lil’ treasures

it is a time of waiting

as if overlooking forever

sensing a span of experiences

a deja vu imagined

the sparkles of hopes

each carefully glinting

but shadows of just how they’ll be

the song echoing of each note’s harmonies

yes, the lessons of choice

value and what sacrifice spent costs

and yet upon the path it’s a closer view

less of a vista but a corridor

how it is just choose and step.

held in the peace of the heavens

as if for but a moment

sent to walk my way


wwyd #2

long link, you know where i live- so far far north side of town i.e. 10 miles away  which is currently an hour walk plus to catch a bus to the transfer center and about a half hour wait to catch another for a 20 minute ride to a 20 minute walk across the grounds at least to get there with hourly service such means an hour to cat back half again to tranfer  that’s 45 minutes ish back and another hour plus walk home … currently!  perhaps. in july or august the bus will resume entering the base from a no car through really traffic point and this will cut the walk from the bus by half. or it’s 35 minutes from home to first stop with trashcan and bench 3 minute more than the other way which is no bench or can.  but i remind you that it looks impending 😉 I will move.  this of course would be jazzy 😉 if it’s MY own home but realistically it’s likely to a b”better!” neighborhood and both more space/ cheaper rent upon base which adds 30 minutes to any walk i know of if not fairly fourty five so in all honest just understand the point, it’s 3 something miles to the bus each way it’s an hour to require two buss or call those an hour a piece or my world is six hours to begin. having fun 😉  this is NOT a whine.  it is however not an omnipresent blessing either feeling.   it is tough to fight logistic like this. however i survive because i exercise religiously? no by necessity only 😉 to keep pluggin’ along.

so, why a/c fundamentals?  I can not seem to learn this on my own or simply swipe an overpriced book and voila it all.  I wish to know simply how to make a cabinet  to appropriate dimentsions with limited loading unloading access keep space for two sacked quarter kegs or one cornelius keg and ultimately hold three cornies side by side as instoring effectively six in total as dimensionally if i have two stacked quarters i have room with two inches more for one in front and one in back cornelius  or “five’ gallon kegs if not an inch mor width side by side have room for a proper half keg per well. — or i want to haeffectifvely two side by side mini fridges   thus allowing a proper custom thus cheaper but to spec tap.– of course as i doubt the home this instant’s coming true neither is there any need to approach refrigeration fundamentals and any math genius out there can see such is 2000 ish to learn? shoot the custom made this is like 1500 why bother? 😉  duh, *I* want to know!

now thorns to my moments of now are as follows:  there’s zilch stopping me from attending school for the fourth college try.  zilch.  but there is delays for quality common sense reasons and they are: why pay cash when i can pursoo modest student aid.  I qualify for a little. while this isn’t past the deadline technically for fall? it is long past the typical time frame to start. so spring is more likely.  next pause or fly in the ointment is I am a legal resident of this state but i wont be a full year one til after this fall semester typically begins. even though we all know i wont gain anything in the first week lol meeting people is vital  so is having classes not already slated and assigned full. so again spring.  this is NOT a course of study without a lab of sorts as it requires handson work- so simply trying to angle for a book and hittin’ up the bookstore or library?  pointless here to as i don’t think theory is all i wish- and even if i did why eschew practicality?  if i can learn to cobble a refrigeration system, why not be educated in repairing them I hear it pays some money.  I hate ladders and can’t drive so whee! great lifestyle for me! but such isn’t the point, capability isn’t to be snivvled at.  but just so it’s explained such is quite the hassle to pursue. simply because of tuition cost of being outside state residency by a week lol to lose a semester which is like watching a bus go by your stop and having a half hour to walk the 40 second to the stop remaining 😉 whee!

now as to house hunting. if the place has staged and is on the line of more than i can afford and in fact increased in price lol it has – there is going to be a delay capturing said funds to proceed.  this is going to mean a move and a lease or similar situation where i’m smack dab in the middle of such to wow it’s suddenly possible to live now! yay another bill! fair out of a lease. whee. but in all reality such is likely. and instead of whining the fates sent the romance away and taunt me with a house of my own a longer standing dream by the way only to say it’s possible! oops you need just a little bit more  just about the time its hopeless for ya it’ll be about time to show you it isn’t 😉  which by the way is a hard lesson in faith. oh don’t get me wrong I have plenty – just i’m impatient too 😉

and cynacle because oo gee fair! what is so easy for others is going to have taken me 2- years to catch up.  if I’m even that. lucky   but follow the notions bucket list now for a moment

i don’t wish to be helples or single – it took the harshity of seeing i was again going to be even if i was eons in reality already lol …*I* felt differently lol.  I can proceed to cover these problems /gaps house

you know to a degree i know the type

superadobbe example

you also know i bought me a fine! treatise on brick making  which covers tiles too! – so I have a way to false wall or otherwise leave the outside squared to western curb appeal and not made of bland stucco requiring 3 year or more often high repair / maintainance as we live in  an age where it should make it ten or more AND look pretty so it can be stripped off and something to THEIR tastes applied .  most of landfill space is construction/remodeling waste as we can’t live with the ghosts of that blank  previous blank.

thus the point is i know at least what kellying means 😉 – as to brick making it simply means to remove the topsoil from a bit of clay for harvest.  it is a job for a trusted person of the work who does this as a livelihood hence the name Kelly is both a sirname and and firstname and yes i know i blew it it’s surname and yada on me for misspelling!  a kelly is thus one who apportions work.  all the guys having a kelly gal howl at YOUR honey do list?? heheheh

now obviously with refrigeration i need some mechanics of materials as it relates to brick stuff  which  also means a pottery class aso as i can cover firing and glazing which otherwise is NOT covered in MM. simply performance/material.

it’s worth noting further into the a/c certification I have? the fundamentals of thermal heat pumps which are vital to a radiant floor heat or water storage for both winter temp maintance against freezing haha on that in Georgia lol lol lol but not so in minnesota or the colorado type areas which as i toured land a lot too? funny i moved here for nothing as it was NEVER? possible to achieve my dreams in Colorado?  h.e. double hockey sticks! it’s easier and a better resailing resleing balue!  I literally only came here to learn it would seem how to make it possible? when i never needed to leave at all?? except for foot/posterior motivational process?

but seriouslyly, I can not see high hopes i have the june means to bid on a home, i have til the 24th with preapproval i will make closing assets not the down as well – remember i’m barred from moving the credit I have to do this hence the delay!  I havd the potential months ago! jerks trying to be nice to me setting me up for success! ;)_  but to do this all in cash and no sly paper/ink manuvering means i’m sunk til october and if i wait til then might as well zero my debt s out too and if that’s done why not instead of paying x down for x type of loan only?  why not save the difference for xyz option and moving money too or by then i’m in school maybe and that’s two years ish easily movable sure but timing? school may still be free for me but lol always plan on the worst so it’s prepared for…and surprisingly dealable if occurs or surprising joyful eff it go on a holiday! 😉  or, I might as well plan on some movements and such as i’m not denying living as if i’ll get a dream i have to pay for with my soul only to be disappointed it isn’t what i’d hoped for… so I seem to have?

it looks like the worst is about a year every project  making jangler deadlines requiring me to be independant  or quit without the prize.  i.e. I said above, it’s unlikely to fit well i repair appliances as i can not drive and let’s face it i need more than 2 an hour to live on  but there is minimum out there for work and precious few supercenter one location places to catch a lazier employ.  but capable means capable and certifiction helps with that so why strip myself of abilities i pretty much pay for anyways?  contrary to my usual life where only knowledge is important, I would like these days more independantly verifable opinion 😉 or if i learned anything, trust me is a great reason not to.

which makes me want to water  an eye or twoo  😉 heheh no seriously it was a choice i know i made that said finally i wouldn’t risk all for a low probability it’d work- i was right at best i’d have managed a you knew better sorry on the way to boo whoo and bankruptcy parental bound… I moved out of state. I am not thrilled but above is the proof of what is possible- ever dream i’ve start a generation before is just a little oomph and snoot  sneeze achoo book ! and thus laugh i know you react the same reading mine above 😉


seriously lol employment interactions class?  bahahahahaha- and in actuality RIGHT ON but bahahahahahaha. you’d have to read the not certificate program but fully associates degreed appliance repairman/woman – it requires that class 🙂 hahaha. but smart actually.

what would YOU do?

I am to believe i both deserve it and. it can happen – so sayeth common positive thinking and the latest  tarot of the day.  then if I’m intrigued specifically to expect I know I’m great wonderful and everyone loves me but uh expect disaster! of outcomes yet not losing focus on the “plan” or being people nice etc! what would you do – for those of the christian bent – the correct answer here for you is w.w.j.d. 😉  but seriously you and your voice as part of the heavenly chorus now!


I’m to plug in my phone or I’m minus an alarm lol pardon…..

no, seriously!…

I have this week to get fasting bloodwork thursday. so next week’s appointment is on schedule.

detail, I am minus this minute my bank card?  of all the annoyances!  never fear modern age says simply turn it off til replaced or found 😉  and no transactions are out of sequence as there is both a chip and a pin. yay but more than that a lack of a working link from savings to checking to force declines ;)…budgeting 😀  well I have means enough to long way it and food enough to survive work lunch lol I’m not in lack it’s actually more of a benefit to me than a curse as I’m close to needing  all of it to make bid on a home of MY own.  if you miss the question what would you? do?  I simply check and deactivatie I’ll spot it or I wont. lol I can manage a bankif’n I can get a ride.

now home of my own?  I see it is both still available and contrary to usual practice lol they RAISED the price on it lol. actually past what I actually can afford too! lol how considerate! lol.  nice bbb  bed bath and beyond type corrdinated shower curtain/ get up oh never mind lol you go look! you understand i will have to edit this later right?

now you can hover the mouse of the middle of the right edge of the photo to see the right arrow for more of those and click through.

of interest are

2nd which shows the outside space and about the scope of the sunshine- there is a goodly bit all day as it is a north facing  yard and the trees aten’t bordering just there as there is a walk space behind with sidewalk to walk the little  or leashed dogs  all the way around front.  but you can gauge the later size of this shed space hav used as in there’s space for a hanging ladder left of the door hung not lose as it’s next to a water heater needing no air but access! 😉 or maybe it’s a gas heater i forget honestly.  the point is you can have a grill left of the back entry and a seating to the right of the door with that outside ledge being counter with slide it out window perfect.  but now?

picture five

you see the dining portion of the space- but not the second bifold door to the left just out of frame- that’s a stand closet ala ground floor laundry.  I do not know whether I can put in a laundry shoot as in a simple press tin spring lock door and common duct for typically furnace but in that case a laundry shoot itself-   the upstars otherwise is where the  clothes would be oi! lol.  lugga lugga.  never you fear  as in what you see is a minor bump out on picture one shouwing like two feet? elongated versus apt nine to the left of me?’

s  that is maybe. need measuring tape! but to see if it technically fits a as seen on tv scooter for the disabled i.el. if so it’s a battery back up cable winch  platform lift capable space unlike it’s number three apartment minus that bump forward   meaning you would be limited to an in the way chair   to the front entry onlift option- remember there is always a time you don’t feel well and have to move let the spatchulah do it for you lol or if you legit can’t sore back knee etc – understand I may fight foolishly feeling now to make a lift go in that now! lol i don’t even need because maybe i might need it say if MOM gets old enough to wish to live with others by more necessity or yada one too many trips to moab and suddenly i can’t walk for two months or something silly while healing everyone LOVES stairs on sore limbs! 😀   but back to the point.  this is a laundry area off the inside dining and it needs a measurement proper for a laundry center as they’re no longer called stacked  or apartment washer dryers, but laundry centers! which while NOT sexy like a king size comforter do five people’ s laundry all at once one load whee! sexy, it’s enough for two to three souls which space allows for and gives me those two doors for about a eighteen inch horizontal width and twenty eight inch or more depth sink as duh the washer hose hookup’s there can’t tell me there isn’t plumbing that couldn’t expand  for a sink!  tand theus there’s about 30 inches left of countunter space in that closet for a kegerator/bar.  – yes, you must understand the sink must be flexline disconnectable shut offable just as the washe must be lol but removeable  as in such is a sink attached to a table/shelf so the original side by side configuration of washer then dryer can exist again   there isn’t room to make it a secretary shelf as in bookase hehind the shelf proper bar as such is my electeric panel access dag nabbit!

or may be mine if the price is right DREW *bob om <U dau_

sev shows how much of a height the window is and the shed area sort is there is enough space to insulate  from this thirty six inch cubical area ish 😉 a shelved spot for a fermentation station.  insulate? well duh!  it has to be pretty much vinyl over so it can wip sown and insulated so it can be moderately temperature controlled!because if you EVER brew in your lifetime, it effing stinks! and if it wants to  – it can contaminate future batches, you must. be. clean.and. sanitary!  you get splinters running a wash cloth of blean over rough framing and that still doesn’t get it clean just you further contaminating the area!  it never will be truly clean but it can be very kempt.  there isn’t any reason to have anything less than a shot at above average work.  there might not be greatness, but quality sure can be there. pride.  or the laziness to try to make it easy enough on  one lol.

now picture thirteen is the upstars bathroom the only with a bathshower thing …there is a powder room downstairs.   — see what they did?  this is new stuff from the arc/rent a center, and bed bath and beyond lol through out the house as I’m literally the only person to view it and instead of dropping the price they raised it 😉  clever marketing lol  so look about all the furniture lol and realize how crafty they are to know I haven’t any so picked me some curtains lol and apurdy shower 😉 andraised the price seven hundred smacks  for 300 in furnityre/and what not lol. heheheh.

but such begs the question.  what would you do?  doyou believe you’re worth a dream of your place, the physical space for love and life within independance and remember i have lived out of state and done so without car just a mild safety net of a ride if it sucked lol and set up to have tax means to get that ride lol- bor summer camped lol but in reality I have lived in one form or another with people all my life.

would you belive it is worth the effort to believe long enough to get it or that of the chance at it, it still must obviously function structurally mechanically lol.    would you want a simple set of kitchen herbs to remind you to enjoy fresh versus dried?  I like chives at least!  not huge on rosemary  taragon is nice enough   maybe a chocolate mint if I get a planter bucket that stuff is massively invasive.


Inow leave you to understand what i mean by ladder isn’t latter day saints! typical b ad joke drum sound that! but a little giant system of two ladders a workplank  /scaffold so interiorlly i can reach the mid stair case ciling and skylight at the top of the stairs/walls everywhere and  to the windows upstair to  pop in a screen or such  if i care about lack of bees 😉 which I very much do! to heck with mosquitos too! 😉     why? because. there is nothing more frustrating than to want to and not have basic tools or get hurt trying to make do/get by half bottomed lack of brained.  I don’t like ladders at all or heights much so see for yourself this isn’t a sturdier looking ladder 😉

as to brewing, here’s my short list of options 😉 and a little bit of a hint, i like. commericial beer. I disdain muddy  basement slop and sludge!     so yes i would look up a filter!

note, infinityreality has this already  but  I need to erase it off my space and don’t feel like trashing it.
grains hops, now yeasties!!

yes, believe it or not,  forcing beer through what amounts to a potted plant...the
vermiculite gives one control of clarity and mouthfeel - however, it strips all natural
carbonation out period! - so for reference, g heilman's is a naturally carbonated line.
thus it would NOT employ say miller molson door's ceramic discs and recarbonate - if you
do not remember, we're talking cooer's light vs colt forty-five/old style.
Zima is the originating base for the modern wave of branded malt beverages which  is a
clear! beer - refer above how it is clear, excessive filtration atop utilizing an extreme
light roasted barley or what not - many of the malt be rages are wheat beers that are

a fun slick 'mercial on how malt's come about.
something oon the "kegs" as you'll require one for convenient aping, two or more if
batching  and filtering.
it's worth noting I see value in the coke style pin lock ones even if i'm simply being a
"coke head"    but th squatness may aid in the mix later fitting into the "kegerator.
cost range about 00 for a system but never forget the "beer gas!" which is NOX and co2 for
a creamier head.

now that’s anot even a lot on beer lol- bet it looks like it! — however it’s fun  I wouldn’t mind a nutty version of an imperial stout. and i like a seriously dark heffeweeizzen or toasted wheat beer.  of the beers i legitimately like and yet somehow don’t sit down to a keg of ever. as in in one sitting. they’re that good. 😉  I may not but i can dream of a minibar lol 😉 and i can dream of a proper utility sink too for folding and soakining clothes as I can’t think house and not how to save a nd stretch to live well.

just as i never really have crockpotted desptite a thousand recipes! yet lets be honest, it’s iportant to live go out enjoy- I can survive  learning new to me things ;).

but most of all it’s get that library mission in and sit to a comfy spot by that big light window banki upstair  ahhh or downstairs general?  ah 😉

what would YOU do?

Channeling Joan Rivers

just as dot , dot matrix the c3po spoof of spaceballs spoofing starwars as voiced by joan rivers was through the deserts of whereever they were each after something needful in this case Joan wanted OIL  so i too need a bit of the motivation to move it.  so, while i attend to that.  parody snippit.

I was thinking of a tagline of a friend’s and… here’s how the first paragraph went

(So come on fatso and just bust a move -Young MC, if you can’t sort out which song this is gunning)

Bust a Grape

stifle the wail – yes, close that yap.
we don’t always pull the rabbit from the hat
which hand’s the wishes and which the crap?
oo! here’s a thought, DO something ’bout that!
Squatting Thoreau still wrote books
Trump went bankrupt now..well just look
castles in the sky need foundations, right?
dream it done as you visualize
it’s not dough but confidence, bro
hate that ism, yes I hate it so!
it’s about time and you give a bleep
that doesn’t erase your years asleep
but what of grief – let that water sheet
feel, but forgive – so you’ve your two feet
Positive Please! for Deities’ SAKE
don’t you whine, Sucker – don’t bust a grape

(not feeling inspirational heh hence the point as *I* heard it of the song was step to it! I’m like, SHUT UP!)

adding to the confusion

To the Tune , “goodbye Stranger” SuperTramp – I haven’t sat to vet this to work to the meter given in the original tune, just to be hold a thought. – I comes about specifically because someone jogged my notions discussing health…Heath.baar…ooo no, HEALTH….anyways

it was a fasting lab result worth questioning  – the numbers sing the wrong song

you might want to change your ways  before you conk out in not so long

but mmm at that castle and how bright at D’ queen my joy shown!

no more see food eat food diet sucker it’s restrictions! from now on

so I tried this powder and that miracle goop

heck tried even abstinence for one day. but the issues had taken root

my gut digesting stones  and whoopee whee it’s not special it’s a chain!

something sweet after a twenty sank in a ocean of gravy

I will go on dining hoping for something “new!”

Thank god for blindness as within mirrors I needn’t rue

skip the manger, oo egg fried rice, a triple bourbon shall suffice

tried but can’t see my shoes – crispy Creamey Donuts over a coffee on the loo

good times maybe or some other sinful shame

burp so i don’t wallow within gas’ pain bourbon just a swallow! woo! no pain.

belly jello motions – hello dairy?  oh vegan for me- -religion again!

appointments POTIONS – will i ever? diet enjoyment free –  sin again?

so I need more lotion – oh what bliss!  LARD AWAY!! ketchup again!

so my requires two cushions! exercise tomorrow! yes. hey hey! meal deal me again!

good times maybe? jalepeno bacon baby! hello gout again and again.

I was rereading how Gordon Lightfoot came to a signature tune of his, “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” wherein I caught perhaps! someone thinking I was clueless that it was a historic occurrence! when I said it came about because of an article.

“With a load of iron ore twenty-six thousand tons more
Than the Edmund Fitzgerald weighed empty…”

(that actual article)

(and just in case you, care to see timing and facts? via Wikipedia – which settles all bets…

I’m reminded of an old poem I put out when I had to fulfill a ‘scavenger hunt” of the old times there lol about how I had to include a real occurrence and what all so I remembered a big sound…ooo two locomotive colliding melting the support of a highway bridge which collapsed, it largely didn’t make the news as it occurred during end of day dinner and everyone was like – I don’t CARE! I’m going HOME.  I researched the truth including the paper mention, couldn’t get one of the locals but a minor mention of the body count in the new york times and the ntsb report on the incident which I though useful and inspirational sorta 🙂    I find amusing even if I’m not the lightfoot of song or quite the josh of just the right poetic words, laughs out loud here.


picture from:
There, the altar Hope
assends, spiraling
two locomotive
shells and five more souls
purified from life
Just before sunset
one gravel mover
close to clear sailing
put tthe hammer down
here comes hell’s sunshine
This ain’t no special
we are so scheduled
We’re the ev’nin freight
we’ll make our next break
heaven equals three
Is it worth one more?
to be pencil pushed?
one more wagged finger?
toasted s’mores roadside?
a trainer’s punchline?
Wreck Survivable
protocalls ignored
coffee and doughnut
Your lives tossed asside
too few fucking died.
You dropped the highway
hospitalized some
called for over-time
made my biggest sound
made rushing a sin
Bet you’d rather life
Guess what Blue Collars?
You suspected knives
“ain’t my fault!” hollers
You made New York Times
Sev’n fourty pee em
Around a blind curve
you said, “c’mon baby,
grab hold LOCK&SQUEAL”
it took all you had.

(4.16.11 “I_Once_was”  – a instance of ME)

(I cant guarantee the links still work)

notes from the underground

good book by dostoevski should anyone understand my titles swiped.

I have a campy redo of  supertramp’s ” boodbye stranger” to rewrite not as a giving up marijuanna song lol but as to the more modern passe bits to improve health.

I like divination as an online entertainment… yes no oracle iching tarot etc – so i write my questions in first letter of the words or I’d be saving a log of personally damming info! 😉   but.  treasures beyond is t.b.  if you get that haha of a joke on  both typhoid mary and tuberculosis t/b good for you.

I have time enough to puff and rush off. early day after it.  I don’t know if i’m going out to cannon brewpup for a shot at soup and suds after or straight home for movie night or to try my luck aiming after the east side motel… warren g, regulate if you know that tune.  something tells me i lack the confidence at the moment for option 3.

I might just be good.  as in by de fault. 😛

incompatible bliss

Kevin bloody wilson is an Australian comedian of an …adult…nature.  however, he had a funny in all his travels about travels where he mentions something of other places like you can’t say bleep in Canada bleep being femal slang for anatomy.  or my current haha of the incompatible bliss of enjoying icey teas and mmmmmm then wow a whole fridge of hard boiled eggs! oo lala! i like deviled eggs and no one likes me loving deviled egss! – but to put not to classy a point on this paragraph his funny mr wilson’s is, Rotarua, New Zealand – “Ropptaria= ot

s <a;au fpr

wjp farted?
I just had to laugh myself silly.

the reason this is funny is for those who have never been to a natural mineral or hot springs… they smell.  rather like rotten eggs.  be this steamboat springs, colorado Glenwood Spring colorado…surprises here i led/worked there or visited many a memorable time or that Rotarua, New Zealand is also a famous there hot springs joint – which would be memorable to me in that my favorite internet chase for over fifteen years is originally from there.  🙂

this is to say, i came home to eggs and that wow and woke this morning/afternoon to iced tea sounds good klinka klinka tink tinkles go the glass empty to full and make me than soon iced nice tea…only to …ahh..uh? oh flippin yummy! my iced tea tastes like hard boiled flippin eggs!


lucky for you i have to go to work now so the rhapsody such as it isn’t is over!-  I started today with the chance my prequalification is nearly vetted/verified so i may yet get to bid on a house only a montha fter I expected to. and my doctor is nurselining checking up for a copay hehlol a bilked visit for a “call”  hahahaha. as long as it charts it’s a visit!