That’s that

My love’s window stares
Hoping admiring and
Ne’er bells after stairs

I bought my next projects tools myself my money and unsure is the vibe.

I went to lunch dumped like a wet fucking chump with a personal raincloud – I came home about the same. Love. Lunch contrived to be indigestion complimentarily


Day on

Toilet seat replacement
This duh means clean it too!

Dim sum day off to ‘Dunny’ do-up day on 😉 face up into the sky to face down in a toilet.

(No, the replacement wasn’t 40 turns in/out or a hex over tab type but a fit collar over screws not tab replacement and no I haven’t ever done this diy before)

22 day

Diet Coke
Pizza slice 1/6

Snickers x2 1030/1
Pizza slice 1/4

Beer x1 about 5:30-630

Waters x3 on day crate of waters sized 12oz ish
Bit foggy still on day
Up 4 20a from 10 previous
Nap 1:30 -2 woken

Today 7/3 7-440a
Diet Coke as too early to coffee and I’m not arguing and recleaning that machine

I need today to dispose of 3 avocado so mid day salsa and chips shall enter my life

Shot through the heart (and I’m so vain)

All I see is hopeless
Bereft of meaning worthy
Rubber denial, cuss.

Sincethats cheerfull seeming just like a black eye ! How’s about?

First time in ages, I’m on point to make kebabs my sweet heat kebabs
Cranberry juice, soy sauce and hot sauce (this time chipotle Tabasco) pork cubed, baby bell peppers, (for now as tomatoes, mushrooms, squash maybe, onion all fall to mush or bits in marinades I may cube a tater to make veggie only offerings)

Why yes the poem hit when it really did bounce hopelessugh the day… but humor! (Rubber denial! Cussing heh) but whatever! Not every moment is bright and yet the path to goals still remains. And to have said it brought a mood that instantly returned hence I avoid the mood I don’t aim to bleep)

‘‘Twas this or beer”

The mouse of my heart
Nurtures bites in life’s grass hides
There’s room too, you snake

I saw again the after glow
Of soundless smiles of a naughty show
It occurred to me joy
Is shared, deployed
It’s simple – it flows

To be open as a prairie
Full of many a moment mouse
All it takes is your gliding lines
And joy a sky above airy

Bask or beach

I wanted and have half succeeded visiting my uncles today. Hopefully the other gets home before I got to. You may laugh at me but it was ahhhhhhh you know that moment it’s slower somewhere else and you smile offering up a lil oomph back to just want to like a kitchen not bombed bad but re-tidied – rogue round of dishes… because you know it helps. But where you might truly laugh as I’ve lived here with them a spell after xmas and remember with remorse the no Taco Bell problem of this location! I haven’t decided on how to resolve this with choices available but 😉 I may shortly

Thus one can relax – about the only gift I’ve lately to offer – but it ain’t nothing