to singles.  so 10000 minutes is a solid week of no sleep scanning or about a solid f/t month of work.   – I recognize little to no one in my family including half the time myself so add a second month of toil to incompletely add what i can guess of the captions, dates and times people included.  however then it’s 200 bucks and people get convenient memories on file.  hmn.  the modern world making it convenient.



let there be no doubt i’m loved especially as i can see more of my pictures surface in relation to the oddest of associations.  a 1980 ski pass when i was sixish in my parents wedding pictures assembled? no other of my siblings?  or was it me in a suit at one or two of those times I wore them?  hmn.


the littler things

the store lost 12 freezers and one cold case.

I, after 2 months, am well aware of corporate inspections.  bless them.  your ass may be grass politically but i don’t get as bad a product.

I mention on purpose shit said in the breeze so to speak 2 or more times so that it isn’t any surprise what’s on later.  i get no thank yous.  I get to appear on the other side and yet no decision is made one way or another.  i can live with this.  I know it comes down to pay up and what those decision mean.


I have no headphones so i can’t jam out to shitty 80’s music real loud or soft..  mine missed packing back from visiting for puppies..  in case you missed it, this like many things are “my fault.”  oopie. 😀

since you didn’t know it, it’s lunchbox hour.  i have a variety of hotdogs whith money for extra buns and a few packs of smokes if needed plus a big outting and a littler one treat.  i still have money on my care.  i have made progress.

I so want a greasy sausage right not with saurkraut..  this brings up a red dwarf quote of” he’s chicked us.” i.el the boys were drunk and the smart ass asked if anyone fancied a kebab”  the law one…won… 😉

lunchboxes are beer to fizz, orange juice and amaretto.  .


the whispers

there is a whisper that the army magic of a new life says it’s time to Georgia.  Fr Benning/Columbia.  Details are still further into this breeze- and thus such is all for the moment I know.  I remember some funnies from prior experiences that are still true or will be again.

I remember a friend of a family suckering me in to another step in line towards heaven.  a move of a fully PACKED as not in boxes as such was our job move where husband couldn’t either afford the help and also couldn’t actually be any help…service committments.  oi. 3 big trucks later I graciously said i had a cat to watch and volunteered my friend right back for the second portion of the misery, that move, driving it to the next location and unpacking!  weeee!  I remember many a grumble about where was the HOST??  needless to say I got a fine lunch as those goat roping older folk otherwise too old and or feeling like snakes in the grass for the volunteer suckering got the hat passed for some lunch, i got ged.

here I face another move.  I have about 2 months i believe or a month and a half …time but the HOST?  serving.  I suspect i shall be buying a box of the best brats in town and both crap beer to handle this beer brats for the grill and a beer bath to keep this warm whilst come and go eating can be managed.  I was seriously jealous of my wisconsin friend from the old internet community showing us how it’s done.  and remembered the big ass grill usually is last to go… so while I too can’t pay properly for the gathering of possible aid…. I can at least care that something good comes of the thank you for helping.  remind me to waste precious freezer space on a box of the good stuff as buns can be got after closer to the time but not more money.


I wont know for a bit what if anything can be achieved on the wrinkle that I do not exist in the immediate family of my sister and her husband.. odd to think of that but it’s crucial to a cost detail. this is being looked into by professionals for the serving man.  aids to his side are that i am legally disabled and that also is also a hinderance in that if this utilized in a poor manner I’d be risking the aid I get from that.  yes, I do work to suppliment this but ticket to real street is that without it I’m sunk.  so pro help is appreciated.  it isn’t for MY sake though, even if I benefit… but it leaves hope that there is leverage to leave this place with them without a tastey extra soaking of a month at market not lease rate atop the already tough pinch of moving.  it is a first with reinbursement type offering scenario.


back up plan is i have other places to be.  however this means one more winter.  if i hadn’t already poach phil collins’ for one more night to be one more game, I could respin that tune to be one more white. (winter)  as i’d have to pay such a bill due so I’d have clean credit to do / move wherever.  this is a back up plan.


I’d benefit from proximity to being in and closer to the bible belt of the south easter united states or “the south”  this could tick it’s remaining sc, ga, al, ms, la, and ar or put me around fourty states of the usa I’d set foot in.  it could offer two or three cultural points worth investigating too.  these would be “key largo” pulling up to the hotel of that movie 70 years ish later- pulling out a pack of obviously camels and having a puff.  there is also mobile al to listen to steely dan and sip a scotch whiskey after dark…however i can not drive so I can’t die behind the wheel unless i take up car theft…not recommended obviously either scotch or driving blind after car theft.  but i can listen to the song deacon blues.  ar is tough as it’s technically closer now but tex arkana not spelled right but closer to how it’s pronounced for a picture of me and a coors dreaming thoughts of smokey and the bandit and when coors wasn’t nationwide..  this is a good culture set, the minors are mississippi for fried chicken, louisiana for more bayou beauties of cuisine, bbq  across the south from a yankee perspective.  does sc offer any reason save racism’s history to visit?  a royal crown cola perhaps with goobers   might round off this notion of explorative notions  and while i am ignorant my own self about sc, I haven’t any rancor for the original stars and bars state that made official the civil war of the usa over states rights… they said but others whipping them say differently.

i woke to 3 miles at a school track which was nice.  I went to bed on a steak and woke to that with eggs as tacos.  I actually have a minor bit of excitement to this idea.  it can go belly up, but MOVEMENT!  we shall see.



I would tally crap counts to the gallon.  i’d mention I miss the crapheads already.  I’d mmm my beverage… but i think I must admit nap is immenant.

I suppose the funniest thing i did. do was leave a jug of pickled eggs I ran out of time to eat.  this was mentioned as in conjuction with beer and sardines the first husband’s favorite outting breath.  I knew to say, do the dash, the es husband dsh.  throw these stinkies away in the trashanyways. time to nap.


the new kid in town

and tomorrow??  I mean assholes, I can’t drive after you.

such is my disappointment for chasing Huaraches, a mexican food treat.  I know it’s not the same when one isn’t brick and mortal and one chases the bottom line but- damn i need far more time to plot grandness.

I used to walk slowly five minutes to here.  I adored the sopes.  these are similar to huaraches – differing only in shape.  I didn’t have to look for a moving object.  I didn’t have to wake up and pray spending half a day chasing something tasty to come my way.


huaraches (food not shoe)

simple corn dough filled with a variety of toppings and garnished any old way it sells.    I like these things.  i obviously moved to the wrong fucking town to enjoy these things as i have to wake up and chase a tricky truck….it might wake up and decide to be somewhere else, or not serve at all, I wont know til tomorrow.  I wont know and thus more than likely i don’t get to go.

and even if i do it’s to paper plates and plastic ware for full price food… gee thrill. let me find a curb and spill it on myself. wee.

(everybody’s talking about the new kid in town…the eagles.. and a reference to both ME and this particular company.  i love moving closer to mexico to find less of the good stuff …if I chase them and the are out of my treat, that’d just be my luck.  it’s all about luck, and i simply feel this chance is more than likely a butt-fuck, not luck chase ’em to find them only to still be out of luck.)


or, this is a fine time to parody.  carol king’s will you still love me tomorrow?


where are you tomorrow?


today I find my dreamings

fill mine with porks and beansies

today I chase huaraches divine

but where are you tomorrow?


how can I satiate my pleasure

when it’s all day chasin, not leisure

I can’t even like drive.

so again where are you tomorrow?


tomorrow the location aint chosen

such is a food truck’s magic for me undone

so I’m left chasin something frozen

what a fright, I’m left feeling  so glum.


so I chase my mexi-loves

huaraches, sopes – heaven above

and food truck promises time wasted spent

’cause Where are you tomorrow?

‘Cause Where are you tomorrow?

‘Cause Where are you tomorrow?