I have the following needs to know.

viability of reheating pastrami in a rice cooker which i own /access to versus buying more crap i don’t need.   – alton brown on UNI-taskers machines for one purpose only …BAD!  result, absultely possible with no instructions so it amounts to the same fuck off, I’ll make the first batch in a stove with 3 cleanable versus two thanks alot for the o ppinion but not the usable advice!  bastard opinions on food network 😛


the approximate distance from one degree to another in latitude and longitude coordinates…and again we’ve a bust as i can’t do fuck hard maths- i know wikipedia is accurate enough usually hell it’s easily fact checked…still wouldn’t advise one colleging their life on it… we’ve snob standard in this life… obey them or be laughed out of town.


I discovered i’ma mean jerk as in i have and relished it burnt books for the high to me crime of i paid money and it’d cost me more to donate it than burn it for it’s sin of not being MY book as in enjoyable.  oops, darkside.


and nothing pisses me off more than going somewhere to click again to the information I want .  fuck your intermediate click advertise to me twice shit to not even give me what i want.  liars.


that about covers it. save for sorted links


Use Rice Cooker to Heat Up Leftovers

for the notions in preparing fom scratch GOOD pastrami.  nevermind that “i’m a chef part” in this six part series.  I’m a cchef i don’t need a recipe? uh, that’s your job to MAAKE THEM! there are more links to travel too so ug, bookending.

2.6 hours steaming? oi.  glad i watch these things so you don’t have to.  just to steam stovetop back to use a pastrami.. oi.  okay rice cookery might come close but i’m not sure it allows that time point… have to check….  and another of whap whap in the face with the truth but not enough math to make use of it.  oi.

I have a link to the afl grand final tonight beginning at butt crack of midnight … I can’t attend a many years gathering for this.  i must drink beer all by myself.  boo.  but that’s covered too so is the sleepy sleepy spot if I get one beer ahead of the festivities. 😀


I chose the following books so you can wonder at me weirdness:

pigments, and their physical chemistry

breakfast by some englishman nineteen 80


unruly places which has floating islands…hot damn!…yes, that’s a cinnamon flavored spirit for silly teens….


so know armed with this you have my thoughts outlined and the beer is foster’s because I didn’t know i’d look so tacky wanting an australian beer for an australian game…ooo tacky.



Deeper in

I’ve walked the streets including the by streets along with riding along them too.  I have been to the gas station exchange.  i have looked at the map.  I have gotten lost without leaving my chair looking at the map.  I finally after finding the address to that gas station I’ve been to, plugged it into the map and voila.  i know this sounds hilarious but i finally got to directions to somewhere i’d want to go …after i’ve been there and had to gather all that aid backwards.  Welcome to army life/living.

I start my new next month here monday.

each twitch a smile

your image stirring smiles

hope is such like aids.


this month 2 is about i had the chance to see it as it is / was, now it’s past time to get busy  doing something anything substantitive.  the reality of work here is such seems possible only after the thing’s i’d work for are achieved…like i’d work to move out independantly of this place to return to pay for that privilage – but as i point out above i have to do it backwas- get the place so i can get work at all. 😉  that’s not entirely accurate but it is close  I am NOT complaining.  I have a good month begun actually in researching info as i’ve done off and on for ages  so to continue possibly to put some of succinctly down for you?  we’ll see, it requires editing and all those rules you rarely see me employ.  Ihave to make something and my suggestion is  sopes as i moaned about them enough and can cook blah blah move across the country what is that stuff situation…  tin ears and useless feelings have me remember language is NOT a strong point of mine – – so while you see i’ve delved into the idea i have to really redouble the efforts as to go that route has no clear advantage for me past it sounds fun a generally poor for longevities  sakes notion for some avenues of efforts.  and then it is the third monthly beginning and that of the begin of the holiday season.  if i can at that point stay here i will hapilly attempt travel.  if i have to move i will lay low so as to get thestuff achiebved you know pay up gather etc .    I guess it’s just the generalized feelings on adventuring.  will it lead to more or what?




Mahjong, a game of matching tiles.  It can have some Maddeningly frustrating rules, it could be Maddening as in John Maden of the NFL fame where in a punish full on horse-collaring, you family member/temporary Satan should have listened when you said get away from me, Satan!…back to perhaps a point

Early noodling has me interested in what directions of words i might want for the upcoming NaNoWriMo so,  I picked a direction of haiku-ing as it’s not as easy as it sounds yet it’s sure a lot lot LOT easier to read as you just get only so many words to say something.    So, while thinking about “classes”  I ran across FSI – Korean language courses along with a variety of the world’s languages ALL FREE! and available online.  Qualified Tutoring is extra and thus you may learn to READ other languages for free but you might have to seriously seek professional guidance on speaking it correctly so as to be understood.  You might need professional guidance into even what I’m putting down here…shhhh.   It jarred me to remember a point about what is college?  a place if not to learn all the answers, to learn how to ask the right questions and guarantee a process of finding out.  perhaps that is.  resume comes up a lot when thinking college.  har har.  So I looked into the course offering for basic korean Module one and it discusses Hanguel/Hangul or their ideograms of their spoken language or whatever word that is…sorry if I’m ignorant….  It had me asking if I might mirror a book line which one I forget where the person decoded the Chinese in that case alphabet and ordered in their script something not upon the menu.  Simply writing “beef, tomatoes.”

beef tomatoes
Translate from: English



It helped ease my rage at watching this Indian program where everything was done millennia ago so when I said, “beef, tomatoes” I knew to the spices what I’d taste/ was to get… a theme echoed in the Indian program which was rapid fire subtitles that were too close to the color of the presented picture to read easily…hmph… And thus my rage of individuality peed upon, I asked the translator what drunk beef was in Korean.  I didn’t listen to the answer – I simply tried to read it with the aid of a Hangul table.  mentioned in the course available FREE online. from the united States Government’s Foreign Service Institute/ FSI.
and the word’s I chose?
술에 취해 쇠고기
S O L/R   NG, eo, ee | Ch, oo, ee  K h ee  s oee  koee z?ee
I may not be any fricken good at translation, but I gave that a go so i can show you I hoped I’d have a clue how that’d sound… woo, I wasn’t right but I sure feel heartened i was close! 🙂
* basing on and displayed Hangul table below.
Emeril lagasse was the first recognizable recipe to occur which proves precisely the
WRONG point as it’s ISN”T tradition a dish as he’s not even Korean but hahahaha, it comes up already and such is a link to his recipe with a picture.  you might find it tasty looking
as to the day now
tugged about thinking of … of
anything but that!
a soreness unseen
is a desire for you
shadows  are alive
twitching , “bargain SHADE! Right here!”
time tells us of where.

Preliminary PFTt!

NAND Gate Operations

opening maintaince from a holiday move-in  upon the 4/ish? – today with the you may be charged if we don’t have something scroungable /easy?  PFT.

Preliminary investigations  say rehabilitating patio furniture with stunning new  – any one with a brain smells the detail that new never fits old perfectly – is asking many hundred for off the shelf, spankin’ new is thousands on top of each other in some cases and cobble custom  is as follows: –

this may not be your colors nor even mine, it is simply to list an example pickable to check by sample/s  if one starts realizing it’s far more effort than it seems at first thought to get it even CLOSE to acceptable.  90 bucks just for fabric not sushion pillow thread piping/edging, buttons   or30% best guess initial savings at best and hundres outlaid for simple things approached with care – please remember i have used a sewing machine and surely can again despite having sewn myself and quit in disgust…   so cushion can be  managed providing I’m not too techie about design…this begs the you can dream bigger than your current proven skills allows, beware!

  • pft. –

I’m reading up on how to recast ideas i’ve liked  either flogging again what’s done with now my voice or with the hope it’s new and engaging to a bunch…. pft.

it would seem i am only lucky enough to notice that  most just sit back and wait to sue competitors for more than ever they managed initially on their own *referencing magnovox oddessy -an early video game console.    selling maybe 350K units if you believe the founder/inventor for about 100 usd  but netting triple over the years that intake suing competitors….reference wiki if you want I may have read too swiftly.  pft. obviously one has any number of rights to protect their interests or not but it seems retard how sue-happy a world i came into  *reference about the only time you’d think I’d seek redress is a high high expense of new glasses and dental work only to be told my case starts out looking more my fault so pay to play or double what you already have issues affording. – I chose against pursuit. 20 years previously currently*

Now, the point here isn’t PFT!  it’s approach-  obviously someways work and some work less so and rarely is the magic  happy anything less than a joyous surprise…or a “bit of luck”  please not the etymology of that word “luck” it means smug advantage over another.

I set a tacit budget say of obtaining a smoker.  I had most recently seen a barrel for fire/smoke then a complete barrel for the smoke alone with a chimney type at a visit meandering about the usa.  I have viewed a miniskul bottom fire upper single barrel  with containments at walmarts and similar stores big enough for a turkey if barely and a small one for about 80 bucks.  I then went shopping after announcing i wanted something and all items looked at were pencil choices at 250 ish or MORE and electric cabinet type wood pellet things… ug.  as luck would have it, flea market on the base came and someone was selling the type i liked  the little and bigg barrel kind for? 100 and 10 for an asssortment of chips.  leaving about ten more for a slab of disgustingly good food porn ribs .  or to me, in budget as it was about the usual a bit more tug on the wallet as there’s always tax and extras 😉  or, you’d say even with a heat make the paint disappear around the smoke to the cooking barrel place deterioration which i saw on any of those and thus noted wellllll, they mean it when they expect you to SLOW smoke or the cooker itself is ‘smoked” lol  or i got what i paid for and it’ll manage nicely for a good enough time to enjoy and is rehabbable for enough longevity to last it’s throw away life in this modern set of times.



I’m not original in this but i want something I can manage that isn’t the same old same old exactly, yet simple enough for me to fall into my ability to resonate with it.  salvo is an early version of battleship played on paper before becoming the navy board game many of us enjoyed as younger folk.  I’ve played it, i’ve drawn so much later litter of it or dirtied white/chalk boards with the game it amuses me to know it was originally to us as said, a paper game, not a board game.  I well aware games in general are meant to divert/ pass time, so i’d like that resonation with things i think of as i spend quite a lot of time learning if only to pass time.  I want to include and thus others to interact/ be a part so, games.  if you translate this to thoughts on nanowrimo which I haven’t done one in 8 years, and probably wont have the time to try so much again as i want other things that don’t lead to time spent these ways chasingwith all the time in the world to just enjoy it…. so a game of, i already know i haven’t difficulty talking but allowing a word?  oo.  not stealing all your time?  ooo.  or to follow both as pft’s  to keep in blog-theme PFRT


so choose your own NE adventure.  anyone whome knows that 80’s series that helds on into today even if a gasp of the past, knows it’s fun but the concept wears as it’s either too simple or far too complex.  well, i won’t win any logic awards so it’s to the simpler games and just an awareness to cast my yarn of ideas into a net big enough for a dinner of your attentions yet a satisfying death of your minutes or perhaps dollars at the time. 😉

now back to  the above – it’s all cool to barrow from others by liscense and thus comes another pft, if you want to ask, expect a number usually unaffordable so as to be if you have to ask the answer is…no.  pessimistic?  not entirely but to say why is a lot more words.  so, while I don’t have to keep to a concept of choose your own someone else’s idea i can keep that feel of interaction alive in a game which must be simple yet yours to play with- I don’t expect to be original to anything but a different take on the same – there isn’t actually anything new under the sun.  water coolers predate facebook yet zuckerberg has billions for his tucker surely.  facebook is in fact for most cheaper than long distance rates/party lines…anyone remember those?…they went eHarmony.

now back to the notions gamey, you have a race i haven’t decided if it’s dominoes or backgammon – i favor backgommon as to dice, but such leaves me to concieve in logic my strongest flea of ability not.  but dominoes as i know it is italian/western even if the idea of a game of dominoes is chinese or eastern.  and more of a simpler cause effect choice versus a dicier way.  it a race though to get somewhere, it’s still that always… be the first to see a neogeo and understand it WAS the arcade in a box but at what was it a grand in the nineties when we made 3 an hourish?  ouch  and then back to old things.. verse  odd to write a crapton of prose on something meant to ve verse driven, but  I read a book partially called the golden gate done up all in iambic pentameter losing interest as the lovers drift towards some later resolution…. well, i can’t keep interest in iambic nor write a book’s worth in a month coherently and involve dice somehow and race you by your actions/choiices  — haiku starts and ends, chasing you all around ’round … passingsmiles shining. –


I can write haiku – never mind. how well!  it’s helpful as   a page has only so many lines and haiku likely only fill so much of them .    so, what to i care about enough to yammer about…. pft to that, what  captivates ME that is usualy an interest to another?

well, i can see how this fogs  or blases moments away… if for no other reason this is how convoluted it is to get anywhere with a thought that doesn’t come with 30 others.

pachinko, dominos, seven histories of video games/systems a varieties of books as choose your own adventure the original run is 184 books long with five or more sub lists big and small. dominos dates reliably to the SONG dynasty or high midevil times- yet NOT  in the west from marco polo and has oh, 10_ vaieties  in the west and the chinese versions a good five schools more and touches more on playing cards than that of the scoring game we in the occident orientation understand…love flubbing terms.  math has to mention,   and painting… as most of our evidence is art of a secondary mention of people playing.  backgommon touches a LOT of similar games through ancient world and times….heck even dice figure in books of american natives of at least florida the first north americans people of the lightning &book seven*  by k.oneil gear and w. michael gear –    and if you think i can tie in a microwave to mention food because it’s timers are in fact computery.. I can food it up too. but ew, trying to explain computer theory in a haiku might be a bit ponderous.  if and nand brainfreeze!- crystalizing into acocoon of of sleep’s death.


well, such is here so i shouldn’t have to think exactly again on this this way.  and i may change my mind well before you even get to this line say … yep… pft.  pft   pft to the sheer nonsense of the notions nifty ’nuff now…. somewhere still tuesday morning.




how to get lost withought moving

I cant quite quite understand my mind’s idea of where i live and what the map says of where i live.  it confuses me.  however it’s as i suspected, fairly annoyingly far to get anywhere and nearly duece difficult to achieve “on my own”   I get lost trying to see a city so seemingly close nowhere near close on the map.  we all inow this means I’m thinking it’s a tad sad to hope I’m somehow RIGHT in my thinking.  aww.


okay, I have a cabbable greyhound station which does go places where seeing.  the details of returns aren’t impossible to suss out.  for those of you not sure what that means, I have to have someone escourt me onto base… ah the hope of a ride. – also because of the map it is clear finally why it was always so so convuluted to get a few midwest places.  you will see for yourself the only way they go x directions is if passenger traffic is attractive.

Click to access farefinder_express1_20140919_160731_routemappdf.pdf

you may reference that routemap.

so, with that in mind, can see as i do that looming knowledge I might have to include plane travel into some further away spots as it’s just plane not the expense of days, but that greyhound wont admit it actually goes there officially.  where?  okay, it’s worth a cab fare to columbus to travel for about 80 smacks more to biloxi mississippi ticking off mississippi as a state.  however old notions of a garunteed stop in auxillary places no longer is plannable as I can’t garuntee timing past the silly whoops! you can pay 20 and wait 12 hours to catch the next bus.   so, mobile to listen to steely dan which takes 20 minutes at best might be difficult past sneaking liquor shots and a music device into the restroom and then vehemently brushing denial onto my  mouth to say I didn’t just do that..what?  hopefully they buy that, you know they have the legal right to deny drunken travelers passage.


now take that notion and realize it’s far far easier to get a bus 3 hours ish to atlanta and hop a plane not to biloxi but to jackson and tick off the state in a bigger way or realize that  something like texarkansas arkansas and shreveport louisianna  are really not a mix like atlanta to dallas and bus over to shreveport on a proper jag and then over to arkansas or just little rock it and or new orleans it stop hoping it’s “a quick road trip” it just isn’t anymore.

same thing with a bus over to north dakota to winnepeg canada.  it’s more like a limo/cab at  oh god a rate  tween the two.  the connections aren’t any longer the same.


well, I want beer so it’s time for a soda…diet non alcoholic soda. 😉




anyone old enough and so booked or bube-tubed remembers jack nicholson in the shining with that weird kiddo saying redrum or murder!  I’m refering to red the color. so aww boo for your horror hopes.

every now and again I like to hope I’ll hit upon a flavourful new use of lentils or any cookery food.  I foodie.  I don’t much care I’ll never be perpetually mythic with it either.  I want you all to chase a lentil recipe.  your choices are cooked drained or some kind of pureed perhaps into soup thing voila. whomp.  I love near eastern lentil soup!  I like the boiled to death mush made with a variety of non middle or near east approved porcine products.  I made the error of psychedilic lentils for christmas chasing me to my mothers for holy help me please! *I suggest against utilizing allspice and pink peppercorns due to elevatedeugenol content which is….elevating.)  I have heard but didn’t take the lass up on learning how she was taught before sshe bought it how to make her special lentejas enchiladas.  boo, shameful of me!  I haven’t yet come close enough to a lentil recipe for enchiladas.


now a picture.

Lentil Display at The International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA)

lentils. whee.    they are sucky whole….even just bearable boiled to absolute mush… they require the flavor or to be like wild rice sparingly used in a pilaf.  im h o.  I can’t think of anytime past a soup where i liked them outside of murdered by porcine bliss.  so.  I’m thinking of that hmn now.  I can obviously utilize chicken which the soups do.  I can go indian in spicerspreeing them.  I think though i shall leave the thought alone again awaiting a better epiphany.


thanks now to mushrooms which are laden with vitamin b content i woke to a wicked death dream of all’s fine then nows “that time”  as if to say are you bitching the grim reeper let you off a few moments scotch free?  oi.   obviously no pictures as I rarely dream in picture…figures i can be pretty good remembering them haha.  those i can see anyways.  I was later pleased I could sleep again and forget  now the far nicer dream.  such is today trying to remember or bring to reality the notions lentils enchilada.  now i think sopes more not sopa.  rare time i looked a sentence over for spelling!  sopa soup. sopes street food mmm.   lentils  a ladel of sauciness onion and other garnish mmm. when will it be?  which dream will get me? dark or light?  obviously i dunno, i turned down a tour of the commissary to lentil it sooner than later just now.  I guess i’ll putz about hoping to pounch on some other sucker  caught social networking rather than getting that life on.


What a SMELL

I looked up the following utterly likely anyways useless to me things to know.

hop flavor profile  noting not the lovibond chart i’d heard of but a different chart isolating the flavor types a bit more succinctly for say YOU wondering how wicked good so and so’s new beer-sensation will be.

... Homebrewing - Brew... Experiment... Taste... Repeat: Hop Flavor Wheel

This isn’t to say your josh is any expert on beer.  I am not, I brewed some frosted flakes once, some apple juice and later a reprise of brewing bliss was dandelion / raisen wine.  this isn’t to say i don’t find facination within this.  i admit i don’t adore most ipa’s pa’s or that hoppier/bitter beer face beers but more of the smooth piss water kinds more commercially available.  yes, you heard me i might have more fun with a busch in hand than the omg hard to find latest ten of ten b.s. to me tastes likewow please mommy can i lick the pine tree again? blick.

this necessitated learning what an oast house was thank you wikipedia which …  the average yield of hops per acre which obviously will vary as also the demand/price but it’s somewhate safe to say it’s possible to get nearer a ton an acre of hops and fifteen years ago they were worth 3 something a pound.  nowadays closer to six to eight a pound. or you might just cringe when before a cent of cost of growing is considered your yield is about 11 an acre.

continueing on the smells notion i was looking up peach flavor meaning i’d look up a LOT of flavors … I am still curious if strawberry containing a benzyl y ester are curiously close enough to benoil… the stuff in acne cream.  I was a tad floored to read peach flavor is often a lactone which  as you might catch how my brain associates thing swiftly, yes lac…milk lactic acid / cheese… PEACHES are a milk type flavor?  yes i have met someone who is lactose intolerant and never ever thought to include peaches to that list.  my favorite haha is skatole was it? either smells using polite words as feces or diluted… orange blossoms?  not quite the joke my sha poo poo smells like roses but bahahahahahaha anyways.

as youre surely going to jump up and care, i remember giving out that jasmine smelled like artificial grape or the”concord” kind and that meant methyl anthranilate – but as you see in stenches/smells it’s very often not exactly just one smell we smell and thus ultimately i can bitch I’m still right about that association, but as you can clearly catch on I’m slightly  and thus wholly ill informed previously :D… full of that skatole.



because none of this gets me very much closer to making a living, I have to point out i hope one of these notions lights the monetary blaze one of these epiphanies.  in the mean time thank you for your grace.


now why i was really looking up peach essence artificial or otherwise is i had me a brain child of how many houses – note i have build precisely zero of them so far – does it take to make x pile of cash.  at a certain point it’s clear much of the snag of any such thing is them pesky fucking garuntees everyone wants.  well then there’s this b.s. that a community needs only be so big and then there much loved by all has a school requirement.  obviously this is NOT simple as in fairness one notes a gated community is a step to keeping the riff raff out but far better than that gate is a school sign which keep a large variety of felons forever out.  but obviously while making a house into later a lotta houses to a big whopper bunch of housees worth of space together i.e. school obviously possible but here’s the rub  it takes a lot of paid people to make them more than buildings and those buildings cared for and far too many people want ammenities they flat out pay crap nothing for.  bugger that notion of details… but back to the crack brained idea.  I moved to Georgia so fucking fancy brewpub  that’s important to me…. anyways as a potential of community 😀  and what better scenery that of an orchard suitably close to  a lake which between public for a price visitation a brew pub wine whatever hovvel people are gaga about what distinct beer idea would dipshit me also not having built a house let alone a community as i have also never technically brewed a beer either….compounded by i live  in georgia??  green peach white pa.  i.e. unripe peaches, a wheat/white beer highly hopped meaning hopefully not skatole har har scented hops but yes orange blossomy esque? smooth as all get out.  what the hell, sounds distinctive enough .


as you understand this is not beyond reality but highly at this point improbably given my notions not to be overly confident at getting past predicerment of construction and financing such all in that savviest of ways that technically i time out promises and never hopefully put forth penny one of my money really until finalized sale.  it’s possible.  but I’m not good in THAT approach to life and thus have to have fuck tons more money to do it  if at all MY way… sing it franky!


and scavenging space to grow hops while possible i am on a base that oozes space everywhere  in a mile I can seee hidden spaces for many  11 k per acre places to not grow kudzu vines to choke the trees but hop plants buckets on buckets of them i’ll have me some not weed eyes but hop eyes please  seeing the millions not the struggle/reality that such is also potential disaster.  anyways.  that’s your thought for i cant flippin sleep again, I want more beer, I should quit drinking and smoking and dig for my i.d. papers and get a blasted minimum wage job and  stop abusing libraries.



I’m looking up some mole to make with the mexican notion dreams of food i’m not anywhere near hungry for.

PIPIAN either green or red it can be of ground squash seed.  it stood out whilst looking it all up  – moles.

red pipian – made so by cinnamon it seems from research.  it thus is like a far more southerly cinnamon turkey leg thing I saw on jacques Pepin.  turkey au laud croquette..  I remind those that i never made that but i did eff up once not reading a spice bottle and poure0d a whole thing of not garlic but cinnamon over my garlic? shrimp became Brazilian shrimp.  this would bring epic to such a return to the ideas of savory cinnamon usage.

the green version of pipian.

I think far more simply of shrimp taco with a hit of the red mole with a bit of slivered onion and lite garnish / condiments additionally or obviously not the below but with the hint that it could be a shrimp taco which is actually displayed…

I stepped in a bucket of paint.  it went everywhere in the front footwell of the sis’ truck.  yuck.

I have a jalepeno JAM from them and elderberry mead. fun.

Stone Hill Winery Home

nestled in a very GERMAN town, Hermann Missouri,  this is a no joke full on beautiful town and not so bad on the wine either.  I paid the reasonable five bucks for a tasting and left with a bag or half case of things pleased but…

but? this guy took the cake and sold what he sells.  I therefore left a lot lighter in loafers and wallet with a smile.  pecan wine?  if that don’t beat all.  cherry and jalepeno amongst others.


if you don’t adore a day of jelly-legging it out of paradise…wine tasting is NOT for you.  we walk into this place and the bar is just mobbed with girls not a spot to stand/cut in and that bar keep is all their new best friends.  if you don’t mind sitting outside for a tasting?  hell no, I’d prefer it…excepting the five mile trek to mars to have a cigarette safely away from other patrons…that blew…   here everything is about the family, the bands of musicians and the extant actually family dog and kitchy names about sixties and seventies songs… inna godda da vino?  inagodadovita (strawberry alarm clock)  moondance?  van morrison anyone can i just have one more moon dance with you, my love…sis tried getting me to warble that one out of tune to the hostess server.. oh yeah that would be a led zeppelin in church..

darn fine cheese.

a stone church of kansas also viseted nearer

no, i did not in fact order the shut the cluck up hot fried chicken and I’m not sorry i didn’t nor less impressed waiting again in a line long out the door to order good food.’

tikka masala chip from frito lay? no. but their schezuan chicken ones sure are tasty who knew?

but nothing ever beat the salami slice between two colby slices cheese in cello as a sandwich. bahahaha and it was phenomenal.

I did find southerly birch beer but not in diet so boo, I didn’t get to yum on it as much obviously.

and that’s asside from rest stopps  here or there a bunch of my cross country bit you can look about for.  you’ll not match my sites so much like pulling into a rest stop with gargantuan mushroomroom everywhere which the animals avoided and that says alot for one of my companions is a chow hound.

or perhaps the endless line of trees with this or that road through it.  versus my leaving state where nothing but forever nothing upon freedom….  freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose and baby i’m nothing if i ain’t free… kris kristopherson and in that instance janis joplin.


so yeah, I may jalepeno up drunken shrimp sometime soon or more likely i may have someone beat me to it.  tomorrow is the whiskey bent concert and thus hopefully beer frisbee and music.  I’ll be making sliders/tacos  soon enough  I get to cook so far as i didn’t shirk the first round or bomb it  despite using a spatulah to skin potatoes…what can i say, determined 😉







I have set up my computer which leaves sundry closet organization and finding all of my papers.

my computer wasn’t checked or they used a cheapo battery as it’s clock no longer works as it’s mini battery is toastadaed.  this means random no exception possible errors of security certificates online.  it’s a fairly simple matter to set up the clocck but  funny how important it is.  I rarely know what time it is.


I’m of course going to check email facebook, wordpress, and youtube to work effectively as such is the bulk of minus search engines my computer life.  so I’d think something kitchy like the first youtube on the computer should be ooo yeah that anthrax one about having the time since such was an opening annoying thing… and end up lazily clicking a cover  of anthrax  doing metallica’s sanitarium.  but welcome home which is the title is apt enough.


next as you would suspect something corny how’s about masa herina.  nixtamale corn?  yes, corn soaked in slacked lime til the outter husk/skin leaves with a lil scrub.  why? because such makes corn higher in protein and thus if you needed a super food, such was obviously good enough for meso america for eons.    corn.  corny. har har.    obvious too is that i leave one land of “authentic” mexican food for where i can get something laden with fat  and likely horrible for me but tastes so gooood… save it isn’t mexican.  obvious there is authentic is the last bastion of racism in that who says my way is the only way and that i can even nonhispanic like even have an opinion?…okay that isn’t obvious shameful of me to interject that.  so

if you think i’d talk mexican and not show or mention something rick bayless?  well that”d be a sin.

fancy ass terminology time.  nixtamalization.  this is to say the corn is soaked in draino and delicious.  draino?  okay slacked lye or calcium oxide added to water to make calcium hydroxide which is like sodium hydroxide which we’d know as draino…but not exactly.  and for those frightened that i just remembered my favorite chemical…more proof I should be under adult supervision if not many adults… is calcium carbide which when added to water make acetylene gas and calcium hydroxide  and must obviously be nuetralized as it make a supremely potent batch of the stuff unlike ground up chalk stone.    now as you watch the point of overlaying this with bayless is choices in who wants which tools and the subtlety of the pro versus schmucko home stuff.  and a horrifying reminder of 80’s early 9-‘s laundry baskets I  sadly didnot cherish for their merit.  😉

but here is the point.  corny or not.  I lately like sopes/huaraches a heeping bunch.  I live where they’ve not really an understanding of green chile sauce.  or it’d be here.  and thus my chances for getting bgreen chili not texas red chili fries is about zilch.  I can find my own chiccorones and yet no drowning in green chile save some tin can tasting about as good… so  off the rails of reality i go thinking i actually have energy to do this shit…which i largely and often very much do not.  and horrific I mean to tell you images of gruesome human sacriface by pre arranged calendar  event?  a flower?? war?  and chewing gum loudly is only the prostitutes rebellion in ancient before it was mexico city??    and yet seabgrams makes monte albon and such was discovered in 87?? wow heart of the history there.  obviously there was some kind of period after “back to the Future where knock off  things could be pursued.  whee.  lemme catch the first crowded tourist bus to monte alban and drink canadia mezcal… there’s an authentic spoiler for ya. hmph.


so corn.  corniness.  and how with baking soda previously you can make blue dye from red cabbage… oh wait that was a long time back.  and this place gets little snow so lighting snow on fire with calcium carbibed…well  hey, time moves on and by proximety excepting a bucket of paint all over the interior of the car it fairly safe me being somewhere else.


the home arrives

Furniture and other posessions arrived the other day.  woot.  I still do not have the box spotted that is my computer.  I paid a bill for here yay and await more white trash paradise living by stepping outside in my underwear for a puff.


I made a sunday roast where in it had bottom round beef for the vegetable lovers of course skinning the potatoes with the edge of a spatulah which generously had a semi knife cut into it. and a bag of baby carrots and cabbage~~~. two beers this time icehouse and mainly all salt which is aka seasoning salt and mainly paprika and salt  onion powder pepper and garlic salt rounding that out   you heard about this but the joy is today morning the use it or toss it day if you honor any kind of food safety. well it was diced up before bed and I’m told it was a lot better with more garlic and gili peppers.  I have made my first attempt and utilizing leftovers here.


Ihave a great supply of diet soda pops.  which are white grape rite, coke zero black and dr pepper.  I have utilized my tea kettle for not tea I can’t spot where the lapseng went off too but I made a random instant cream of wheat….they didn’t offer the box of choco malt o meal.    I still take delight in hearing the nuts hit the outside yard/house like random hail and laugh as they’re butter nuts but if I type that as “butter nuts” I get a trial of the commercial not pb nut butters and if I type it”butternut” I get all squashy.  and a mild myth I remember from twentyy five years ago was that butternuts where the dye used for coloring the civil war southern side whI’m sure someone would just LOVE to have this edit to proper english and construction but 😀  I’m still a rogue.ere I like live now grey and that’s not wholey accuracurate.  it was many things more so other things like logwood which while washed out is grey but really a lightish lavenderish purple… but these things fade to butternut not the otherway around like I was led to believe.