Obligatory! Not safe for work!

Oh bli ba dah ah! La la life goes on – the Beatles

Or something like that anyways!


Who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with? (it can be a person you know, a character from a book or movie or TV show, or anyone in history)

Cardboard cutouts!! Ooo

A Pinterest offering

What is the strangest thing you’ve ever seen in someone’s home? for naughty shaped whistle

Do you sing in the bathtub? for har har

Have you ever tipped a cow?
Euan Mitchell via picture

Which cartoon or comic book character do you relate to the most and why?
I only got one I don’t have it handy
And I space her old xanga she’s know a mom and of Hawaii
Dwarves. It was fun.

What keys on the keyboard do you rarely use?

I’m fary sure it’s the whole thing I use a virtual keyboard

Would you be willing to eat a bowl of worms for $10,000?
Depends on the worms and the bowl !!

If you could have personally witnessed any event in history, what would you want to have seen and why?

I don’t know! The reason is so much of history seemed unimpressive at the time then legendary

Crowds, small groups, one-on-one, or “Go away and leave me alone!” Which to do you prefer?

I want it allll

What is your favorite cheese and why?

I look most forward these days to smoked Gouda

What do you think Victoria’s secret really is? (you know, Victoria’s Secret…the underpants store 😀 )

Depending on the ‘Victoria,’it can be …. Heheheh naught to kiss and tell…

Why did the chicken cross the road?

I don’t know and I also don’t know the correct way chicken wear pants
Imgur for image via search

I’ve bill Haley and the comets the qs – we’re gonna rock around the clock!

You don’t have to answer you don’t have to play.. I’m thinking again with a smile I know I’m pleased and I bet someone knows why.


Boring you to death

I went on an ‘away mission’ to see the circus. I didn’t run. Big Mistake! I was late everywhere! Thus my phone dies right on time (it’s white not red-shorted so was revived!) and? I enjoyed a different even than the one planned!

I never (til last night) had a whole deep fried fish. I sat in a corner mainly to improve my odds of phone charging but also to minimize caveman manners molishing dinner.

Despite walking unfamiliar at night to where by day I’ve been many a time, I made it to collect my mail after hours have package, offf course! Thus I can file my taxes now.

I got up and giggled I wore a red shirt to an away mission- bad Star Trek!

Antojitos – a Columbian dining experience of Tampa and the war to get places??? 😉 (1914-1918 worldwar1)

Yes I did in fact have rudiments of this approach- but I am glad I sat in the corner. I wiped my hands with squeezed lime as I wasn’t ‘Emily post’ perfect (Star Trek: six; the undiscovered country)


Stinky cubes

I stand accused of high crimes
The ‘can’ needs your hand big time
It’s poop and you! Gross ass
It’s rust my iggie dumbass
To not share space just blame grime.

Careful this life you teach yours to toss anyone under the bus they can! But not accept a reputation unclean. Buy clr calcium lime rust

You face being made homeless because someone believes you don’t share. Amazing how 40 hours cleaning says I do.

In other news

I bagged mushroom stock cubes




Choc milk ( 😉 ) hot Italian chicken! Sausage 390f fourty-five minutes (just about right ooo! I’m so used to burning everything I like getting it right) four bean salad

Well? Boring church. Hahaha no it wasn’t that bad ! I enjoyed the dry jokes about stock market advice! The deftness shown responding to a muddled question (there’s no oversight in occurring in government? I am sure that’s sorta the statement not question but it was shown some times action is slow but it can come ! Example given was the Florida school shooting restarting interest in law proposed from a Texas incident that momentum had stalled.

I may catch another thing now til Friday


Some things I got some just pretty – it took ages to yay!!!! I found a spinach pasta!! (Not rotini)

I thought the taters were colorful but got normal smaller reds and a single whopper russet for gnocchi maybe

I had a ball making microwave bacon both 700 watt machines 5:35 (five wasn’t all the way crisp). Tuna add bacon if not a jimmyjohns heh I did squeeze the tuna salad


I’m reminded of a line – excuses are a sign of weakness… I go to a diplomacy outting… I set up a joke of it doesn’t matter and I’m smiling! I ask after a wok that really took some cleaning to be usable and how did it work nnnh…. you left it oily i work! It doesn’t matter….. oh my! Hahahaha it does matter it took a half hour with Brillo to clean what oil left on things then reused on a stove it burns on. Then all is grimey chunky gross lol. 40 hours in that kitchen

Just an example

A minimal organization 2 boxes steel wool everything actually washed rewashed wipe after each cook – the ones saying they’re clean are the dirtiest so far …

Bitter housewife bahahahaha no not the point!!

It’s coming together!! That’s the point it wasn’t there on move in and it’s beginning to be usable!!



Dream a lil’ dream of dinner

Salad/ante pasta – Tabouleh peppers

Tabouleh is usually utilize near east brand

(Includes pictured alternate – other bulgar wheat requires a bit of doing)

Starch/ mushroom tomato gnocchi

Black/brown (mushroom)
White/yellow (potato gnocchi)
Red (sun dried tomatoes for a Smokey balcony richness)

But is it German?? Heheheh
French sauce, Italian esque instruction, pasta is Chinese etc haha.

Picture notion/guide:

‘‘ Image Credit.

Starch offering forming:

From mushroom bacon gnocchi 4/7

Yes- chef john’s cheaters gnocchi – is fine as ideas go ! – (food wishes)

The idea swimming is instead of chicken veloute- mushroom

Roasted Mushroom Broth

( highest rated)

Conceptual plausibility

Overall least irritating and most resourceful offering but actual scratch made

Tips such as floured fork with demonstration

Original Inspiration:
Scallops in red cabbage (max’s Restaurant) consumee

Which is a gem! But I’ve not managed it as so yet

(while yes, this is me on Facebook, I don’t currently use this account- I’ve a different one in service)
( that I can manage )

However I’m sick of the same boring so – I’m considering upping game to allow some kimchi

K no time for this but!

This allows capers to be excluded which allows for lemon juice to be party to soup

Remember chemistry

The Ultimate 2020 Guide to Natural Dyeing

• Ammonia is obviously a no bueno! in food so sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) would alter color to blues and lemon juice (similar acid to vinegar) the purple to reds

Instead of shrimp or scallops which I like yes, vegetarian tempeh

Available I bought it at Whole Foods/sprouts dale mabry hwy tampa (under target next to Home Depot) close to total wine if Marsala or similar mushroom broth wine difficult to acquire.

Sai fun noodles are fun too
as is with luck:
Red chard, (publix perhaps)
Mustard greens hmn
Edume frozen sections
Baby corn (typically canned Asia store)
Enoki plus other mushrooms
bean sprouts (Asian market)

Shooter dessert
Key lime pie? Heheh

Drink – crap that was two hours remembering Bissap!

Drinks a pomegranate virgin cocktail of which this is second generation now but a neat new take-

I can’t find what it’s called yet that pomegranate concentrate
So found this?

I got the drink here

Specific Trader Joe’s

Stilllll can’t bloody find it

So for now – it’s as easy as reduced Pom wonderful and black strap molasses. It flavors tea.
With bitters, club soda and orange sugars

Hör’s d’ouvres:
Asparagus roll up which can skip the ham in favor of cheeses alone.

Ooo tea!
(A tea lovers treasury – James l Pratt)

Darjeeling is possible depending on the honey
Or cardomum green Israeli

As we don’t get outright booze at green house inn (openly)
(Where I moved)

More St. Petersburg/ greater Tampa Bay sourcing…
Clearwater fl. want a Mahon too!
St Pete- 4av ne/beach or up one

Total wine – tampa or similar inexpensive but real selection wine (dale mabry hwy for me plus off 275 so semi smooth directions)

Eclectic vegetarian – Trader Joe’s if they’ve tempeh mustard greens etc

Publix if required (typical supermarket Winn Dixie is another) teas

Off in the weeds of esoteric again

Basic table cloth white and dye for splash
(If one wishes a dash of civic slushy pride!)

Plant symbolism

Plant Symbolism – A Guide To The Spiritual Meaning Of Plants – H through P

Hibiscus that was the other one!

Finally! Found it

That stuff ;). Not pomegranate molasses! But that’s neat too.

Hors d’oeuvre

Ante pasta

Appetizer pasta



Formal enough to enjoy as event worth shopping and scrubbing for improving what I know yet not entirely unheard of or hard concepts food.
(Veloute, mushroom broth… I’ve made mushrooms as mushroom soup from scratch for green been casserole and a variety of rouxs but not a veloute)
(I’ve made the purple cabbage soup a number of times)
(Haven’t pickled anything but I have made a wicked blackberry and blueberry vinegars a time or twenty)
(I have made pasta as ravioli from scratch not gnocchi and a variety of breads)
(I can make the potatoes lol I do that for stuffed potatoes)

Stuffed potato with black bean soup and grams place hostel tampa
The asparagus thing
(Off this is the first major putting from hostel to Clearwater finding cheese shop and that last purple soup but also a last time I saw the fellow)

That’s so you see how I learn 😉
Now more soup
Soup further: (zupa)

Such is the joy!
Polish Korean or Asian America hmn.

Considering some dislike the cabbage as a lead ingredient and believe you me I never got excited about cabbage soup as it was touted – deathly, I add- as dieter’s soup.

Black vinegar, dark soy, chili sesame oil, dark sesame oil, white pepper – which really is hot! Sambal owlet (Which with sour cream is an ‘solo’ for fancy food places of late.) and mushrooms. These are

United States Postal Service, North Howard Avenue, Tampa, FL
Oceanic ocean supermarket
1609 Tampa, tampa

This allows dry / storage goods if doing Chinese way soup and my mail this Friday

La petite piquant if you’d suffer a nice place with tea pastry

There is also Jamaican jerk chicken if you’ll suffer a little hood 🙂
(Piquant I’ve been here I have not – it consistently smells good though)

It is a little much for time but total wine carries the largest area scotch selection and best price chance outside of px,rc_f:nav,rc_ludocids:7123955578641382361,rc_q:Total%2520Wine%2520%2526%2520More,ru_q:Total%2520Wine%2520%2526%2520More
(So you see a pic inside it isn’t small)

This is #45 from total win dale mabry to Tampa dog track cirque du soleil and 45 by Google minutes 7-7:30 show 8 Likely uber Home

There is time to kick it from grams place hostel my technical residence have a drink and sit. (Circa 2017/currently) Rhonda the manager is nice as is Bruce the owner – Rhonda is from a law background and Bruce real estate

Gram Parsons should you like to be aware of the legacy of grams place.

I easily can spend the day tampa ing
It’s a psta #4 to gateway mall st Pete- other side (83rd Ave n) is the stopto catch 100x tampa

Visiting my mail/ oceanic Asian shopping/ total wine-whole Foods – possibly lunch

Or more of Tampa is this sketch

If you can not follow as easily this is real life versus car/ hotel/ flight magazine

City transit
(Grams inn Site down this Instant)
(Green House inn – not a hostel but longer term rent efficiency living st Pete Dora and patty will help you)

Trader Joe’s is on the #4 psta


Trompe loeil

Passive-aggressived again and again!
Sure “maybe’” is slipped when though… comes ‘bout when?
I wonder some on dreams invested to be
Now the shoe is dropped – what have I to see?

Do I court afresh trancendence glowing
Or just the old mess clueless. Unknowing?
Is it a break made of the best I be
Well, cupboards display what is this mug tea

I don’t know – I don’t – and I’m square today
By some slow burn truth tells of… maybe.


By day Trompe-l’œil lays in wait
Ordinary or extrodinary … wait
By night starksodium vapor flowers
with a few ghastly bine weedies underpowered
It’s not nothing nor refined or delicate.

Sink (three well stainless affair) brightens with steel wool and so far takes a bit scrub as it was let go.
Scorch lighted to near gone on panels.
You don’t where you once did. It’s all grime gum – I’m half tempted to clean with everclear but yeah fire! That’s hard to see thus put out. Nah

Ilist this as I really do spiritually wonder if the other shoe so to speak dropped and I like head up my ass missed it!

I’m close to formal dinner and company switching my space shared or not.

It’s not glorious it’s just steps in a specific row ( charm, returns, outcome.) ((say, then do))

The new moon brings a new world. At least there is a dream beginning to appear from grimy shadows



The firsts are in. I have a room my own. I’ve cooked here, hit up every store save one close and eveN cleaned. Pretty park- strolling to idling around the local offers to even a farmers market have also occurred.

Courtesy of internet I got to remove most of smoke/scorch (and Ajax scrubby and industry.) baking soda, soapy water, are also offe warns with some adherents and Winnipeg’s papercwait might be futile. This is part of 17 hours into that kitchen (you bet I cheer my little successes!)

This St. Petersburg Florida ‘s Mirror lake – you might have noticed I was deliberately scouting picnic spots.

Home -v18

Oddly, I didn’t notice it was vegan… nor care. Heheh.

Yes a bagel! Yes to my victory kitchen effort part one with chicken soft tacos!


Because it’s also where the 2nd annual st Pete French fry festival this Friday is!

This is library to parks, views and about sums up my weekend nicely.


Domades – recipes wiki

Covers “all around the mulberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel…”

7 Reasons You Should Plant a Mulberry Tree

Stuffed mulberry leaves?

Or salad?? Anyways tagged ketogenic (diet) – mentioned resveritrol – ok which is ‘heart healthy’ and not necessarily now in just wine.

Mulberry mead
Awww mining town wa Australia?

What that area otherwise is?
Land surfing heaven
Or nickel, not gold mining

More on mulberry use – sugar balance/ inflation reduction

(Not intended to diagnose or treat any condition or disease – please seek competent licensed advice.!.)


Well, so you started boiling bugs, did you? Well I’m sure batik is going to occur “batik teal” (teal teardrop)

Or perhaps a lil gypsy appeal?
St. Louis Post

(Which is a road trip to Hermann mo for more wine! Ooo! – fruit / nut wines
Stone hill for more typical offerings!

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Tappity-tap tap fat buggy feet map
Out and all about green verdant with sap
Lapping up Dinner dancing with the breeze
Beckoning shimmers shine toward life’s ease

Each day’s steps, stutters, stretch out forever
Finding smiles wide or ire’s river
Grittier sand grains gain a pearls sheen
Some fights seem insane lame drains words or screams

But each smile frown crowns our love’s meaning
Stitching my heart red with your name singing.


E.yes C.alling (it’s that EC)

Sodium vapor sun
Saw me sauntering some trashwards
Tolling them heart’s bells rung