Cookery cookery crock

Not my review but a review covering general costs indecent of the company schpeel

(Company, company schpeel)

I made one of these, creamy dill chicken with potatoes and green bean.

obligatory swiped pic as I actually lazier at that critical moment to snap a pic. but you can easily approach this look


now I don’t know about you but sometimes I can’t afford this fancy life!  Yeah haha with door to door delivered delivered gourmet! Yeah right!  Oddly it’s both a value and convenience if you’re a one/ two person lifestyle but. If you’re like me how can I mimicked this?


fairly simply!

the bag had the meal I think! But I didn’t spot say the chicken breasts so as I was third wheel… bought that at market

its a squirt of sour cream I use more on a small baked potato! A stock concentrate. Okay that’s a demigloss or whatever in fancy chef show land pan dripping to a stock to evaporated to one table spoon from one cup oo! That’d take near an hour! With a teaspoon Dijon mustard and a quarter pack of fresh dill

Here this is. The size . But I see it in the produce aisle with the big pack


This is where you get to learn cookery

the directions given? Blow!

i flattened by plastic ziplock the chicken breasts bones skinless wham wham wham a lot! Then pan fried in olive oil and dashes salt pepper. It did NOT take four to six minute per side! It took here at sea level 24 minutes

and I don’t know about you but the last thing I want with dinner is a huge mountain of dishes so the potatoes diced on a small plate into a ziplock bag shaken with salt pepper and… olive oil and two! Big toaster oven pans about a standard sized 13 x 9 baking sheet worth of diced potatoes were opened up.  375F 35 mins should! Have foiled the pans sheesh!  But as there was a slick of oil after baking scrape tosss green beans in this oil why waste cook per directed 10-12 minutes. But by now potatoes in a bowl have lost the crisp yummy and are just soft country potatoes like at breakfast only yellow type tater

or the point is it took far far longer on things than directed I don’t know if I got the whole kit and yet?

i made dinner stretching the stuff which sucks as in THIS house not mine I didn’t have the same ingredients aplenty


yes, this is. Neat!  I see the dish as home low skill cookery try out fun! I got the challenge course of course! But! I had fun.

yes I can cook. I even will at your house but remember I did the dishes first! And got lucky tonight 😉 didn’t have after din ones because I’m like blessed 🙂

i guess if you are thoughtful and a better cook , you can fast pan dripping the sauce up  but;) I’m not as thoughtful today.

thus you could make this translate correctly to whereof I heard the dish first… a salmon in creamy dill sauce… yes toaster ovenable swift ten minute with a few bits better planning 😉

or you can plug into life where you are! I did alright for dinner and saw MY way to fancy I haven’t done but now can!  Whee!



50 caliber slug, ballistic gel.


you can think its kinda good or sorta crap and bless you for any opinion you have!  However, duh- I would like all the nice ones!   As I’m just selfish and or narcissistic. ;). Your words count.  Yes, even to my younger less enthusiastic commenters.  Please remember this -and remember you. Count. Even if mr blind guy is thin on pictures as well here’s an example


its not clear or centered and maybe not to your liking either… but, ideas are the point.  That is a stuffed tomato – about the only thing I myself cooked in awhile … it’s fun even because I’m not emetic heh emeril lagasse or Anthony bordain.

perhaps I actually do give out the better of what I have?

stuffed tomato:

leftover taco mince hamburger


green chili


375F preheated oven for 35 minutes

served with j vineyards 2016 California or Pacific Northwest Pinot Gris for those of age!

Yes, if it didn’t fly what I try -let me know! Maybe I’ll rise because of you.  I may also set my hounds loose or my fan club 😉  yes ooo scary!  But, 😉  all the best to any and all I can share with




heaven or heck Is all about what you make of it.

It ain’t fryer grease getting super freaky with grime, it purest palm oil with apricot peel.

the lighting, hobo de alley urine or is it something more modernly film noir?

the cacauphony cussingly crass – betwixxed clinking glass or is a holier echo -the meaning of life

devil may care so long as it’s cheap  oo I’ll have that, so Sayeth I, this sheep… or why…Miriam…how did you know that’s a favorite of mine!

Fred Histerical, 🎶 “my shin’s screaming out pain and thanks.fella for you beer rain!” Or 🎵🎵”I waltzed tween obstacles these as if high on the trapeze.”

So smiling past the exit sign I free to hello anyone if I had the mind oo my my! Nope beer goggles fail! I’d rather dance with a porcupine.

but love it’s what many come for no silly I don’t wish to get nagged on my own couch!

my favorite drinks served quick and without fuss? Or stuck in my room with whatever oo, grounded thus.

and clack clack across blue air hockey duel! Crap it’s all a blur this brag-ostalgia Foo!


i have zero clue where this belongs



With a scheming smile

This literally took days to find, and you can read for yourself what it’s focus is…  but, I got the the word I wanted!!! Rhodopsin.

note the purple


A color wheel

beta carotene isolated


Read the abstract lol it lists a scholarly reference to Wikipedia!  Hahahahaha!

Hints this a sample of what I see it can be damnably boring but usually isn’t.  Like why is beta carotene an increasing danger for a smoker to incur lung cancer?  This would in my mind be ‘the carrot that kills!’

or it happened one night… this time I saw it coming…  and gee just previously I had to learn that swingers are usually a girl directed lifestyle of intimate exploration or the deft among you know it went from blue! To purple thus I am technically in sequence


What do I want?

Michael jackson’s “billy jean”

is a warning against hotel breakfast in …

“coffee & cream?”

All I want is a coffee & cream – what!? This is wholly obscene!
Smile to hide the crime! Yes, watch me beam – good mornin’ Hon!
Ground beans and water dripping down… yes I’d like me one! Ground beans and water dripping down.
As I heard the latteS creamed, oo sugar crack kiddie dreams.
Yes, dangit, even I want one. Ground beans and water dripping down.

Doctors are always advising be kinder to your heart
Good habits are good choices from the start.
But be honest how do most days begin? Smile a vice-laden grin! Of course you look a goof. It’s a laxative too.
The black with white fresh from the udder
One simple coffee to welcome the sun before I come undone
A coffee for the sun before! I come undone.

Hurry hurry it’s breakfast time rise and shine
Egg and sausage mountains and morning type fountains
Powdered ground beans watered on down
I guess it’ll have to suffice. Smile up now -it sure is Nice! (Oo! Quite Nice!) thank you! It’s nice! (Woo!)
It’s all ’cause breakfast is free -get what you pay for, whoopie!
Eggs like couch coasters hear the whining?
And the sausage was a crime! (Aww man!)
Please, grounds with water dripping down (any handy?)

Doctors are always advising be kinder to your heart
Good habits are good choices from the start.
But be honest how do most days begin? Smile a vice-laden grin! Of course you look a goof. It’s a laxative too.
The black with white fresh from the udder
One simple coffee to welcome the sun before I come undone
A coffee for the sun before! I come undone.

Ground beans and water
Ground beans and water
Ground beans and water
Ground beans and water…


Puh, puH, ParALlaX!

Parallax is the difference of points of view and an important concept in stereoscopic photography.  I am more metaphorically interested here.  This requires a review of rigor mortise-old Vincent Price and House Of Wax, an early smash! Of horror movies more for the i expense of production thus roi on efforts.


Offering good insight into the movie including? Script!

if I learned anything in this life, be not different so much so that it’s hard to sell! Final draft is the real system utilized in script-writing not msword! Pro or home? Ya know?

because point of view or technique of construction is important maybe a basic overlay of these helps me understand why presenting imagery alters writing because in this life it’s show me (Missouri state slogan-haha bunny where are ye from?) don’t blow me.


3D t/a clean of course!

But, the point isn’t titillation, it’s remembering we all say cut the chatter and let me! Interact making my! Experience.  And cheap!  Fahrenheit 451•F flashpoint of pulp paper catching fire!  Remember 680k in ’53 was 120 houses new and that was! Cheap! (House of wax production cost 28 days photography) or it’s expensive to me but on a budgetary buffet! Type cost/value metaphor offer as much as possible cheap.

Now you.can look further into stereoscopic video or still photography at your leisure as I am lacking in depth perception being short of perception to begin with! (Legally blind two wildly different prescriptions between my eyes leaving me minus glasses to appear cross eyed but technically I am not). I’m into cheap horror, pov, and trying to present visually more so you see not hear me rambler lecture in the key of dull.

(I write slow in vomit scrape edit then try rewrite edit edit hope… now add a step of trying to cast a tale as a screenplay so it is then recast as the book because then! You see! Maybe little thoughts occur but correctly and sparingly. Or ahh the fun of research. Oops loafing with purpose (LIP)  of green goddess now house of wax as reference along with Philip Marlowe radio red wind because while I am glittering in words I’ll always be lesser in visual acuity so duh, making sure you hear me yet visualize is my point -links on these next)

Green goddess, 1921 play later silent film etc… finally a salad dressing out of current fashion)

from: a finer mine of scripts

Please understand I don’t joke, I won’t ever see well so, making sure you can get visualizing is key.  But… here comes a reminder of another avenue DVS…

Mad is usual, I may get to this I may not I don’t care save it interests me.  Not to fail what I learned that there just are established ways things get done so understanding connections even! Occur.  Even then, one hit wonders will keep everyone apprised of this is a vicious world where. Blair witch project can win millions on a no budget yet high. Budget flops fail.  There is no accounting for taste/sales/interests save duh a respected flop leads other places a disreputable failure no where


where oh where!

where oh where are my headphones… oh, sitting on them.  oops.

I’ve signed up again for spam!!  I just had to take this there quiz to find out what god save me guru-ing I’m in desperate need for/of whichever…. really people don’t think there is an adequate amount of coffee to awaken me… but watch out, just in case!


I actually like exploring spirituality.  I know i too can drop a book of b.s. on then next and or pour an ocean of confusion  at least…  but today’s hot subjects are forever! and blocks.

sisyphis came up for forever.  this means you’ve a choice of assides from mr associative here like chicago’s stone of sisyphus album i believe that was chicago 30 and i haven’t heard a bunch off it…. you have the greek wiki walk to do if you’re like me and just plain forget your greek mythology patheon…. nothing worse for the god’s than indifference as it is all fine in love and hate as such is passion! but indifference or forgetting is a death.  ooo bad!  and of course I could link what a fine poem i read which I will til i breeathe and remember i better ask first.  yeah, whopner in five minutes! rain man….


forever really is a bad word.  I do not like forever as it challenges me.  I have only one lifetime certainty going with forever…hence the spamtastic sign up spree! forever only counts when it goes against me.  aww sad… shhh!  you too can enjoy asking yourself if you’ve rolled the stone of sisyphus  enough.


forever is this shining moment an epiphany.  forever is the past.  i can accept my past as i have little choice in the matter!  it is irreversable.  I don’t mean my forward is a doom of a future plodding… nah.  i mean I know what i had for breakfast yesterday and or my favorites of previous romances are still there but so to is the outcomes… i mean i can not change what i had for breakfast yesterday and she’s still not coming back.  however, the point isn’t boo hoo woo woo world wibbly wobbler caput!   it’s this epiphany that the past is forever. the future is the star trek title, the undiscovered country… star trek six, all even trek movies ROCK.    the future is an undiscovered country.  to the future!   I know this means i just took a big hairy dump on my hopes of one day getting  to hear those words til death do you part…I do.  because i just said it is unlikely to be anything so idealistic.  it can hopefully be many reinventions i hope so it lasts nicely!  i … you get the idea, I just philosophically set my self on fire and i shall now have to burn …yes, forever. 😉


block.  I know, what a blockhead thing to think!  I just stole from myself forever so I can at least fight forward into the future.  or jeez! just let go of what left it self true to my then once upon a time ago!  har har.  but really blocks  spiritual blocks.    I am not worthy.  it’s a hard thing to admit in a way i have ended up saying.  there is plenty of validity to that.  I meet and am graced a short romance with people wildly beyond where i even dreamed I’d ever be…okay so it’s?  yep forevered! 😉  you know a past?  I’ve hoped my guts out and still effing lost…. forever….in the past.  but why cant i capture just the right company to enjoy all the time in the world for us?  I don’t recall hearing I’m not capable of wining.  you know the issue spiritually in there but shhh on it a moment.


nah scream it out LOUD!  why on earth must I feel jipped when others aren’t me?  I’ve paid rent forward after diligently catching up feeling responsible to watch it turn into a car for my sibling who neglected the oil and through a rod  just after repairs were complete from crashing into a parked vehicle.  you might just find it amusing he very swiftly moved, got married and into  a beautiful home as compressed for memories go.  I kept my record of rent and even through losing every form of income for years managing to sort out repaying the loss!  I am going to fairly note the extra knife here is i am unable to drive due to a slight persistance in inability to park correctly  because of blindness.  I don’t get to get free cars.  this doesn’t mean i get no help just no cars.  wanh right?  and it wasn’t free it was help and I’m rather sure the greeneyed jealosy monster of other’s fortunes damning yours has come up in your life once or twice or to someone close to you so this is no earth shattering revelation… help comes to us as we need it.  but does it truly matter?  please note that i am far luckier  if I count up all i have recieved… a LIFETIME of blessing financial so far… and a touch of an attempt to responsibly execute them!  oo lucky me and other people to their luck whatever it is.


no blockages.  why can’t I have truth. moment or moments?  I can sustain to a degree useful qiote  quite a lot …sorry I can’t read this as I don’t wish to maginify it  so once in a while I will mistype everything.  … why can’t i hope brightly like the blond sunshine of my hair that I’ve  many thousand strands of gold! 😉  I’m pretty too!  will what I’m working on be a smashing success?  maybe!  who knows… hopefully i am plotting… and again have you ever felt trapped??  a simple self limiting block of lack of belief in worthiness of blessing sure can wreck quite a lot of them.    or is it I learned to feel unworthy because it just worked out that way??  so so many time after  time… cind…cyndi lauper oooo 80’s music!  yummy.    I know this is worth pondering because in a way it doesn’t matter.


spirituality is a blessing as it is an interest.  I can not change my past sure, but by the same token, I am not a prisoner of it.  with any luck… and in this case luck is worked after not mythically bestowed upon one by heaven above….necessarily 😉  again the gibberish of doubletalk because so often spirituality is.  warring voices to become soon past’s choices.  I mean the outcome will make itself known.    but have i chosen a smile and or the hope?  or have I hung my head reigned?    it really is up to me.  do i roll forward sisyphus’ stone?  or do i dream myself free to wake up to a boulder became pebble?


where oh where are my headphones now?  right in front of my nose…ugh!  best place to hide things is in plain sight.


Beat feet

I beat feet to BOC ‘a secret treaties trying after my day day.  Career of evil?  I’m just innocently getting my suit taken in!  Oh well, it’s good steppin’ music.

So here I sit surveying what’s left of a salad.  Yes early oooo! Metal in favor of something sissy like a salad!  I bet all I need do now is try to tell ya all about how manly salmon is you know that PINK color. It is if you look good in it or are out supporting a cause but I doubt that’s the stereotypical first thought here.


For first world action adventure movie drama, the next stop is after buns… no, not hers! (Although….) hot dog buns and maybe some garsh durnit – soda.  I don’t want to slog 15 pounds home of heavy sodaaaaah… wanh!  But sad as this sounds, there is a silver bullet lining with a convenient coots light possibility. Oo nothing like the to go cup connivance that is duh! I’m smiling leaving a liquor store walking… of course I’m innocent!



I’m up tonight

no not one more peep

isnt this such fun!?

yes I can’t sleep

so I’ll type

type up my wind

and hit publish again!


my armchair ‘s comfy you know (my armchair ‘s comfy you know)

to read from Lisbon from oslo

so I’ll type

type up my wind

and click publish again…


ride like the wind – Christopher Cross

becomes blogfodderin

type up my wind


In the key of d


A symphonic note struck

a D from flies about dog poo

say you note why I’ve trucked (moved on down the road – of course to a bag and clean up… poo patrol)