Upon Spiritual Forward

Of luck’s harmonies
So few are in this for you
Am I delivering?

Timings everything
Any old soul avail’ble
Been cultivating?

How luck is achieved
Isn’t hard work or piles
But use when needed

As it fight forward it’s not I’ll win every “love” possible within attraction, or maximize every opportunity passing my lucky way, but more. Just more within a humble enough if possible attitude I could have probably had the moon if I was that more. I may not find much more steady typical work but as my retreat revive time continues, I need up more income streams and surely I’ve something left to offer. Being picky I guess of more might help and I’m surely sick of the usual that has came before so prediposal toward picky I am!


Spoiled Some

Rippling breezes
Flutter tarps and trash about
Signaling something.

500 yards
Wasted in the shade for prep
Past my mission

Just What is important
Is it having acted forward
Or enjoyed reclining?

Oh, divination says
Such gas-lightin’ lies hopeful
Abundant nothing comes

And now to luncheon
Old rolls split for salami
Orange messes Sticky

And for my troubles
Without due process, ax him
Or youre also out

Ever wonder how true the views are
Blah blah this owed but -oh- no car?
No proper papers hot so no tools
If I must enforce mine I’m a fool
Smells like whim from afar


How to look an A$$

I woke to my front door I specifically locked ajar opened. I could tell by soft breathing I’d a guest likely didn’t want. As usual I sort my options of being nonconfrontational and yet man up, it must get sorted. So non emergency cops called at 4 am as it was important yet not 2 am known and not bothersome as sleepers aren’t. And it turns out it’s a legit guest I simply wasn’t expecting. First time with multiple roommates I’ve had such a surprise (house of 5 live with brother and others – wouldn’t be an issue if I hadn’t one roommate previously who is currently unwelcome, homeless, and they didn’t have a murder by the tossed-now homeless camp and thus um, as he’s been found uninvited here before occur) I of course look a right a$$. But I’m not about to stop maintaining my home. And now back to insomnia.

14/15 roommates shuffle and go and never before have I ran into this. Just so you know, that’s what you get trying to take it lighter in life not bitter housewife complaining but always being atop stuff before…no more…I’ve better things to do in life like be a surprised ass. 😉


Oo! Milestone

I’ve achieved thanks duh, to you. Over 300 following. This is after 8.5 years of this site.

After 9 months I’m with the complete research of a full b1 through O75 facts to numbers associations list.
(Generated mostly on my other site as well, it’s fun but heh school sounding b s .at least til I can smudge the schooling away a bit! Not bad for a town I’ve maybe been in ten minutes getting a salami between slices cheese snack on my adventures moving to live on a Georgia Army Base and later Tampa Florida metro area hoping up love. Minus a few lists this ain’t no Wikipedia crap. Likely the focus now that I’ve a list is local places of interest. Wine trails to ethnic highlights foods. Attractions as I’m not unaware this can be utilized as more than just inspirations to tell stories, but duh, raise some cash!
It won’t take forever to highlight an array of neat places which in covid times I gotta call up personally to verify they feel they are still in business. I’ve finally got a window to this being completable.



Sheeep-dip orange yeppp, nooooo rhymes!
Seems an orange life no not prison
Awaiting the nothing

Hmn, moussaka Eggplant
Tried loose burgers and Mich’gan dog
Next green chili orange, damn.

Funny I’d find you vachel
Vachel Lindsay singing poems lugging a satchel
You met Teasdale charmed and wooed
She married elsewhere so you were screwed
Funny how she returned too late
Words mattered and both of poison’s plate



Brothers black and red (George Thurogood line) beans, chipotle chili can, tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, salt bubbles on the stove. Onions roast seperately as brother hates them. I don’t hate onions ;). When I lose an inch or so on the level of the pan I shall mash a few beans up to correct thickness, and add a pan of crumbled browned burger mince. I’ve enough paprika at this point to correct the “chili” taste. There’s minced raw onion and shredded cheddar for the top.

Result as it’s pointless otherwise!

Yes pan washed then oiled,. Fussy pan! But you want crisp? Iron skillet!. Unless you want rust not crisp, wash then oil pan wipingoff excess.. . (In case you wondered that white bit is virginal t.p. )



Not Necessarily Bogus

Craggenmore is a fine enough scotch whiskey brand.

Craggen, craggan
Earthenware jug
More, Moore.

Fanciness explained in a name, black jug.

While I’m not a language expert not even in English…what American would like to argue with an English man about being expert in the English language? Heheheh… And this is scotch or Gaelic atop the point. But, it is not necessarily Bogus even if I’m being convenient shall we say in definition. My

Washer took a powder when I’m out of clothes otherwise. While that IS bogus, tidings it’s possible shortly with a minor bucket aiding. To rinse my agitated soaped clothes ala 🚿 and shower and wring them best I can which isn’t as good as them machine so I may have to double cycle them in the dryer. I wouldn’t know this unless I’d seen old washers with ringers rollers. I wouldn’t know this if I hadn’t seen a cheer commercial that spins fabric soap water in a fish bowl. I wouldn’t know this if I hadn’t been to a poorer souls house with a bathtubbing of laundry as there wasn’t money for coin op laundry doing that moment… Or whatever the reason. As to the bromance /not my problem party of roommates, first I wouldn’t know to check the machine and expect trouble not be surprised by it without the seemingly insulting b s attitude. Next, it really isn’t their problem either such is what rent means, machinery is landlords maintenance province. I’m improving not being forever hurt or offended by what I hear because it is useful and a blessing. And much is to be learned traveling. 😉

(Please don’t confuse getting better spiritually with an I’m thrilled this occured, just that it’s not unrecoverable tragedy. Of I’m screwed timing-wise, no biggie, I’m square enough to alter my schedule …)

No wasn’t after the scotch… FYI


Rotten Ideas
Pesto – ice cream

👽👽 Oh the cackling glee
(Think ceiling not shown boo children spiders from street… Think door bell for trick or treat drops scarrrry spider web on trick-or-treaters. And candy spiders! 😁 )



Went gold prospecting around Englewood d Colorado’s water treatment plant but on the Platte river. This location is more a swimming hole than a river at present. But two 20L/5gal buckets, two 10.5 in gold pans, grocery sack apples and a hogie, folding utility shovel a coffee tub two snuffer bottles and a water bottle with oh a garden trowel the bus easy kit so I only walked Half the way. 4 miles or 7km with many many breaks!  It’s a hobo camp.

Pardon tech snarl phone time borrowed I don’t have the picture pile. Just a notepad poem or so.  It wasn’t particularly produtive… But that’s alright I got out.

Down by the river
Sausages sizzled ala elm
Shortly to prospect

Hearing how I’m done
My brother to these choices
America sucks

Politic even here
Trump for america great ‘gain
Riverside living still

Well it’s not a huge day…porch and puff time.


Humble Humpty

I got a weight restricted left arm with crap dexterity in the hand… Cutting a steak good fork tender steak is almost more than I can manage…  I’m blind legally anyways.  Yet you can enjoy a lil life.  This is what is home-spun egg McMuffin. Less than five minutes.  Okay, nuked, not the best cooking method going… But home made and

My area MacDonald’s via app. (Englewood CO USA or and participation VARY – tax is ~9% on any sale good/service but not applicable to groceries which is 5% tax)


~$4 plus change as tax is levied

12 eggs/ 1.49 2@ 13¢ each

Luncheon Ham/ 3.49 coupon circular 1/2 oz slice of 8oz pack ~25¢

Oil $2.99 32oz 1/2 oz if that 5¢

Cheese 4.49 24oz 1/2 oZ if that 10¢

Salt 1.49 2lbs 1¢ fraction but not free

Muffin 2.99 for 6 50¢

$1.17 (plus cooking cleaning tax ~$1.33 ) vs. $3.99

Here’s mine


Yeah, yeah, had to frame it as galactic gobblings….