Chinese Whispers …

Appetizers or Dim Sum are adelightful addition or meal within themselves.  Today’s challenge is to take the cream cheese softening on the countertop and make a proper crab Rangoon.  The challenge is compounded by the fact that many disagree upon what is and isn’t proper.  Ultimately, I wont make anything “Authentic”  as I’m not of the place that is an authority upon what I aim to  make – this is something known as racism that authenticity exists .  Haha on the last sentence! as I will eat good if I try to and execute good.  damnation upon the last sentence as it speaks not of excellence but less than this and thus fails from word one.  Moving along.

Recipes are to be researched.  I heard that there is a lil dash of yellow something within a “proper” crab rangoon.  This source surmised that it was mustard.  It is most difficult to research what I here 20 years later, not that I do not try, but much changes in styles from long ago as long ago actually fails to sell often enough after awhile.  More than likely, the oppinion given is not that of expertise but personal taste4s and a local one-off…. crap!  But, never you fear, recipes exist here coming to show you what is whispered:

like anyone, if I want the best, often a good place to look is with what is thee most popular, but, beware, expertise isn’t thee most popular so it shouldn’t surprise you that I would pick not rank one but within a top five ish area someplace I recognize as careful about testing or “vetting” there information. is thus my first base recipe of what’s  listed as a benchmark.

note that cream cheese with worcestershire sauce will indeed have a yellowish cast if used in small amounts.

not everything is Chinese… I have had the world best fun staying asian with Asian foods getting a different take on it all via …Malaysia  (woot for Malaysia)

note that I know enough to know that sugar makes for sweet and there is not enough here to “candy” but bring forth a taste note of sweet seafood.

this is a hot mess to read – laugh as I heard you say Pot/Kettle BLACK!  but, that yellow is potentially curry powder as well.


so, as i let my cream cheese go from what it is to what it can be, see also my can of crab meat and waffle whether to mustard or curry or worchestershire…. know that I have my shot coming for ..something I have never done before.. Dim Summed this way.  shhhh! It’s authentic! 😉


I likes

trampled winter lays

with  whites as its sign warning

beauty’s imagined

I have to collect my thoughts to what I want, might like and…. deeep breath, why not now.

I like:

audiobooks  😀 I mean, DUH, i sure wouldn’t mind winning a current contest if you will.

coffee tea and cigarettes…. you know I’m just mired.. it was a fun day when that line occured to me and a funner day later making the rest of it sorta singable as parody’s or comic restylings go.  but seriously, I actually like coffees, teas and cigarettes.  right this hot second in my world they’re flogging  a sumatran blend at starbucks  and we got that varietal about the house in a less blended with other varietals form… I however would like to lead you down a garden path

the company here isn’t extremely important, the varietal of Kenyan coffee is.  I LIKE kenyan coffee- when i first encountered it’s tastes likes in print it was blackberry-esque tones  but now it’s winey.  it like most great rift valley into the other side of the red sea in yemmen and such is mostly lemony toned tastes but not so with kenyan which is decidedly unique to the characturistics of it’s region and climates.  I also like coffee coffee with emphasis on the weird countries of europe and their local stuff  I also adore costarican , and I believe it was either a nicaraguan or guatemalen that had an apple tone to it that’s pleasant.  I also like sexy amounts of chocolate coffees too.  I am alergic to myrtyls and blue tansy neither of which generally enter into coffee and by allergic – they cause me mild  problems breathing in and out.


I always wish to try an expand my loves and try new to me things toooo? yeah right, but i do tend to have the best luck experimenting with tastes in teas.  I like lychees both the candy/soda and also the actual fruit – albeit canned like pears…which in a way is what they resemble in the main punch of their taste…but lychee isn’t pear but more nail polishy so try it carefully in case YOU might not like it.  as a tea, I bought some for a gent that worked with one of my residents and i’m glad as i never did see him again and i liked him as a person.  kasugai gummies and I cant remember the brand of  either the fruit that was canned and the sodapop were tried the candy is about 3 bucks for a 1 buck bag type size and thats on sale it can range twice that nowadays not including shipping… it is the best brand of candies ever mmm but I want to try the tea.  this is just one company’s offering but it’s listed so you can laugh as I did that i really did start my expansion into the love of tea via boston most famous for tossing a shipment of tea into the bay. 😉  I like this company’s hukwa but found the stronger version of the same tea known as lapseng tsu chong first which you either love like I do or hate… I have no better way to describe the latter than as boiled boot in campfire ash… it is a pine smoke scent black tea.

other teas i like are assams twinnings irish breakfast tea for instance. weird blended things that come and go like long island cola which literally tastes like a sodapop almost made by a company i never see anymore and haven’t ordered from online as island rose teas which has a hyphen in the website url…  Ilike the tiny pretty tins roland company puts out and one of that was a persimon tea that was divine, pineapple tea is also nice too especially for the next day’s hawaiian pizza leftovers for breakfast 😉    I adore just about any FLAVOR however I’ll warn you I tend to like stronger flavors over etherial ones but I just don’t care for the grassier kinds and wimpwater ones i.e. I am not a fan of sencha which I believe is a green with brown rice in tea and darjeelings as well…wimpy in the second case and not to my liking as strong but not in a pleasant way for the first there.  I do like greens but you might as well just get me a middle easter one in style I tend to heavy hand green teas although if you find a subtly balanced cardomum one not a chai in the western take on the word green tea with cardomum…I’d give it a go.


I just returned from the local smoke shop with a pack of clove kreteks which I haven’t had in ages!  I know they’re illegal as to exactly why it has something to do with the only flavour to smokes is menthol or don’t bother as otherwise you’re trying to entice children to smoke…so it’s likely true but I bought ’em anyways 😉   the hardship is that cloveys are brutal to one’s breathing so resisting the pleasure of all of them at once is required!    I look forward to another try in the way of tobacco and that one is?

otherwise I like a good peach or peach plus cavendish and then black cherries. but the point here isn’t that you hve to feel like you’re contributing to my bad behaviour so much is that I like these things and thus list them.

a note here… I’m not expecting largests in fact  a simple envelop with a tea bag or two would be cool or some cofee hopefully well sealed would be amusing.. like you know those fancy flavors ones in single searve foilies?    and as for tobacco, that doesn’t ship in the smallest quantities really so again if you’re loaded and feel like it thanks and if not be careful that some of this cant ship well.


now I know I need a new coat this year, I always like socks basic size 10’s andI expect to procure the coat on my lonesome btw but since it’s always weird and such all, i wear roughly a L in EEE yet I often have to wear upwards of 10’s to get a fit.   I will have to thank you kindly but cant wear stuff washed in tide as I’ll itch to kingdom come  woolens aren’t bad for me BUT even I itch with enough of them.  again you do not have to send me anything but I have to right this for mom 😀 lol so,

Iprobably before my lifetime’s over might want replacement parts of a biologic nature so my blood type is A-, I suck at pills soreally match well eh? 😉 I also note my parts  are smoked in 10 plus years in to diabetes, never could see a hoot and hint, while looking for me, please direct your attention to others not farming ME out. 😀

I expect to replace my glasses this year I wear roughly a lft -42 diopter non astigmatism corrected lense but I do have a 2% stigmatism if that’s the correct wording.. and a rgt @ -30 diopters again with no astigmatism correction… lenscrafters doesn’t work with ya past -32 diopters. if you know any of the four lenses makers in ohio that do this work…and! have an in with prescription of course, let me know ;), I expect to try to get prescription insurance this year united health, united health walmart and humana are the onlysupplimenting medicare one’s I know of and I’m botted out of humana and thankfully I paid of united health years ago! 😉

I like fiery things and I mean I mean fiery not spicy actual fire…this is however controled for obvious reasons so I can like it all I like but often cant get or ask you to send interceptable things to me…. or outright dangerous ones for that matter as well.

Iam reading tom clancy latest via mark greaney in stores as a trade mass market as well paperback  I like it.

I wouldn’t mind copies of khalil gibran’s the prophet, akira yoshimura’s english please here people shipwrecks, reader’s digest’s back to basics, coor’s a taste of the west second edition cookbook,  and perhaps your book! but it best have cheap immature humor involve drinking versus chasing women and perhaps be rude just to say it.  I also want a geometry textbook about basic highschool level as I never really took the whole class and it’s kinda hard to find it outside highschool reallly.


I wouldn’t mind a copy of pente please.  I prefer the blue stones as it’s still closer to my favorite colors.

I also wouldn’t mind owning a real copy of the original axis and allies

I always can use a deck of cards as i like to use them standard poker cards now I do not know how to play pinnocle and while magic the gathering was fun 20 years ago I haven’t anyone to play with so why bother…

I like if you find a way to make it work without encountering hellacious shipping costs and equipment purchase

the elf bowling game by nstorm – beware no copy I see exists without malware

happyweed.1.2 for pre g3 macs color era  a powerpc chipped 403e is however too fast to play the game which is built back when the machine ran the program as fast as the machine could run.

the old text game empire it was fun

phoenix, arkenoid.. and i probably would play tempest once more.

I also if you’re buying me history  wouldn’t mind some of the old freeverse software games like hearts delux, crosscards, burning monkey solitaire.

speaking of old history cowboy casino for macs circa ninety five as that’s when i supported the stuf for a job was fun so was intellimedia’s video pinballs.



I like a few arcane ones now 😀

the man without a past – it’s a finnish film and fun

space cowboys with james garner and others

the seven samurai kurosawa if you’re desperate to make my day or want to see it and pass it on 😀

I need another copy of king rat george segal

battteries not included

the great canadian train ride

wisley through the seasons (rhs)

peter pelandine’s mark 2 steam car

waiting for god bbc/tv)

and i suppose now to music

I could use anything I think qualifies as  but to keep this simpler, mark knoopler shang ri la johnny costa perhaps about anything 80’s pop.


to be honest i rarely cook anymore.  the last thing I made was some crab cakes out of lump crab in a can.  previous to this I cooked some cabbage an carrots in a roasting pan.  so in all fairness I may or may not get to it.  however this said if it’s particularly bad for me:D

I like tinned smoked herring.

herring in mustard, hot chili /tomatoes…kippered…kipper snacks.

fish isn’t exactly bad for you bbut I warn you that it does jack up my bloodwork if i eat a tin the dayish before bloodwork

I love peppered jerky it hates my teeth and isn’t sodium free so salt intake says it’s bad for me-  if you want to say send me a big old box of hillshire farm summer sausage log or similar 😀 mmmm

I like jellies, jams and such and somehow haven’t managed a lemon marmelaid into me yet though.

I adore black licorice and black jelly beans are mmmmm mmm  etc.  ad nausium.   I thus also like horehound- an old timey flavor, and some of the truly older candies like bit o honey  I really also like 100 grand choc bars as in they’re choc over crisped rice and caramel I adore skittles

warning, I am diabetic so please keep this heavily in mind when portion choosing as you seriously wouldn’t want to truly make my days here too short and i will eat these things but not likely in december much as I return to a sugar hater med called janumet which is metformin with something else but I know metformin and if you even think about sugars you get a case of the trots… this also means no booze as if by some miracle it helps again sugar control, I know in advance it takes it’s toll on my systems like elevates my liver panels as does booze too same enzyme tested for..I might risk a candy as i probably get the icky two steps anyways but i cant cover my love of booze as that one just is going to have to be a no. to this end I have stedadily decreased intake to make this possible like for instance missing lately half a week of the drinks now. I have been doing this for six weeks so it’s fair to say I’m not lying just taking in less.

I could use a new set of headphones i suppose, I like the semi cheap bass boosted nakamichi’s typically a kmart offering in vivid colors.

I also wouldn’t mind valve equipment like say a mapletree audio designs tube setup with oh say klipsch heressy 3’s

most importantly of all i could use a bap cap as in I manage to look about the best in said type style headgear .  I also stand to have some more sweaters but most disagree with the deliberate fred rogers thing 😀

I suppose i could be quite jazzed with a leatherman type tool too.

but believe it or not i like cards and letters too

oh and a scented candle… I probably need fragrances other than sweaty dog.



it is difficult to discuss  any social issue without specifics of a personal nature and be prepared for the dismissals that are where others choose differently for themselves armed with your information.  it is challenging to be relevant thus protecting specifics.thus the rage against the wage under political chatter has my attention and while it may not affect any person reading this the same way it affects me, I feel like covering the questions it raises.

rage against the wage or the raising of minimum wage from 7.25 an hour to upwards of 15 an hour is the seemingly most accurate way this issue is presented.  the canidate making the noise on this push the most is of course berny sanders tirelessly campaigning for the “people’ and he continues to gain momentum so obviously this issue is valid whether or not he has any chances ultimately or not.  realities of price adjustments going upwards are real but to be fair to discussions of this issue, no one can provide much proof what the future impact of this choice would actually be…so I am interested in a more esoteric question of what do I lose personally fighting for this artificial not meritorious personally increase in base wages?

my personal history has had me make to the penny more than this wage only consistantly once neglecting sidework here or there for about 6 weeks.  so I would be adjusting over much of my lifetimes to a higher wage per hour, but asside from one or two adjustments, the question I have is whether or not I’d be tossing away any real hope of a merit based raise which I still actually stupidly or not fight to have a shot at.  many of you reading work for a living…duh… so depending on where you are in your life’s path/work, I’d expect different answers/advice…but the single largest issue I have with upping a base wage is that however trivial, i lose the shot at a merit raise…so for those who work either in my shoes lower down in the peckinng orders  or higher up in achievments/responsibilities, how much has achieving a merit based raised helped you in your life?  I don’t just mean financially speaking, I mean simply on an “I did good” basis – did it aid you inremaining stable with the place as a human being and pushing towards your best or did it not really satisfy you as it was a pittance from what you actually earned?  I suppose for lack of real experience getting merit based raises as i can think of precisely only two i got in over 20 years of working, whether or not it’s worth throwing this carrot away.  I’m fairly sure that the rarity of the achievement or regularity if such is your life’s experiences is that if I haven’t any pride in my work as i’m garunteed the raise no matter my efforts, I’m not likely to want to expend the effort to be very prideful as it isn’t rewarded.  i will always expend some effort to simply be myself and thus to me a little pride is just me…I try hard but often the overall achievements are just a little as I have gains and losses. heh.  but there it is, and thus again, is it worth tossing away the hope of recognition in pay for meritorious service for a government driven increase to more fairly show thaqt I don’t get the reall economy that I just have to have this raise deserved or not so everyone gets by.  I need to step asside from my own goals to realizeI’ve cheated myself or been cheated fighting for merit when I’m not seen as in that category of employee.  is it worth throwing away the hope to be recognized for the bitterness of an economy forward?

as to what a raise in minimum wage does, it garuntees a higher wage.  yay this means rent gets to go up 6 months to a year after its announced and in place.  I wont get to hide that I make more because it’s public knowledge and thus this raise isn’t really for me it’s to a homeowner wanting more money and now about to get it along with everyone else.  I don’t have to share that I made 2 merit based wage increases as that isn’t public thus i can improve my own life privately.  so whatever limited gains i contract upon where I live  are? all the gain i get.  it isn’t nothing.  but now the second question I have is to the life’s experiences as I can read all the data i want on the actual historic outcomes of wages from 1938 on.  in life experiences, with costs stated to be 1-4^ inflation when medical costs and education costs alone are always 10+% and housing fluctuates but makes some fabulous moneys while others eat it a few years later but often a fake bubble of 10% wxists for many but thus also  a x% loss in experience for others. so the question is gas is down thank goodness but food isn’t it literally has gone from 80 a month to 300 to feed a person by typical average not including more limited diets and bulk buying some can manage. or I’m asking here if I must suffer a raise for the good of all, did i ask and fight for enough? 2% was what prices and inflation were yet my med costs and food cost alone rose 15%   while i want the american dream. and it’s worth the fight, am I wrong in thinking I have a real feeling I’m by fighting whether it’s achieved or not to set myself backwards financially collectively and thus openly fighting for more?

so in short, do merit raises matter in the real world of moving us a few pennies forward and also in the pride of achievements however small and not oft made- in my case…and is it enough what is indeed asked for? because with everyone knowing thus goes tthe point all….but small gains temporarily made or not are gains.. so is it worth it? side issues are whether the low end wage earner has been robbed of achieving meritoriously what they’ve earned for the businesses they serve wihich have made money and or financially have grown.  and heh, can i personally survive saying I disagree with sweeping social changes because apparently i don’t like money and like to be screwed? lol

in short,personally, I don’t like being denied the hope of achievement so I ask if it truly exists pragmatically.  I know vividly from personal experience what it’s like to have others know your wages as it becomes their information.  Ihavethus less power.  is it worth what I lose to move the group forward..the group of someone elses, not me or is there still hope that something for ME can happen?



there’s a circus element

with bored dogs not gellin’

that says pie is going to be for breakfast

i couldn’t find matching gloves

thank then the heavens above

for overbought then is barely enough

its just not the same

knowing rather than guessing games

close so far counts only in horseshoes and handgrenades

it only is a vibration

experiences an expression

but baby, don’t I want to reach out and grab.

i struggled to only see failure

I think the liquor store sells a taylor (taiilor)

so what, much of life is just going around.

or it could savage

death and dismemberment, Cabbage

repurposed as an eggroll.

there isn’t any spaces

nor any threaded meaning chases

but that it just happens this way

(cant say pie eyed withouth hoping you think I mean pumpkin PIE now!

osboun is better as sherrys go than taylor evver is but none was tipped south

but then hopefully I’m a bit more together than i’m not)