eyes open

some things are given out as needfuls of our days.  I got to stock an empty freezer, our head, the vent for gas main tanks dewatering.  (I’d rather do the freezer)

it’s been inordinately bright the last couple of days, I  wonder why.

biofreeze cream

  • Active Ingredient: Menthol 3.5%
  • Inactive Ingredients: Camphor (for scent), carbomer, FD&C blue #1, FD&C yellow #5, Glycerine, Herbal Extract (ILEX Paraguariensis), Isopropyl Alcohol, Methylparaben, Propylene Glycol, Silicon Dioxide, Triethanolamine, Water.

roughly 12 buck walmart these days, just heard of it.  I chuckle a little bit as I remember the nest listing

tei fu oil


Safflower oil, menthol, wintergreen oil, camphor and other essential oils.

(this one’s MINTIER!)

roughly 11 nature sunshine.

(I’d like to thank my pal from xangaland days for mentioning something that works for her with her needs.  the tei fu was recommend to my mom as an aid for relieving migraines it sorta works…anyone with migranes will surely tell you they hurt and hardly anything even helps, i was glad then this did a tiny bit.  for my pal this is muscle  relief after physical therapy if. I read her correctly.  I am glad.  it’s nice to have a natural arsenal.

11 Surprising Benefits of Camphor Essential Oil. The health benefits of camphor essential oil include it properties as a stimulant, antispasmodic, antiseptic, decongestant, anesthetic, sedative and nervous pacifier, antineuralgic, anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, and insecticide substance.


in case you look up what things are said to be useful for.  this is an example of them in products.

I have the gnarly peaches i got pieced so they may marinate in wine, onion (and song) gingerale and habeneros.  the kebabs are pineapple  and peaches  obviously pineapple awaits decimation! ….just saying the word makes me feel like murdering metallica with a rewrite of food instead of grimness (blackened, off and justice for all) not tonight/morning but soon. 🙂 wonder how the onions ‘ll do as caramelized? I didn’t prepared the as kebab-able.

in other news

the sabra red pepper hummus with multigrain tortilla chips were darn tasty.


(yes, my tastes change as I eat differently, I never used to like flaxseed much, it’s dealable now, and this hummus is NOT http://www.westword.com/restaurants/100-favorite-dishes-hummus-from-shish-kabob-grill-5765725 but it will suffice.

dreamed of ill perspective places supposedly grandma’s company I shant see to which I was suddenly a foot shorter than.  and aspirin flavored gum that didn’t work…thank goodness, I don’t like that ringing in my ears! (yes, I know what too much aspirin will do)

today I threw a dart at the world and it stuck in bethleham new hampshire.  odd but pretty.  the anti hay fever capitol 😉

Haiga & Holy Mole!

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(ultimately from, https://www.pinterest.com/explore/lotus-flower-art/)

nine noon three plus halfs

tupward to heaven pointing

lotus French Toast Feast


To the Tune, Bee Gees’  “Stayin’ Alive”

Boiled or Fried?

Well just chop it on up and toss it in this here wok
Chicken ‘s in demand; bok choy to chop
Fry oil hot or steamed warm – which delish – I’m so torn
I don’t want alright nor disappointment’s OKAY
We’ll just see if i should have went the other way
Whether it’s dumpling or eggs rolls, man
You can’t argue China’s so so ON.

You know its better than any other – dial that phone, call your lover
and choose, boiled or fried, broiled or fried
Or is it Yan Can Cook thus so can you –
so choose boiled or fried
You-want. want. want-it. Boiled or fried, Boiled or fried
Chomp. comp. chomp. chomp. Boiled or fried


For a point of note, The person this was written to smile reading would most likely smile in general saying, “Both.”  😉

(I didn’t try to complete the lyric set, so yes, this is a fragment. and the lyric model is a google search beegees stayin alive lyric.  Martin Yan PBS tv chef. “Yan Can Cook”)

Day Dreaming

I more than likely will have filed a bid for a place I’d like by this time tomorrow evening.  I am dog watching FREEEEEE! as a bird and the dreams are simple joys specific folk and times.  I cant find what i want in the way of a linear representation of a rose I seem to see in my mind – but, I knew if I stared after it long enough, something…. would arise.  Here is a few pictures and links to bid your time til I’m less busy.

French Toast.  it’s not particularly uncommon nor outlandishly expensive which is nice when it’s not wishful thinking to want but to want realistically is a trick 🙂  so.  as i already can make french toast but lok to improve presentation of everything…. why not a flower motif?

In Buddhist symbolism the lotus is symbolic of purity of the body, speech, and mind as while rooted in the mud, its flowers blossom on long stalks as if floating above the muddy waters of attachment and desire. It is also symbolic of detachment as drops of water easily slide off its petals.

Now, it’s of little concern if you want number two or number three it’s a simple cookie cutter die, and voila flick of the wrist to arrange this.  that is from left to right, top to bottom… 12,34… if you see this as a pattern to make.  it’s very much required this be white as western civilization demands any mention purity be powdered sugar or in my case an appropriate substitute of sugar substitutes.

I live in Georgia now so it shouldn’t be beyond me to procure or make ug peach syrup. whizzle/whirl some peach to puree and sugar/water syrups stuff if care is taken not to BURNIT.  some thickener is likely required pectin or cornstarch etc.

now I was thinking with this FINE start to the day, chicken sausage?  hey! I can’t have everything anymore! while I can easily fry a boatload of bacon up, that wouldn’t smack of healthy nor could I enjoy it.  so sadly it’s to alternatives land for the joy left of what i CAN have which is chicken sausage.  now i wish the particular apple cinnamon sausage i got was better as in spiced more but, I would try it again.  and anyone who knows flowers expects a stalk in there 😉 sausage link for the stem lines please. a big old dollop of whipped honey butter as you must religiously butter people up even if symbolically that’s such a farse! read the symbology and see what i’m not getting 😉  but laugh if you will as it’s just fun.I’m fairly sure i can add something else for stretching this if’n I need to. but a plate of french toast with sausages sounds nice enough

the simple syrup idea isn’t just from knowing what it’s supposed to maybe be but from a different moment food and company wherein baklava or baklava in this case is meant to illustrate that the traditional offering in American experiences is a pistachio one…it not so.  here’s one in floral water syrup orange adorning a walnut mixture.  I was actually thinking decadent glazed popcorn but baklava is the way that way so…. here’s a link.  i do read this is a recipe not mine.


the backlava with itself is durn tasty surely and wouldn’t do badly with chicken pitas.  yes, again i have dietary restrictions so while i am entirely free, why would i wish to overly promote what i cant partake of?  but popcorn?  mmmm yummy glazed popcorn with a bit of a baklava crunch to it?  weird but enjoyable sounding?  considering that and a cozy movie… which i’m ignoring mine.  Madadayo, an Akira Kurosawa film.


I’m out for the wantfuls and some rest up early with the dogs time enough to finish documenting for the later portion of the evening.

if I’m lucky, I will be in due diligence next week and mid month signing into a place of my own.

for the sake of having to describe the french toast idea to a long ago ex who’s both diabetic and blind.  I note that the shape of the lotus petals is somewhat similar to that of a tear drop and if you have that point at the top of the drop you may aim it around the clockface as in the point of one at nine am/pm the other at 3 pm/am choosing the stacked approach you would have first the nine am and then the 3pm point then a roughly ten thirty and one thirty points layer and finally the noooner – or – if you choose the fan approach, starting either at 3pm in sequencial points one thirty noon ten thirty and lastly none or the opposite way around so it’s either leftist or rightist as you prefer your symbols within symbols ;).  also while french toast is simply an egg bath for bread then fried, it’s very important one understand bread and eggs and frying etc to obtain a tasty breakfast! so if one imagines this typically you’d end of with half slices of texas toast thick bread as the tear drop shap removes roughly half the material of the slice… this in egg bath is maybe 2 or 3 eggs typically a splash of milk or water milk has calories, and perhaps some cinnamon  which is fried oh say in butter…more calories and topped with powdered sugar to it’s a beautiful white more calories and the deadly kind too….with fatty sausage…calories calories calories… oi easilya seven 800 calories meal which well it’s a trip to fat gut land and kill yourself quick for many with the diabetes.  or you can utilize thinner slices multigrain bread and utilizing sugar substitute keep this around but under 400 calories which is still decadendt but survivable.  but just so you are aware I got a kick out of whoops, what reference would she have? lol.  always be careful to remember what is destiny epiphany to you might leave others in the cold.  hard lesson to remember when lol I think on “people” hoping.  and yes, it’s very much possible for me to fancy this up in reality in some form. I just wish it to be a calorically appropriate one.
awoke 2:30 for emergency dog  doo dooing and bath.  no, there isn’t an element of excitement to my day!  uploaded the cadre of documentation showing I meet just BARELY the minimums set for me and have a mild bit of room to hear yes no or maybes ifs.  I would expect within this list i will have to provide a resend or so    — i have a case of procrastination otherwise on cleaning and collecting my own stuffs but ug i must move it or I’ll be annoyed.  yes, I can sense the day already is long. it technically hasn’t “begun” even…but it has.

Attention DETAIL!

(Title is a Quote from “Gettysburg” Turner Home Entertainment -upon delivering the prisioners to the next regiment.)

I went and visited my main townhome choices with sis and her hubs.  and a new place entirely – Drive BY style… of a proper house altogether with yard.

rather a fun outting even if i didn’t win on the scratch tickets gotten…visiting a wine /brew store for house other guy’s supplies and a new fruity something wine for batch 3.  bottles  and what not. tried getting next month’s bill set sarted and they’re of course closed til monday lol.  had breakfast at the awful waffle…waffle house and… acidic belly leaving and not overly enthusedhowever it was not the usual breakfast as i got a side salad and a set of hashbrowns smothered/grilled onions, peppered/jalepeno included, an capped mushrooms in.  or, actually an entire vegetarian affair oddly.

I may alter house hunting to go saturday after the paycheck arrives as i plan to make an offer really.  it’d take a miracle not to want to.

my choices are:

as better yardy as virginia street’s condo is, its less inviting entirely and perhaps mostly due to combined utilities which if so is a huge b.s. snarl to resolve also having thump thump top neighbors and the actual area itself gave the feel to others of less inviting if not outright sketch.

the  then option is 1319 hilton which would mean #8 never really mind #3 it’s nice  but the bank of sunlighted windows is a better offer than being off street.  it is closer also to all ammenities like stores safe enough to get to and shops like a sushi place and a couple of fast food offerings.  it is a place of going places yet enough can be done to also have a few over.


house is more yard keeping and further away with being semi quiet nice but the close convenience is is the sketch so more of a day place.  drawbacks obvious of more care but advantage of it leaving room to simple have a creative ball.  there is tacit chainlink meaning i could negotiate the wait for better but also can deal in the mean time.  -while it’s further it offers a better roommate offer closer to the school than the other places.  still leaving a spare room.

principal consideration is ability to plant a garden versus joking babylon of hanging potts.  trees can nice it up. I like a texas scarlet – quince and a loquat along with an almond tree or three all offering red burst and or pink bloom.   and of cour the difference also is 30% less for the home versus town home which may make all the diference fiscally.

I enjoyed thuroughly my cherry sprite zero mmmm.

is there better? sure, but i’m pleased with what i saw.  it’s enough to have a choice, it’s tacitly acceptable to the people i know.  it’s 20 minutes from the gate if anyone changes their mind and wishes to save money living here/there.

Going Bananas

Stumptown roasters rwandan hue whole bean?  orangeish still but I’m going bananas!  both perhaps literally and metaphorically.  McCormick baking aisle extracts banana and rum 7 banana and 2 rum enough cream tomake two overly creamed coffees shaken in a ziplock container with truvia touch of brown sugar artificial sweetener granuals.  i mean that is the literal outcome of a enough for five cups it’s afternoon  and i ground it to turkish coffee dust and brewed it anyway ala automatic coffee machine.  but, never fear, i am likely just as much as better than maybe crazy too. 😀 yes, pastic smile of an infinite smirk.  I think i’m somehow winning but at what reality isn’t yet showing up with 😀  this niggling detail of reality is as much as nonsense!  fooey.  I’m having a grand time and a good coffee.  have to leave into that reality though for work…in about an hour. no, not boo! i can pretend over coffee ecstacy i’m still here listening to I’m atop all the universe non sanity am.

I reconnect with 21 years last seen. no not for romance, that past but everything charming did not.  I research a townhome in town surprisingly to me i can afford – furnishing it remains a niggler.  I have sandwich stuff if i get off here to make a lunch saving money obviously called for if aboving. I wonder without proof if i can’t honestly call a few dream. just in case you’d like to know the actual contributings positive.  perplexing ones can be skipped as they’re already mentioned.  i’m told i sound just like myself but i haven’t called this way in nearly a decade.   I do recall consciously choosing down that way too many timnes/ ways.  but here i am again!  reset, or broke the rest of the way…. or both.  we shall see.  i’m not really a harm to myself but i might be unsettling a time about others, i haven’t been here in a while.

Trying pan


At a Walmart near you is perhaps this mini muffin tin 8 bucks.





boulikos and torpedo rolls

ground chicken

turkey bacon

I will note i forgot the garlic.  *I* am NOT heartburned nor broken hearted.

this is where i got the recipe from and promptly probably forgot half of the details and had to substitute out for what i got.. you’d think I’d get parsley though…nope I tend to almost instantly forget parsley when you mention Italian Flat Leaf Parsley.  I just don’t dig it as much.

baked chicken meatballs

which means you’ll also note i forgot the tomato paste as i meant to get tomato / spaghetti sauce and do these sorta subway meatball sandwich style.

I didn’t really read the picture by paragraphs of that recipe but saw… squeeze soaked milked bread….

so now note the huge sin, I forgot the cheese too!

don’t worry, it isn’t kosher or allowed by those with religious observance to consume…milk bread in meat? no no!


I had a pound of chicken and nearly the whole yellow onion which I should have used and the equivalent of a hot dog bun sliced and toasted..burnt….so it isn’t my night?!  and I cut the chives fairly finely .  fried the onion then move it to the side in a heap and fried the turkey bacon.  crumbled the bacon which meant pulling it to bits laboriously.   sueezed the slices of bread in their chived cream breaking the crusts apart.  tossed in an  egg atop the bacon onion pile,chicken meat and that bread of course.

forming the meatballs then tossing into a muffin tin.

this went with the parchment paper atop them so as to lessen splatters everywhere into a preheated to four hundred farenheit oven.

which is roughly 205C a pound being roughly 454 Grams and i have a softball sized onion and maybe 4 or 5 chives in this.


I liked them as made which is a meatball with sauciness stuffed roll mmmm.

otherwise I’d never make them again more than likely.

I don’t care for oscar meyer turkey bacon that much, i happen to prefer Godschall’s which means I have to visit sams club across town or the military commissary where i am not actually allowed to shop. 😉

I had leftover bacon from the trips here or there.  I have to use what i have too.

I forgot the cheese? such a naughty boy.

I will positively note i have a delightful sandwich for my work lunch tomorrow! mmm 🙂  I may suck at cooking after so many years of not doing it, but I do enjoy this closeness to yum as i’m going to get within what i know now and the dietary restrictions i actually wish. to keep

I enjoyed making a lot of icy Italian Sodas to prepare my trying pan dinner.  i had fun even within surprising results. 😉

they’re not as good as my mothers… drat!  once in a while I have managed that 😉


levitating parsley

whoops blurry pic.  it’s a Salmon Blt sandwich wth white cheddar mashed potato.  it had to come with a french onion soup with a bit of melty cheese and fried onion topping.

Denver Chophouse and brewery Denver International Airport.

and I fishinished HALF this so if traveling don’t neglect a split meal option versus strictly settling.  I hadn’t that luxury traveling solo but heh oh well, it is something NEW.

I mailed some chocolates out. lucky you if i had your address and a bag of chocolates i needed less of 😉

that was a fine stroll from ten til eleven thirty

I looked up a pay my card for amazon before i left but no actual bank branch was close…via mom’s satelite finder anyways.

Igot a window seat for my return, it was cloudy alllll the way there til well after dark nothing lol then a glittering jewel of atlanta surprised finally…now daylight reveal for ME!

I was able to find with help my shuttle which I made early and while the first was full, I got to chatter with a nice lady – on the way to visit the grand kid one facing a difficult proceedure to save an eye.

I got to mention acb which has a big building in the town there in case one seeks services or aides to living. 😉

and heard of an issue bother her her whole life.  I am capable of chatty.

the second driver for the station in town for the shuttle to my spot on the base… he’s up to about where we came from to go gokarting with the family kids and perhaps later to melborne fl for the more speedy ones.

as i said, i am capable of chatty.


thus, i learned much this trip of what i hadn’t heard and that’s a tad of a shame.  I missed a bit of sickness chance here, gained more mom time spent. andabout a fine array of places.

like hiro – a asian buffet offering a LOT of seafood and perhaps even  😉 all you can eat sushi.within that.  I did stick mainly to chicken and fish as such is my diet but oi don’t travel on newly began antibiotics! oi.


thus in a way i return for a breif moment reset  including gaining access to my old facebook account. only ninety five updates 29 messages and 15 friends pending.  mostly from people refriending after the political season lol.  i was gonewell over a year.  that’s just a bit of proof how relevant we are but only in the context of time!



step away with me from my usual of not a real breath in a couple of months, hardly any treasable news save forcing some to keep me optimistic 😉 and thus some fine successes moving through mmuch of the gloom of change.  yes time to re rewrite the scorpions wind of changer from a positive highlight of then glastnos…the fall of the berlin wall… ahhh to the gloom of cange 😉  har har har nah smile at the thought and play the original along with me

Ifailed yet again to leave denver on an airplain – this time it was a force to get to the gate even knowing I missed the flight to be where rebooking was 100 not my full trip cost again.  or improvements problem solving 😉  only to find the real fast security line which caused some of the mess in the first place! after 😉 lol

Ivisited with one of mom’s neighbors gaining a ride to the store which was helpful and a nice chat.

I hit some old and heard about rarely visit places, or perennial favorites too like sopes at the little red now building losmesones….but it’s legal name is little rodeo two… not their first rodeo? hee hee.

I came home to a light on and through the front door.

pity even early i must leave out soon to a doctor’s visit. heh. so maybe a short kitty kip/nap.

curious what bp is on this or that new stuff.  have to get the rest of it too.


the body mind and wellness fair was fun I’ll see which pics com and or not.  I was happy i suppose to hear much of the current moment ont neccessarily occur like it seems it shall. this doesn’t mean hope returns for the change already in works or moves made.  but it’s nice to know there yet may be a better outcome than what currently seems in progress.  it might not be sorting out to be perpetual gloom with rain predicted forever  drip drip. 😉

we shall see or such is what i saw.