pick my own switch.

two bills needed transferring.  the power bill was easy.  the cable/internet was not.  I have the power on budget billing with over 2 years average usage to back check making it safer.  the cable/internet is a slightly better deal that what we had.  in short the house overhead is again stable at least six months month or 2 years no change in overhead/rent.  Whee. 

I lodged a complaint questioning the cable company being somewhat discriminatory due to the way they handle transferring – making it very difficult to avoid a service call and thatfor a photo 180 dollar fee or demanding one show up for a photo I.d. check when such isn’t asked for in the field nor proof of address or social security info.  to add to this, I still had to go home and activate via a phone call my equipment…theus it’s a pointless hassle to show up…because of only policy.  if you really think I’m mad, get over it, yes annoyed who would not be but lol I just saved 170 dollars 😀  AND got to complain about it!

I point   out I have previous service fulfilled in good standing with both companies.

I missed my yearly tradition of watching afl’s grand final to go to a cable company for  an i.d. check?  laugh   even if I’m also serious. there was nothing saved for me in security of my identity.  I am disabled and was hassled for no earthly good reason and to not have confidence in phone care means I must wast time in person?  wow.  what a policy paridigmn worth reviewing.  this is a poor way of bilking seniors and disabled people into 180 dollar service calls.


moving towards free.

I GOT ONE QUESTION IN ON MY YOU ANSWER ITS BECAUSE OF GARBLE  I AM NOT STOPPING TO HIT THE CAPS LOCK KEY OR THIS FUCKER WONT POST.  I put the power over to my name and on budget  missbilling.  the cable company requires the disabled to show up in person or pay a service call to set up what is already working.  you know, a fee.  I will miss my yearly game because Comcast wants disabled to be robbed.  they aren’t protecting my information, liars.


The Spatch has nominated me for a Lobster Award. I have yet to discover what this Lobster is, but apparently this is my door to blogging fame, prestige, and prosperity, and I would be a fool not to leap through it and inflict it on my friends.

Each nominee must link back to the person who nominated him or her.

Answer the 10 questions given to you by the nominator.

Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers.

Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.

Tony’s ten questions are the following:

What is your favorite punctuation mark?

Commas look like little sperms or tadpoles.

Do you really believe man walked on the moon or have you come to accept the reality that it was a very elaborate Hollywood hoax?

I had a friend who bounced a laser off of one of the reflectors left on the moon by an Apollo mission.

What brand of toothpaste do you use and why?1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

Anything under a buck. Because I don’t want my teeth to rot.

Can you listen to John Prine (above) without smiling and/or Zoe Muth (above) without crying in your beer? (If yes) Are you human?

Had I known in advance about Zoe Muth, I would have prepared myself with a beer to cry into, but here at the office all I have is coffee. As to John Prine: fortunately, I have the key to escape reality.

Do you prefer print books or e-readers?

I don’t know what I’d do with all my bookcases if all my books were on an e-reader. (I suspect my wife would have some ideas.)

Share a quote that you find inspiring.

As I watch the sun rise over the mountains, I realize it’s not night time anymore. – Russ Meehan (dude I went to high school with)

If you write, what is the title of your work in progress? If not, what book are you currently reading?

No title, I’m just experimentally putting one of my characters through hell to see what he does, in writing that will never be read by anyone else. My wife and I are reading Terry Pratchett’s Men at Arms (Hombres de armas) out loud in Spanish.

Favorite Beatle? (John, Paul, George, or Ringo) Why?

Ringo. He has never taken himself too seriously.

What group of workers do you believe actually deserves to make what top entertainers and athletes make?

It would be cool to see schoolteachers rewarded, supported, and recognized as they deserve.

Name one poster you put on your wall growing up.

My last migraine was just before Field Day my junior year of high school. I took a pill, put on Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, lay on my roommate’s bed, stared at the psychedelic poster he had on the ceiling, and watched the colors swirl around.

Bonus question of my own: What’s your favorite word?

It’s a dead heat between ‘nostril’ and ‘knucklehead.’

The questions for my nominees are the following:

What’s your favorite word?

surreptitious – at present.

What is the coolest thing you’ve ever done? I have some but even if I did

climb on up into a single engline Cesna and pretend for a bit followed by a help myself to an instant hot cider.

What accomplishment of yours do you think ought to receive public attention?

yeah there is a spark of hope I’ve done somethone pal told mey but it is only god’s grace that got it done anyways so…none for me and all for him… it really is easier being humble.

Who was your favorite teacher and why?

setting aside the good book just for one moment anat was  secular… one iving a crap about as very good at displaying I didn’t care – and that’s been helpful to not care less as a choice.

If you were a superhero, what would be your power?

I like the notion of being inpenetrable shield dude.

Pasta, potato, or rice?

I’m more intigued with te…what’s a nice nickname for asians?..than the eastern slavs or the Italians.  what? okay RICE

What was your favorite childhood book?

The Great Brain At The Academy – John Dennis Fitzgerald

Where would you rather be than where you are now?

I look forward to meeting someone I’ve written 220,000 messages to

What famous person would you most like…to lunch with….

assuming we’re talking living people I uppose Anthony bordain should I get to be an asshole and drag him out to griff’s for a good burg er sans good clothes and pretentiousness.

What’s that over there?

a fabulous place to stub your toe…a when polished it looks just like an abyss, wood stove atop ouchie bricks.

how long did it take you to discover I’m good at writing despite the annoyance of rarely editing? – never is an option but please be funny.



The Light ‘s After ‘Im

The Light 's After 'Im

RighteousBruin had a moment to do a coffee and doughnut sit us on down for a chat.


hit the trail

hit the trail

a nice stroll to work


did you get my message

boss called asking this blog’s title’s question- did I get my message?  no I took a nap after the beer breakfast directly in the ten to twelve am hours because all I care about is being reading to rush in and by ten I don’t have to go.  it’s MY time.  lol all this defensiveness!

in reality I was relieved to hear from boss because aside from the dig I took a nap on my day off and at ten to tweve I was unaware of who called then til nearlky four..  it always must appear my fault.  it isn’t.  but to cut this story shorter, I’m not fired nore to terribly close and that’s all I care about.

I’m laughing as I’m now far ahead on my almondcoffeedies marichino site vs. the Xanga site.  versus the paid site with more potentials.   I’m fairly hammered and it’s my fault but you may wish to note that it’s woodford reserve this Monday night as whiskey sours….courtesy of mr and mrs t’s sweet and sour mix the whikeyu and some cherries marichino and that syrup.

my drinks contain sugar as I like mine sweet mr buddy71 of the original Xanga.  but I hope you enjoyed your birthday anyways….. I’m coming up 2nd day of December.  I’m 39 this year coming.  you should see@ wha I have for a work year thing.!


I’m hammered I’m also tired so whickey sours

Whiskey Sours:

mr and mrs T’s Sweet and SOUR mix.

Whiskey: Woodford Reserve Warm nail polish at 32 plus tax a 750ml. bottle with cork.

depending on stocks sugar and agave syrup.

Marischino cherries and syrup.

= pour whiskey then sour mix and a dask of sugary agave syryup… if using cane sugar, pour that first. and stir.

pour sour mix,  the syup over ice. and a dash of cherry syrup and those chrries.


with ice


per specks tive

there is a plastic bag between me and my computer and a suspicion orange smudge near me on the couch.  the dog puked hisself silly laone not a regular rider is off to shop but trying to get on the right st evening not feeling right til my computer landed in it.  it really is kinda symbolic of my day anyway yesterday.

I leave early, the bus is not early but late…andan error of route has us taking the go around the block… I miss my train and am officially late to work.  the one rider needs a trai…n and doesn’t know the city and didn’t bring the paper with the route directions for security.  the next rider is on about how her parents adopted her 9 yr old ..when you aren’t done in life I guess you aren’t done.  I’m late mind you and …  still thinking about ho  but as I say if I work it’s to improve me being useful and the money is a bonusw .  but to know upfront that the boss is on a rampage perhaps and watching today really just isn’t a helpful thought. even had a productive visits afternoonthe only thing I asked for was tossed in my face that I’m not pulling my weight and Its making her grumpy.    I do not need the jo  I get my activity going on time so that’s good Ib and it has gotten me ahead pinchy ahead as I put the brakes on over enjoying and thus counting on work not already worked but I am ahead..  it’s 8:18am and I have to be out at 9:05 but should aim for 8:40am for the obvious reasons of yesterday 

to know that boss is the ma.d.  manager on duty mad heheheh and watching is less than pleasant a prospect but let’s us just see it could be a glitch and thus I must balance that desire to be left alone/congratulated or tore apart because now facing audit is the time to be henpecked to death or I wont have a job after inspection possibly…. do not think for one instant inspections say anything about caring attitude  yet slovely attention to required care regulations 😉  a simple nametag is enough to start a negative inspection and less friendliness to details all involving opinion/judgement to cost me the gold goose…a decent paying job… it wouldn’t even be my details either  as shit can run down hill cy a c y A  cover your ahhh …bottom

I have a date after work no cash. 


  🙂  no time much either.  heh.



wish me luck with edit

some generous fellow is offering me to be his groups guest speaker this afternoon.  payment is step ahead in line of heaven type but the walnut wood good steak and chicken with salad and corn on the cob with homemade mashed potatoes was darn fine.  I actually took the time to prepare for this all school examples like.  Let’s us wish me luck as I hopefully did this opportunity right.

I am billed by name with the subject of Nutrition and various topics.  my keyword progression if fist, freecell,flinging horseshoes, writing horsedoo and grasping what is true.  all of this is to come under the title of “keep Swinging.”  As is I have mercurial tendencies to mention thing when they are not my initial topic  or Imay bounce swiftly between topic, I warn you this isn’t about nutrition and food but memory as in how to remember to be good to one’s self.  I also am introducing myself.  if this works right, I may be moonlighting in another aspect of my line of work.

I figure it’s a fair trade in that if I want to try after a shot at better than what I have I must have a wider array of abilities in which to get paid for…references and experience tend to help.  but first is the introduction.  wish me luck.  I have nice clothes and hairbrushing done coffee in me and as I said, preparation…no, not that preparation H.  I’ll share more later.

later is here and thus this edit – below is an introducing me speech with my notecards to it five keystone words to remember my topics.

I had no issue talking for 30 plus minute on two of them alone my problem isn’t time but brevity.

, freecell
, flinging horseshoes
, writing horsedoo,
grasping what is true?
,yahoo answers, and medtronics diabetes education combine to let us know that the size of our hand is how much we can eat at a meal it’s handy to have such a rule of the fist but this says nothing about what KIND of food were eating 600ml of salad oil is rougly 1600 nope the answer is 5100 calories and 20oz of coke is 240 calories according to it’s label. Our dear old government says we should eat about a 2000 calories a day diet with oodles of information on which foods are better than others.
knowing I take about x time to sfreecell solitaire and minesweeper games is usefull gauging how off my sugars can be because nly have to look down athe time to know uh oh I’m runny high or low on my sugars because I’m either a brain child nd see or feel denser than a freeweight “dumbell” . please understand I atherm legally
I was playing horseshoes at sunset yesterday at su please understand that I am legally blind and using the 14 steps it to walk off I40 feetish be tween the stakes that I saw the color differences and also my visual land marks to aim for. of course Iost! I didn’t get any ringers in th night either. but with 10 percent of the information other can have I scored 7 of my teams 10 points I know
by now you know I’ legally blind and have diabetes and I like to have ways to know how to saow how. or am after it….learning.
ince Quitting my telephone type job with sears over a decade ago I have neve obtained full time employment again. it would seem I’m not going to take it anymore.
and outwardly appear disabled or just not fast so that too might play upon not helping me find work. this sure is depressing sound stuff but I would like to tell you I’m past ninety days newly employed after five straight years I feel a winner at horseshoes ecause I played well even if the win didn’t come my way oh shucks I have learned that for telephone work I amcrabby daddy yet I have activities to run in a resthome. this job already has gotten me toys and travel. I have to say I’ve had a fist full of life and I’m still at it swinging.

here are a handfull of things that may be rather usefull if ya think on them. I have written poetry by choice now since highschool or justy over twenty years. due to this Ive met others who do the same and playing along learned fancy formulas of rhyme for songs to how to cheat at haiku which makes that more fun and what on earth a sestina is whoopee ooo a poem. and lets me tell you of the 250 pages I bothered to print of ones I wnone got me published to fame and fortune. so I meet folk anrote have fun only? lets go back to what a sestina is writing one was when I used it to
poetry can be fun to create a recipe. here is one I D ding oped to win a contest with and? no such luck.
Kiss Rouge Miaz
Sing to me of spuds, browned by coal-red light
Steaming hot vapors, Rising to the sky
Eve’ning Chill beck-ons, Moonbeam’s silvered bright
Scheming up visions, not of what to fry
Just wipe me one clean, seeing glinted gleams
Trust your oven’s roar, heating up for more
More of what but stuff, stuffed with soured cream
Maybe butter or, maybe salt from shore
Cut down its middle, revealing each half
Scoop out and drizzle, dollop and dust thus
Stirring in liquid to smooth out the path
Sailed ings whe crisp boats, this delightful must
Romancing tummy, whi mayh warms many hearts
Those echoing mem-ries tossed in the cart.
(for a prairie home companion’s wonder how dare this not gain me bed of roses contest and I am Kiss)
The hope is you all wanna clap and in stunned awe wonder how that gem failed to make me instantly famous….or maybe see it a for you sees a novel way to remember things when it takes so much longer no to remember or at least it does for me because I’m not 17 anymore. making life interesting and fun is one of the best ways to remember imporntant thing.
another way my life changes is that I can not jaywalk all the time because I cant heabefore we get tor correctly and never could see correctly to be safe so voila you’ll catch t cowasn’t seen has saved me more frustration and injury over the years!.upled with assuming Ihis cat gettin off at the rearnest light to cross at in the cross walk oooo how very upright and goodcitizenly of me. I just rode 31.6 miles from my home to part time quick cash job and back as no one there and learned why I rarely ride a bicycle as there are far too many idiots out there and that coupled with assuming I wasn’t seen has save me epic ammounts of frustration and INJURY.
just before we get to y choice moregood things happen to me than our questions I’d like to want that to be my particular blessing. I would like it to appear I genuinely care in actions not just words thus you have some of my choices listed and their outcomes. One might also see that I have a large array of tools to not instantly appear disabled even if I legally am. this perspecxtive of hey wow I have a medicare card and thus am legally retired in my thirties sure is sounding a lot better than I’m negetively afflicted with challenges in my physical health. but if this hokey hope falls on deaf ears…thank you for lettting hear my own glorious voice for a litt;e while.


a slip of the odds

I visited this year’s metaphysical fair thus repeating last year’s experiences again.  I can’t post the aura pictures yet as I’ve no scanner to upload them.  I got my psychic reading from a palmist this year.  I am possessed of some essential oils to spice up the kit of said at work.  I was more tempted than ever by bobbles this year.

One annoying thing about visiting clairvoyants is how fast one realizes one’s poker face is a haha joke as they seem to elicit all there is to know from what’s for all the world to see.  I am told I am to continue seeking balance in all things.  My love interest will continue to be a brat as in just as good at getting under my fingernails as it seems I am hers….balance achieved whoopee.  I am to look forward toa lot of doors opened but to be careful of how I “comport” myself as in I am finally building and it seems easy right NOW….it will continue to be.  I must be careful to build a skill called thankfulness in all things…yes sometimes blessing the things not going my way -perhaps to remain just as strong and also still grow.  good short trips are wise as is being careful to build up me.  essentially avoid despondency over things not going quite to plan.

the bobbles of interest are finger puzzles this time a maze etched or pressed into various surfaces to trace with a finger.  this gent offers no website nor does he take creditcards as one “must work to keep prices low” 😉 what bs.  the next bobble was mandalas – this time by kathyrose of Virginia beach va… take those lotuslike designs or fractals and put these to wood with sparklers making glittering magic and you’ve great lsd art in a new refined way.  I came very damn close to getting earing as I like Siberian blue quartz…problem is I do not personally wear earrings and my favorite one who may hasn’t the colourings for this and they were only able to get close on a pendant but I balked again figuring I want a better picture of this one’s eyes to make sure it coordinates at least a little….but since thesurprise is gone lol and she’ll read this to make sure lol I will have to keep on shoppin.’  the beading fellow had some stellar bead masks  too.  the next interesting thing was concrete art from the faces of the gods.

beer on the way home was the dutchess of Bourgogne – a Belgium beer named after the tragic loss of a young lady to a horseriding accident in 1457… I swear the taste is like that of sucking down a wishing well after it’s marinated those co  baba ins for a lonnnnnnnnng time. and has a cidery noseyet no true cider taste…pfew!  baba black lager from salt lake city Utah in a can just was a great maybe thired best black beer and at 10 for six was cheaper than that belch ’em (Belgium) stuff.  oi.

well the dessert vision oil smells like falling face first off the porch in Arizona after too much wine and thus its past time to get ready for w.o.r.k.