Its a wave!

Video of 18-20 wave.  Closest easy volume is a triangular log.

1 cubit foot is 7.48 gallons weighing 8.3 pounds each gallon. Massive what waves weigh.

Google lists answer via them


Weight: Google search  8.378 or a 8.34 lbs via


Would I Be Confusing?

I aced college composition requirements.    I’ve a decent reading comprehension.  I’m not but average with language mechanics.  I’ve a 365 days of new words calendar of which I don’t know every word.  Yet what strikes others as import and then the sequence of importance is often mysteries between you reading me and I offering my thoughts out.   Honestly, I speak-ey the English.

I guess this is where. What I find important and interesting meets the common world and the notions of it i understand.



Like Winter, “wit’ry” is barren of color wit-ry.

97 miles outside Chicago,

I can’t stop driving – I don’t know why

2 years later you’re still on my mind…

A Walk To Remember OST

Neeeeeever saw the movie. Unlike tlc – crazy sexy cool I liked this disc.  If you thought the deed of ‘aunt (or in this case uncle) crunchy’ just ‘oh oopsed’ your favorite disc to no justice, taking the I couldn’t afford to replace it foil off my foil electric razor which cost 7 times as much, probably ought make a few chuckle and wonder when the whining and or cussing ought begin.  I still wish you’d have put the disc. in the case.  And we’d alll have been happy campers with semi respected property.  Funny how OCD I’d be.  One of those we can’t have nice things in a house where sequences weren’t a huge harmony….    Teaches one either anal-ity or whoops/,whatever.  Try not looking at me as if I’m a euphemistic asterisk of an anatomical outlet.

Coffee.  Coffee loves me.  No not really. Coffee by nature elevates blood pressure which I just don’t at sometimes 218/108 w/96 need help there.   Tea!

Tea loves me!  No not really as it has moderated bits of the same as coffee this big help it ain’t.

3 pills not one and one isn’t doing it.  Last time it was a week in the hospital round the clock wake me up for 3 am meds 5 am meds then 7 o clock rounds but a week later I could see 135/80. And very often any dialysis if on pills plus having slept I’ll go from 180/95 to 95/55 or lower…. You try that on a walk home! It’s a bitch to cross the street when it all goes grey.  Of course technically I’m not allowed to leave dialysis until someone goes “Boo!” So I’m 100/60 or they’re neglect ing safety but the Grey’s have came.  What’s good to raise b p?  Let’s pick something realllll healthy now!  Tobacco Cigarettes!

Now that the love is gone

How could you lead me on?

Earth wind and fire

It’s always lovely having to fight through those …times…  Knowing like any person that the worst is a blockbuster movie of suitable length ready to play then sequel if it splashed enough Gore around in your days.  To care when nada do.  To simply make a chilidog letting the chili cool before refrigerating so I don’t cook the fridge… Only to swear that the words coming are what a MESS because I don’t need be in that room to watch it cool.  It’s that ease of trying to be breezy easy walking on glass.   To make a tea….light off on the pot.  Make coffee light on chisle the pot clean.  That real slight but momentous harmony of lack of support.  Yet haha if you think of it.  Guess the person don’t like tea…hee hee.  And for the record why this is momentous is so often we don’t understand…. Pretty easy to dedeuce non tea support if it was on its tea then it’s off…but nah I don’t want coffee this second but ick cold coffee and what a hassle make that!

Justice.  Support to be.  Sure someone might agree to that nightmare of entanglement.  So far I’ve one ride down the mountain and an umbrella often needed adventure….ending as I understand love and obvious endings in you guessed it… Drip drip drip, flood!….. Drip drip oh there is the bus with the air con cranked!  And the papers said bye bye instead of here’s a hand up on your future our future.  There surely is justice and surely everyone has a horror tale or should ! Haha of not a damn thing went right.  But sometimes life is cold and opportunity is oiled…just for you! Butterfingers!  Or there’s much good as there’s much good grief!


I thought I’d be colorful like chicken!


I did get a curious burnt hot dog only the cheapies can burn this way but I m g I guess I must! Have it burnt.  Weird ism and decidedly unhelpful in joyous tidings but great for hot dogs


Oh and the super-dooper diet book said potato chips.  To lose weight.  Granted I’m a steady 62 kg at 5″8 feet”inch just slightly uñderweight.  That and pumpernickel bread.  I like potato chips and adore pumpernickel bread!  “Carb lovers diet”

It’s cheaper on eBay currently. And it’ll not surprise you at all the Rd or registered dietician looks like a twerp out of college…oh no, I’m not biased at how I didn’t sheepskin or that I’m twice their age. Nope. Oily smile.

I did find it funny though that gee, what I do not need is a weightloss diet! What do I find in life but a youngster fussing on health.  Not old enough to fight the battle not of spouses kids or mortgage no I mean the real battle of blob of the twenty year glue, bulge. Fat.  I’m skinny if you read up.   And it’s murder finding more than a half jug of milk’s fridge space and more than two burritos or pack of hotdogs storage space.  Wonder why I maintain at 62kg?  Don’t worry I can rarely finish it. A two egg breakfast is too much…but damn if I don’t adore steak n eggs… usually forsake the eggs.

Anyways  on grey days I say fuck! I wish up the best joy I got which is cocoon blanketed me over a furnace register furnace working and if I can manage a beverage.

I tried half calf and my punishment is it’ll be around til I paint with esspresso.  I tried the best brand DECAFF tea.  It’s just a flavor point wrong wimpy not umami whatever.  I’m somewhere near both out of funds but this is the second go effort and thus it should improve by springs hope and technical beginning.

I don’t have any “Lion in Winter” quotes as I didn’t see that movie either.

Time for beverage and the rattling spot.








Can’t operate can opener.  Counters attended.

IMG_20200112_155006392my smiles now. Hopefully they melt


Prep to prove it came from such.   And how it constructed.

I can’t cut well chin holding fork and the other cutting… That wimpy the one hand.


But, if you took class one or watched your hero or lust object, on tv… You try to both have every tool and ingredients ready.  As you see I need d more even then as ‘that’s life.’ (church keyed not can opener-ed cans)


3:51 to 409 250f oops not holding now I’m cooking!  360f iron Skillet about 440 455 to begin the look for edges on.



If I don’t believe I’m pessimistic and that’s MY reality.  And the Christian’s eaten by lions as those condemning laughed at your gods power their point didn’t have enough faith?  God hasn’t been there with ten thousand legions of angels for everyone.  And I don’t want every.pot or pan licked by the dog “his wages” the house tradition! Either.  That it’s all rules for who what love for what?  Every little thing is gifts with strings hypocracy yet Jesus Jesus Jesus how you quit drugs or alcojol on neither yet that’s your demon possession or whatever your word health your fault and if Jesus comes into you life by your quitting the devil???  Oh my


I very much disagree.

… Outcome:

(Less lip more food)

4 served as you see, room for seconds and lunch leftovers. If feeding real eaters this is 4 but I get full on frozen smaller meals or one! Pot pie.

Room for salad and a veggie if stretching.


( Don’t mind grumpy and I am grumpy about the Jesus bash.  I  sensitive about all the holier than thou stuff anyways… I do disagree about this concept it’s devil and demons keeping us from prosperity or health but I’m not paradoxically ugly cold it’s all your fault either.  I’m much against that and moving away from that even as ever a focus.  By example that notion would make Hitler favored of God and thus millions faithless by comparison and dead and that is my meanness to claim that otherwise heartless evil. It’s not! a sin to be conservative!  It not a sin to want to keep yours yours and not fall for every sad-sack story often hiding Ill preparedness efforts or other grim certainties of outcomes unfortunate…   But it sure is unwelcome to me this notion if I ain’t rolling naked on a floor knee-deep in onlythousand or above  bank notes I haven’t faith and it IS my fault.  Come cast out my demon so I may right as I’m oh such a wretch.  I much prefer being a bit brighter in my esteems.  God is great.  I don’t care if that makes me dumb to atheists and all the more silly I’m hurting having to reorder in life after a change.  This is now actually pretty high up on my abilities and it’s not pretty like yesteryear.  It may be the best thing I got to attempt too as I’m not rolling in those notes!  But yes, there’s joy and yay it Was good.  Dieties smiling down even now good.  10.63/2/5ths this batch chicken, 2.19/ 3/4 used yellow corn tortillas, 2.49/ 1/3 used McCormick, 2.19 7/8 used cream cheese, 4.99 2lbs Munster 1/2 used, 3.99 paper plates 7/50’s used, 99 cents 4/9ths used, 1.89 x2 all used enchilada sauce,  5 dollar can opener too much for my hands, 1.29 church key yay for wasted money having a beer de capper.  4/90ths @2.99 ziplocks 1/4 3.99 gladware storage main leftovers or chili can chilidog lefts or ramen -knowing this is my sinkful but I’ve all day to get 8t done off…cool.  13.76 /6 is non have buy tools entirely or 2.30 a person served and reasonably a few pennies the soap to eat difference.  I’ve amped my game significantly flavor town wise and cut my costs dramatically.  I’m loved and survive despite lesser health to enjoy that success…blessed if you will… Despite issues or because of them.  That don’t mean I am bliss.)





Said With An Oily Smile.

Possibilities! Ooo.

The job hasn’t called no surprise but I not the worst huge/judge of actions… Want to thank my kindly folk teaching the concepts of -not being right – but being aware of possibles.. I’m not all that good at outcomes but I sure do know the way the wind is blowing! Hahaha. No bull. As in no stock show. :). Not yet.

I am here because I’ve struggled it home. All six breaks six blocks. Huffffffffffa! 11 ish in chicken split breasts. I’m glad I did not fight up today cooking that kind of Todo. I slept 5 after today’s treatment. 1 during for two always being on the edges of sleep. Just that edge of cold. Blah ;). But fooooood!

Chicken split breasts medium sized multi/family.
Bigger block Munster cheese 2 lbs
Pack of yellow corn but larger than mini street taco size..6 ish inches not 4. 2.54 cm to inch if you math from elsewhere
McCormick spicy Chipotle garlic seasoning. (I like them anyways especially Montreal chicken seasoning but here it’s paprika at 3.29 ten times my needs seemingly and I’m poor at this moment that dollar over 2.49 feeling is why)

Now I have enough red sauce for enchiladas already.
I may have green. I would have to make a white if wanting the flag of sauces.

Mom’s visiting and yet again die of embarrassment I need “help” (cash) and joy anyways as I can provide some yum in return !!

Since Chipotle gets warm spicy I must alter that accordingly. Since cheese can underwhelm and or drown! I must carefully guess just enough for ooooooooey of the gooey yet I’m making Chicken enchiladas not cheese with chicken.

Thats the flag of sauces, enchiladas.


If I slack, just red sauce cheese. I’ve limits on pantry and procurements and energies.

20-30 minutes to brown off a pot of split breasts and toast round one of seasoning that bubbles 2 hours so a second infusion in the waters of my “spices” is a must! Oh it takes thirty more for toasts, browned to hit boil I don’t have a kettle and must hand wash so two vessels folks pot and casserole! Please!

It’s 30-45 to debone chunk filling. This includes forming/rolling/ saucing enchies. If I’m down a cheese grater, it’s 15 more as im very limited two hand cutting cheese but some chunk and some thing melty top shaved? Mmmm. This becomes about an hour some covered in foil so later it crisps with a dash of yummy burnt melty cheese just right.

My hope. It should happen. I really do get so tired that this is a dream versus yesteryear lunches. But mom’s coming! 😁

Bingo Boredom

What follows is a ‘broken thread’ of bingo boredom. It breaks as i can not focus visual arts to a blind audience. But what life is like hinges sometimes on art & style versus just period attitudes. And, to waste the nifty art is a drag.

I’m looking up if sears sold wallpaper and if so who by how much. I start running across names…not actual art so without a picture, I go hunting… Now you get links to your periods in design. This has and offshoot of Warner & sons containing the archive of the company closing 30 some ago. They utilized some of the top folk in graphic design over time. These folk were employed not by Warner & sons but but the ‘silver studio’s

This archive is how i found out the silver studio exists

Tulip Design

Via charles hasler

Don’t lament the goldstar appliances home of cheap knockoff living as lg is a well respected offering nowadays and very much…goldstar …merged.

Little green on wallpaper where times and production changed from handmade to block or roller printing In the 1840s — this is the 1820s link in.

The point is obvious, if you can’t catch a whisp of what it’s like from 1821 Springfield Illinois throu modern times then I didn’t try to let you live the story that is another’s lives. It’s a Hallmark of the advice to work successfully with older folk in the ‘home’. Just as in the art education I miserably failed, you must convey a thought a conversation to reality… Well arts talking.

But again you understand, um textureless designs don’t quite include the blind so shortly I must mosey along to productive searching…that’s of course interesting…not wow lookie at the pictures Mary Bryant home folk!!! (A live-in sometimes him for the blind)

Da Slacks Of Hype

I applied at the national western stock show Denver. My response at 500 pm was you handed us an out of state I d so the background check will take one hour or up to one week. I can’t be outside terribly long nor can I lift with both hands nor easy two hand any operation of 30 people or more requiring visual identification… basically I’m the greeter or info table kind of hope.

I was 65 something kg so like em I ate good the other day! I left as usual their plan 62 come out 62.9 new target 62. Desperate to turn me into a raisin. Thus believe you me! I took that nap…then in the usual haze I took ten minutes to leave and I was already dressed! Point being is it was a parking lot on the interstate at rush hour. So you stand your line but yours may not be like mine and ooo cross your fingers! No. Don’t blanket wish I get hired. Wish me some success fitting what I can do…safely. please. For instance it might seem silly but a half mile from a busstop can require breaks….and seem endless. But joy I got, hello!

By washout again typical dialysis… You know I know to avoid full fluid reduction if I need have a day after. By 62… I got a Wendy’s 2 for $5 singles gave Mom one and a salad and a small nugget…I came home with food. Drat. Hate me gals I need gain weight. But all my efforts can see if a.m. dialysis allows work. Did I work out my best chances health enough to work? Then would anyone hire me!?!?! Hahahaha. Joy still. Hello!

Come on along now. Get your bull on.

I should point out so you cancheer more. Brother has worked security 16 some years with this gig. Now that’s remains is smiles. Not expecting a win. I worked people long enough to watch two operators in line ahead walk to testing (truck drivers) i got oh blah background check might be a wee. ;). But as I say, hello! 🙂