Clear the deck!

Last merry go round
Recipes I wish to clear my portions of shelving used

Black beans dry 2lbs
Lentils green dry 1lb 454g if you’re into that metric correctness
I have far too much brown rice to make any dent but I’ve one or two stabs to try. 6lbs or more

I like children to a degree! Tomorrow is Halloween so. Candy!

Okay- I can’t make the pork attack stew gruel! Garsh! It’s good ! As I just an restricted here

So which lentil?
(Note what’s missing? This is which picture excites)

Fails for now
(Can’t source ingredients)

Tamarind concentrate is amazonable. I like pulparindo. I need to get cheaper candy for a few children hopefully!

If I got so lucky!! Yummy pic!

Black beans
(Also picture credit)

Hey! It’s an excuse to pumpernickel! Mmmmmm!


Montreal seasoning g chicken. Burger and brown rice. I will half to veg it some

Candy onion sympathy card canned tomato aught do!
Oh bread. Der!


A- one, two, three…

Play a game with me of which do we see?
Wicked witch steeling or a treasured token memory.
On One hand sadness festers
And Another hand forgiveness
Take the smile, if you please.

I wonder if I’d laugh or cuss
If I’d know more – not THIS much
Much of decision ‘s illusion,
An ego-grown protrusion,
Truth’s epiphany ain’t a ‘must.’

I could go coffee up and be kinder
Unmolest your eyes with my mind slime here
Yes, I’m Treacherous thinking tea
Either way a little room soon to pee
Either way I’m a reminder


Looking glass images.

When you feel alive with each word inside…

Fubar-ed up coffee wake-up juice, lofting…

Overcast with oscillating breeze and a far away (cars) rush of a river. There’s a shiver to it like snow coming. And yet I smile That soft peace of empty yet all around.

It begins with a smile tickling leaves as falls breeze. Coffee? Pot of French roast with foamy but not foam foam choc soy. Off just a little way sunshine illuminates all with ease. Oh surely you laugh as how serious is a rhyme?

But such things do last – the right words, right-timed.

Now back to breeze’ voice asking not quite well

Just asking for choice -movement, what the hell.

Shall it be forward to some picnic scene

Or just more words chords imagining how things?

Almost to 10’s. You know! Pentameter? SONNET!? Being able to know you get closer than ever to feeling the beat… such is part of when you know you’re writing right! Whether or not anyone else cares… you can feel it’s neat!

Also, I know it’s odd to compress a poem into prose… but f Scott Fitzgerald seemed to in his writing. While I am no Fitzgerald lol you can tell me if I have hope to write novels maybe eventually! ;). Til then poems! Heh, you needn’t say a thing.

This is an exercise in do I feel I do well. Because I have to believe me too. (Even if it’s here for you to see too)



Bring it!

Chef John: borscht braised beef short ribs. (Blackenening onions colors down the scary pink – trick )

Dave McKenna- summer medley because heh, it’s so Autumn!

Black tea with rose petals and safflower
(Rose is cloying as a scent safflower sorta “tobacco-ey” rounds this – last time I saw this was with Ethiopian coffee; lemony Rift Valley) ((such is a fine gift-I feel disgustingly sentimental drippy pleased))

For gosh darn it reasons, this is the kind of real but unreal too dream. It’s oh god thirty am. I’m not allowed beef or pork, also I’m suggested a low sodium and low phosphorus diet which…cuss! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ….works, should I follow it. So I can tea up and tunes. Beats nothing.

Oh ticket to real street… I’ll make this more than likely, but it’s wise also to try it …not right now.
Smelling the roses is. Good for you…
Tastes info that’s safflower is reminiscent of -I concur but so you can verify my sanity independently (I love pink pepper but ยฃ200 !! I think one might like to verify how legit I am! Mine costs like 3 bucks at probably more now! I don’t get much use of every spice but I like to try stuff too!)
Because you can see for yourself the symbolic meanings of food – that borscht is love and lust!, my tea straight up love in a cup! (Sentimental dripping…. sorry) just like the simon and garfunkle tune “Scarborough fair” is a love potion in, “parsley,sage rosemary and thyme” (rosemary I can’t stand and I’m outright allergic to myrtyls (youth…damn kids!…scooby do!… see symbolism). (Rosemary is in theives oil a young living essential oil blend supposedly what tomb robbers wore to ward off plague… scientifically there is evidence oils do reduce toxic things for us but I’m not flogging such today… all I really know is this book and selling the mentioned company product -I buy doterra oils as well as they’re good! But also certified differently and cost prudent .. if you care to know… )
If you can’t tell, life is a joyous rabbit hole of experience!

While I’m cautioned against this too – oo! Does a Russian imperial stout sound good. I like the previous town’s
The soviet stylings can!
Yet oddly, benediktener
or a wells bombardier also sound good

I’ll remind that rye bread … Russian or not… is far lower in calories/carbs so you too can make maybe not always me but some diet sensitive soul some tasty but safe dinner… or drip! Sentiment like a silly junior high school girl! Ug. How manly. Or enjoy being yourself too. Okay maybe some of it had to stay a dream for now … drat! But some of this is very. Very. Real.


One Bite, Baklava

(From google search; treacle –

One Bite, Backlava
(One Night In Bangkok – Murray Head)

Baklava – Near East nummy!
A Nutty pastry that leaves your mouth all sunny
Drizzled with floral water delighting in one bite
Exotic thing – it’s a real winner!

Just laugh with this here memory
Oh! “Blah blah blah!” Want my recipe?
Not everyone can form their words
But joy is still quite there and present

Baklava is phyllo, some nuts, butter, honey
And that spice!

One bite, baklava and your mouth ‘a all happy
Dessert pure and simple and so not fat free
You can nod at a humbler treacle
The golden syrupped steamed pudding
no ankles are seen unless you’re bending

One bite, why even bother?
Why not a pint fire water

One bite so itty bitty otherwise your clothes won’t be fitting

What-do-you-mean two dollars for that bite now?

Tea Arabic coffee
Set me a table up for drinks and good eats

Got mine! so I’ll be a jurist
No sharing! get your own, my dearest
Not every night ‘s a wine and dine!

One bite, baklava and your mouth ‘a all happy
Dessert pure and simple and so not fat free
You can nod at a humbler treacle
The golden syrupped steamed pudding
no ankles are seen unless you’re bending

Oh Man! This is delicious
Exotic sweet richness
Your fork you’ll grip wishing for more
Not a sliver but the whole lot

Ack! the devil – how to spell it, pronounce it

Soon you’ll be making
This trip I’m now taking
For dessert and or lunch
You’ll like it a whole whole bunch

To heck with the diner and that sushi parlor!!

One bite, baklava and your mouth ‘a all happy
Dessert pure and simple and so not fat free
You can nod at a humbler treacle
The golden syrupped steamed pudding
no ankles are seen unless you’re bending

One bite, baklava and your mouth ‘a all happy
Dessert pure and simple and so not fat free
You can nod at a humbler treacle
The golden syrupped steamed pudding
no ankles are seen unless you’re bending
(Baklava – all thats )

(Baklava as a portion is small -yes, but not exactly one bite… but such is 230 calories according to nutrition info whereas a pint of “fire
Water” beer is 96 cals can Michelin ultra can or my fitness pal Russian imperial stout 321 both per 12 oz. 5/4 is 115 and ~ 381 cals with a mean average tween them of under 230 baklava- for the record)


(NSFW lyrics)
(Love me print a UK site offers this the photo credit )

For MY Monday morning delights it shall not only call names but sing out of tune and in general feel gloriously non sequitor (this has a spot in some I referred to context)

So I weren’t right – so you’re gone
Your belief in us sure does blow
B I t c h
b I t c h
B I t c h
Watch me be emotional

Repeat a hand full more times the lines for your blissful reminder of how to sing along alllll wrong! I’d suggest clapping but no one really wants the social diseases!

Scout songs for the lyric model of the bingo song from 1780. Just think mid American independence them evil English created a song worm! Ooo well played!



Rrraulll! is the question
mentionin how bout we play!
it’s no sugguestion!

let the grounds quake as big boy found himself a football toy to bowl over but this one bowls right on back! flopping ears of a galluping gallute and tail conducting the symphony of mayhem beat the air with the rhythm. even lazy girl princess cant help but dance like she’d pee her pants which she’s not wearing with laughing tickeckled wet joy….but hardly joined the frey. just a circled sand stomp of her own. yes. i have three pups of the yard. a six year old white 120 something great dane of harlequin or fat cow markings a tad over done on treats. she is just over knee high and rarely as a female dog raises her neck in the classic dog posture or stance. but lopes slinky like that. then we’ve preistly collared spot white but otherwise satan black and silken 3 something bloack male great dane who does raises his neck thus is elbow height to a standing five foot eight me literally ever bit also 120 pounds perhaps one fourty but you know fish stories well enough…we lie up the numbers for ego’s sake he’s likely a few pounds less than one hundred fourty pounds me. but i warn you – while he’s nice, he’s take YOU for a walk unless YOU are on your game and even then i promise you he’s a train locomotive to stop after two steps so you had better be on your game as he can very esily hit 40 mph in a sprint and i can not ๐Ÿ˜‰ now we approach the stray tow girly cattle dog with her mostly grey with black spotted hide with speckles brown here or there. she can not make the long term sprint of a dane as she’s maybe 30 pounds ish a bit of a chunk to lift. this little stray leaps half height chain link fencing so as is usual, I have another hassle portion of care and supervision ;0 lol you let that scamp away with some free time and she’s into mayhem. she’s only about a yearish to a year and a half at most old…the classic scene in life of a puppy full grown and thus chewing and hell on wheels pestilence outgrown the cute phase and suddenly…poof stray. now. take alllll three of these happy grinning fools into your morning toast mission and…. you can understand why yards were created as such is quite a six pack of drooling begging feeeeed me! yummy toast!!!! eyes. followed by? more mayhem in the yard but! you get your toast! ๐Ÿ˜‰

yes. some mornings are meant for to say the truth… you’ve so many smiles spoinlin for some joy. of course i just swept damn it!


Lucky or Ucky?

Tamarind chicken filling bubbles. In an hour or so I’ll shred it.

Here’s the process.

The idea is tamarind mmmm. Can I get something good from it? Well sure! But something new. Hmm?

Chicken breast, boneless /skinless browned


Tamarind pulp and soda
Too sweet so

Garlic (Montreal chicken seasoning) and a dash of heat (ground red cayenne)


You see minus a single sheet paper towel all my mess. Remember a cup of coffee and a fork plus lidded bowl are coming

To get close to Thai Asian

This is that source idea:

Note I have no ginger nor fish sauce so I have to forsake the ginger and substitute Caesar dressing for some exotic there is no real need for sherry here it’s sweet enough.

Half hour…

Hour actually

Major dishes hand washed and away.

Right now ๐ŸŒญ hot dogs and diet mellow yellow. Why? I’m hoping to share. Sis ain’t home til midnight and you’re not here either!

Don’t worry
Such or similar is in my cupboard it’s 20 minute or less for a noodle. Bowl or wrap ala lettuce.

Single wrap dynasty three pack glass noodles… 170 cal per chicken 2 oz plus let’s call it 40 cals sugar sauce. I have pecans and something vegetation the resulting bowl approaches 300 cals a bit high on starch/carb balance but yummy and fun and by nature of sizing the wrap version will be half but you’ll then want two so same thing.. just in case you remember sugar carbs need protein and fat to mellow the glycemic impact… and numbers don’t lie this is a choir not a home run food… do you enjoy your luck or ick?

Result later… if it doesn’t reheat it is a flub in that department too lol but it comes together





Listing to cupboard

Black beans

Single serve saifun noodles

An island of cereal

A variety of canned beans

Tea stash

These meet shopping day

Cheese sauce packets? Yay

Tamarind, pineapple, pineapple-papaya? Peach and apricot nectars

Coffee: toasted coconut, caramel cream

Chicken hotdogs I may be insane but dietary restrictions kill off beef pork options.

Buns, duh potato /golden

Sauerkraut (more insanity)

Small but not micro tomato sauces

Coke products 1068/36. With one 3.x mile walk 99 cents fountains 10 cents a day saved


Enchilada sauce

A neat proper jalapeรฑo carrot onion medley can for that authentic taste moment heh

Onion purple

This allows

Simple black bean soup
Chicken lentil enchiladas
Hot dogs obviously
Chicken rice lettuce wraps
A punishing raft of cold and hot cereals
Perhaps a curry bowl with pretty jelly clear noodles
And most importantly cleaning my stock out

Hot month. More than one invent a recipe? Oo!!

No, sorry, not listing to port (left)( nautical) but you can catch the whiff of a pun ๐Ÿ˜‰

Peaches onion lentils likely chickened. Cheeses pepperjack or oddly horseradish cheddar (white) current thought red not because white or green suck but red seems to fit peach idea best

I can’t noodle the tamarind chicken idea for the wraps but I may brown rice so it takes out rice too

I have maybe a green curry can water chestnuts baby corn needing elongation

I suppose I can maple brown sugar with pecans oatmeal cookies instead of suffering cereal

This leaves
My third of the cupboards cleaned down. Oh what is the next adventure?

A pantry picture for the point



Ahh. Out to a family wedding and catch up session. Interstate timed travel. Surprises and some of that fine living!

Scheduling is a funny creature. I can take days to get a word communicated or travel interstates hundreds of miles when I don’t drive and make my doctors appointment on time followed by collecting descriptions from that appointment pay my phone.bill all in less than 24hrs being only 15 minutes behind schedule.

There is also something alive in seeing what works… your spot again… opportunity calls. However I have pause first . It’s a good pause. A chance at being useful. How of course is heheheh nunya- not being disclosed.

So with a shifty smile scheming as I’m beaming. What are you highlighting? Mine’s change perhaps moments away… or that usual vaguely… soooooon!

Rhyme with me: purple! Silver. Orange. Ready set, oops.