Another 30 (200 of an expected 360) pages of paperwork towards services to a plan already hopelessly altered from six months ago when I started it. But follow through! Inches! Of paperwork! I’m intook now properly for the second major state service provider to have resources toward work and school. What is next is a vetting process of visiting a low vision specialist for a doctors prescription for adaptive needs to what a blind soul might need . This will be utilized to develop yet another plan toward potential needs. The goal alters from schooling which I’ve to redo at a different school after high care was taken to find the one I wanted yet right on time a wrench of housing affordability minus additional if minor employ to afford it never materialized this – the alteration is, seeking employment first as I need more options and if then attempt at a differing school the original plan. Or if I’m able to, find assistance into a better paying gig and thus dash the plan outright. The sadness is I’ve interest in the plan! It served a core dream – but no cash hinders the dream far more.

As you can see, the picture lists the place behind what is a bigger apartment complex backside of a multi-unit industrial complex… it a disability nightmare to find of no sidewalks continuous, signs opposite side of the street if lucky and a well visible to drivers not walkers sign once you’re there but not until. Of course it drizzled there and back – ahahahaha.

Lunch was subway by convenience. It wasn’t bad but not a grand deal nor mega tasty anymore… the cashier had a shirt saying ‘this is your wrap’. I asked if that meant she gave free hugs? She said if she was in the mood. ;). 😄. Spicy ital on Italian with lettuce tomato onion green pepper olive and pickles with pepper and vinegar. Drink/chips 9.94 which is 2 more than I remember but that’s 2 years ago prices in Colorado

Pinot Grigio delights the cup. It’s acceptable.


Living The Dream

Despite that lil bit of sarcasm, living the Dream, this is a dream! I actually liked the order of cheese fries. I skipped bowling. They only had seizure-inducing neon blinding ski ball um no thanks. The highest score I saw was 122 which means if you think I can’t I could easily be in there hunting victory or a Turkey.

Today is the day after and I woke to that didn’t stay down. And slept the day gone. And the funny part is I didn’t adult it up all day I think I had one before going bowling vodka shot in a seltzer somewhere about two and later a doctored wine well after nine. I mean if you ever thought I go overboard that’s crazy. A basket of cheeses fries tween some rarer fried bits. Oo overdoing it with starmanjones

Throw your eighties goat horn sign! Parrrrr ty

Where it is

New image grocery – French quarter; nola.

Reason: po’ boy
Result, it’s weird that it’s less than two years from a swing about the south and yet I have impossible difficulties ugh! Reading a map to say thee was only the option to go left and it was one or two blocks north of the red line turn on canal and only a six block walk. Thus no chance it was the Seminole central grocery and yet while I can easily trace the trolly and count blocks it’s just a shade faded the memory no longer vibrant. Jusssssst a ghost going boo as you walk to a conglomerate of goodness knows who (‘twas unsettling even if this bunch wasn’t bothersome)

It’s weird walking into places and out with golden treasure . Mine was dressed as in yes tuxedo and bow tie 😉 no I mean with lettuce tomato and mayo.

Today unlike this two nearly ago I was at a wedding and that one morning baked goods came courtesy of cafe Mozart

Today was that Deja bu. I finally returned. It was to a chocolate croissant. One to go and a coffee.

It was funny in that this is the second near morning feeling of a coffee and sweet as it was Deja by (cafe) yesterday.

Anyways: see if you want in on it..

Pot kettle potshots
Trump: wth is going on in Chicago?

It’s funny that a white guy gets arrested for wearing a mask to rob a bank and this is a video pushing it to national attention as its hateful of blacks as the disguise
Personally, injustice is everywhere. But I would prefer not a national call not to a new mega problem but a variety of strategies to join a solution! in progress

That said watch that 15k folk read this soul he is very much real. Where’s the time honored crooks tell on themselves or crime doesn’t pay or statistics proving despite struggle, there is! Hope ? Not now it’s a felony to protect your rights to record police… or all that’s wrong.

Tell me something right

Tell me a rough neighborhood celebrates a volunteer group 25 years in keeping hope alive in their area… simply there to Get you safely home.

If these folk called for coats wouldn’t you consider donating? 19 is it photographed folk making your life better! Not more fear

If a white bank robber is arrested for impersonating a black person wouldn’t you laugh that otherwise he’d have gotten away but someone told? Why is it some far fetched conspiracy to keep a people down. Versus a celebration of justice another crook goes to chat with the judge for a long time out.

I’m not against #metoo. Speak for yourself and your rights! I’m not against a watchdog of justice ! Show the abuses! But gee, it’s star studded out there. I would like to see one less chief and proof of organization to activism. Where’s the workers ?

But such is? A pot kettle potshot as I’m suggesting back . Not showing a kaleidoscope of choices to engage you just an example.

Why not walk Chicago to drop the gun crime a shooting an hour to less! Show how The next crook gets laughed at before the crime because it’s just not cool to wear masks without purpose. I mean I live elsewhere and am blind so I might not actually be of much help in that exact battle. But instead of a call of how unfair and we should come together, show me that together I can support. Tell me how 15thousand is poverty wages in a year so laugh the loser criminal caught that not only is it Maury to take but it’s sad you still didn’t make enough to support one adult for a year. Show me more of action. Without a bill! But it’s a reality there’ll be a call for support.

That bites.
(A-shark can bite with upwards 4,000 psi force)

Comparison –

Remember that that is high divide by five and you are more likely stopping That but yeah good luck stopping 15000 psi it takes a bit of that aluminum oxynitrate stuff two inches nearly!

The point isn’t shark bite but that such is the new reason for this mesh armor which was our space suits the first ones! And like all people then knew so very delicate in reality despite the strength.

Yes a bra company made space take shape!

Do everything… turn, turn, turn.

Sounds good.
I also liked about half of Dana fuller ross’ independence wagons west series. Philip kimball liars moon: a long story and duh! Little house on the prairie!!

Next on the book glitters

This may surprise as historic but much more drama likely 😉 drip drip drama! Yet I’m there it glitters enough to not it for this now whether I ever get to anything anyways. –

Deck of anwe
This references what throughout upheavals is the cash of angriculture. It’s not a surprise excepting some old world crops like sugar and are in fact economic losers.

There is a lot on quota/youtubery on terraforming but it’s difficult not one source acknowl that it’s corrosive yes but pump seawater for desalination away from ocean as the sea area desalination raises salinity thus causing more problems for local life and global temps. There is also not a lot on saline tolerance of plants as this means lesser solutions of desalination can get costs down . The logic being that to move a economic city worth of water drinkable would mean fighting off misuse and abuses.

Just as a kilo of fentanyl is worth 1.6 million dosed but the same as most drugs wholesale about 6 grand a kilo otherwise…

That brings us to soil compactors a tamper to remove issues of unwanted settling and or airy concrete. 12000 if I want it in India and used or a lawn mower type for a grand.

Book wise:
The book of Kells comes up and to me that brings up tale of Genji as these are intriguing old books/works. One for art – made of a late legend or brightness in the dark ages Ireland that the book of Kells… and a lady’s tale in courts of Japanese circa 1021ad. The art of the Kells book still sees imitation today and eek on a 400 character book where due to courtly manners it was rude to refer to anyone by actual name? Eeeeek.
(Or wiki my understandings)

All of which leave me happy about the biscuit I ate. The concepts of possible thought on and a weird anti angry approach as oft things desired aren’t chosen yet they mean the entire air or water