Harper’s ferry (wv) raid gets me allllll the way to New York via Harriet Tubman. But it gets interesting from there.

H.t. is the new movie subject. But the town she moves to is also gonna play important. Auburn, ny.

Case memorial library displays the early sound stuff that is the first successful sound recording to movie film invented by case… But what gets me reading alllll night wasn’t movie sound but his first work a thallium blah blah tube for infrared signaling….a navy intelligence thing of ww1. Eugene f Mathews later of Chicago radio labs later zenith corporation bought out by lg electronics but the brand still seeing use as a name in myrymar and further smaller markets southeast Asia exists. It’s no surprise zenith made the first television remote but it’s intriguing this used car salesman got that idea…elsewhere in

And paid generously for his arrest…,_New_York
Case Memorial-Seymour Library
At liesure
Follow that it re.otes just were beyond technical use til the seventies even if the tech is 1917. And the idea in other form is 1950 when other again forms of remotes exist in 1939 for other devices….and you’ll hit the BBC for the modern ir remote.

Telsa factors as well

Rather amazing to go from john brown shooting it it up to getting strung up as the first person to get tried for and executed for treason. To remotes both wired up heh and remote.

On top of old Smokey

1.25 lbs ground Chuck (80/20 lean I not Chuck. Chuck is beef shoulder. And 80/20 or there abouts.)
One slice toast obliterated into dust (spice grinder does it nicer but I had to ziplock and get angry)
2 tblspns “renneisance” blend

Foil, mini muffin tin.
Preheat 350f 31 minutes. I’m 5280 ft in altitude adjust if closer to see level 28-30 minutes

Prego traditional

Before heating sauce put char on the cooked meatballs… Try. Not turn the well-done already things into charcoal…char as in a bit of an putter bit more “color”

Salad perhaps
Garlic toast 0erhaps.
(Black Swan Merlot – Australia)

Or what is getting me out of my chair…
Private selection brand amaretto cherry. Blossom. Ice cream.

The Great Cheese Plate Escape!

Little fry opened the front door and 145 and 60 trot out. Then… Bolt.l. At this point there is your escape.

The cheese plate was:
Bellalissimo sartori
Nutty and a bit crumbly a delight of flavor
Sargento havarti
Wisconsin lost here not because it’s awful it isn’t but it didn’t get the cheese grabber nods as much coming in last picked.
Irish cheddar started third of four but finished second.
Tub/spread beer cheese. Like the nut log/ball cheese without nuts. More than any other offering went.

Keebler club cracker. Yeah yeah, I can pick water crackers next time but mmm assibe from a bit of crumbliness.

Like a jerk I won all but the last game of dominoes.

Nephew found the toilet brush but otherwise didn’t kill himself, but daddy (which really did bite because Dad won the game… Thanks kid! 😁




Maxwell house coffee
Bigelow peppermint tea
Whole milk
Stevia in the raw
Chocolate fudge topping

French press sweetened milk to foam
Pour over coffee brewed with tea
Stir in chocolate topping/syrup.

Drink your coffee.


The toasty soldiers are consumed.


Guess, just guess which of the offerings of smiles was smeared first.

Now, I a rare buyer of cakes. I’m now years removed from pretty much anything baked past muffins. I make muffins.

So it is not a surprise I can’t easily Google which it is, those zebra cake little Debbie’s things get down up in. “Iced?” “Frosted?”. “Dipped??”


That is to say it more this!
That I’m after

This leads to something i don’t sponsor, peanut butter cake as a ha har of pb/j
(Liv for cake)

But it could get smeared… This ages of jam
Yes, “I be jammin'”
I could suffer a lil’ Hebrew attack!
JewishBoston; hammentashen

Ideas abound. Guideposts too. I’m in a jam!