This is getting clunky as in I have dsl and can easily hear this binding up or not presenting a beat…soon enough the BEAT will go on elsewhere lol.  but for the point of ease in ideas – you don’t have to have this work or can use any other metronome..  at stake here is the number of beats per cycle and how many cycles per minute – this version allows for accentuation or lack there of to be applied.  so, seven beats per cycle at seventy four beats per minute… adagio  which can be sounds liked as add ah, GEO?  metro sporty and or zippy? 😀

TICK tick tick, TOCK tock tock tock

I am Opening

worms squirming with all of this JIVE

timing my stylings

color coded Memory

dripping sounds  with some feeling.

a Waka (this way! or in the rain) to show I can work within a form sorta.

Image result for graphic rain

/ from a weird Rorschach test point of view this is like the bride coming to the alter


a spoonful of b.s.

a forkful of b.s. lets the silver linings abound/ a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.


it ain’t a job unless it pays

and in that lies a shame

yes, it is good to toil

and whilst so being joyful


not all tasks seem a pleasure

especially in inclimate weather

yay, whoopie. blankity blank that.


a forkful of b.s. lets silver linings abound

lets silver linings abound

silver linings shine around

a wee forkful of b.s. lets silver linings abound

you excited about why?


your smile is the gold


while you await a silver mine

trading hours for their dimes

surely something will glitter

like a hot new romance

for those jitters so fling!

a forkful of b.s. makes silver linings abound

triple x red light throw down.

right here unh right now unh on the ground

a forkful of b.s. lets silver lining abound

with just the wrong sense of play.


the picture of success


have you ever noticed the best pictures

aren’t of workers but Vacationers at pleasure?

because every day grumblers

and their feet out so you stumble and curse

these are a challenge for you to smile with grace

throwin’ that positive out there in negative’s face


a forkful of b.s. let’s silver linings abound

smile proud as you are profound!

don’t you dare LAUGH or make one sound

why bother with hassle-rs

when we can chase my castle or yours?


Written by Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman • Copyright © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc, Walt Disney Music Company — Originally, but ruined by ME.
freedom beckons.
I got the chance to wait on hold 10 minutes after ten days of obviously being forgotten about with today’s doctor try out.  surprise after that short consultation I was informed the doctor isn’t accepting new patients.    I know this seems nice but i was said hello to while on a secluded trail out of base after a haircut.  I was on the phone as someone said hello!  i hoped i wasn’t calling satan in for an aerial assault- just trying to ask a 30 second question 20 minutes on hold after a two hour lunch pause.  smiles.  it’s nice to be said hello to.  never you mind that at very specific rarely changing intervals when i walk that trail someone whizzes by…. it could be coincidental 😉 I doubt it.  I walked as far as my energy allowed which was one street before the last stop of the bus coming closest to an partment of my own in the future worth a look around.  i will have to take a bus to it.  I found out my necessary thirty second starter question failed – they list taking my insurance and probably do for those who go from once serving to a new state of life… or I’m likely not the circle ever.  I enjoyed only one instance i know well what it means- the neighborhood that someone seems to talk to you yet doesn’t respond if you pipe up is not necessarily a friend one – it’s a come on baiting for a gang rumble…avoid the invitation?  the best your next sentences further ever are is some likely promise of being called a name or two. 😉 not here, just a reminder from yesteryear’s incidents.  not that it mattered as I turned one street prior to the buses next on up  and would have had six blocks more to go or 3 stops and thre I had already walked and had a mile to go.  however if on second inspection it’s not sketch without redemption, it’s affordable and on a bus line to the close market during the day and convenient places the city wide.  today just wasn’t the day.  I returned home to some frank wishing to talk to me about a delightful opportunity… i neglected the call.
the evening finished by going out friday night and it was the always packed country’s BBQ and while it was good i especially delighted in the coleslaw, it wasn’t that good i have a different favorite BBQ salvation – beginning, the zombie pig… it’ll be official on next visit lol – i can not afford to eat out every day.
now the fun part of why I even opened this type a blog window..
sounds setting a stage
with a forest leavessymphony
nothing no. thing. seen.
i have heard the armadillos like my house traditionally because of it’s spot by less homes more foresty area.  i haven’t once seen one alive.  It was fun for that brief moment to hear and imagine.
farmer’s market, Sunday something and Monday out all day after two things whether my sketch view home is dangerous or just freer of social expectations .  if it fails it would be sad in that there aren’t many places convenient like this to a grocery via bus  and close enough to manage on daylight days when there is no bus.  I comes also knowing the seemingly perfectly priced place is not perfectly closer to the grocery but empirically closer by all always walking yet is so priced because other roommates will move in or leave and while I get a say in this, you know the obvious about it- it isn’t a say based on preference but cold hard legal reasons to disbar them from the community reasons.    obviously there is a town of other chances to but i don’t know the whole list yet…. why move?  here the actual place matters more in that it’s warm i’m a tad sick of the cold of colorado winters far far far milder than some other climates but too cold.  but i also generaly want my little space.  my little dominion.  selfish as that is.  I avoided it on the counts of health and physical limitation a time or two and i’ve even shunned it as cost prohibitive sometimes but mainly as I’m not horribly social- I can go a long time making shallow inroads of friendships.  knowing that means alas i could fairly state it could look lonely purposefully and in a way harder and harder to disintangle from.  but, lets face it, i can say hello too.  no one gets out of facing fearsome things without the choice never or forever to try…without garuntees.  this atop a doctor being required?..facing a minor snarl of 5 gone through one directly turned down five to go on the next page and 2 other pages almost beyond me to travel to… but wouldn’t it be fun?  i mean I am on bus to the library too, long time from that privilege.  i don’t really own anything  much so unless they read and retain my books they get squat little else.  and you do tend to get what you get BOO in the night going out with the real ghouls. and i’m not on any good upper/down type medications to abuse so solidly protecting myself with the real camoflage of I have ideas however mighty?   see my pen?
do’t make me write naughty on you.


10 days elapses since I filed every current doctor/ occurrence for to get a new doctor of the primary care refers everything out kind.  SSTRIKE! not accepting new patients.  long wait to have not heard.  so the neutral was not a welcome after all.

first new round of calls is sorry, closed for lunch 12-2 call during businesss hours. STIRKE 😉

off to shower then hair along with a side trip sightseeing.

apparently today will really begin monday….strike..


definitely Deja Vu

in case you thought I would like be different in years past?

I like fish tacos 🙂

some of that the 2013  now hows about 2011?

(previous to wordpress, this  also was a different screen name, I_once_was)

Tuesday, 25 January 2011
Strange TROLLS
Dementors in the night/strangers in the night.

Dementors in the night – circlin’ softly

hunting victims in the ink, aloft see

watch out they don’t suck your soul with a kiss

hunger for the fright alight in your eyes

the body soon cold after haunting cries

whispered light passing you lips – your life is THROUGHHHHH

Dementors in the night

cold death and cruel, Dementors of your fright

watching for that’s soul’s glow it’s so easy for you to go

don’t wait for the day, sneak out and give your life away.

don’t you think you’re clever

death’ll find you no matter the weather

souls are dinner for Dementors in the night.

boo whoo whoo whoo and other taunts til the end….

source and sing along…&p=dementors&oid=60287931e546c0283a68aaffcb910946&fr2=tab-web&no=10&tt=5420&sigr=114e8un9m&sigi=12fpssfm5&sigb=12m6bcoun&.crumb=ESVHJvzH844

I have blue eyes…but be glad i can’t sing

but Frank could and you could check my meter now through


or, a little evidence i read, write and cook and didn’t take this up last night.



Boomerang or deja vu?

either way things return.

Imagine with me it is late high school, a fun time before it got all changed.  I was working for a magazine fulfillment service company as a validation clerk- circling that the checks matched the subscription card amount.  There are 250 checks an inch and thus is how my performance measured – in…pun…inches.  I got this idea to write my own magazine0 Loser magazine.  Quite literally page one to page done mocking anything and everyone needing a mocking and or blathering out my soul.  I knew it would be more then than I could do to keep up monthly writings like that so figured friends might want in on the fun.  Like anyone, nothing should be assumed free.  I took everyone involved to pizza for lunch.  It is such a true rarity that I would sit down to a pizza in a restaurant now – times were a’changing if you know of that bob Dylan.

I muse on this as it isn’t a large magazine.  I muse on this as I rarely have difficulty with a lot of words or having fun with various forms.  I thus have an interesting late notion of the deja vu or a boomeranging of the old ideas to do as I do now yet fulfill perhaps a dream that was yesterday – make that magazine… no not because its likely to sell in some fabulous billions I’ll be rich and famous.. but it is fun as it is possible.  I would far rather like to buy something of a glossy cool magazine than a traditional overpriced book.  So should I nanowrimo now, I have a different way to present the same thing… a lot of words   hopefully someone wants to read enough of to pay for.  it’s all for naught trying to be an author with  no paper cut of a check… such would be less than as much fun. 😉

This means the “shim cut novel” a funny idea where you have a easy solution to unbalanced furniture where you level it by removing unneeded pages  and voila leveled table.  a magazine perhaps in style but also a book 😀  and some humor here or perhaps there or maybe beauty.

I know this is fun in that it’s a tad cheaper to get a magazine type print job than a book- books interestingly seem to be priced out of the smaller author’s market as there is only so much furniture I want my words to level around my house should i sell fewer than the number of copies to be a star. 😀

I know this means a box with dust and dreams inside

from that time long enough ago

the boxtop flap turned up as if a grave stone

the idea lies here begun when and well here now.

or, as you can utilize best guesses and real quotes – i would guess i can edit down to 120 pages which is more than enough to utilize 50k words of nanowrimo but also possibly include some visual arts or – you know have some fun with this.  share that fun with the joy of other too.

and not necessarily ask more than 13 ish dollars which could be fifteen yet not be some “book” but a novelty .  or possibly i could make my money back seeing my name in print.

it pays to have a clue what you’d want to do with your efforts, but not be afraid of doing for one’s self one’s own dreams of now or then come again.  and by pays i mean others heheheh.   and it’s sure is a LOT easier to understand that you must control your information/copyright too as in print’s nice printo on demand is cooler from a business point of view but traditionally i’ve read nothing nice about how after a time many start selling your stuff for their gain not yours.  magazine print a few have a sales goal thus lol and have fun trying after it  selling about a month’s earning cost or well over  a grand  and thus making  a few hundred?  that’s a check.  that’s something to say yay in cash about.  never mind some pie and skyliike b.s., just simple goals paid for and met

now the many things i’ve seen which is internetery of friends/customers  works but most joyously, it’s more fun to have your local library system pick up a copy thus you’ve no money out of pocket and it’s kept a short time.  i like that idea as it’s fun to hope after a circulated thing we all pay taxes for and thus can utilize a freebie from the gov!  what has you gov done for you lately? 😀

but such is the boomerang of ideas i haven’t had to think on in a bit.


looking about

i went to the store for smokes and beer…and if i could a bottle of coke zero as it mixes nicely with jim beam fire/cinnamon bourbon whiskey.

i picked up a bag as in grocery sack of trash.  i got three for the return or whatever one does be prepared to do it doubly.  I found a lot of trash sacks one medium shopping bag and a trash liner for kitchen trash.  I fliterally filled the trashliner or did more than double of what i felt needed doing- not having you see nothing but litter entering the base.  this meant walking about 3/4 a mile to the nearest trash can.

I’m sure no moron is going to think me wo  i’m civic minded or something.  I wanted my spot to have my beer and it was so trashy you know a crack down is coming and if a crack down comes i lose freedom.  i do not have free access to come and go on a military base not being married to military personel or serving my own self.  and we all know most places it’s frowned upon to drink beer publically.  so civic mindedness is something i’d say but lets get real and explore truer motivations 😀

so there is now fifteen gallons less trash between bveer one and beer too.  i was visibly filthy for the clean up effort which reminded me that so often appearance is everything and I looked the embodiment of the garbage everywhere along that path til i could wash up at home.  I highly thus also doubt I looked like i was civic minded picking up trash but just the asshole who made the mess wow he’s cleaning his own mess up about time it’s been half a week.  i mean to say I wondered honestly at what things really do look like and was surprised that while i did a decent thing i could have not brought the cheer for it but it could have looked far differently.

however now that i’m looking around the room here, i know somewhere x number of serving men and women with a golf course on base that was trash city now is cleaner and more pleasant to whizz by.  I may not have earned praise for this but i wouldn’t have done it for praise – i like my lil peaceful spot to enjoy cold beer in if not a park a peacefully green spot rurally.  I did my papyment so to speak to keep up my privilages.  that little walk is all I have for freedom not reaquiring others just me and my independance.

hopefully I see that feeling returned.  have you ever wondered what it really looks like looking around?


For Intents and Purposes

ever feel that nagging suspicion you neglected some legalese to your words?

I read. not necessarily well but awide array of thing

i write.  not necessarily understandably and yet with a fairly definably seen passion for knowing anything…if in fact i do.


I will share information I am never likely to utilize for anything harmful – even if simply saying the words is sharing the ideas others may find dangerously useful.


be careful

I know of things.  i suggest against guessing dangerously say to utilize plants reputed to be abortives for that purpose…every single one is listed poisonous with spanking good reason and none are garunteed safely to produce the deisred effect without risking one’s life.  I have to hope that you understand that i’m not even pro choice either.  but I would want anyone coming across me to not end in harm.  so, if you would be tempted to find out I’m lying or not, it’s my hope you know there are people who can guide you through your choices and help you make a quality set of them for your safety and the welfare of all.  I may not agree with that choice or set of choices but i darn well wouldn’t wish someone to foolishly assume their only option is to take some internet crank talking hippy flower action up on that and doing themselves in.  we are precious.

playing with dangerous mild altering chemicals – great friday night fun?  not really.  i’m not going to say this instance of hippy flower action has ever been fun for me.  but just because i’m a killjoy doesn’t mean i haven’t had  a sensible reason to be.  nor will i garuntee you’ll have my luck of a bad trip.  but be smart for two whole seconds and understand too what you’ve heard not just here but anywhere- there are consequences sometimes one and done consequences to what you wish to explore and in the interest of the above line of you’re precious.  be blindly clear about risks before you say fuck it and do it anyways.

morality  how you choose to live your color of life as an adult is your business – if you are NOT an adult then i’m sorry, it swiftly becomes Nnot your business.  i wont say i’m without biases or judgement – alas in that i am full of oppinions but hopefully you understand as irritating as this is, it is a sign of giving a crap about ourselves AND others that you will hear about “morals”  and feel their weight of oppinion.


lighting shit on fire.  i have and oo it’s fun.  however, it is risky and i’d have felt sad i had been unfortunate  if any of my fun became somehow out of control.  have i always had full cleanup and or safety  in mind.  don’t be stupid!  of course i was a moron on occasion.  that makes it no more acceptable for you to be.

general disobbedience to the law.  you know you can try and you may also lose, right?  of course down with authority rah rah rah!…wrong-o.  i like authority more often than not even if the reason to wish to fight is for a sense of silly empowerment through rebellion.  so, feel free to spit on that sidewalk and you’ll only look less of that magic of your best.  go ahead and jaywalk thinking you’re saving time-and whatever nothing came of it so what’s the big deal? – uh, I won’t say you’ll win or even live if you try ignoring inconvenient laws… but i sure will laugh when you realize how annoying it is when you follow them and others do not and or worse realize there is only a cop around when you break the law.  wanh how unfair. 😉  but, there was always a shining “good” reason for law. ;0  I suspect you’ll hopefully live long enough to enjoy the humor of that.


opinion versus creitable opinion: i maintain no professional certification in any field  so you may ignore my opinion rudely and freely without mentioning this to anyone else and or me.  if you do wish to disagree, i do ask you be polite about it by choosing how you go about it.  i don’t have to endure b.s. even if i seem to fling enough of it.  knowledge or my lack of it is quite fun sometimes.

general politeness and or conduct –  it is expected you wont be considered impolite.  if this expectation is failed, or i fail my own, i expect grief will result from it – and who needs grief?  so,as an oppinionated person i am free to discuss politics and religion and how you should live exactly like I think you should and call you horrible names if you don’t and unduly and inappropriately denegrate any ideas or behaviou not inaccordiance with how i think they should be? uh, bad plan.  it happens all to commonly but it is a bad plan.

will i try to convert you to the religion of thinking and living like me?  i may!  i grew up  a jesus peddler unwantedly arriving to converse with you.  i still can meet with others finding me a bit much.  however as i attempt to try, so too I expect it with you.

don’t try that at home or elsewhere

do as i say not as i do -it’s easier for us bo

blah blah, be a joy if possible to the soul you are shining out the glory of god or your beliefs.

don’t do stupid things and if you do, try not to get hurt or caught doing stupid things

now to cheer the dog surfin sneekily for an extra dinner.


Flowers For Algernon

Erysium Cheiri – “Wall flower”

emmenagogue, Diuretic and TOXIC

has a similar effect on a failing heart as digitalis / foxglove

Flowers For Algernon is a first short story from the late fifties with the novel appearing mid-sixties written by Daniel Keyes.  It is amusing that it succeeds because the author was pressured to make it end happy and refused in both instances of the story and book .  It was part of the books in rotation of my high school like, aldus huxley’s a brave new world, a raison in the sun and to kill a mockingbird.

it is intriguing to me how much of our expression are accurate or NOT when seen through a lens of what things fully are.  a “wallflower” is a person not wishing to get in the middle of the part – preferring the edges – yet the plant if it doesn’t kill you is possibly an abortive for when someone had a little too much social 😀

however it was the first of things that came up when looking up omega nine fatty acids- I am on a bit of a kick about this and that being good for you so was dimly i point out aware that there is omega three fatty acids also omegas six and nine, we nutrtionally seem to get plenty of omega 3’s but what are the six and nines?  whoops, in this particular case, not very good for you in a non “controlled substance situation i.e. get a doctor to work with this one as there is nothing wrong with saving an ailing heart but killing off yourself by poisoning is a tad defeatist of that point.


but think now, an ailing heart has a large dose of wallflower and dies? or is poisoned?  what fun!… in a non lethal literally way in this here Halloween  season of ghoulishness 😀    ooops too much wall flower…hammy death scene…  oops too much wallflower….envisiona before and after of someone pregnant then not….and shh it, i’m not advocating you express beliefs on pro life or pro choice- as obviously a wall flower is a natural substance among many that are natural abortive or even god who created all things created an abortive plant…this is NOT stating it was here for that purpose be not clever with me or clubbing about what just is.  I’m here for the lightening from blasphemies.  but am I? nah, just enjoying Halloween :D…from the fringes. 😉


In The Pot

No, i haven’t turned to a life of Marijuana!  although, it still is a damn fine dream of pants even if i don’t LIKE to wear pants as that means i have to meet people… oh nevermind! – on with the paragraph!  I’m tossing in the pot of potential soup – soothing soup – some more chunks of ideas.  Little whimseys that may or may not make a differece.

I lister here a radio script for “The Adventures of Phillip Marlowe” out the summer previous to may father’s birth.    I’m reminded of my time with a friend gone to his rest who wanted to write movies.  I got to read one and of course being inspired rewrote a section in excrible to share with him for a moment of polite lack of comment 😀  however, I know something then as now, some of us fit what is and could be well and others have to be themselves – not unlike that WRONG Captain Morgan commercial – there are 3 hot smoking gorgeous ladies and four of us guys…just be yourself, Josh….  WRONG as commercials go…just plain wrong.but to the point- i was reminded of my past irish pal that there is. form.  I read this elaborate turn mind heat of logic up to melt mine… ew to organization. lash me with linearity.  ug.

to the metaphor of title, I’m watching also “The Frugal Gourmet” soup.  I just noticed all of a sudden he was gone- obviously later I learned EW.  the slime of perhaps why..remember the perhaps is only because of the American technicality of trial did not occur therefore only a charge of impropriety plus eighteen others was leveled. no touchy me please.  ibut as i came to the pots and pans largely enduring because of his show, I revisit and then look up a script as most things ARE scripted – not his show which they also note wasn’t rehearsed either –  that’s not wholly accurate – i remember a blizzard of point outs that the Craig wolfam was always testing recipes.    I know well testing as I had my own smaller version of a project to run a 2nd college public speaking demonstration speech upon which I chose to demonstrate…without actually cooking…how to make zucchini au gratin.  first law of speech is that you could write a speech word for word but not always can we read well word for word so another methodology is to speak in a still prepared manner extemporaneously as in cues/point notes or a sketched outline of a speech.  I had to have a product made then go through how to make it listing what might have been relevant.  that’s about all there was to the frugal gourmet’s as a show, researched and tested but not rehearsed and scripted.  six days to prepare?  shark fin soup?  go Fruge! bubble that pot. but um, unlikely a try on my part.  but here’s a dumb thing about that, while I’m not huge on weird things or a fuller utilization of the gift of supper… does it truly make sense to have age and joint pain and yet refuse connective tissue foodstuffs which we all have to have to build ourselves anew correctly?  shame on me for being a sissy weeny whimp about tripe in the menudo which don’t bother I don’t care for the stuff anyways tripe or no tripe – yet the earlier books i read simply said you want cheese?  you use rennet or the lining of cow’s stomac…tripe…. did they say tripe? to make a fine cheese?


I note also that spoofing programs/ styles is part of what i want to share.  even if this means I must lash myself with linearities even if i’d rather overcome the obsticle of organization.    I would rather sip my coffee and vibe out.  sniffing something cinnamon rememberin that Norwegian lady from earlier in life church – skiing in her 80’s always making the most of life like it wasn’t just coffee but CINNAMON COFFEE and no, she wasn’t anywhere NEAR rich- but you do not have to be rich to be treasured.  i didn’t get a direct invitation to coffee.  or hanging out on the 12th floor was it..anyways it was the top floor and it was a smoking lounge as you had to designate areas in the 2000s before what is more likely now simply no smoking inside unless you’ve a sassy cigar lounge charging twice a pack per puffable and servin’ it up with style and having it all fully enclosed and properly filtered for not circulating directly harmful vibes of poor people or powerfully awful to many scent of sin known as tobacco… I’m a smoker and relish these foul isms.  hopoefully to a long and contrary life but you know that’s not likely – anyways top floor with the rebels hearing how she learned to cook calling his mother and would only teach her methodology learned that way to me that way .  I neglected to call which is a shame- i still haven’t made lentil enchiladas and she’s not about to holler at  or…get on the blower…if you actually listen to that “cool” jargon of radio p.i.’s


I’m struck though about the stocks and will find the episode or give it a shot.  how to make mock stocks.  the reason may not be entirely clear as I largely can find what was unheard of then as a locally available ingredient.  I simply miss the old times some.  before it was scandals about he was mean and horrible in a rotten way, – I know we must care.  there is nothing worse than abuse and bullying even.  it isn’t inclusive and will not move us so far forward save to negativities and more awful.  but let’s be equally clear, i grew up to know what cool was supposed to be andlet’s be fair, it wasn’t always so kind but it was cool and we all wanted to be that…pardon me a well timed puff and I leave you with

classy freddy blassie.



CRAP Rap.  such is delicious fun!

hand smacked.  abusing vocabulary like a mutual fund.

chantin’ in rhythm

regarding life’s “ism.”

mindz crack. by  the pen’s might sound.


Pythagoras, what is it with you?  there are problems in life that can’t be solved with triangles. – Fictional Albert Einstein to Fictional Pythagoras in Red Dwarf’s Wax World episode.


In Other news,  The Weather forecasts continued Chance of Diet forever.  This week and for some time this is “Beach Body” and a plethora of products otherwise in a paradigm of health aids towards your desired change from what was to empowered.  I point out that this is like saying chores-time to my lesser aged self.  Dieting largely blows hurricane force a Death or destruction to anything delightful.  wanh.  However, if i wish to improve my chances at healthy…. 😉


one thing going for dietary relateds is I own a set of before and after pictures already.  i left high school weighing 218.5 lbs, once rising to 236.5lbs and just one little nibble of diet means i have an inaccurate correlation possible of I dieted and thus now weigh? 150 lbs. i am a mean machine for burning away weight!    I am obviously amused by this information.  😉

Yes,, one week from today remains until nanowrimo.  I have consumed books on food, philosophic systems of saving time and money, saving one negative impacts of consumption has begun, reading arum show of recipes…. and a little bit of recent success in adjusting trial-some intake restrictions in a really tasty way.  I have also read upon chemical colors as pigments, a touch of mathematics in other applications than caloric intake and even consumed a comic strip  of mental floss by the meter.

poetry exists

what a vignette to behold!

poetry persists.

new experiences punctuation litters the learning landscape too.  I never had zip-lined for instance…but I admit the extra package opportunity of ropes course tortures was rather winding.  Korean BBQ that’s good? – previously unaware of this.  finding a way around being trapped at home too far away from adventures mundane or any old thing?…achieved.  most of all, learning to accept I asked for it to be different as I was sick of the same results from the same old situations, well, a measure of success continues to progress…. shame on me for thinking of using an “uh” in any communication.

have I some magic answer brewed for nanowrimo?  of course, but I could be LYING.  but it isn’t for lack of trying.

I’m just this moment perplexed that I read a funny array of children’s answers to test questions.  one being an earlier than triangulation’s uses but understanding the Pythagorean theorum, central to triangulation’s later applications.  if i know the hypotenuse and the opposite side’s distances what is the adjacent side’s distance?  solve for x…find it!~  here it is, x marks the spot…bwahahaha.  I am perplexed by lesser value of the “answer” in higher math as a vlaue but more of the logical journey towards the answer.  I am struck that it isn’t what i know know but the style of HOW I know it… or mocking along the lines of it isn’t what i know but who.  such is interesting as applied to the hope after words, it isn’t the words but the combinations!  oooo, sexy combinations of consonants and voluptuous vowel!    or the very lack to contrast the noise of so many words.

notions. anyways,

which varietal style

pleases our fancies?

we shall hopefully see whether i remain inspired and obviously a week more of cramming ideas within me remains.  will inspiration unfurl? will it be a repeat of word vomit hurled? who cares so much as for now it’s productive fun.  triangles…snort…what fun thinking below the belt…which also could be productive…in a way.