link trash.

you thought the last list of links made sorta sense?  here we go with the raw unfiltered additional version! most is an armchair story some is refresh on other thoughts in progress …

(translate but remember rp’s arent the indian rupees)

Singapore Malaysia to Medan Indonesia via Belawan and Batam Island- Indonesia. ultimate goal is Lake Toba.

a different machinery for de whatevering fibre from staulk.

a little more on the basics of what is hemp materials.



above is a hemp fabric grading reference.


album for dreaming up much of this and a letter I was after is

black sabbath TYR… conceptual metal.. its largely ignorable background noise but those moments you might listen… this is a drummer’s album…. this may make you dream of charly watts to return.

notes you’ll miss in the sentence or bit here or there…

indonesia flag red white

food point to that is that sa sa whatever above listed if you imagine that over rice.

I’ve no great listing of photos yet but I’ve seen a lot from the super highway to the lake from PT.  a big happy budha, some minor architecturals, the lake.

the average “weather” *forever rain

and shopping in singapore.


mixed links

mixed thoughts too! with those mixed links

rainbow glazes demonstrated

which is ethopianlentil stew

(warning christmas ’07 I made the addittion of too much allspice and! pink peppercorn to obtain psychedelic lentils.. will look again later)

this asks you to imagine:

lake chad sunset

hammock boat…tragic loss of comma but 😉

“hobo” or “rocket stoves”


joloff rice too and Privacy!



fish in pappiotte

as I’m working on a fushion of fish and?

sous vide cooking

not that I own this or anything but friend just jumped onto cooking so I can like care and other friend is overdue to dream with me simply fast easy.


I can without map or list give you a good europe now:

iceland, norway, sweden, finland, russia, estonia, latvia, lithuania, belarus ukraine

moldova/ odessa

romainia, bulgaria

greece, turkey cypress malta italy / san morano / vatican croatia, montenegro albania slovenia serbia bozia / heregovina, kosovo

monacco, france andorra, spain portugal

netherlands belgium luxemborg denmark germany poland

czech republic slovakia, austria, hungary

switzerland lichtenstein and my odd duck out is above greece – macedonia

technically part of the eu block and autonomous is farro islands and a set near sweden now favoring finland gibralter at the spannish tip which leans brittish

also in the eu trading block is

azerbijuan, with an interest goin autonamous, georgia,

khazakstan and

I believe I cover the block well. not perfect but in a spatial sorta order spiralling and rememberable

circles below turkey for the asia minor and persian and then the stans and then china india and mountains offshoots and flat out east coastal asia japan and the island nations australia and new zealand. africa south america central and north though I do not know the 3x mexican states,  oh yeah I can get about the earth well now man/ma’am


hauling and sharing

I’d like to thank the many people who have sent cards cash/plastic texted or otherwise shared of themselves this season wherever they are about the globe.

My favorite gift is of course rude and or unmentionable.

my biggest joy of finding sharables as yet unshared is a record.

my best given given gift is a subtlety of how it presented denver bronco nfl colors and cookies with a plate inscribed with apoem saying I thought about your diet and then thought better…aren’t I a brat?

I’;ve shared some of what I got and completely failed to wake up in time for breakfast cookery.


so the old ps2 is coming to life for new duty with luck.  many poorer souls are fed and that means with food and smiles… I’m not yet on the case.  

🙂  I see  I’ll make it in squeaked so ultimately for both health risks of sickness shared in combined places and overall finances the universe did me a favor not having me travel turns out I couldn’t have afforded it at this time- so in a way thanks universe for having it be my fault and yet saving me from overly reckless behaviour.


I don’t have to work tomorrow so, 😀 party-time


Christmas is working

I expect to work the christmas week…not the actual day as I’m blessed not to have to.  I’m thus staring at an empty fridge and I don’t meant chef’s empty of the wants to cook… I mean empty as in I just tossed the march and may meats of sis’   I have a wood owie foot which is essentially planter fasceitis which is to say the only thing to aid it is stretching and analgesics.  I thus have to approach my cleaning of my space in earnest as if I’m deathly ill which in a way I’m not duh blessings for me but I am hobbled.  I look forward to having the stove cleaned by evening in time to make a called out to soup a potato batch.  I plan on making irish eyes are smiling potato soup which is to say, double aged white cheddar and bacon with the onion componant of shallots and green bunch…unless I spot and chose leeks.  I hav with french toast ala blueberries and dmaple brown sugar bacone an idea also for christmas day proceedings of breakfast: adult egg nog lattes with or without real rum, maple brown sugar bacon with stuffed french toast …blueberries ROCK!- if you remember the a bugs life movie…either dinner. but lunch if home is blt tortillas and oranged nd hash of the browns probably grated potatoes with some onion soaked in milk and baked off.  lunch is blts ala tortilla with orange mexican boiler makers or gran gala / grand mariner with mexican lager.


proof there is ailing literacy.

drencome anyone? – a clockwork orange, anthony burgess

News for knockout game

  1. ‎- 1 day ago
    The violent and racially charged “Knockout Game” – where participants, often black youths, attack an unsuspecting victim unprovoked

apparently bloomberg news sources filed a story today on how bank of america cheated the spirit of the law meant to aid at least usa citizenry in having a legal shot to re-negotiate  when they have hard times with their bank about their home prior to it being lost.  I laugh as a bleeding heart story with a petition arrives in my inbox at the end of the business day for me but essentially lunch time new york city  where I can sign a petition to force bank of america to comply with the law.  I mean to tell you ordinarily I’d care but the details just landed wrong.  they said on returning to work someone depriving those who employ them files a well framed peti.ion for support to suckers.  

heh, if you wish to read, maybe you too will laugh at how it’s literally some hobo ignoring those who pay them to be socially aware on the firm’s time. note the details and times.  it isn’t some passionate person long involved at all.  below is links to and my email with detail <>
4:44 PM (6 hours ago)

to me
Joshua – There’s a new petition taking off on, and we think you might be interested in signing it:

Bank of America: Stop refusing to accept my payment. Be a leader and help change this practice.

By Rebekka Mackey
Miami, Florida

I need help getting Bank of America to stop from taking my home. My situation is far too common, but not discussed. The law should be fixed to prevent this from hurting anyone else.

My mama got sick almost 5 years ago and passed away just 2 weeks after we discovered she had cancer. At that time, she had a mortgage. I thought I was doing the right thing to call and inform the bank of her passing and letting them know that I would be assuming her $800 monthly mortgage payment. But I never should have told them.

From that point on, they absolutely refused to accept any payment. By law, as the heir, if I had tried to pay off the mortgage in full, they would have had to accept it, but if the heir can only afford to continue the payments, it is up to the bank’s discretion as to whether or not they will accept payment, or foreclose on the home.

In my case, they chose to take my home. I tried everything..I tried paying over the phone, they refused. I tried sending in a check, they returned it. I begged and pleaded and screamed at them for 3 months. They didn’t care. It was not until after they officially filed foreclosure that I understood why. This is when they called trying to arrange a deal, after I was backed into a corner with no way out.

This “deal” included higher interest and a higher payment (more than triple), which I just don’t have the income to afford to agree to. It is a common “deal” they try to force on people who find themselves in my situation. I have not been able to grieve in all this time because my stomach has been so wound up in knots worried about my future, where I will go, what I will do. The home has been in my family since it was built. It is full of the memories I shared with my mom. This home is so much more to me than just a house.

I am not asking for a handout. All I want is for the bank to stop this foreclosure and let me pay the same $800 monthly mortgage payment my mama was paying. That is what I have been fighting for the whole time- the right to assume my mother’s debt and pay it. My mama took the homeless and unwanted into her homes (she had 2, I already lost the other. The bank bought it at the foreclosure auction in was used purely to take in folks down on their luck, and help them get back on their feet, housing as many as 11 people at a time).

Since her passing, I have done the same. Now I am the one seeking out someone who will take me in, and it’s for no good reason. It is purely because the bank got greedy and wanted more than what was originally agreed on. There are enough homeless disabled veteran’s put out on the street, why add two more for no legitimate reason? Please help me put pressure on them to do the right thing. Please sign this petition.

The photo is of my mom and grandparents, the day they brought my mom home, to the house I am losing, for the first time in 1954.


The person (or organization) who started this petition is not affiliated with did not create this petition and is not responsible for the petition content.

This email was sent by to You can edit your email preferences or unsubscribe from emails.

Start a petition on


Candies in your time

tomorrow is candy in your time for me to pass time with fun things to provoke memory.  believe it or not this is not just diverting or it may be and I stilol hope it’s therapeutic.  so.

I went shopping for sugar candy knowing full damn well I’d want it and thus over spend and hopefully undereat.  considering I have 20 in candy, I managed only 120 of turtles I’m doing alright.

the point is to pick candies representing first and foremost what I like as I bought the stuff and my opinion counts!  but also to take a peek in confectionary historit didn’t  Ies.  the ca’ve chosen and I’m just going to smugly pretend for an instant I knew this in advance bundies Isaving that horehound candy was pre 1900’s stuff….:

hourhound candy – sanded drops gilliam not technically appearing til 1927 even if the concept was well  . 

root beer barrels -nearly impossible to find for a short time in the nineties but everything retro is back it seems now

cherry sours – a soft centered jelly beanish ball

stick candy – gilliam seems to be the main player and the easiest niche market is cracker barrel store/resteraunts.

mountain man fruit and nut co:


mary janes – a molases taffy type teeth glue that’s not a bit o honey taffy but also preceeds it.

peanut m and m’s

peppermint bark

mike and ikes

turtle type peanut clusters -which are so gone.

charleston chew.

dollar tree



John Dennis Fitzgeral in his novels “the great brain…” describes at least the horehound candy and the supposed year 1890’s era  but alas the town is fiction and he discovered to be a jazz drummer…writing to nurse a jazz musician fix.

Cherry sours remind me of liking them oodles and the end of that era…the skating rink… 2×2 roller skates. tallent skating wow! shit I just fell down.  I vividly remember hey 19 and the “dj” just having a quick bit of fun.  I never knew what black lights were.  cherry sours seem sketchily to exist in fifties era candies.  while their reciped taste is different, their shape is different… they’re pretty much a jelly bean.

the biggest kick was stick candy being a mix of granulated sugar and cream of tarter mainly plus colors….and that its documented to at least 1837

rootbeer barrels I can’t date at all but pretty much are in the same class as horehound candy.  old.

charleston chew are more of a 20’s and later thing.

m’n’m s are also fairly old skool.

mary janes are 1914/ bit o honey middle 20’s taffy teeth glues. mmmm here not for my memorys obviously.

mike and ikes are 40’s era and like cherry sours are a different shaped jellybean.

turtles I do not know when where but my memory of these is seeing a chocolatier  at work with them and that still marvels me I was not but nine at the time.

now looking up taffy I saw the sugar stages and it still marvels me here too that they are just a few degrees from a completely different confection type.  I must have typed toffee or brittle as I ended up looking at chiki’s which I happen to like the one I tried amaranth brittle and still think it’s so very classy as a sweet treat.

I also saw that some of the distinctive creamy head of a rootbeer is made with extractives of cassava… or the same thing as starvation food and the processed version of which is laundry starch.

it’s not hard to remember that the charlestonston was a popular dance of the roaring 20’s and candy bars come into their own more during this time.

. . . .

II never hated candy cigarettes but they never were my favorite either  though it’s possible to find them I never seem to except online.  I wouldn’t be surprised if law or no law they’re just not cool to sell for the backlash of anti-smoking sentiments.







typical reading

typical reading lovey question and craps-like toss of the mystical bones


hot potato

yes, of course i made more potato soup.  for those who follow me in facebook / face/palm land, it’s pictured.

the recipe is 1.88 potato on sale, yellow flesh 5lbs peeled

canadian bacon 12oz lump 4.54 diced

applewood smoked provolone 5.99 8oz

kroger half and half cream 8oz probably 1.99

celery .99 cents one bunch

baby carrots 99 cents yet I needed only a third of the bag

1/8 cup soy – I forget how much probably was 4.69 a liter and is thus 20 cents worth

purple/red onion medium peeled and quatered later flaked apart 92 cents

butter 3,49 unsalted, 1 stick of 4 87 cents

1 head garlic  50 cents peeled mince 

1/4 cup olive oil  6.49 32 oz ~1.65

1 can beer, moosehead ~1.10

salt ~2 tblespoons sea salt 3.49 2lbs. 20 cents if that

now this is roughly 45% sodium intake per “small bowl” salt lick yummy stuff.  I also am low on insulin sensitivity again so this stuff is also as fattening as possible still  a nap in the making carbtastic thrill.  yes, I see no reason to ever lie to you that soup essentially means high blood pressure and or weight gain.  salt does that.  but aside from the doom and gloom, it’s damn fine soup.

the name is naughty as it’s officially Jarrod’s soup even if I’m   kind he did more of the work at it than I did.  jarrod, ozial mitch brother dutch and I live here.  I know I fool no one as all the shopping and choices mine. the prep over half his, dishes to do his/house, but the pictures taken of the cooking/cook are me.  you get the idea.  

the name is at least amusing.  t time it was gouda potato and now it’s pcp…pro canadian potato… provolone, canadian bacon potato soup. the haha of an angel dust reference …

ultimately I’m pissed I can whip the shit out of the original reference memory of the cafe at Fitzgerald’s casino Blackhawk Colo. potato leek soup…but the pissed part is I can not duplicate it.

I’ve a similar problem with duplicating popeye’s (fried chicken, fast food) red beans and rice.  I c’t yet whip or duplicate their recipe though.


I really came on to ramble.  the above is where any semblance to a point ends and my joy begin.

I laughed today posting pictures as I pulled the batch from my phone and of course couldn’t see the icons clearly so included first a picture of dog mess….always a way to display your pride in food with the outcome.




Iwrite a delightfully good evocative poem/parody to a song and the only thing I seem to be get is sympathy…. lol  here’s a tissue Josh, I’m sorry you poemed good.

I tried complaining to the airline about a bummer experience…even the website just didn’t have the patience for my negative vibe.

I tell my boss I didn’t get to take a vacation I paid for so I get to work the whole weekend through.  now the funny part is this is likely more of a blessing…but please understand here I am 2nd week in a row starting the week with poor rest and just when I try to escape the place I get roped into a double punishment feeling gift of work to maybe recover financially from losing 

speaking of weirdness,  okay I went out booking a trip and the universe so ordains I get to be moral because it was a trip hopefully to get lucky yet not a single person planned to be visited was actually single – yet even in utter ruin of travel plans I did have as I said the closest to getting any of the year. figures I get to enjoy the closeness not actual entire win as kidney issues love to point out beer and them equal only a sad sad tail not told on.


just in time for all of this going mostly right and believe me it is the wrongs are glaring but my life’s going kinda nice… I hear I may get to work forever if only at reduced rates of hours.  just in time for the last place I want to be is work and the only point of the damn job was to chase the gal the universe oh oopses me critical failure to show.  I don’t joke, that was my simple minded hope job whatever anything to getclojob the booking and the fucked by the univ  I erse/airline into a joy far closer to home

in short, I still feel like I’m getting screwed but at least this year showed me a shot at being used too.


ID – Inspirational Depression


I am Well Aware I’m hard enough to follow in English as I use strange idioms and otherwise abuse grammar. I surely have shown I try to choose joy over being saddened or annoyed.  I also have hopefully shown I make a good effort to chase joy,. versus wallowing about in having been annoyed.  But, here I am many days into chasing joy and still sit here in a darkened theater of my thought and mood seeing the visions of TRUTH Danse Macabre about at a (Cuban) necktie party.  If You haven’t guessed it, It’s time for depressing inspirational parody…. Neil Diamond to the RESCUE and because I’m still touched listening to mr Diamond’s music!  below first is a link to a youtube of the original tune HeartLight from the OST “E.T.” – and then you’ll see what I may mean about  inspirational depression within the parody of the original words to talk to my current heart.

Flown Away again
What did I do this time?
Love, Sometimes ain’t always kind
Seem’s I’ve lost you. and me

‘Waives “Good bye” Again
hello to the dreams meanin pee
but as you go your own way
Thank you for the you you’ve left this way.

Closed ears to my Heart’s Plight
T’is my whine as I’m let go
yet again another ‘no’
to your yes and glee.

Closed ears to my heart’s plight
Tomorrow after a new smiled dream
It seems unfair to end this soon
But I’ve felt your broom

I’m set free to roam
and so ends this chase
our home a chosen against place – all wrong
so says no answer as I called thee…

Closed ears to my Heart’s Plight
T’is my whine as I’m let go
yet again another ‘no’
to your yes and glee.

Closed ears to my heart’s plight
Tomorrow after a new smiled dream
It seems unfair to end this soon
But I’ve felt your broom


our home a chosen against place – all wrong
so says no answer as I called thee…

Closed ears to my Heart’s Plight
T’is my whine as I’m let go
yet again another ‘no’
to your yes and glee.

Closed ears to my heart’s plight
Tomorrow after a new smiled dream
It seems unfair to end this soon
But I’ve felt your broom

Closed ears to my heart’s plight – COW!

Closed ears to my heart’s plight – COW!