The dove was offering up a contest promo for Waldorf Astoria Orlando. I wondered if as it’s the Waldorf, I’d have a chance at getting a “Waldorf” (salad)

Or would the keep theme but go local and offer this areas version?

First the classic Waldorf

Now if you read “farmer boy” by Laura ingalls Wilder you’d know that cider was known and the “right blend” too! Cider being apples once I think New York state had apples! I’m not sure on nuts but would not be surprised.

The classic salad

Orlando is not apple country! It’s rather orangey this Florida. And as I did Georgia which is close there’s a crap ton of pecans! So I had wondered
Mayo? Nope aioli!

Orange (segments)

For the new “Waldorf?” In case i get cash curious.


Puzzlers Fun with anthropology including some beginner skeleton assembly

This brings up a bibliography of suggested reading Long link to a few scholarly offerings that build this book of historical fiction. (The first north Americans series book seven people of the lightning.– w Michael and Kathleen oneel gear – consummate historians… Your cup of tea or not) now I can’t say this has the best dishes listed like morning Glory seed tea or it isn’t formulaic as you pick up other books in the series and wonder if the spun the plotwheel to stitch together the same abusive husband antagonist frightened wife child who despite faithlessness in them succeeds to save the whole village…. This iteration has a nice squash recipe which goes with clams. The frightened wife is saddled with the kid from hell mom’s arranged for her profit marriage of albino child off. If you expect nice this book presents the truth life has characters. I would not play this tape at night as your campers may alert you to your cruelty with 2 am screaming nightmares.

I failed to puzzle my old phone together. Sometimes I don’t with electronics

I want to puzzle lunch 🙂

Pov pots


As you can see, this is a disability access toilet. I went adventuring and to sell it? It has to include transportation first many potties second and now that one is bored talking about unfun things like logistics what were you interested in!? Having proof of someone similarly of motions to be filmed doing things is far better proof. But 😉 one does what one can!

Transport for me was 1.10 with discount card (6 bucks and a half day showing legal proof and waiting for card at a bus depot. — for some this is scary due to tipping concern in a bus a ride in an equipped van preferred ;). Not always available obviously.

This is a bus and an array of short walks

Just before northshore Park or vinoy Park is this northshore dog park

Then the view with the park not dog park but park park but turning right toward pier und construction or towards 5th Avenue from this at 7th aben from

Northeast tavern st Pete. Craft beer with date worthy scallops & prosciutto or what I did which was have my slice of pizza delivered from
Northeast pizzeria

2topping slice (4.50 cash only usd tipping kindly)
Draft craft beer 6.42 in plastic or six cash they do! Take cards at the tavern – tipping also appreciated us style of 3-5 per person if you need an overpriced guideline — cheaper with a savvy local or during high volume business so one is assured other chances for waitstaff to grub grub)

I lost a water fountain passing 3 all of which worked

I finally got a crap picture of a recombinant bike going by but not the recombinant tandem I saw super thigh .!.

If one turns to walk towards ninety avenue one will hit the pool then the palm tree arboretum which I did not as I can not see two blocks – this is illustrated in the light with fifth avenue sign I enlarged could not read later here shown

That same fifth avenue light is a restaurant where some high brow wine and appetizer were the order of a memory. If I can’t read a sign across an intersection understand I’m right there! But you’re adding double the distance to a business sign… now do you catch on how frustrating it is that I have to have picture directions alternates etc to get rides places? Or why it really does take forever to be ‘home’ as in give directions?/ideas?

Potty pov! It’s so hard to get anywhere when logistically it’s more challenging so potty pov means do I know every clean potty anywhere scrupulously guarded from bums use so potty frightened can go in peace?


Some people read the newsletter. Today for 75 clams likely there was a food truck at the complex.

(Facebook with a menu)

Drinks are rounded off fast food at $2 which is one of the complaints in a review? Weird.

It’d be toothy if it were a. An but the iced 16 oz disposable cup (I got lemonade) with proper ice serves less. 12oz over ice is 15-18oz often if I remember that see it for myself experiment… thus, I guess they could get ahold of taller smaller glasses to appear to offer more… but actually not do so…. heh

I got a tub of bacon cheese fries. Now this is precisely the same cost as a burger. But oddly I know I know it’s just I’m sick of having to buy two portions food! So I admit here and now I get the fully gardened junior burgers or split the honkers anymore. Of course I spend a lot of time solo so sharing a dinner and a healthier array of choices is but a dream. I admit I remember my aunt started that up eons ago and at first sight it’s so foreign. And then of course I ate more so it didn’t work sharing ;). But later I eat less and now it does and quite frankly it allows for naughty appetizers in case you dine with a bigger eater and you must fudge the quantity.

I don’t know about you. I dream powerfully also of green chili cheese fries. No one makes green chili around here. The green sauce is canned green sauce no buts and of course not even a whisper of heat. That was a fun try but rats. I guess you can tell I’ve lived elsewhere and this isn’t that town.!.

But if you read this all the way through you’ll see why I can see some snob on specifics and looks and everyone has their ideas of value which at 7 to 8 dollars for burgers is only 2 more expensive than burger king premium meal cost or etc fast food…. it’s pretty good value for a small business. Next as to taste it’s tastey far better than the bowling alley’s cheese fries! This one uses spicier cheese whiz. I saw how the offers are specific to how much per head needs be generated but that notion spoils it for cost cutters who might adore a four to five dollar basket of fries versus the 10 dollar meal and feel they got more of a value. But that’s a decent priced menu overall.