The song ‘s…

Ponyboy pancakes
Partaking breakfast choc’late
Perfectly… proper!

Okay, so it was a stray brownie! The day’s details glitter. The mountains of madness screams out where’s Vincent price! Dreams as half seen shadows shimmer off the clouds in my coffee (and yes, i’m So vain here to hum Carly Simon) I need to shut up, shower and saunter on out….

Call of Cthulhu- is part of lovecraft world and says we can not comprehend all we know? Interesting title of a b side Metallica instrumental (ride the lightning album?). I wouldn’t say the boys are dumb but such eruditite reading as lovecraft?

Seeing what counts for horror which is more tepid strange now? I’m rereminded of how Jules Verne’s took the days fancies of popular magazines or accounts to make 20000leagues come alive from the ocean floor of imagination – just as lovecraft didn’t set foot on Antarctic ice or soil.

I’m whirling this moment. Clouds of the coffee (and so vain.)


Morning Cheerio fine!

Lovecraft ( at the mountains of madness and other stories) begins as do details Unrelated.

And those sausage eyes
Smiling scrambled egg teeth gleams
Inedible sighs

( why yes, I used sausage patties as eyes – and other tomfoolery food including oj in the hot tea… the eggs edible but sausage just as inedible as my previous experience completely bathed in pepper too.)

I’m reminded of a lousy “happy days” episode where Richey is read the riot act of life and choices standing next to his father who chose differently than the direction he Richey seeks. I’m remind of this because I fit so few normal paths of this world as is. I’m reminded that while I’m not wrong to be care fighting for my choices, I’d best remember a lifetime of who I am and yet still try for my stars.

Obviously al jareau is a reminder to – I’m alll right… not his line true but heh I’m not him 😉

Forward housing
Trying for little bits more of successes

Ahhhh. Morning. Cheerio! Heh, fine.