rhymes with fair and?

even if heaven or hell didn’t exist, someone would have invented them after dealing with government errands.


I only had half hell in that my 0- second transaction  was only an just shy of 2 hour wait.  I have a social security card reciept  again.  I have been very lucky misplacing these things 😀  so lucky it only was just shy of five hours to get another in process :D.  I’ll lay odds i’ll not even use it 😀

now duh, I didn’t waste any of that trip, I know it sounds suspiciously like whining about hellish annoyance to government paperwork… but to not have it is worse and yet come on, if you can’t be wringing out the best and worst of experiences – where’s the fun in that?    however, positively speaking, there is NOTHING I can do better than walk areas so I see in my time what’s really there and or available.  I took 2 different routes thus puroosing more of this town i’m about to leave thus making what was once impossible again now possible.  I had the same smaller city hiccups of routes that don’t go all the way this trip , the bus driver pointing out how rude i can be simply not seeing a trash can for a no longer needed ticket that didn’t pop instantly back up so figured was gone.  I found two walmarts! i’m so proud!  I wonder at the safety of visiting my closest or the hellish time to 2 bus to the second.  I mean no part of the experience is wasted including the usual busstop tax of hey can you spare a cigarette?


today is #8 culg head screws @ either 2 to 2.25 inches long and a hot glue gun to repair a dining type simple padded chair.  I will be happy i got after that even if you’ll quickly note that I may or may not touch one iotoa of the event.  so punishment company ride along oh hurt my feelings!  and soon enough one less thing to bitch about.  also i hope it isn’t a punichment again that i bear gifts one or two desirable and maybe lunch.


I was reading my reader box and I wonder if this is the new comparison to it be am radio and we’re not talking glory days of radio either… just blogging my voice to bore you poor things to tears that woohoo, it’s?  another day in paradise…but at least i have the five hours in to make oppurtunities later.


however there is one shining joy to this errand day part two, I may be gifted to enjoy my very own shredding party.  I don’t think you know how this improved my accounting at trade school soul.  always have a pen and your life will be a delight up all night shredding documents :D.. somehow it is brightening me as if I’m defeating someone else. ahhhh.  shredding party.


tostada, rock, taco

Home Page

Taco Star was for the mexican mexican  not persay american american –   it was a fine tostada to go visit the above pile of rocks.  no, the beans weren’t the rocks  and the rock pile above spreadable! returning was raco bell for american in the guise of mexican.  it was also good .

the point isn’t the meals both tollerable and caloric even sorta tasty!  but the feeling of seeing a dream up.  no, obviously not done but realized enough you can dream along.  having fun imagining.  the dream as is was frightening to me.  the walkways small and thus evil slippery as it’s open and thus grit/dust/sand/dirt whatever to slide to one’s quick death.  the balconies were indeed a masterful thing that just felt the floated …but step on one and feel it not vibrate but bend?….and this means look down from heights?  frightening.  everywhere in progress but not like DONE.. that irked me more and more!  to see the choices to know the odds to feel as i did anyways.  i left a bit sadder for dreams.  but at the same time i could feel the place that weight of it.  it’s still moving and as it’s free -donations accepted of course and perhaps the feeler at the popcorn station will be just the right age to be…the real mccoy? jim bishop?  one doesn’t know.  but i challenge anyone serious about imagination to visit. be it the possibilities in stone and dreams?  or how grisley was the murdery tidings?  is that tree there? fertilized by ms ashcroft?  what happened the night the sky rained sideways tohide the thump as what really did go down?


so what.

such is a link to a picture from the movie Shawshank Redemption.  it is the halfway house where so many come and go on their way.


the last blog was on how i have and would research moving anywhere.  obviously i list in it it was a waste of time as it was only because of asnarler i would need that info.  snarler leave cooller heads later.    so here is tomorrow and today’s most likely realistic offering.

everything is as it was somewhat on the way to georgia/alabama somewhere near ft. benning.  to keep in mind that i have a better shot at steady minor employment renning groceries to the cars at the commissary for tips than i do finding some other idea traditional on my own.  i would be in a home with people meaning I wouldn’t be isolated when believe this or don’t i am not nor ever will be much of a social soul.  I do best in settings where I have people about.  of course this means independance can sometimes take a hit, but lets face it, independance only to isolate suffocate alone is not the best idea for me, I have never once thrived that way.


what’s the trades?  sure as i wouldn’t be in a texarkana for bbq, closeness to cajun /texasness,  I’d be in georgia alabama wich also heard tell of bbq and has a bigger tradition of lusciousness vegetables likely a heart attack in the making.  I am closer to floridian fresh citrus and trips not to high holy shreve port la, but some grove in florida or maybe a biggie road trip to key largo to be into the movie location of same said.  key largo- bogart, mcall.  I wouldn’t travel to dallas for murphy’s place the restaurant and lounge not the deli, to nigerian food.  I would likely have to hunt some other mecca down… I suppose it time for breakfast pizza.


School’s On, Seriously! *sos

School days, Stanley Clark with Stewart Copeland. 2012 live.


chunky actually, despite having Virtuodoist of their jobs.


Here’s another LIVE offering via David letterman via NBC days. not CBS.


I’m moving.  the trick or thoughts are best towards where.  I’m not steamed although I admit I was but the direction is worth thought still.  it appears as if I’m going to pull a douche and let it appear I’m mad and or whatever to just bail on the plan and go a different way.  what follows is a literal dart throw as to where.  I apologize, it’s a copy paste – I cover about all that’s relevant minus a better idea link to costs but not actual ones.  to make this clear as day, I require literally 1 hour above what I make a month to afford modern adjusted costs but no, apartment finders and a business day didn’t see a response to my inquiry so I assume it’s cell or fuck off out there or worse whatever who cares.  but, I have?  a start on different idea.

the following is an idea.  it will contain hard copy information to places I want or need handy.

it is also close to two other places in case it’s not vacant

they are beacon hill I believe and chapel  something or other

this place is on a half course meaning i have walking.

it is roughly 1/2 mile to a triple j convenience store

1/5 miles walking to the Walmart or Albertsons groceries with a Walgreens

it is NOT within a school zone which i can see which is not as much fun but it is on a golf course which tends to screen out some schlock

*this and google or whichever maps also.

seems to be the clinic  as i would need a doctor of some variety interesting that they’ve eye one’s too in network.

i was told they also accepted Medicare but this at least is a secondary doctor notion

however, the first with multiple location seems sufficient to have a pick and back up.

neither seem within instant location walking so this would be more of an arduousness

they have a listed dialysis clinic as well accepting Medicare if said eventually is necessary

aside from the grocery, there is a small array of motel and fast food concentration and a movie theater.

cost list within the legal x3 range of my income 1/3 rent limit

busing exist

greyhound package pickup is close so would be a stop for same said

  • 1:55am.

    1 transfers


  • Travel to TEXARKANA, AR

    10:55 pm

Buy online price : $84

obvious, I am not in DIRE need of this information, we all have momentspears the question is whether or not fuck it, why not while the other option is with family and maybe awaiting the next blow up, or here where there just is shit nothing to bind me to this dart toss say save the reality that here in this state I just can’t afford independence alone, it’s always going to be a roommate and the risk it blows up and they leave as pleases them at me holding the bag.  I can do all three.  I have a HISTORY of all three, it is simply a thought that lingers.

I lost my password and can not reset as I lost the email password too so I’m off facebook again..  I don’t own a cell phone so it may be a moment before I find an option to restore or renew this.  I’m half tempted to say the obvious, I’m sick of what option works best for others, and having five thousand accounts for other’s convenience.  but reality is I too need the feeling of friends and we only put out what we can where we wish to, this may mean I may restore somehow.


I’m not traveling to graduation unless it’s wholly paid for.  I can’t afford to go and move.  I have not paycheck past the main set coming in so as I can plot how on paper possible it all is, I’ll just assume in reality that it’s POSSIBLE but it’s best to count chickens after the eggs have hatched or paychecks are legally earned and reliably on their way.  it isn’t much.  but it’s quality sense.  maybe.  admittedly this is expecting failure’s scent everywhere, but in realiwe don’t wish things achieved but earn them in reality.  reality leans that I’ve no business necessarily at home mooching or here feeling I only await another meltdown or shoehorning in with another family member who hasn’t space free or the hope of a hills romance either it’s get after what’s needed no more and choose well.


beer anyone? it’s shit tastic cheap and tasty?ty


Different Heroes

I see a LOT of high literature going… the heroes of words.  I offer you a different poetry and a different hero.  to your LISTER,  how no matter how hard you try, or how much you think you’ve managed, you can and are expected examples a-blizzarding to be MORE of yourself.  You likely are that voice most of you, but you have one.  it isn’t a complaint or a negativity even if it brings out the whining within us all.  It is simply the best you can forever work towards being as the bar is raised for not one to feel failures everywhere but to not forget to continually achieve not once and couch potato.


I have a zillion work orders in.  it’s about a week before we leave out to graduation part 2 of the Army feller’s new living.  my toilet doesn’t flush as the chain is ff the flapper, the master toilet doesn’t sit well, the stove electrical box was loose on the wall last pull out that broke the door moulding of the oven so it’s time, the tile entry has a broken one which likely needs a gluing unless they suck at life then the whole entry redone.  the carpet is not perfect thus easily never was new on move in on the tackstrips.  this leaves the guest bathroom sink has to have the drainstoper assembly redone and the guest bathroom tub doesn’t leak on the drain but around the outside of it…but that’s another work order and some touch up painting of doors to cover anough scratches ala dog whining is to be put to a list.  this means i start the stain liftings today.  i start light in hopes of success with my computer area’s blackness near shoes/feet .  this may be a stain only or a whole room cleaning.  tomorrow i expect to find a papers box I saw with my stuff so i might find a ssa card to maybe work or if not present curse my piggishness and get another.  during this 3 days of attempts i expect to achieve also another 2 rounds of washing to be close if not done with all cleaned bedding…. clothes etc. thus empty clean the borrowed dresser and pack in tubs everything MINE to move.  yes prior to leaving on the trip and guaranteeing I’ll live essentially out of a box for 3 weeks and then longer while I’m in flux to leave here.


I don’t expect anything fancy food wise.  I doubt i’ll bother.  I expect no luck but the bummer of waiting.  it’s okay!  but it is also time.  as once i’m done packing  the bed is stood up and 18 square feet of wall space is free for a comlete moving situation that doesn’t in the slightest interfere with life for others as I’m gone early.  this is preciely half the space needed for what’s stored elsewhere but its easily piled in this room plus toiletries and other spaces not needing to be fully unpacked.


but the point of this blog isn’t listing yay me, it’s who do you think is that voice?  you’ve surely met a mother in your days.  maybe some of you are that evil annoying 😀  lets be done 3 weeks before it matters because we all know you’re lazy and wont do it but half ass last minute!  or in other words you want a deposit? work to keep it. you didn’t even if you put a thousand work orders in you didn’t accuum daily and thus you didn’t take your shoes off thus you didn’t stay stains light you’ll pay for this and hopefully it’s correctable.  you aren’t bad, you are loved but you aren’t after it and it does suck people are sick of the laziness at real life costs.  get it together! 😉


and when you think you have do it better.  god and mommy love you. 😉  laugh as I took pleasure, yes pleasure, in hearing army guy’s mom after his truck so we can get it to him this coming trip for him having a vehicle and all his sins.  mommy knows them along with your poop face you ain’t getting away with shit.



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Peruvian Mazamorra.

Image result for turkish delights

Turkish Delights

This sweet… dessert is slightly exotic and is known by many people who have read the book ‘The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe’. This would do well for a tea party, a holiday party, or even if you just wanted to surprise someone…  allrecipes, Turkish delight

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What’s the difference between beer and malt liquor?

haffenreffer was marketed for a time with Wilt Chamberlain of NBA fame and that he slept with 20,000 or so women.

if you can’t catch the theme, I’m simply being?  Corny.


Utterly Ridiculousness.


uch the above is a potato cannon.  maybe you got a little chance to play with them prior to them being always illegal but very quickly this illegal enforced.  they’re rather dangerous as to projectile and force.  that said, if you’re a fool and didn’t aim yours at people but a very clearly empty field for a mile around, maybe you had a little fun in your time.


I saw what appeared to be a robotic in a meme armed with an array of these potato cannons.  I thought…. big stretch here.  Robo breakfast of doom. 😀  high speed hash browns. meals chicken pecking other meals in the grand order of life.  because the cannon needs fuel, nearly anything will do, vodka as such is sometimes made of potatoes. – reference the movie steve macqueen’s ” The Great Escape.”  you should surely smell a fish if the brittish are joining in on an american independance day celebration…the german sausage brains did and discovered tunneling…those sneaky pow’s!

this quickly got blended with Short Circuit and Johnny5 – five is alive and soon so shall be your indigestion…but first,StarWars R2 D2 plots a takeover in the front of Alice the television show with Mel Alice and flo… you know some serious kiss my grits and a mad mel clevering out justice and or crappy diner food.

somewhere in this the notion of potato, vodka dinner sodomizes breakfast, I thought of what now must be a pelmeni stuffed not with cabbage as I like them but chicken potato and drowned in a delightful vodka sauce.  pelmeni are ravolit of a sort just not always with the same american cheese or beer more common to american dining but cabbage different cheese and in fact a host of wildly yum things so far foreign but awaiting your stamp of acceptably authentic your kind of food.

utterly ridiculousness. 😀  I enjoy some moments.

why maximum overdrive?  because the machines take over.  what’s weird in a way is to the times 1986 so many vehicles in the trucking world were powered by detroit diesles which while anything now can beat them in performance obviously – time marches on – what you might not remember is the unique sound they were to their times.

this is NOT it, this is not even a detroit deiseel, but a cummings.  but hahahahaha in today’s days and ages, you’ve a video game for everything… a simulation of having a job 😀 bahahahahaha.

now the point is you can easily here a volume of sound difference as well as a characteristic sound differences… sorry for another respin link.  but it’s honestly better than other options, just as interestingly, the videogame above is better even with sampled sounds than trying to suffer you 20 minutes with timing points and all that nonsense.

had my glasses repaired again free at Sears which interestingly can not make them bummer.  Had sliders at sis work/ Dickey’s bbq pit. pork sliders there not on the menu but for 3-4 dollars ish a fine offer with a water.  it rained.  you know the boring part of blogs that’s not really boring later, but it is NOW. 😀  to you that is…burp.





I spent the last many days meeting someone new via the internet.  I loved at the end of the energies one can never sustain long of explosive excitement that one is prone to talk too much.  I’m of course spent now…fried.  out of that kind of energy.

Mom visited and enjoyed a whole series on netflix.  I don’t want to watch tv so obviously mom was netted and I absent from the couch 😀  but i am glad sis again wins sharing something mom likes and again rats! snaps fingers!! a sibling won again.

I hoped to meet up with another and that fell through – icky. hate when that happens.  the replacement adventure not including me was with effectively total stranger. oh woe is ME!  I had to have the equivalent of a cry about that pout pout pout.  seriously of course both the description and the sarcasm of that.  one should realise that sometimes this is to a greater advantage.  or, if you can imagine the smile of peaceful freedom to enjoy life and how that little adventure went?  you’d hopefully have soul enough to smile too.

so, I sit here musing about being a bit drained from an exciting time thinking fried….  hangtown fry…

Click to access hangtownfry.pdf

sorry that’s a link to an older article not a fancy picture for you to scan and pan.

fried oysters and eggs.  oysters are in this case meant to mean kinda male anatomy bits.  and or oysters… aphrodisiac, and eggs huevos…interest in others a tad scrabled. 😀


an oldschool picture of a gold miner of the sanfrancisco gold rush type era.

the dish, hangtown fry, elegantly plated with a background cast iron skillet for that thrill of the old tymes…

now, why i’m referencing this, I’m thinking werid…this shouldn’t be much of a surprise… about how it isn’t the eggs and oysters but… should be sushi.

tempura rolls have fried things in them and egg omelette sashimi exists too. and now pictures of this…

classic Japanese egg omelet and now a tempura roll

now, i’m not all that up on sushi as I haven’t bothered a proper one in years. I can simply make a spicy tuna roll and a tasty to me unagi/carrot one.  so, as i deplore deep fat frying I’d be leary to get up fried oysters but would gravitate to the idea as I associate stouts type beer drinking with them mmmm and have managed a fried clam before.  but in this case it’s a metaphorical muse, meet one which deletes the other as I have a problem with trying still to have a sense of honor and morality of never telling one fresh sentimental things then saying similar to another.  bad move.  people get MAD 😀 or so i see on tv and facebook.    but here i am feel out of oomph after splattering my soul acrossed a LOT of pages rather quickly to the muse of jack keroak “on the road” written in what a weekend?  road rashhhhhh.  I’m not as excited.  I got jilted my moment so my heart felt which we all know hearts are fools as such can be better and as to new people one knows better than to forget we must feel better about what is said to be true independant of their saying it.  one can get hurt real real bad believing erroniously.  yes, people I get insta suspicions late and cold feet.  i think on what it means to connect then sing john ford coley and england dan songs…” yes it’s sad to belong to someone else when the “right” one comes along” then remember how she broke my heart so badly i didn’t sleep for days..crazy by then only to see the kick in the face reality coming in for another, I saw each and all my hopes against a picture of sorts of the actions I overlooked that all along showed how it was really proceeding… if she’s reading..any of them… lol…busted. 😀  and god bless.  I’ve said this to all but fully one…so I still have a lil twinge of deserved guilt.  but, the point is  sushi.  how my emotions really are artfully fried at the moment – the energy less, the risks of utter ruin real and


how is your day going…sushi?




Sneak a peak library

Home Page

I wnt to the library.  I was trying to hit the luncheonette place but arrived at dinner they were like long gone.  the la casita  place just behind this was the next offering or it was fail with popeyes red beans and rice and make a run for chicken wings at the grocery deli and skip out the library.  I am surprised that the place gets a mean rep for being pricey when it’s precisely at the  premium end of standard fast food offerings and cheaper than a great many of them…and is served on actual plates with real silverware and people bitch that it’s supposed to taco bell it.  I obviously though it was good, better than most.

I stopped at the library and scanned some mags,  MIT technology review and Bon Appetite april edition and July editions respectively.  Technology pointed out that new york state buffalo has a solar manufacturing place online or nearly so for high paying jobs to push american made solar in our country.  woot for high priced jobs in manufacturing.  bon apettite had a thing on gourmet hotdog like the chicago dog was a silly yesteryear anomoly…

I was intrigued by the Bahun mi or however it was spelled thai hotdog as i was just told about peanut fucking butter on my hotdogs?  What planet of whackjob is that all about?  trust me, many think and say I’m very out there with my pallette and hip by comparison and I disagree, i often cring reading this stuff.  anyways imagine the natural casing all beef offering which is to say perhaps a nathan’s for most of you  and a typical but good bun.  this is where hot dog ends.  my eye caught on how it offered pickled carrots which is to say find this fancified WTF is that… ume plum vinegar… add honey cut with water boil add carrot lid/seal chill once chilled product is ready for use.  peanut satay sauce:  1/3 c all natural pb, 1 tablespoon fish sauce, 1 tablespoon honey.  not sure it’s been an hour and i only got to read it once.  top with tomato chunk and cilantro coating i suspect the hot dog in the sauce final topping crushed peanuts.  I save this for easy find its later, but how flippin weird.  a thai hot dog.

I’m glad i went out.  tomorrow it’s breakfast with sis’ mother in law sis and our mother hopefully too 🙂  summer time glee.  this isn’t it but does the grilled corn


Faith of a Mustard Seed.

(whether you feel like bibling it up as if i’m only here to jwaylay a person with organized crime like religiousity…. 😀 … the point isn’t exactly religious…to me… but, I use a Christian Quote – if one had the gaith the size of a mustard seed, one could tell the mountain move here to there.  there are 17,250 atoms in an approximate mustard seed….

with the asside of ‘let there be light!” having quite the WRONG meaning here…  it’s obviously not very easy after all to show you exactly how much mountain or what distances are possible in the faith of a mustard seed moving mountains, but,

okay now, you see an evil impish gleem of HOW RUDE teachers always have been to say it’s RUDE for you to have / chew gum in class… meaning all along they wish us to not think i.e. LISTEN “” to them or obey like cattle.  and thus deprive gum chewers even the very caloric intake to HAVE a thought. —  don’t of course share this too loudly, without first,

(Blazing Saddles, gum chewing scene.)

Mount Wycheproof, Australia

I haven’t the math to exstrapulate the approimates of a 141M height to a base area tget the basic radius value to then borrow a formula online for that of a “cone” and thus get a vlume then substitue weight/volume of “granite” so as to end with a weight thus obtain how much force to move a given weight, then bring you back to the point of 17,250 atoms of energy is x, the mountain weight to move is Y and thus there you algebraically with the mathmatics of faith.  I don’t.  I’m  thus switching mountains 😀

17.6 cubic miles 😀 mt ranier which as a brand name for cheap beer “ranier” for cheap beer, vote immediately, you’ll see i have a figure.

( cube root of 17.6 = 2.601183  )

2.601183 x 5280

which must now be converted to meters
13734.25 ft = 4186.1994 m
now make that cubic meters
2750 g per cubic meter granite x above
~222 Million Tons
and my interest wanes….
~1.11 Billion pounds…force.
1.11B Lbs. / 2M or one kiloton is 555  which I list here to show you why i’m losing interest or faith as this can’t possibly correct math.
…I’m not always a brain child…
Amount : 1110000000 feet pounds force (ft lbf of energy units)
Equals : 0.36 tons of TNT (tn / energy units)
Fraction :9/25 tons of TNT (tn / energy units)
700 pounds of tnt, to begin to MOVE a mountain
problematic consideration here are hoow long effectively  one get’s that blast of “tnt” and thus how far one can accelerate a given mt ranier along a “track”  I mean I’m losing patience with this exercise as   mechanics of materials say one can not apply explosive for  consistantly over x area as it shatters things thus much of the energy is chaos or wasted.  but the words do not say the mountain would remain in “one piece” just that it would move and thus here we are again move?  where/ how fast?  thus knowing a hiven amount of force and thus the effective points /thresholds of a given substance…  mind numbingly irritating crap but 700 pounds of tnt will “move” mt ranier.  for how long or how successfuly and how far?  obviously given perfect factors this is difficult to say  but given that little boy was 1:139 pounds of uranium used of it’s overall supply and that there is an area of a sphere… obviously we derive that same said area giving us a model of a mountain thus if one push from below with a boom we could calculate that force.. or calculate the damage to the structure poushing it from the side knowing enough to model the crumble past a certain ammount of force.. we’d get hot with how much REAL force is require.  but for now.
15 kilotons force was released by little boy bomb on hiroshima japan late ww2, I need theoretically .36 tons tnt to achieve mountain movement theoretically,  thus .. if little bo was 129 pounds of uranium of which 1 pound was used assuming fission which a mustard seed is pretty much 100% not uranium so this is b.s. from the beginning….  but here we are,  e = mc2 …
and a whole lot more to ask the simple question of energy potential of a given atom then cover the basic make of blends of carbon, nitrogen hydrogen and etc. of a mastard s’s 17250 atoms and THEN approximate the results by averages.
I mean if you have faith,
math that is, feel free.
oh how rude of me to say i am of little math/faith. 😉  as so many many purely logical souls deny faith /god anyways 😉
butsuch is close enough for you to horsepower nuclear potentiial.
or play the obliteration game.