The Witch of November

it’s october and I’m not in windy weather or in the great Lakes regions either.

It is a line in ‘the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald ‘ by Gordon Lightfoot   And in in this my world of esoteric usages of things is to hint at in hyperbolic fashions the winds of change….a scorpion s tune.  It’s okay it’s just music here ;). Musical allusion.


im up visiting family  in a town /area I lived in last year just getting ready to move away from a year ago!  I have a new cuteness of a nephew – the old play company of the dogs are still hilarious! You too might have to push a cantankerous horse of a dog off the couch!  But even in a smaller town set, there is stuff to do and see.

so here’s a slice and or stir of that


I know I got a 4 and a 5 buying a quart of 5.  I think I got the 12 as well – buck a sample max three  some offerings are a touch pricier but ‘craft’ beer is.

I got me a raspberry/dark chocolate latte ‘raspberry beret if you will remember your prince tunes…

I liked the eggroll guy as a photo op but I got more excited about some…. oh crap can’t spoil the surprise 😉 of a couple other venders  – such is official contact info best I can determine if one wants to peddle their wares on the ‘circuit ‘ 😉


zip line the river or visit your family & friends!



Shades and blinds

Wherein I make many tries and delete them jokes about flatulent situations after bean soup.

when you didn’t know you were French- bean soup and poof! You’re the lost montgolfier brother of the first hot air balloons

Anyways – the first of October was cleaning the blinds  and a pot of black bean soup.

the fruit strainer  made it silkier. (As did the blender whirled about a third of the beans and liquid)

1t salt

1 t ground cumin

2Tblspns curry

1 15 oz can diced tomatoes

1 gal water

1 pound black beans

at sealevel 2:10 simmering- strained in a big bowl with colander the beans reserving 2/3 the whole beauties. Yuck! More dishes. But pot washed  now two bowls and a colander with spoons and both a strainer and a blender!!! But! Straining out about a cup’s worth of bean shell? Glorious! Silken smooooooth.  At this point I added my cumin and oops I forgot you add the curry in stages! 1/2 up front then halfway another 1/3 and 40 minutes or less from done adjust if desired… I did!

12 wash cloth rags plus 2 tea towel ones too was the 1.5 inch wide and thick thick slats blinds.  Sure I could take them down hose them and never again see them hang again or methodically wipe them  clean in smelly oil soap water. Along with two a/c units and all the trim … baseboards yada it just takes all afternoon to pot beans and get methodical.  Then explosive….


Hoot & a holler

Ahmed’s Apple Refresh

or in Tampa,FL,USA

oceanic market at I-275 & Tampa Street

it is not David rio tea’s Fuji apple tea but I’m sure pleased.  It’s southern sweet tea.

it is something of legend, sweet tea.

its a bit of warm water (if stovetop special, heat water add sugar  dissolve then brew tea strong and pour over ice— if sun tea, warm water so you can dissolve the sugar then sun it til brewed nicely…. but in this case that sugar is dissolved not added later and psychology Sayeth it matters… but probably doesn’t.

this presents a minor issue when I haven’t ice enough to fill a pitcher then glasses too. So add ice then water while tea brews this gets real cold and is better than nothing.

warnings. If able let tea cool as much as possible as from hot to instant cold it can go cloudy.


its not diabetic friendly- sugar and oddly the dissolve sugar in then brew thing is the same with different sweeteners.

lil twist on the typical

Sanity, schmanity :P

I keep forgetting… don’t you so mu ch as utter one Michael Macdonald note! To say I believe and thank you and joy and 💩
( you’re curious- Michael Macdonald solo work from the doobie bros. Sa was him with a hit with- I keep forgetting we’re not in love anymore- which later was sampled by warren g as regulators! Mount up… if you smoke like I smoke then your high like every day… yada)
Songs for you lazier

Michael macdonald’s ‘I keep forgettin’ (we’re not in
Love anymore)

Warren g ‘s “regulate”

I care deeply egotistically about place/value sure – I admit stupid constructs of thought. I care deeply I am even afraid oo terror I may not matter. Fucking sue me for being human. But don’t forget at the end of it is I love you . I love you despite silence. Asinine as in against my world spins around only me wishes. I love you for who I know you to have chosen to be. Don’t forget the thank you and the joy. Forever present even if my current luck sucks deservedly so.

Ah the best part of this is looking a right ass talking to myself. I know you’ll read it but you don’t have to but smile secretly. Just as I hope I have my investments I wish to offer the same. Just as I’m not five and this is real life we may never meet again – total tragedy really-all I asked for was your soul because I m greedy. Evil weak as water perhaps. Feather for cowardice if you know your British and why that slimes! Native American indigenous people’s proud heritage of a feather is for bravery… oooo I’m so beggin’ To be his subject. Crap – no pretty British gals now, crap! Crap crap!

And I’m probably right – brits can be biased

Which brings the book update of brain soup. ( in case you don’t think I write enough, I maintain two blogs actually)

– if ever I had faith issues reading the delineation of common belief paradigms, ugh I’m saddened as the mystery turns to stone with my heart and hopes. Oh I’ll read the truth supposed and shone. I’m just a touch sad if it plays out there’s no magic left, no power. And ye thought I’m not one but to vague it up? Ha!

And it’s broccoli!

Cupboard stores said? I didn’t buy that pizza nor have I gone shopping lately!
So with a lid it’s time to rice a roni . Vermicelli mixed with rice and some bullion equals voila! Tres magnifque. Actually, despite the sarcasm, ricearoni is actually good especially with toasty browned vermicelli.

Tonight is the shuffleboard league. Tomorrow off. Rare tomorrow too.

So little things.

As I clasp precious-ed steel
About my love’s hand warm, that truth
That truth can’t but reveal

Forgive me if I’m maudlin sounding. I’m just reminded of what’s in store for times to come. The freezer’s light’s our. I have flown a whirlwind of voodoo spinning I’m not quite well. I just pulled the load of my cleaning rags from the dryer… double lint! But dang near white. I have an entire bag of frozen fries. I’m rather fucking rich. But that’s gaslight. I put it to its paces and here I go month two! Clawing ahead. I remember once you came sans ring and other times most with the cold hard lump of choices encircled a prairie wagon train under attack.

What can I do but boil the corn pile tamale or bake brown altar-Ed right fries – dreaming of green chili? What can I do but hope monday is in fact Thursday of sacrifice not of family time but bs at a fleecing for some kind of future (must attend to trying after school attempt five) I didn’t count on!? It circles just as hard as the sad face trying to say I know what you want…no.

I just emptied the last of my then hopes into the bigger bin. It’s ok. I have no reason still to own tools chasing yet one more.

To say I don’t think upon you each day would be a lie. Yet it’s months now. I probably slowly regain me a life.