Story telling

Nothing quite like ancient relics for breakfast in sugarfree syrup. Yeah!


Deja dragon vu

I have the card- special discount- I have a reasonably free day… Deja vu, anyone? Yes note the conveyance door to door thus drink up and or feel freeee to be looney.

2.25, 2.25 for the two routes is 4.50 each way – 1.10, 1.10 is with card

Weather if you care
You don’t have to patronize these folk but their lobster bisque is good and it’s a helpful place to understand in that it’s also your ride point home! (Cat pickup)

Further down this street is a biker bar if you need ambience.

6.24p is sunset it mayn’t be a full moon but it shall be a big one.

(Or if you follow the schedules – 9th and gulf and go well that’s all well and useless what about a landmark?)

Dragons, Deja vu? Well the time I most associate going to passegril is for sunset and single malt scotch. The dragon is easy enough to sort out when I mention I’m a Chinese zodiac tiger and my companion a dragon. I am tempted to skip the scotch as I could try a fancy brandy (armagnac) Because I know you too want budget beach too!
In case you want to justify so goofy in your snoot! Small batch stuff distinctive! First! Blah blah blah
Oops wrong memory that’s baklava pronounced by American hooligans 😁

Realistically I’m unlikely to hoot it up all fancy spirits but it’s an option just the same way a modest picnic is which is a two block walk to the trolly then and on my way from Publix down town st Pete.

Total walk required is six blocks at most not all at once reasonable accommodations for those of devices required living. It’s your choice how sandy you wish to get 😉

Or washed up.

Out pouring

What is not pictured is the first go at camorones a la diabla.

I took the tomato, the pepper a bit of garlic and puréed these in a mini blender and potted the result then stirred in shrimp.

I got?

Hot and sour salsa shrimp.

It improved with salt but not enough to finish eating. Please note this is based on eating shrimp basically steamed versus prepared in a way or even with a good cocktail sauce!

Ways this can be improved.

Skip the newmexico chili
If arbol is like cayenne and I’m getting soured by the tomato … it’s time to gently heat the peppers toasty rehydrated and use not a tomato but a red bell pepper to emphasize sweets?? Or use the brain in my head and onion not garlic things.

Anyways your thoughts? Did you? Have fun first timing anything even if if might need salvation?

Never gonna get it Not This Time. (En Vogue)

Things I just don’t understand
ROI- romance!

I understand a portion of money returned from fees and promotions… but 3-5% off dating is still spending 95-97% for it so the incentive notion is kinda lost to me — just as is the curiosity of why this romance would improve if it were discounted….

In a world of paradox I’m best off if I never am bothered or angered? Okay I admit it it’s less than fun to sit under the sun lamp of another’s ire. But in a way if I’m never provocative or provoked whatever is the point? Am I to fake emotion that junior ran into the street without due caution? Then admit I actually don’t care? If I’m not moved – there is little point. It’s just ingenuity.


Fries with a burrito.
One the green top burgers/international is chimichanga-a fine Mexican styles treat… with Fries? I do not understand this combination at all. You’re weird Detroit, just plain weird.


The eyeballs say enjoy anniversorry – 7 here now.

I stared at a lot of pictures over eval likely part one of litehouse intake for blind services/rehab including signing up for blind service (fl division of).

Before the phone showed black I saw myself to the chili peppers for recipe time (camarones a la diabla)

I got a lot of mail

I returned to a lunchbox (cocktail – man mimosa as a lotta gals call them)

The best sight was the glare off the bay on the way to town.

Sloppy strolls down amnesia lane? Must I?

A wrinkle

Ten off noon and bring brrrring goes my phone (un caller I.d.’ed no less) to say Jennifer is canceling my 2pm appointment for tomorrow. I had the presence of mind from dead of nap to ask after miss HA’s 11am intake? Still on. So without fail I must yet again part with more cash and sleep to be up and out twice for one multipronged appointment which is an evaluation for voc /rehab which if you remember is not much help with school which for other reasons will likely not come off yet still the murder of finding out why I fight for this came about idley researching with tax incentive tied directly in my case to a rehab referral to work which then garners upto 4 k in savings to hire me. Or you best bet this still is important.

I need reality I have to hit my pobox and the old hostel to check for my mail – slovenly as I am about mail! Next why I’m not screaming about cost savings is because you know when the ball bounces you just deal with it as to complain is risking not getting a 4 k tax incentive to hire me. Add to this the intuition that this place I go is a major deal of localized services and networking- I might not wish to appear cheap crabby uncooperative when I could find opportunities. And atop the business of my day and locations expected there is now time to grab lunch. But do not be misled, I’m trying to find the adventures or joy if you will. And laugh at the knowing illness called romantic weekending vacationing which I might get the skinny on cool joints! But heh or the oh my what a flu just in time for the holidays!! Hahaha… never know.

My choices lunch are legion
There is urban cantina
Downtown tacos more or less the good kind
There is eddy & sams nyc pizza. Which might have that really good eggplant Parmesan by the slice or a bit of the meat as I’m jacked around my house by the one dislikes cheese and the other went vegetarian. Ugh. Not the people just one less shot at GOOD pizza 😉

That’s downtown. Arcing back and forth I might get up to Taco Bell Oo.

Or if a bit more stephappy the block before my post office is hoodville but there is bbq.

The real patience sees me through the pobox check to to start to the hostel which leaves antijittos Columbia’s fare if you remember the deep fried whole yummy fish.

At hostel itself there is also in the walk Ming garden Chinese and or bar food at the shuffleboard bar… it’s possible.

If I hit up my mail and Bali’s! I have a copshop breakfast place wings not great by rep chili’s bk McDonald’s Wendy’s Denny’s and a wholefoodstype store or Walmart to champion up stuff. One simple bus then I’m on the outgoing spot to catch my across bay ride home also a shopping center
Publix deli Taco Bell Dublin doughnuts there.

Now if I really wish to push it there is a burger place/spot near the hostel as well
A family dollar if one is dying for pot noodle and a wank which given that today is v-d and all about together? Hee hee joys abound as do lunch chances