I ssalt you like a cod πŸ˜›

Let’s FIGHT!
I’m gonna lay out ordinary and a secret ingredient which were gonna have rumble over.
It isn’t gonna be remotely authentic. And I’ll just bet that besides a dash too much SaLT? It’s gonna be keto depending on how to heap it on.

Corned Beef brisket supper.

Irish? Not according to any Irish I ever hung out with! It is Jewish deli delicious straight out of NYC!


If you read this is a Kroger branded brisket. – precisely what isn’t sexy overpriced 20 bucks usd so 1 kilo ish sized. It say it’s sprayed with sodium solution and phosphates…. Meaning if you’re cutting these things, this is prepared based on what markets as tastey to a majority. Make certain to rinse before placing in roaster and make sure you find the plastic pouch like Halloween candy spice pouch and not plastize your roast like a dumbass. You can waste a few paper towels patting it lovingly dry and not drip meat juice everywhere like a murder while cooking.

Potatoes Fresh Produce 5 Lbs https://g.co/kgs/dMw1e1

I know purple potatoes exist and they’re high in potassium and carbohydrates. Peel off the skin as you know dang well roasted brilliance is only possible with loving prep.


Yesss purple carrots exist and last time I saw that was on a can of San Pellegrino blood orange soda whereby it was colored with purple carrot. We’re using boring normal orange AND I’m aware they’re also Carb-y with a high natural sugar content. I’m cutting mine so people get what they actually eat…. 1/3 of a carrot for the nibble with half a pound of meat if’n you watch


Cabbage -. Boring normal green chopped enough to cook and plate.

Yeah it can surprise you it’s “Cole” and thus Cole slaw…

Now let’s argue

You can argue this is a high salt destruction with wanton disregard for phosphorus lessening atop being “processed” and then how typical typical it is no possible elevation or authentic to it.

But the argument I’m aiming for is the magic ingredient choice:


Beer. Oddly enough I find this non alcoholic one the magic to roasting meats… Roaster meat and liquid and lid means technically something different than “roasting”. Just like non alcoholic beer means tasteless water of a pointless nature to anyone with a mouth as jokes go… But I am not eighteen anymore and I don’t need a nipple of a baby bottle put on my keg for a silly joke.

Well that’s my idea for Saturday supper with my siblings. I bought the stuff minus beers.

I could get my favorite black, Murphy’s Irish stout. I could also get lucky locally with Denver’s renegade a Russian imperial stout. I could an assinine heathen and serve odoulles too πŸ˜‰



What *when (60*60*24*365.25 rounding gently when thus is 31.55 million seconds roughly a year)
Is 12*3 (which is also 36*7.48 or the volume of water of a lil creek which at ~1.5mph is not a fast moving torrent but 31,550,000 * 36 is?

Divided by 660,253.09 gallons (Olympic pool)
~1,720.249…/ 1,720
5 pools a day ish!

For a weenie Creek.
I want a lusty river!

I spent today on my fictional town of Double Cross. I am careful to believe enough to make it plausible a place as if you may wake there…if I suddenly describe it so well that you might imagine it?

I’ve run into some scale issues as it’s not just lines on a page but meant to become! A place! Then to add misery to my understanding it’s not what lines but where and why! So I investigate what’s better to make it feel more alive. Like a lazy Creek versus a naughty and sometimes deadly river! A place seemingly with plenty but it isn’t easily massaged from itself for a living. Because I want you to feel how it reads when the this town paper shows iron ore prices go down say 25 a ton? That means 5 families will morn five changes to employment even if 4 tons ore is a workers produce a day and that’s 10 an hour wages not what a miner these days would make, you got to feel that in time when 2 an hour was very good money.

Best grass beef cattle
Caen hill locks (237 rise/fall locks passage system England)
Nagarjuna Sagar (India’s offering of a huge masonry dam at 409 feet… I need mine brick fictionally so this is a model but I don’t need mine so high!!!)
If you wonder about bricks there’s YouTube at your leisure
http://www.clevelandmemory.org/glihc/oretrade.html offering real backstory to iron mining within the economic mic costs and logistics not in novel format so please don’t bash me too harshly if my limited crasp isn’t to some Earth shattering reality…plausible would be nice.)
(Basically before Panama was an idea canalwise railroads replaced a lot of the need for canals but not all of it… So to be partially viable within history locks…yes to a river to move iron ore how? It’s very much boom for one 25 year phase of town but not a city 25 years later still where 1000 more times in volume came literally overnight)

I’m cleared to use my fistula for dialysis. If this goes well my chest port for same purpose may be removed. I have aortic aneurysm run on my dad’s side to which with my approval and qualifying logic of shown history of hardening via chest x-ray prior this year was ultrasounded for that worry- while the risk remains, I’m showing no major dangers!! I had to get a chest x-ray anyway per kidney not heart doctor (heart surgeon do fistulas ports) and months into dialysis I no longer show an enlarged heart or fluid internally!!!

Some blockages ease.
I got socks Monday and replacement shirts and pants to cover my wardrobe having 3 shirts… Bit thin. I have a coat as it’s to snow tomorrow.

I patiently don’t explode as to love and it’s hopes to listening heart well aware this sometimes hurts to be silent.
I’m motoring to my hopes hoping to continue this means completion sharing fairly. Even silly projects have this soul to them as that’s me easily adh oo shiney thing !! D . Or if you miss the joke I don’t seek a diagnosis of condition but I am distracted some not lingering long on a tour. Hence when I return notes exist to spark continuing.

Or not blockage.


Tittie, Tea-time. Rather blue the associations… 😁

I have to have a coat/gloves as it’s threatening snow and I just skipped power meditative skills 562 of how amaze yourself by sitting naked I a snowstorm radiating warmth enough in it to survive if not thrive. I’m due to move in tomorrow. I’m rather sure to be mega poor after sorting what must sort. The following may even be a wish list! But, here goes.


I don’t know if I’m keen on a rasp green affair but I do like raspberry leaves and black with rasp flavor… And stepping into new Jerusalem market that winter’s day (California dreaming on a winter’s day…the Mama’s and papas.) To that backroom urn of sugary thick hot green tea with cardomum…. Ahhh.


But in truth I usually just rave and rave over a dash of jelly in that above green ruinously brewed strong within a coffee pot. I can delight in truthfully awfully uncondonable achievements.


Which while green mentioning gunpowder and tasty ain’t nothing on the pineapple black with a dash of cream and sugar from the short-lived Aurora living thing of aught eight.

But none of that has the oomph of

This requires some diligence avoiding the chocolates at Royal deli a close eastern foods market

No, there is not a hey, let’s get whomp that tea boom done! It’s those swirling poetical crap feelings. Nostalgia.

Because 5-6 adults may tramp the kitchen, consider well that bulk joy is trying to make an appearance as otherwise I’m not getting my own stuff! As I don’t want a lot of crying, I just noodle til a great compromise arises.

This with choc syrup sure is good. Even alone black, it’s good.

But most fun of all?
Tea-d coffee.

Buying the barge of budget sludge coffee and tossing a teabag atop The dirt and hitting brew.




Oops you get a super secret ruined neat link to internal family maybe gifts…. And a honking 40oz bag of very good Kenyan as which can have a blackberry orange zest type aroma and conjuring images of flavors…. At bulk price? Mmm.

But back to the coffee bulk… 3 pots a pound 25 pounds is 75 pots or 3 months of coffee for 175 plus shipping . Yes whole bean. Fresh ground no less!


But that’s just for a fancified burap sack lol

Anyways enough bevverage dreaming for now.

Inconvenient Insomnia

I can not sleep. It’s 3 am soon 4,5 etc. I will be up to change my addresses via mainly phone work with appropriate agencies… It’s vital I exist where i live legally or dialysis is on my dime not the insurances. It’s just as obvious I can’t sleep because I’m scared of success. To combat this, I’ve wasted the most appallingly boring hours trying my damnedest to not save the world but take achievable steps towards my goals. I would say dreams but if one puts dates to dreams they become goals. Scary thought hoping how some school project at 44 years old yes school project shows my diligence and intelligence enough to be courting money successfully… But I don’t want it it to appear I’m haughty… I want innovative modern but thus tried tools I’m both able to deploy on scales thus costs acceptable …but I don’t want my yesterday’s of nothing but minimum wage and stagnant opportunity… I want more.

I choke on a simple list of alphabetical a to z a few times streets being a nothing project yet it was suddenly a major intellectual blockage.. so I took my years on years learning neat weird things online and found a -z lists and began associating what sounded weird but campy real for a free-wheeling once mining maybe town… Dreamtimestarmanjones.wordpress.com. My other blog lists that as “working around the blocks”. And then previously on almond offers, I having mid project suddenly have to move out of state as my housing evaporated, wanted to demonstrate nothing is gonna break my stride….a fine 80’s tune by Mathew Wilder who later brought us the production of Christine agulara as reflections the main theme of Disney’s “Mulan” which I find amusing as Mathew Wilder in “nothing is gonna break my stride” mentioned in lyric “sailed off to China in a little rowboat to find ya” and this means In “Mulan” Wilder is a popular musical contributor to that movie. And so just as much of my life is within Colorado you’ll see that I hope I represent beginnings common to towns and later development…or failures.
But most of all I want my fake town to feel real… I’m silly that way. I only expect to create a town large enough to have a city public transit offering robust enough to require schedules. I want a feeling of plausible growth. I’m finally beginning that reality.

Here is that town model

What this is for is that schedule which with signs at each stop labeling stops accurately as they’re individually also labeled, I can duplicate in my schooling the final project of a real time text query system to tell you in the fictional town of “Double-cross” when your speeding bus is coming.

I’m not sure any of this helps my goal of making more money. I want to be making more money. I’m trying not to let anything stop me from completing my goals… Even if I’m self-paced and now self monitored from my helpful lighthouse for the blind of Pinellas county Florida… Beginnings. I now am elsewhere but don’t you dare say I can’t.

Projects they help me establish
Typing speed and accuracy
Excel as well as the Microsoft office suite
Adaptive software to both read the screen and or enlarge it so I may as a legally blind person reenter work
Sql instruction
Css instruction
All of these make my project above possible in real ways. I have struggled to get these opportunities going only to start dialysis then have my housing change not just to another county but now across the country. I am not rich thus no longer own adaptive computers…
This problem is partially settleable by two or three places I know of

Littletons public library because I’ve used it, has a seperated blind adapted computer room.
Or did.
Colorado talking book library, a state Depot of getting my entertaining books to me the blind and or physically handicapped.
I may also find luck with computing borrowing or resources through
The national federation of the blind I Littleton.

It isn’t enough I use pen and paper or bulldoze my way to completing this task absent of adaptive computing underlying each and every skill… What would be the point to show you something already implemented I many large bussystems including the area i live now and where I moved from? I mean hahaha. Who’d care? But if I fundemetally understand the concepts of this project and demonstrate testable skills sets, and the competently with the help of adaptive equipment… Hopefully you might agree I may improve my luck finding opportunity.

I’m doing this with the help begun of
Florida states
Division of vocational rehabilitation
Division of blind services
Lighthouse for the blind parent organization of American council of the blind… I believe
Transferring to
Colorado institutions

It took me a year to date to get this far with the enormous amount of paperwork and seemingly frustrating delays. I may be nine more months starting all over in Colorado paperwork!!!

All I can hope you see is determination to have me my chances again. I’m not kidding, I used to be able to see just enough to manage differently… I otherwise can no longer read all registers books computer screens from any distance complex signs like your number in line… So I either learn a new way or I never work again.

I may be technically disabled even sickly… But I’d rather not wish this to deny me my dreams… And we all know most of us gotta work for our dreams. But I’ve help…no guarantee just I have help…. This is some proof of what I’m doing with it.

The Adventure Is Here.


The broccoli tree. Look it even believes in Halloween with it’s lil skellie smile.

Day one was some green chili I could manage at the mild Mexican joint ! Yes just in case all the Colorado left me, mild. Walking the manager or of dogs was quite fun as we could take 4 of the 5. Don’t you worry special time for jealous growly was arranged! Of course the gotta go can’t happen til the neighbor could see you seperated from the group no bag as we’d stash common the bags I the stroller… Extra patrol! Sushi mat it for suppertime and it requires a lil tweek to be correct to type of ingredients but mmmmm. And a lil progress upon the goals… Next photos…

(When trying to invent a fictional town, big enough to support multi-lines bus service, hence many stops to text at stops or Rob call info, you if me might get roadblocked not just inventing a list of street names…. But imagining how the town had to come to be! I don’t lack a model – best for this sized town for shape might be steamboat springs, co as it has a three line bus shuttle to get you to your tourism joy and if that involves alcohol- a free ride for everyone’s safety and if necessary the very little mercy bad choices otherwise will net one. As you can see the ideas, gelling, this town has to have a minor bit of railroad access and a river to a lil lake. How ideas of generations change with how we try economically for livings… It’s not just paths but the ghosts! The ghosts make the paths. But that’s the block… That how big a lake which is why the town gets shaped some as it is an expensive thing dams so what was it’s need to fund it….I’m settling upon flood control with Earl city power and thus minor irrigation which makes this a fairly late Victorian era beginning of a towΓ±. Not so new it has no ghosts… But not so old those ghosts actually overly excited anyone.

My delay start for dialysis is waiting from Thursday til Tuesday and it came through as I was boarding the plane. So I’ve a lil ID running to do so I’m not courting surprise out of insurance area bills. But I can progress to what adventure is back here. But the adventure is no longer Florida but Colorado…monkey wrench of housing occured…

On the bus, gus

An adventure awaits. Frontier airlines from Tampa (FL) to Denver (co) awaits midday for my caboose. Final moments were two offers elsewhere. No word on the switching care or flu shots as they started giving them out. I’m mostly packed but back to track import stuff as it’s last chance if if it’s coming. 720 out the door on sunrise.

Reschedule appointments primary care and vascular surgeon…. Out of town. Cancel other Florida.


This is a victrola (rca record player) which apologies the record sounds through a horn.
The next picture is a 1930’s am radio which will conveniently also have a horn speaker too.
Now understand, this is a revisitation of an idea where the point is paired products in this case the speakers that can drive their their functions…… I e a victrola would play records!!! A ND as the radio plays radio yeah yeah… But as they’re a pair, they can be the rear channels of surround sound.

Just as this old fashioned or vintage movie projector is sized so in a custom way it could hold a modern lcd/led multi media projector thus would be the visual entertainment…

A keystone vintage projector
It is of keystone camera company of Boston not keystone pictures a newyork company early in Los Angeles movie production…
An rca led projector capable of 150 inch display and 1080 resolution… For the purposes of form, I’m not spending hours on whether it’s fast enough at full resolution to play modern videogames versus movies or television just as I’m not going to spend hours making a parts list of a project I can not begin this instant. I’m just covering possible.
Given that I’m determined in general, I’ve little doubt I’ll have chances to pursue this…. So I will quickly finish the front end of a surround system.

Klisch heresy 3 floor speakers which are good sounding speakers for highly snooty jazz or classical music
Maple tree audio design, a Canadian real tube/valve amplifier capable of driving even klisch speakers which are surprisingly low wattage speakers. This at a price I about to consider without mythic funding.

Yes even a screen with curtains…
It’s not “cheap” nor is it an impossibility.

The reason is simple. I don’t watch much television nor do I wish never to host a game or kick back for a flick. As I’m far deaffer than I used to be, I would appreciate a system clear enough to hear yet not having to feel it loud at my room air-conditioner is a power saver!!

Next up is kitchenry. I’m not forgetting to set not dreams but dates I can achieve one way or another. Or “goals”

Nothing has to be, but I mosey forward…might as well flesh out how and with things I want style-wise.