Channeling Joan Rivers

just as dot , dot matrix the c3po spoof of spaceballs spoofing starwars as voiced by joan rivers was through the deserts of whereever they were each after something needful in this case Joan wanted OIL  so i too need a bit of the motivation to move it.  so, while i attend to that.  parody snippit.

I was thinking of a tagline of a friend’s and… here’s how the first paragraph went

(So come on fatso and just bust a move -Young MC, if you can’t sort out which song this is gunning)

Bust a Grape

stifle the wail – yes, close that yap.
we don’t always pull the rabbit from the hat
which hand’s the wishes and which the crap?
oo! here’s a thought, DO something ’bout that!
Squatting Thoreau still wrote books
Trump went bankrupt now..well just look
castles in the sky need foundations, right?
dream it done as you visualize
it’s not dough but confidence, bro
hate that ism, yes I hate it so!
it’s about time and you give a bleep
that doesn’t erase your years asleep
but what of grief – let that water sheet
feel, but forgive – so you’ve your two feet
Positive Please! for Deities’ SAKE
don’t you whine, Sucker – don’t bust a grape

(not feeling inspirational heh hence the point as *I* heard it of the song was step to it! I’m like, SHUT UP!)

adding to the confusion

To the Tune , “goodbye Stranger” SuperTramp – I haven’t sat to vet this to work to the meter given in the original tune, just to be hold a thought. – I comes about specifically because someone jogged my notions discussing health…Heath.baar…ooo no, HEALTH….anyways

it was a fasting lab result worth questioning  – the numbers sing the wrong song

you might want to change your ways  before you conk out in not so long

but mmm at that castle and how bright at D’ queen my joy shown!

no more see food eat food diet sucker it’s restrictions! from now on

so I tried this powder and that miracle goop

heck tried even abstinence for one day. but the issues had taken root

my gut digesting stones  and whoopee whee it’s not special it’s a chain!

something sweet after a twenty sank in a ocean of gravy

I will go on dining hoping for something “new!”

Thank god for blindness as within mirrors I needn’t rue

skip the manger, oo egg fried rice, a triple bourbon shall suffice

tried but can’t see my shoes – crispy Creamey Donuts over a coffee on the loo

good times maybe or some other sinful shame

burp so i don’t wallow within gas’ pain bourbon just a swallow! woo! no pain.

belly jello motions – hello dairy?  oh vegan for me- -religion again!

appointments POTIONS – will i ever? diet enjoyment free –  sin again?

so I need more lotion – oh what bliss!  LARD AWAY!! ketchup again!

so my requires two cushions! exercise tomorrow! yes. hey hey! meal deal me again!

good times maybe? jalepeno bacon baby! hello gout again and again.

I was rereading how Gordon Lightfoot came to a signature tune of his, “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” wherein I caught perhaps! someone thinking I was clueless that it was a historic occurrence! when I said it came about because of an article.

“With a load of iron ore twenty-six thousand tons more
Than the Edmund Fitzgerald weighed empty…”

(that actual article)

(and just in case you, care to see timing and facts? via Wikipedia – which settles all bets…

I’m reminded of an old poem I put out when I had to fulfill a ‘scavenger hunt” of the old times there lol about how I had to include a real occurrence and what all so I remembered a big sound…ooo two locomotive colliding melting the support of a highway bridge which collapsed, it largely didn’t make the news as it occurred during end of day dinner and everyone was like – I don’t CARE! I’m going HOME.  I researched the truth including the paper mention, couldn’t get one of the locals but a minor mention of the body count in the new york times and the ntsb report on the incident which I though useful and inspirational sorta 🙂    I find amusing even if I’m not the lightfoot of song or quite the josh of just the right poetic words, laughs out loud here.


picture from:
There, the altar Hope
assends, spiraling
two locomotive
shells and five more souls
purified from life
Just before sunset
one gravel mover
close to clear sailing
put tthe hammer down
here comes hell’s sunshine
This ain’t no special
we are so scheduled
We’re the ev’nin freight
we’ll make our next break
heaven equals three
Is it worth one more?
to be pencil pushed?
one more wagged finger?
toasted s’mores roadside?
a trainer’s punchline?
Wreck Survivable
protocalls ignored
coffee and doughnut
Your lives tossed asside
too few fucking died.
You dropped the highway
hospitalized some
called for over-time
made my biggest sound
made rushing a sin
Bet you’d rather life
Guess what Blue Collars?
You suspected knives
“ain’t my fault!” hollers
You made New York Times
Sev’n fourty pee em
Around a blind curve
you said, “c’mon baby,
grab hold LOCK&SQUEAL”
it took all you had.

(4.16.11 “I_Once_was”  – a instance of ME)

(I cant guarantee the links still work)

notes from the underground

good book by dostoevski should anyone understand my titles swiped.

I have a campy redo of  supertramp’s ” boodbye stranger” to rewrite not as a giving up marijuanna song lol but as to the more modern passe bits to improve health.

I like divination as an online entertainment… yes no oracle iching tarot etc – so i write my questions in first letter of the words or I’d be saving a log of personally damming info! 😉   but.  treasures beyond is t.b.  if you get that haha of a joke on  both typhoid mary and tuberculosis t/b good for you.

I have time enough to puff and rush off. early day after it.  I don’t know if i’m going out to cannon brewpup for a shot at soup and suds after or straight home for movie night or to try my luck aiming after the east side motel… warren g, regulate if you know that tune.  something tells me i lack the confidence at the moment for option 3.

I might just be good.  as in by de fault. 😛

incompatible bliss

Kevin bloody wilson is an Australian comedian of an …adult…nature.  however, he had a funny in all his travels about travels where he mentions something of other places like you can’t say bleep in Canada bleep being femal slang for anatomy.  or my current haha of the incompatible bliss of enjoying icey teas and mmmmmm then wow a whole fridge of hard boiled eggs! oo lala! i like deviled eggs and no one likes me loving deviled egss! – but to put not to classy a point on this paragraph his funny mr wilson’s is, Rotarua, New Zealand – “Ropptaria= ot

s <a;au fpr

wjp farted?
I just had to laugh myself silly.

the reason this is funny is for those who have never been to a natural mineral or hot springs… they smell.  rather like rotten eggs.  be this steamboat springs, colorado Glenwood Spring colorado…surprises here i led/worked there or visited many a memorable time or that Rotarua, New Zealand is also a famous there hot springs joint – which would be memorable to me in that my favorite internet chase for over fifteen years is originally from there.  🙂

this is to say, i came home to eggs and that wow and woke this morning/afternoon to iced tea sounds good klinka klinka tink tinkles go the glass empty to full and make me than soon iced nice tea…only to …ahh..uh? oh flippin yummy! my iced tea tastes like hard boiled flippin eggs!


lucky for you i have to go to work now so the rhapsody such as it isn’t is over!-  I started today with the chance my prequalification is nearly vetted/verified so i may yet get to bid on a house only a montha fter I expected to. and my doctor is nurselining checking up for a copay hehlol a bilked visit for a “call”  hahahaha. as long as it charts it’s a visit!

a spoonful of sugar….

some days the smile come

some days, the knives of words stab.

the sugar now soothes

an offhand remark caught me more than a glancing  thus overly meaningful blow.  it’s okay, I know i took it to mean more than intended.  It is further okay as i have sugar on hand to soothe the medicine of understanding.  here’s how to dampen the bitter, my way.


butterball brand sweet italian style turkey. saussage.

Hunt’s zesty and spicy pasta sauce

Barilla Brand farafel…. bowtie pasta one lbs.

I’m not aiming for high chefery style, i simply prepared this as dinner with many more lunches now in the freezer reminding me that temporarily I am my mother. 😉  I wanted to try the turkey version of italian sausage as obviously if i wish to stay on the diet restrictions given me and proven first time ever to actually duplicate progress, I shall be abstaining largely from the beef and pork as…haha. my doctor suggestion was…religion. 😉

this in most usa markets is available at walmart – which is where i found all of these things..  my store as yet doesn’t carry the hot version of turkey italian sausage. boo! 😉 lol.

the next offering is about a cup of plain greek yogurt with caldotomate powder, saffron, pumpking spice ground, garlic powder, redcayenne powder and far too much ground cumin. – no, nothing else while this mellows the yyogurt then marinates the ground chicken properly so i can aim for chicken meatballs on the shwarma side.

against my usual vein, I have next to me a sweetened tea.  it is a tazo brand

Tazo Passion.

(I don’t know where this one came from as I’m poaching sis’ tea.  big huge sinner!)

adding the sweet is truvia touch of brown sugar.


this elicited, “that looks like a bloody tampon!” as  i was dunking/stiring the  bags before discarding. about ten oz hot water two bags tea/tisane, one teaspoon of the sweetener then all over ice and a lot of it.  yes, waste a glass, burn in hades!  it’s that good.

or, I don’t think I get to tell you rave reviews vocally, but trumpet them as the sausage happens to be giving me gas and copiously.  this is a shame it tasted good, but may prove useful in case I hate people again 😀 😀 –  the dominos box of breadsticks leave me no room with the spaghetti, the peach monster tea, the coffee monster, …which both were very good but the last whoops them as if school children caught leaving afterschool to friends without telling people where they were going.

no, i could have not skipped the above paragraph. most of the time editing is the same as lying.  the whole truth is the truth one knows not to share but is precisely what is sought.- good and good and plenty windy, acid belly inducing etc.

Ilaugh as I start the day knowing i’m to expect via horoscope a visit! alllll day! clean up my house sag!…and get to work and our usual friday deliver didn’t arrive and i did just that “clean” whee.  this wasn’t my first thought mind you but yet again vague enough it can’t help but come true is the scene today lol.  I’m reminded again of the destined three some i’d be PART OF/but not actually as it turned out involved in…hmph.  funny funny funny how vague enough it cant help but come true that was too!  this before leaving work hearing a message of impacting truth that i take to a higher meaning than the context given and oh what a frown that has been!  or. I just had to cook otherwise instead of marinating! I’d probably be marinated.

now you can see for yourselves subtle changes at work that mean profound different approaches.  or, hum that song from mary poppins’  a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, the medicine go down. – or i got cooking instead of pickling my day and night hangover awaiting me morning time.  this doesn’t mean my worry over approved financials means go house came although a nother timed form letter / email did. lol.  this doesn’t me any of my love’s hopes are suddenly shiney and or bright, they’re one or both still to others or themselves. – the paperwork saying good job! with or without raise is still days away.  I wont expect it til late late month anyways.  .  this doesn’t mean i’m doing cartwheels of joy either but i have the tailings of a smile.

may you enjoy one of your own.  if not, you can go make a mess in the kitchen and feel almost guilty!  nah, bliss!  I didn’t even technically yet create!  I wont know my blend til tomorrow when i smell whether I got the yogurt spiced right. :D- then another half day to see it gets in league with the meat./devil.


and yes, precisely because i WANT a “beer’ means now truly isn’t the time.  I’m better off without it.

ps, got some georgia peach cream and black cherry pip tbacco and pipe.  I may not get to say indubitably, my dear watson. but I have something different to be after in the specialness of times..  I will in fact be different.  not better but different 😉  because i mean to be 😉


two-ball, sliced pocket.

attempt #1

baked chicken meatballs

skipping critical ingredients and using normal oscar meyer turkey bacon which lent a taste better fitting to a bbq sauce dip than marinara.

attempt #2

(tbc’d likely next tuesday as i lack some tools and yogurt)

Courtesy of my facebooking, this seems to have merit as altered:

not chicken pieces marinated, but chicken mince/ground chicken handled  more gently as with the learning curve of chicken tacos…. to ATTEMPT retaining some texture.

as a “meatball” so i may freeze reheat more easily my lunch.

and as i lack the spices exactly, here’s the substitutions list

Cinnamon, alspice as pumpkin pie spice which is cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and allspice ground – I have cinnamon additional to adjust some if needed

garlic and onion – more than LIKELY, I tend to disfavor raw garlic as I’m a foodie sinner so I most likely powder to keep this more mild.

I need a grounding and salt/paprika – or- chili powder edge so i have options in straight cayenne ground for the ouch or siracha for a citrus almost  but still ouchie or straight chili powder to a blander approach – please note this is a rarer time this is MEANT to be more area specific to tastes about “here” so I aim. to be lighter more than likely.

and to the optionalss: tomatoes, I have caldo tomate – a chicken tomato buillion powder so I can hit the salt and tomato aroma / savoryness.  but interestingly I also have some neglected saffron about too so i can most powerfully dent the savory aromas and also more yellow the dish as i lack tumeric for the moment and refuse to make due with a squirt of american yellow mustart which is but salt tumeric and mustard seed in a vinegar.

as i have a mini muffin tin,  i expect I’ll get something like the last adventure’s


which means I’m likely to have to slice a pocket of pita   or utilize the brown wheat tortillas i have. which mean’s I’m likely to get…

Turkey or Chicken Shawarma Lettuce Wraps | Buttoni’s Low-Carb Recipes
I suffer a moment’s doubt in the process of house purchasing.  don’t worry, I don’t think it’s a shambles forever!  just that it’s frustrating waiting for clearance  of necessary financials prior to making a proper offer which if anyonehas done so, I haven’t yet, might remind me is expensive business where waiting to cross t’s and dot i’s is more than likely a GREAT idea as is PATIENCE! 😉
but, if I am to pause, I have a nicety for the realtor in a BAD and incomprehensible set of symbologies/allusions.
now, remember first, this isn’t tequila but mezcal.
thus an awful pun, I mezcal-culated the irritations of this process! I may be waiting til july…. which to any proper salesperson is a sign of a simple word of encouragment.   but no joke, this is wearing on me as I must have my main income source cleared, yet what they wish no document exists for.  nor easy combination slam dunk.  proof over the life of the asked for loan i have income to achieve it settled correctly!  I mean like duh! 😉  so I must sweat this out like anyone right as mother’s day hits right after as memorial day hits, then school for family folk lets out and father’s day follow by the major rush to many to vacation yay!  or I don’t expect anything but snarls past july 4th weekend at least lol which expires my current timeframe letter so – I’m now just expecting “nerves”
now skip my pain for a moment, I’m likely over-reacting! 🙂   but keep in mind I mean it, if it were easy, I don’t want it.  I need this and a few achievements of lasting weight to mean something spiritually so I might just feel i have achieved where i didn’t feel i ever could before and thus can be more than surprised but pleased I worked for something/struggled to get and keep too.  blah
you’re likely now going to  need a link – this selection is from an article with everything i’ve ever learned about tasting notes to make an goode guess at something I HAVEN”T had.
obviously I had to hunt the sourcing down by individual offered brand names but I did that and had a minor rush to get this out before work…. so i likely eat five or so in convenience money lol instead of “the deal”
now the joke/ allusions get worse
‘m not feeling slinky but play on the sound of the name
del or the and maguey….moggy or stylized as mogeh like the canadians may eh everything 😉
worst, you understand the first notes to who this realtor is was he quite quit drinking after his heart attack.  so  this is MOST likely an elephant gift.  however, I’m very tempting so I maysee this as  a gift for the person intended.  it is after all not a cheap spirit nor without someserious style on a bit of a budget. 😀
or,   I simply wish to make dang sure i am not failing to keep option open, however in general I’m losing absolute faith in this place and feeling more eight balled than two balling and slicing a fine shot into the pocket lol  but agai9n! please note i’m not. kidding if it’s always EASY I gain nothing from my efforts as i had it hadbnded to me.  I don’t WANT easy, I want WON.  hard won but shhh I have a patience problem and a touch of minus confidence as i haven’t always WON out, survived sure, but rarely WON out. so it can. feel  again skip the aww pity party not the point at all just a truism.  I want something not coming easily and that’s far from bad just frustrating for the moment.
you couple this with trying to meet a few peoples, proceed  in a fullness at work and yet still explor?  maybe of course have some lasting luck companionship-wise? you’ll gain a smokey…and minerally essence over tropical fruit and HEAT this is a -0[rppf s[orot afterall. 😉
long finish too.
such is my now.  I’m e days away from finishing the six month probation period so as to go permanant  with paperwork lol pending and perhaps a minor raise as afterall i am due a review which coinsides with a store audit I will see positive mention on…hopefully lol 😀
I don’t know about my social attempts but at least i have a few outlets or outtings and that’s nice  there is the hope i’m not reset in a sense to zero but set for success.
I have options to continue again to seek a higher education.
I’m NOT out of luck on house or gal even if for the moment curse cuss paitence lol 😀  and actual lasting effort put in too.  might help.
and obviously something for lunch coming soon to a lunch bag nearer ME.

eyes open

some things are given out as needfuls of our days.  I got to stock an empty freezer, our head, the vent for gas main tanks dewatering.  (I’d rather do the freezer)

it’s been inordinately bright the last couple of days, I  wonder why.

biofreeze cream

  • Active Ingredient: Menthol 3.5%
  • Inactive Ingredients: Camphor (for scent), carbomer, FD&C blue #1, FD&C yellow #5, Glycerine, Herbal Extract (ILEX Paraguariensis), Isopropyl Alcohol, Methylparaben, Propylene Glycol, Silicon Dioxide, Triethanolamine, Water.

roughly 12 buck walmart these days, just heard of it.  I chuckle a little bit as I remember the nest listing

tei fu oil


Safflower oil, menthol, wintergreen oil, camphor and other essential oils.

(this one’s MINTIER!)

roughly 11 nature sunshine.

(I’d like to thank my pal from xangaland days for mentioning something that works for her with her needs.  the tei fu was recommend to my mom as an aid for relieving migraines it sorta works…anyone with migranes will surely tell you they hurt and hardly anything even helps, i was glad then this did a tiny bit.  for my pal this is muscle  relief after physical therapy if. I read her correctly.  I am glad.  it’s nice to have a natural arsenal.

11 Surprising Benefits of Camphor Essential Oil. The health benefits of camphor essential oil include it properties as a stimulant, antispasmodic, antiseptic, decongestant, anesthetic, sedative and nervous pacifier, antineuralgic, anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, and insecticide substance.

in case you look up what things are said to be useful for.  this is an example of them in products.

I have the gnarly peaches i got pieced so they may marinate in wine, onion (and song) gingerale and habeneros.  the kebabs are pineapple  and peaches  obviously pineapple awaits decimation! ….just saying the word makes me feel like murdering metallica with a rewrite of food instead of grimness (blackened, off and justice for all) not tonight/morning but soon. 🙂 wonder how the onions ‘ll do as caramelized? I didn’t prepared the as kebab-able.

in other news

the sabra red pepper hummus with multigrain tortilla chips were darn tasty.


(yes, my tastes change as I eat differently, I never used to like flaxseed much, it’s dealable now, and this hummus is NOT but it will suffice.

dreamed of ill perspective places supposedly grandma’s company I shant see to which I was suddenly a foot shorter than.  and aspirin flavored gum that didn’t work…thank goodness, I don’t like that ringing in my ears! (yes, I know what too much aspirin will do)

today I threw a dart at the world and it stuck in bethleham new hampshire.  odd but pretty.  the anti hay fever capitol 😉