A cuddle sounds cozy
Breathing in closeness’ scents
Sunrise blooming rosy


Somewhere in the night

After watching child stars no longer with us, a kickstarter plea for mo’ dough for the show!, 3 infomercials in a row! And as usual- dreaming food… I think it’s safe to state that it was a mistake being awake at 3 am.

I failed to get my lion of Judah afghan for my generous support of the Jewish voice ministries. Sometimes one feel like quite the bleep hole for not having sixty bucks free and far more rudely knowing it’s sad as I develop a sales plan for supporting a book of mine due to arrive – that I too must carefully squeeze some of you! Hopefully I’m gracious.
I disliked the deja vu of religious pleas for dough. However, perhaps you too will head the call for world aid.

I then most heinously failed to get a traeger grill for all my now non existent wood smoked pizzas. There will now also be deprivations of smoked eggs too. I will admit that while it wasn’t a grill but a fireplace/ pellet stove, I sure did glow when that safe efficient thing fired up and oo lala as I was less an ice cube. But for now I can’t justify a traeger grill. is another fine! Failure of acquisition. I didn’t buy my supply of onega xl from the pristine waters of new zeal and. It is not a fish oil! (Apparently it’s made of shelly things ocean).

I guess it was combo platter medical concerns infomercial night!

More on my book as it’s due in my hands maybe today!


Change light is flashing
Time has come to switch gears/cars.
Now towards the hills

Packed up a lady’s groceries after asking that we had correct soul then it’s suddenlythe wrong one. But at least I was in and out of Best Buy previously- swiftly and thusly a print station for labeling/ shipping can spring from the nothingness of plausible to actual

It’s that day of I swear I heard the words! But apparently not all the meanings??


A pedestrian pique!
You go, nope! My turn, you jackass!
Sewer-soul elevating

In a way bad boy me twice for road raging even slightly! Oopie. But I did get mid lanes and? Find my whole pack of just bought cigs ran over. Mystery solved! And before you even dare think good the cheek of me being in the way in life 😉 – or aww, if you lean sympathetic til cigarettes are mentioned… remember it’s off a rare treat of hot cakes and sausage courtesy of Macdonald ‘s. – right back to being 7 and sometimes special. I might smile alllllll day

drip, drip, sheepdip! Amnesia

What are you hoping to be admired for today, Sag?
April 24 2018’s question and?

An air light smile
Details! As I spilled my coffee?
Good morning public?

‘Dip trip, flip Fantasia’
(Us3 – cantaloop)
Is a lyric revised here for a title
Don’t worry! I already am not sure this happened 😁

Push(k)in’ song
Shutterstock: search, sihoette smiling faces

Paradoxically this trip is to heal
asthma’s breathlessness looms where each cough. might. Just….
Yet smug in this noose my smile you’ll feel
A hope brightly asked – I can! You can trust.
A spark never quenched to fire belief
Oh and persistence this dream will not cease
That I champion and each step forward
Strides along with yours in joyous accord
At peace or humor each ace or those flunks
My hand held outstretched for your joyous grasp
Or simply implore your patience to last
So each day’s sunset sees joy even lumps
But no end of roads because the treasures
Always just abound – wounds healed and pleasures