a few more days extra at work and 😀 oo I like money 😀

I got a almost street dumpster looking trash can as I refused to pay 120 or more for a steel can kind but it must thus be extra tall to tempt the dog because I’m that kind of evil.  My dishwasher is due in on tuesday.  a set of pruning loppers monday and the rest of things such as pruning nippers/sheers and a square spade mainly for ice off the sidewalk cutting now that it’s spring 😉 a tine type rake not the fan ratan/steel kind and a dandy looking overgrown wagon…. it said gorilla and is rated for one weight wise.

I intend to find my yard on the side and eliminate all this crap that seems not to move when others do.  FI apparently need to learn how to use that no word and also that h bomb no! word too.  for it is to me to arrange that fee of disposal…  yes yes, what about the others/landlord… well I want it done d bomb it….and before it’s harder with the blooming!  Ialso point out yard maintainance is part of house care and is not covered under this rental plan as this isn’t a town home.  this will piss off the cat as the yard hide quite a lot of birds….which he naps as a supplement to his rotund already diet.  again with the evil caring thoughts about the other house animal.

the evil returning to me is of the squueeeeze play at the ledgers.  I want it all and to get after savings to do more living but quite frankly it seems I’m doing quite a lot of waiting for living now and not enough living.  I don’t cook hardly at all…a bit of problem when Ilost 8 pounds to be in the one fifties and yet my blood pressure rose.  I’d hate to think I blew my chances at living waiting around to do it and thus failed to achieve anything!  at least this is the not so bs justification I’m feeding myself 😀

I hope I’m gambling well.

I was reminded of something to me coinsidental… the lady winning the employee of the month not a few hours before was being fact checked on her duties performance.  I wasn’t concerned she asked for a cover to visit the restroom but oh lord did the charge nurse ask about that.  I’m forever suspcisious of my “best” day being my last.  anyone else overly suspicious of work honours?

Thursday.  one beer going and three more days of this work week.



I’ve 90 clams to pay sears off, 200 to pay target back to credit + and thus it should be obvious I rocketed to the bank to cash my tax return and went immediately to where I chose to spend it.  this leave about double to get the doctory things paid and incidentals about the house like two tanks of propane for the grilling season.  this leaves me a paycheck behind perhaps now but all my efforts til june are surrounding being debt free increasing my power of abilities financially which is to be proved by buying the oven outright necessary as the main house one doesn’t work.


the black dishwasher can have a main door panel swap for a stainless panel to coordinate and I I’m thinking it’s also time to replace the non functional fan/light vent hood. thus leaving only the fridge to not coordinate for now but I suspect upon zeroed out balance that too can be blacked up along with a light box and under cabinet lighting.

not bad for a shot at 62 a month off for a year….with repair agreement.



the ninth

the ninth try after 3 days of bashing succeeded an old version of ubuntu runs off the hard drive. maybe I’ll get MY computer back now.  such was the only point of the effort.


rubber perspective

okay, i have  whatever try I’m up to on installing linux with what i’ve access to….turns out I’d rather not spent my last 20 ish on a 17 plus tax mag with disc as i can not garuntee I get paid til friday coming… I’d rather not be dirt broke.    so try try try cometh and I’m not ashamed I’m apparently  a know too little for my project.  yes…this is a time when I have to doggy paddle through instructions and pray versus actually knowing what I’m actually doing.  😀 wish the project success as I gain a fully usable computer out of the effort and update my ailing machines to run til they drop.


I did work today as did my supervisor and thus I can say I was supervised and I hope it helps alleviate worries I’m not quite up to snuff 😀  or you may say it’s a learning experience.  I have other irons in my fire as to focusing upon being truly usefull as I pretty much doubt now I’ll truly get “there” but live bodyon weekends and shorter covers is not too shabby a job to keep while I pile on financial accomplishments until I’m not there 😀 


so linux ubuntu 11.04 works but wont install, unity never got the install from usb to fire up, gentoo worked the best BUT failed to load or allow me to get online wirelessly….tails same as unity, damn small linux too dodo bird tries and even ubuntu 13 and 12 so now it’s linux mint 16 mate.  oh I forgot a debian in there somewhere.  I do want a robust hd installation over a stripped usb  keyfob thing as once in a while little things do not work and frankly facebook and games must largely work as that joyous waste of life online is mostly what this puter is to be for…safe…fairly adequately fast and stable.

I looked again at portable dishwashers no counter top model was in store… but it would seem that it is far easier to not remodel my home around an appliance thus bitch about space chosen versus remodel my home however possible and pretty.  I rent and it’ll not ultimately fully be paid for….a  dishwasher warrantied and such is easily understood and faucet if adapters dont work obrainable.  I also only need gather an adapter and simpler solutions like fused six strips versus remodel my home which again while pretty and possible is just not in my budget for another owner…it’s not really even worth the time to beg.

or plead.

so 😀 now to do what I must..  make sure I get linux working…


oh my chili?  it’s about a stew thickness now and medium in heat.  I know I won but I’m gonna trot over and hear about that from the horses mouths… one was on seconds before I finished my own bowl!  I wish I did more garlic 😀


Picked Poison

I have 8 official rounds going with many tries each round to get linux onto a then working computer….mom’s replaced old dell.  I have had great success to get tries working but not the actual on hard drive linux flavor working.  so far I like the ubuntu as it’s big pictures and ease of use but at 3 -5 minutes loading from a disc…f it.  the fastest nearly perfect system was gentoo but it wouldn’t easily load to a hard drive which would harm my feeling running off a usb stick… but conveniently, it auto scrambled a password I couldn’t copy and paste to change and without access to superuser could make the wireless work so poof gentoo garbage.  same with dvd drive stolen ubuntu as the whole point is to play movies and or internet movies on a stable platform…. neither allow this and every other solution unity, debian directly, tails – the tor based system, damn small linux all also failed to even load.  the obvious annoyance to this is the greyed out msdos boot optiofn on my computer for formating media.  this lack of an ability to do the first most basic step in most cases of providing a way to boot then install linux has been thee most frustrating thing.  the second mst frustrating thing was a loose internal ethernet port to allow wire connections and thus hold a cord to then wait ten years for pages to load slower than wireless….old drivers sure are a bitch that way.  oops me bad they’re filters in linux not drivers.  many formats and restarts to only fail and then wait five ages for ubuntu to load from a cd or not being able to find this or that in gentoo sure did make a frustrationof a solid working day to be where I started at…a fully tested working system that wont somehow work the last necessary step.

time to give it another go again 😀  heheheheh.

my house is painted.  most of my house is back to original order.

I finished the pay cycle and look forward to about a hundred shy of paying sears and all the whoops incidentals coming up and overall being a check just as fat behind where I hoped to bee in paying everything down or completely off… not the end of the world but mildly frustrating.

Iwrote my schedule as now I’m duking out the next few months to make this last come true about buh bye debt hello international travel/update home etc etc.  funny how more money sometimes costs when it comes attached to people.


now while that and doctory news frustrates… tonight has a pot of chili on.  if the crock boils tonight I have a medium bean/sausage chili going in direct coompetition against brother with largely the same ingredient.  I expect to win because I have the power of coriander cumin freshly toasted and ground to round out my pallete offered….and plenty of paprika fresh enough to add in stages to leave quite the bright 3 bean german flag of a hot chili.

beer, cumin, coriander, paprika, pinto, red, blacks, italian sausage, salt, hot crushed red pepper, diced tomatoes and jalepeno

toasted spices…well nearly burnt  oops, coffee milled to powder – browned sausage then finished in beer, and broiled jalepeno allow some depth to a standard chili.  I will only take time enough more to cook it down not gravel in…and puree 1/3 – 3/8’s ish of it so it is about as thick as it need be to stand a fork in it….it I can.


I filed my ideas of another month at work hopefully I’m allowed them.  I have had so much issue this week with delays in arrivals and the let down of the backsliding of percieved ability to a tighter reignes feeling upon me that I have worked hard to qavoid the right on time want to effing quick just when it starts to actually look possible if a pinch here or there is required.  there literally is little to no reason to leave other than annoyance it feels like work… I kfnow aww poor baby…right? 😉

well. to the grind of drinking beer and more linux slogging w2hile I’ve a chance.


4.5 out of 5

I just finished the work week.  this time it really was a week or darn near.  *poor supervisor fell ill*  I had a good week.  I have room for improvement.  I had a good week.  right now I stare at how this or that was moved incorrectly for painting.

that’s right.  I came home at the end of a week not weekend of work toadjust the way things were moved as dduh one wall’s worth of moving just isn’t the way it’s done.    I come home at the end of a week of work to essentially be disposessed of my place to stay….after some grueling effort to protect my things.  lol.  I know the tone of doom is being typed because I want it to be 😉  I bought drop clothes/plastic aplenty so I can adjust not redo, adjust the joyousgift of a goodly portion of common prep already done.  I now should have time to adjust the work from one or two walls ready with heavy lifting to be closer to four because I wont be here to move furniture.  why should I? 😀  (if done correctly I just move it to the center cloth it and leave….come hjome to new paint.

Igrade myself a miod C for my first good week in at work in nearly a year and this time all by myself.  I am caught up on my paperwork and my chores so boss may have a few things to be pleased about and lesser efforts save those she wants to put forth.  an asside was the call to say such and she was introducing me as her employee yet hates being called a boss….if I’m an employee…quid pro quo. 😛  I should tell her this but I may forget.  I do hope that this c grade is not a low c but a high c as I did try and care as well as acheive it.  I can read and I didn’t lie about my notes nor so much as fudge them an iota.  I take that much pride to take criticism about why not more in the teeth versus have someone have to hide or hedge.    I am of course pleased and hope I hear next to nothing more about this week save I didn’t toss my supervisor under the bus while she was indisposed.

my tax return for federal papers was approved and is due friday…ish.  this leaves me money from my next big fat check and state papers to squash an entire larger debt as well as shore up all the incidentals which I hope arent too many 😉 thus the second big push leaves the third which is to dent the biggest last while maintaining a month up on bills more…not entirely..comfortably so very soon the fourth push is  to putmoney away and weild some larger expenditures.  the final fifth is to weild not a portion but as fully as I can intelligently all the power I strove to acheive.  … or in short be ale to weild 2-3 months or upwards of over a year’s worth of savings at a time.

while I may not have given myself 4.5 out of 5 stars on my week, months, year previous…. I will tell you this, Isure as hell have a smile going because I did everything so far and continuing that I really hoped to acheive….and in a fairly tidy and timely manner!

I don’t like the oaked bock by tommyknockers brewery.  I don’t care for oaked beer.  whereever you are mr. Dickdoktor (1 and 2) I happily gift the last couple to you – I’m sure you can help a feller out.(dickdoktor clever name really, was a figment of xanga one once upon a time ago and perhaps still resides north of crazy amaerica) 


I must!

I am laughing because I caught myself wanting.  the show cut out and I felt the pang!  Tonight was old time radio – 1931’s Omar the Wizard of Persia.  I warn you if you follow me you’ll have a taste of the old am radio’s difficulty to hear unless you huddle close…please note I have 15% hearing loss yet am shown I have great accuity within tones mostly just a little loss in overall volume meaning my directional hearing is skewed and I can’t always tell  if you’re talking TO me…and the usual jumbling problem of multiple conversations at once…. but this show is fun to listenin into just like trying to find the furthest station from home on a radio way back when when it mattered to try.  now I dig into the past. listed 11 episodes of 13.

ack! I want the story…CLIFF HUNG!

(echoes doesn’t allow a restart if you don’t load the whole stream except at the beginning. which lol can be annoying without that little slider bar.)

it’s the emerald of my eye this weekend.


maybe you’ll be saying in a tracelike tone “the mystic bells!” and be chuckling to yourself that such is a fine fine way of saying such a shizophrenic cover story! 😀  heheehehehhehehImage


proof is in the puddin’

I survived a whole day with money in my pocket.  I am not able at this time to get a fancy phone  not entirely because I cant afford any option at it, but because the refurbished and new offers are beyond my current means.  taxes are still in processes. sugars are coming down after I found my magic lancet….slowly but reliably.  after medical and house doings-a proper way to spend cash otherwise burning- I’m left still with a modest ammount of pocket cash.  so today the proof is in the pudding – and I do not mean I’m stirring in actual scotch into the jello butterscotch pudding either…bit of a waste if you’re curious because the scotch flavor’s stolen.  I suppose my consolation is cheap lunch and the realization I worked towards a goal…but this is a rare time and weekend where it is a tad depressing feeling as in boring and unflashy …..  on the plus side, this is my actual anniversary for being three years there at my current paid job when this date was a volunteer entry point.


brought low again ;)

back down from the mountains of Colorado and Visiting sis.  I visited the mineral hot springs at old town hot springs.  learned that kremling colorado packs dang fine smoked ribs…porkers…there is NO 7-11 in that town so exciting as it is it requires bank changing.  Yes, you heard that I’d finally seen that I am doing a lot of wheel spinning here to be anoyed it’s more wheel spinning or far too much is slippage waste.  and yet while I can do that soon enough, here’s the bummer, I’d still have to get some side work….and sis cant just hire me…. so luxury living is just one more choice. with a 2.5 mile walk to the town shuttle and back…it’s free though.

rio something mexican restaurant has a brutal but good margarita -yellow building next to a set back building around 7th ish.   Safeway sells san pellegrino sodas on special for 3,88 cheaper than down here!  all the stores are smaller.  I will have to watch the natural grocers as that’s a great way to spend twenty bucks on a salad.  I wonder heavily too though that while it’s nice it’s a lot of reading over a cold winter…I wonder if I want that for a fleeting summer.  I wont be stuck but in a real way I will limit my wanderings to places and have a month ‘s day shopping.  hmn.

the advantages of this are endless to help discipline.  and yeah there’s a hospital in town 20 minutes sensible winter driving away 4 if not.  I noticed that wondering if I’d negotiate work there.  I do know how,.

well, back to more oxygen and here comes work weekend.  4 people died on the same way I took with mom home and the trip took 5.20 minutes when it takes just about 2 normally if you can imagine the sloppiness of the weather. – kremling co.  smoked baby back ribs with a snap yep soft and chewy.


the BIG push

Welcome oncoming Ides of March.  It is decision time for to make me a BIG push.  a push towards agoal of higher safety financially with the paid forth pinch of lesser fun til this push is realized and recovered from.  in short I’m not dead broke as I planned better and chose better than that.  But I will be testing my resolve too with quite a pinch for longer than I wanted or planned for to let this current push realize.  now the nitty gritty dirt (maybe broke) band minute:

I can pay all my bills as I’d like a month ahead….as in truly this month plus next’s

I’ll have food as I bought some the other day plus last the month out 

I can take the one check  not near the opening of the month and use that to party on down or half party half sum up littler still details like sort out the house  with a working full fueled gril art on the walls replace niggler nickle dimer details

Ican expect my taxes to go as where I expect them to go to elimination of one big spend up last year leaving not one but two of three biggies fully paid in full plus that tantilizing credit  to me ballance.

I can expect the last check to get me close to the one month left owed.  and thus let april be the last ditched efforts fof the old regime of actions  and! let may my anniversary of 2 years at this home be the beginning of still ahead but this time growing the pot.  for ya see I would like to be by June’s opener rwo months ahead in operationg cost and one month full rent otherwise plus. the deposits and ememrgency call (400 these days)

thus by june becoming july, I should have the start of real money in the bank to make the last push to being….debt free with a more than a paycheck in t he bank by august…all bills forward.  if I am then I have enough to travel and passport this time to make it a fun one.  -the two trip ideas are:

   New Hampshire – with perhaps a nip over the border to sherbrooke qubec canada.  with a into area via boston Massachusettes which allows me and mother to visit her friend but me set foot into tick ’em off states.  Hopefully this will get me ma, nh, vt/ri leaving me or maybe a big ol road trip after lobster bisque and the whole of new england!

  or, the same basic trip cost and a solo mission to the west of ireland.

both trip idea have merit but oddly I’m leaning towards the minor international chance one of touring new england.  I like my mom. 😉

but first I should find pants and pay my bills and endure t