I’m sorta CRAZY-zay.  I expect you to suffer through bad typing, editing and additionally spelling and even Grammar.  I don’t always care whether you “get it” or not.  You will be different for your time spent.    But who AM I?.  a bloggist.  What more should i say?  i cook?  I read?  Iam not You?  I’m on the WRONG drugs? – please not this isn’t meant to say I’m considering illicit substance, most make me sick – no good trip there.  Am i ashamed – oh blankity blank – Of Course, I am, I couldn’t be who I thought you wanted me to be … but I’ll get over it.  Will you?  Enough of the spiritual twaddle.  Dynamite fishing Thursdays?  Chili watered meats till they surrender shape?    Lets Pretend your ass paid attention in class.

13 replies on “About”

Link or allusion to Starman film? No. Deliberate allusion to Robert a Heinlein “Starman Jones,” yes. You too with editing mention… what a noise in my church you make 😉

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