Reverse Engineer…


The RIGHT soda (pop) is listing 16% juice  which is roughly 2 oz juice per 11.35 oz.  because nutrition info is faster for me to look up in my backwards american weights and measures.  to get this far requires some elementary math of 16^ of 330 (ml) and 355 / 12  to begin to get somwe measures going.  now if you want you can understand that rosey orange is a color artificially achieved… black carrot juice … image searched  paprika… the yellow yet looks red kind  don’t believe me search annatto seed and a colors chart some red things are a yellow base of color.   this leaves only the ugly enough math of ~27 grams sugar to how much actual water which is around 8.5-9 oz but how much exactly 😉 and! what is the mysterious natural flavors… a drop here or there of which essential oils? because such things are distinct and we know it’s like all sodapops  got an acid bite from…ACID which isn’t just there to give it a bite but make it shelf stable and dentist visits coming unfriendly to the pocketbook/teeth.

now curiously.  earlier this spell of time ago, I learned why bromated vegetable oil is used… which is to mix with the oils and make them heavier so while oil and water never technically mix but you cant tell if they float to the same levels not thus looking seperated 😉  bromated veggie oil is a tranquilizer similar to why tea has caffeine and coffee does too but tea doesn’t hit the same way coffee does as coffee hasn’t the soothing bromated type chemicals as tea thus the big jitters if you drink too much.  speaking of which it’s blueberry hiram walker in the freshly ground house blend coffee from the paris on the platte place….well that was earlier not it’s the soda… nope now it’s the water.  (you get the idea – I hope)

now a simple look at the not very reddish color of the beverage says there isn’t a lot of the red stuff in there sow this is pretty much a foily topped over-priced mountain dew.  well throwback mountain dew as this is made with actual sugar not the corn stuff.   but it does have a tinge and even though it’s cleverly made to appear healthyier…. black carrot is exotic but is still a carrot thus carrot = healthy.  paprika  equals exotic european which also mean healthy too.  the fact it has a foil top like juices do reduces the stigma of it being pop = unheathy.  clever how we’re raised to know this stuff by market research.

well enough of captain obvious, I’ve got to get dressed and host games after a spruce up of my house.



oK, beer time.  and whittling

nc based + ships where I need it going

I’m  going to look over this list and CRY that I cant fit more Colorado into it.  I’m limited by the following how to choose these factores:

  • I’d like craft or crap beers to have a high proven rating B/A is good overall
  • I like the risque names and worthleess allusions to them because I’m amused.
  • I’m damned determine by including a range or slice of what I like…yet wish to risk stuff even I’ve not tried.
  • I’m careful enough in choices to avoid things I outright hate
  • I’m thus going to say I like chico california offering due to smoothness in the case of sierra nevada, and outright tang in your face in the case of stone’s arrogant bastard ale.
  • I’m a fan of full sail’s red mmmmmm and oregonian beer.  I’m dissapointed the company here lists not my favourite laurelwood’s free range red as I directly adored that visiting the area walking into a cigar room cooler with bombers… so that’s why full sail caught me later in it’s then white box session’s green label.
  • I’m sure macphoto of old xanga is worth a vote on my own home state’s beer kalamazoo’s bell’s brewing’s two hearted ale.
  • I’ve seven listings that must become 3 or 6 and let’s mention something important up front ground or air shipping is… bloody damned just more than double the initial price of the beers and remember six 12 oz bottles is how it goes I suffer worse with mix matches.
  • so, things like kokanee, or moosehead, or el pacifico, batch-19, weinhard’s private reserve, and/or carling’s black label mix and match cans with bottles….bad choices or not even offered.

now to what I do get to look at…..BEER.

smuttynose – robust porter – smut heh
bells two hearted ale – michigan plus like name…
full sail amber. 84% but I like x2 sixers
sierra nevada – ruthless rye as they’ve not the HOSS of my town.
stone – arrogant bastard ale.
odempsey’s your black heart *coffee stout likely


making a mess at the post office

I’ve some sanpelagrino blood orange soda pops getting their chill on.  I have some lapseng su chong tea on my stove collection.  I farmed out sour watermellon gummies, hot sesame oil, ramen fanciness, intense mint chocolate and supposedly the freshest coffee in town.  

I’m 4/6-7 on my gifts out.  dang what an ordeal!!! 😀 some of you lot are hard to shop for.  

Ionly had a half glass each of bluesky cola  and san pelegrino blood orange… I hate the discipling but it comes easier with years of teeth gritted no’s.  chatted with a regular on my route to work who’s also a diabetic switching out bread for a different carbohydrate vitamin d works for me etc etc.

now to see if I can count coup on my largest hardship of gifts. 😉 😀


oh I filled out my ssa work changes paperwork including the recipts for my glasses and got at least one witness to it.  oddly enough no one was home so I asked the neighbor.


yep, I asked it.

I read a real book this week – I have fleetin floater questions now that bob in and out of consciousness that seem very important!….but blip gone.

like methyl amphetamines help those who have difficulty concentrating on thoughts… obviously methyl amphetamine can be made usually poorly and has a nasty habit of helping others court some cuckoo for cocoapuff problems with reality hence many people take a dim view to the stuff. yet I’ve still read the label of it being prescribed and dealt from a very stout safe.  other lesser evils ritalin, adderol and dexidrine also are a popular variety set.  a good way to know if they’re medically valuable is to watch as if the person got drunk in front of you sleepier seeming happen or if not useful rage with energy to burn.  yes that ….to burn actually means fat too meth headers and diet society pill poppers really chowed down on it so much that  cuckoo for cocoa puffs incidents lead for it to be shied away from.  now I know for me chamomile doesn’t make me sleepyy – thus I was curious whether and why that was…. up with a wiki question as to whats in it and voila like pine it has turpenes sesqu-turpenes and these thing indeed are good for the skin and lifting a person mentally but not like amphetamines.  modern day native american tea but from the olde country.  and for the record I have tried ritalin and it works I am calmer and more collected mentally and also have comitted the most heinous sin in the universe of crying in front of the sub principal for absolutely no reason….save ritalin…and remember in 7th grade that is a death sentence to trying to be cool….I never have touched the stuff since… to me it is the devil I’d rather smoke cigarettes.  cigarettes are not nearly effective with the added bonus of smelling foul.

I’m slowly getting motivated to hit a coffee shop for freshly roasted coffee which trades out the kaleidoscope as colourful gift idea. tomorrow the wine arrives.  it means taking the 0 101 and 10 lol it’s getting computery  but to show ya

I still say the work’s culture is weird and also sly. it is one of hey this isn’t boss to employee crap this is pro to pro independant unit to another I mention this or that for YOUR benefit not mine… it slyly says the same things it always says and the outcome of this getting done and or never done that way again is the same so is the tut tut don’t try blaming another its YOUR responsibility and I’m talking to YOU….but it isn’t rigid like boss to employee it’s a choice to take the talking to’s and use them or not be given more choices again if you do choose poorly.  sly like it’s only a question of how are you to solve this and such.  it’s weird a sly way to be complimented with something requiring your action versus dude you so effed up.  anyone else find that somewhat sly?




I got a letter from usa’s sayin I started word NON blind as of the 01.02.13  typicall fpor the assholes fill out a useless form to correct their mistakes.  I strted 6.3 2013 I don’t makle per . week but 16. No I do not make a lot but I make some.   I filed ever proper thing in the way of paystubs too including the w.2 which is automatic.  but as you see by their rules I didn’t file a start dart paper.  I didn’t file every conceivable way this is some one else’s perjury.  so I have a pile of forms.  treipipping me up instantly to say I admit by law I lied and cheat the system.   assholes.


in other news I’m on target to pay to zero my sears card and my target card is 20 credut uf U syrvuve tge nibtg,  U gave abithger 2.5 months debt large completly spent til nex t month webt it is paid down… remember I’m only as truthful as what others say and I paid that 30 days ago.  it is frustration city to operate this way.  but 3300 total debt is me now next month it’s less.  IO’m still employed. 😀  maybe by 4.4 I’ll sholl what is real 2800 total debt towards fully paid off with money in the bank by august but no one will know till 3 months after completion.  that’s how REAL credit works.  so hope with me that I said it paid it meant it and will show to the worlrd I paid MY way.  I expect by my birthday to show no debt cash in bank credit available 3 months wasted waiting for that proof and on my way up the ladder of life.



I’ve my 3rd of seven niceties mailed. lol I went to one place that whoops the universe denies that option so I came home.  don’t think the universe isn’t making sure I try after the “correct” gifts. 😀  (the fourth in progress …wine comin… the fifth easy enough  to get sparkly… andthe sixth is to keep being creative in a culinary focused  kink of way and the seventh is of course to find the currewnt denial the right offering  😀 in a way it only costs double and takes twice as long but I’m still smiling so we’re still going to share them smiles eventually.


box rain.

wine ordered. 😀  I ask those 21/over usa, to consider paw paw michigan’s   looking up the entire coloction to spot passionat peach spumante, catawba, simply red, and blackberry 500ml wine cordial.  I got me these so as to not waste shipping costs and also get my gift for boss who said I think she prefered reds.  I may make a black…. red… peach… offering  because ultimately my michigan heritage is also a german one somewhere and that’s the current flag colors. 😉

I got my passport photos part 2! taken now to go collect them.

I shipped my florida part one box and my new york bound one too. 32 with a half sheet of stamps…last papercut of mailing my redone passport photos is to stamp and mail 😉 plus the 12.90 they cost to redo.  I get to look lame an unprofessional for inexpensive rates or pay 500 to employ my right to wear my medically required glasses… no, a ssa document doesn’t count recent legal doctor payiment for letter certifying me blind only which is a office viz and letter 200 + 300 and it is a REAL hassle to acheive. docs HATE certifying if it cant be avoided.

I was certified blind only through beginning in 81 for school.  or 32 years ago and various points they paid for so I posess no letter of my own for since. 32 years ago isn’t recent.

I’m now off to collect a few national dollars of the land they’re bound for because I cant find a way to mail anything cool there and it has to be fresh or what’s the point?


see about bobbles on the way..


this leaves only to cover my schedule next month as in write one due tomorrow and paint a sun catcher about my last gift on the menu.. i.e. 2 done 4 more in progress and that leaves the last which isn’t that way on purpose just harder to suss out to get after of 2/7 and I gotta get moving.



no, I’m not moving or vacationing at present.  I went shopping after I asked you to keep a lid on who is getting stuff.

I have two boxes done minus the internal notes.  One’s a CROCK the other is sweetness colors and some metaphoric dice…. the meaning of either is to  be better hinted at with notes ;)… stories are much funner that WTF?


I have two padded envelopes one partially filled and the other awaiting the chance I may find it on my ways.

I have two direct from the internet one to order. AND one sideline that will come to me but is a portioned out gift after, and a project gift scavenge up one  as I feel inclined.


Crock – it really is 😉 is obviously stonewear tonges and some spices – mega bubbled loose corners for accidental impacts mishandlings yet nothing shakes inside.  if it arrives undammaged I’d like to put forth that I have shipped delicates before and I hope you see the effort

my second  sweets colour and gambleds is… designed to convey an odd point hopefully worthy of a smile. 

my ordered ups are oddities worthy of a smile… not unknown things but those things I already know are somewhat liked.  but way deeper than grab and go. delights….

one especial ordered up just shines… it’s its job. (precicious bobble type.


one is a simple overdue here you go of my hand hope you let it have it’s little corner.


I know it seems as if I have just said literally nothing.. but heh,  here it is 

a different who gives a crap way.

salad stuffes with recipe

candy and art with a family dice game

suncatcher to hang and see to remember my gift of colour back

gree lion with leo stylialized errings for a neato bobble that’s personal enough…roar.

wine for the supervisor.

I’m changing my mind away from a kaleidoscope to fancier coffees.

and perplexi person has something of a shot at something foodie what being the key..budgetary concerns exist as I don’t wish to be indebted to death but neato out of the ordinary is the point. and I think I just solved it.   😀


but inventing some words of maybe meaning versus whomp here it is… is half the fun 😀  it begrudges a shot for something to be tried versus regifted or tossed.  passionfruit iced tea….as it can handle some sweetening hmn 😀 aint that just the thing for different and yet something well known the same.


however 😀 hush your mouth.  I did pick out of the ordinary things and thus there is something neat in getting the packing bits sorting out and tossed to see what caught my eye.


thank carolyn

Happy Anniversary!

You registered on 2 years ago!

Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!



I collected a variety of craft related products for a multitude on my list from michael’s

the candy shop had straberry bon bons which are fucking murder to find…a stand candy with a foily straberry fakeo look wrapper, root beer barrels, fruit sours as in not just cherry sours the best! *p.o. personal oppinion.  and burnt peanuts for mum. 

thrift store for beer steins and one fancier glass, a wooden box I need to find a key for likely not a key but an eye glssses screwdriver to fake a key. 😉  fits key chain in a way that seems appropriate.  a vase that turn out to leave me half a dozen red roses I don’t fucking need now my house has a splash of colour…hurumph.and an ash sheet pan not ashtray a brass tray to use as a stacker for cans of recycled for the purpose beer.

I hit target for the packing tape.  farkle games…10,000 dice if you on’t know.  

what I failed after was coffee tea and special foods for me favorite cant reveal where she lives.

the nicety is copper wire for beading.

what’s left is jewelry, a kaleidoscope and food something.

…. well 


mom has flowers, lunch and burnt peanuts. … to work again and to pack ship.


oh I forgot I got thee best pun gift…. it’s a …. CROCK.