more excitement ala food

I looked up how the hell to deal with crayfish, that was the predecessor to this blog, and failed to quit being interested in food so, 😀 what follows is more of how the night of clicks spun away.  I do not know how I ended up with craw-fish turning into rice dishes but this is not the first time the wikipedia list crossed my eyes as in a blog on a javanese dish cooked in blood is at heart a rice dish and such is a link to a year something back and how I must include food as a grounding connection to the little interests I proffer.  This time I just read the list as is a to the wow yum.  I must finish a few a fun leftovers of the previous crawfish look up but much of this just is food linking.  puroose at your leisure.

a fourty something minute video about a true crayfish bbq ala Louisiania.  you will find not just crayfish but a potato, beans bbq, nilla wafer dessert, bbq butt smoked fall apart… etc.  lotsa food done just like they do.  this can be a bit of a let down down when someone gets a scratch heaven notion in mind as a big arse can of bean with a splash of bbq sauce in a slow cooker is 3 minutes not very scratch 😉 but again this is how it’s done.

the list of rice dishes some with articles some not.  I will point out that I don’t think think of chimichangas as a rice dish but they can be and for the love of pete I’ve even made them deliberately ricey :D.  I’ll also point out sometimes the names indicate the same damn thing only in foreign.  but, the joy of this list is easy enough when one can peru up some fried ricde which so far is nog sounding like it’s any different than regular find it anywhere fried rice….. and yet I’m intriq1ued anyways 😉  by far the biggest joys were looking through the links within the list and the subsequent youtubes on preparation…..which follow.

this is where you get your dance on!  okay I couldn’t stand that part of the video offering, but it I suppose is just morning for me not three beers of acceptance in 3 am.  this I can make pretty much tonight NOW.  I know how to make colored rice and all the prep as described and thus woooo ey!  leftover Louisianan… suh sorry.  because in a way it reminds me of jambalaya.    I understand that saffron a main component of this dish is ridiculously expensive and thus I can understand if you wait to make this0 but do consider it as the amount used is like 75 cents ish worth and you can get saffron at in a reasonable I hope for your budget amount… and I suppose to the day I die i’ll associate saffron principally with mussel in saffron cream sauce… a white wine dish ala seafood… and as it’ll last and such is only two dishes lol you sure can make a batch three hundred of chicken rice casserole with saffron mmm mmm mmm  heck I like the yellow rice as is.  for to bring out a point of language, polo  is chicken  as I understand it at least in Spanish and I know Spanish incorporates a lot of Arabic… I hope I’m not wholly wrong but I knew to expect a chicken dish.

this is the Indian dish that made me laugh mispronouncing it.  busy belly bath  bhat whichever I laughed because I remember an ism of the nice lady who shared a family recipe about how to make baklava and the hubs said, “oh! blah blah blah”  for those of you understand the phonetics of foreign… I, as a tin-ear American can not pronounce them correctly.  I can LLLLllllllLLLL a uvial “l” but I can roll a Spanish “r.”

blast it! I cant find my original video on how this bisibelebath thing was made!  but! not one person in the whole world makes it so 😀 here is another video that actually improves your understanding of what’s involved and believe me, this isn’t so hard – but it is something requiring a list.  plus it never hurts to have a pretty presenter.

kalam polo  a beef / onion meatball cabbage affair with rice.  I like this forever video as videos go even if it’s not more complex than bisi bele bath but somehow the pace of cooking this is agreeable to the steps involved.  I look forward to making this…not with faceless girls, I can skip that cultural disappointment… but food is food and if you doubt me a danish is not danish but more likely Austrian in an age of wars where such was a dis-allowable thing.  I like stuffed cabbage rolls which are further norther as in Romanian but I’ll admit the idea of skipping the  tomato sauce and extra steps… I’ll get over it as sometimes there is magic in what is.

for the record while this isn’t properly edited, as in it’s on the fly…the only red is what I left on purpose.  I actually can spell and edit and …well skipping grammar correctly employed, I’m capable of things 😉  you’ll not ever notice I bet.


Pot promisings

brother is thinking hunting up a mess of crayfish for a crayfish party soon enough.  I have had crawfish ettouffet once thus craw’fish once this lifetime and saw it once on a chinese buffet and avoided the things.  so, because there is hope a certain floridian might help a fellow out with what the hell to do with the things and NOT GAG…. I will share the following look up everything fast linkset so I have a prayer of not starving.

laugh, even with the tab open to it – sometimes I cant spell.


note that there is both evidence that milk is used to soak away some “gamey/fishy” taste and that like any recipe prep hunter I like at least TWO points on “the right way”  everything starts with wikipedia? duh, 😀 person of another time already 😀 when wiki was cool.  but I liked the idea of the mustard greens one as I know what that tastes like to a point and the how to eat the damn things just got a lot less frightening thanks to the vid in the first right way to prep craw fish.  yes, craw fish  distinctly pronounced  all out here like not crayfish correct craw fish.

now that I can purge the critters and use that milk technique perhaps I know enough not to whine about dinner.  as i may be short sighted but I can tell when one moves still and when one dont…. I know how to gauge cloudy water versus fairly clear as i made wine enough and just the mere haze beige is the difference between puke water punishment wine and something tastey enough…. thus 🙂  now onwards and upwords into thinking about how maybe not to cry it crayfish time… still leary, but 🙂 heck i’m supposed to know how to cook meaning I should be able to follow some instruction…which is why i’m awaitingg keel to yell about how much of a sissy I am for avoiding the just retribution of eating that dastardly pincher thing that zapped me in the crick.



I’m home now after “vacationing” in Steamboat Springs for Easter.  I am enjoying this here Moosehead beer.  I have passed big and bigger and oops i blinked towns and? I am still ensconced into being a city boy…. i remember all to well the hell of ages to get there only to ages it tired right back.  I can say I feel odd as i had looked forward to walmarting out of necessity as I got there with a pair of jeans needing to become shorts and a swim suit…well i thought I needed onee…. and was happy about up until I looked down and noticed no matter how pretty I looked walmarty…but I have updated some emergency garb.  I ate at a place no matter how different it seemed to village inn/denny’s tasted precisely the same only 3 bucks more expensive..  as far as looks, It’s getting anoting knowing I’m really buying tubs of the local supermarket sides I cry to look at their cartons…hearing such bullshit song-stylings about how much it was better in the days before it was all automatic… like three on the tree was even close to worth it nowadays??? please grandpa might out run me in his zimmer….and it might have been freshmade by the owner til they made 2 cents and did otherthings then some twerp failed to follow inwsstructions and so comes the slide into…hey they bought it at safeway….cheaper better faster….but still ug.  and i actually liked the coleslaw…a general salad look of green with purple cabbage with a shred of carrot in a kfc sauce textureally dissimilar to the corporate shreds/mince but similar sweet cream taste…but so obviously storebought I noticed…for two bucks more? egads.  anyways, it was doggy day at the hot springs plus pool and beers new to me were whitehawk an ipa not bad and a nice gwertz snoqualamie of columbia valley wash…a wine yes but with turkey ?? like please?    the wallk to the falls overlook  was rather absorbingly pretty in mid june or later it is wheelchair accessable.  I also liked the town waltz by the yampa river and stopping into the library and becan noticing quite a lot of symbology that seems too coinsidental not to be planned.  heartburn/cancer pamphlets next to the wedding pamphlets? self publighing next to the art of feng sui… naked vegetables wine then dogs followed by bbq followed by pie and then staging one’s house for sale followed by dating divorce men literally next to me and my sewing machine?  physic is where I turn in the dewey decimal system area to fine medecine then food cookbooks… all they had on china easily spotted was how to eat in china versus chinese cookery…snobs.  according to easily understood technology one must turn left to learn to cook how sinister…. but it’s all RIGHT to sydeco shoes…many colorful photos!  I see something so very dated in curved veam architecture that cant be hidden and is so sixties. ew.  it is funny having to hike a real hill to get to the actual learning.  I cant believe how amusing it was to see how  tastefully displayed in the coffee shop area what to expect when youre expecting followed instantly about the twentyfirst century women with one caeat of advice of when to know this is all you get and to be happy ;with it.  repleate of course with men are immature…which reminded me again of me and my sewing machine 😉  the springs were actually putridly stinky.  I laughed inside to see the abortion linic  next to a thrift store and the best jokes I could achieve were you’ve q choice to shrift and thrift!  what a bargain.. or pregnancy resource center prick for short.  i adored the jumbo cards at 1.29 wondering why i didn’t spot the seal on them as I found them to be used very quickly thereafter…at least the cards weren’t condoms.  my brother pointed things out just as I focus upon passing them and was so bugged about a sign saying no smoking he drove out of town to I swear smoke it up at  achurch…made no sense to me.  I really can not believe I still feel sad about not stopping into the meat company joint along the way as in original way home.  I remember the feel of the town we did pass through as I know I was there 33 years ago skiing it has been that long.  I recognized nothing technically.  😉  did I mention the moosehead beer i newed another one of?  I’ll link pictures later if I have the means to.  I did indeed take some.


rocky mountain high …up

Wine ala stoneware mug.  Stars so much more vibrant yet still near totally elusive.  Turkey dinner coma awoken from.  H www lpped with bread layout and watching sissy girl pooch avoid more than a quickie splash at the pooch pool day complete with dj.  Yes even walmartianed up replacement thin jeans/docker pants purple shirt etc.  One round of dishes.  Read til its death of my.interest, sinclare lewis’  kingsblood royal.

It is thebook that leaves me not needing to know each step to a social secret airred mostly like that of a fart ripped in church.  It annoys me as I thus still don’t care to learn where one can save a goal with just some diplomacy.   It is of a time of prejudice.  

Now to puff and put my head down




I’ve a fine tasty rye and cola going and ‘ just back from walmart.  (yes, you are meant to understand drinks following walmartiaing)  As I am one of the many fine walmartians here vacationing across town, I’d like you to laugh at the lack of logic of the followig purchases:


gala apple

coon yellow onion

head of garlic

caldo de toat – chcken/toato boullion

lite soy sauce

corn starch

packet bisquick biscut ix

passilla pepper

orange bell pepper

enrched whte long gran rice

3 avacados dead ripe

pico de gallo

tortilla chips

porch roast – sirloin /.boneless.

Marlboro black 100’s.


now for ibvuiys reasons ‘ not cooing wth the cgarettes….and yes becvause of them wll be washn’ the hands prior and during preparatons.  but, the logic s this  apple onion equals sweet orange and dark green in a reddish gravy sauce wth onion and garlic are priarily color but happen to taste good sometimes too.  and I haven’t yet decided upon the classic sweet and sour pork bites or non-breaded but that is the bisquick on standby.  the soy is salt balance both for the dish itself and also for for actual fried rice which is onion egg soy.  lite is a monikor for lowered sodium which pardon if such is a concern for me and not the regular salt-lick souls.  and the pico avacado is the non sour creamed preparation of guacamole and thus beng dead rip means puree easy/ier for e.  chips go with guac.  now I have oil and eggs and a nor variety of spice points to ake use of  like chophouse grind your own / quote fresh seasoning blend for the biscuit batter to mae a flour not cornflour thus hus puppy type pork bite. and  wont run out of soke plus have some fory work weekend.  what  don’t know is whether I’ insane or odd…I am not feeling out of place at walmart and t was an effcient trp at 33 clams ten of whch s off n smokes ish so 25 for a snack and food .seven people exist ish so  suspect  have a lte enough and light enough dinner for about 4  a pe3rson which if t coes out will be rockin’.  I bought a nice wok.  I ai to use it.  don’t you wish  was around just for the guac alone? 😀  yes hahaha I a we3rd enough to feel cofy at the walmart but daned if I’ll ever be pleased with their lower dry goods pricing and over inflated vegetation pricing  yet bargain meats.  I know this s odd but I find walmart too expensve for my way of cookingsumption


just remember to happy dance.

notes from the uderground and crime and punishent are fine dostoevky books.  I reember having to pick a book to read about the task of doing up y like anyone’s boring research and critical analysis paper for class  having notes.. being an offered ite along with thngs fall apart from chinua achebe….meaning that y basic thees were liited… ooo the objectification of women in thngs fall apart or the isunderstood felon……as wth notes.   I think I chose wisely to feature food or a direct connection to culture versus disconnection.  what has any of this to do with pool/blliards?  if one connects correctly the ovement desired is acheived.


I am and barring some jerk’s prayers coming true for this lifetie will remain blind as in so extremely yopc you like the law have already called it and so far in my favor some.  I have shaky hands and thus combining a general interrupt in hand eye coordination due to lack of eye – the shaky hands sure don’t add what I wish to my pool skills.  however.  ths jerk gambolinonthegrar pointed out that a focus on the lac will obliterate the joy of what is… I don’t ean jer as in I hate hi…no it is durned annoying f someone gets to be too right all at once 😀  so, with what I can do which is win 2 out of 3 games I ont out to you some of what I work on.  

I can not see the whole pool table so wth a poor third of it and f importat lke for cutting a very oblique angled shot I’ under a foot as I need to see two sheens.  thus what I work on is placement.  knowing how uch to thwack the objects is helpful in leaving nothing whether  ake y shots or not.  thus if I get a straight on shot to a pocket I work mainly on cue englsh to back spin the ball that thus stopsafter striking it’s target…usually saving me from stratching my turn.  or t’s converse of toppng t to allow in less straight on shots to havve more power and set up for later shots.


ths leaves me the rail shots to be y lucky catches.  I don’t ake the hardly ever but sure a pleased when I can.  a railer meaning the intended shot s on the bumper or rail/sde and one ust hit t placng the cue essentially just touchng but bbehind it nearly copletely. I refuse to play with coins or other visual aids  for the actual shot because the fun of pool is there is liited visual aids!


I also work on baned shots which I make less often than buper/railers but such is fun to hope and pray as Jesus and Mary are in the freight business :D…y way of saying hail ary full of grace type longshot sports plays.  I mean the shaking hands lend an air of sophistication to thinking I could see a simple foot in front of my nose to find out more often that I’ very uch istaken.


all of ths leads me to a touch of russian fatalism or black huor as I understand such.  I am not as hard upon y falures to achieve as I was once or once was…but coe on! I don’t like snapping y fingers so often as to be carrying a beat!  but perservere I do anyways which most after being annoyed I’ sometimes a touch negative forget.  I reeber when I couldnt ake a five foot siple straight on shot ever.  I remeber I couldn’t tell where anything would go.  ever.  I now win not because I’ good 😀 but because scratching on the eghtball is y wn and I do call my shots.  standing to that usic of chance leaves e that humor of winning by default.


in other related but you’ll not easily guess how news I’m here to dscuss strawbverries as they relate to blliards  there’s just the right spice to the things all in a box where they’re put…and hopefully that’s sweet.  I reember ore than  experience which often leads me to be a tad boring and or ecclectic…cant yet afford eccentric.  I’ remembering the tastes of halls cherry menthol in the foly stick and strawberres wth pin peppercorns and how  haven’t uffin/breaded a pin peppercorn bread in a decade or more.  I haven’t ade strawberry peppered in ages as in about a year.   haven’t seriously uffined n any years although  have cornbreaded some in the past two years… ‘m thnng ts tie to put thedirection wth some force bbehind to some but of course I’m not home.  it’ll have to wait.  for now like always pool is a treat as is uffining.  as to why a non-relating cough drop has anything to do with strawberries… that’s simple pink pepper like menthol/camphor in halls while both radcally different tastes have that werd pungent aroa and force.  it really is and here s the cobning metaphoric point….of the magic that s living be it wnning blindly at pool or a dan fine muffin drea when I’ve only a half initub of strawberries and no fancy spices of described here  a eployed in general but like anyone have to mind my manners at it…..and forever reind yself of the joys to pursue versus the kneejerk responses of m muffins oh crap as in  feel like it for eating them as I’ve sugar control to consider or blindness in pool to overcome not by just winning but acheving y planned shotsfar more… orhey I am having a good weekend and doing more than usual and just hopped in and left versus planning it all… or in short remembering to enjoy myself more in what I am can do versus what isn’t for me that I’m aware of with proof at this te.  I really should edit but wont.  

just reember to happy dance eh?


won lottery

shrimp tacos?  I’ve half a pound’s worth of  u25 shrimp.  I’m sure I’ve lemon pepper enough.   I’ve lettuce, got a tomoto or two and onion exists…. cheese…. fresh soft yellow corn tortillas the lady at the grocery was pleased to tell me are a meal in themselves. and me?  rye whiskeyed up I might have to go slow.  oh, I won the lottery as in 9 more minus 2 from the last spent.


show ya?

as wordpress wont load my pictures from the phone or the computer’s desktop… you’ve links.  nothing here is designed to impress you nor is staged/dressed up or any of that.  it is the results of dinner the other night, the views of my home what I have done have in the works need to get in the works or wish could be attended to eventually.  I’ve finished my calls for dumpster pickup and keeping at work/being employed/able which while NOT PICTURED you can easily imagine a paycheck as such is what all results in.

this the streewtside view of when I moved in…. or the “before picture.”  this representsthe 3rd major hackout of this side of the yard. move in redo and morestill. 😉


the resulting food was not grilled kebab but pan fried boring.  as I have no garlic or onion  this recipe just reminds me of boring microwave meal being utterly pretty but not exciting no matter what I say’s in it.  this was an orange pineapple teriyaki kebab  where a dash much of cumin and coriander went in.  damn pretty not bad but not exciting…fare.

my shelf half needing itself doppleganged swo I can extend the lower 2 shelves out and thus have a fairly useful transfer station for brewing but in reality more often have grocery set down space. for symetry’s sake the upper shelving will be cut to finish at the cieling and all shelf heights and thus the whole thing redone to fit nicely.

grill and wagon.  the grill was paid for thus not left I am ready but motheer nature makes me whine about full blizzard bbqing. the wagon is rather expensive to me at about 90 I think it was or 100 and i put it to correct nearly assembly missing/losing a washer to the gloom.  as is any tool it’s greaqt for using the sunroom as just that a warm greenhouse at night and roll every happy plant out by day.

pretty red dumpster… not a pretty red rodeo – that collin raye song

porch me up a new porch

garden with rear fenceline.

sunroom never became a dining room and forever to me has something facelevel destruction in my way.

the other half of the “back yard” front side fence should be moved back to the house window for a symetry be so a second vehicle fully fits fromt driveway and because it’s an excuse to redo a fence in desperate need anyways.

west of dumpster the streetside view fence mostly untouched as room is gone this is where the vines made big fat leaves in a foliage wall.

although the dumpster picture shows this, this is the area entirely  dug into  as it was choked sunlight clogged with vine.  you will now see the house and it’s imperfections and how lovely elder/elm trees just love the foundation!!!  love nature all you want but this stuff just is destroying the longevity loveliness of the home structurally and the tree choked out by vines being all atop power/utility lines weee!


snap, clap and chop.


3 oz roughly LITE soy sauce, 6 x 23% sodium of which half will be lost as this isn’t a glaze just a marinade.

2/3 can frozen concentrate (Kiss the ass , I wont waste on boiling down a fresh juice easily available as a concentrate) (4 x 120 calories all from sugar again half will be lost)) orange pianeapple juice.

1 x 50ml 80 calories sauza tequila.

a teaspoon each of coriander and cumin seed.


1 24oz tub sour cream

1 packet knorr vegetable soup minus the under powder as much as possible 

veggie dip for chips.

one steam fresh green beans probably 12oz as they tend to be these days

1 packet pecans

green peans with pecans.

skewers are soaking, two bottles full of grill gas, grill preseasoned and cleaned/scrubbed

vegetables are simpler this time with reb bell, yellowneck squash and green zucchini. brother hates onions…sorry wont have time to pickie pants for folks.

chicken tender cut chicken . 

BBQ with veg pizza on standbye for the maybe one vegetarian with chips and dip. 




you wont see this sight, pretty red dumpster is nearly filled.  there is sunlight in the main house kitchen again.


tree in smoking section of work in bloom earlier this morning.  so I’m walking down the hall wheeling one of my residents and no issue really they like saying hi…. excepting the nurse’s alert to this hello was a smack to her bottom and first sight being me.  

the nuggets game I was able to attend was a win for them with a hail mary fall down foul too made basket that was good and also it seemed that the key….pun on who sponsored… key bank…was 3’s

now, to mention that senior burrito was good I had adobada tacos for din with mom.  I’m now off to chatter with my favorite.




diet wrong

diet wrong

Diet Song
Don Maclean, american pie
re hooked from starmanjones

“diet wrong”

The round round time now
I could eat what I want and upon me it wouldn’t pile
and now looking at food just one glance
threatens to split my pants
that’s just not my public style

the cold of the frozen section aint my shiver
microwave meals paper just glitter
which is better-food or it’s shell
just wait that ding of the bell

vitamin milkshakes in a can
or powders whirl together fast as they can
lookie the vitamins mr., miss or ma’am!
careful, it might be a sham.

deny deny yes even one slice of pie
scorn anything carb before you’re too large, Fat Thighs
teen logic says feeling shittys okay as long as you get the guy.
pills and lunch is a can dinner’s finger says bye bye.
dinner’s finger says bye bye

it’s okay if it’s chocolate that you love
just shake well pop the top and slug
it’s healthy the label told ya so
I don’t need tell you the sin of jelly roles
a death to sexy everyone agrees so
they say another night home all alone.

I never could tell what was plus size or thin
sexy is within you your vigor and vim
seger sung of mystery’s work without clues
hows about wine and you kick off the shoes?

half empty or half full
can leave one mirror gazing like a dribbling fool
people think there are certain set rules
’bout fat means lazy thus fool.

so drink that can of choc flavored pie
nevermind the cupboards scrounge after midnight
believe you’re great others will too
or hit them with your shoe
yes hit them with your shoe.

sometimes I’m not on one thought at once but, I still try anyways… the above results. you can compare the older versions.. 😉 I was looking for my house before and afters to show you what got done again. but i cant find them in xanga saved. I did find the deny deny yes one slice of pie. though. 😀