Bound to be BORING

I’m jonesing for my monday freedom lunch.

I’m stuck in a car and across town from anywhere I know well… After “surgery” 3rd in a year coming if you count so my access clots after treatment not in the current hour but about five minutes like it should.

I have to repair my glasses by getting a new frame as both! Ear pieces broke off.

These things eliminate via time Santiago’s for a soft chili rellenos plate of a smothered sopapillas with a salad atop.
No park with bench garunteeable means no great big sloppy feast and seat to enjoy.
The deli offers breaded wings but not really hotwing in a sauce…as is time. But they may have a table… So it could be a bag of tacos! And I am close to crown burger the best by vote in the burgers seen… Or gyro sammich possibly fatoush and or baklava

Vote your my lunch pick
Jalepenos bites French dip and choc shake considering but not all together!

Crown burger
Either a mushroom swiss burger never a big go-to order of mine but different
And if this a vanilla or banana shake as chocolate or strawberry with mushrooms? Oh heavens no.

Likely a
Schwarma, baklavah though the filo custard cake sounds delightful, and possibly a cucumber/mint yogurt salad….

Or a sack of soft tacos as it’s closest to eye glasses place and I’m Hungry sore tired 😉

And sick of chasing bankrupt for a lunch.


Facing Old Soup

I read a nice poem relating to me that grief for no real reasons at the time we’re not going to be another’s.

I’m reminded of how I’m to be happy in what I have not grieved by what I want.

I face an old can of soup and many a day til my next limited joys exploring yum. I have an old can of cherry lime seltzer going and I’ve just inherited a Keurig with much coffee… Or I have much of what I need. And love exists to say I’m still saddened as I viewed you then as now a prize no not to be had only, just in who you are. I have that…. It becomes a “happy”


Iritating Info

When you’re aiming for a legit date and someone writes in the twenties… Doggone it! When you’re reading so and so carriend an Illinois watch company watch when it was an Elgin?
..needless to say, an Illinois be watch company once sprung out of Elgin….but is NOT an Elgin…. B u t, fooey on red herring info blues

I finally found a close potato latke…. A potato pancake … And I get to wait a week to try it still in covid b s


Link-y pinky 2!

Ughhh. The travail of documentation
This is months work but slow going as now I need the sources… 3 hours 6 of seventy-five…

But you can see some pictures now!

Advertising other me’s blog again.



For your arts.

The song is “devil in a blue dress” but western / Occidental (yes, fannncy word…but What’s the ORIENT without the OCCIDENT?) Notions color symbolism? Yeah. Red is blood and in oriental lands it’s LUCK. But catch a western wedding in red? Unheard of!
(Really just after proof abalone was a popular high class dish…I didn’t know it was a snail and American snub French, snails! Hey you want some escargot?

I listed a master class in Margaritaville courtesy of Rick Bayless – though it’s his kiddo who does the schpeel. (Point or peeve) so,

Even if I’m awaiting setting up margaritas night…. Fruity fun.
But, I’m aware of watching certain intake, like I’m a ketchup fool! But ketchup elevates potassium -key thing living is not to blow the balance of sodium and potassium or ‘electrolytes’ or you may go caput… But what’s the booger with almond meal a great low carb flour? Copper. Copper ain’t so great to intake on lower liver function/, transplant. If ever I’m caught thinking on chats I’ve had with others… O_o

New moon energies had me curious if I might get a hopeful astrological offer. Mine said pay your debts. Then look back over your love and is it possible your mad it didn’t go your way? (It referenced appropriate right after another read on a catchphrase “losers make excuses, real men make money”. Thenmn! I read on lost things appearing? Fuck astrology! And it’s for a roll in doughnut 😛



I do silly trivia now and again. My latest is trying to develop a Springfield Illinois trivia list. I started in December beginning of year. I very quickly soured as the town, frankly is just stubborn being any kind of nice to each other. Well I found a bit more wind. Why? Because each battle. Each war of wars forward Were fought and progress! By God (or your chosen explainations) and nevermind the nays came.!.

I’m dead smack in 1880-1930 mostly early. Seeing the shape of company exploys children at half men’s pay roughly $2.70 week kids but further flouts the laws for school by sending a company man in as school superintendent who just oopses truancy enforcement. Each of many inspections blocked or obstructed. As I said it’s plain ugly! Each step of forward… But what brightens this isn’t the struggle it’s that respect is earned if not fought for… No one escapes. Cheaters users etc exist and seek only their benefits…true but each step upwards is bravely enjoined. It inspired a dash finally the beauty of hard won achievements that no! In today’s times, you can’t as an underaged employee do dangerous things! It might be dumb that you can’t pick up a chef’s knife at work til 18! It might be! But children one for half pay were burnt picking up hot glass milk bottles for no future no school no nothing just to eat. Nowadays missing ones adorn the cartons…. It took that annnnd another 46 years to institute minimum wage to lessen the cheating and abuses of labor by. Streamlining pay enough to boost most chances at fairness. Imagine your whole life working from half pay at 8 through your life til the basic laws enforced to eliminate a blacker yesterday? 1867-1937 before you could fully strike for your rights as a Pullman car attendant? More than your working life that! Or all you’re known for is president Lincoln’s boy yet you’ve a life in you’re own right…times in the settling of the west were evil to native Americans yes, but plain evil to most! Much over a number of generations moved us painful bloody steps fought each millimeter forward. Now so you see some of the hash I read.

It’s just as hard for me to get a quick number to trivial bit. I need 2-3 bits per numbers 1-75 (bingo) or in the course of calling one game of bingo, my list would be hours on hours work shot up used up. So I percervere.

01 11 26
Robert todd lincoln moments,
Pullman car president, chairman

1853, borden milk


Tx,ny borden become borden 1919
1874 borden passes
36 Elsie the borden mascot later elmer her “child” our elmer’s glue cow
1873 borden milk then newyork condensed milk expands operation to elgin

1851? Building later a borden plant…
Elgin watches springfield competed
Bonny& clyde
Illinois watch company –1869-1885? Era
.1870 illinois watch company

Example for auction….

1904 cartier wristwatch…
Ww1 elgin watches

More on property 9-11 grand/converse, original building minus clock tower demolished for newer sagamon electric (offshoot of we watch company 1899) later Illinois EPA usage 1932

1914 only high end
Prior explorers roaLd amundssen to one to the Arctic

Illinois Watch Co.

Around 9-11 converse and grand is caritois bingo hall

Haymarket 5/4 1886 riot…bomb thrown capital murder upheld in 1895 delaying child labor hearing vigorously apposed and Illinois glass works avoiding documenting labor paying 2.70 a week roughly 5 cents an hour or half a man’s wage. But 14 an up was being enforced despite company cronieism of the company supplied the school superintendent who didn’t enforce truancy…big surprise. child labor

( Milk days… 1955)

(Again, not everything is “Springfield” but similar only. So as when it reals back in, it very much is…politically enough or managed through state capital….. Springfield)

Alton is in modern travel an hour ish by train smack border of missouri and we’ll enough from St Louis to be cheap. Now think though, street tram to st Louis bottles… Anheuser Busch king of beers Budweiser… Bottles cans later…business! Chicago NOW with Pabst I mean again tram or light train to Chicago? Money. 1957, 1959 listing huge huge demand but cheap on beer glass…. Easy Transpo… Springfield did well to cultivate trains 1837 onward! McKinley tram… 500 miles consolidate… 500 dollar bill little associations are everywhere just crap! Not easy b 1 such and such happened…blah

I get 10 seconds schpeels in trivia…. That’s two sentences! 26 words. Or it’s far too tedious a supposed to be fast/fun thing!!!

But forward it goes….. Earthen mounds of info to distill! Into snippits.

Color nicely the steps made in humanities not dwell on the ugly….. Candy coating sure, but this is a rah rah my town type project and a journey as I spent ten minutes getting a breadless protein pack there 4 years ago on my way to Georgia…I don’t and never have lived here. Alll internet library begun and development.

1947. Partially milk casino) derived


Point Or Peeve.

Rick bayless upon guac /margs… Raises a point of “you shouldn’t use a recipe… Think about the ingredients as they go in.”. This brings to light a utter PEEVE wherein amateur hour “chefs” say I don’t use recipes…I know what I’m doing. And here is an example of a chef taking time to respect others with approaching things studiously….

I can’t quickfind burt wolf and his in my times Notebook! Damn it. Anyways even here careful touring to mention recipes is shown…a icon of time being toured showing deference to the boss appearing even after a lifetime not to be dead bored with igredients cook serve etc.


Hard as I try to improve…even releasing how to even cook as my world of skills altered to see legal blindnessaking hand/eye coordination a dream to now hand limited to mostly one as I lost a lot of dexterity and remain limited by weights too!! On my dialysis access arm. I literally am bedeviled to cut a steak. More than a jug milk…nope. point being, if I can’t recreate damn it! Trust me, make a couple thousand muffins and maybe you’ll understand basic muffin base weights and measures. Maybe. And thus it might not shock you I know for a simple batch how to get close to 5-6 oz flour leavener sugars, fat and not fail to turn out a batch and yet I technically didnteasure. Yet if you want a business. Sloppy free-handing only pisses away the limited margin of profit…some pro chef you are pissing away your livlihood! I don’t use recipes…I’m a chef! That’s not garnering any respect of your art from me. It’s only watching how obstacles begin for you after your dreams.

Now the point of this is margaritas… So back to the master class!

Sweet as two components… Agave syrup/honey. For component one…orange liqueur part two.

Here is a video tasting notions on that. Cure ee sow. Not chump ish curr the cow…or k.oh. no need! ;). Snob snob.

May you too have tucked yourself in bed with a little screen for a showing of “casablanca” all prepared with a glug of Cointreau! Lazlo and ilsa enter the bar and order two cointreaus ….ahhhhh. Glug glug. What is triple sec. Etc

If you follow me, expertise isn’t demonstrated despite knowledge. Just as I’ve surely drank through a medium sized liquor stores worth of the best and worst in hangovers… I may have knowledge but do I possess expertise? How big ARE my boots? Hahaha.

Yes I can cook but trying to do it Rembrandt well is a trick and school and practice. Keeping up not with right…but what delights too.

I mean duh,
I like me and Mrs t’s mix for margs
I got salt for the rim
I know your time that glad by souring it with a little mix and dip it in salt

A Cadillac quality ingredients margarita
Jose gold
Gran gala orange
Mr an mrs it’s mix
For frozens, blend serve in salt rimmed glass with perhaps a lil garnish of lime so the sour pisses you know can lime it further.

Duh,. I could over booze and get yuck. But more than likely within basic range of recipes I’m getting a fairly good drink.

Why I’m watching classes isn’t for a basic recipe. I’m watching for why the ranges. What ingredients why this garnish… At a place doing well to sell marked up drinks well.

Class up the boozefest.

Not sorry, but, not him, ” but there’s booze in the blender, and soon it will render – that frozen cocktail that helps me hang on….”. Jimmy buffet – Margaritaville.

Now lainee is lousy to me at smooth delivery public speaking and hard to listen to. (First vid). But demonstrates expertise… versus just knowledge. And grating as my master class in Margaritaville is going, it’s nice to feel I gain by watching so as to infused that love of what we do with a base of notions how it can be done WELL. Snob snob. Trust me I’m not kidding, it’s usually snobbery only that elevates but also too is a method.

Fresh lime juice, best well duh but problematic in when non booze hounds consume niceties. It’s 6 weeks since that box arrived if fresh limes were there they’d be black fuzz now! I chose a mix. 2 component sweets. Liqueur has its sweets in but maybe you alter that with agave syrup…..

Shaken, not stirred even 😉


You thought you knew!

Fiddler On The Roof has a song called TRADITION! It helps on keep our balance… Knowing where stuff is from for etc…

Key LIME Pie. The quintessential Florida pie….
Borden kitchens 1931…despite a dessssperate attempt that it was really first made in Florida in the 1890’s. Borden invented the PROCESS likely in texas…of condensing milk and canning it allowing it to keep far longer…. In 1853 and between connecticut, new york and Illinois moved many a can of this.

That’s like me making Italian sausage straiiiight from hallowed salt lake city utah.

Never got to the keys so how the hell would I be any expert on key lime pie?

Anyways 4k reader reviewers to this the best! In key lime pie

Other noted bibliographics

Depression pie again. Moving goods… I mean no dessert? World would end! How clever to make a can’t be had any other way but with a purchased product?

(Tell me,
Would this conjure key lime pie to you?

Far more in keeping with the truth of spirit than

As my salt lake city cooks up as Italian… I’ve

My fourth coming damn purchase of this book is toothy. It’s gone from a dollar to 17+!

I must also vinegar pie. It’s unconscionable I can make fruit vinegar bliss yet never the pie? I am not all that huge on blueberry vinagrette salads…honestly. tray after tray into the pot with white distilled vinegar… Warm slightly smoish etc til vinegar becomes if not vinegar okay that ain’t happening but it seriously will smell more like a pie!

Runeburge tortes
Back when you’d have punsch! Laying around…. Hahaha
Hahaha it ain’t even at my big threes stores! Arrack.

September special order now along with egussi
Brother has found a Nigerian entrepreneur so that may occur unless I get bogus feelings…..I don’t need the Nigerian check scam again!

But I can cheep taco and get the grill burner of the rig the pan costs double so September.

Stimulus 2 begins so I hope it’s decided swift but likely next week for September and shit! If it comes I get glasses again not a deck of booze…crap.

Anyways you thought you knew mythic to you reader this fun lass I remember. It’s texas not Florida! Just as munch my mormon made Italian sausage dr an ng of Finnish desserts german desserts one relying a n an Indian spirit the other a depression era thriller not german…



Dye-ing To Overspend.

I’m still amused at the level of looks we go to for fast bites.

Almond off me mused the point of ingredients. And oatbran for to thicken is dyed for the hide and we get it with other colors too.

T.b. g.b.

Regular 100% g.b.

Please note the dried out boringness of photo two.

Food like gals in makeup…. We want it dyed.

I truly get a kick out of the usage indicated it’s closer to beloved pumpernickel minis coffee…which I’m tempted
Caramel color is gettable. Oo I can make 7up GOLD!!!! Or cheat my rum into “daaaaark rum”

I mean
I know I can now be close.
Oat hull/bran (oat product isolate)
$3/s-h (4)

Msg as why bother with autolyzed yeast product when it’s not cheaper for ME
Wei-Chuan M.S.G 16oz (454g)
$3 (4 more)

Caramel color
$4 (4 more)

Cocoa powder
$3 with card (5% off)


Garlic salt
Dried onion flake (reconstitute those for hamburgers! Just like white castle to MacDonald’s… Guys according to a slider throw-down love the onions and less garlic and gals garlic it up!!!)
Chili powder
Cayenne powder
5.80-6.60 each so add 1 to 6*6 $37

And before the $15 in bulk burger mince I’ve $34 specialties, $37 typical ancillary, 15 and 15 for meat and produce, tortillas and all of a sudden a taco bell at home is $100+. Sure it sees uses elsewhere. But

That’s the brakes for knowing it’s not close enough those packet seasonings. It’s not the bell!

I can manage it but I’m not now. I want visitors and a bbq set up.

So I guess it’s simplers and some dried onion for hamburgers better.


Powerful Musings Continue

Ground beef, water, oat product isolate, autolyzed yeast product, spices, caramel color, cocoa powder, salt…. You’re going on my memory of looking up taco bell beef filling ingredients.

Isolated oat product if utilized in wording like so isn’t a give away that it can contain gluten…as in you couldn’t claim gluten free, but you wouldn’t have to say contains gluten… Sneaky what stretching we do yet stretching is very natural. Isolated oat product is ground oat hull or oat bran (best I can determine)

Yes to get a clue what things look like, muffin action! When the mix bowl is there, the bran is top right corner. It’s brown but not as brown as g.b. so they’re going to add bran. Why! 100% g.b.!!!! It’s in a pan with water underneath (steam table) for the oft changing required lasting time of hours at 140F or it’s tossed which means water in this pan must exist or you get 100% sawdust.

So to get the saucy thick filling thickener, they go with hidable oatbran flavors.

Why both, caramel color annnnnd cocoa (yes, chocolate) powder.

As you may not know, I adore pumpernickel bread. To be that dark utilizes three things, caramel color, coffee, and cocoa powders. In combination s. So I’m aware of how dark we can get.
What we go after is homespun eat outs so I can love living but eat fast yummy. Think on a few tubs lidded with prep and voila I have fast taco fast burrito supremes…mmmmm..

But mine must ender reheat as I’m not a restaurant so tub into the hateful microwave and such. And yeah I bought the packet taco bell seasonings to disappointed. Not it.

So while I consider the list of
Freshly ground spices on a discount! I know why the oat hull is there. I know why the caramel cold r is there. The Cocoa, even the msg type utilization of autolyzed yeast product…. Which is umami of extra meaty…doritos to sushi have it too. Yes I yacked my brains out once because I took accupril but loved meat snacks like beef jerky then gaurunteed to come with msg which has changed 20 years later… Yes accupril directly gets ugly and says so with msg. But outside of rare occurances or drugs like accupril or certain m a o I’d for asta or rheumatoid arthritis… Typically…most us can use msg.

The big words like autolyzed yeast product hide what it’s for. People come to mistrust additives….as poison….they’re not. Always anyways.

And things taste the way they do very specifically.

Anyways. It’s a chuckle to think my savory ground beef is dyed and thickened hahaha…what reallllllly occured!

But, spoon, lather, spoon finger pinch finger pinch glop fold fold roll is approximately a tortilla beans, beef lettuce, tomato, sour cream into a delight. And tacos too plop pinch pinch for those and while I can’t make them in seven seconds as my hands are slow! I can eat in five minutes yumminess