Push(k)in’ song

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Paradoxically this trip is to heal
asthma’s breathlessness looms where each cough. might. Just….
Yet smug in this noose my smile you’ll feel
A hope brightly asked – I can! You can trust.
A spark never quenched to fire belief
Oh and persistence this dream will not cease
That I champion and each step forward
Strides along with yours in joyous accord
At peace or humor each ace or those flunks
My hand held outstretched for your joyous grasp
Or simply implore your patience to last
So each day’s sunset sees joy even lumps
But no end of roads because the treasures
Always just abound – wounds healed and pleasures


Wind or change

Present yet unseen
Ghost groans and moans all around
Cold, hot, balancing

Six beacons brightly
Offer their places upwards
And vanish with steps

(A six story apartment building staircase each level lit yet get closer! Each step you take a story vanishes)


Strength and submission

There is a fine xtian tune “on my knees” by Jacee Velasquez

The is also pigheadedness

Oddly just as my mind considers how to allow you lot to follow along, or why candy is so much wax, I also take this moment not to seize all I hope after ( chasing it away paradoxically) but ask myself if I’m allowed me? I’ve surely earned me. Why not a dash of selfish? And then I must breath and realize the opposite is also valid what about the other coin side?


It said ‘grab sunset’
The moon phases say ‘what moon’
Hope subway provides?
Lugging luggage into lines
What’ll it cost me this time?

As you see I’m of great belief shoot. It’s thirty to the airport and I might sneak sunset in but you know I actually suspect all I get is old moon.

So what the heck do I have when the romancemall around is rumpled clothes likely and the worst coffee money can buy at night ug!??

Aim my arrow – aim it well

All right. Come along – get a juice at the in joint convenient robbery store and lets go make bubbly.

Sit and laugh at every hope against current chagrin -you did even say you didn’t need. Well then I do watch how laughable it is to see how I didn’t make the movies yet and worse you probably didn’t like that one anyways!

Smile you sense I care down to diet juice even and some sandwich lettuces not bunned and a field of walking before my lines take me red eyes further to stuff needing doing

You know what hides in my eyes

In case you need the it
https://astrologyanswers.com/horoscopes_v2/sagittarius-daily-horoscope/?utm_expid=.zKM3Cf4-T9-Ybr0eB6Gs8A.1&utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fastrologyanswers.com%2F It’s for 4/14/18 Sagittarius

As to the person it’s to – you of course what fine hopes and or tepid lies? Just for that fleeting sliver remember – I got 15 more stairs and a shower to attend to by 11


A rasping, “hearse” rumbles down the mid- lanes track
The pizza man calls just as I’m out back
Fife-an city nazis screech over their loudspeaker
‘No parking! On the streets here!’
And yet I scored bland pie and collards in the sack.

I must’ve arrived after a ticker tape parade!
Nothing quite says pensive like urban decay
Oh but just a sweet moment before
The trees wept colors spring tit implored
And even same beer soothed the mind in a way.

Photos mine of 24/Parrish Philadelphia and 28/Girard Philadelphia

The hearse sound is the “subway” which did famously wreck- rasping iron wheels on iron track…

Lincoln chicken pizza is bland but reminded me of sals of Thornton Colorado as it was going downhill from great to memorable yesteryear. Pete’s famous pizza can’t make a sandwich for crap go puff offers delivered e cigs and tampons! Beer snacks but not Effing cigs … trot trot trot 😉
I switched bnb’s so I had a place to sleep but it definitely was like ‘crossing the tracks’ to THAT side of town
And it’s a flight of stairs to… yep 30 Minute shower in progress immediate-pee! Another flight we go… and the dog barks at shadows so much for a peaceful puff.


Peroose Pandora’s box
Upon its birch altar
Look about tradition
Gaze upon legends
Yet all is yesterdays socks

Let the light dance
Entertain delight
Visions flicker
Heart pitter-patters
A cosmic chance

Wintermint wonder
Renewing breath
Easing aches
I wonder if it lamb
Birch the perch

Or am I of muse or excuse
perhaps I’ll sugar and brew
It just tv flashings
That delight of the days
wandering free oops loose

Etymology of words alter and altar both deliciously confidante like religion and change

Symbology of birch which of its bark is salicylate which is that scent and taste wintermint and also aspirin analogue for dispelling headaches otherwise renewal of Celtic /Britain lore

Cheap rhyming covering the rest
And yet yes there was a inspiration- I ain’t out of thin air


I’m warned to be shaped not shape my destiny lately and yet I must! Put care to basics of living.

Odd the chaotic maelstrom of paradoxes at play.

It’s not my last chug of suds. I’ve all the time like the overhead sun roasting me alive to enjoy my day. I know with a smile certain hope breaths in a corner there’s more to do and know yet there is not one iota doubt I can whatever it is even if I haven’t much of any clue now.

Little voices say be about what helps forward

Be after the magic that is sharing the joy of all there is.

Like I’m awaiting lentils – I look forward to those! I made breakfast dying under the agony of the night before and a slow cooking lidded pan to have to right on schedule bathroom pause just as it’s leave the room and the bacon burns!!! So calmly off goes the stove and away I go! Sure enough it’s not two shakes but a delay! And I return fire up the stove again and finish the last thirty seconds yep only thirty seconds to hot crisp bacon but it’d be wrong
Otherwise or burnt and I could work around

The property manager rolled through this Airbnb and for the price of listening to me he gets cheap improvements and I in return a shot at Friday in phillie not at 160 a night hotel rates.

Little things like visible plugs for phone charging and laptop use in sight caddy bucket cleaning gear so it’s easy stored. Spray bottle dish soap so even that’s not wasted! Bathroom deodorizer because let me just tell you alllll about My Opinion!!! ;).

I’m now considering a bevies hoping my day plans come about and if so or not tommorow I must see some sight while I can. Dang nabbit! I must go tourist

My secret garden
Says voicelessly aim for the light
Awash in the hope